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Emma Chamberlain guesses how 2,117 of her fans responded to a survey about her. From her favorite social media app to what scares her the most, Emma hilariously attempts to guess the responses of the majority of her fans and lets us know how much they got right.

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Emma Chamberlain Guesses How 2,117 Fans Responded to a Survey About Her | Teen Vogue


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24 jun 2019

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Adrianna Marie
Adrianna Marie Hace un hora
Emma’s is gonna get married if she finally dates Ethan
Lindsay Cole
Lindsay Cole Hace 5 horas
The Dolan twins need to do this please!!
aisha memon
aisha memon Hace 7 horas
sss Hace 22 horas
D-Did she just say caterpillars aren't animals...
amelia garcia
amelia garcia Hace un día
I’m the 9 yr old ❤️🧡💛💚💘💓🖤❣️ I love you Emma
Jenna Wilder
Jenna Wilder Hace un día
tbh the 9 yr old was prob my sister lmfao
Melody Angelica
Melody Angelica Hace un día
anyone know where i can take this test?
sherleen cai
sherleen cai Hace un día
*emma chamberlain bullying the 9 year olds and the 42 year olds who took the survey for 17 minutes straight*
Maria Jose
Maria Jose Hace un día
Wth... she’s so gorgeous here
lesly s
lesly s Hace un día
she just GASSED that 9 year old
Adorablechristina 28
get Billie Eilish on this now.
Resoluti0n Hace un día
Ranch.. She hates ranch. I can’t be a fan anymore💀💀
Resoluti0n Hace un día
Lala Puré 💀💀Disagreed.
Lala Puré
Lala Puré Hace un día
Resoluti0n Italian is better then ranch
Arial Hughes
Arial Hughes Hace 2 días
Lol my names Arial
Ruth Gasca
Ruth Gasca Hace 2 días
This is why we chop down trees to have celebrities just crumble it up 💀👋🏻😭..mkdkdidkdkd bye
Anelisiwe Novukela
Anelisiwe Novukela Hace 2 días
They will recycle it don't cry😏
Dramavibe es
Dramavibe es Hace 2 días
Grace Erin x
Grace Erin x Hace 2 días
Media: Use metal straws Emma: Uses metal straw with plastic cup We did it boys, pollution is no more.
Elena Teim
Elena Teim Hace 2 días
i love this !!!!! the way u print the paper live is amazing lol
Emmie McDonald
Emmie McDonald Hace 2 días
8th graders are terrifying
Emmie McDonald
Emmie McDonald Hace 2 días
9:38 3 of you said syrup. I can tell one of them was the 9 year old. I’m 10 and I could have said mustard!
Emmie McDonald
Emmie McDonald Hace 2 días
Also I started watching h when I was 9
Emmie McDonald
Emmie McDonald Hace 2 días
Aye I’m 10 and I’m watching this. SHADE Emma SHADE. (Wuv u tho)
Emmie McDonald
Emmie McDonald Hace 2 días
Also I started watching u when I was 9
Belle Versteeg
Belle Versteeg Hace 2 días
Timothée chalamet is underrated just saying
Bea Hace 2 días
"shes way too clean for me"
The ultimate 5
The ultimate 5 Hace 2 días
Powder puff girl XD 😂😂😂
The ultimate 5
The ultimate 5 Hace 2 días
Emma they were calling me on mayo and ranch because you’re pale
Ben Borja
Ben Borja Hace 2 días
I love her energy so much! she seems so fun to hang out with
Mia Mattila
Mia Mattila Hace 2 días
Classic Emma, Has to have coffee when shes on set.
elisabeth w.
elisabeth w. Hace 2 días
mustard really is the best condiment
Ashley Abal
Ashley Abal Hace 3 días
What does Emma love the most: photo of Ethan then coffee then soul cycle
Xpsycho.unicornX Hace 3 días
Of course Emma brought a coffee with her😂😂😂 Who is she if she didn’t?😂
Zonaira's World
Zonaira's World Hace 3 días
How can we do these surveys
t sollos t
t sollos t Hace 3 días
2:16 Lol is everybody going to ignore that she said ‘ *neither* ‘ wrong, and doesn’t even know what the word means? I still love her to death tho don’t get me wrong
ella rayn
ella rayn Hace 3 días
some people pronounce it like that and she meant like why do people think i don’t like either of them lol
Aubrey Rivett
Aubrey Rivett Hace 3 días
Comic sans is more emma
Jazmyne G
Jazmyne G Hace 3 días
normal ppl: i- how tf- emma: when have- i ha- who likes-
mashed lib
mashed lib Hace 3 días
Is Emma getting married
Becky Moore
Becky Moore Hace 3 días
14:18 I'm dying😂
Stephanie Zheng
Stephanie Zheng Hace 3 días
When Emma is done with a sheet of paper she always start out trying to fold it nicely in half...but the crumple it...don't want to read too much into it.
zoz mm
zoz mm Hace 3 días
omg at 10:38 I thought it was jojo seawee 💀💀
Topzc 101
Topzc 101 Hace 3 días
I was born in Tallahassee lmao wtf
XaeBae Hace 4 días
Emma Roberts
zeniya robbins
zeniya robbins Hace 4 días
Powder puff girls 😂 this coffee isn’t working
Kitty Lucille
Kitty Lucille Hace 4 días
Ima 9 yr old but not the one but. I’m offended
Emma Petrus
Emma Petrus Hace 4 días
Groups of 8th graders scare me too
Freya A
Freya A Hace 4 días
nollie23.x Hace 4 días
... Megan fox??? Sorry honey no
I Love you
I Love you Hace 4 días
I love mayo
Jaretzy Garcia
Jaretzy Garcia Hace 4 días
So she did this interview and then went to w magazine for asmr 🧐🤭🥴
Hannah E 11
Hannah E 11 Hace 5 días
“Powderpuff” Me:how high am I?
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