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Elite Season 1 on Netflix is juiccccccy
let me explain:
-the steamiest telenova on netflix
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When three working-class teens enroll in an exclusive private school in Spain, the clash between them and the wealthy students leads to murder.
Creators: Darío Madrona, Carlos Montero
Stars: Omar Ayuso, Miguel Bernardeau, Mina El Hammani
#Netflix #Elite
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28 oct 2018

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Let Me Explain
Let Me Explain Hace 9 meses
Money Heist...🤔
axel van hoorn
axel van hoorn Hace 3 días
Yesss please
Angela Lopez
Angela Lopez Hace 13 días
Yess please
angel Joyce
angel Joyce Hace 18 días
Please do Money heist it's a great show
Emely Hernandez
Emely Hernandez Hace 21 un día
Yea half the cast.
Noel Costas
Noel Costas Hace 28 minutos
I hate Samuel's character..
Roqa fire flower
Roqa fire flower Hace un hora
Season 2 6 September
All about the Kpop
All about the Kpop Hace 13 horas
NOTHING WILL EVER TOP REBELEDE🤩 it’s soo good that people watched 300+ episodes.
Massiel Acosta Marchena
It's a mixed between Rebelde Way and Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars
bobohu byun
bobohu byun Hace 18 horas
I love the idea of a gay couple in the show, especially where one is Muslim and they're facing different problems which adds up to the tension, but I think their story is kinda rushed. They meet like what, twice? And they're all in love after that. It would maybe work if there was some chemistry between the actors, but to me it just looks so artificial.
Nasrushima Hace 23 horas
man i'm so fucking sad, because clara is so goddamn hot
I see Blackpink I click
Everyone hates Marina, I get it. But tbh I kind of understand her personality. I'm actually sad that she's dead. Hope she appears in flashbacks in season 2..
Huanita Huanita
Huanita Huanita Hace un día
At first I liked Marina but she came out to be the most anoying character . Also she got the award when Nadia was the one who deserved it.
Chou Hace un día
And here we are 2 weeks from season two, so excited man
SupervideosbyAlex Hace un día
That Denver from money heist
tripti tirkey
tripti tirkey Hace un día
Loved ur comments it was pretty cool and funny
Ur Bae
Ur Bae Hace 2 días
The 2nd season is going to be the 6th of September
Fanah Armani
Fanah Armani Hace 2 días
“comes up looking like the CDA during a 2319” lol best reference yet!
Une vie à cheval
Une vie à cheval Hace 2 días
Why is every one comparing elite to river dale I mean it’s so different
Zahara Hace 2 días
I’m back here after seeing the season two trailer can’t wait for it to come out 😂❤️
Mila Cortado
Mila Cortado Hace 3 días
You might hate Guzman but imma tell you right now, he's one of the best character on that show.
Zein Abu ein
Zein Abu ein Hace 4 días
I ship omar and ender so bad they are so cute
Sergio Gonzalez
Sergio Gonzalez Hace 4 días
Omar and Anders are literally the only sane people on that show. And maybe Nadia.
Noah Dominic Silvio
Noah Dominic Silvio Hace 5 días
Honestly Marina had it coming lol
Lilith Reed
Lilith Reed Hace 5 días
I totally love Marina. She makes mistakes? Yes. But she’s intelligent, nice and even though she was raised with prejudiced people she’s still sees the others as equals. She is and actual decent person, and that’s probably why the fandom doesn’t like her.
Rijita Sen
Rijita Sen Hace 6 días
Omer and Ander are the best part of this series..
og skinny
og skinny Hace 7 días
rella Hace 7 días
me: oh wow a Muslim characte- book/show/movie: Samira hates her hijab and her family, her aunt wants her to marry a cousin, her dad is in isis, her mom never speaks and wears a hijab at home, all she wants to do is be free to ride a racist white mans dick (Cr. Sleepyamel on twitter) Literally nadia. I would rather not have any representation then to have the same recycled shit
BogdanGaming419 Hace 7 días
"Moans - in Spanish" LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO
Milana Jones
Milana Jones Hace 7 días
I'll be honest I really liked Mariana's character despite all the bad blood she had been creating. She's evil in a sneaky way and I like it I like a flawed character and I think Sam was probably the best character in the story he was cute,sensitive,he was a real sweetheart so I couldn't believe that he would want to kill Marina. If I was Marina I would definitely went for Samuel. As for Christian and Nadia I feel like Nadia she's a really good person it's just with all these rich kid getting in her head and might be changing her a little bit.I think that she and Guzman would be perfect together. Christian I feel like he should stop trying to pretend to be something that he's not and just be himself he doesn't need Carla or Polo to try to change him into an annoying rich kid like them. As for Guzman I don't think he's a bad or stuck-up person it's just his girlfriend who's always in his ear. I never liked Carla cuz I feel like she was hiding something like she was just doing this to get fun out of Christian and Polo so I'm on Marina side of the end of the episode when Polo try to take the watch back from her before killing her I feel sorry for polo he's so in love and would do anything for Carla that he can't even realize that she's only using him he will do anything to please her which is not how a relationship should work you have to work together in a relationship they can't just be one-sided whether it be a friendship a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship or marriage it can't just be one-sided and as for Omar and Ander I was waiting for them as well cuz they never did anything bad to anybody so I agree that they should have ran away together but after watching the season 2 trailer I feel like something might come and interfere in the relationship and they could break up. I rest my case thank you
KeAndre Jones
KeAndre Jones Hace 8 días
This show deserves a season 2-4 it’s good even tho they killed marina to fast she should of had her loosing memory
Lance Barrera
Lance Barrera Hace 8 días
Season 2 Sep. 7 lets go!
Clique Hace un día
Lance Barrera
Lance Barrera Hace 8 días
I love the mean girls connections.. Haha
marco's other half
marco's other half Hace 8 días
Tbh polo going down on Christian was the hottest shit I've ever seen on Netflix
Turna Kuşu
Turna Kuşu Hace 8 días
Well, I never liked Mariana because you know she was always like “I’m innocent.” “I’m not like my family.” “I’m a good person.” and I was like this bitch will literally cause everything which she did...
NereaGK Hace 9 días
Just wanted to point out that those subtitles are not accurate at all! Some of the "stroger" words were left out, and as a spanish person, let me tell you that we use those words all the time when using colloquial language. As an example, when Marina a Polo are talking, after she says "she was going to take you back?", she says "hostia" which means "f*ck/sh*t...". Then he asks "why are you laughing?" but what he actually says is "what the f*ck are you laughing at, Marina?". This bothered me a lot, because i believe that bad subtitles make shows worse, the dialogues are written a certain way for a reason! Hope these are not Netflix's real subtitles, it wouldn't be fair to the show or the non-spanish speaking viewers! :)
Daya estefy
Daya estefy Hace 9 días
Lol “I’ll send you a free subscription to Telemundo” got all us Latinos running over here to subscribe
Hafssa Boumeraze
Hafssa Boumeraze Hace 9 días
Do jinn !! First Arabic Netflix original
Grace Bradshaw
Grace Bradshaw Hace 10 días
I think Guzman and Nadia were so refreshing! An intimate relationship without sex 😱
Grace Bradshaw
Grace Bradshaw Hace 10 días
Aa Cc
Aa Cc Hace 11 días
Your Iberian accent is horrible
lsc0471gmail Hace 11 días
Hey have you seen la casa de papel please maje a video about it or 3
Taqi Fo
Taqi Fo Hace 12 días
How someone can like Carla?? She is a cruel bitch playing with poor Christan using him like a dildo where as treating polo like her bodyguard God i just despise her
Miguel De La O
Miguel De La O Hace 12 días
Love the commentary and explanations since I had to watch it in pieces on You Tube but the story line is compelling partly because it is in Spain - and not a corny American soap. The young actors are good!
Billie Eyelash
Billie Eyelash Hace 13 días
Perfect recap for the next season
Fabiola Menéndez
Fabiola Menéndez Hace 13 días
"A free suscription to telemundo" hahaha lol *Latinos will understand*
Majito Padrón
Majito Padrón Hace 13 días
No entendí ni puta madre y no es porq no entienda Inglès, because i do, es sólo que la serie en si suena como todo un revoltijo
jinnie Hace 14 días
Carla is that character on the background that doesn't seem too important for the plot only to be the one doing everything at the end
roasted frog
roasted frog Hace 14 días
Marina was such an unlikeable character but she was killed by such a stupid character who no one gives a fuck about really pisses me off lmao
Yourstruly Liz
Yourstruly Liz Hace 14 días
I feel like I’m the only person who likes Polo on the show I get that he killed a girl (not saying she deserved it) but she was just very bitchy in like the last couple episodes towards everyone and I didn’t like Nano either because he knew his brother liked her but still went after her and slept with her having her end up pregnant and then trying to run away with her. I like everyone else except those two characters Lu and Polo are probably the most unliked characters but I think they have a lot more potential Lu at the end of the season actually was acting like a good person but I didn’t like her in the beginning but either way Marina had to die otherwise the storyline wouldn’t add up.
Monica Banda
Monica Banda Hace 14 días
I love Elite Only cause of Danna Paola I been watching her since MARIA BELEN/PATITO FEO
Ari Bandek
Ari Bandek Hace 14 días
Whatch la casa de papel
Abiely Flores
Abiely Flores Hace 14 días
I watched this to recap because I’m waiting for season 2
TyphoonTae Hace 14 días
How people find time to be dramatic in TV shows when there's literally no time to sleep
Ghost 145
Ghost 145 Hace 14 días
Okay I think my opinion is going to be a little unpopular but I am really hoping for polo and Christian to get together. Ik they are a little toxic but polo seemed more into Christian then he was Carla. And I think he did everything in his power to get the watch so that both Carla and Christian wouldn’t leave him. I also think Christian is definitely bi and was just as into polo as he was into Carla but was too caught up into being like everyone else and thinking he need the hot popular girl. And Carla is an amazing character who seems to not care if she is with either polo or Christian, willing to drop either when they don’t do something she wants. Maybe she is best single. Now don’t get me wrong Omar and Ander are amazing and the show does a great job representing a gay couple just as much as the straight but I just find polo/Christian to be more interesting especially in the 2nd season. I also think that polo and Christian are really into each other but it might just be in my head.
Brooklyn Bitch
Brooklyn Bitch Hace 15 días
Bitch we don’t have a lisp lol in fact the ones that overuse the “c/z” when writing are latinos y’all be writing “ezpaña”, “eztamoz”. You pronounce every sound as s.
Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch Hace 15 días
How is this a telenovela tho?
Abhay Dhillon
Abhay Dhillon Hace 15 días
I feel like Guzman’s character development throughout the season was speechless.
saira cape
saira cape Hace 15 días
Yes I agree she was one of the better characters in the beginning but later on she did shitty things to sam and blamed people. So her character just got worst and then boom she died.
Reggina Hace 15 días
This is literally one of my favorite shows ever
youtubesucks Hace 15 días
moans - in spanish 💀
Maria Hace 15 días
Ugh it's so weird hearing some character dies and her name is Marina because my name is Marina
No Name
No Name Hace 15 días
So Rio basically forgot about Tokyo or what?!
Tosterus Hace 15 días
*moans in spanish*
nicole Hace 16 días
does anyone know what the cat animation thing says at 0:31?
JazminFlakita Hace 16 días
Low key subscribed cause you speak Spanish 😛
Lemonzitster Hace 16 días
As an española I died at the lisp part lmaooooo
Laura795100 Hace 16 días
We don't talk like that. And it's pronounced ESpaña, not EZpaña. I bet you're one of those Americans that thinks we sing mariachi and wear Mexican sombreros. Disappointing.
Came for ander and omar And Guzman and Naida Everyone else idgf
Who? Not You.
Who? Not You. Hace 17 días
My cousin made me watch it when I was in Mexico, I'm so thankful that she did
Inés SA
Inés SA Hace 17 días
As a Spanish person I'm trying not to be offended by the lisp comment, but dude
Elvis Herrera
Elvis Herrera Hace 14 días
Inés SA that’s the stereotype but I agree
Carla C.
Carla C. Hace 17 días
This has the how to get away with murder vibes mixed with gossip girl and pll imo
Majo 123
Majo 123 Hace 18 días
For me it’s garbage but entertaining
YoungPrince Donnovan
YoungPrince Donnovan Hace 18 días
Do midsummer
YoungPrince Donnovan
YoungPrince Donnovan Hace 18 días
Do midsummer
Carlos Rosario
Carlos Rosario Hace 18 días
Everyone is legit bisexual 🚹🚺
A J Hace 20 días
Dude they're the money heist castttt
Kamilla Mua
Kamilla Mua Hace 20 días
Its everything👏👏
Barbara Gomes
Barbara Gomes Hace 20 días
Could you do a video about the show 3%? It’s on Netflix and it’s honestly so good
Jorge Duque
Jorge Duque Hace 21 un día
¿The lisp? Read a book please.
Ella Hace 21 un día
I won't ever forget REBELDE
Belle Hace 21 un día
patiently waiting for Lu’s character development
cecehot787 Hace 21 un día
Explain “the boys”
Hope B
Hope B Hace 22 días
it’s pretty easy to understand . and it’s beautiful ✊🏼😔
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