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오늘은 방탄소년단 정국군이 세계 10대 미남으로 뽑혔다는 뉴스가 강타했죠. 그런데 사실 방탄소년단이 전세계적인 남성의 미적 트렌드를 바꿔놨다는 사실!
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18 dic 2018

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솔직히 아티스트가 화장했다고 게이로 몰아가는 미국의 몰상식함엔 진절머리가 났었는데 방탄이 풀어줘서 좋네요
ckck c
ckck c Hace 21 un día
어느나라 연예인들이건 메이크업 안하고 브라운관에 나오는 연예인은 없었음. 단지 그 정도가 좀 차이가 있어서 논란이 있었던 적은 있지만 이러한점을 배우든 가수든 작품 표현에 있어서 다 다르기 때문에 인정해줘야 할 부분이라 생각함. 이런 문제로 태클걸면 한도끝도 없음. 그렇게 따지고 든다면 뮤지컬배우들은 인형이나 괴물뿐이 안되는거임. 배운 사람들이 그러면 안됨.
황수진 Hace 22 días
Kasey Wright She said she felt tired of bias that America has to make-up man Artist. Actually America has strict masculinity the people who is awry from that boundary be recognized as gay by other people that’s non sense and savage thing And in addition she felt happy that bts broke that boundary and creat flexible masculine gender
Potato Girl
Potato Girl Hace 25 días
+Kasey Wright you have read my mind
Kasey Wright
Kasey Wright Hace 26 días
We need a Translator
Grace Balodio
Grace Balodio Hace un hora
Even they are gay in real who cares i love them so much and im army forever i stan bts forever
윤희정 Hace 18 horas
다시보아도 정말 눈물나고 가슴이 아프네요 보라합니다 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜우리 영원히 함께해요 방탄과 아미
Sophia Shin
Sophia Shin Hace 3 días
Opera singers and musical actors all wear heavy makeup for various reasons. Does that mean they are all gays?
좆인실 Hace 5 días
백인남자애 한명도 뷔인가 닮고싶다고 뷔랑 똑같은 성형해달라고한 애 있던데 동양인을 서양애가 닮으려 수술하니 괴리감 들던데....
Tea and Cookie
Tea and Cookie Hace 6 días
I don't care if they are gay or not,Its doesn't matter to me.I love them so much.They are the most purest human being I have ever seen in my whole life. Eventhoug I didn't meet them personally but I know they are the most innocent and purest human beings in this world...💜💜💜💜💜
콩쥐 Hace 6 días
지난5년간 엄청나게 힘들었을텐데 버텨주고 아미에게 멋진모습 보이려고하는게 멋지네요!
lemongguk Hace 6 días
but seriously tho who else cried when hoseok did
Josie Mccuin
Josie Mccuin Hace 6 días
Im american i never once cared who they love...I think thier all handsome and even more because of thier hearts....to reach peoples souls through music when they don't even know the language is a beautiful gift that they each handle with grace.....
팬후라이 Hace 6 días
수상소감들 감동했었어요 겸손하고 솔직한 방탄소년단입니다
Javier Ruiz
Javier Ruiz Hace 6 días
i liked it but it reminded me to much of a ESvid named Korean Unnie so i was trying to ignored it but please anybody else notice this
게이같은소리하고있네 지금은 그런말 하나도 못하겠구먼 허허(방부심)
짐니볼살 Hace 7 días
I think asian boys are much more honest in their feelings. It is not weird thing to hold hands or do little skinships with same gender. Also, expressing their feeling and doing reaction is some kind of manner. So as a Korean i was so surprised when western people think that they are gay. Idols doing stage makeup is normal, and they have strong interactions. Do, i don't want boys to change their appearances or personality. It is their style and that has been going on since their debut. They must not change themselves only because of stereotypes from western countries.
Elise M
Elise M Hace 7 días
Be they are gay or not, I don't care. I admire them as entertainers and I love the success they have attained and how talented and down to earth they are. But there is something that really ticks me off, and it is the shipping culture within kpop fans. As someone who can relate to the kind of interactions many idols like BTS have with each other, I feel uncomfortable by the constant obsessive fans who make theories about x member loving x member without the idols' own confirmation of it. I have a twin sister, and the way we treat each other is not the same way some other siblings or brothers might, but because we have a close bond that's how we are. I watch not only BTS, but other idols acting the same way with each other and I can only see myself and her, and I can assure you, there is nothing beyond our sibling/family love for each other about our physical affection. Thinking that people could sexualise or romanticize what is nothing but pure sibling love is just plain upsetting. If you don't know what it means to be comfortable enough with someone to have the kind of affection the BTS members have with each other without having romantic feelings for each other you shouldn't go assuming right off the bat that they are in love because that's how you understand affection. If that were the case, then does that make them all a group of poly amorous men? With so many ships and theories, wouldn't it mean this? Unless you can prove to me that Jikook is false and that Vkook is real, or that Vmin isn't as true as Yoonmin, and do the same with all the other ships I don't think that could be a probability. But who knows? Maybe the entire Kpop girl and boy groups industry is about polyamority and secret loves. Ha, sometimes I give myself a laugh.
TheEvil ClownMan
TheEvil ClownMan Hace 8 días
So sad we all can't stop labeling people , People are beautiful from newborn to the eldest living , we were born different, we were born different Nations , skin color , speech , looks , taste , loving , even the meanest , but we are human , show some love. , stop and think , before you react , don't hurt someone because you don't understand , stop raising your children to hate , because they learn early from home ! Peace out my loves ! Sandra
Hace 8 días
남자도 좀 꾸며라..;; 남성성을 이상한 기준으로 잡아서 더러워도 '음~ 남자는 좀 더러워도 돼~' 정말 싫음 차라리 맨날 스킨케어 하고 어떻게 하면 오늘의 내가 더 근사해 질까 이런 고민 하는 남자가 백배 좋음....
Tulips Hace 8 días
Realmente esta noticia se ve muy interesante solo que no entendí mucho ya que no se inglés mucho , así que alguien porfavor me haría el favor de traducirlo a español. Gracias. Aun así BTS se que romperán estereotipos del mundo o intentara cambiar de opinión y para que hay igualdad hombres y mujer. Todo se puede , tengamos la mente abierta no nos cerremos. Tal vez nuestras culturas sean diferentes pero tenemos en común que dos somos seres humanos.
LiLy Heo
LiLy Heo Hace 9 días
미국인 대부분이 그렇게 생각하는건 맞는거 같은데 그나라의 오래된 편견도 문화입니다. 변화되어 마땅하지만 우리의 시선만으로 다른 나라의 미적기준 고정관념등을 욕해서는 안된다고 생각해요. BTS가 주는 긍정적인 이미지가 우리가 쓴 댓글 등으로 공격받거나 하지 않았으면 합니다. 또한 아미팬분들이 미국에도 상당히 있는걸로 압니다. 어느 나라를 하나 꼽아서 그들이 가진 안좋은 습성을 드러내면, 그게 한국이었다면 팬이어도 기분안좋을것같아요. BTS를 통해 우리나라 문화를 받아들이는 것에 만족하는 긍정적 영상들이 만들어지면 좋겠어요 :)
aurora Hace 10 días
I don't completely agree. First, America is a big country where there are communities that are more or less open minded than others, which is the same in Korea. There are also people in America who have past experiences of Kpop and Jpop being strange and alien and therefore see it as the "other" they want to ridicule, such as calling it "gay". And also since recently BTS has gotten big in America, some Americans feel like the korean wave is invading their country. Its a mix of fear, racism, and the inability to understand each others cultures and experiences(which in fact has been the cause of many societal and political issues in America). In the early years of BTS they were getting heat, especially RM and Suga, from the underground hip-pop/rap scene for becoming idols, and wearing makeup and having to act cute. However, I am glad BTS breaks through this idea of toxic masculinity perpetrated by almost every patriarchal society. That men have to hold back their tears/emotions and instead protect, compete, and fight. On another note, please do not say racism and the inability to accept lgbt stems from America, and not a problem in Korea. It is a big problem, but it doesn't seem to be, since there is not national discussion about it. This issue is not singular to just Korea. This message comes from a person whos lived in both American and Asian cultures. Thanks for reading.
TAEKOOK Is real Hace 10 días
Gay,straight,bisexual,etc.. I will always Stan them no matter what as a real Army. Hope people will too💜
Paramita Tuladhar
Paramita Tuladhar Hace 10 días
We armys donot care of they are gay or not it doesnt matter we dont discriminate people because of their sexuality and hope everyone understands it
MAGIC SHOP방탄 Hace 10 días
Honestly, the one who's calling them gaypop is mostly ugly people who has no life.
YuJeong Choi
YuJeong Choi Hace 11 días
말씀하실때 위아래로 입을 너무 안여시는거 같아요 그래서 발음이 부정확하게 들려서 다시듣고다시듣고 하네요 아니면 밑에 자막이라도 달아주시면 좋을것같아요 말도 빠르신데 입을 크게 안쓰셔서 더그런거같아요
Tania 2028
Tania 2028 Hace 11 días
Gissaya Hace 11 días
I'm happy people are changing their mindset and stereotypes, when i was young in school, boys would say kpop and boybands in general were so gay, as an insult and i would try to educate them. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with make up, or dancing, or liking fashion. For all i care they can be pansexual, asexual, even straight and i'll keep stanning because i'm here for the music, lyrics, dance and dance. I was so happy finding out my younger brother doesn't think like many of his classmates, he respects everyone and doesn't judge people based of looks, he even likes to take care of his skin, looks and he can cry when overwhelmed or sad, and until now he has only had girlfriends, but I'd love lil bro no matter what!
idk. potatoe
idk. potatoe Hace 11 días
It's not gay it's fan service
kpop love
kpop love Hace 11 días
We armys know them more and we love them ...why should we care of them .. LET AS LOVE AND RESPECT BTS (KPOP)
Vixa Hace 12 días
Straight, gay, bi, pan, ace, or whatever they identify as, I will always support BTS. People need to stop acting like being LGBTQ is an insult. Sexuality isn’t a big deal. It’s like, liking the color blue over the color yellow. Your sexuality is apart of who are but not all that you are. People also need to stop with the stereotyping as well. The way you look, act, or your interest, don’t equal your sexuality. Not every gay man is “feminine” and not every “feminine” man is gay. (It’s the same thing with queer women but switched.) Anyways BTS will always be BTS no matter what. They are still the seven men who have helped thousands of people with their music and message. Still the seven men who make wonderful and breathtaking music. Still the seven men who have achieved so much and have come such a long way from where they started. I will always be proud of them. I hope if any of them do come out, that the rest of the fandom will be by their side as well. 💜💜
Humai maawa
Humai maawa Hace 12 días
The k-pop artists are presented as brands....and a brand is liked by both man and women!!!!!!
t e
t e Hace 12 días
양심 없다 ㅋㅋ
ashmi lamsal
ashmi lamsal Hace 12 días
All of you, please don't misunderstand the topic. The video topic is not saying that Bts Jungkook is gay. The topic is clearly clarifying that Bts Jungkook is not gay. For those who are confused, read this: Actually, the video is about the misconception about Bts. There were rumors that Bts members are gay. People think that those guys who put on make up and hang up with boys are gay. But this is not the proper way of thinking. It is clearly mentioned in the video that putting on make up is common among boys in Korea. Recently, Jungkook was ranked Top 2nd handsome man of the world by TC calendar. This ranking has changed the view about Bts in the whole world. It has also brought a change in the thoughts of people that wearing makeup by boys doesn't mean that they are gay. I think that now people won't misunderstand that Jungkook is gay. He is not. I am an Army. I love BTS wholeheartedly. I really can't withstand any negative comments about them. I had never commented before in any of the Bts videos. But this time, I couldn't stop myself because many people had really thought that Jungkook is a gay which is not true.
아r미 Hace 12 días
편견으로 똘똘뭉쳐서 케이팝을 게이팝으로 부르다니ㅋㅋㅋ 부러워서 그러는거 아라여
Janet Milagros Salcedo
Jungkook es hermoso por donde lo mires 🤗🤗🤗🤗😄😄😄
현디 Hace 12 días
진짜 케이팝 리액션 영상 볼 때마다 짜증남ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 분위기가 게이스럽다, 왜 화장했냐 게이같다,,ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅌㅋㅋㅋㅌㅌㅌㅌㅋㅋ 그런 생각이 왜 드는 건지 이해가 안감
Regine Lolo
Regine Lolo Hace 12 días
They are not gay they gave the people or army the their energetic dance the whole world loves bts they do not tell them like a gay they wanted their armys to be happy and very thankful for their own success full hard work for their career
가을'봄 Hace 12 días
그럼 니도 내가 와꾸화장시켜줄께 니들은 화장하면외국여자가 언니라불러 음~~~ 니 와꾸는 화장빨 졸라뽀얘
It was I...DIO!!
It was I...DIO!! Hace 12 días
Toxic masculinity in the US need's to stop, it's just embarrassing at this point. This is why so many men living here have such a hard time - There's this unholy standard that a man has to be A, B, C and it's just bad for people to think that way! Imagine the mental strain it put's on so many who think they don't meet that 'man' standard because they may not be 6feet tall or have a beard and deep voice. The views of masculinity are toxic and need to go!
May Army
May Army Hace 12 días
U had to show them crying my eyes were so sore in 2018 but here I go again
Scary Joy
Scary Joy Hace 12 días
NO ONE can say shit about his sexuality or anyone else’s because he hasn’t properly disclosed it. And that includes all you ugly ass taekook shippers who claim that they’re “real” when there’s no solid proof. Period.
Letters to Sumin
Letters to Sumin Hace 12 días
I think a lot of what you say is 100% true. I also think every country makes the most of the beauty of the people there. I think that Korean people are capable of a kind of beauty that white people just aren't really. Its a rare kind of beauty even in Korea, every Korean person doesn't look like a BTS member of course. But it is something special to Korea. White people have their own beauty, and we specialise in that. We are more often more muscular and rugged and we emphasise those qualities, as well as a more assertive and less graceful model of behaving. I'm just very glad to be seeing beautiful, sexy representations of Asian men being portrayed in the West. Some people might call it gay but I think that's a defence mechanism.
Smeraldo BTS
Smeraldo BTS Hace 12 días
To me, Jungkook is the sexiest and the most handsome man on earth ❤️
hjgjhi hjbmbk
hjgjhi hjbmbk Hace 12 días
I do not know about others, but Yoongi is bisexual. He said it himself.
Namjoon's ignored handshake
Sexuality ka achaar dalna he kya ???? What does it matter ki vo gay he straight he ya bi he ..... He is working hard and giving us his best , so why does it even matter. Or ha jo log inhe gay bol rahe he na agar inke chocolate abs dikha diye na to khud ki sexuality par Shak ho jaye ga .....
kimdruhun kimdruhun
kimdruhun kimdruhun Hace 13 días
Jungkook l love you too baby 😘❤💙💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💘💝💞💟
Amum Tamut
Amum Tamut Hace 13 días
i guess BTS are the only guys who are gays but girls are head over heels over them. Don't worry Bangtan, ARMY loves you no matter what.
Claudia Benita
Claudia Benita Hace 13 días
I am a simple human. I see BTS, I see Jungkook, I see Gay, I click.
Ana Garcia
Ana Garcia Hace 13 días
Because all of us want to marry one of them so we hope they are no gays. We love them no matter what. God bless them forever
Ana Garcia
Ana Garcia Hace 13 días
People in this century don't care they are gays or not only think is they potential on stage and grate full they are with army's we don't borne be perfect well we wish but is not possible that is the sad part but , if they are awesome the rest no matter what. God bless them and we hope they are not .
Queen Cipher
Queen Cipher Hace 13 días
Funny tho how "gaypop" is subtly changing the world and quickly evolving. People just like music abt body parts, stupid break up songs and mv's with heavy nudity but whatever floats your boat
C P Hace 13 días
Hablo español e ingles. Pero voy a escribir en mi idioma nativo porque se me canta las pelotas. Me da bronca que etiqueten a los chicos. Estan los armys que aseguran que son gays o que son bi o hetero. Ya sabemos que no es algo malo . De ambos lados aseguran cosas que no saben y nunca sabran hasta el dia que ellos decidan hacerlo publico o tal vez no. Mas alla de que estemos en el siglo XXI en muchas ocaciones los chicos aclararon que su amor es amor de hermanos. Asi que basta de shipps y toda esa verga. A veces se pasan de ridiculas. Dejenlos ser. Dejen de etiquetarlos. Dejen de creer que ellos gustan de tal o tal persona. A veces son demaciado toxicos los fans. A nadie le importa si ellos aman a una mujer o un hombre o las dos cosas. Comento esto porque me puse a leer los comentarios donde aseguran que son bi. Aseguran que son gays. Aseguran que son hetero. Aseguran todo cuando no saben nada. Dejen de ser tan estupidos! Maduren ! Bye.
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