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26 may 2020






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【A K I O】
【A K I O】 Hace 2 años
Sometimes I forget Danny isn't a 15 year old filming in his parents' basement that looks like a Disney character, and actually a married adult.
Mx. Ash man
Mx. Ash man Hace 4 días
He does look like a disney character though
FuzzyOtterPaws Hace 14 días
Yeah I'm an adult but people think I'm in middle school 😂
SkullJim Hace un mes
Was I the only person who thought his British accent sounded like pim from smiling friends
Clarissa Hace 2 meses
same lmao
KindOfAverage Hace 2 meses
oh my god
Future Soup
Future Soup Hace un año
Isn't "I sat in a room and smoked cigarettes for 60 years and then I went to high school and met you" basically the plot of Twilight
UwU boy♡ AKA: Winzie
@Oatmeal Phrog that cat looks like my cat
I read that exactly when he said it in the video wtf
Except everybody fell into a vat of glitter.
dani gz
dani gz Hace 8 meses
Emilyyy🍋 Hace 8 meses
@Oatmeal Phrog ahah I like your pfp :))
I'm a motherfreaking avocado
"She's a chain smoker at age fourteen." Honestly that's not far off from a lot of fourteen year old British people. The amount of underage smoking here is egregious
Serenity Loudin
Serenity Loudin Hace un día
that sure is a four dollar word
xX__V1L3_V1NC3__Xx Hace un mes
@Fiona McNally ok but what exactly does this have to do w underage smokers? Lol
Sonny Baxter
Sonny Baxter Hace 2 meses
And the vapes!
elfbabs Hace un año
Fun fact that you probably don't care about, but I'm telling you anyways: The penguin at 11:24 is called a chinstrap penguin. I know this because I did a comparison project called "Chinstrap penguin VS Emperor penguin" for my gifted class. When I presented it, I got so nervous that I cried.
bottle of crackers
bottle of crackers Hace 4 meses
I like penguins theyr cuties🐧🐧
INeedMyHoodie Hace 5 meses
I appreciate this comment, thank you
vincent vitug
vincent vitug Hace 5 meses
@thalasin+ user 😕
Evelyn Duiker
Evelyn Duiker Hace 6 meses
@thalasin+ user 😐
thalasin+ user
thalasin+ user Hace 6 meses
Sounds realistic enough for a "gifted" class 💀💀
Josaline Zapata
Josaline Zapata Hace un año
Danny I'm disappointed that you didn't give Gregi a 60 year old smoker voice which is probably what she sounds like after chainsmokering all those cigarettes at an illegal age
Maths and Fiona 🖤🤍
You sure you aren’t saying give it a marge Simpson voice idk how to spell it or Lois from family guy voice
goblin Hace 2 meses
farquaad fantasies
farquaad fantasies Hace 2 años
danny’s hair makes him look like a disney channel character and i’m all for it
Trex Hayes
Trex Hayes Hace 22 horas
@Jade_wastaken yes
Jade_wastaken Hace 23 horas
@Trex Hayes I agree
Trex Hayes
Trex Hayes Hace 23 horas
Mark Hace 2 días
@ghope no. ratatoing. if you're on his other channel you'll get it.
ElkaTuber Hace 24 días
firstname lastname
firstname lastname Hace 7 meses
3:31 Can't believe Danny named his guy character "squeet", and then about 1 1/2 years later, Kurtis accidentally says "squeet" in his latest Christmas movie review. Life repeats art.
nica Hace 7 meses
Arlo_Slater Hace 7 meses
Made a vid abt it
I'm a motherfreaking avocado
I love how in Episode all of the alright choices you have to pay for and the awful ones are free. Unless you're willing to fork out money, your character is going to have a horrible life
xXRatKweenXx Hace 2 meses
Sounds like real life 😂 it's good that slice of life games can offer some reality
eli Hace 9 meses
Capitalism at its finest
Aiya's Art Refuge
Aiya's Art Refuge Hace 10 meses
That’s life 😌
Lunacy Hace un año
Can we just admit he’s really good at *voice acting* .. 😳
sophia Hace un año
1:30 As a former episode player and writer (i was a cringy kid lol), you can see the story is low effort by the fact that they didn’t even create a cover. That’s the default. And they animated it pretty lazily Also, they probably put the name Mia in because they wrote the whole story without using [NAME] instead. So instead of doing the command f and replacing it, instead they make the story less enjoyable for the player
Halo Dawn the night demon
@sophia obviously, she didn't. She even gave up on the story after 8 chapters, I'm just surprised she didn't quit sooner
Halo Dawn the night demon
@daisy k I used to do that. I made way too many stories on my phone back when I was like 10 so you know my crap was worse. But I improved
Halo Dawn the night demon
Totally! Even I know how to do that! Did Mia not look at ESvid tutorials before she created the story?
daisy k
daisy k Hace un año
They probably wrote it on mobile back when you could make stories on ur phone. It never let u change the cover when u made stories off ur phone - I used to be a cringy kid too haha
Jack Moody
Jack Moody Hace 2 años
Author: your name HAS to be Mia and the guy HAS to be Skylar. Danny: Gregi and squeet
ella Hace 2 años
I mean...I would very easily name my kids that
Hailey Anderson
Hailey Anderson Hace 2 años
The boy’s name is Skyler with a E not a A.
hiimmiahowareyou Hace 2 años
Jack Moody ey. my name is Mia. 🤔
TheCopyNinja Hace 2 años
Jack Moody yes, yes, classic Danny. My personal favorite was... “squeet”
rainniebee_ Hace un año
whenever i see/hear the word “squeet” i burst into laughter help
a bag of whey
a bag of whey Hace 2 meses
@RAGD0LL !! lol
RAGD0LL !! Hace 2 meses
i squeeted
Bobbo The Rosso
Bobbo The Rosso Hace 8 meses
i cant believe danny predicted kurtis saying squeet
cuttage🌿 Hace 7 meses
Jasper Hace un año
The way he said "Gregi" is hella pure. I love it.
Luna Blackwood
Luna Blackwood Hace un año
2:19 lemony snicket in A Series Of Unfortunate Events. he randomly comes on-screen and explains the funniest things is the most serious way possible.
neonpinkribbon Hace 5 meses
So true
hi lilly
hi lilly Hace 2 años
They don’t hate on Danny because theyre scared of getting slapped by legal
lezley Hace un año
Actually, it's when he reviews his legal options. That's when shit goes down
Rayne Michelle
Rayne Michelle Hace un año
He'll review his legal options at least.
TenzinC 151
TenzinC 151 Hace un año
wow a year old account
TenzinC 151
TenzinC 151 Hace un año
@Woodward AHHH
Woodward Hace un año
Slapped by ME
Amayah Hace un año
I hate Episode, but I found this really cute love story that surprisingly isn't cringy and I don't have to use diamonds, so that's the only reason I still have the app.
Halo Dawn the night demon
Oh there's this one author, she doesn't have gem choices in her stories and if she does they're like 5 or 8 instead of 1000, she's a great author she wrote some popular stories (like "mafia's lost angel" and "the Mafia and his angel" which, after bought by episode was renamed to "falling for the enemy" which I really don't like). Her stories are great and engaging. I especially liked mafia's fallen angel!
HotToast Hace 11 meses
@Amayah omg I read the episode!! I loved it, I went through all of in in like 4 days.
florian Hace un año
@Amayah why thank you 😌
Amayah Hace un año
@florian It's called "Stay The Night".
florian Hace un año
What’s the name of the story? It sounds very interesting :)
Ellie K
Ellie K Hace 2 meses
As a British person, I was surprised at Dannys British accent. I don't think i've ever seen an American do it that well 😂
Lily 🤟🏼
Lily 🤟🏼 Hace un año
I always forget Danny isn’t a broke 19 year old who still lives with his parents and that he’s actually a married 27 year old who has his own house
Annabel Westwood
Annabel Westwood Hace un año
Episode has professionally publishes stories that are edited, created and displayed on the main app cover. However, they also have many community stories that are amazing! For example, ‘Are All Monsters Evil?” is a unique, amazingly written story by L.D, and the author has promised a further 2 books to be added to the series!
Annabel Westwood
Annabel Westwood Hace 5 meses
@1caru_s Thank you! I’ll check it out 😊
1caru_s Hace 5 meses
Another good one is "The Long Faces", which is one of my favorites! :)
Sol T
Sol T Hace 2 años
Expectation: Danny makes jokes about episode Reality: Danny does a rather detailed analysis of being a ESvidr and reveals some of his personal feelings around his career
Plants_andmusic Hace 17 días
I'm a person
I'm a person Hace un mes
Ore Adekoya
Ore Adekoya
Ore Adekoya Hace 9 meses
Exactly, I love this guy
Kay - Jay Animations
Nuclear Laser
Callie Rachel
Callie Rachel Hace 2 años
Nuclear Lazer what
Luckky08 Hace un año
He is danny and he is danny with cool hair. They have the exact same life, they have the exact same wife but they are different nonetheless
natasha z
natasha z Hace 11 meses
4:37 Danny's "eight' o cloCK" has me screaming
?v Hace 3 meses
I watched this again after 2 years and this is the only thing that made me laugh😭😭 thanks danny im having such a bad day
Ananya Akruwala
Ananya Akruwala Hace un año
This channel is so minimalist, which is part of why it is so great 😀 Also, there’s Danny and his sense of humour, so... 😁
Gun Hace 2 años
This guy is cool he should do a collab with Danny Gonzales Edit wow I made a edit
Kyra Laine
Kyra Laine Hace un año
@galaxy ah, yes. Thanks
galaxy Hace un año
@Kyra Laine ah I think it was Drew Gonzalen, I’m not really sure tho
Kyra Laine
Kyra Laine Hace un año
His name is drew something
MegaBytes Hace un año
@sadie i like how nobody's saying he is Danny, that just proves how funny his fan-base is.
Abigail LaMay
Abigail LaMay Hace un año
"I don't think I've ever made a gaming video" Oh, just wait for 2021, past Danny
Melissa Dunn
Melissa Dunn Hace un año
Do another episode!! You make me laugh so hard 🤣
Pina Colada
Pina Colada Hace un mes
Danny, as someone with an awf pair of eyes, I see every flaw in every person I look at until they just look disgusting to me. (possible mental health related?) but you just dont spark that, so in my eyes you are perfect, and that's saying a lot. thank you for pulling me out of panic attacks and depressive episodes
Lilli Hace 11 meses
Makes me laugh every time that Danny accidentally makes everybody’s ink “heartthrob” (except the mouth lol). All he was missing was the spiky fringe hair in a weird colour.
evandobrando Hace 2 años
On Danny’s third channel he likes to get a bit more serious, is extremely scripted, and drinks cherry coke.
Amanda Cassidy
Amanda Cassidy Hace 5 meses
wasn't he drinking herbal tea there? just wondering...
Jayden Brito
Jayden Brito Hace 5 meses
@R ae sameee
Apricot64 Hace 5 meses
Diet cherry pepsi*
The Paragon YT
The Paragon YT Hace 8 meses
@Joastie Ghosie and drinks moonshine
The Paragon YT
The Paragon YT Hace 8 meses
@Mr. Bow tie no he’s joking 🙃
Erynne Rianne van den Berg
I choked on my tea watching this, it was so funny😂😂
Taylor Boettcher
Taylor Boettcher Hace 4 meses
I PERSONALLY laugh at almost every joke😭 I really like to watch your videos while I’m smoking too and the jokes that are already good jokes become even better
Cami S.
Cami S. Hace un mes
I know this is an old video but the whole apology at the beginning makes a lot of sense actually! Episode isn't a writting software completely, it involves programming and that can be very hard. So things like making the reader pick their name involve harder mechanics that a begginer may not be able to work with
Ana Briar
Ana Briar Hace un año
I love how you tried a British accent, I’ve never heard an American do it so well ✨
Ameliaaa Hace 7 meses
7 mins in never laughed so hard in my life 😂😂😂
Vic Hace 10 meses
Gregi looks like she's about to go marry Vampire Dad I can't 💀💀💀
Haylie R. Wilson
Haylie R. Wilson Hace un año
*starts hysterically laughing* “Okay, I’m not going to do that British accent.” *overwhelming sadness*
A Hace un año
I don't know you personally, but if it makes you feel better, I'll laugh at every joke you make
Kate Hace 2 años
I like when Danny pretends he's a real life person
Kate Hace 2 años
Whelp. I didn't expect a response, let alone this dedicated lmao. A+
VelKeyta Hace 2 años
@whatfish yeah:/
whatfish Hace 2 años
@amber fr 😔 we tried tho
amber Hace 2 años
this comment chain is just tragic
VelKeyta Hace 2 años
@NLG Savage 🤣
^BLANK Hace 10 meses
8:17 I was literally smoking as he said this lmao. Not a chainsmoker, just 14 and have lungs as black as my skin💀
Adelyne Please
Adelyne Please Hace un año
Leah: And I’m not your girl. turns out leah is actually that one radio show host who doesn’t like being called sis :/
echo insanity
echo insanity Hace 10 meses
Mia is gunna get slapped by legal
Ava Safir
Ava Safir Hace un año
I dunno Haah
I dunno Haah Hace un año
Them talking about Shane Dawson didn’t age well
Bun Greytail
Bun Greytail Hace un año
i was thinking that too lol, like yikes
Hailey S
Hailey S Hace 2 años
Grace: "Skyler is one of the most popular guys in school!" Skyler: *Literally looks like he might drop dead at any given moment*
elif Hace 2 años
i mean so does mia they are endgame 😍😍🥰😋💅🏻🧚‍♂️✨
Nyx õŵõ
Nyx õŵõ Hace 2 años
@Mallorie Louann pale and sickly has always been a very popular look in Western culture. Likely because of tuberculosis also known as consumption and the Romantic disease. It was often dramatized and sometimes romanticized to be sick and dying
- Vorticia -
- Vorticia - Hace 2 años
Mallorie Louann hey some of us can’t help it.
Havey Hace 2 años
i am sorry but timothee chalemet
Samantha Ko
Samantha Ko Hace 2 años
KASMC Sensimilla wow I have a death buddy
Enderking games
Enderking games Hace 11 meses
Danny is the only youtuber I've found that will make me laugh every video
Astrid Hace 4 meses
Fun fact: The "I'm clever" villain is from a cartoon named "Big Muzzy" or something like that, and it was used to teach Danish children English in school. That's how I learned it anyway back in the day 😂
ObviouslyLily Hace 10 meses
Danny's perspective of playing this game is just great xD
XxKiraAnimatezZ Hace un mes
4:35 Daughter looks 37+ years older than her mom XD
Noshin Chowdhury
Noshin Chowdhury Hace 2 años
Anyone else think Danny's "unstyled" hair actually looks really nice?
theMudkip Hace un mes
just you wait it gets so much better
Elise Code
Elise Code Hace un mes
@Dragon_Heart_Born I’m aro too, I thought we were all expressing sexual attraction oops
@Illana49 hahaha, damn my comment is two years old, i didn't use to realise how meanspirited they feel
Illana49 Hace 2 meses
@BEAN BOY O’ BEANITH well this is the second channel where he gets goofy and whacky so…
The man with bread YT
@Felix Mears ikr
Maddie Montgomery
Maddie Montgomery Hace 8 meses
I fell of my chair when he named the dude ... Squeet. Idk if he meant for that to be funny but it was, very indeed.
anika jain
anika jain Hace 11 meses
I just love how detailed his description is
Armanda King
Armanda King Hace un año
You made me laugh so hard
Judith Stormcrow
Judith Stormcrow Hace un año
Danny: An introduction video never goes viral 2009: hi my name is boxxy -
Dawn of Danielle
Dawn of Danielle Hace 2 años
Danny looks like a completely different person with his hair long and unstyled... didnt even need a wig or hours of editing
Bryan R
Bryan R Hace 2 años
He looks....so fresh
yamilet ♡
yamilet ♡ Hace 2 años
he looks good w his hair like this
Grace Mallow
Grace Mallow Hace 2 años
That’s not danny that’s drew
Theeduckie Hace 2 años
I thought it was some combination of a young Danny and Kurtis
Meyah Dugan
Meyah Dugan Hace 2 años
RIGHT! it took me a minute to figure out what was up lmao
Random Weirdo
Random Weirdo Hace un año
Watching this has jogged my memory on a dream I once had that I didn’t need to remember.
ash catchem
ash catchem Hace 8 meses
i find almost everything you do is funny even if i don't laugh cuz i do be rewatching your videos to fall asleep
Goose Hace un año
I caught a quick glance of his La Croux and thought he was holding garlic bread.
Olive Scott
Olive Scott Hace 8 meses
Danny should definitely do a "my favorite tiktoks" video
pennzter Hace 2 años
danny looks like a daniel here. if that makes sense.
Noley Morring
Noley Morring Hace 2 años
@Anja Dietrich Any white man with curly brown hair is probably gonna look similar to both Dan and Danny lol, but both of them are really beautiful humans. I'm glad Dan embraced the Hobbit hair
emmy carovillano
emmy carovillano Hace 2 años
ahah ur so right
Shelby Hace 2 años
It makes.... too much sense
lava4real Hace 2 años
VeaVia it makes complete sense
Mia Edits
Mia Edits Hace 2 años
His real name is Daniel
gothbunnyboy Hace 8 meses
Duuude, Danny predicted “squeet” !!!
Katatat Hace 8 meses
"I feel like you have to do something really shitty to get hate" oh Danny, I'm glad you don't get hate, but it's rough out there
Jojoisawesome Hace un año
Danny: I like to get more goofy on this channel Is it just me or is he the exact same 🤣🤣
Emmy Villa Atchinson
“right off the bat we’re starting with an apology ‘cause she messed up” wow this IS an accurate portrayal of what it’s like to be a youtuber
rät child
rät child Hace 2 años
danny i can not stress this enough: the hair is ✨i m m a c u l a t e✨
brockolli Hace un año
rät child
rät child Hace un año
@Your Average Gamer couldn’t tell ya i just liked his hair
Your Average Gamer
Your Average Gamer Hace un año
No offense but why do the dumbest comments get the most likes?
Rose Cooper
Rose Cooper Hace un año
I was just thinking that
Michael Pad
Michael Pad Hace un año
Facts his hair always looks so fuckin good
Uncertain Zee
Uncertain Zee Hace un año
Why is his voice for grace so good 😂😂 also love him using his normal voice for Mia and deepening it for the guy
Léone March
Léone March Hace 10 meses
As someone living in a country where everybody drinks sparkling water so they only have it in bottles, it feels wrong to see a can of water getting opened…
cat Hace un año
geez danny i laughed so hard at this video i choked on my own spit. NO IM NOT CRAZY BYE GOTTA GO
supermahoshonen Hace 8 meses
If Danny ever has kids, I hope they’ll have beautiful names like Gregi and squeet
Kamil Henri
Kamil Henri Hace 2 años
This isn’t Danny, this is his cousin. Just look at his hair
Clariphone .
Clariphone . Hace 6 meses
Dude Zayden
Olivia Schull
Olivia Schull Hace 7 meses
I typed that while asleep
Olivia Schull
Olivia Schull Hace 7 meses
@Ruby Byrne you can you get me some
StuffedBrains Hace un año
Danny: stresses about disguise and gets caught Big brain fans: just change the hairstyle duh
Carmen Sandiego
Carmen Sandiego Hace un año
It’s Stevie Gonzalez!!! 😱🤭
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Hace 7 meses
The original use of "Squeet" before Kurtis 3:40
Anti Sketch
Anti Sketch Hace 6 meses
I came searching for this comment lol
CallMeNina Hace un año
I'm dying of laughter 🤣😂🤣🤣
Caelyn and the Pups
Caelyn and the Pups Hace 6 meses
Danny when I had an anxiety attack you made me happy thank you
Grace T.
Grace T. Hace un año
The voice he did for Leah at 7:30 😂😂
Nate Hace 2 años
This Danny guy is cool, he should have a ESvid channel
Goat beans
Goat beans Hace 2 años
he does
Nate Hace 2 años
@Hamdan that's why it's a joke mate
Nate Hace 2 años
@Karina I'm not gonna lie I didn't even know this was an overused joke until u told me, thank you lol
Nate Hace 2 años
Oh thanks for telling me it's drew gooden! Didn't know lol
Paola Hace un año
Idk if that thing exists but Danny is my "comfort" youtuber. I grew up with him, been here since Vine, damn im old :')
𝒌𝒂𝒏𝒂𝒌𝒂𝒕𝒂 ?
I watched this while making an episode… episode. Then, I actually had an idea to make a Danny Gonzalez series… might come out sometime :)
Carmen Sandiego
Carmen Sandiego Hace un año
I love how you made Mia look old, and then turns out Skyler also looks old lmfao 🤣
Leah Sullyn
Leah Sullyn Hace un año
between this series and kurtis's episode series, it's getting weird for me that episode characters keep having my name lol
oki Hace 2 años
You can tell it’s his second channel because everything is more goofy, including his hair.
Marie Hace 2 años
Greg rekt
Mia R.
Mia R. Hace 2 años
LilyTheMemelord Hace 2 años
i thought he was copying kurtis
Wren Clark
Wren Clark Hace 2 años
I love his hair like this
Alex Hartman
Alex Hartman Hace 2 años
ohhhh thanks!! i was really confused because it was more silly than normal and he was drinking lacroix (idk if i spelled it right)
Sierra Schmidt
Sierra Schmidt Hace un año
He can do so many voices aw YES DANNY VOICE ACTING QUEEN
Warm Warthog
Warm Warthog Hace 8 meses
The "I'm Clever" thing is from Muzzy. It was a show to help kids learn German that I watched a lot as a kid.
Warm Warthog
Warm Warthog Hace 6 meses
@Priya Navamani That story was a banger.
Priya Navamani
Priya Navamani Hace 6 meses
I had it for French and Spanish too! But we used to watch it in English just because we liked the story lol
It’s weird how good Danny is at voices 😭😭
ana Hace 11 meses
This video made me so happy that I started waving my phone in the air, Episode style
angela Hace 2 años
criminal that he doesn’t do his hair like this normally
Elise Code
Elise Code Hace un mes
@shruggling I liked your comment before I got to when Danny said that, I just thought you came up with it and I was like “true”
alex jones
alex jones Hace un año
he straight up looks like a freshman i’m so confused
Balls Hace 2 años
Jana Al
Jana Al Hace 2 años
He could go in the McDonald’s slides if he wanted to
lilpoundcake Hace 2 años
his curly hair looks soo beautiful!
Daisy Memes
Daisy Memes Hace 7 meses
Wow 10/10 voice acting skills Danny 8:00
Robo Hace 8 meses
omg the origin of squeet.. *kurtis lied to us*
izzy o’brien
izzy o’brien Hace 9 meses
"you have to do something really bad to get a decent amount of hate" danny is so fundamentally likable he doesn't even get hate holy shit
Mads Hace un año
I love how you automatically assume they must be British when they say mum even tho Australia and New Zealand also say mum lol. Americans are funny (love your channel this isn't hate)
Dragon Hace 2 años
You know she’s a real youtuber by the amount of times she says “Hey guys”
Renée_Ray Hace 2 meses
I adore ur pfp
Jack also know as the jACK
And guys in general
Dragon Hace 4 meses
@Felix Lang i was talking about the girl in the video lmwo
Felix Lang
Felix Lang Hace 4 meses
@Dragon you talking about Danny or them, because from what I know Danny uses pronouns he/him and is male.
Thato Taunyane
Thato Taunyane Hace 4 meses
@Andy Bradley is coming in today and will 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
helena Hace 4 meses
10:18 we watched this in middle school! it’s a show that teaches you english :D because of that i think of this scene every time i hear the word clever lol
Ish Hace un mes
4:31 as a British person, I can confirm this is not at all what we sound like in any way, and it’s bloody hilarious Or maybe I’m just blind to my own accent idk
Amanda Grace
Amanda Grace Hace un año
the different voices really did it for me lmfao
katuni08 Hace 8 meses
We need more parts. This was a lot of fun!
nekocloud Hace 2 años
Why does Danny look like he's lip-syncing his own words.
a serial killer
a serial killer Hace 11 meses
He looks like a dubbed life action series
Avocado Hace 11 meses
I was just about to comment that, I thought my eyes were out of focus or something
Kayla Delacoe
Kayla Delacoe Hace un año
i thought it was just me LMAO
Idek man
Idek man Hace un año
chez puffz
chez puffz Hace un año
i cant unsee it now, thank you so much
Skull💀 Hace un mes
“And the guys name must be.. i forgot..” _i relate tbh_
•  Veah •
• Veah • Hace un mes
12:50-13:12 this is literally me
potato girl
potato girl Hace 5 meses
Making his characters old is like when theres a full grown man in highschool for a movie
SpinSpin Hace 3 meses
I watched this last night and I had a dream about this video except the whole time you were singing and then before I woke up you started choking me. You had a beautiful voice, wish you didn’t choke me though. 7/10 dream
The Sentient Potato
The Sentient Potato Hace 2 años
Ok but his hair looks really cute, it has so much volume
Noface Hace 2 años
Honestly his hair looks better like this
Mrfriendlolo Hace 2 años
I was literally going to comment the same thing lol 😂
Becca R
Becca R Hace 2 años
samantha !!
samantha !! Hace 2 años
Joie Manning
Joie Manning Hace 2 años
Plush peter
my followers turned against me
the kyle scheele scandal
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