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Join editor at large Amiel Stanek as he attempts to cook a potato in almost every way possible. Which method is the best? Is it juiced potatoes? No, it's definitely not juiced potatoes. But maybe it's worth trying because life is for living and it's good for you. Or maybe not, because it is absolutely disgusting.
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Every Way to Cook a Potato (63 Methods) | Bon Appétit

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24 jun 2019

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Huld muh Beerr
Huld muh Beerr Hace 2 minutos
Whu calls a pan a skillet
3TSN Jackson Smooth
3TSN Jackson Smooth Hace 8 minutos
Question 1... DiD yOu WaSh ThE pOtAto OfF
Andrew Owens
Andrew Owens Hace 29 minutos
I feel you like put soap in the dish washer You put soap in the dish washer You put fucken soap in the dish washer
Daniel Kesse
Daniel Kesse Hace 29 minutos
Do fish
Pieter Hace un hora
Too much soy for me
Thrust Rider
Thrust Rider Hace un hora
Sorry all I hear is Remy from Ratatouille Change my mind.
Noa van Buitenen
Noa van Buitenen Hace 2 horas
watching hands handle a potato for half an hour is weirdly calming
NeoTenic Hace 3 horas
The pickled electrocuted potato didn’t cook at all because the acid ions in the vinegar conduct electricity better. Heat and burning from electricity is caused by resistance (like friction in mechanical physics), so poorer conductors will burn and cook more than good conductors.
NeoTenic Hace 3 horas
I disagree on the stand mixer/ food processor mashed potatoes. I love the texture and prefer the method.
Angie_Angelic Hace 3 horas
This whole video made me think my phone kept ringing
Mlem Hace 3 horas
In my country, potato prices are currently very high due to crop failures due to the weather. ESvid: Let's suggest a few videos where everything revolves around potatoes :D
Sebastian Vargas
Sebastian Vargas Hace 4 horas
Is it possible to use flour instead of potato starch for the tator tots
Isabela Yarbrough
Isabela Yarbrough Hace 4 horas
Digging the gold rings and the blue suit.
Bakugou Katsuki
Bakugou Katsuki Hace 4 horas
Aquagreen13 Hace 4 horas
“Do not cook for more than 4 minutes” Cooks for 4 minutes and 1 second What an absolute mad lad.
Sami Hashmi
Sami Hashmi Hace 6 horas
I'm pretty sure you were supposed to cut off the skin
normand madeleine
normand madeleine Hace 6 horas
Most of this is stupid... Potatoes need to be cooked with respect... As much respect as filet mignon, else it will be blahhhhhh.
I don't have an ass
I don't have an ass Hace 7 horas
(Shows Kocher salt) *Andrew Rea would like to know your location*
ain Hace 7 horas
What is even the difference of baked and roasted potatoes?
Jenna Ragsdale
Jenna Ragsdale Hace 8 horas
Gotta wrap the potatoes in plastic wrap when cooking in the microwave
Zeldalink1515 Hace 8 horas
Subbing for the potatoes.
Elecrowiz GT
Elecrowiz GT Hace 9 horas
you can only do 3 of these in minecraft but will lead to only one result
sorio99 Hace 9 horas
Honestly, not enough stupid ways to cook the Potato imo, compared to the Eggs, but at least eating a raw potato like an apple somehow seems MORE unappetizing then just drinking an egg raw.
GermanyLetsPlayer Hace 9 horas
I see you'r face on 5:42
Mostly Toasty
Mostly Toasty Hace 9 horas
Dang you made me crave potatoes
JAYD3NSia PUBGMASTER Hace 10 horas
Peppy L
Peppy L Hace 10 horas
Anyone ever see that Bratz Superbabyz movie about alien potatoes 🥔
Nik Sar
Nik Sar Hace 10 horas
Do belgian fries
gavin gurung
gavin gurung Hace 10 horas
frozen fried is look like McDonald's
shivi gupta
shivi gupta Hace 10 horas
You need to fry those dehydrated potato chips and the taste will change significantly! Dehydrated potato chips are like sun-dried potato chips in India that we fry in oil to make them crisp!
Jay Black
Jay Black Hace 11 horas
All those mashed potatoes but none of them whipped with beaters, the fluffiness way to go
Isaac Radeka
Isaac Radeka Hace 11 horas
I... I just watched a 30 min video of a guy cooking and eating potatoes
Rizza Abenoja
Rizza Abenoja Hace 12 horas
Aiden Brokar
Aiden Brokar Hace 12 horas
What's wrong with chunky mashed potatoes? It's even good with chunks of skin too
ok alright
ok alright Hace 13 horas
*Goes to the supermarket* Buys 20 pounds of patatoes
fzzzGIE eezzzqqq
fzzzGIE eezzzqqq Hace 14 horas
5:42 face reveal
fzzzGIE eezzzqqq
fzzzGIE eezzzqqq Hace 14 horas
what happen in other potato
Zipplandian Gaming and More
I don’t know if this is just me, but I like raw, salted, potato slices
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime Hace 15 horas
Sweet potatoes in coal's is incredible... You will think if you are really worthy for something this good...
Sherith Noorey
Sherith Noorey Hace 16 horas
30:50 ElectroBOOM potato
Zac Bauer
Zac Bauer Hace 16 horas
Juicing is cooking?
ʙʙᴇɪɢɪɴɢ Hace 16 horas
Boiled and toasted
PandaMan Hace 16 horas
Imagine buying 63 potatoes.
Random fun With Jake
Random fun With Jake Hace 17 horas
If you want goood hand mashed potatoes here is a recipe small red potatoes( leave the skin on ) Boil until soft In salted water Mash the potatoes in a bowl Add Bacon bits A packet oh the powdered hidden valley ranch stuff Cheese of your choice Cream Mix thoroughly Place in oven at 345 for 15 minutes (optional) Searve Edit You could skip adding the cream and powder and just add regular ranch
Latino Jones
Latino Jones Hace 17 horas
Maybe Ramen next time?🤷🏿‍♂️😬
KL Lilac
KL Lilac Hace 17 horas
My dad likes to slice the potatoes, add some vegetables oil and some salt and then wrap it up in aluminum foil and cook it on the grill :o I don’t know for how long though but it’s pretty yummy! :3
VM Boba
VM Boba Hace 17 horas
You killed all of my family....
Spooks Spooks
Spooks Spooks Hace 18 horas
Please... plEAse stop eating mashed potatoes with a fork and knife
xbass97x Hace 18 horas
No Kettle cooked potato chips? Shame
Will Hace 18 horas
It's freaky that the voiceover is speaking in the first person like that
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