Emma Chamberlain for the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2020 Show

Louis Vuitton
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15 may 2019






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Morgan Ashley
Morgan Ashley Hace 3 días
She has that ethereal, alien kind of beauty that many models have. I love the idea of her modeling or doing interviews at these type of events!
Asha Krpata
Asha Krpata Hace 3 días
Of course Emma has her coffee in the background
Asha Krpata
Asha Krpata Hace 3 días
Jeffrey Jupp
Jeffrey Jupp Hace 3 días
We gunna talk about Madelaine Petsch or naw?
Hannah Elisabeth
Hannah Elisabeth Hace 13 días
She sat next to Madelaine😍
Aayma Syed
Aayma Syed Hace 13 días
so proud of her tho yall. im literally an OG subscriber of hers
Naledi Kganane
Naledi Kganane Hace 15 días
I remember people hated Emma Chamberlain and I honestly didn’t understand why because she’s soo unproblematic. I’m so happy for all the success she’s getting and that she’s not trying to change her image for a brand. We stan xx
Tyzyria Hace 20 días
I love seeing Madelaine petsch next to emma
Anyone else saw that Emma day next to madelaine petsch
Hilpmrs 23
Hilpmrs 23 Hace 20 días
Emma here is going to high brands fashion shows while some girls being racist and smoking on instagram
Michelle Hace 21 un día
those outfits were so nice
love2799 Hace 21 un día
Love this so funny 😂😂😂
D Hace 26 días
LV will desperately try to dip their hands into any viral superstar to create relatable content.. sad lol. Vergil is loosing it 😂
uhh wassup
uhh wassup Hace 29 días
I mean Emma making hecka money
Dom Paul
Dom Paul Hace 29 días
Luv this collab
Zainab Mansoor
Zainab Mansoor Hace 29 días
k i dont get one thing some people prounce the louis vuitton with a silent S ns some pronounce it with the letter S in louis... What's right smh
Jared Pazin
Jared Pazin Hace un mes
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Laura Quintero
Laura Quintero Hace un mes
I feel like 0:38 should be a poster for capitalism at its finest
Keeping up with Morgan
Don’t say u have seen Brooklyn if u have not seen the hood of it 😂
My_lifes a Mess
My_lifes a Mess Hace un mes
ErkanKarabagli Hace un mes
Yes miss chamberlain
Joryanid Perez
Joryanid Perez Hace un mes
Omggg she sat next to the one that plays as cherry
Fb I
Fb I Hace un mes
Who is a broke boy here
kalista potter37
kalista potter37 Hace un mes
OMG this was published on my b day 😂😂
La Vie Sur La Côte
How nice, a video of fun funny Emma without any burping or farting, I wonder if she behaved or they edited out, if she behaved, I wish she did it in her videos too cuz i miss watching them but i just cant stand the b n f, any way, outfits could've been more youthful less old lady, but hey, what do i know. Regards.
MintyJoonie Parapio
*Amanda and the guy from the traffic light* *they did some researchㅡ*
Hugo Perez
Hugo Perez Hace un mes
Poor Mei.
Anna Broome
Anna Broome Hace un mes
But why does she not look like Emma Chamberlain in this video 👁👄👁 (lol)
Alex F
Alex F Hace un mes
Emma’s doing all the things James Charles wishes he was doing
xwolfhard Hace un mes
damn she looked so good
It's Jahiem Again
It's Jahiem Again Hace un mes
It's weird seeing emma in makeup
Jordann Grigg
Jordann Grigg Hace un mes
This video sucks!
Kate Parra
Kate Parra Hace un mes
I love how u were next to "cheryl"
Belinda Bee
Belinda Bee Hace un mes
“It’s at the airport?”
Nawshaba Aziz
Nawshaba Aziz Hace un mes
Emma kinda reminds me of Rashida Jones.
Travis Grider
Travis Grider Hace 2 meses
Cheryl bombshell yess love her
Lee Tickle
Lee Tickle Hace 2 meses
Who else noticed she sat next to Madeleine pesch
Ann Mendoza
Ann Mendoza Hace 2 meses
Is that bae from riverdale
Batool Alkhabbaz
Batool Alkhabbaz Hace 2 meses
Am I the only one that saw Madelaine Petsch sitting next to Emma ?
Berkeley M
Berkeley M Hace 2 meses
Me: Casually sitting next to my cat Emma: casually sitting next to Madalaine Pestch
Lily Weiss
Lily Weiss Hace 2 meses
My mom was there at the show
Shannon Hace 2 meses
Emma, where's your black dress from in this video?
Lara Raz
Lara Raz Hace 2 meses
Emma is such a beauty 😅
Luci K
Luci K Hace 2 meses
This is just truly sad......LV why would us adults that can afford to buy your bags want to buy them when your marketing them to kids? Please re-think your marketing strategy.
Freak AF
Freak AF Hace 2 meses
LV is not only for adults
Aalijah•̫͡ Strayhorn
She’s not really funny anymore Sorry guys 😐
Alleona Marie
Alleona Marie Hace 2 meses
Hi Emma
Jazmine Whitmer
Jazmine Whitmer Hace 2 meses
emma is so gorgeous
Wolf Peutz
Wolf Peutz Hace 2 meses
gekke kanker kind
glxssyHeidi Xo
glxssyHeidi Xo Hace 2 meses
Jayden Bennett
Jayden Bennett Hace 2 meses
I love how Emma was sitting next to bella thorne😂
Valery Hace 2 meses
I agree with Emma, I don't like byrthdays, I hate my birthday :)
AUBREY PIERCE Hace 2 meses
omg she was sitting next to madelaine petsch
Julča Čiháková
Julča Čiháková Hace 2 meses
ohh there's madelaine!
Emily Walters
Emily Walters Hace 2 meses
This would be so hard for me because I talk with my hands😂
Random Random
Random Random Hace 2 meses
Emma has so much confidence and I’m here for it
khushali panchal
khushali panchal Hace 2 meses
ColdBrewBarbie Hace 2 meses
Emma looks insanely gorgeous!
Amanda Rose
Amanda Rose Hace 2 meses
Paris, Hunter, David & Aaron,,,, thank you for creating such a cute video and editing just like Emma, it was adorable!
Cassia Lafour
Cassia Lafour Hace 2 meses
I'm a 30 year old woman in love with Emma and everything she's about. She's such a character
Hannah Million
Hannah Million Hace 2 meses
i loved this too much XD
Hasiger Hase
Hasiger Hase Hace 2 meses
seriously? she didnt burp every five minutes like she usually does? and seriously, you took her there the second time, when she is the epitome of a homeless woman in style and behavior? wow.
Freak AF
Freak AF Hace 2 meses
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