Every Touchdown from Week 14 | NFL 2019 Highlights

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Check out every TD scored during Week 14 of the 2019 NFL season.
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10 dic 2019






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Broscowscy Bros
Broscowscy Bros Hace un mes
3:23 mike Evans starts limping
TikTok God
TikTok God Hace un mes
Can we make this video blow up esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-c3ZbXfxdc2Q.html
Seth Benson
Seth Benson Hace un mes
Dude the 10-3 Seattle Seahawks aren't even on this list because of the division opponent they played. How freaking good is the NFC West this year. Rams could win 11 games with the only exception of doubt being 49ers game but can still miss the playoffs.
sabishiihito Hace un mes
Matt Ryan Tannehill. (Essentially they threw the same TD pass)
green field
green field Hace un mes
The first touchdown of week 14 was an opening drive touchdown and the last was an overtime touchdown.
Anna Monrose
Anna Monrose Hace un mes
E J Hace un mes
Titan up
BroncosBailey ‘99
Watching Denver scored 5 touchdowns was so satisfying 🤩🤩
Aaron Weaver
Aaron Weaver Hace un mes
If Denver goes to the playoffs and goes to super Bowl ill be amazed. But next year no doubt after the draft were going undefeated
Jorge Gaytan
Jorge Gaytan Hace un mes
9ers vs saints TDs should easily cover 50 % of this video
Ryan Flanagan
Ryan Flanagan Hace un mes
Treven Christensen
Treven Christensen Hace un mes
Man I wish i knew how they included all these touchdowns in one video. I am basically saying I want to know how they do these videos
Ryan Hathorn
Ryan Hathorn Hace un mes
lol, Dick’s call of Ekeler’s touchdown was the most boring thing I’ve ever heard
Jaeden C.
Jaeden C. Hace un mes
Instinct_Surge Hace un mes
You guys forgot N’Keal Harry’s touch down that saved the game😢 Oh my bad I forgot the refs suck ass
Tenya95 Hace un mes
GlitchyMC Hace un mes
I had a saints joke but i lost it at the last second
Syn IsterV
Syn IsterV Hace un mes
wrightterence680 Hace un mes
Another awesome TD video to end Week 14
Book of shadows contributor Brian
100th comment eagles 🏈🏉🍾🍦
Udtcht Chf
Udtcht Chf Hace un mes
L G R W Hace un mes
There are no more jags fans
Udtcht Chf
Udtcht Chf Hace un mes
Even though we lost
Jeff Tilghman
Jeff Tilghman Hace un mes
I wish there was a video like this every week. If there is, I've been uninformed and missing out.
BroncosBailey ‘99
Usually yes
Kool Kitties
Kool Kitties Hace un mes
There is
Arkayem Hace un mes
Sanders has an ARM.
L G R W Hace un mes
Syn IsterV browns should trade for him, put him at qb. He has better throwing motion than brows qb
Syn IsterV
Syn IsterV Hace un mes
With that pressure all in his face too!!!
L G R W Hace un mes
Arkayem sanders with the fade-away throw lol
Zach Harrington
Zach Harrington Hace un mes
I feel as the Emanuel sanders touchdown was PI
King Carlo
King Carlo Hace un mes
Yeah no one cares about your feelings
Steven Conrad
Steven Conrad Hace un mes
America's team my ass
Steven Conrad
Steven Conrad Hace un mes
Just checking if y'all still dem boys
Pumitri II
Pumitri II Hace un mes
Wheres Nkeal Harry's td? 🤔
Oliver McCall
Oliver McCall Hace un mes
Wasn't a TD
gor9027 Hace un mes
The 10-3 Seahawks were really the only team to not have an offensive TD this week and the Rams were the only team to keep Wilson from getting one in the endzone.. 2019 NFC West is ridiculously good.
Ki Hace un mes
The Dolphins didn't score a touchdown
Camod9 1
Camod9 1 Hace un mes
Half the touchdowns 49ers and saints
Key Himself
Key Himself Hace un mes
Terry Mclaurin 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
Justin Hace un mes
Cowboys are “Americas” team because America loves when they lose
Priscilla Lopez
Priscilla Lopez Hace un mes
Oliver McCall
Oliver McCall Hace un mes
@Saad Syed What if you just don't mind them
Bay Area sports fan
Saad Syed well said coming from niners fan
Saad Syed
Saad Syed Hace un mes
They’re America’s team because everyone hates or likes them. Everyone has an opinion But as a Cowboys fan I honestly hate that title because of all the hate it brings
uh Extendo
uh Extendo Hace un mes
Mike Evans hamstring TD🔥
corban Starkey
corban Starkey Hace un mes
And he out for season
Ace Spadez
Ace Spadez Hace un mes
They forgot N’keal Harry’s game-saving touchdown... oh nevermind cause the refs didn’t call it 😡😡😡
corban Starkey
corban Starkey Hace un mes
@Priscilla Lopez technically the tuck rule was a thing but they removed the rule after that season because of the controversy
Priscilla Lopez
Priscilla Lopez Hace un mes
@Ace Spadez It has been very common against the Patriot's opponents. Over the years. AFC championship games. The first one against the Raiders the tuck rule was enforced because the HORRIBLY MISSED that call. Google it. And the Pats won many games against the Jets, Dolphins and Bills over the years because TDs were of not because they were playing and cheating for the Pats. And when the respective team's fans talked about A LOT of Pat's fans said "OH WELL!" SO I AM SAYING "OH WELL!" ALSO DON'T WORRY Their FAVORITE refs will be calling the rest of their games..🤔🧐🤨
Ace Spadez
Ace Spadez Hace un mes
henrythehankengine the last time something this drastic happened was against the saints, and all of New Orleans were about to start a riot... it’s not like missed calls THIS bad are common
Ace Spadez
Ace Spadez Hace un mes
C C we used up all the challenges from the refs stopping the fumble play prematurely and ruling it a tackle
henrythehankengine Hace un mes
Cry it happens to every team
Joseph Henderson
Joseph Henderson Hace un mes
Women commentators should be illegal they sound stupid asf
Rainq Hace un mes
Saints vs Niners was game of the year no doubt🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Cccallen Hace un mes
SEAHAWKS and 49ers was best game
陳心晨 Hace un mes
Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig Hace un mes
From a niner fan, that was a fantastic game and tbh we need more games like that
Donald Pace
Donald Pace Hace un mes
Not even
Joshua Ivery
Joshua Ivery Hace un mes
At least the bears got that win
BigBlueSquad Hace un mes
Robert Heath
Robert Heath Hace un mes
Where nkeal’s
Victor Pouesi
Victor Pouesi Hace un mes
Robert Heath 😂😂
NickGoes 2021
NickGoes 2021 Hace un mes
Where’s N’keal Harry’s TD?
corban Starkey
corban Starkey Hace un mes
@Randy bobandy independent film crew filming a a documentary aight
Randy bobandy
Randy bobandy Hace un mes
Instinct_Surge says a pats fan who is to delusional to see their team sucks now so much they have to spy on the trash bengals
Instinct_Surge Hace un mes
Randy bobandy oh yea let’s just get over it, I’m sorry I must not have realized that we had time left, oh wait that would have one the game? Oh shoot my bad didn’t realize you were delusional and in denial. Just the same bullshit patriots hater who doesn’t like to see good teams play good games😂
Randy bobandy
Randy bobandy Hace un mes
NickGoes 2021 get over it you still had a lot of time left
Ace Spadez
Ace Spadez Hace un mes
NickGoes 2021 sad to see one of the best TDs of the week not get called, not only would it have been the nicest TD but it was the rookie that could have saved the game smh
Crispy Chris
Crispy Chris Hace un mes
Maserati Mitch be throwing *dimes*
L G R W Hace un mes
Titan up! Afc south champs? Or will the Texans get us
Jburrow SMM
Jburrow SMM Hace un mes
They'll split the series. And Tennessee has to play New Orleans. I like the Texans by a slim margin to take the south
L G R W Hace un mes
Jamel Macon hope so, but I’m expecting Houston to play their best ball coming off that embarrassing performance they had
Jamel Macon
Jamel Macon Hace un mes
After Sundays performance from the Titans I think Y'all got it in a sweep.
Marcus15 Hace un mes
George Harry
George Harry Hace un mes
Gus Y
Gus Y Hace un mes
Even as a Viking fan it’s fun to watch the bears score so much on the cowboys, y’all still dem boys?
Apple 9089
Apple 9089 Hace un mes
Priscilla Lopez 😂😂😂NFC least
Priscilla Lopez
Priscilla Lopez Hace un mes
Of course they are!! Real fans don't abandoned their teams. #DC4L #WEDEMBOYZ #HOWBOUTDEMCOWBOYZ #SILVERnBLUENATION AMERICA'S TEAM💯% TRUE
pedro pedro
pedro pedro Hace un mes
Where my steelers fan at
pedro pedro
pedro pedro Hace un mes
@L G R W we'll see sunday night buddy
MrFunez Productions
FreeTayK Hace un mes
L G R W bills suck ass if the Steelers stop the scrambling bills lost already now shut up
L G R W Hace un mes
Steelers going down to bills and we are doming for your spot 😈or maybe we’ll just knock the Texans out and they will take your spot.
Ethan Plz 100 subs
Ethan Plz 100 subs Hace un mes
pedro pedro here
King Ulrich
King Ulrich Hace un mes
I hope Bills knocks off NE and win the division. Brady era is almost up. All good things must come to an end.
Oliver McCall
Oliver McCall Hace un mes
Nobody likes Brady. He's the most hated sportsperson of all time.
Jamel Macon
Jamel Macon Hace un mes
Good things?
Jude Sabatini
Jude Sabatini Hace un mes
The broncos will make the playoffs
Tofu topper
Tofu topper Hace un mes
Uh ,no we. Broncos won't make it to the playoffs
gor9027 Hace un mes
An 8-8 team won’t make the WC. You’re asking a lot expecting the Texans or red hot Titans to lose out and the Steelers to lose to the Jets.
mrtrex01 Hace un mes
<1% statistically for that to happen.
pedro pedro
pedro pedro Hace un mes
Made houston look bad fs
ann Craig
ann Craig Hace un mes
So will the Bengals
Homies Bruh
Homies Bruh Hace un mes
I have a good idea. Do every sack from week 14!
L G R W Hace un mes
I have a better one every punt!
Bring joy And laughter
Why didn't the Seahawks just 🏃
OJ 24
OJ 24 Hace un mes
Penny is are best 🏃
Sports 311
Sports 311 Hace un mes
The 49ers-Saints matchup was the game of the week by FAR
NatDaBeast Gamez
NatDaBeast Gamez Hace un mes
The 49ers touch down shouldn’t have counted
TylerGaming567 Hace un mes
GAMER KID game of the year was seahawks and 49ers
JP_ 4G
JP_ 4G Hace un mes
Nick Mungo both had defense, it was just a good offense execution of both teams.
L G R W Hace un mes
Jets dolphins was the game of the year, i like fgs and incomplete passes
Mobile HackerHD
Mobile HackerHD Hace un mes
Yay! Me first.
anandguruji83 Hace un mes
Every Touchdown from Week 14
Side Swipe Basura
Side Swipe Basura Hace un mes
anandguruji83 Every Touchdown from Week 14
Oliver McCall
Oliver McCall Hace un mes
@Bay Area sports fan You ruined it 😔
Bay Area sports fan
Yeah that’s the video
Oliver McCall
Oliver McCall Hace un mes
Every Touchdown from Week 14
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