Every Hidden Meaning In The Trailer For ‘Us,’ The New Jordan Peele Movie

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A breakdown of everything you missed in the trailer for “Us,” Jordan Peele’s newest horror film following “Get Out.” The movie, which stars “Black Panther” co-stars Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke in addition to Elisabeth Moss, will come out in March 2019.
The trailer features off-beat snapping to the Luniz track "I Got 5 On It," lots of rabbit imagery (which was also featured in "Get Out"), sealed mouths, scissors, "V" shapes, and more.
For more on "Us" visit: twitter.com/UsMovie
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Every Hidden Meaning In The Trailer For The New Jordan Peele Movie 'Us'


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27 dic 2018






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THE READ QUEEN Hace 50 minutos
The movie SUCKED
sky-dweller2020 Hace un hora
Consciousness vs dualities
Tamaya Mobley
Tamaya Mobley Hace un hora
Yes I saw it last night I thought I got it but it was a cliffhanger n I’m so comfused
Kiara Berg
Kiara Berg Hace un hora
or because rabbits are used as test animals
Alana Hace un hora
Gia Quý Phi
Gia Quý Phi Hace 2 horas
The daughter blue t-shirt has some words : thỏ. It means rabbit in Vietnamese
Jaicee Noelle
Jaicee Noelle Hace 2 horas
*𝘚𝘵𝘰𝘱 𝘳𝘶𝘯𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘴𝘤𝘪𝘴𝘴𝘰𝘳𝘴*
Dakota Hampton
Dakota Hampton Hace 2 horas
I’m seeing that movie TODAY🥵🤪 I can’t wait to see it .
Luchi Louie
Luchi Louie Hace 2 horas
Absolute genius. He’s now created a new genre of film.
Z. Hace 3 horas
Scissors resembles the rabbit ears. Rabbit can be cloned. Typing this as I watch this video. Bottom line, Peele is brilliant and evil.
Bit trip Tovar
Bit trip Tovar Hace 3 horas
I thought when you said the mask looks like m’baku’s mask from black panther but it looks like Jason’s mask from Friday 13th really I don’t see it
Ethan David
Ethan David Hace 3 horas
Who else is watching this after the movie came out and realized that there was so much foreshadowing towards the twist in at the end?
martha is trash
martha is trash Hace 5 horas
Got done watching that movie and wow it’s just super scary and it makes you think so much about life.not really spoilers but in the beginning of the movie it says something about how there are unused tunnels or how they are abandoned and supposedly that’s where the other side of US live at and they want revenge for what or how we’ve treated them
Mohamad Khanafer
Mohamad Khanafer Hace 5 horas
Winston * 0:20
Snorlax Hace 5 horas
Even if the movie won't be as good as Get Out, this movie still seems creative and I can't wait for more Peele films. I hope he makes more horror because horror movies now are so predictable and boring. Get Out was a fun watch. Any horror movies on netflix ya'll recommend?
Siddhant Kamble
Siddhant Kamble Hace 7 horas
Anyone back here after the ending was explained??!! Amazing social movie though.
customteaching Hace 10 horas
This is helpful and too much.
EVOL Rogers
EVOL Rogers Hace 10 horas
It sucked
XtremeXD Gaming
XtremeXD Gaming Hace 11 horas
Jason fucked up everything with his lost ass
Flip Vert
Flip Vert Hace un hora
XtremeXD Gaming she took Jason and put him and the locker then lured her doppelgänger in there so she can let her kill her and let Jason see the truth
Tanya Washington
Tanya Washington Hace 12 horas
C.H.U.D Cannibalistic Humam Underground Dwellers. The VHS tape to the left of the hands across america commercial. The tunnels underground will be used for the rich as bunkers and underground cities. The poor will live up top in the U.S
Andrea Arias
Andrea Arias Hace 12 horas
Just saw the movie and omg I LOVED it!
Jessie Nguyen
Jessie Nguyen Hace 13 horas
The word on Zora's shirt means Rabbit in Vietnamese as well guys :)) "Thỏ"
Nici Huffman
Nici Huffman Hace 13 horas
after watching the movie you realize how amazing jordan is as a director. It leaves you thinking and makes you figure the plot out.
John Brooks
John Brooks Hace 5 horas
If you’re into garbage movies then go for it. It was a complete pile of shit. Don’t take much for all the dumb fucks these days to be entertained.
Troubling Combat
Troubling Combat Hace 14 horas
My thoery: I think that the plot twist will be that the mother might have some disoorder of some sort and maybe...Just maybe...She is just imaginating all of this. Because in the beginning of the trailer she is seeing one of those clones and it did tell us if she got rid of it for a while or if she didn't. But we need to wait and see the movie if it mentions it. And the small detail of her snapping in a different beat to the song is because there might be something wrong with her brain. Her son might have the same issue for the reason that he is wearing the mask. Might also the reason why he says "It's us". This theory just came in my mind but hey....It's just a theory.
John Brooks
John Brooks Hace 5 horas
Movie sucked ass.
Raven Pickett
Raven Pickett Hace 14 horas
Who's her after just watching the movie and the vid came out in 2018 wow
super Mario Wolfe cars
U forgot about the 11:11 her as a lil grl picks number 11 then when her and son was in the room she sees 11:11 on clock
mia Duffin
mia Duffin Hace 16 horas
3:24 bro thats dangerous!
Mike Wajosky
Mike Wajosky Hace 16 horas
This movie is a masterpieceeeeeee (10/10)
John Brooks
John Brooks Hace 5 horas
WTF? Lol I gave it 2/10 and thought it was garbage.
Matias Torres
Matias Torres Hace 16 horas
Here’s a spoiler after I watched the movie: The rabbits were used to be eaten by the red suit people. The rabbits don’t really play an important role in the movie
zippityzackity2010 Hace 16 horas
I just came back from the movies and i watched us.
ariel scandrick
ariel scandrick Hace 17 horas
So the mom is swapped out as a child
iihappyxgirlii Aye
iihappyxgirlii Aye Hace 17 horas
They said this story (Us) is a real story
Kori Karras
Kori Karras Hace 15 horas
iihappyxgirlii Aye it is I researched the true story a few months ago except the family killed their white friends and they were admitted into a mental institution
DMGBMEDIA Hace 17 horas
REM Sleep cloning
KoRMaK1 Hace 18 horas
What's with the narrator of this video mispronouncing Rorschach and subliminal lol
Kali Octopus
Kali Octopus Hace 19 horas
Oh my God I'm so glad I hadn't watched this you hit it right on the head
Arrye Scone
Arrye Scone Hace 19 horas
It’s craw daddy
Those21Phandoms Hace 19 horas
Ight Ima sum this up for you guys: When Adilade was a child, she saw her doppelgänger in a mirror at a funhouse. The doppelgänger knocked her out and switched places with her. That’s why she was acting so weird the day after the carnival and why her parents were so concerned about her. It was because she didn’t know how to speak English and was adapting to human life. The real Adilade only knows English from when she was a kid, and she also had to learn the tether language, which explains why her voice and vocabulary is very broken. Adilade secretly formed a huge plan for the entire tether race to come up above and kill their human counterpart so they could take their human lifestyles. Adilade wanted to attack because she wanted her life back, her life that was so wrongfully taken from her by a counterpart she never knew existed. Red, was scared at the beach because she was afraid she would get found out and she didn’t want to leave this human lifestyle that she’s adapted to for 20 years. I think Jason is a mix between tether and human and Zora is just human. Since Gabe is human and Red is tether it would make sense if one of their kids were mixed. So that’s most likely why Gabe could figure out his tether counterpart so easily, because he had an intuition on what to do.
Ex_Mahpi Central
Ex_Mahpi Central Hace 20 horas
The handle of the scissors-looks like two heads
sis Hace 20 horas
So there’s a significance to the number 5... but there’s 4 family members. What if the one little burned boy is a twin? Or what if the little girl is just another family member? y’all in the comments got me shaking. The real family ends up being doppelgängers is what I’ve heard from comments. Also maybe being held in a mental facility? I’m highly confused and my head hurts 😪😪😪😪
VannyBranny Hace 21 un hora
The 'scissors' at the Wilson's front door is, very obviously, two umbrella handles..🙄
Jonny S
Jonny S Hace 21 un hora
WILSON DUKE? I thought you had to be able to read to make ESvid videos lol. It's Winston Duke.
Bethany Murray
Bethany Murray Hace 21 un hora
Maybe Ali had a twin sisters that went missing
Natasha Vincent
Natasha Vincent Hace 22 horas
Odd ways of running seem to be a recurring theme in both movies. Wonder what that's about, Peele?
Jasmine Taylor
Jasmine Taylor Hace 17 horas
Natasha Vincent
Natasha Vincent Hace 22 horas
The doll on the kid's bed is a Sorgenfresser (Worry Eater). They don't represent animals but the worrying/anxiety aspect is an interesting angle
Rhea Hace 22 horas
jordan peele needs to see this now
The JA Clan
The JA Clan Hace 23 horas
Watched the movie yesterday. best . Movie. Ever.
Boss Boyy115
Boss Boyy115 Hace 23 horas
I thought the kids masks looked more like chubaca
boi76311 Hace un día
The word on Zora’s Tshirt is Thỏ, and it means Rabbit in vietnamese lol
A1 Shaud
A1 Shaud Hace un día
It’s a message not a movie, ...Stay Woke!
Princess Lorraine
Princess Lorraine Hace un día
0:28 see what happens when you leave wakanda?
wickedd365 Hace un día
This is TERRIBLE! Couldn't even finish it because it's so wrong on so many points
Deezy Bills
Deezy Bills Hace un día
Look ima tel you right now , this video is all wrong 😐 I watched it last night
Deezy Bills
Deezy Bills Hace 23 horas
The Adventurous Daydreamer GO WATCH IT
The Adventurous Daydreamer
Do tell some more then.
A Washington
A Washington Hace un día
I think the meaning is don't let your self down even if you know you might faip
A Washington
A Washington Hace un día
Fail I mean
Kami A
Kami A Hace un día
Who are you??!!! Someone get his mother on the phone!!! It was just a movie till I saw this😖😥
Unknown AJ
Unknown AJ Hace un día
other directors: halloween, a nghtmare on elm street, friday the 13th etc were classics in horror nothing can change that jordan peele: hold my beer
Brit Brat
Brit Brat Hace un día
I think its a play on shadow work therapy...he is brilliant
Olivier Perrichon
Olivier Perrichon Hace un día
Very good 👌
Ninjabo37 Hace un día
the mask is not leather jason, it’s chewbacca from star wars
Keahey Killmonger
Keahey Killmonger Hace un día
This movie was insane.
Janson Chen
Janson Chen Hace un día
You called Winston Duke, Wilson Duke.
Peli Tongi
Peli Tongi Hace un día
Just got done watching it. He throws a lot of hints into it. Peele definitely knows what he’s doing.
Peli Tongi
Peli Tongi Hace 40 minutos
John Brooks maybe you over hyped it for yourself. I mean it was predictable to me because I was looking for the twists and hints. It was still a good movie tho.
John Brooks
John Brooks Hace 5 horas
I thought it was terrible, lame and predictable.
indonesian guy
indonesian guy Hace un día
You are overanalyzed the movie
Elizabeth Martinez
Elizabeth Martinez Hace un día
Just saw the movie it’s crazy he got some things right but most wrong it’s not his fault tho this has a lot of twists
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown Hace un día
Jordan Peele is creepy
MystikalMe 321
MystikalMe 321 Hace un día
Movie isn't really that great
MystikalMe 321
MystikalMe 321 Hace 16 minutos
+John Brooks yeah, same thing with music
John Brooks
John Brooks Hace 5 horas
I thought it was horrible. Of course this new young generation is so used to shit movies they think anything is good.
Mic Lee
Mic Lee Hace un día
Who else is watching this after the movie thinking that you know oh so.... much.... more?
Isreal Spencer
Isreal Spencer Hace un día
Just watched the movie tonight in theaters. Every one of your points are valid . Excellent job
Noemi Vilarreal
Noemi Vilarreal Hace un día
Just watched the movie!!!! So good 😉
Misbehavior Hace un día
Jeremiah 11:11
Touchdbyhaze Hace un día
I watched this after I seen the movie.....this was some deep stuff
Andrea Arias
Andrea Arias Hace 12 horas
Touchdbyhaze sameee I was SHOOK!! Lol
Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith Hace un día
hes talking about illuminati clones and GOD will destroy satan and illuminati
Taylor Kawiti
Taylor Kawiti Hace un día
Hahahahahaha im terrified
yannie1789 Hace un día
Just seen this and im totally confused 😞😞😞 the mothere was really the clone but y are they all in a line smh
Long John
Long John Hace un día
What if Adelaide switched the original son with the clone son because the original son got burnt in an accident or something and the Tethered Adelaide is trying to get *her* son back?
AllyOnAir Hace 20 horas
That could make sens, she wasn't trying to kill the boy and looked at him with a weird almost loving expression as if she pitied him ... I wonder why
Aolani Nikito
Aolani Nikito Hace un día
Look at the eye gave Jason the mom at the end *spoilers in the cover photo
Kevin Cruz
Kevin Cruz Hace un día
Omg I went to UCSC lol
Hope Floyd
Hope Floyd Hace un día
Is he trying to say “cloning” is what this world is heading to
Hope Floyd
Hope Floyd Hace un día
Too creepy and demonic for me
Song Bird
Song Bird Hace un día
is this a book too
Darwin Burns
Darwin Burns Hace un día
My theory is that they can never be separated, even in the afterlife, so if one of them is killed they both die.
E is for Egg
E is for Egg Hace un día
I'm sorry, but the "Large amount of V shapes" was kinda too much. You can literally find a V any part of the movie, doesn't mean it has to do with rabbits though.
Anthony Aranda
Anthony Aranda Hace un día
831!!! Santa cruz!
Lulu R
Lulu R Hace un día
Jordan peele is this generation Alfred Hitchcock
John Brooks
John Brooks Hace 5 horas
Lol WTF? This movie sucked ass. How dare you insult AH.
anonymous Hace un día
The rabbits are literally Easter eggs. Haha clever.
anonymous Hace un día
girlgreenivy Hace 2 días
This trailer is telling me "you're your own worst enemy"
Cherry Crystal
Cherry Crystal Hace 2 días
I have watched this movie today already
D Cope
D Cope Hace 2 días
Just seen Us... Thank you, Jordan.
Wayne Beauford
Wayne Beauford Hace 2 días
who the hell is wilson duke smh
Kevboyproductions Hace 2 días
With them dang Paper charms
Kevboyproductions Hace 2 días
YouMumGay NoHomo
YouMumGay NoHomo Hace 2 días
Why does Jason wear a mask? Can we get a theory on that
Randy 0wise
Randy 0wise Hace 2 días
Y’all I’m watching this at night and idk why ....... I’m scared as shit
Layla . sksks
Layla . sksks Hace 2 días
Bird box?
Spideyceptduit Hace 2 días
What word is he using at 5:27? "Perpescular?" Because I cannot find that word
Sirena Bevilacqua
Sirena Bevilacqua Hace un día
Crepuscular, meaning animals that are most active during twilight hours.
Gucci Mane
Gucci Mane Hace 2 días
“Get Out” “Us” Get out of the U.S?!
AllyOnAir Hace 20 horas
At one moment when the "clone" family arrives and stays by the fireplace the clone says "we're americans" so that could actually be the message
Kevboyproductions Hace 2 días
Nice Theory.
Gucci Mane
Gucci Mane Hace 2 días
“Bi’yatcht’tch” lmfao
Amy FitzGerald
Amy FitzGerald Hace 2 días
Is anyone else never gonna see scissors the same way?
Amy FitzGerald
Amy FitzGerald Hace 2 días
Anyone else get and ad for the movie at the start of the video LMAO.
I would not wanna sit in a clostriphobic type of small room with my double
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