[ENG SUB] 181228 MC Jin Full Cut (Pt.1-2-3)/Fake Love/Ending @ 2018 KBS Song Festival (KBS 가요대축제)

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20181228 MC Jin Full Cut / Fake Love / Ending @ 2018 KBS Song Festival (KBS 가요대축제)
#MCJin #MC진 #WeLoveYouSeokjin


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29 dic 2018






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Seokjin's Tapes
Seokjin's Tapes Hace 2 meses
Eng Subs added. Please turn the CC on for subs.
Princess Les Sepria
Princess Les Sepria Hace 2 meses
Thank you so much. You save us.
Shiela Marie Fernandez
Thank you thank you its really appreciated thank s again
work hard every day
work hard every day Hace 2 meses
Thanks for subtitle 😣
A queen :’p
A queen :’p Hace 2 meses
Seokjin's Tapes thank you!
only perlas
only perlas Hace 2 meses
Thank you💜
zozo bts army
zozo bts army Hace 5 horas
mahnoor 05
mahnoor 05 Hace 3 días
I would really want someone from mamamoo to host next year along with chanjin
Sharmi raj
Sharmi raj Hace 7 días
Chanyeol is too handsome😍😍
[루빈]RUBIN Hace 7 días
I want a cup of *tae* with *suga* and a *kookie*
6:17 Jin's face!!!! I wanna hug him and pinch his cheeks he is too cute😭😍 Protect him.
Nan Marin Mont
Nan Marin Mont Hace 8 días
Chanyeol tratando de guardar la compostura para no soltar la carcajada cuando está con Jin 😂😂😂😂😂 ,es que Jin es tan adorable y divertido 😍💘
pear porn
pear porn Hace 8 días
Chanyeol cute
월와핸찐 Hace 8 días
jin is best mc ❣️❣️두근두근두근 얍얍
TAE KOOK Hace 15 días
Fakeu lub💜
fabiana suarez vega
fabiana suarez vega Hace 19 días
Jin is handsome 💖💖💖💖
jin truelove jin
jin truelove jin Hace 19 días
와 ㅡ딕션보소 진짜 한글자한글자 다들려 목소리 발음 너무 좋다 귀에 쏙쏙들어와😍🤩💜😘👍작년에 다리움직이고 팔움직인다고 지민이가 그랬는데 다 고쳤어 ~대단하네 그거 습관적으로 그러던데 대단해
love 1004
love 1004 Hace 19 días
Siddheshwar Dwivedi
Siddheshwar Dwivedi Hace 21 un día
Jin went SICKO MODE.
cute guy JIN
cute guy JIN Hace 22 días
와~ 이게 모지ㅋㅋ영혼없는 리엑션ㅋㅋ 진아 너가 더 귀염뽀짝해😚😚 매력덩어리 진아 많이많이 사랑하고 항상 응원할께~^^
Pinkamon Hace 25 días
Lol jin is full of ageyo. I love chanyeol with Jin interaction
judy ann
judy ann Hace 25 días
the look awesome
mylove Jin Oppa
mylove Jin Oppa Hace 26 días
worldwide super handsome MC jin oppa😍😚😘💕😻👍
Aubie Rosales
Aubie Rosales Hace 26 días
Look how cute Jin is. He remained his distance to twice member. 😊😊😊😀
Minjal Rana
Minjal Rana Hace 26 días
Jikook Bangtan
Jikook Bangtan Hace 27 días
2019 BTS💜TxT💜BigHit stages
Camila Spicer
Camila Spicer Hace 28 días
I think I'm the only one who feel this two chanyeol and jin have a same similarities i love this two❤ i want to see them again this year as mc🙏
Karla Ochoa
Karla Ochoa Hace 29 días
Thanks you!!! Jin and chan together is just the best oh and Jin's vocals are amazing
seesaw Hace un mes
I swear i hope chany and jin will be mc again next year
Bangtan Kookie
Bangtan Kookie Hace un mes
All three of them can pass for siblings
lovejin onlyjin
lovejin onlyjin Hace un mes
my heart my love J innie my worldwide handsome mc jin😍😍💕💕👍
riri x rendel vlog
riri x rendel vlog Hace un mes
Ughhhh I think Dahyunie was shy. She barely take a glace at Jin
riri x rendel vlog
riri x rendel vlog Hace un mes
Epiphany, Jin
Epiphany, Jin Hace un mes
Cupiditysuga Gamer
Cupiditysuga Gamer Hace un mes
I think kbs song this year's mc is very cute...am i right?....i want chanyeol, dahyun and jin to be mc next yearrrr😂😂😂😂😍😍😍
Ashimah Mcdimz
Ashimah Mcdimz Hace un mes
I love how they made their own dance in an instant still synchronizing.😍😮 What's more, they dance as if it's their song 😂
김석진 Hace un mes
Jinnnnnnn handsomeee❤❤
Seok Kim
Seok Kim Hace un mes
Love shot - what is love -fake love
TIM ACE Hace 2 meses
Mc jin
promis exo forever bts
Oppa jin
Ourania Michael
Ourania Michael Hace 2 meses
hobi's sprite
hobi's sprite Hace 2 meses
If she were to make any sort of eye contact or movement towards them sasaengs will HATE her they will literally harass her for a long time. Chanyeol has the worst sasaeng fans or exo in general and army's are chill about it but the toxic sasaeng army will definetely bother her.
Traditional Food
Traditional Food Hace 2 meses
I'm waiting for jungkook and tzuyu mc 😂
seok kiki
seok kiki Hace 2 meses
Thank you for the English subs
Hunny. Boo
Hunny. Boo Hace 2 meses
Jin: Chanyeol-shi, you did a great job, you looked really cool Uwu 😍😍😍
hellosunshines Hace 2 meses
From MC seokjin to Jin to Seokjinnie 😂💜
Liz Martinez
Liz Martinez Hace 2 meses
6:14 i'm crying is the best💜
kimdruhun kimdruhun
kimdruhun kimdruhun Hace 2 meses
Mc jin oppa 😊😊😊😊😊
黄薇姍 Hace 2 meses
C G Hace 2 meses
Chanyeol Dahyun and Jin just made fanwar rates drop to 0%
Nanetteskey Alvarado
Jin the best MC ever...world wide handsome.
Rashiba Mocaibat II
Rashiba Mocaibat II Hace 2 meses
8:16 These crackheads! Oh I love my babies. BTS.
I love the three of them being the mc..
Chhaya Chandran
Chhaya Chandran Hace 2 meses
Tnx for uploading eng subz
jj love
jj love Hace 2 meses
목소리 너무 좋다
Devi Blog
Devi Blog Hace 2 meses
❤ Jin
Mayz z
Mayz z Hace 2 meses
MC Jin is the Best. I'm gonna leave it at that
cutiepiebts Hace 2 meses
*Jinjin is so cute and handsome I adore him 😔❤✨*
Reproduce Moonchild de RM en YT
KING Seokjin
Captain stark
Captain stark Hace 2 meses
what is so funny in what she said at 0:19 that jin laughed so hard
Ли Сокджин
Ли Сокджин Hace 2 meses
From G
From G Hace 2 meses
Three favourites ❤️❤️❤️
2해 Hace 2 meses
우리 MC진 너무 잘하네 사랑스럽다💜💜 실력,외모,인성 완벽해 케미도 좋아요💜
I died when jin tried to control his windshield wiper laugh lol...
Antonia Hace 2 meses
The height difference is so cute😂
fruityfresh2 SD
fruityfresh2 SD Hace 2 meses
i only realised there were subtitles at the 5 minute point... sigh
xEeveeAine Hace 2 meses
Dahyun is towered by 2 giants 😂
ѵaŋҽɭɭɷpҽ aɷʏama
si me acuerdo de esa vez jajaja ❤😍❤😍
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya Hace 2 meses
BTS dancing at the end 😂
Gummy_kookie Hace 2 meses
Jin and Dahyun Whispering JYP is the cutest moment haha
Bloomino Stona
Bloomino Stona Hace 2 meses
the way jinnie whispered jyp! 💜
Margie _Qty
Margie _Qty Hace 2 meses
I want to see Lucas, Chanyeol, and Jin together.
Taehyung Oppa
Taehyung Oppa Hace 2 meses
Dubu looks so adorable standing between two Tall guys +handsome (Chanjin) omo my hearteu😍
Princess Les Sepria
Princess Les Sepria Hace 2 meses
Shout out to JIN Stan! 💜💜💜💜
Ninet Bolivar Flores
lindo chayeol😍😍😍😍
Nadia Fadilla
Nadia Fadilla Hace 2 meses
Kim saokjin worldhandsome
시랑헤요Taetan Hace 2 meses
3 crackheads in one video, dear god, help me, i can't 😂😂😂😂😂😂
historias sabrosas de BTS
Los amo
Jae- min
Jae- min Hace 2 meses
Jin is the best MC
Realistic Meerab
Realistic Meerab Hace 2 meses
Dahyun looks a little shy as she Dosent do eye contacts with Chanyeol and Jin plus she looks cute tho xD and has changed dresses wow! I don’t have that much clothes xD but I love how three of them are here
Bangtan_ Jungkookie
Bangtan_ Jungkookie Hace 2 meses
I noticed that their outfits are Color White then turned to black and turned to white 😅...btw VERY GOOD MCING JINNIIEEE..
Sarah Ouni
Sarah Ouni Hace 2 meses
진씨 what kind of fantasies do you have? ...... Better not to ask hahahah
soobin kaiii
soobin kaiii Hace 2 meses
2:09 I'm startled by that fast yet cute transition hahhaha
soobin kaiii
soobin kaiii Hace 2 meses
Dahyun is glowing oh my gosh I would like to see these three's goofiness on stage together ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ my 3 biases
Rizi Hace 2 meses
2:00 sksksks chanyeol, dahyun is not that small 😂, skl
Sam López
Sam López Hace 2 meses
I loved this combo. I really know nothing about exo nor twice but I was glad to see my Seokjinie with such amazing, cute and respectful people as he himself. It seemed they had fun and they all did a great job. The girl was really pretty and the other guy was charming. My Seokjinie as always doing an amazing job as MC. He's naturally funny and his visuals are impressive. I was also proud about his amazing performance. And of course I must mention his amazing dancing at the end. I had so much fun watching him.
mai ma
mai ma Hace 2 meses
a Jin dễ thương quá
bts suga
bts suga Hace 2 meses
I see Jin I click
Park Sok
Park Sok Hace 2 meses
No doubt Jin is great MC. I really find it cute with their interactions with chanyeol esp. the way they praise each other. :)
Ehhh?? Hace 2 meses
Dahyun is so smol so cuteee
Cute Taehyungie
Cute Taehyungie Hace 2 meses
Well........THATS an ending.
Capt. G
Capt. G Hace 2 meses
lmao at Chanyeol coming back in different clothes after performing, not once, but twice. It's like a comedy act
jeon-ily Hace 2 meses
Jin-ssi Dahyun-ssi Chanyeol-ssi!
sex_like_ bts
sex_like_ bts Hace 2 meses
Sorry to ask but who is the another man beside jin
chenosaur Hace 2 meses
Sakshi Gharat chanyeol from exo
dellysha chacha
dellysha chacha Hace 2 meses
Jin's laugh at 2:45 are so cute.. but his natural laugh way more attractive and adorable😂
Nan Jay
Nan Jay Hace 2 meses
Omg Jin is so good at being MC
jas lvd
jas lvd Hace 2 meses
Idk why but i feel the sparks between dahyun and chanyeol omg, btw THE FANWARS HAD JUST ENDED! 💓
Tiênn Hải
Tiênn Hải Hace 2 meses
i miss WANNA ONE :(
Roopa k Reddy
Roopa k Reddy Hace 2 meses
I liked this video First 🤗 It has been 7days this vdo has been posted and no one liked this vdo😱😱 Jin 💜 Dahyun 🤗 chanyeol 😍 as MC is best.
Tage Piliya
Tage Piliya Hace 2 meses
Jin,Dahyun my bias and Chanyeol my bias wrecker. You won't believe how happy I am to see my bias and bias wrecker from my favourite Kpop bands.YEAH
Maguitokook Swag Garcia
Jin x eso le gusta presentar los juegos en los episodios de run Bagtan 💜😎
PandaExpress With Sprite
jin is a great mc!!!! 💜💜💜💜
go let
go let Hace 2 meses
저 갭 차이 어쩔...ㅋㅋㅋ 귀엽다가 섹시하고 .... 조신하다가 잔망떨고..나중엔 난라법석..ㅋㅋㅋ 그와중에 노라조형님까지 챙기공... 진..최고다!!!
Rikka Estudillo
Rikka Estudillo Hace 2 meses
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