Every United Premier League Goal at Stamford Bridge | Chelsea v Manchester United

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Ahead of Monday's trip to face Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, we look back on every goal the Reds have scored at the home of the Blues in the Premier League era.
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🔥🔥 *⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽* 1:30 👇👇👇👇👇💖
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 *i can watch and play all day* 1:41 🔥 👇 👇 👇💜
NET MUSIC Hace un mes
Vanpersei 💟
Yohanes Adrian
Yohanes Adrian Hace un mes
Where Is Phil Jones???
Jesse Lingard is currently the best upcoming Starlet in the league right now.
Who's here after we won 2-0?
William Macky
William Macky Hace un mes
Dates would have been nice
Must Thofa lion tiger
Kalaahkan dhia joзunny
Singoller Hace un mes
More like every recorded goal
NKMcC Hace un mes
''ruud van nistlerooy scores for the 33rd time this season''...........oh how times change
Ciise Cisman
Ciise Cisman Hace un mes
Keep going united
RxtroR6 Hace un mes
Now we add two more
TendedWinner748 Hace un mes
It must have been great being a football fan in the 90s/early 2000s. Just enjoying lads enjoying themselves. No stupid Fifa ratings. No big money wasted. No diving or var. just football
keep calm and love soccer
2 more to add now after the 2:0
mikaflika Hace un mes
They just scored lol
Shinning Massar
Shinning Massar Hace un mes
I laughed at lukaku jump on top of pogba at the last goal scored by martial🤣🤣🤣
Muhamad Fareed bin Mohamad Rozaini
I miss Chicharito
Rahul Rebello
Rahul Rebello Hace un mes
You guys surely live in the past
Madrista forever
Madrista forever Hace un mes
Lukaku smashed pogba during Martial gaol celebration 😂😂😂
La Man
La Man Hace un mes
ed woodward and the glazers destroying this club
Jackson Seven
Jackson Seven Hace un mes
Bruno Fernandez Goal Loading 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Lebohang Makgetha
Lebohang Makgetha Hace un mes
Just say Chicharito to a Chelsea fan and watch them cry. 😆
Sydney Hace un mes
7:11 Brilliant!!
Sri 710
Sri 710 Hace un mes
Past- Proud Present- Embarrassing Future- Hopeful
Chelsea FC
Chelsea FC Hace un mes
Helo manutd fans:))))👋👋👋👋👋 congratulation for man city UCL Ban ,try to finish the league at 5th you guys still can join UCL:)))))))hahahahahahahahaha
Joe King
Joe King Hace un mes
The White Pele
Kid Cash
Kid Cash Hace un mes
What happened to Wayne? @ 6:30
Ferry Sugianto
Ferry Sugianto Hace un mes
I am thinking about if we have oodengard
Niknordiyana87 Diyana
Can someone tell me when game United vs chelsea
Niran Yesufu
Niran Yesufu Hace un mes
Tbh Chelsea’s defence opens up like a hooker’s legs😂
Dave's view
Dave's view Hace un mes
Just look at that Lingard's goal. He must have been about 15 when he scored that!
mm43501 Hace un mes
What do you mean??? He's currently the best young player in the Premiership right now....
Joe King
Joe King Hace un mes
J_Ramone Hace un mes
Javier Hernandez loved playing against Chelsea
Muhammad Haziq
Muhammad Haziq Hace un mes
Is that no ever one goal CR score for MU against Chelsea
LiverPool FC Fan
LiverPool FC Fan Hace un mes
He has.
Honsey Omijie
Honsey Omijie Hace un mes
These were the better times to be a United fan ..i miss these days
Sting Hace un mes
12:38 Lukaku LOL
For Players
For Players Hace un mes
Fantastic Goals by my favorite Manchester United is world Fantastic Football club 👌❤
prashant bista
prashant bista Hace un mes
4:47 and 5:12 Its a shock these days for our players to score 33 or 25 goal a season
Deci pher
Deci pher Hace un mes
King Eric, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, David Beckham and Roy Keane on one field...we were spoiled.
Harry Sanjaya
Harry Sanjaya Hace un mes
really??? you is awful team in the world OLE THE WHEEL UNITED
ズラタン Hace un mes
No Name
No Name Hace un mes
Tendangan gledek scholes is the best
Ammar MH
Ammar MH Hace un mes
MUTV needs better commentators
Aiden Leigh
Aiden Leigh Hace un mes
3-1 Monday night Vs Chelsea Fernandez Tesco
Ryan Kanungo
Ryan Kanungo Hace un mes
But United fans will always remember that Rashford free kick in the Carabao cup at Stamford Bridge!
young king
young king Hace un mes
My hero Ji sung-park😥😥😥
Robin B
Robin B Hace un mes
Welcome news about Man City. Now all we need is top 5 but no confidence with Ole. The transfer target confirm there’s no clear strategy. Devaluing the club this Woodpecker
Jonathan Jackson
Jonathan Jackson Hace un mes
"It falls for Rafael it could go anywhere" :-)
muaz ali
muaz ali Hace un mes
Jonathan Jackson 😂😂😂man thought it would end up in row z
ManiPlays YT
ManiPlays YT Hace un mes
It feels so uncomfortable not seeing them celebrate like we do 😂 and I know why they didn't but the feeling 🤣
Евгений Стогниенко
Come on United !!!
sarithplaniho Hace un mes
why we skip the years 2003-2008 ?
Aaaa Bbbb
Aaaa Bbbb Hace un mes
sarithplaniho Because United didn’t score at Stamford bridge in those 5 years. 🙄
Abdul Mannan Bashir
The biggest and best football club in the world 👏
Eddy Kadam Muzahamu
The boys we have they will give us happiness I hope on Monday
Ashyyy k
Ashyyy k Hace un mes
Win vs Chelsea or consequences
A Hace un mes
Some class games between us but we need this win GGMU!
Nahyan Suleman
Nahyan Suleman Hace un mes
7:30 evra, fletcher. park, berba, Hargreaves....United players, even when their end product & quality was questioned by pundits, their love for the club and commitment was beyond doubt....until SAF left and the fans feared the worst and the hapless leadership thought a large enough price tag was all it took to be a true red Devil. Despite all the pain, we might be closer to the formula now. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT A PLAYER HAS DONE UNTIL HE WEARS THE TRUE RED, AND IT DOES NOT MATTER THAT HE IS HOMEGROWN UNTIL HE DOES THAT JERSEY JUSTICE!
Carpe Diem
Carpe Diem Hace un mes
No pundit ever question Fletcher, Park, Evra.
Isfan Fajar Pratama
Past : play with passion Present : play just for famous
Azhar Asim
Azhar Asim Hace un mes
Martial is the man for Chelsea
LiverPool FC Fan
LiverPool FC Fan Hace un mes
No Igahlo Is
Chuk kirk
Chuk kirk Hace un mes
David Beckham what a player
SupremeRichieGamer Hace un mes
Hopefully this will happen again I'm saying 1-3 or 2-3
Yaphet S
Yaphet S Hace un mes
11:53 what happened in that commentators booth!? lol
ManiPlays YT
ManiPlays YT Hace un mes
Dived *
ManiPlays YT
ManiPlays YT Hace un mes
Someone died 😭
Hassan Hussain
Hassan Hussain Hace un mes
Chelsea 2-3 man unitef
seb as
seb as Hace un mes
Emmanuel Nwokoma
Emmanuel Nwokoma Hace un mes
I made it the 1000th like
Ankur Vaishampayan
Ankur Vaishampayan Hace un mes
So we didn't score at stamford bridge for 3-4 years? (Its 2003 or 2004 Beckham& Giggs's goal and then 2007/08 Rooney). Jose Mourinho happened
Mr Kipling
Mr Kipling Hace un mes
I was there for the first one, Eric’s first goal for us. Thousands of reds on the old north stand at Stamford Bridge in the pouring rain. Proper football.
Fayez Choudhury
Fayez Choudhury Hace un mes
Ill never forget that day
QT Nova
QT Nova Hace un mes
Where is Rashy’s free kick???
Hussein Mazhar
Hussein Mazhar Hace un mes
That was in the carabao cup
KA Channels
KA Channels Hace un mes
Play odion ighalo, Let the Chelsea players be afraid to guard it✌
ME Hace un mes
Perry Hace un mes
Shut up
A J Hace un mes
Manchester is Red!! Thanks UEFA!!!
Wasay Hace un mes
If we don't win then say goodbye to champions league
wortipu Hace un mes
11:10 Lingardinho in action
abdi libaax
abdi libaax Hace un mes
They must have forgotten
Baby Phat
Baby Phat Hace un mes
@Jake Davidsons social media happen to him. Focusing on that instead of playing football.
Mark Greenaway
Mark Greenaway Hace un mes
@ManiPlays YT nahh it's time to move on
ManiPlays YT
ManiPlays YT Hace un mes
@Jake Davidsons he will recover
Jake Davidsons
Jake Davidsons Hace un mes
wortipu What happend to him...
Aaaa Bbbb
Aaaa Bbbb Hace un mes
แอบบอกออกแบบ Nope. He’s never scored at Stamford bridge.
Ronaldo has never scored a goal here?
Aaaa Bbbb
Aaaa Bbbb Hace un mes
แอบบอกออกแบบ What do you mean?
PES gaming
PES gaming Hace un mes
Nowadays united play sucks.. The players look like moron .. Only score random goals.. Real man plays accurate passing Accurate crossing Have winning mentality.. They love football.. These days players only want the money
Gideon MJ
Gideon MJ Hace un mes
The more I watch the old United the more I hate the Glazers for ruining our club😪
Adam Gordon
Adam Gordon Hace un mes
Gideon MJ : And Woodward 💯
Janise DC
Janise DC Hace un mes
Beckham is still the best one. I miss these precious moments.
Hatem Ben Arfa
Hatem Ben Arfa Hace un mes
@KONAMI KENYA FOOTBALL he just looks like him
let's get madison at least he's almost like him
Airil Progamerz
Airil Progamerz Hace un mes
Hope we can win against chelsea❤😉
ተመስገን ፈጣሪ
Your dream came true bro,CONGREGATION
Ian Deeley
Ian Deeley Hace un mes
Great Compilation!
Flowrider Hace un mes
Hopefully we win again at stamford fridge. GGMU
Singoller Hace un mes
@jeo soslow take the L
sovanndara soun
sovanndara soun Hace un mes
@jeo soslow an offside goal is an offside goal. A push is a push.
jeo soslow
jeo soslow Hace un mes
Mike Murray
Mike Murray Hace un mes
i knew maguire would score
@keep calm and love soccer ole at the will against Chelsea he's never lost it
Nifio Hauzantaqi
Nifio Hauzantaqi Hace un mes
Kasih like this
Joseph kenyow
Joseph kenyow Hace un mes
__Viva United♥️♥️ mo favourite club♥️♥️_
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