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Every Town Hall vs every Troop, Clash of Clans.
In this video :
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@ChaosInsurgent22 Hace un año
Honestly the best part of this video to me is how it shows the importance of spells without even using them
@Respect12948 Hace un año
Yup if you dropped a freeze spell then a rage spell on that eagle artillery the lot would’ve dominated this
@hjrgf Hace un año
​​@@Respect12948 1 heal spell and valks and pekkas would of won
@lucasvalerio6300 Hace un año
Simulador Simulador Simulador a un amigo y a mi mamá a ver si te interesa interesa tu trabajo para ver ver que onda gente gente y amigos en el estado y
@lucasvalerio6300 Hace un año
@@hjrgf se v Se puede de un modo especial en el estado que no sea un lugar 9 para que se le pueda interesar en los que se se pone la mano mano al pie pie y en una de ellas una vez que la la cama y la cama no lo haga por un momento en el estado del cuerpo del hombre de los niños de los niños de los tres tres lados del niño de una semana para ir al médico a los
@lucasvalerio6300 Hace un año
@@Respect12948 pies de de un vehículo de un dormitorio y ya con quien va para que no lo tenga y que y que se llama el cual cual lo primo no lo quiere decir no se si le digo ha ha algoritmo de lo mejor y 9600 no lo sabe de de mi 600 no va tan mal en su trabajo por eso no me gusta gusta trabajar n a mí me parece un gran aporte
@mychoice266 Hace un año
Back when everyone was scared of mortar!
Yeah man
@Jasiuc330 Hace un año
Technicaly mortar still have potential in ground attacks. Just need to know how to place it and it can make Wonders
@spektrum7897 Hace un año
@@Jasiuc330 Almost every th13 - 14 Places their mortars outside lmao.
@Jasiuc330 Hace un año
@@spektrum7897 Well kinda understand ing. Scatershot makes better work Cause of air units. In this case mortar is just waste of Space, especialy those Townhalls Mostly uses air attacks. But still that doesn't change fact that Well placed mortar in ground attack can do a lot
@micahchan1964 Hace un año
still am
@ssexygirl1986 Hace un año
Technically Valkyrie won because she can beat all lower townhalls.
@Itlog4066 Hace un año
@@foxyjamesthelog7791 🤡
@darknessrises2146 Hace un año
Gotta add negative levels then
@@Itlog4066 🤓🤡🤓🤡🤓🤡🤓🤡🤓🤡
@Itlog4066 Hace un año
@@foxyjamesthelog7791 Go back to playing gacha life or whatever other cringe ass shit you play LMAO
@roshandhar7394 Hace un año
This video gave me a nostalgic feeling. We've come so far with coc now. Back in the old days everything was so different
@doustau2170 Hace un año
Dude I forgot about this game and it showed up on my feed, I'm redownloading it I remember I had Town hall 8 in 2016
@CalmlyVibed Hace un año
Ah yes the old days of spamming barbs and archers and still getting 3 stars but now we all have to plan our attack precisely and still get considered lucky to have 2 stars
@alexrichards3618 Hace un año
I remember that when I started playing COC the max TH level was 11
@avi-ur5zm Hace un año
@wizardcat6985 Hace un año
I too like coc
@mbmraditya2498 Hace un año
The advantage and speciality of valk is tht it immediately attacks as soon as it reaches a target unlike other troops who stare at the target for a sec and then attack 😂 Edit:tysm for 500+ likes
Yep them iq low
@camoflasche Hace un año
Also the dense building Style of this Challenge, build the defenses more apart and she gets recked
@mbmraditya2498 Hace un año
@@camoflasche yeah
@mbmraditya2498 Hace un año
@Põkè Géñius no even wizards stare at the target and then attack
@cwapisme Hace un año
@Põkè Géñius nothing exactly, it could be taken both ways
@kennyholmes5196 Hace un año
All the comments about Valkyrie doing well... Nobody talking about how Archer could have gone farther with better luck on the AI targeting. Not much farther, but still at least a little farther.
@ppmv4285 Hace un año
What I like about the old town halls is their upgrades felt like proper evolutions, especially the cannons and archer towers. Sturdier materials, bases around them, etc. I think around TH11 or 12 is when it became less about stronger materials and designs and more about colors and spikes. I enjoy what we have now, but part of it feels like it's going a little too fantasy with the upgrade designs if that makes sense.
@tatertotboi Hace un año
But they look cooler with the fantasy designs
@markmc5112 Hace 11 meses
The design is usually themed with the TH also
Totally agree trust me I was thinking that. I’m on level 7 and am enjoying the evolution
@doneylopsy6296 Hace 11 meses
I mean there's only so much you could do without making it cramped
@arneshpal7702 Hace 10 meses
@joostvisser5251 Hace un año
I think the order in which the defences are laid out is really important for this. e.g. if the air defences were placed further forward, so having them become a target earlier, I think the flying troops like the various dragons would survive way longer. This is also more realistic as aerial strategies usually involve targeting air defences first.
@shreybansal Hace un año
He has placed them in the other in which first one of them unlocks
@archith9394 Hace un año
true i was thinkijng the same same dragons lost.
@jacobherrera8735 Hace un año
@@shreybansal which makes sense, but creates an unfair advantage for ground troops.
@shaaravguha3760 Hace 11 meses
@@jacobherrera8735 He also places the multi target mortars at the back so both the ground troops and air troops have to deal with something different. Plus the ground troops had to deal with more defenses altogether.
@Huseyinckm21 Hace 11 meses
Friends, there are clan war tactics on my channel, those who want to fill the village with the land army can take a look.
@sammyadamssa9380 Hace un año
Pekka is great at challenges but can’t compete with barbs at TH 1 because there is not enough housing space for a single Pekka
@aura281 Hace un año
Bro you can't use pekka at th1.
@ICEDSummer Hace un año
@@aura281 i think they meant the th1 housing space isnt enough for 1 pekka and even if it did pekka would still lose because she's a single target
@@ICEDSummer you're corect at the first part but not at the second one
@muzankibutsiji9450 Hace un año
@@tabahigamersuperlol that would be hard but she "might" win
@weepcops Hace un año
@@muzankibutsiji9450 th1 has just 1 cannon mate ur trippin
Can't believe goblins went so far 😂
@zselimegmen8714 Hace un año
usualy when i destroy all area attack tower(lower 6) i release all goblin (they also cheaper)
@@zselimegmen8714 They are free
@zselimegmen8714 Hace un año
@@obstinateundead3931 now they are free in old version they are not free
@Vaquero2o9 Hace 10 meses
@@zselimegmen8714 I remember paying like 12k for a dragon
@zselimegmen8714 Hace 10 meses
@@Vaquero2o9 you have to calculate is it worth the attack
@lionchannel2950 Hace un año
I would say that in this video you can learn a lesson that the spell is the most necessary thing for combat
@cookiecraze1310 Hace un año
I'd say mixing and matching is. A golem is pretty much useless but with other damage dealers like pekka and valk it's one of the best units for tanks damage. Keeps infernos off of Pekka.
@eyadgaming6819 Hace 9 meses
No it shows the importance of troop placement
This guy never runs out of ideas btw congrats for 1 million
@dripzilla2706 Hace un año
I was expecting Pekka to go further then she did. Still she would of at max level. GREAT VIDEO BRO!
@swiftfire8513 Hace un año
Y'all remember when every upgrade of the Giant was game-breaking? I remember the upgrade that first got the Giant's arm braces on him was a huge one, and the upgrade (I think 5, maybe 6) that got those to turn gold was an INSANE buff. Good times
@shivensingh2208 Hace un año
@ChayFrmPayload I think lvl 7 got the black clothing and the gold braces were on lvl6
@@shivensingh2208 I think at lvl 5 gold braces And at lvl 6 black ones
This challenge actually made me realize how rushed my base is for my TH level
@RandMV Hace un año
Me with TH9 troops at TH12 lmao
@LordBld Hace un año
Im at max town hall 8 town hall is upgrading rn
@Gandalfthegrey619 Hace un año
@@LordBld I’m max at town hall 13
@randomness4989 Hace un año
@@LordBld i have two rushed th 12,th13 bases (fixing thl12 rn)
@LeafyReuploads Hace un año
I rushed my base an im upgrading everything for TH11, Everything is almost max, the only pain is the walls now because of how expensive it is and I have to upgrade them twice to get those white walls for TH11
@UNPSC-0 Hace un año
Y’all are awesome- I love the acting from the troops and buildings it just makes it so nice and with golem and valk I love the little story on that too ( :
@UNPSC-0 Hace un año
Thanks for being there after school etc it’s nice 👍
@UnKnown-zs8mm Hace un año
WoW, brings back old memories of me jumping happily just to see the baracks upgrade finish lol. BTW CONGRATS ON 1 MIL !!! NOW THE ROAD TO 2 MIL STARTS. KEEP IT GOING !!!
I remember those days too, always really fun to unlock new troops, especially those loon raids on the poor air-defenseless bases haha PS: CONGRATS ON ! MILL!!!!
@fathin4135 Hace un año
@@unreachablesecretary baloon raids was so much fun back then lol
@aphdisket3154 Hace un año
Oh my god, that sure wasn't expected 😂 You got us all, congrats!
Congratulations for 1 million bro 🔥🔥
@haydenyip3040 Hace un año
@nimer0 Hace un año
@@haydenyip3040 you don't have a million tho.
@bilayongaming403 Hace un año
@@nimer0 Sad
@lccjs27 Hace un año
@@haydenyip3040 but. ok
I still can't look at the subscriber count being one number long
@jacobthompson6739 Hace un año
The air based troops were definitely at a little bit of a disadvantage considering that the air defenses were at the back, whereas ground defenses were in the front, so there was more time for them to take damage, but it’s not too bad
@madeofstardust6440 Hace 11 meses
@FireFoxie1345 Hace un mes
The air troops also have less defenses to worry about.
@crowreligion Hace un año
R.I.P wall breakers You were good tools to make clanmates angry by giving you as CC troops
I liked the reference to House of the dragon 😂
@namishjain9238 Hace un año
I love how the valkyrie is so good in such challenges, but total bullcrap in actual attacks 😃 (I'm a TH12)
@1mol831 Hace un año
She just attacks what she wants and groups up. So she gets destroyed by Eagle.
@KIRB881 Hace un año
Probably because you aren't good with valkyrie attacks like valk, and tanky troops w/ rage and heal spell go well with her.
Cuz u still don't know how to attack with her
@basicplanetmap809 Hace un año
@@abhyudaytripathi6390 i did that but she still couldn't make it to the 100 percent attack, maybe your a fan of her!
@Erlanpetok Hace un año
Maybe u need some "practice"
@ashwani2888 Hace un año
The video was good but the ending talk with valk, gaint and Barbarian was good❤️
@sixtystrawberries Hace un año
congrats on 1 mil bro🔥🔥🔥 I don't know anyone more deserving than you❤❤
@hamster7290 Hace un año
Congrats on 1 million subs, you deserved all of it, hopefully we reach 5 million soon (:
@osky529 Hace un año
That ending was dark 😂 I love your skits those house of the dragon jokes took me out 😂
@ivanmeza2540 Hace un año
Thanks coc reality for featuring my comment.also,I wonder what will golem do to royal ghost.
@FromBCE Hace un año
The legend says the golem is still initiating his secret plans till this day
@vishudhgoel4360 Hace un año
Look at the action golem took . And valkyrie smiled for the first time😁
@frenchyfry577 Hace un año
Dang been watching him like 2 years maybe and he finally reached 1 million I’m glad he could do it his videos are all amazing funny content congratulations
@leon_molin6679 Hace un año
@NotMoofy Hace un año
Love ur content bro keep it up I'ma watch it in piece now ❤️
@lord_kingslayer Hace un año
I love the Game of Thrones quotes in this Video 😂
@MinecraftsDarkest1 Hace un año
like the end was just so outta nowhere lmfao love it
@rebelridwan21 Hace un año
Thanks Man! It's really amazing to see. Sometimes I also attack opponents with army of single troops like all barbarians, all dragons, etc. And, The way you make a storyline and dialogue among them is really good!
@jamescritchley Hace un año
all bairna swarm wiht soem wall breakers to let them is a beautifl sight
Valkary be like : i can do this all day🥱
@Smile-ll6bx Hace un año
"Dracarys" nostalgia 🤧
@isshwor Hace un año
yoo congrats on 1million, it took a long time and you definitely deserve every single one of your subs :)
@RonnyEdit_1 Hace un año
It makes my day whenever I see them make another video
@user-xo9vx4zz6o Hace un año
@elprimothebest9999 Hace 6 meses
"Hello, beautiful lady!" killed me. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@footsprotball3278 Hace un año
4:40 nice reference lol
@xbullgamerz7265 Hace un año
I came this channel when it is 200 k but now it becomes 1M🤩🤩😍😍🎊🎊 congratulations broooi❤️❤️❤️
@Julian-ib8xn Hace 2 días
Even the Town Halls were like, "Hey troops, get off my lawn!" 😂🏰
I forgot how strong those barbarians were! Wow, COC has really come far
I really appreciate the editing
@robertmadmax Hace un año
Congratulations for 1million subscribers keep it on the work!
@puttakonkongjo8869 Hace un año
Barbarian : this game is not for kid Baby dragon : am i joke to you
@Fredwalter88 Hace un año
13:18 I was waiting for this xD
@frye1565 Hace un año
So much troops said stuff about dark energy, but the troops who completely destroyed all of them
@Ur.fave_edgar Hace 2 meses
I like the little chat things it made this more entertaining
@kaustavbiswal8647 Hace un año
Till now, the best Coc channel 😎
@rft1509 Hace un año
That was really fun to watch this is kinda my thing. Enjoyed it a lot
@sweetfire1228 Hace un año
0:00 Yeti :" Why I am before E dragon?"
@aminm7714 Hace un año
I think that you should have included heroes at their respective town halls too
@cannibalgutted7254 Hace un año
I like that game of thrones reference you threw in there LMAO
@monkeyshane9 Hace un año
So happy to see you at one-Mil 😄
@cj_fearless.1309 Hace un año
Bro imagine that our golem went to the mission to become the mighty mountain golem and show others his super fury just to take revenge
@ItzzFlixx Hace un año
A useful and competent explanation, so I tried it and it turned out that everything works fine. Special thanks to the author for such useful content.
Ooh nice cliffhanger 🍺🍺🍻.
@karangamer9552 Hace un año
Congo for 1M. Keep going 🔥
@peak987 Hace un año
love ur hard work , ur vids are good , the story is banger , keep up the good work and congrats on getting 1 million subs 🔥🔥
Love the hog riders casually sitting next to a roasted hog
@jimrahman3864 Hace un año
That fast run of the giant like he’s going to toilet 😂
@foryoushorts9816 Hace un año
1 million subscribers worth it channel you will not disappoint in this channel 😉😄 ( fabulous chemistry of Rock and valk ) 😂🤣
13:08 it's me wow i didn't expect that. Thanks COC Reality and please make content 🙂 maybe i am too old for this content (22 years old) but i like it 😊
@amveracts Hace un año
I loved the game of thrones reference
GOT references love it💙💙💙
@blackop3player Hace 7 meses
watched this on a school computer during history, best video i have ever watched
@Commandercold13 Hace un año
Man the game of thrones references are fitting seeing as this writing is about on par with the last season! On the other hand I always enjoy the concepts tested!
@Md_rafid Hace un año
I've been a subscriber since you uploaded the football videos and before pekka bought the channel.. it was like 19k since I subscribed.. love you still congratulations on 1mil
@arprogames Hace un año
Oh lol, the last scene 😂😂
@restwelltechno8638 Hace un año
Congratulations on 1 mil bro you deserve it, keep it strong mate♥️
@mrbeastshorts9839 Hace un año
Next time every super troop vs his town hall😍😍😍
@atomicnova33 Hace un año
COC Reality's lore is more deep than I could have ever imagined.
@riship9049 Hace un año
Air Sweeper be like: Why am I even here.... just to suffer?
@Mewhentheis Hace un año
Congrats hitting 1 million dude keep up the good work
@KrugerFS Hace 9 meses
Just turned TH10, seems from now on it's gonna be valks and spells for me.
@_drilon._8684 Hace un año
Congratulations for 1 million subs COC Reality😉
@opoL_Nod257 Hace 2 meses
Estos videos estan hechos con cariño por su creador y se nota bastante el esfuerzo que le puso a este video :)
@mhitdas308 Hace un año
Congratulations for 1 million 😍🖤
@rakahd8280 Hace un año
Valar Morghulis 😂😂😂👌
@imranchowdhury1158 Hace 2 meses
This was great.
thanks, it actually let me through so i could download it.
@kam_dude0497 Hace un año
Technically, barbarian won twice because he won in the barbarian King speed run
@gael2076 Hace un año
Great for barbarian, he’s a underdog
@lentro8239 Hace un año
El mejor video de coc reality de todos los que e visto
@amitojbhatia9179 Hace un año
Congrats for reaching 1 million!!
@sayloregg Hace 2 meses
Omg what did I just find this is hilarious
@dinkyborja Hace un año
I really love your videos, man.
@hal8933 Hace un año
This would be a childhood to some kids that is starting Clash of Clans!
@rgame96 Hace un año
Man your videos have a deeper lore than the actual game
@brosvazquez1140 Hace un año
I haven't seen your videos for a while and this was unexpected
@loki3770 Hace 2 meses
When you came to see funny troops hit buildings and didn't know there was lore you had to catch up on
@user-ni3hu9zd1b Hace 10 meses
Do this with full TownHall with resources,traps etc. This video is also nice 👍
@oats_bob7527 Hace un año
I love the got reference with the dragon 😂
@kiranivar3567 Hace un año
I died at ED slap to ICE GOLEM 🤣 LMAO
@yuvraj.07 Hace un año
captain giant : i can do this all day 😂
@benjaminchen2186 Hace un año
Coc Reality has everything to be the absolute perfect Yt channel
@tonystarkks Hace un año
Giant spoke the words of Capitan America: I can do this all the day 😂😂😂.
@urielcampos1355 Hace un año
like how you explain. good vid