[ENG sub] I can see your voice 6 [3회] SWAG 듀엣! 한인 노래 자랑 1등 x AOMG '주지마' 190201 EP.3

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[3회] SWAG 듀엣! 한인 노래 자랑 1등 x AOMG '주지마'
이제 오감말고 육감 당신의 식스센스를 믿어라!
대반전 음악 추리쇼<너의 목소리가 보여 6>
매주 금요일 저녁 7시30분 Mnet/tvN 동시방송
너의 목소리가 보여 6 최신 클립 다시보기 : www.tving.com/smr/vod/player/P/C01_B120181036?from=youtube


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1 feb 2019







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Maisee Her
Maisee Her Hace 7 minutos
She has a very good voice!
Hope Williams
Hope Williams Hace un hora
Whats the name of the song she's singing?
Kelly Cheng
Kelly Cheng Hace un hora
i’ve watched this over 10 times and still love it so much 😍
M Algrny
M Algrny Hace un hora
Jessica Guaman
Jessica Guaman Hace 2 horas
She looks like Somi
Maryam Alshuaibi
Maryam Alshuaibi Hace 4 horas
Her voice is fayahhh🔥
Maryam Alshuaibi
Maryam Alshuaibi Hace 4 horas
3:25 my favorite part so farrr!!!🔥🔥
Thao Phan
Thao Phan Hace 4 horas
Bài này tên j thế nhỉ
Yutopia valsprigara
Yutopia valsprigara Hace 4 horas
Who her name?
faten Elf
faten Elf Hace 5 horas
I love her voice and her swag she is so cute
Georgenia Bong
Georgenia Bong Hace 5 horas
Jay Park please take her shes amazing
Claire Kim
Claire Kim Hace 6 horas
Wow! Thats amazing! Im a amaze
Tashhh Hace 6 horas
4:57 loco looks like he's in love
catfly keangkasa
catfly keangkasa Hace 6 horas
is that u @aqomima ?
chjae 33
chjae 33 Hace 8 horas
Love this version so muchhhhh
Nhã Trân Huỳnh
Nhã Trân Huỳnh Hace 8 horas
Loco cute 😍
Blinkeu Love
Blinkeu Love Hace 8 horas
jo_anna21 Hace 9 horas
Simon D fell in love...you can especially see it at 3:12 and 3:37 XXXXXXX
Dounia Boujnani
Dounia Boujnani Hace 9 horas
Ahhhhhh 😙 😙 💕 💋
Diana Janyshova
Diana Janyshova Hace 10 horas
I'm sorry, but what's the song's name? I don't understand korean
myagisachi '
myagisachi ' Hace 7 horas
Diana Janyshova Don't by Hwasa and Loco
Gloria Mendivanya
Gloria Mendivanya Hace 10 horas
can someone tell me what is the song title? thanks😅
Carol Hace 7 horas
don't hwasa loco
OHEIA Hace 10 horas
why does she look bored HAHAHAHHAHA
Winoh Bee
Winoh Bee Hace 10 horas
My reply bottom is already broken because of this vid hahahaha.
Johanne Datud
Johanne Datud Hace 10 horas
Those reactions tho XD
거면재 이씨
거면재 이씨 Hace 10 horas
그녀는 외국인이다.
Priyanka Baidya
Priyanka Baidya Hace 11 horas
The girls voice uffffff damnnn🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥toched my soul❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Sopian Pardomuan
Sopian Pardomuan Hace 11 horas
awww thats cool
Dunia Hobby JOHREC
Dunia Hobby JOHREC Hace 12 horas
Subtitle Indonesia
Trần Hoa
Trần Hoa Hace 12 horas
What is the song name please?
Carol Hace 7 horas
don't hwasa loco
Alyshia Jackson
Alyshia Jackson Hace 13 horas
What's the name of the song?
Carol Hace 7 horas
don't hwasa loco
staangyuhyuh yeahhthatsit
What's the name of this song? Answer me pls!
Nur Hazimah
Nur Hazimah Hace 14 horas
Gave me shivers.
Jeon Kim
Jeon Kim Hace 14 horas
Jeon Kim
Jeon Kim Hace 14 horas
Ih porra me apaixonei
Hani Ahn Nữ Thần
Hani Ahn Nữ Thần Hace 15 horas
Giống SOMI dễ sợ t còn tưởng SOMI tham gia cơ
まりな まりな
まりな まりな Hace 15 horas
look like Vepnon lol
Маргарита Караваева
Что за песню они поют?
Yana Nikulin
Yana Nikulin Hace 16 horas
what's the song name?
myagisachi '
myagisachi ' Hace 6 horas
Yana Nikulin don't by loco and Hwasa :)
abdillah fadjar
abdillah fadjar Hace 17 horas
AOMG musti konser di Indonesia nih 😄😄
si uming
si uming Hace 18 horas
Udah cantik ditambah suara yg merdu wah klop bgt dah ini mah😍
Dhira Naddy
Dhira Naddy Hace 18 horas
What a beautiful soul and voice. Gorgeous maria
나는 나 자신을 사랑한다
Some one just bring her a contract you sign up LIKE SHE'S IS SO SO GOOD AT SINGING
Leonna Ho
Leonna Ho Hace 19 horas
Wha is her name
Emma L
Emma L Hace 19 horas
What’s the song ?
myagisachi '
myagisachi ' Hace 6 horas
Emma L don't by loco and hwasa
Peachyjoonie Hace 20 horas
When she started singing I screamed literally she’s SO GOOD and locos face lmao
Iuliaje Hace 21 un hora
Ce voce frumoasă are!
byuntangoo Hace 22 horas
This voiceeeeee damn !!!!!!!
Kakarot Hace 22 horas
I'm also crying so much at how proud her parents look of her! So sweet!
GiU Hace 23 horas
loco smile 💘
Alligator MONBEBE
Alligator MONBEBE Hace 23 horas
Cual es el nombre de la chica?:00
İlahə Məmmədova
İlahə Məmmədova Hace un día
she so good 😲💜☺️
Jimin's SaRAngHOeYo
Jimin's SaRAngHOeYo Hace un día
2:23 Loco face's like : oh you singing the song I sang with my girl 😂
Unicorn Lati
Unicorn Lati Hace un día
Héra Serenity
Héra Serenity Hace un día
Her voice omg 💕💕😍
Catherine Lim
Catherine Lim Hace un día
I bet she will be signed by a Korean label. I'm looking forward to it!
Ruth Vincent
Ruth Vincent Hace un día
her face when simon d and gray were going was EVERYTHINGGG
Bambang W
Bambang W Hace un día
song list 1. 사이먼 도미닉 (Simon Dominic) - 귀가본능 (Feat. Jinbo the superfreak) 2. Gray - 하기나 해 / Just Do It (Feat. Loco) 3. Loco, Hwasa (MAMAMOO) - Don't (Above Live)
NeboNaLadone Hace un día
умничка просто))
ra Hace un día
whats the title of the song that Simon D is rapping to in the beginning?
IceCreamCake Hace un hora
Home shit home
Arlyne Patrimonio
Arlyne Patrimonio Hace un día
hit you with that ddu du ddu😂
Ayu Ananta
Ayu Ananta Hace un día
Bts dong.. Datengin
selin khory
selin khory Hace un día
What is the name of the song that the girl sing?
red acacia
red acacia Hace un día
смотря на нее чувствую прилив гордости и радости, она просто прекрасна. искренне желаю ей удачи ей в покорение к-поп ♥
TofuTae Hace un día
"She sounds Korean" skksskks
jeong han
jeong han Hace un día
I love this episode. God! I love the artist from AOMG.!!!!
Bảo Vũ
Bảo Vũ Hace un día
Twilight Star16
Twilight Star16 Hace un día
The first guy who sang look like one of the dobre brothers
Alliah Camay
Alliah Camay Hace un día
She's Amazing
Who is this girl? Someone introduce please
Katy Thluai
Katy Thluai Hace un día
Every time Seungmin's reaction is my reaction too 😁💜 This is my 5th time to come here 😅 I think I'll be back again😂
엘라 Luminious
엘라 Luminious Hace un día
Whoa, I wish I could support her more...
Chika 09
Chika 09 Hace un día
Omg simon d
Christina Marie
Christina Marie Hace un día
She look like a doll
blxxk Bear
blxxk Bear Hace un día
Mean Swaeg
Mean Swaeg Hace un día
*Simon looks so hot tho and the girl just snapped.*
Efratagading p Gading pasoloran
WTF HIS get my heart
Wᴇɴᴅʏ ჻
Wᴇɴᴅʏ ჻ Hace un día
kapitanpochie Hace un día
mukaon sako
Eva Khamaganova
Eva Khamaganova Hace un día
Что за песню пела девушка из России?
kapitanpochie Hace un día
she needs to collaborate with them her voice complement and syncronize with them
jusz oren
jusz oren Hace un día
Can someone list the song that they sing.
myagisachi '
myagisachi ' Hace 6 horas
jusz oren don't by loco and Hwasa
Minsu Kim
Minsu Kim Hace un día
Как зовут её?
Misomultifandom chill-stan
World is full of people with one talent or another or many talents But I'm an exception
ku nur wahida
ku nur wahida Hace un día
Im shocked
N Ramadhini
N Ramadhini Hace un día
i dont remember how many times ive been repeating this-
Heart Frivaldo
Heart Frivaldo Hace un día
3:31 who is this handsome specimen??
Fernalyn Trinidad
Fernalyn Trinidad Hace un día
What title of this song?
Angelica Castaneda
Angelica Castaneda Hace un día
Song names please 😁😁
Abby K.
Abby K. Hace un día
If she debuted I would stan
공주얼음 Hace un día
is this girl not shannon williams?
Nezy Johnson
Nezy Johnson Hace un día
AOMG should sign her !!!
Kawaii_Potato YT
Kawaii_Potato YT Hace un día
Milena Sacotto
Milena Sacotto Hace un día
Emmm, me enamore ;v
Joy Bongotan
Joy Bongotan Hace un día
Whats the song title?
XxTopazxX Hace un día
Dont give it to me by Hwasa and Loco
momo gin
momo gin Hace un día
I think about Lee Hi ?
Amber_DA ASIAN Hace un día
Dat voice crack tho 0:34
cinder J
cinder J Hace un día
She a mix of somi and taylor switf
heyitsrosa Hace un día
Does she have any other social media? Or ESvid channel????:3
Michelle Hace un día
Her youtube is mariakorea
Djario Xavier
Djario Xavier Hace un día
Kkkkk a arte do RAP so o Brasil e os EUA domina 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Victoria K
Victoria K Hace un día
So.. She is Russian, but she was born in America? Right?
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