Evelyn Evelyn [DSMP Animatic]

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I did this way back, like a day before Tommy's exile. This was just for fun :)
Song: Evelyn Evelyn
Artist:Evelyn Evelyn
Also, the reason why there's people from a month ago before post was because they're a patron :D
You get some small early access to future videos in my parteon.
And I also have a Discord Server :D


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21 ene 2021






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KR_ST4RY Hace un hora
Do animation about death of tommy
CelestialOrca Hace 2 horas
This hits different now. :(
Plate of Wise Noodles Mcnoodle
i feel bad for sadist, when they are half way through an animatic 2 main characters die, 4 wars happen, 3 discs are stolen and 2 entire prisons are built
Green Sloth
Green Sloth Hace 3 horas
When does the next animatic come out
Human Garbage
Human Garbage Hace 4 horas
Fun fact:Tubbo having horns is canon!And it has been since Schlatt was the president of Manberg. Tommy and Tubbo even got into an argument once about them, Tommy saying that they didn’t make him like Schlatt and that he liked them, which is really sweet, but also proves it.
JL Bajar
JL Bajar Hace 4 horas
Tommy is now dead! :D
Sabina Imam
Sabina Imam Hace 6 horas
RIP tommy in present
theOGjole Hace 6 horas
Here after Tommy’s death... it just hits different now after you watch this
Tommy pog Innit
Tommy pog Innit Hace 7 horas
Tommy is dead the next cinematic will be insane
Vlad Levkovskiy
Vlad Levkovskiy Hace 7 horas
Well, that aged poorly
Jk Hace 7 horas
Make a Tommy death
Ava Burton
Ava Burton Hace 7 horas
Me watching this after Tommy's death: *dyeing sounds*
mayor koopbob
mayor koopbob Hace 8 horas
hits harder after tommy's death
ok and ok and ok
ok and ok and ok Hace 8 horas
Tommy is dead animate that haha
MysteriousHatkid Hace 8 horas
It hits hard when tommy is dead
element Hace 8 horas
RIP Tommyinnit He left us too soon -Tubbo
Au Addict
Au Addict Hace 8 horas
Congratulations for 1.54 million subscribers
Au Addict
Au Addict Hace 8 horas
Congratulations for 1.54 million subscribers
BlankLit Hace 9 horas
can’t wait for the animation of tommy losing his last canon life
Pixieplayz Hace 9 horas
You know Evelyn is the name of my friend who died
Seaweed animates
Seaweed animates Hace 11 horas
Their voices go so well
•x Fʟυffy τατo x•
Tommy's line: Why don't you let me free? ....WELL I GUESS YOUR FREE NOW TOMMY-
MICOLET TV Hace 12 horas
Tommy death
One Year
One Year Hace 12 horas
hey, seems as if you have a war or a death to animate [insert questioning face] /j
Vanshika Thakur
Vanshika Thakur Hace 12 horas
okay i actually cried please
_ OmqItzMochaa _
_ OmqItzMochaa _ Hace 13 horas
Not me watching this after Tommy Dies-
The Flaming Gamer
The Flaming Gamer Hace 13 horas
After what just happened this really hurts
mell0hi_x LIVE
mell0hi_x LIVE Hace 13 horas
• Rin •
• Rin • Hace 13 horas
This is twice as sad now that Tommy’s dead...
Tearzy plays
Tearzy plays Hace 14 horas
Congrats on 1 mil omg
Tearzy plays
Tearzy plays Hace 14 horas
This is so cool!
Citing Hace 14 horas
tommy is gone
Madde ,
Madde , Hace 14 horas
This is so sad now Tommy has died😥
sockspace Hace 15 horas
tommy just fawking died sadiST HURRY
0_RoYalCroW_0 Hace 16 horas
Nice, Makes me think of a sertain axolotl beee hybrid
Montselandia Hace 16 horas
Hits way different now
Firepower gaming
Firepower gaming Hace 16 horas
This just now hit different 😭😢😥
Mallory Brewer
Mallory Brewer Hace 17 horas
This is so much more sad now that tommy is dead.
Deo Kang
Deo Kang Hace 17 horas
Sadist plz make something about Tommy seeing Wilbur
Lily •_•
Lily •_• Hace 17 horas
*This hits different now-*
• allwaswell
• allwaswell Hace 18 horas
This video was uploaded on my birthday
Звездомир Такев
Pls do tommy death video :(
Phrogy Rave
Phrogy Rave Hace 18 horas
You should make an animation abt Tommy's latest stream
The Sibclicks Team
The Sibclicks Team Hace 19 horas
RIP TommyInnit May you rest in peace
ziuta dembinska
ziuta dembinska Hace 19 horas
Can you please do tommy died??
Rabbit Dog
Rabbit Dog Hace 19 horas
Be hitting different after his dsmp death lol
Electric Tiger
Electric Tiger Hace 19 horas
make the animate on tommy died on dream smp animate it itssssssssss pain tommy its my favourite dream smp member
Blxssomcherries Hace 19 horas
elk pepe
Danile Mandini
Danile Mandini Hace 20 horas
d one of tommys dead
•mapple _studio•
•mapple _studio• Hace 20 horas
Well now u gotta make an edit for Tommy’s death
Felitora Hace 20 horas
Watching this after tommy died is sad af
Ellie Hace 21 un hora
Tommy: asks too be alone Tubbo: “Exiles him” Tommy: bish that ain’t how you play-
Ellie Hace 21 un hora
“But you never cared for me” that was the part that sounded like tubbo *insert sad face coz I’m on laptop :(*
FadedInstinctz Hace 21 un hora
You need to do when dream killed Tommy and everyone finding out
Namiechu Hace 21 un hora
Do a video on Tommy’s death
rapha montives
rapha montives Hace 22 horas
Ight tommy's dead animatic pls 😂
cherry cloudz
cherry cloudz Hace 23 horas
Your so amazing I-
Marshmallow Kira
Marshmallow Kira Hace 23 horas
*so,, tommy's dead ahaha *cries**
Matz_Here Hace 23 horas
As painful as it was, I wish we could go back to exile or even Bedrock Bros-
froggo bitch
froggo bitch Hace un día
currently crying over tommy’s death
Darling Hace un día
That hurts now more than ever :)
Ash Dakki
Ash Dakki Hace un día
This is a master piece😮
koerga Hace un día
wake up sadist
Gaming Cafe
Gaming Cafe Hace un día
Make a new animatic of tommy dieing in prison i demand it
Muzamil Azwal Mokhtar
What app u use? It looks so cool
Jeaven Nathanael
Jeaven Nathanael Hace un día
Yo sad give me tips on how to animate I keep messing up
Sheriff Hace un día
Rip Tommy
Zuraini Budin
Zuraini Budin Hace un día
Omg....*sniff* I can't hold it anymore
sora suna
sora suna Hace un día
RXL_ Hace un día
epic 👏👏👏
Audrey Toraou
Audrey Toraou Hace un día
Tommy: If tubbo touched me in real life I'd smack him. Also Tommy: *Tubbo hold my hand*
DaBOY Clash
DaBOY Clash Hace un día
me waitng for the next animation
ᴄʏʙᴇʀ ᴋᴀᴛ
cannot wait to see the next animatic
Chloe Faye
Chloe Faye Hace un día
Mmmm it hurts even more now
Night • Tea
Night • Tea Hace un día
Sadist, I have a request/question Can you do a animation of Tommy's last cannon life? And about how ranboo raged at sam about it? You don't have to do it! If you are doing it, you can do it on your free time or when you have time and not feel stressed, and if already had that idea I'm sorry for asking
PryingRiver1 Hace un día
This hits different now
sravan Hace un día
15 mins :p
moonflower Hace un día
this hits different now that tommy is dead /rp
Blue blanket Gal
Blue blanket Gal Hace un día
See this after Tommy’s death is sad
That one child
That one child Hace un día
Its kinda sad that SAD-ist now has to make the destruction of L’manburg, (or Manburg) dream going to jail, AND Tommyinni losing his last canon death
MarkosmyWords Hace un día
And all that stuff with the egg... And Ranboo...
mep something
mep something Hace un día
this hits different now that tommys dead
Guys Please
Guys Please Hace un día
Waiting for tubbo to comment tubbo on this video
Marshmallow _ky
Marshmallow _ky Hace un día
this is even more upsetting now that tommy is gone :( edit: i'm crying now that i have watched this 80 times
Lalander 101
Lalander 101 Hace un día
Who’s watching this after Tommy’s death? Rip
Starrii Hace un día
He couldn’t die
Starrii Hace un día
Right! It must have been a different person who died
Totally Cloudy
Totally Cloudy Hace un día
Totally Cloudy
Totally Cloudy Hace un día
he didnt die! he’s living happily as tubbo’s roommate out of jail and dream is locked up-! :D right..?
Starrii Hace un día
I’m still in denial abt that
MajikMatthew Hace un día
did the videos name change or is it just me...
Same Hace un día
Dsmp animatic was added
NotAnthMc Hace un día
Hits different after tommy died and tubbo didn’t really react at all
NotAnthMc Hace 15 horas
oh okay
Tallulah S
Tallulah S Hace un día
his on-stream reaction wasn’t his character’s canonical reaction, that was just cc!tubbo being too tired to roleplay that day. we’ll likely get an actual canon reaction the next time tubbo streams on the SMP, especially considering ranboo had a similar initial reaction to tubbo, and ranboo streamed his canonical reaction to c!tommy’s death today.
froggy Hace un día
he was out of character and he said he was too tired to roleplay that's why
• The One Named Andrea •
this lowkey hits different now that tommy’s dead
Totally Cloudy
Totally Cloudy Hace un día
but.. tommy isnt dead-! right?? he cant be silly :D he’s living a happy life as tubbo’s roommate and dream is locked up in prison-! *right?..*
Stout Infinite
Stout Infinite Hace un día
This hits different after the recent events...
Jam Hace un día
Wonder what Tommy’s final life will be animated like if you do one
Luis The Man
Luis The Man Hace un día
You already know sadist is gonna make an animation of Tommy's death
Lalander 101
Lalander 101 Hace un día
I’m not ready but I also am really looking forward to it lol
Luna PPDC Hace un día
This is literally SO PAINFUL to watch now since Tommy lost his last life to dream
Gabygore Hace un día
well he got his privacy didnt he
Eleanor Matheny
Eleanor Matheny Hace un día
0:50 i cant be the only one who thinks that actually sounds like tubbo right?
yugen Hace un día
The fact this part (0:49) sounds like tubbo too
Cadecia Christie
Cadecia Christie Hace un día
who's here after tommy's death?
Abby V
Abby V Hace un día
please make tommy's death I will be able to sleep soundly jk jk but it would be cool
Luan olympio
Luan olympio Hace un día
Please animate mexican dream
Trrax :I
Trrax :I Hace un día
Rip tommy😥
Jonathan Berry
Jonathan Berry Hace un día
Honestly, I hate what the dream smp has become. It’s not as good as it was. This has nothing to do with this animation I just needed somewhere to say this. The only time it was really good was during the revolution
Pablo Sanchez
Pablo Sanchez Hace un día
Tom is dead can you make another animatic about that
Tanit Quint
Tanit Quint Hace un día
Tommys dead 🥲 I can’t wait for u to animate a child dying from a potato obey a green blob
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