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Eminem - Lucky You ft. Joyner Lucas

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From the album Kamikaze, out now: shady.sr/Kamikaze
Music video by Eminem performing Lucky You. © 2018 Aftermath Records


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13 sep 2018







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Santiago Jesus Veuthey
Pueden traducir esta musica de eminem por favor en español
Darius Hooks
Darius Hooks Hace un hora
Em saying it how it is rappers cant stick to one subject nowadays
Eduard Lizardo MD
Eduard Lizardo MD Hace un hora
I don't really know much about rap. No clue who Lucas is. But I really enjoy seeing where M has gone. I hope he doesn't ever stop so long as he has his heart in it.
CiemnyWolfek Hace un hora
im lucky because my phone is not fire proof
full of sadness
full of sadness Hace un hora
Eminem=G.O.A.T Joyner Lucas=G.O.A.T.2
James Johnson
James Johnson Hace un hora
Joyner and Em fucking rips this shit!
CAMERO202 Hace un hora
Never heard of Joyner Lucas but now I'm a fan.
Chelsea FC fan Boy
Chelsea FC fan Boy Hace un hora
Dab in 2018
MoreThanExpected1 Hace un hora
There better be a new Bad meets Evil project on the way with Joyner featured on at least one song
sebabonkhe dlamini
sebabonkhe dlamini Hace un hora
gatare_moker TO
gatare_moker TO Hace un hora
this track killed me
Viva La Vanna
Viva La Vanna Hace un hora
That dab tho
Dylan Tan
Dylan Tan Hace un hora
Eminem + Joyner + PUBG 🔥🖤
maths genius
maths genius Hace un hora
EMinem fuck the game this year , slim shady back , mgk live in shadow withe mumble rap ,slim fuck , mgk fucked lol
Miriana Fiorenza
Miriana Fiorenza Hace un hora
Porca madonna se ti amo Eminem
Boomer Hace un hora
Eminem and Joyner Lucas showed what rap atchually is
gogosnow11 gogosnow11
Shadys back!!!!!! holding it down!!!!
lazygamertv Hace un hora
3:54 for the rest of Eminem's fire🔥verse 👌 Em blew me away 😥he is the Goat 🐐
Alisha Hernandez lopez
I'm so damn glad this is being said...can't listen to the rap today, damn Eminem we missed you
Nathan Gold
Nathan Gold Hace un hora
This shit trash
DØN Hace un hora
Eminem just killed every mumble rapper in this song 🔥😂
ÃBdeka Der moti cristo
Junior Hernandez
Junior Hernandez Hace un hora
Benelgringo cuando te hiciste tan perro para el HIP HOP? :U
Jack and David
Jack and David Hace un hora
Anyone want KSI and Joyner and Eminem on a sog oops I mean song
Lourens Kefas Samtaka
I never realized how fast joyner can rap, now this nigga is the real uzi.. But nobody faster than Em
George Baciu
George Baciu Hace un hora
Gotta love how Em mimics all the "mumble rap gestures" in this vid ...
Bea Leduc
Bea Leduc Hace un hora
Give me the Juice ! Woou
salim Hace un hora
Jack and David
Jack and David Hace un hora
So proud of u Joyner you made it. Been here since 2016
Angelic Devil
Angelic Devil Hace un hora
I think Em dresses cool xD
Little Dirtyboi69
Little Dirtyboi69 Hace un hora
Fire two. Best lyrical rappers together 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Zr0MILKMAN Hace un hora
Be funny watching these two survive in the wild... lmao
ishmael ndayi
ishmael ndayi Hace un hora
Joyner is one of the fastest rappers today
david bruins
david bruins Hace un hora
I dont get how this song has 27mil views and I love it has 120
Corey Freeman
Corey Freeman Hace un hora
Eminem is The only real rapper all the other rappers just make up words and make them sound like there rapping even though they're just lame ass
Anonymous Maximus
Anonymous Maximus Hace un hora
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Samantha Zuniga
Samantha Zuniga Hace un hora
Eminem, I'm glad you're back 😊😊
Nanar Gaming
Nanar Gaming Hace 2 horas
please subs my channel guys^_^
Sister Shook
Sister Shook Hace 2 horas
I COMMENT On videos
I COMMENT On videos Hace 2 horas
Imagine Dj academiks or whatever watching this calling him trash
NIFKINS Hace 2 horas
I wanna hear all these haters say that shit was trash now. Lil goofs
Starr J
Starr J Hace 2 horas
Em and Joyner collabed.... I can finally die in peace.
Evan Amaral
Evan Amaral Hace 2 horas
Was this filmed in Worcester
TheCreativeZebra Hace 2 horas
tbh the only good mumble rapper is triple x
CS:GO Clips
CS:GO Clips Hace 2 horas
Get Eminem's part 2:20 to 1.25 tempo. SICK!
George Plays
George Plays Hace 2 horas
Андрей Абрамов
Ставь лукас если флексишь под этот трек играющий на портативной колонки во время игры в майнкрафт
Colin Hace 2 horas
Dope Video, Beat, Skillz and Styles. Everything just fucking Dope!
garrett gibbs
garrett gibbs Hace 2 horas
Does anyone know how to listen to the album? It says I need some type of music permission?
Sebby _
Sebby _ Hace 2 horas
Honestly feel bad for this music video lol, lowkey, would've been at least at 50M or more if Em didn't release Killshot on the same week.
Curt Nasty
Curt Nasty Hace 2 horas
Why is his pants so tight??? Fellas that’s not cool,hot,what’s up, rocking etc.., Men shouldn’t wear tight pants!
Cubing Memes
Cubing Memes Hace 2 horas
Rip mumble rap loved by idiots
Nani?! Hace 2 horas
idk why but those red eyes reminded me about *the head slinging slicer*
garrett gibbs
garrett gibbs Hace 2 horas
OH MY GOD!!!! EMINEM DABBED!!!!!! 😱😱😱😱
Dawson Luiz
Dawson Luiz Hace 2 horas
CADE os BR representando👊
Dana.siHalla Khalil
Dana.siHalla Khalil Hace 2 horas
Great and awesome, like it's a good message beyond these words 👍👍
Becci Harvey-Vocalist
Em and lucas need to work together some more
I don’t get it..
Leslie Hinson
Leslie Hinson Hace 2 horas
I think I just saw Rick and Daryl creepin in the background 🤠😎
One Dank Wartortle
One Dank Wartortle Hace 2 horas
The fucking dabbing and air humping lmaoooo
Zantagiro7 Hace 2 horas
good rapping!
Young Łuki
Young Łuki Hace 2 horas
Becci Harvey-Vocalist
This for me is one of the best rap tunes ever wrote ! Really represents everything i love about the genre lyrically satisfying to listen to ... true fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌🏼😍
LittleRed Hace 2 horas
Em has been fire since day one. Kill em dude
Myles DeBrincat
Myles DeBrincat Hace 2 horas
Maybe the best song in a long time, this is so well done!
Saifur Ex
Saifur Ex Hace 2 horas
Yo Em, Thanks for give us Lucas... I became fan of him now 😍😍😍🔁🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩
GuttaMusicent Hace 2 horas
If you got a Minute or 2, Check out my BARS esvid.net/video/vídeo-oIf1WuCSvwk.html #2020comingsoon #punchlineking
zetsuie08 Hace 2 horas
is he clown'n drake on his style of dancing
dscho_han Hace 2 horas
James Brown - I Got You (Cover) esvid.net/video/vídeo-AKxLz9vtVBk.html
alexandros baronis
alexandros baronis Hace 2 horas
Damn i had to pause to let him breathe!
Arief Novian Nopek
Arief Novian Nopek Hace 2 horas
Im fans u from indonesia
BigFrank 661
BigFrank 661 Hace 2 horas
Idk who’s more talented, Eminem and Lucas with their fast rapping or the person who’s going to do the lyric video...
Goerkem93 Hace 2 horas
Why the hell does Joyner lucas sound like big Sean, even the flow in the beginning...
ismail yt
ismail yt Hace 2 horas
Love from belguim nostalgie
MyNerdySelf Hace 2 horas
Which are you 1:Joyner Lucas 2:YOU FUCKING NO WHO ITS GOING TO BEEE EMENEM🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
xNeymerez Hace 2 horas
That dance battle tho😂😂
Mustafa Şimşek
Mustafa Şimşek Hace 2 horas
Eminem Rap god !!!!
Ethericrose Hace 2 horas
Em, regardless of what you think about him personally. It has to be said he has a pure tallent / gift, for rapping.
K Q Hace 2 horas
hahahhh moda trap ma va fanculo delusione tottale
saucethaboss1011 Hace 2 horas
Of course
Kopano mokoka
Kopano mokoka Hace 2 horas
One word. LIT!!💓🙂🖒
Barak Obama
Barak Obama Hace 2 horas
Joyner Lucas sound like 21 savage in the beginning
Mi sta sul Cazzo
Mi sta sul Cazzo Hace 2 horas
I want the old Em
bigge k
bigge k Hace 2 horas
There dabs Dow
RA !N Hace 2 horas
Squirt gun Farmboy was...... Booed Off stage lmfao esvid.net/video/vídeo-zUp67xFAOfw.html
sachin baviskar
sachin baviskar Hace 2 horas
Em is completely savage as fuck....true sarcasm 😂😂😂😂😂
Sandeep Choudhary
Sandeep Choudhary Hace 2 horas
Pubg intro
Moses Small
Moses Small Hace 2 horas
Painting Gurus
Painting Gurus Hace 2 horas
Thank you em for being a real og and doing what you felt like you had to do to restore rap and destory all the mumble rap that is trying to take ovet
lil african kid
lil african kid Hace 2 horas
Em & Joyner vs The Mumblers
Daniele Barberis
Daniele Barberis Hace 2 horas
A word for dissing all ESvid's world: E M I N E M
Chris bujiriri anderson
this is real RAP
Adam Carioscia
Adam Carioscia Hace 2 horas
Whole album rocks, glad Em shut them Lil bioches up
Nikhil Rai
Nikhil Rai Hace 2 horas
Joyner Lucas's who the fuck are you? Eminem's a Rap God
Botond Zoboki
Botond Zoboki Hace 2 horas
Best of
Painting Gurus
Painting Gurus Hace 2 horas
The fact that all the people with red eyes(the followers the mumble rappers the clones the want to bes) can copy all of the simple words and simple dance moves then em snaps and they all go airborn because they cant keep up. Shit gives me chills everytime because its so true
Beb Hace 2 horas
3:43 I expected him to do that move hell yes😂
Adam Ef.
Adam Ef. Hace 2 horas
The Daily FPS TPS channel.
Sick and tired of this trash ass mumble rap where you can't hear the actual words they're saying. Eminem and Joyner is literally saving rap rn.
Ms DJeDAI Hace 2 horas
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