Eleksmaker EleksLaser A3 Pro Laser Engraver Build, Test & Review - 2018

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Review, build and test of the Eleksmaker EleksLaser A3 Pro laser engraver.

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20 abr 2018






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Tanwir Tanwir
Tanwir Tanwir Hace 5 días
Berapa harganya bro
Bala Guru
Bala Guru Hace 6 días
is this cutting to aluminum
Samantha Statham
Samantha Statham Hace 18 días
Is it compatible with a Mac Book Pro?
Erik Ingraham
Erik Ingraham Hace 20 días
Is this laser pwm? Can it burn in grey scale?
techydiy Hace 20 días
Yes it has pwm power control
Anshuman Singh
Anshuman Singh Hace un mes
Hello, I am from India I want to buy this machine for my project, please tell what is processor
Gita wei
Gita wei Hace 6 días
I am a manufacture of laser cutting machines, my whatsapp is +8617854166256
YN Photography
YN Photography Hace un mes
Do you have the G code for mirror engraving? And how to input the code?
IllI lIIl
IllI lIIl Hace un mes
Can I reduce the power of the laser ? Because I just want to create stencils on A4 normal papers. Thanks.
techydiy Hace un mes
Yes, you can reduce the power and increase the speed
Shazil Malik Jaan Official
Will this laser be engraved on solid iron of 2 mm?
Shazil Malik Jaan Official
@techydiy Can't you please give me this same machine with a 50 watts tube?
techydiy Hace un mes
Jason B
Jason B Hace un mes
Can it engrave aluminum?
techydiy Hace un mes
SadBunny Hace un mes
@8:45 :o beautiful
TheGamingOne 21
TheGamingOne 21 Hace un mes
Would this work to engrave something like a revolver or hand gun?
Beeker Fkirina
Beeker Fkirina Hace un mes
Does it engrave "Fabrics" Velvet fabric as an example. Thank you.
Cesar Williams Valdez
those cuts are 2500mw or 5500 mw???
Iasonas Kolaklidis
Iasonas Kolaklidis Hace un mes
How you make your lazer to engrave in the center?????
rob featherstone
rob featherstone Hace un mes
Can you upgrade the laser to a more powerful one?
techydiy Hace un mes
Yes. Endurance lasers have a good range of more powerful lasers.
Jeffster CNC
Jeffster CNC Hace un mes
Hi I tried doing the mirror burn with my laser...can't get it to burn ...do you by any chance remember how many passes and at what rate I used .. It will help me alot thanx
Jeffster CNC
Jeffster CNC Hace un mes
Hi I found a link you gave of the avenger sign .. thanx so much it came out great...may God bless you... hopefully U could something in the CNC router field would be awesome
techydiy Hace un mes
I think I did three passes, not sure of the feed rate but it burned easy enough. You should be burning the back rather than the front. It was a Glass mirror tile from Ikea with a grey back. You could always try spraying the back with matt black paint if it doesn't burn easily.
Solve Everything
Solve Everything Hace 2 meses
How precise is it? What's the highest resolution you can etch? I.e, what's the smallest image you can etch? Can you make a 2 x 1 mm image of mona lisa on the edge of a coin? That is: Is it possible to make secret engraving messages not visible to the eyes?
rowesounds Hace 2 meses
Hi Mate, great video! I'm needing some advice, Would you recommend tjis or the 3018 CNC, i will be cutting wood veneer and printing onto acrylic and woods, I like this machine but would like to know which you prefer? Thanks!
sales team
sales team Hace 2 meses
will it cut 10mmmetal plates ??
techydiy Hace 2 meses
Steven James
Steven James Hace 2 meses
What is the actual run time for the wolf design and the "Please Ring The Bell" word design? I've heard many people say it is many hours for such designs to complete.
techydiy Hace 2 meses
5 - 10 mins if I remember correctly.
Nataly Balloons
Nataly Balloons Hace 2 meses
is there in israel ???
Scott Skelton
Scott Skelton Hace 2 meses
Does anyone know if you can get a standard carving head for this machine ? The smaller units have both laser and cnc carving heads.
Dionatham rodrigues pinto
Agilesh S
Agilesh S Hace 2 meses
Will it cut acrylic
techydiy Hace 2 meses
I have cut black acrylic
Erkan Çelik
Erkan Çelik Hace 2 meses
Hello my elksmaker not work problem computer eleksmaker ı dont know you help me please
Erkan Çelik
Erkan Çelik Hace 2 meses
I did all this but the program does not open maybe you help me
techydiy Hace 2 meses
Nicholas Buttle
Nicholas Buttle Hace 2 meses
How do you know the right tension on the belts?
techydiy Hace 2 meses
Finger tight
Jordan Musleh
Jordan Musleh Hace 2 meses
Is the laser quiet..??
techydiy Hace 2 meses
Yes. The motors make some noise, but it's not particularly loud.
Junior Electronics
Junior Electronics Hace 2 meses
great video,does the A3 PRO LASER able to cut Acrylic?
ItzBuffX™ CsGo And More
wondering too
Stefani Badgley
Stefani Badgley Hace 2 meses
Is there a cylinder attachment for this?
techydiy Hace 2 meses
It's called eleksrotate, so just search on that. I haven't tried it yet.
Harune Malik
Harune Malik Hace 3 meses
I’m looking for a good laser cutting machine that will cut Acrylic. Can anyone help? Not too expensive...?
techydiy Hace 3 meses
Have a look at endurance lasers or the cheap Chinese co2 lasers
ElectroIoT Hace 3 meses
Canon cut acrylic using this
techydiy Hace 3 meses
Cast acrylic yes. Extruded acrylic no, as it melts on the bit.
Pepe Roma
Pepe Roma Hace 3 meses
1084/5000 Hello very good video, I have a problem with my new laser I have an EleksMaker EleksLaser-A3 Pro 2500mW comes with Eleks mana SE board and the Grbl 0.9i is installed. The software for use is EleksCam 3.1. The engines move well the laser works at first sight all right, when with the same program I put a text, it does it without problems, but when putting a design of the same gallery that incorporates the program if it is not very complicated to reach 20 or 30% stop, stop sending the codes, sometimes turn off the laser and sometimes it stays on burning the material, if it is complicated it does not reach the 5% that already stops, but does not give any kind of error in the console . I have tried to use designs with Linkscape and the laser plugin and the same thing happens, and also if I use the UniversalGcode sender the same thing happens and on the console when the following line appears ok when they appear, these signs are when you stop without turning off the laser. If you have any idea what happens and how to solve it, I would appreciate it. a greeting
techydiy Hace 3 meses
Check the gcode you are sending with a text editor to make sure it is ok. You might be getting interference on the usb cable, run it away from the stepper motors. Eleksmaker have a fairly good forum and support, so it's worth going there.
MrCostyalex Hace 3 meses
Does anyone know how to control the size of a text ? For example I'm trying to write 2 text lines on different burns and they come out as different size.
Troy Gowen
Troy Gowen Hace 3 meses
Hi there, I just set up my unit but I am not sure that I have installed the belts correctly as they seem to be very loose, how did you secure them tightly at the ends?
Larry Vaughn
Larry Vaughn Hace 3 meses
I would like to know what operating systems the software will work with. I use Linux.
Eugine Osundwa
Eugine Osundwa Hace un mes
Linux, 7, 8 and 10
VUKI Garden
VUKI Garden Hace 3 meses
can i use it on the wine glass?
techydiy Hace 3 meses
Vani Falentina
Vani Falentina Hace 3 meses
Can you engrave aluminium with it ?
techydiy Hace 3 meses
No. Have a look at endurance laser modules.
Dale Masyk
Dale Masyk Hace 3 meses
nicely done on the video n instruction , makes me wanna get one now lol
Obeida Al Darwish
Obeida Al Darwish Hace 3 meses
You didn't need end taster in the whole assembly process hier or?
Peter Hancox
Peter Hancox Hace 4 meses
Can you print/engrave from a PDF file?
Hannes K.
Hannes K. Hace 4 meses
Pelase help me. In my programm i dont have the button GERERATE??? WHAT IS WRONG?? i use eleksmarker 3.1
Emmanuel Cañares
Emmanuel Cañares Hace 4 meses
can it cut wedding invitation paper design?
techydiy Hace 4 meses
Yes it can cut paper. It cuts by burning though, so might leave a black edge
alk4ff Hace 4 meses
Can it engrave aluminium anodized?
techydiy Hace 4 meses
I believe it can engrave black anodized aluminium but haven't tried it.
Clay Westcott
Clay Westcott Hace 4 meses
How many passes did it take to cut the 3mm plywood?
techydiy Hace 4 meses
I can't remember, quite a few. I generally wouldn't recommend it for cutting ply.
tamer atik
tamer atik Hace 4 meses
I can't be sure about Banggood. I am suspicious of cheating. Is there anybody ordered from banggood and delivered this device?
Alex Hulstaert
Alex Hulstaert Hace 4 meses
361st_ Bugsy
361st_ Bugsy Hace 4 meses
Thanks so much for this I just bought this laser engraver from your input video, great step by step video
Enjoy Your Life
Enjoy Your Life Hace un mes
Does it work good as expected?
Chrishonda the Barber
I got a small laser engraver (work area 3in by 3in.) from banggood. It took an hour to engrave a 2 inch design. Does this machine that you’re using take long to engrave?
techydiy Hace 4 meses
That seems quite slow. It really depends on how intricate the design is, the material etc.
Jantakan Suriyon
Jantakan Suriyon Hace 4 meses
I like it ...thank you ☺️
Jean Seb Astienback
Jean Seb Astienback Hace 5 meses
Still helpful and relevant after a year. Thank you very much.
RCINFORMER Hace 5 meses
Great video! I will probably get one after watching your video...I only need it for CUTTING out 2mm to 3mm thick hobby type plywood in rectangular & circular shapes. I dont really need to do much engraving, but will probably do some. Can you please tell me, what is the MAXIMUM length of a rectangular shape that can be CUT out? I need to be able to cut a 14.5" or 368mm in length by 80mm with various smaller rectangular & circular openings within the larger rectangle. Also, is there a setting for cutting, or do you just increase the laser power? I may get the 5500mw version for cutting. Thanks for the help!
techydiy Hace 5 meses
The more power the better.
RCINFORMER Hace 5 meses
@techydiy I dont do alot of cutting, but I need an occasional wood part for my model airplanes... I was thinking this would be easier than fabricating the parts I need... I was thinking that the 5500mw laser version may be better for cutting?
techydiy Hace 5 meses
I wouldn't recommend it just for cutting, it really needs a higher powered laser. Endurance mske some high power units for cutting.
MJDA DGC Hace 5 meses
where is near company in davao city philippines to contact address?
Hannes K.
Hannes K. Hace 5 meses
Hello, very good information and fine explained . I ordered mine yesterday and i hope i will get them. Maybe i will contact you if i have problems!? And questions... Sometimes i saw that they have problems at beginnin... Bye thanks
techydiy Hace 5 meses
Eleksmaker have a good forum
Clay Westcott
Clay Westcott Hace 5 meses
Hi. Im trying to assemble my elks maker laser but the pictures are not that clear on the website. Do you know if there are any more instruction on how to put it together?
techydiy Hace 5 meses
You mean the pictures on wiki.eleksmaker.com ? Click on them for increased Resolution.
i am Kian
i am Kian Hace 5 meses
I love the Edge Lighting thing. Do you have some more info on this for me?
i am Kian
i am Kian Hace 5 meses
@techydiy Thank you. Will give it a go (sometime next week) and report back!
techydiy Hace 5 meses
No leave it grey. Full power. The rest I can't remember sorry.
i am Kian
i am Kian Hace 5 meses
Did you color the backside of the mirror black? Did you set the laser to full power? What speed did you use? Thank you for helping.
i am Kian
i am Kian Hace 5 meses
Nevermind. Found a how to on YOUR channel :-)
Peter Simpson
Peter Simpson Hace 5 meses
Can this cut acrylic?
FARIG ADMI Hace 5 meses
can you please tell me does this machine use for fabric cutting like polyester or cotton.
Innovation New Information
Can we cut leather of 1mm to 4 mm
Pradip balu Jadhav
Pradip balu Jadhav Hace 6 meses
I can use this machine for fiber markings Ang printing
Pradip balu Jadhav
Pradip balu Jadhav Hace 6 meses
Ronny S
Ronny S Hace 6 meses
Hallo, dass SVG Format funktioniert nicht. Who can help ?
techydiy Hace 6 meses
Use inkscape with laser plugin to generate gcode jtechphotonics.com/?page_id=2012 You can get help on the eleksmaker forum
James Malkin
James Malkin Hace 6 meses
Hi there, I've been looking at this engraver on Amazon and was wondering if it would struggle to cut shapes out of 3mm birch ply? Also is the engraving depth adjustable? Cheers.
techydiy Hace 6 meses
It depends on the ply, some cuts ok, some doesn't. Overall I can't recommend it for cutting.
Creta Blind
Creta Blind Hace 6 meses
I am wondering about the same thing. Could someone who knows, please reply?
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