"End Of The World" - Tom MacDonald ft. John Rich 

Tom MacDonald
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WRITTEN BY Tom MacDonald
SHOT & DIRECTED by Nova Rockafeller & Jared Potter
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MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan
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16 mar 2023






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So, what do y'all think?! Is it my best video yet? Dont forget to share the video and PLEASE download on iTunes or Amazon! Lets get another #1! geo.itunes.apple.com/us/album/end-of-the-world/1676982107?ls=1&app=itunes
@Scotiapilot1966 Hace 8 meses
You hit the nail on the head.
@nancysmith1371 Hace 8 meses
Amazing as always ❤ 💖 ♥
@scottcorcoran2342 Hace 8 meses
🔥 as always
@BongRipMcgee420 Hace 8 meses
Gonna be on repeat all day bro
@mandeesullivan7837 Hace 8 meses
Always love it! But my favorite is still best rapper ❤❤❤❤❤
@TruthSeeker0413 Hace 6 meses
No drugs, No swearing, No nudity, Just 100% RAW talent
@gabsisbabsis540 Hace 6 meses
1% talent 99%hard work
@bort_hill Hace 6 meses
100% ASS
@1jzhardbody545 Hace 6 meses
@@bort_hill why do you say that? personally I like it. what is it that you don't like?
@roberts7324 Hace 6 meses
@@1jzhardbody545 Trolls man. Just Trolls.
@user-hw8np7sf8x Hace 3 meses
I am 19 years old and was raised in a Republican family. At first, I thought they were crazy for talking about politics, which I didn't care about. But hearing you has opened my eyes. They were right - the world is crazy, and many people live in denial. Thank you for enlightening me instead of letting me blindly follow others.
@DakarRaider Hace 3 meses
thank YOU for thinking critically at your age. You're gonna be fine when we all sort this out together
@mybooboo289 Hace 3 meses
Keep them critical thinking skills kid ❤! You’re parents did well . I have been called crazy for the last 25yrs , ahhh who is crazy now ? 😂 20 yr old putting things on tic Tok that I was part of is nice to see
@patriciacansler Hace 2 meses
Also thank your parents. I'm doing the same with my kids. They thought I was crazy until covid. Then they started paying attention.
Read Atlas Shrugged
@fooser46 Hace 3 meses
Was never a rap fan, until I heard Tom. Cannot get enough of your music, what a powerful patriotic message.
@JMaiden-ym2bl Hace 2 meses
He’s a Canadian
@gregdean8441 Hace un mes
Wrong was ! American now
I also have never liked rap. I grew up throughout the 90s when it started to become more prevalent. I've never cared for it because the majority of the messages have been negative. I listen to big 1940s bands and singers. 50s 60s 70s 80s (all good vibe music)and now Tom has been turning my opinion on rap. Keep it up man. Your helping actually wake people up from this "woke" BS and shedding light in some places that have been dark for decades!
@marypeeples9068 Hace 3 meses
I’m standing with you Tom MacDonald! Your words are right in line! Jesus is coming !! I’m praying for us all!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✝️
@chiefz.prodz10 Hace 3 meses
Were all praying!
Hey there! How are you doing today? It’s nice to meet you on here.
@67skins75 Hace un mes
Jesus took one look at this world and said "Forget it. I'm not going back there!".
@joeldockery2610 Hace 17 días
​@@67skins75 nah he coming back 💯 . Maybe sooner than we think . Maybe later idk when but it will happen
I'm a child of the sixties, we had hope, love and peace. My heart goes out to the children of this generation yet when I hear Tom McDonald it gives me hope. Stay strong young ones. Keep telling your truth & don't give in to this crazy world xxx
@marcyking461 Hace 4 meses
We had love, peace (?), and a war in Vietnam raging, you mean. Nothing's really changed, just the players have changed and the internet has made it easier to find the truth if you open you eyes. I love the fact that Tom & John are teaming up to reach the people through their music. Maybe they can red pill the people who still have their heads in the sand, and together we can fight the Lex Luther wannabes and win for the betterment of humanity BEFORE the world really does come to an end? Time will tell.
@CyborgAlienBariaur Hace 3 meses
@73reneer Hace 3 meses
Keep telling HIS TRUTH!!! I hope you mean. Everyone is already, telling THEIR own truth. That's how we got into this mess. Our CREATOR'S truth, is the ONLY TRUTH! KEEP TELLING OUR FATHER'S TRUTH!!!!!! The gospel!!!!
I’m a 50 year old retired homeschool mom 😉 and Tom has carved a whole new space in my mind of musical tastes. GREAT work. Deep. We need your voice Tom. And God is our world’s only hope.
Hey there! How are you doing today? It’s nice to meet you on here.
@ilarobinsversion Hace 8 meses
As a teen who is scared for the whole world we need music like this.
@FreeMenDieFree Hace 8 meses
Fear is what the system wants. Fear allows you to be controlled.
@wj7495 Hace 8 meses
Your fear creates it.
@cwjameson37 Hace 8 meses
As a near 40 year old been hearing the it's the end of the world since I was old enough to have memories you should just ignore the doomsday people as they have been historically wrong for over 60 years
@SpearFisher85 Hace 8 meses
Think your scared now wait till youre an adult! Hope everything gets better.
@RonaldBarnes-on2xq Hace 4 meses
I'm a 58 year-old man and I never cared for rap either but Tom MacDonald has totally changed my mind he is on point with his words his opinions his thoughts, he's quite amazing, hopefully he will help bring people together to overcome the evil that is upon this world thumbs up to give Tom You're something wonderful in the world that's all mixed up have a wonderful day
@angelam4795 Hace 6 meses
I don't like rap, but so far, every song that I've heard from him I like. 1 he's a clean artist, not much foul language, and 2 everything he says is the truth.
@ScarlettsWebb Hace 6 meses
Another killer hit and John Rich too! Love it man ❤❤❤
@debramoore7513 Hace 6 meses
OMG 😭😭 perfect collaboration of Tom MacDonald & John Rich. I’m a new fan of Tom .. I’m completely fascinated and in awe!
@antware Hace 5 meses
Best song I've heard in ages and I listen to loads of music. The collaboration with John Rich phenomenal. Thanks Tom, Ms Rockafeller and Jared. Love your work. Greetings from Ireland.
@nicholaswarman7553 Hace 8 meses
John Rich is certainly one of the most outspoken conservative patriotic country music stars the last 15 years. Thank you for a fantastic collaboration
@tomtelton8011 Hace 8 meses
Move over country, Tom's spitin' truth
Romans 6 teaches that sin has serious consequences, including physical and spiritual death. However, through faith in Jesus Christ, we can receive eternal life as a free gift from God. To do so, we must confess our belief in Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross for our sins. Accepting Jesus as our Savior is a lifelong commitment to living a holy and obedient life as a reflection of our gratitude. Consider these teachings and make an informed decision about your faith, knowing that God loves you and desires a personal relationship with you.
@yummiermussel5331 Hace 8 meses
​@@powwjanspwoskdosdjxk6361 Amen 🙏
@eveningstar8581 Hace 8 meses
@@powwjanspwoskdosdjxk6361 Amen 🙏🏻
@chrismckinney788 Hace 8 meses
Thanks for that information he is new to me and love what I hear
@cassandrab474 Hace 6 meses
I absolutely love this song - the lyrics are on point and i could listen to the chorus on repeat all day.
You are an amazing voice Sir.. ❤️ thank you for singing out for us ALL. ❤️💪🇺🇸💯
@Gray-zi5bp Hace 3 meses
@donaldbritt7573 Hace 3 meses
Great song and message , you’re waking a lot of people up 🙏🏼
@mighty_Buttercup Hace 4 meses
John Rich's part actually makes me quite emotional 😢
@RussaultGaming Hace 8 meses
I'm a 63 yr old man with 3 kids and 4 grandkids ... I always disliked RAP music until I heard Tom MacDonald's songs. Tom is wise beyond his years, and has the voice to open the eyes of millions of people, young and old. But what I struggle with every day is ... WHEN IN THE HELL DO WE THE PEOPLE STAND UP AND START FIGHTING THE EVIL BASTARDS ???
@jovashade Hace 8 meses
When the people realize they are individuals and start doing more than speaking.
@madhatter4642 Hace 8 meses
I'm ready
@richardboele9472 Hace 8 meses
Organizing is very difficult, our phones are listening and censoring our conversations. They know more about the people than we the people know about ourselves.
@ashleydugger7 Hace 6 meses
Tom thank you, been decades since rap music with purpose and meaning. The genre fell off a cliff and you carried it back. I hope others in your industry see how popular you are and follow your lead. I think you’ll go down as one of the great music industry Trail Blazers of our generation. And It was about time!
@edwardturner1282 Hace 6 meses
Seems to me TMac; your depth of creativity and relevance keeps getting stronger young man. To me; you're a modern-day prophet. I'm a 76 year old black man and you got my attention. Keep up the good work. Speak for us.
Keep killing it tom ❤ you inspire thousands including me. You make me believe that I am worth of my voice and no matter how much people try to silence a voice speaking truth.. the truth always comes out ❤ thank you for speaking that truth with courage and grace. ❤
Hey there! How are you doing today? It’s nice to meet you on here.
@michaelburke7742 Hace 6 meses
From the song to the video this really is a work of art that we will come back to years from now. The lyrics really paint a picture. Thank you Tom and John.
@Bence_Shane Hace 6 meses
This song is so moving. I listen to it on repeat sometimes and just tear up. It’s the mix of anger and sadness. Sadness for what’s going on and anger because I can’t change it. I’m finally at the point in my life I want to be in and be happy with my husband who is my best friend. So many injustices and things people will never get to experience because of what’s coming. The world is beautiful but the small group of people that want to rule it are sending it straight to hell. I could go on all day with confused thoughts. All I know is when it starts, all the pent up anger we have for the world will be released and it won’t be good. Never have I been able to “feel” two words as I do now and those two are “Jesus wept”.
@johncallison4745 Hace 6 meses
Tom, one cannot put any of your videos into the best or the worst they are what they are revealing of what so many people choose not to see. I am 57 years old and it does me good to someone that still has so much to offer this world doing what is right with the talent they have. You sir are a person that unites others. Please don't stop.
@TheMultiGunMan Hace 6 meses
I'm so glad I found your music. Truth in the lyrics!
@tanyashearon6042 Hace 4 meses
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. I JUST now listened to it and immediately want to listen AGAIN AND AGAIN! Thank you Tom for ALWAYS speaking truth and making such amazing music..and Nova..thank you for the outstanding videos..and your music and voice as well. I fist got started on Tom Macdonald when I was struggling alcohol addiction..and in rehab..we all listened and watched the video to Sober..in group! And I've been a HUGE FAN ever since. You, my friend are helping save lives. And for that..I will forever be a number one supporter! Much love and God Bless
@amandaporter1175 Hace 6 meses
I haven’t listened to any new music since 1998 Tom’s music is from the heart. That’s why I like it so much! Keep up the good work!
@westyn4012 Hace 3 meses
This song has such a great message in it if u listen to the words
@jamesmills1630 Hace 8 meses
I'm a 60 year old man, who doesn't like RAP music, but this man's message has changed my mind GOD Bless Tom, please pray for our country we need it!!!!
Yes, ooh Canada!
@nanamonster9233 Hace 8 meses
I'm nearly 70 and totally agree. Tom is just so good. I found him and got my grandkids listening to him now!!
@bryanspanjer3213 Hace 8 meses
Yes sir, we need to stand together. I believe that is one of the most important things we can do. PRAY is number one!
@DrGold99 Hace 8 meses
Hell yeah brother. America
@loriwyoming835 Hace 8 meses
60 year old woman who adores Toms messages. And no I'm not a person who listens to rap. But I do listen to his.
@G.M.P.studios Hace 3 meses
I been waiting a long long time for the world to open their eyes. This is why we live like there’s no tomorrow. Thank you Tom MacDonald for all the blessings
@davidnasa7480 Hace 3 meses
This is absolutely mesmerizing! The depth of this gentle man's talent is truly remarkable. It's a league of its own, unrivaled by any other artist on the planet. Your exceptional work has our unwavering support - please, keep it going! From a Kurdish American.
@DwayneGxyz Hace 5 meses
I love tom mcdonald but the chorus on this song is powerful to me! I could listen to it on repeat for 3:30 mins lol
I totally love this song. I can't stop singing it. It stays in my head all day and I love all your songs!
@WeeebleWobble Hace 5 meses
I honestly don't really care for country music but I respect that your colabs are always with people who have integrity and similar views. The message is very true.
@phasedoutbullet Hace 8 meses
I said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m a military veteran and an American Patriot, and I find it’s a shame that I’m more proud of a Canadian Rapper that has more patriotism than some of my own countrymen.. Tom I appreciate you for your music and message, and I pray for your continued success in hopes it will actually reach more people so they can see through the BS of our so called government and the establishment! Much love brother!
@LenaeMaysWorld Hace 8 meses
Agreed. We are many. We will win. Dark to light, patriot. ❤️
@chrismccaffery1091 Hace 8 meses
Thank you for your service 🇺🇸
@brianfreer4942 Hace 8 meses
I too am a patriot. I have always and always am American loving patriot.
@michaelthomas229 Hace 8 meses
Lmao😂😂😂 Tom just making money that’s all I promise all these people don’t know what grinding American means hard work it’s easy to these people internet days god bless
@Ripthejack3r Hace 6 meses
As a writer, i just could feel the frustration of Tom and John, that fight between needing to give people hope at the same time telling them their time is up.
@yvi7172 Hace 3 meses
I loved this song..Kudos to Tom & John Rich..You both have something special about your music when singing, together..They have to make more music together..First Rap and Country Song I’ve ever heard. that sound beautiful..Thank you, both..❤❤❤
@amberloveskido1999 Hace 5 meses
i think this is my new favorite song. like everything you put out, it put tears in my eyes, what i also like is you and rich doing this together. i love seeing artists that make totally different music, do things together. i have to say tom you are a very talented young man. please continue spreading the word, you are right on it. thank you for making music thats real!!! stay safe and always remember that YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE! love ya, Amber
@briandrinnen1711 Hace 5 meses
I love the fact that you were able to collaborate with John Rich. I've always been a big fan of Big & Rich but to hear this song you did with John is really good. Keep it up, good shit as always.
@jeots962 Hace 3 meses
Fightin back the tears. Finally music that hits the heart like it used to. Y’all got it goin on. This song hits, home, where the heart is....
@2ill4real Hace 8 meses
It's impressive how Tom has the lyrical ability to continuously speak on the same subjects, but in different ways.
@Fliberals623 Hace 8 meses
It’s the same tone same flow EVERY song different words but same tone, same flow it’s repetitive
@darkchthonian856 Hace 8 meses
And people bitch about that tom needs to talk about something else. Honestly I enjoy how tom can talk about the same things in different ways though
Gotta keep preaching until people get the message.
@vir9002 Hace 8 meses
There are billions of filters out there and no one has the same ones, good to repeat a message in many er uh.. languages. IMO. Good song, relaxing but, to the point all at the same time.
@robertthomas6363 Hace 6 meses
This song just gets better with each listen. Even months later. Will be the same in years to come. Loved this one so much!
@taniavanzijl2286 Hace 5 meses
Love this so much and I love that whilst I listen to your lyrics I realise there are many awakened souls out there which is so comforting because sometimes it feels like everyone is still asleep. You guys are brilliant.
@annabodot962 Hace 4 meses
For anyone who has lost those who chose to chase the waterfall: you are never, ever alone in your cries. Those of us who’ve been there cry for you. Cry for us too. We are in this together.
Tom, you truly are an inspiration. It’s utterly amazing and how you come up with the lyrics and videos. I agree we truly live in a messed up society and it’s nice to see some sanity. Thanks again keep them coming.
Tom definitely understood the assignment. Every song has more truth than you will find anywhere else
@hardtogetnamehere Hace 8 meses
2 artists who sing about not going with the grain and how badly the government treats us. Love it!!
@mikewhite9511 Hace 8 meses
I agree with you on that hope all is well
@Syncrotron9001 Hace 8 meses
revolution is televised on my channel
I love both of you. Speak the truth I can't record it.
@b52tj05fn7 Hace 4 meses
You know, I've never loved rap. Yet, you are so good. Your words are so true.
@patriciadeane7250 Hace 6 meses
Just a thank you from a fellow Canadian…….great lyrics……think you said it all!
@yz6091 Hace 4 meses
Tom you really broke the mold on this one with John Rich. It gave me chills like the Holy Ghost does. Thanks bro for this song it’s great and it should remind all of us for what we are fighting for and the future we won’t have if we don’t start to fight
@pikespeakgold Hace 5 meses
My type of music isn’t Rap, it’s Country, but the messages Tom McDonald raps about is dead on point and then to combine it with Country and John Rich, Awesome!!
@judyhunt5291 Hace 3 meses
Never heard this before not into rap but I've enjoyed such a clean rap I could listen to
@Erick-ve1jx Hace 8 meses
I'm 44 never was a fan of rap until I heard Tom Mcdonald, what a fantastic collaboration by Tom and John,awesome song.
@michellewelch4189 Hace 8 meses
@TomMacDonald I love your songs & this is just one more that I 💜! It truly hits home especially with what’s going down currently in our crazy world with the battle of good verses evil! You have a true gift of rapping & the fact that any age young & old can easily understand the lyrics! It has a very well put together message! 🇺🇸🙏🏻GOD Bless you!💜 🇺🇸🙏🏻GOD Bless America!🇺🇸🙏🏻& GOD Bless Trump!
@NeelieLladnek Hace 8 meses
I am the same way. I hate Rap and r&b and such music. But Toms music is the only rap I'll listen to.
@Paolo_Pinkas Hace 8 meses
Dang! Tom, John, Song ...are you a Rapper too?
@skeetorkiftwon Hace 8 meses
​@@NeelieLladnek Then you should check out Sampson, Hopsin, and HiRez as well.
@JoJoAnnlove Hace 8 meses
It really helps that we can understand every word he’s saying ♥️
@arrowphillips6902 Hace 6 meses
Always have loved John Rich so can’t be surprised that he did this because he has always been a Patriot instead of just falling into line. It’s a hard thing to go against the music industry and not be crushed. Hopefully Tom and Rich stay friends so that Rich can help him navigate through it all…I say this from experience being I was the singer of a band here in Seattle in the 90’s. I knew most of the bands on the radio and I was signed to a label and toured and definitely it wasn’t for me. Baaaad energy in the music industry. God bless
@joshhenry6804 Hace 4 meses
You can listen to this song every day, since it came out, no matter what it still gives you the chills your words mean a lot your changing the world
@jeremygeorge8894 Hace 6 meses
This is so great! It never gets old!
@teemarie5478 Hace 5 meses
Wow, what a great collaboration, I love the video as always. Great job Tom & John Rich❤️🙏🏼😰🥳
@peterbechamp9092 Hace un mes
This song is legendary
@Curtis.Carpenter Hace 6 meses
I don't know another artist who can achieve a video with 6 million views, quarter million likes in ONE month... no sugar, MSG, big pharma or mRNA in this body... only NAC and that pure stuff running through my veins. KILLER video 🤝🏼🙏🏼
@ForrestLee-knutson Hace 4 meses
This song seriously resonates with how I been feeling n thinking Fer a while.
@heyamjoe Hace 6 meses
Damn it, this song is GOOD. More valuable than gifts of GOLD.
@anglejsbetter Hace 4 meses
one of my favorite songs ever its so good and truthful i love it sm. never gonna get old
@jeffdaniels308 Hace 8 meses
As a Big N Rich fan, it's so awesome to see Tom and John crossing boundaries. They found a clever way to mix polar opposite genres. Truly a masterpiece!
@calebhefner6760 Hace 8 meses
Did I grew up on holy water
Country Rap is a whole genre, you been missing out!! This is far from the first. ❤
@jeffdaniels308 Hace 8 meses
@@BellaVegasitosMommy no, I know Country Rap exists, and I can't stand it. Tbh I actually left the country scene altogether in favor of metal a few years back.
@BA-mv8pp Hace 8 meses
​@@jeffdaniels308So u can't stand Demun Jones, or Adam Calhoun?? Bruh!! Lemme pray for u right quick, lol. Take care and I hope someday you revisit your decision. Peace.
@davemaughan7296 Hace 8 meses
Upchurch just released a new album it’s some of his best work to date! “Pioneer”
@ChompinAtDaBit Hace 21 un día
Who doesn't love this guy? Wasn't into rap, but if this is rap, I Iike it and I like Tom's message. Bless you, Tom! You're a good man!
@chaseh2982 Hace 6 meses
This is amazing thank god for him spreading our message louder than NBC and CNN
@tamsteak Hace 5 meses
completely awesome! tom is just pure genius
@justjinx98 Hace 28 días
This song really hit me hard when John was singing the part of "if its the end of the world i know i have lived my life to the fullest" really hits home. Especially sense i recently came back to being a Christian really makes you think to live your life to the fullest sense we may be in the end times
@edwardglisch5954 Hace 6 meses
It's nice to have music with a message.
@GoToPhx Hace 8 meses
Call me crazy, this song is making me sad and encouraged at the same time. Tom, you are a musical and lyrical genius.
@kyla6538 Hace 8 meses
Amen!! I was feeling the same way!!!
@TotalWealth Hace 8 meses
Absolutely! Sad for the state of the world, encouraged to know you’re not alone. When more of us see it and aren’t silent, we grow in strength in numbers!
@kherise Hace 8 meses
Got the same feeling. We must not loose hope for a better world but we also have to put the work , be more self conscious about our actions and what are we actually doing for making this a better place
The John Rich chorus just rounds this piece so nicely
@seanthompson8554 Hace 4 meses
Props to Nova for the excellent directing and editing of all your videos! I'm a grateful fan, Tom. Big Brass ones brother, keep it up!! Shake the sheep awake with words of truth!! Bless you, may you get the cred you earned and DESERVE!
@sharonpowell2798 Hace 4 meses
This is an odd collaboration...but im here for it this is fire . Congratulations to you both and all the people involved to make this. Lots of love.
@dimka171 Hace 3 meses
If I had 4 thumbs I’d throw all of them up for you guys!!!! Keep it going y’all are speaking to millions!!
@felecianeal5809 Hace 4 meses
I will always remember this song. 🙏
@heathermiller76 Hace 8 meses
As a Veteran, this song hit me hard. Great job, Tom & John!
@dirrtybirrd2246 Hace 8 meses
Thank you for your service.🙂
@Shadow-wf4bb Hace 8 meses
Thank you for your service❤
@robinbeard2572 Hace 8 meses
Thank you ! To all MEN & WOMEN Of the Military. For the LOVE You have for yourself and not only your country but your world! Greatest LOVE of ALL!
@9.6.3 Hace 8 meses
From now on. Just drop the true bombs of Truth.
@randomgamer8543 Hace 8 meses
Thanks for your service...🇺🇲✌️ Is a great song...
@RyeMcYoung Hace 6 meses
@danielcarrick8603 Hace 6 meses
Chills up and down my spine. Wow!
@bacaworld7095 Hace 3 meses
Why is literally everything you put out complete truth and fire !! ❤️🇺🇸✝️‼️👏🏽 May God bless you always Tom and those who stand with you!
@forkspoon8723 Hace 3 meses
Beautiful message! Amazing song. Love it!
I've been listening to this song so many times I've lost count!! Your translate into words what so many people think Just love when John Rich sings : "If it's the end of the world I will do better next time, I know it!! oh my that really touches a chord
@mitzithompson1368 Hace 8 meses
I'm a Veteran, and you are singing what my heart has been screaming. Thank you Tom. ❤️
Love our veterans, I wish our government does for you what they do for kids who want to be trans and give you quality care.
@jeffreymelillo7671 Hace 8 meses
Me too 💝 3ACR
@ghazialwan8121 Hace 8 meses
Bless you bro
@ghazialwan8121 Hace 8 meses
👽 👽 👽 👽👽 👽 👽 👽
@mitzithompson1368 Hace 8 meses
@@ghazialwan8121 don't you get it? It's all tech.
@amberlynnbanks6556 Hace 3 meses
I'm so proud of you for this song I love it so much!
@2411sparky Hace un mes
Love this video thank you Tom and John your music opens peoples minds every time I introduce it to someone else.
@darcylee8497 Hace 2 meses
Amazing song with a very strong message
@heidi1112 Hace 2 meses
I don’t know why this makes me smile and think, no matter what happens, the light will always keep us safe.
@debrafall6950 Hace 2 meses
I absolutely LOVE this tune. I find myself singing it throughout the day. ❤
Hello, how are you today? It’s nice to meet you on here.
@riffjiff Hace 8 meses
Right now, I'd say Tom MacDonald is probably the most important musician on the planet. Always a message in his music. Nobody else has the balls to tell it like it is.....
@lifeofanurse1235 Hace 8 meses
@michellepotter628 Hace 8 meses
Same with John Rich 🛸
@abigale1972 Hace 8 meses
Agree 100%
@shellybmya Hace 8 meses
@philburnham7410 Hace 8 meses
Loza Alexander also tells it like it is.
@quisuis-je Hace 4 meses
Shits so official. Tells it how it is out there! Great track! 🙏🏼
@tracigreen4786 Hace 3 meses
OH MY GOODNESS TOM. You done went and did it again- Topped another smash hit with an even better smash hit. Dude,you and whoever you recruit to collaborate with you are the absolute BEST. YOU ROCK BRO!!!
@RyanJens14 Hace 6 meses
Rap n country what a genius Tom You are true Patriot! God bless you Tom!
@shawntaylor2749 Hace 3 meses
I've been listening to you for a long time. This may be my favorite song you've done. You will probably never see this, but I love the truth you speak. The world needs it more than ever. And the more people try to erase it, the more people try to deny it...we all need to scream it from the heavens until it's heard.
@user-xv6nn3cj9v Hace 4 meses
I’ve changed my mind about rap it’s all in the message Great Job👏👏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
@davidsims8742 Hace 5 meses
@LavenderandLinen Hace 8 meses
How many rappers can draw in a 55 year old woman who’s favorite music is classical piano? Only one!! Along with the fact that you boldly speak truth, and that you’ve accomplished this without the industry controlling you, I love that you have broken through walls and brought so many different types of people together! I think it’s safe to say that you were born “for such a time as this” and that you are doing an awesome job of carrying out your purpose! May you and Nova both stay safe! ❤
@victorgomes7585 Hace 8 meses
Spot on! Hugs from Melbourne/ Australia 🇦🇺
@bravotoomuch4218 Hace 8 meses
Perfectly said. Gen-Xer here, too. Cheers from Texas.
@croninn Hace 8 meses
And a 68 yo grandfather.
@lg9373 Hace 8 meses
Me too, 62 year old gma
@clydeholiday5907 Hace 3 meses
Yep I've been at church for 50 years this is what preachers out of you we need more people like him that takes the stand and says it the way it is
@jebsmith323 Hace 5 meses
John Rich has a beautiful, warm voice. I've heard of him, but I haven't heard him in years.
@cherylgreene6686 Hace 4 meses
Love your music. Cant tell you how much I needed to hear it.
@zeuszoos8386 Hace 6 meses
More great work, Tom! And as a musician, I can really appreciate what you did here! I don't think people understand how difficult it is to mix/blend a combo like Country & Rap together! Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum! I give you a lot of credit, because I honestly do think Run DMC & Aerosmith, although it was brilliant work, actually had it easier than you did with this. At least with those two, the beat and the timing, etc., are pretty close. Good work, man! :-)
@TimeBucks Hace 8 meses
Speaking the truth at all times
@Sachinrailfane Hace 8 meses
@ZaidKhan-mf8yl Hace 8 meses
Thumbs up
@sedidadias6124 Hace 8 meses
@alllover1856 Hace 8 meses