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Elite Explained in 7 Minutes | Netflix Season 1
let me explain:
-the steamiest telenova on netflix
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When three working-class teens enroll in an exclusive private school in Spain, the clash between them and the wealthy students leads to murder.
Creators: Darío Madrona, Carlos Montero
Stars: Omar Ayuso, Miguel Bernardeau, Mina El Hammani
#Netflix #Elite
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28 oct 2018






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Let Me Explain
Let Me Explain Hace 5 meses
Money Heist...🤔
finn C.
finn C. Hace 14 días
from the summary, I liked money heist on the get-go... but Elite.. not tempted to start it..
Master Crafter
Master Crafter Hace 21 un día
Pls do a vid on money heist. Its mad insteresting
Ashleigh Mercier
Ashleigh Mercier Hace un mes
money heist is better
Satin Newland
Satin Newland Hace un mes
Jeremias Abulafia
Jeremias Abulafia Hace un mes
yes please
bee Hace 15 horas
okay but can season 2 just be omar and ander running away because they deserve it 🤪
Daniela Broszkowski
Daniela Broszkowski Hace un día
"Telenovela" Elite is not a telenovela, in any place sorry
MrNotSo Pink
MrNotSo Pink Hace un día
Hahaha silvestre and the españoles.
yvonne tran
yvonne tran Hace 5 días
aksksjsksns this is so funny
Raana The Rainbow
Raana The Rainbow Hace 5 días
"Have you read the constitution?" "No.I'm waiting for the movie"
Musiclife9724601 Hace 5 días
Spanish emmy rosum LOOOOOOL
Mia aaa
Mia aaa Hace 6 días
i absolutely love this show... but i hate almost all the characters.
Zoe Lioliou
Zoe Lioliou Hace 6 días
Beacause i dont understand the guy that kill Marina was the one in the threesome?
Monika Kašparová
Monika Kašparová Hace 6 días
Since thats his boo🤣😂😂
Monika Kašparová
Monika Kašparová Hace 6 días
Now he is Omar's left Hand😂😂😂😍
Shammah Hace 7 días
This show slaps
Hams Burhan
Hams Burhan Hace 10 días
Lols I never see Muslim gay like Omar 🤮 But I love Nadia💘
Alejandra Flores
Alejandra Flores Hace 11 días
Wey te escuchas súper pendejo diciendo España así 0:24 osea ubica que solo la "C" y la "Z" la pronuncian asi. Tipo sacando la lengua.
José Isaac
José Isaac Hace 12 días
My first language is Spanish, but I still needed the subtitles so don't feel bad about it
Good Dog
Good Dog Hace 12 días
ikr!? Omar and Ander are the more-ish sensible characters in this series. well, I like Marina too..
neo clc
neo clc Hace 18 días
Sweetie, it’s not... a lisp... it’s how you pronounce the letter c.
daft banna
daft banna Hace 19 días
It’s aight
Hebe L. Harker
Hebe L. Harker Hace 20 días
Oohh Dios no me recuerdes esa basura de rebelda haha
스ᅣdzieselly Hace 20 días
mark milk
mark milk Hace 22 días
Only watched it for Ander and Omar. Im not ashamed of myself.
Alejandra De leon
Alejandra De leon Hace 22 días
Season 2 would be great ☺️
naval xd
naval xd Hace 23 días
3:38 LMAOO Did that actually said (moans-in spanish) wtf 💀
Happy Girl
Happy Girl Hace 24 días
It isn't a telenovela
Mike Canion
Mike Canion Hace 24 días
I need second season asap. It was the best show i have ever watched
pikachuiswatchingyou Hace 25 días
About HIV, I know it is not very talked about but only intercourse with an HIV positive man can transfert HIV. For instance, lesbian intercourse cannot transfert HIV. (I'm only talking about sexual intercourse, not blood transfert or else)
lucero Sanki
lucero Sanki Hace 25 días
nano was a bit of an ass but he didn't deserve that... i felt bad for him
Tati  Aranzazu
Tati Aranzazu Hace 26 días
I loved marina so much In the beginning but then she became so selfish and didn’t care about Samuel’s feelings and him being the purest thing Elite has, I couldn’t forgive her
MOON CHILD Hace 27 días
I just watched because Omar and Ander...
warmdanifries. Hace 29 días
idk but christian and polo belong together, i have no evidence but no doubts
Paola BV
Paola BV Hace 29 días
EZZZZpaña 😂😂😂😂
aaa 666
aaa 666 Hace 29 días
bridie r
bridie r Hace un mes
why did they want a scholarship if they were all,,,,, rich as fcu k
Taamz Heart
Taamz Heart Hace un mes
netflix translations are kinda funny
Christine Derozie
Christine Derozie Hace un mes
I am the one who like Marina ? She's not an angel i agree but i like her so much and i know she's hurt Samuel but yass i like her 😍❤💋 kisses . Nadia and Guzman are so cute together 😍 .
Annie Pierre
Annie Pierre Hace un mes
“Omar’s left hand” “Moans in Spanish” 😂
ella Hace un mes
This is everything a teen drama should be. Riverdale, take several fucking notes.
Meriki Jiya
Meriki Jiya Hace un mes
This sounds hella good.
Pharaoh Kong
Pharaoh Kong Hace un mes
Subs > dubs
Kenya Ramirez
Kenya Ramirez Hace un mes
"So his dad wants to lock him up in a closet - not realizing he's already comin out of it." "Ander is too cuz that's his boo." "And y'all thought east high had some drama." "I'll send you a free subscription to Telemundo." 😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣
Sabrina Fearon-Melville
They shot the outdoor scenes at my university in Madrid.
May Alvarez Ihihi
May Alvarez Ihihi Hace un mes
0.30 actually no.. lol im Spanish and you don't use the zzzzzz u use SSS or you don't use it if your andaluz wtf.
Seareira V
Seareira V Hace un mes
Not because it's in Spanish it is a telenovela and I don't get why you label it like that
dee yosa
dee yosa Hace un mes
I actually liked Lu. She's mean and all but she has me looking forward for her character development. I also ship her with Guźman😍 Sorry but i prefer badgirl + badboy couple haha
Yoshi Nohpal
Yoshi Nohpal Hace un mes
I hate mariana 🙄 I feel like she trys to act like such a hero and screws everyone over. Everyone else even Lu and Carla, I think they all have lots of character development
J Seagull
J Seagull Hace un mes
I hated Carla in a good way. Like, she was such a bitch but that's why I loved her.
Jay Hace un mes
Can we also talk about the acting. These actors are so good at playing their role and character and also the emotions and such.
Art by Alice
Art by Alice Hace un mes
Am I the only one who actually liked Marina??
je je
je je Hace un mes
Lourdes Boullhesen
Lourdes Boullhesen Hace un mes
Ok, Marina was a pain in the ass till the first second she appeared in the show
BARBIE TINGZZ14 Hace un mes
Gossip girl x pretty little liars
Iria Ron
Iria Ron Hace un mes
Sorry if I sound disrespectful but it is NOT eZpaña it is eSpaña. As a Spaniard myself I want to clarify that although there are some accents here that do that, overall we only use that sound with the letter 'z' and sometimes 'c' (like: cereza) but never with the 's'.
Maria Hace un mes
Cailiosa Egan
Cailiosa Egan Hace un mes
No one says ethpaña s t o p
Helena Hace un mes
I hate marina SOOOO much!! She's a terrible character, so annoying and destructive ugh
Funoroma Hace un mes
Marina is a bitch and deserved to die Carla can't choose a guy Lu needs to take no for an answer Polo looks like a chameleon Samuel needs to be alone in season 2 so he can reflect Nadia is hot and awesome Guzman's ego needs to go down Nano is a terrible older brother Ander needs to say fuck you to his dad Omar needs to move out like NOW Christian is funny af
Funoroma Hace un mes
Dauntless_Rose Hace un mes
Wait there’s going to be a FUCKING SEASON 2?!? With what happened with Marina?!? What the actual fuck
Dauntless_Rose Hace un mes
Funoroma Yeah I know but with Marina not ever there I don’t think it’s going to be good anymore
Funoroma Hace un mes
Yes because Nano went to jail when Polo was the one who killed her.
Dztruxtion Hace un mes
I’m SO glad there will be a season 2... I’m pissed tf off that Fernando got accused for it... they just showed the major stereotype... I want the rich ones to pay for what they did frfr... don’t get me wrong the ending was perfect!!! BUT with a second season on the way, it can help create that deep investigation and finally finding out who actually killed her instead of going straight for Fernando
Desanka Stankov
Desanka Stankov Hace un mes
Am I the only one that wants a Rebelde reboot?
Nathan Kim
Nathan Kim Hace un mes
“tripped, slipped, and landed on some dude’s-“ is the best line ever
Funoroma Hace un mes
Gayane Khachatryan
Gayane Khachatryan Hace un mes
For J's sake! When I accidently came up to some love story video of Nadia & Guzman I thought this was just a TV series about posh and horny students f**king up the best years of their lives due to hormonal disbalanceand mocking peopleof other religion. Turns out this is way conflicted. Anyway, I won't be watching it until the 2 season's out. I hope to forget about this show till the release date though.
Susan Zurita
Susan Zurita Hace un mes
I still don’t understand the bell curve thing...and I speak both Spanish and English so I even had subtitles to try to understand it but NOPE😂
Rare Hearts
Rare Hearts Hace un mes
Christian needs to man up and tell the truth Carla’s just using him to save her skin
Funoroma Hace un mes
Adrian Alexander
Adrian Alexander Hace un mes
such a good series!!
clout chaser
clout chaser Hace un mes
I dislike Marina soooo fucking much but it’s so sad that Nano got charged for the murder of her and it’s probably only because he’s been in and out of jail so many times.
Gat Sharon
Gat Sharon Hace un mes
Okay but all three protagonists are ulikeable
Gat Sharon
Gat Sharon Hace un mes
The thing with the trophy... they didn't even try to hide the "how to get away with murder" influence
Olivia Iglesias Campuzano
I don't think the resume it's good. Cause at first he says things that doesn't have any sense about spanish people. And also he focus on bad things, and not the things that the series wants to trasmmit. So if you want to now more about Elite, it's better for you to see the series or talk about it with a perwon that nows more about it. 😀
Olivia Iglesias Campuzano
Also the carachters are awfully descripted.
Kisha Dawn
Kisha Dawn Hace 2 meses
My fav character is Carla idk
__whytho__ XD
__whytho__ XD Hace 2 meses
Can I PLEASE have a free subscription now?
Funoroma Hace un mes
sure email me and I'll give you the password
Nathaniel Workman
Nathaniel Workman Hace 2 meses
How to get away with murder fosho
Kíd Prínče
Kíd Prínče Hace 2 meses
Carla, Polo, Nadia, Gusman and Ander were my favorites of this show. Marina was hated by us all, yeah, but you have to admit, we loved to hate her. At the end of the day, everyone in class hated her and it was so powerful to watch.
Funoroma Hace un mes
Ikr. The scene when they were about to take the exam was filled with so much tension and hate. It made me believe it could be any one of them.
Bernard P.
Bernard P. Hace 2 meses
I loooooooove this explanation lol
Mahsa Alikahi
Mahsa Alikahi Hace 2 meses
peaky blinders plz
sugar gay
sugar gay Hace 2 meses
ok does anyone else pretty much just watch the show for guzman and nadia? or are we all just omar and ander fans?
Funoroma Hace un mes
sugar gay
sugar gay Hace 2 meses
any absolute SLUTS for carla? what a legend.
Javelia Fuller
Javelia Fuller Hace 2 meses
I need a second season cause this show is very interesting and I love ander and omar
love the unloved
love the unloved Hace 2 meses
*This show just came out recently and is much better than Riverdale* Who agrees
Funoroma Hace un mes
I watch riverdale all the time but yes i agree
love the unloved
love the unloved Hace 2 meses
Honestly didn't mind Marinas death
Funoroma Hace un mes
She deserved it
love the unloved
love the unloved Hace 2 meses
*Ander is fucking hot and cute like wtf pick a side dude you can't be cute and hot at the same time*
Christina 123
Christina 123 Hace 2 meses
I am the only one that didn’t like this show at all? It literally sucked!
Funoroma Hace un mes
Yes you are the only one
sugar gay
sugar gay Hace 2 meses
still better than riverdale
Hey sisters
Hey sisters Hace 2 meses
I kinda like the English dubs
Ajša Ocvirk
Ajša Ocvirk Hace 2 meses
I was actually sadder about who the killer was rather than the fact that Marina died. I couldn't stand her.
Funoroma Hace un mes
Ikr. She's a bitch
Pepita Penova
Pepita Penova Hace 2 meses
I knew it was Polo that killed Marina right from the start cause it's always the ones u never think of and the least ones that come to mind but i was 100% sure after Marina took the watch from Nano..i knew he loved Carla that much so he would've done everything to be with her..then i knew he was going to kill her but i have to admit they almost fooled me with Samuel at the end
Hope Chinez
Hope Chinez Hace 2 meses
why is this so funny 😂
Sara Tara
Sara Tara Hace 2 meses
The german dub isn‘t that bad
Kenny Hace 2 meses
1:53 You can lowkey see her titty
Funoroma Hace un mes
Dizzl Pop
Dizzl Pop Hace 2 meses
I love Marina
Funoroma Hace un mes
said no one ever
Dizzl Pop
Dizzl Pop Hace 2 meses
I love Mazira
Rachael Daley
Rachael Daley Hace 2 meses
Review Sex Education on Netflix
sonea dariaioana
sonea dariaioana Hace 2 meses
Elite is everything PLL and Riverdale want to be
Dima Official
Dima Official Hace 2 meses
Skam ( the norwegian )
Funoroma Hace un mes
Is that on Netflix
Lokaadine Hace 2 meses
Omar and ander are why I watch
Carmen Paredes
Carmen Paredes Hace 2 meses
Viendo una explicación en inglés de una serie en español , cuando se español lol
Julio Augusto
Julio Augusto Hace 2 meses
I'm curious to find out if Nadia got infected with HIV in the next season, since Marina was pretty reckless about her health when that incident happened
Julio Augusto
Julio Augusto Hace un mes
+Funoroma But having sex is not the only way you can get HIV. Both Marina and Nadia had open cuts at the same time. Nadia went to help Marina and touched her bloodied face with her hand cut open. It's not that hard to understand that this is a way of transmission.
Funoroma Hace un mes
But Nadia and Marina didn't fuck. And Guzman doesn't have HIV either, so if nadia and guzman fuck she won't get it. (sorry but not sorry for my language hehehe)
Julio Augusto
Julio Augusto Hace 2 meses
Marina reminded me of Jenny from Gossip Girl, started out as a good girl and went on a dark ass downward spiral
Johan Peralta
Johan Peralta Hace 2 meses
España* no eZpaña🤦🏽‍♂️ get it right
diy pAgE._
diy pAgE._ Hace 2 meses
Nano had time to save her
Zeena Hanno
Zeena Hanno Hace 2 meses
Marina is the toxic person who makes everyone believes she's cool and okay but end up running lives cause she's selfish and likes to victimize herself Polo is spoiled, stupid, boring and too weak for someone like K Samo lives in the utopia Ander and omar are just normal people trying to make it through Gozman's heart is big so is his ego which makes him 99% blinded from the truth Lou is just a mean girl who doesn't take no for an answer and likes stuff only in the hands of others Nadia is a poor girl , trying to discover who is she without all of the society , traditions and the pressure her parents put on her Christian, is cool knows where he is but so naive Nano is a kind asshole and he's stupid too ... very
misi funy
misi funy Hace 2 meses
MOTHERFUCKEER telenovela? it cant just be a teen drama tv show? a telenovela because it is spanish? in the first place, telenovelas are from southamerica, countries like Mexico, colombia...not Spain, bitch! get some information dude! BTW, a big kiss from spain 😉
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