[ENG SUB] BTS Drama FULL - Company Meeting

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i purple u 💜💜💜

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16 feb 2018






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dam-ion Hace un hora
gukkies satoori
JAV Girlz
JAV Girlz Hace un día
5:00 all the way to 5:24 I felt so bad Chim Chim😂😥😜
jungkook jeon
jungkook jeon Hace 3 días
jungkook jeon
jungkook jeon Hace 3 días
hannah YT
hannah YT Hace 3 días
My poor baby park jimin
Kissy Joyce
Kissy Joyce Hace 4 días
If jungkook will be my boss don't know what to do.. Work hard to impress him or can't work because I'll keep on looking at him 😂😍
abhirami cj sree
abhirami cj sree Hace 4 días
Right now I'm really happy.💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💞💞💞😍😍😍😘😘😘😘
W S Hace 5 días
This is funny omg my stomach
channelexe has stopped working
I like vkook here but *Jimin- he looks so shy* #stopjiminabuse2k19
Damaris Viera
Damaris Viera Hace 7 días
Jk:What's wrong with his hair? And Jimin:pfffp Omg love them 😘😘😘
Dia. D
Dia. D Hace 7 días
So many song references.... My hearteu
evphoria Hace 8 días
I came at 666k views
Snigdha Dey
Snigdha Dey Hace 8 días
Suga's Hashtags #deadleaves #whale so cute
Sheikh Rimi
Sheikh Rimi Hace 12 días
Love you kkuk
Cecile Labi
Cecile Labi Hace 13 días
Anyone 2019?? Usually who laughed at jimin rap?? IM DYING XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
ananya lakshmi
ananya lakshmi Hace 13 días
Taekook moments in the restaurant were iconic 😂😂
Maryielle sophia Alipoon
Jikook in this video is so distint from real life hahahah in real life jikook is always flirting but here?nah...how sad😒jahahah jikook 4 eva!!😂😂😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🐰🐥🐰🐥🐰🐥🐰🐥🐰🐥🐰🐥🐰🐥🐰🐥🐰🐥🐰🐥🐰🐥🐰🐥🐰🐥🐰🐥🐰
Games With Freja
Games With Freja Hace 15 días
damnn why is this video so funny lmfao i’m wheezing 😭💀
cyyrelle Hace 15 días
Well V really like Jungkook. We all know. Yea we know.
Itz- Foxy show
Itz- Foxy show Hace 17 días
5:17 so much drama poor jimin😂😂
Jīmīnī Pābō
Jīmīnī Pābō Hace 21 un día
I agree this is how Jungkook acts in the fanfics😂 Edit: I thought I was the only one realizing that when I first saw this.. lol
kim shanny
kim shanny Hace 21 un día
who still watch this till 2019? 🙈
Kab yeej
Kab yeej Hace 21 un día
Okay but the music like lost and not today just got me
Valescha adhara
Valescha adhara Hace 22 días
Why is kookie pretty mean to jimin 😂😂😂
Ash Malik
Ash Malik Hace 22 días
Jungkook says 'model' perfectly .. my heart
에메랄드Effect Hace 23 días
I legit want Jungkook to be my boss Edit: the way Jungkook said “model” awwwww
Sidra A.R.M.Ynator
Sidra A.R.M.Ynator Hace 23 días
Even though Kookie is actingas a strict manager, he still looks cute!
Dương Nguyễn Hà Hải
what is the song at the begining
Haleema Shah
Haleema Shah Hace 26 días
I love set moment Jin sey not today 😄😅
Zerr Michelle
Zerr Michelle Hace 27 días
JK Said model so hot
Merry Hace 27 días
safe them oh my gosh 😂😂
Taniya J
Taniya J Hace 28 días
They forgot to put the song wings
lian kimberly f piloton
jungkook acts so cute
Darius Santos
Darius Santos Hace un mes
Eda M
Eda M Hace un mes
Am i the only one that can see jungkook in a k drama😍😍
Nicole Young
Nicole Young Hace un mes
suga 😂 9:18
mannelshah Hace un mes
suga must've enjoyed filming this so much since he likes muhan dojeon! ♥
mannelshah Hace un mes
what was song number 18 PLZZZZZ
bangtan225 day6
bangtan225 day6 Hace un mes
When jungkookie corrects "model~". Well how about trusfrated.... oh i mean frustrated 🤔😂😂
Hamizah Z.
Hamizah Z. Hace un mes
Jin's laptop isnt even on ☠ also this is how i drag myself to work every frickin day haha these people do exist 😂
kyna nieva
kyna nieva Hace un mes
Awww saddy jimin☹️😢😭
Neng Wilma
Neng Wilma Hace un mes
the soundtrack at 5:13 what song?
Nadine Ramy
Nadine Ramy Hace un mes
#love this mv😂😂😂😂
wilma absulio
wilma absulio Hace un mes
Jimin: I'll be doing a rap Rap line: *shook*
Lyndsey Alexander
Lyndsey Alexander Hace un mes
Nothing is better than Jimins rap and those reactions 😂
Quinn y
Quinn y Hace un mes
Rm's acting is so good
Kim Taehyun_V
Kim Taehyun_V Hace un mes
Ttekki Ttekki what is that
BR Hace un mes
9:41 tae confessing lol
BR Hace un mes
Jk sighing at 3:17 on, isn't it the same sigh in that vlive of tae? Esp one at 3:24
arnoldo lyngdoh
arnoldo lyngdoh Hace un mes
Did they really drink..😂😂😂 Yep they are..😑😑😑 DRUNK
Trishna Deka
Trishna Deka Hace un mes
I just hope them to be happy always even after they separate you know s.korean military rule ... I hope they always do great
kpop forever
kpop forever Hace un mes
Wow i very like it
Jenny Arizona
Jenny Arizona Hace un mes
Just watching this clip for the first time...I don't know how they keep themselves from laughing...they're all funny...
•p e a c h y k o o k i e•
nvm jungkook he is screaming "jump on my dick" and that's exactly what i am planning to do
•p e a c h y k o o k i e•
the fact that jungkook admitted he likes to fart and farts coolly--
Assiya BTS
Assiya BTS Hace un mes
I need a traduction to arabic language😩
Olympia oceana
Olympia oceana Hace un mes
The most 10 chaotic minutes I have encountered in my entire life
K-pop best fan
K-pop best fan Hace un mes
Tae : Can I have a *Love shot* ? Kook : *Sure* . . . . *TAEKOOK IS REALLL I KNEW IT!!!!*
Universe Forever
Universe Forever Hace un mes
2:33 for those who don't get it. Don't fart: don't gas Don't gas sounds like donkatsu Donkatsu : korean pork cutlet
Sangsangi Renthlei
Sangsangi Renthlei Hace un mes
Kookie..so manly 😁
Mitch Min
Mitch Min Hace un mes
😂 gosh! This crack heads!
Taekook_is_ Life
Taekook_is_ Life Hace un mes
I’m stanning Taekook so hard rn bc of this video
the last part is so cute when tae makes fun of kkuk hahaha tae is such a cutie
Nandana H Kumar
Nandana H Kumar Hace un mes
I've been searching for btstagram on playstore for past 1 hour😂
Tan치나 Hace un mes
3:17 damn that groan
Jinstantnoodles Hace un mes
Tae keeps saying he likes jungkook sksksk
Bts_my_ Lifeu
Bts_my_ Lifeu Hace un mes
At 5:19 kookie throwing papers was soo hilarious😂😂😂
Hoang Mai
Hoang Mai Hace un mes
Ashoke Kumar Guha
Ashoke Kumar Guha Hace un mes
Tae mentioning he likes jk I am dead #taekook 😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘
Elisha J Terol
Elisha J Terol Hace 2 meses
I died when jungkook throw jimin's paper😂
Lem OT7
Lem OT7 Hace 2 meses
Vkook moments😍💜
jouini khawla
jouini khawla Hace 2 meses
haha cute i love it
Hiruni goonasekera
Hiruni goonasekera Hace 2 meses
Ok Tae chill, we get it
Jk:Oh, that guy looks handsome😂
rachel ann
rachel ann Hace 2 meses
ok I rarely understand jins jokes but the one he made about passing gas fckin cracked me up igxjfxjuc
Mangle Gacha World
Mangle Gacha World Hace 2 meses
I m your big fan but I m not tell my sister but I love you bts
Mangle Gacha World
Mangle Gacha World Hace 2 meses
Omg I love you so much bts
Ceci Rinzani
Ceci Rinzani Hace 2 meses
sugaa so cuteee
Jewel Hace 2 meses
Why at the end of lookes like they are just drinking sprite and coke😂😂😂😂
My Bias Is BTS
My Bias Is BTS Hace 2 meses
Hashtag- dead leaves, autumn leaves😂😂😂😂 This is how Employees flatter their boss 😂
My Bias Is BTS
My Bias Is BTS Hace 2 meses
Okay Can anyone tell me if there are more drama’s like this and house of army? I’ve watched another where suga was a girl but anymore? I really love these😂
Kishore Debbarma
Kishore Debbarma Hace 2 meses
So funny
Shosho Meshmesha
Shosho Meshmesha Hace 2 meses
V ❤ i love you in this style eye contact this colour of you hair i love every thing of you You are the best in every thing the best singer the handsome the cutest the funniest awesome the best actor
Baby Tae
Baby Tae Hace 2 meses
not @ the way joon's eyes darken when jin calls him 'rap monster'-
TAEsty KOOKie Hace 2 meses
Taekook flirting throughout the whole show
TAEsty KOOKie Hace 2 meses
V is really a greate actor
TAEsty KOOKie Hace 2 meses
I love it when they act
Jungkookie's Wifey
Jungkookie's Wifey Hace 2 meses
How is Jungkook so good at Everything
Princess Shaina Kua
Princess Shaina Kua Hace 2 meses
#TAEKOOK tae i love this guy Jk me too
Kookie and more kookie
How to butter up your boss 101 ~Kim Taehyung ✌️
Sinta Aulia
Sinta Aulia Hace 2 meses
V jungkook
Linnipinne01 Hace 2 meses
0:05 Head of department kkuk. Lmao 🤣 If you talk swedish you do understand what "Kuk" means in swedish. For you who doesn't know what it's means in swedish I'll tell you, "Kuk" means "Dick" in swedish that's why I found it funny. Head of department dick, lol 😂
Raihan Bakhshi
Raihan Bakhshi Hace 2 meses
0:49 jungkook oh that guy looks handsome and young
BTS ARMY! Hace 2 meses
Jimin: "I'll be using a rap!" RM: 6:21
BTS ARMY! Hace 2 meses
Expectation: 4:24 Reality: bhisuegt jhsrbtujnhiruoe rhsiuyh irdusayhiou ojdyh drkjiu rehyiofd n jrhoipae4165 465465re4a 654rszkniauerhituhseituhaw4e
anjal stha
anjal stha Hace 2 meses
Love u bts army forever
Aadya Pandey
Aadya Pandey Hace 2 meses
You look like a donkey
Maliha Tabassum 2
Maliha Tabassum 2 Hace 2 meses
6:30 Jimin: I love my 'lule'😂
bts bitches
bts bitches Hace 2 meses
hahah farting is refreshing lmao
Kira _
Kira _ Hace 2 meses
Taekook every where 😂
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