Ellen DeGeneres' 86th Oscars Opening

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Host Ellen DeGeneres' opening monologue at the 86th Oscars in 2014.


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11 mar 2014

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worldd777 Hace 16 horas
Nothing will ever top Steve Martins 2001 opening
Nneka Ukonu
Nneka Ukonu Hace 17 horas
Ellen is so beautiful
Aziza Omar
Aziza Omar Hace 23 horas
Gut Ellen😘👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
tink ie
tink ie Hace un día
wow john travolta looks good ,
Doc Hace un día
At 1:07 she’s like: :D
GutterGirl Acidron
GutterGirl Acidron Hace 2 días
That room is holding A LOT of money! God! I love Ellen! Takes guts to get up there...in front of all the beautiful people!
Pooly Puff
Pooly Puff Hace 3 días
1:38 accent
Pooly Puff
Pooly Puff Hace 3 días
Sayali saloni
Sayali saloni Hace 4 días
Her timing perfect and that's the most important
Euqnic Euqnic
Euqnic Euqnic Hace 4 días
Liza Minnelli joke... right cross to the gut! Ooofff!
평범남B Hace 4 días
8:19 best part for me....:)
Skrax Hace 4 días
God damn she was boring.
Sive Mtshakazana
Sive Mtshakazana Hace 5 días
Mahesh Gaikwad
Mahesh Gaikwad Hace 5 días
@6:04 Emma Watson 😍😍😍❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Ruth Hace 5 días
I like Ellen. My kindof people. Lots of Love to her ❤❤❤
Deepak Karolya
Deepak Karolya Hace 5 días
Jonah hill 😂 8:15
Klongfel Hace 5 días
Shadow of Desert
Shadow of Desert Hace 6 días
Whos watching in 2020 and excited for Watch dogs legion 😍❤✋
Larbitosツ Hace 6 días
it's always nice to see ellen hosting in the oscars
George Joseph
George Joseph Hace 6 días
Ellen is the only female comedian I find funny. And she is damn hilarious!!!
The AllRounder Guy
The AllRounder Guy Hace 7 días
Her humor sense is similar to that of Jeremy Clarkson
Teom Cam
Teom Cam Hace 7 días
That’s Ellen’s last host 😂
Steven Abraham
Steven Abraham Hace 7 días
I could hear will smith laugh 😂
Prasanna Prasanna
Prasanna Prasanna Hace 7 días
GOD..!! how cool she is💗
TallCoolDrink Hace 8 días
I wish they'd ask me to host. I'm a nobody, but I think I can do it with style.
May Sumanra
May Sumanra Hace 8 días
The way she deliverd her monolog is so smoth and funny like watching her show
Major Shade ///
Major Shade /// Hace 8 días
This is a roast 👌
Rasta Fonz
Rasta Fonz Hace 9 días
who's that woman in pink next to jared leto? i wanna eat her *ASS*
rox leyva
rox leyva Hace 9 días
Jaja, maravillosa!
EverlastingPeace Hace 10 días
Bowie Ziehm
Bowie Ziehm Hace 10 días
3:50 There's Will Smith on the left lol
Leaked Now
Leaked Now Hace 10 días
June 6th, 2019. You're Still on Ellen. And Hell yea! You are the one who had the most of the Oscars. Love your jokes...
Cynthia Ortiz
Cynthia Ortiz Hace 11 días
I love Ellen...always the best.
shilpa prashar
shilpa prashar Hace 11 días
She is inspirational . She is so Intelligent .
shilpa prashar
shilpa prashar Hace 11 días
She is inspirational . She is so Intelligent .
Sean C
Sean C Hace 12 días
I think Jonah Hill is objectively a moderately overweight douchebag. Every movie he's in, every character he plays, he's the exact same irritating asshole. The only reasonable inference is that that's genuinely who he is, and even if it's not he still plays that exact character every time, and so should be kicked in the head by someone publicly at least once, but preferably between 2 and 7 times.
Kaye Wilde
Kaye Wilde Hace 13 días
So, did 12 years of slave won best picture?
NoobMaster 69
NoobMaster 69 Hace 13 días
Anna Kendrick at 8:02
Alicja M
Alicja M Hace 13 días
Awww Jonah’s face when he was mentioned warmed my heart
감자얼굴 Hace 14 días
5:37 Bradley Cooper 😍😍😍
sangbo tamang
sangbo tamang Hace 14 días
Watching in 2019 😃😃
musicalgenius01 Hace 15 días
1:12 I swear I can hear will Smith's laugh in the background😂😂
Jagdish Rao
Jagdish Rao Hace 15 días
I m too
Clare Bell
Clare Bell Hace 15 días
LOVE Ellen!!! The world would be a much better place with more people like her in it!!
I Salgado
I Salgado Hace 15 días
Star studded room!!!!! Oh my god
안토니오 Hace 15 días
*_Possibility #2: You're all racists_*
Agent Gotham
Agent Gotham Hace 15 días
*Ellen = Female Chandler Bing*
Nitha Nair
Nitha Nair Hace 16 días
Will Smith's laugh ...🤣
I Salgado
I Salgado Hace 15 días
Yup lol
Haeylet Ho
Haeylet Ho Hace 16 días
I loved the hunger games reference lmao
Elizabeth wofford
Elizabeth wofford Hace 16 días
Ellen is hilarious but what's even more funny is all the glitter on her blazer. She hates glitter, and so do I
yogesh Hace 17 días
Wat is sheldon’s meemaw doing in the oscars...
My Funny Place
My Funny Place Hace 17 días
6:04 I'm Done
Josh Jo
Josh Jo Hace 17 días
Wow 0:47... Leo spotted😍
Monish Reddy
Monish Reddy Hace 18 días
Did anyone noticed John Cena
1:26 francis underwood spotted😉 what is he doin there, who is the president then, claire?
DEBASISH RAJA Hace 18 días
Oh ellen i love u
Pierre Hace 19 días
All i hear is will smith laughing xD
Countrycowboy08 Hace 19 días
Not sure if I understand it correctly, but did she insinuate that Liza Minnelli looks like a drag queen? 😂😂😂😂
wr1jongin Hace 21 un día
who is the guy behind at 2:32?
Fofo B03
Fofo B03 Hace 21 un día
I wish Ellen hosts every year
Ken Breaux
Ken Breaux Hace 21 un día
These are not the days of Audrey Hepburn and Tyrone Power. This is about as ugly a group of people you'll ever see.
Best Experiments
Best Experiments Hace 21 un día
Ellen 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😍
카미사마 Hace 22 días
Kranthi Puttapaka
Kranthi Puttapaka Hace 22 días
8:18 😂😂
zoctorzizzinzer Hace 22 días
Lupita's brother is still as irritating 5 years later.
ralph emerson
ralph emerson Hace 22 días
7:47 is that bernie sanders?! 😆
Panda alexaa
Panda alexaa Hace 22 días
Is she wearing eye shadow?
Hridz Hace 23 días
I wish Ellen hosted the oscars every year😩❤️
C Kosky
C Kosky Hace 24 días
Bloody Hell!!! woman you're gorgeous from Australia
C Kosky
C Kosky Hace 22 días
Have been having a female crush since Australian spring 2017.
Marquisha Franklin
Marquisha Franklin Hace 24 días
Ellen need to be the official host of the Oscars. Amy Poehler,Tina Fey should be the official host of the Golden Globes
fridaymorning Hace 7 días
I can get behind that
Axel Hace 25 días
Jada Pinkett Smith looks amazing 🔥
I want a cookie
I want a cookie Hace 17 días
@Wendy Combe True! 😂😂😂
Wendy Combe
Wendy Combe Hace 25 días
Axel no she doesn’t lol 😂 that family is a bunch of freeks
Axel Hace 25 días
The Liza Minnelli one was real disrespectful
Gene Dexter
Gene Dexter Hace 12 días
Axel And funny. Don’t forget....... FUNNY.
Guru Sandirasegaram
Guru Sandirasegaram Hace 25 días
Any 🦍 nominated? Let’s say that we are children of a mother Let’s say that There is only one leader Let’s say that our cast is one Let’s say that equality is our life These negro people can’t form anything by themselves. Always say racist Tell those f uncivilized 🦍 racists is heritage
Lenda Akrey
Lenda Akrey Hace 25 días
مافي ابسط من الين ديجنير فعلا هي في قمة الروعة والجمال .....كتبت الكومنت بالعربي حتي يكون في نكهة في الكومنتات ❤
澤飛爾 Hace 25 días
Will Shelton
Will Shelton Hace 26 días
Lupita is the new Meryl, she's very beautiful , and proving to have quite the acting rang! She scared the hell out of me in "us"
sangee tha
sangee tha Hace 26 días
OOF Hace 26 días
She’s such a funny host ❤️
Cade Globe
Cade Globe Hace 26 días
Who is watching 2019
Omar Gonzalez
Omar Gonzalez Hace 26 días
That was so funny, Ellen.
Shivasai Sona
Shivasai Sona Hace 27 días
When chandler bing incarnated into Ellen !!
Tatini Biswas
Tatini Biswas Hace 27 días
Ellen deserves an Oscar herself for the amazing presentation ❤️
RP McMurphy
RP McMurphy Hace 27 días
Allen Degenerate makes my skin crawl.
Sanjit Kumar
Sanjit Kumar Hace 28 días
Ellen .. she is best Oscar host.. she is amazing.. Love frm INDIA..❤❤❤
Jay MarAme
Jay MarAme Hace 28 días
If you really take seriously her words then you need to go to hospital hahaha
Elisseo Stepanits
Elisseo Stepanits Hace 28 días
She is smart and oh-boy-funny! She insults, but she does it with such grace, it's amazingly funny and goodhearted! I just love her!
Bahubali.balavi 6364359643
U r Genesis ellen
Bahubali.balavi 6364359643
Ellen I love❤😘
احسن اعظم
احسن اعظم Hace 28 días
I have never seen such talented host like Ellen .. Love from Pakistan🇵🇰
Count me in
Dinesh Hace 28 días
3:48 Francis J Underwood I am watching House of cards
Vanessa Awada
Vanessa Awada Hace 28 días
Leonardo is the man
Time walker -Imtiaz Choudhary
6:04 When my heart stoped. Emma Watson love you😍
Thanish afridhi
Thanish afridhi Hace 29 días
Ellen's roasting everyone 😎😎
Suzanne Brunelle
Suzanne Brunelle Hace 29 días
too bad ellen went all political. she lost my respect
Anna Elizabeth
Anna Elizabeth Hace 29 días
This bitch is a loser
flash Hace un mes
Jonah hill joke was killing !!!!!
S.N Gamer
S.N Gamer Hace un mes
Something is going to happen
raunak agrawal
raunak agrawal Hace un mes
6:04 Goddess ❣
Woof BAE
Woof BAE Hace un mes
Did you guyz also see the hidden mickey?
D Hace un mes
leonardo looks so good🥵
Kwanzooo Hace un mes
Ellen makes it feel like a real fam
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