Ellen's Fall from Grace

Drew Gooden
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22 ago 2020






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Comentarios 100
Anish Suresh
Anish Suresh Hace 8 meses
ellen more like ellen
Emily Hope
Emily Hope Hace un día
Hace 3 días
LolBo Knows
LolBo Knows Hace 15 días
You’re onto something there
a e s t h e t i c s k y
I don't get it
sixeclog Hace 2 meses
Ellen smellen not pog
Shayngaroo Hace un hora
1:34 perfect segue
Ingrid Hace 2 horas
Women are usually advised to not announce their pregnancy until month 3 when the chance of miscarriage drops significantly. Fuck Ellen for doing that to Mariah, wow!
Micki_ Not_Mouse
Micki_ Not_Mouse Hace 3 horas
Um, I know how to use all those “old things” I’m a teenager and I have a record player and a typewriter because I am convinced I am a 70 year old in this body (Not really tho, but I am an old soul)
Dankburgers Hace 5 horas
There sure is a lot of evidence saying Ellen is a kid diddler...so there's that.
Ry f
Ry f Hace 5 horas
not ellen questioning THE cher😟😟😟
The Sleepy Dot
The Sleepy Dot Hace 14 horas
Your jokes are so good. Every video makes me laugh out loud at least three times
Audrey Gavagan
Audrey Gavagan Hace 17 horas
Alternate title: ✨middle-aged white women laughing at minors✨
No ThisIsPatrick
No ThisIsPatrick Hace 22 horas
5:45 LOL Celine was not taking her shit
No ThisIsPatrick
No ThisIsPatrick Hace 22 horas
5:16 she is SO disgusting. how did she get away with that for so long
No ThisIsPatrick
No ThisIsPatrick Hace 22 horas
you know what... I always had a bad feeling about her. but I didn't want to be a 'hater' and didn't say anything. but she always made people super uncomfortable on her shows. Like her humour is not about having fun with people but about making them feel bad and that makes her laugh. fuck her I always got so uncomfortable watching that Andy guy get bullied in the worst way. it was never funny
grrrrosey Hace 23 horas
how did i only just notice the Fating the Tea reference
l Hace un día
Your haircut stinks
Fakemon Kid
Fakemon Kid Hace un día
“Do you know what a clock is?” No Ellen, I died in 1493, thanks for having my corpse on the show.
Maneka Hace 2 días
the clip with the chinese boy and translator made me so uncomfortable. it’s so rude.
Karl Carlsburg
Karl Carlsburg Hace 2 días
"Hand painted a drawing" ... so a painting? Lolol
BoxFace Hace 3 días
eric andre replacing ellen is an alternate reality I want to live in.
Yash Paranjpay
Yash Paranjpay Hace 3 días
Wasnt she one of the woke ones?
Snowleopard 0
Snowleopard 0 Hace 3 días
12:30 👏
Snowleopard 0
Snowleopard 0 Hace 3 días
3:40 a kid I knew actually took the bowl, not that unreasonable (Ok it is pretty mean, but what that fan did was different)
Noah Nederlands
Noah Nederlands Hace 4 días
Dude you don't think half the things you showed that happened on air with Ellen was scripted? Every talk show is you nimwit
Noah Nederlands
Noah Nederlands Hace un día
What's funny about people getting hurt? And yet there are still so many shows about it
Snowleopard 0
Snowleopard 0 Hace 3 días
That makes it even worse, what’s funny about bullying people?
Otto Trawick
Otto Trawick Hace 4 días
Your hair.
Snowleopard 0
Snowleopard 0 Hace 3 días
Ava Rushing
Ava Rushing Hace 4 días
"Its not appropriate for a boy to have long hair." Well, Ellen, what if I told you its not appropriate to have short hair? Of course that's wrong, it's alright to have short hair, just like a boy having long hair.
Fang The Rapper
Fang The Rapper Hace 4 días
bro im tossing two sticks to any boomer to treat me like this and tell them to start a fire from now on lol
bunny bear
bunny bear Hace 4 días
not me actually wanting to finish the facebook show 😭
Man Man
Man Man Hace 5 días
I think Ellen is gay
not_voodo Hace 5 días
Kids bop t shirt is class
Jonte Deakin
Jonte Deakin Hace 5 días
Hair bad
A Black Y/N In The Anime World
i would love for everyone she made uncomfortable to come onto the show all together just to make her feel the way they felt
Alexander Adams
Alexander Adams Hace 5 días
Why are we all surprised that a person with the name de-generous is not generous
balancebeambitch Hace 6 días
I went back to watch one of the millennial challenges and my favorite part was, when she was asked where a muffler shop would be in a phone book, Ellen answered "a muffler...it keeps you warm at night...it goes around your...throat" and then let the audience laugh at the girl for not knowing she was looking for an auto shop because she was given the wrong definition
Jeh7794 Hace 6 días
ah yes
puddiingy Hace 6 días
Ellen: **complains about a little boy having long hair** Also Ellen: **is a women with short hair**
klaasvdm Hace 7 días
Wait, your wife gave you a haircut? I'd put your wedding ring back on!
Debo Hace 7 días
Jaiden Animations puts every single piece of fan art she gets in her video end screens. Ellen is trash.
Otto Kast
Otto Kast Hace 5 días
@Debo we can both agree Ellen sucks, but jaiden is a youtuber while Ellen is a TV host. Would be kinda awkward if Ellen had an outro similar to jaiden's
Debo Hace 5 días
@Otto Kast that was an example of "how to treat your fan art". And the example was Jaiden because Jaiden is a millenial and boomer Ellen likes to make fun of millenials.
Otto Kast
Otto Kast Hace 5 días
Tf does Jaiden have to do with anything
Jonathan SK
Jonathan SK Hace 7 días
That female translator said everything that Ellen said. She did not add anything else. Why she said Sorry to Ellen? She was just kind enough than Ellen.
Iced Tea
Iced Tea Hace 7 días
This is click bait. Drew was never even on fire in the video. Real shame.
Bushcat Hace 7 días
Ellen disingenuous. Have a free language. Your welcome from England. Have fun with that...
Bushcat Hace 7 días
Lmao Finding out Mikey Mouse is a giant pervert! Spat my beer out right there! Well done sir!
M Var
M Var Hace 8 días
“When are you gonna cut that hair?” “Idk Ellen, when are you gonna grow yours out?”
Faith Rotich
Faith Rotich Hace 8 días
It makes me upset that Ellen had the audacity to call the fan art ugly. The fan most likely took more than 10 hours to complete the painting. Like can Ellen paint. As someone who has painted a long time people many times underestimate how difficult it is to paint at that level. I didn’t start painting at that level until 4 years of painting. Her skin tones may be off but you have to appreciate someone’s hard work. News flash not everyone is a professional painter who has painted for over 40 years.
Katie Ryan
Katie Ryan Hace 8 días
So....do you like Rick and morty or not? Bcs if u don’t I have to unsubscribe 🤧
cheddarandsourcream Hace 8 días
It’s actually crazy that she was just always subtly a bitch
The Dude
The Dude Hace 8 días
God i cant even watch the Ellen clips man. So cringe
Sitara Begum
Sitara Begum Hace 8 días
Ellen: shows painting Audience:Awwwwww Ellen: eww Audience:EWWWWWWW Wtf wtf
Jesse Streeter
Jesse Streeter Hace 9 días
I still think that typewriters should be used because you don't have to worry about anything being deleted. And when I went vocational school when I was in high school I was taught how to things the new and old way so I would never be stuck and think they should teach the younger generation the new and old way so they won't be stuck if anything happens.
Dawid Krzyczkowski
Dawid Krzyczkowski Hace 9 días
Ellen probably doesn't even know how to blacksmith oh wait she probably invented it and trained the 16th centuary saxons
Gabi Austen
Gabi Austen Hace 9 días
For real this is so messed up, if a Kid or Fan draws or paints something for you, BECAUSE THEY LOVE YOU and you make their Day better...how can u act this disgustingly and maybe destroy a Child’s self confidence, because u make FUN on NATIONAL TELEVISION. And all the messed up Rest, I could look over it, I could forgive, but what she did with Carey....was 10/10 horrible.
{ADL} Raygun
{ADL} Raygun Hace 9 días
6:31 please clap
C A Hace 9 días
Remember when Ellen asked BTS if they ever hook up with their fans, most of which are minors? Yea.
Adriana Dacanay
Adriana Dacanay Hace 9 días
why is she such a garbage human like literally what was the reason
Jane Cherrytree
Jane Cherrytree Hace 9 días
All of this is just one big 😬
Ava's Tube
Ava's Tube Hace 9 días
Ellen and the audience appearently think that teenagers can do anything. Like, what were they expecting the teenagers to do when trying to set a real alarm clock?
i am and idot
i am and idot Hace 10 días
0 to -0
Camden Ewing
Camden Ewing Hace 10 días
I think it’s really funny that boomers make fun of millennials and gen z for not having skills that would have been useful 40 years ago but then ask us where the power button is on the printer
Holy _Not_Burnt_Potato
My new favorite comeback is "big meanie"
ItsMeDaft Hace 10 días
Why would she bring the painting onto the show to mock it??????
Ƶog Hace 11 días
more like Ellen degenerate
kierkieren Hace 11 días
On Ellen’s boomer artefacts segment she’s folding up a map, but like.... NO ONE can fold up a map easily. Unless the map is really pristine or something. Like everyone struggles with that. Fuck off
The Movie Critic
The Movie Critic Hace 11 días
The only person Ellen couldn't "tame" was Kanye, he was hilarious on there 😂😂😂
John Weisz
John Weisz Hace 11 días
Queen of the Karens
Jon Smith
Jon Smith Hace 12 días
the first few segment weren't that bad. no meaner then asking people questions on the street they don't know. others stuff a bit meaner
Josiah Bosse
Josiah Bosse Hace 12 días
I wonder who sent Ellen that painting. Those are some strange initials.....
sOStuPiD Hace 13 días
13:21 so accurate
Just a dude that comments on videos.
I'm a gen z and I know how to use all of the thing Ellen has had younger people try to use. I feel like it's not a generational thing, and just society/schools placing less value on practical education, instead focusing more on curriculum, which is severely flawed.
Just a dude that comments on videos.
I also agree that having people try and use technology that was never required to live their lives is dumb, but still.
Lynqx_Xar STUDIOS Hace 14 días
I like you cut G G=Gooden
Dripplez Hace 14 días
I got a Ellen ad
Dot Warner
Dot Warner Hace 14 días
Ellen more like HELLen
Jordan Dill
Jordan Dill Hace 14 días
You shouldn't have bought that Minkah Fitzpatrick jersey lmfao
K00BICORE Hace 15 días
Reminds me of that time when Ellen asked BTS if they often hooked up with their fans, insisting that their translator explain what the word mean and all :/
BearFlipsTable Hace 15 días
She’s so rude.
Daichi Sawamura • 20 years ago
sawarasenai🥰kimi😸wa⛓shojo👻na💅no ✨bökù🌸wâ🧚ÿariçhiñ🤴bįcchī😾ńo😩osû🚣dà🎉yo💦
Lára Ingþórsdóttir
Idk how to read a map bc I literally dont go outside so I dont really need one, and idk how a clock works bc I didnt learn how clocks worked until I was like 10 or 11 and I only learned the technical clocks bc that's all my small brain could handle, so suck on that ellen
bexfitlife beccasfit
bexfitlife beccasfit Hace 15 días
Ellen SHAMES people. Maybe she was treated badly as a kid for being a lesbian? Striking back at people to make herself feel better? Thank you for calling her out with your video. She deserves to get what she gives.
Anonymous Onyx
Anonymous Onyx Hace 15 días
4:06 it sounds like they're awwwing like, "aww that's so sweet :D" not "Aw man that sUcks"
Ashley Hartman
Ashley Hartman Hace 16 días
Omg, the clips of her yelling at the translator, the confronting the lady about not inviting her to a party????? I can barely handle these short clips. How the hell is this even on tv?
Johnny From Georgia
Johnny From Georgia Hace 16 días
I've always hated Ellen
Patrick Thompson
Patrick Thompson Hace 16 días
Hey WHAT HAPPEN TO YOUR hair ...was your wife mad or upset at you ?
Sirens Song
Sirens Song Hace 16 días
I used to hate my mom for thinking Ellen was trash because I thought she hated her for being gay. Now I know it’s not because Ellen is gay - but because she is a trash human being. :)
Funky Women
Funky Women Hace 16 días
She's like a malicious prankster god who ins't above traumatising and murder as a "fun little prank"
Carson F
Carson F Hace 16 días
cherry picking
Jonah Popp
Jonah Popp Hace 16 días
Bad haircut lol
Shark Attack
Shark Attack Hace 17 días
Joker about to show up and shoot her. Who is the joker you may ask? JB.....
Br3nt Hace 17 días
lets check ur math there. so u said u've been 5 months in quarantine so 5x30=150.. no u have not been 700 days in qurantine
Panicking Potato Cos
Panicking Potato Cos Hace 17 días
poor translator, poor kid, I feel bad for them. Wow Ellen, you're short sentence is longer in a different language. Shocker. You wanna know why it's longer? Because it's a different language. That kid is so cool too, I used to love watching him make covers of songs.
Jack Fuller
Jack Fuller Hace 17 días
when businessmen are accused of something, all the celebrities speak out against them but if someone from hollywood is called out, they come out in support
Jaxi Hace 17 días
ellen degenerate
Lilly Alece
Lilly Alece Hace 17 días
If Ellen likes “the good ol’ days” so much why isn’t she straight?
Rage Quito
Rage Quito Hace 18 días
I speak english and chinese, there was no possible way for the translator to finish that sentence any faster
kamikaze Hace 8 días
@Cris Bravo multiple people (who are fluent in Chinese) have already explained thats not true lmao
Cris Bravo
Cris Bravo Hace 13 días
the boy understood the first question and answered the first question, all the translator had to do was ask " what else do you play" she was wasting ellen's time
nadine Hace 18 días
why is ellen popular i dont know.
Shai Bender
Shai Bender Hace 18 días
wow fuckin sick i love a lot like birds 10/10 drew
Viralium Hace 18 días
I don't understand why people willingly work for terrible employers. You don't have to work there. LEAVE and go somewhere better!
Viralium Hace 17 días
@Samuel Who said you should just walk out of a job without having another one lined up? That would be foolish under most circumstances.
Samuel Hace 17 días
@Viralium you have to be pretty fucking financially secure to be able to just walk out of a job without another lined up, especially with the prospect of your current employer not offering a reference.
Viralium Hace 17 días
@Astrotrek35 That's correct. But there are better employers out there, employers who will treat you with respect. Go work for them.
Astrotrek35 Hace 17 días
Because if you don't have a job you will starve
Roma The RGG
Roma The RGG Hace 18 días
Drew: "This feels like finding out Mickey Mouse, is actually a giant pervert." Me: That explains the close-up in the little kid's bedroom window.
Roma The RGG
Roma The RGG Hace 18 días
My Friend... Ohh my dear, white friend... Have you seen "The Wendy Williams show?"
PreachThe Peach
PreachThe Peach Hace 18 días
so basically you are saying that THat Ellen is the updated version of karen ? Much Wow
Pineapple Squid
Pineapple Squid Hace 18 días
I can’t believe I used to like her jeez
Chloe Naidoo
Chloe Naidoo Hace 19 días
The Ellen show More like the hypocritical show
MessyNect Hace 20 días
I want to pet his cat so bad
Miss Wyte
Miss Wyte Hace 20 días
Thank god RM of BTS put her in her place at the Grammy red carpet
Brooklyn c
Brooklyn c Hace 18 días
Mark from NCT as well when SuperM went on her show
tina tigere
tina tigere Hace 20 días
after watching this I need you to go a video on glee & the cast
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