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Elite Explained in 7 Minutes | Netflix Season 1
let me explain:
-the steamiest telenova on netflix
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When three working-class teens enroll in an exclusive private school in Spain, the clash between them and the wealthy students leads to murder.
Creators: Darío Madrona, Carlos Montero
Stars: Omar Ayuso, Miguel Bernardeau, Mina El Hammani
#Netflix #Elite
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28 oct 2018

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Let Me Explain
Let Me Explain Hace 3 meses
Money Heist...🤔
GreekGirl102 Hace 5 días
Yosafire thinking face emoji
Officer. Steal Comments
Yosafire yasssss
Jesus mandujano No.2
Jesus mandujano No.2 Hace 25 días
Let Me Explain pendeho
Eirini Matziridou
Eirini Matziridou Hace 29 días
Is this related somehow to la casa de papel plz explain?!
Стас Колесников
На случай если переведешь, скорее в переводчике, так что "Money Heist" это у нас называют "Бумажный дом" С:
Olivia Iglesias Campuzano
I don't think the resume it's good. Cause at first he says things that doesn't have any sense about spanish people. And also he focus on bad things, and not the things that the series wants to trasmmit. So if you want to now more about Elite, it's better for you to see the series or talk about it with a perwon that nows more about it. 😀
Olivia Iglesias Campuzano
Also the carachters are awfully descripted.
Kisha Dawn
Kisha Dawn Hace 2 días
My fav character is Carla idk
__whytho__ XD
__whytho__ XD Hace 3 días
Can I PLEASE have a free subscription now?
Nathaniel Workman
Nathaniel Workman Hace 4 días
How to get away with murder fosho
Kíd Prínče
Kíd Prínče Hace 5 días
Carla, Polo, Nadia, Gusman and Ander were my favorites of this show. Marina was hated by us all, yeah, but you have to admit, we loved to hate her. At the end of the day, everyone in class hated her and it was so powerful to watch.
Bernard P.
Bernard P. Hace 5 días
I loooooooove this explanation lol
Mahsa Alikahi
Mahsa Alikahi Hace 6 días
peaky blinders plz
sugar gay
sugar gay Hace 6 días
ok does anyone else pretty much just watch the show for guzman and nadia? or are we all just omar and ander fans?
sugar gay
sugar gay Hace 6 días
any absolute SLUTS for carla? what a legend.
Javelia Fuller
Javelia Fuller Hace 6 días
I need a second season cause this show is very interesting and I love ander and omar
Ajia Abdalla
Ajia Abdalla Hace 7 días
*This show just came out recently and is much better than Riverdale* Who agrees
Ajia Abdalla
Ajia Abdalla Hace 7 días
Honestly didn't mind Marinas death
Ajia Abdalla
Ajia Abdalla Hace 7 días
*Ander is fucking hot and cute like wtf pick a side dude you can't be cute and hot at the same time*
Christina 123
Christina 123 Hace 8 días
I am the only one that didn’t like this show at all? It literally sucked!
sugar gay
sugar gay Hace 6 días
still better than riverdale
Hey sisters
Hey sisters Hace 8 días
I kinda like the English dubs
Ajša Ocvirk
Ajša Ocvirk Hace 9 días
I was actually sadder about who the killer was rather than the fact that Marina died. I couldn't stand her.
Pepita Penova
Pepita Penova Hace 9 días
I knew it was Polo that killed Marina right from the start cause it's always the ones u never think of and the least ones that come to mind but i was 100% sure after Marina took the watch from Nano..i knew he loved Carla that much so he would've done everything to be with her..then i knew he was going to kill her but i have to admit they almost fooled me with Samuel at the end
Hope Chinez
Hope Chinez Hace 10 días
why is this so funny 😂
Sara Tara
Sara Tara Hace 10 días
The german dub isn‘t that bad
Kenny Hace 10 días
1:53 You can lowkey see her titty
Dizzl Pop
Dizzl Pop Hace 12 días
I love Marina
Dizzl Pop
Dizzl Pop Hace 12 días
I love Mazira
Rachael Daley
Rachael Daley Hace 12 días
Review Sex Education on Netflix
sonea dariaioana
sonea dariaioana Hace 13 días
Elite is everything PLL and Riverdale want to be
Dima Official
Dima Official Hace 14 días
Skam ( the norwegian )
Lokaadine Hace 14 días
Omar and ander are why I watch
Carmen Paredes
Carmen Paredes Hace 15 días
Viendo una explicación en inglés de una serie en español , cuando se español lol
Julio Augusto
Julio Augusto Hace 16 días
I'm curious to find out if Nadia got infected with HIV in the next season, since Marina was pretty reckless about her health when that incident happened
Julio Augusto
Julio Augusto Hace 16 días
Marina reminded me of Jenny from Gossip Girl, started out as a good girl and went on a dark ass downward spiral
Johan Peralta
Johan Peralta Hace 16 días
España* no eZpaña🤦🏽‍♂️ get it right
diy pAgE._
diy pAgE._ Hace 17 días
Nano had time to save her
Zeena Hanno
Zeena Hanno Hace 17 días
Marina is the toxic person who makes everyone believes she's cool and okay but end up running lives cause she's selfish and likes to victimize herself Polo is spoiled, stupid, boring and too weak for someone like K Samo lives in the utopia Ander and omar are just normal people trying to make it through Gozman's heart is big so is his ego which makes him 99% blinded from the truth Lou is just a mean girl who doesn't take no for an answer and likes stuff only in the hands of others Nadia is a poor girl , trying to discover who is she without all of the society , traditions and the pressure her parents put on her Christian, is cool knows where he is but so naive Nano is a kind asshole and he's stupid too ... very
misi funy
misi funy Hace 17 días
MOTHERFUCKEER telenovela? it cant just be a teen drama tv show? a telenovela because it is spanish? in the first place, telenovelas are from southamerica, countries like Mexico, colombia...not Spain, bitch! get some information dude! BTW, a big kiss from spain 😉
colette tozier
colette tozier Hace 19 días
i love this show
Henry Mv
Henry Mv Hace 19 días
The Big Litle Lies for teenagers!!!
Kaitlyn Taasan
Kaitlyn Taasan Hace 19 días
unpopular opinion: I'm happy marina ended up dead and nano ended up being charged with her murder, honestly I didn't like them. Polo was my fav bitch tbh Samuel really didn't deserve to be treated like that (by marina). fr to ander and Nadia's brother deserve the world and are the only innocent couple on the show. ***sorry not sorry
Lttruong 12
Lttruong 12 Hace 21 un día
Riverdale in a nutshell ?
President Togekiss
President Togekiss Hace 21 un día
Why would you leave Spain to go to FLORIDA. That seems like a downgrade.
Abdalla Khalifa
Abdalla Khalifa Hace 22 días
This too fuckin complicated and twisty
Stephanie Gallardo
Stephanie Gallardo Hace 23 días
Not "all" the watches had USBs..... It was only one
Lauren Dick
Lauren Dick Hace 24 días
*[moans - in Spanish]* LMFAOOOOO!!!
Donny Gambino
Donny Gambino Hace 24 días
I watched the Omar and Ander only scenes on ESvid and had I not watched this video I wouldn’t have known any of this happened in the show. Those two were really in their own world.
Brian Bernstein
Brian Bernstein Hace 24 días
really loved the characters and surprises in this show. by the first or second episode you think "oh okay I know how she died" and then the next episode you change your mind, and keep changing your mind, finally realizing there are now dozens of ways it could have happened because there's just so much tension and motives building up. a very Cruel Intention-ish show, especially since one of the characters looks and talks exactly like Ryan Phillippe lol. it looks as if class and money is one of the main themes of the show, and Carla's character is developed so well in this way
Wawsh Jts
Wawsh Jts Hace 25 días
I really enjoyed the show but i really hate those kind of shows normally
Kookie with Mochi
Kookie with Mochi Hace 25 días
Where can I watch this with subs? But not on Netflix cause I don't have it.
chaeli violet
chaeli violet Hace 25 días
Oman and Zander is legit the best couple fight me
Vivian Vail
Vivian Vail Hace 25 días
The only ones I still trust are Nadia ander and Omar
Livie Hace 26 días
You left out that christian is the best friend of guy who go sent to prison so he chose carla over his best friend
skrilla gaming
skrilla gaming Hace 26 días
I had a part of me that didn't like marina but I still cried when she died
A Hace 27 días
Marina was annoying
เห็ด ปี๋
I might be the only one who's rooting fot Lu and Guzman lol She might be an obvious bitch but she's loyal to her man
เห็ด ปี๋
Love this
Sir Castic
Sir Castic Hace 29 días
Moans...*in SPANISH*
Azlyn Ahmed
Azlyn Ahmed Hace 29 días
High school dramas are all the same shit , it gets boring after just only 2 episodes :/
Aisyah Nassim
Aisyah Nassim Hace un mes
dude i havent even watched the whole season yet why did i come here dammit
Giselle Fierros
Giselle Fierros Hace un mes
me agradaban tus videos hasta que me percate que posiblemente eres mejicano, que puto asco, dislike
Charlotte Roussety
Charlotte Roussety Hace un mes
REALbamboo !
REALbamboo ! Hace un mes
Guzman’s development was really good! I went from hating him to loving him. Nadia I liked, samu was okay, and Christian was annoying af.
Just Alonso
Just Alonso Hace un mes
im so happy because theres going to be a chilean actor in the 2nd season and im chilean :)
Alvaro Montano
Alvaro Montano Hace un mes
This actually looks like a good show 🙏😂
No Name
No Name Hace un mes
How can I watch it?!
Natalia Cuellar
Natalia Cuellar Hace un mes
I get that Marina was unlikeable but I don't think she deserved to die like that.
Georgio Richy
Georgio Richy Hace un mes
I was HOOKED on this show, im obsessed. FYI if you dont speak spanish, the english voiceover is just as great. I watched it 90% in english amd the rest in spanish because Nano is sooo hot when he speaks in spanish, duh. I hope theres a season 2 otw!
Gintonic 28xx
Gintonic 28xx Hace un mes
The show was okay in my opinion 5/10
luis ureña
luis ureña Hace un mes
I claim my free subscription to Telemundo!!! Hahaha you sound Sooo cool talking Spanish. Saludos!! ✌️✌️
Sofia :v
Sofia :v Hace un mes
You should do la casa de papel from netflix
thicchicc is here
thicchicc is here Hace un mes
lulu haki
lulu haki Hace un mes
Everyone in that school should just say single. Also Marina was so toxic. Did she have to go to the school she was running away anyways for fuck sake.
TJ TX06 Hace un mes
Elite is every teen drama you Watched but on steroids lol
Kevin Amaya-Jaimes
Kevin Amaya-Jaimes Hace un mes
This series is totally big little lies meets thirteen reasons why.
Tina Sprout
Tina Sprout Hace un mes
Marina had the best chokers.
Suga Genius
Suga Genius Hace un mes
I’m sorry, I watched it dubbed
Lala Fancy Fox
Lala Fancy Fox Hace un mes
Anyone think the uniforms look like the warblers from Glee?
Valentina v
Valentina v Hace un mes
Lol i cant blame Polo i wanted marina out kdjfjf
Cassandra Herring
Cassandra Herring Hace un mes
Seen the movie Terrified? love to see a lme on that one!
Laurène Caillebot
Laurène Caillebot Hace un mes
Too much shit going on for me. I'll pass
Gustavo Mendoza
Gustavo Mendoza Hace un mes
It reminds me of HTGAWM season 1 hahaha
Zarahy Perla
Zarahy Perla Hace un mes
Let me explain oitnb
Army Neverland
Army Neverland Hace un mes
Más original no podían ser ahre :v
Maarten van Poelgeest
I love this show and although I agree that one season was enough, I just can’t wait for the next season cuz I’m a suck up for melodrama, teen highschool murder things and it’s like the spanish riverdale, only this show has it’s idea of what it wants to be straight and isn’t a complete fuck fest of random shit that just gets worse and worse the more episodes it gets
justsomegirl Hace un mes
This is fucking amazing
LeeLou Hace un mes
Polo was a big bitch. Marina was a manipulating twat. Samuel too fucking nice. Carla is evil. Lucretia is a fucking cunt. Guzman could get it. Nadia is so beautiful but aggy. Omar deserves the world. Ander is only good because Omar.
Wayne Hace un mes
There's a season 1&2 coming
DoyinTheSage Hace un mes
That college credits joke was awesome 😂.
FartyFat Hace un mes
Marina is Hanna Baker all over again. Except she didn't kill herself. Still ended up dead tho
M Lamendola
M Lamendola Hace un mes
Baby on Netflix
maxx's. vids&&Vlogs
Blue Ghost Town
Blue Ghost Town Hace un mes
does someone know when season 2 is commmming?????? i want season 2!!!
Walkiria Espinal
Walkiria Espinal Hace un mes
the actress that portrays marina reminds me of taissa farmiga
Jaxon Parris
Jaxon Parris Hace un mes
Is it me or does the main character kinda look like Daniel Radcliffe?
Haryir03. Hace un mes
Samuel deserved better
teasee22 Hace un mes
do Let me Explain on 'You' on Netflix
Georgia Alessandra
Georgia Alessandra Hace un mes
The uniform... is it like Glee?
Emeraude Lightwood
Emeraude Lightwood Hace un mes
"y'all thought east high had some drama" LMAO
Jo Ch.
Jo Ch. Hace un mes
your commentary has me DYING! 😂 oh lawd
Artemis Hace un mes
The actress for marina has a face that lowkey reminds me of millie bobby brown I think you can see it if you see her with straight hair
Isaiah Acevedo
Isaiah Acevedo Hace un mes
Tbh Omar and Ander were the only reason I kept watching the show past episode one. I did enjoy the show tho as it went on I got really into it in general. Their relationship was still my favorite part though Haha, it warmed my heart.
Nour 127
Nour 127 Hace un mes
I need season 2 so bad. I'm in love with the whole shitty drama omggggg
Twunk Hace un mes
Samuel is literally Clay from 13rw
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