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24-year-old chef and ESvid culinary star @Joshua Weissman is an expert in breaking down complex recipes into easy-to-follow steps, inspiring his audience to get excited about food. In this episode of #FoodDiaries, Joshua walks us through a day of eats, including the perfect avocado toast, his passion for all things cereal, and explains why a sous vide is one of the best kitchen gadgets to own.
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Everything Chef Joshua Weissman Eats in a Day | Food Diaries: Bite Size | Harper’s BAZAAR
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23 oct 2020






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pasha soofi
pasha soofi Hace 9 horas
2:09 Ill go to the ends of the earth to find good coffee *footage of espresso that flows like an old man's piss who has stage 4 prostate cancer
pasha soofi
pasha soofi Hace 9 horas
For those of you who can see what's wrong with that shot: As soon as that bafoon of a barista pressed the button that under extracted potion of sourness started to flow. Obviously the coffee bed wasn't tamped and the pressure wasn't there.
Ryan Thomas
Ryan Thomas Hace 21 un hora
He seems so genuine and kind. I love when he is so chill like this and not so informative and quick sounding like his videos.
Noodle Humor
Noodle Humor Hace un día
This video is some whiskey business.
Studio Q
Studio Q Hace 2 días
Your trainer on that special sauce for sure
Koshy Hace 2 días
He should be on James Corden's spill your guts or fill your guts
The Gasmic Tarot
The Gasmic Tarot Hace 3 días
Hi Joshua.. Hope you see this... I would like to know if you have any twist on roasted CHESTNUTS. Thanks to the man you puts the "Gasm" back into cooking and food. And, I know gasms!
Sean Cox
Sean Cox Hace 3 días
2:55 yea i cant help build a gaming pc it just comes natrually at random
RedHairedRiot Hace 4 días
Fully thought this was a 30+ year old star chef but no...24 year old. Like damn we're the same age?
AkaniTV Hace 5 días
I sure hope Lima, Peru (or really any city in Peru) is on your list of food cities to travel to. Hopefully one day!
Ashton Walters
Ashton Walters Hace 6 días
The grind never stops 100. Baha
Ashton Walters
Ashton Walters Hace 6 días
He came here and talked exactly the same. Haha.
Carlos A.
Carlos A. Hace 6 días
This cabinet/cupboard looks quite a bit different.
eilan shuil
eilan shuil Hace 7 días
Who is this Man and why is he my hero now
Kathleen Jones
Kathleen Jones Hace 7 días
Damari Johnson
Damari Johnson Hace 7 días
Its Papa
Jake Terry
Jake Terry Hace 7 días
Started watching josh's videos on FB and have so much respect for him, really great teacher and cook, but so humble and down to earth. This dude really inspired me to take cooking a little more seriously and learn to love making delicious food.
Charlyn Nishimura
Charlyn Nishimura Hace 8 días
Looking forward to the cookbook
CasualCopper Hace 9 días
Lets be honest, at 10pm, we all want to go to bed. *looks at my clock* "4:52 AM"
saraswati dharmadhikari
That's my man
Dizzle Hace 9 días
Is the recipe book called’A Wiessman once said’?
Emily Hace 10 días
He's a chef and eats cereal... why is that hilarious to me??
Emily Hace 10 días
0:32 wtf is that on the right side of the screen??
Antonio Diaz
Antonio Diaz Hace 7 días
Your Dad
BBoPPo88 Hace 10 días
4 eggs in the morning????? ? ?? ? shouldnt you have 4 eggs a week? lmao
Hayli Qt
Hayli Qt Hace 11 días
that omelette idea is genius. def trying that tomorrow
Crystal Hace 11 días
I feel like gym teachers should have some personal training behind their belt cause not EVERY persons body works the same
justin saunders
justin saunders Hace 12 días
I love Joshua
Bryce Graber
Bryce Graber Hace 13 días
Rawan Rahwan
Rawan Rahwan Hace 13 días
Cammy Feng
Cammy Feng Hace 13 días
0:28 is that babish
Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison Hace 13 días
Thank you for not turning around and making us see your manbun. ick.
Mayar Hace 15 días
“The grind never stops one hundred” - chef Joshua weissman
tomoyoyea Hace 17 días
Bleu cheese is nasty. Thank you i am not the only one.
mrahzzz Hace 17 días
I'm amused at how he seems so sheepish to bring up a microwave. It's cool, Josh. We don't expect you to avoid one of the most convenient, just fine, ways of heating up previously cooked food just 'cause you're a chef boi with a refined palette. Actually - looks like some people did expect that lol. Well.
Yellow Flash
Yellow Flash Hace 17 días
He is the Chef version of Zweback 🤣 I hope they ever meet tho. Same vibe..very funny
chloe Hace 19 días
Dear editor of this video, You are appreciated, I liked the editing on this video. Keep up the good work. Lots of love, Your Viewer
Timjim53 Hace 21 un día
how is it possible to look so smug at all times
Peasndough Hace 23 días
Ohhhh now he decided to do a cookbook huh... did he multiply a third of his subscribers by the projected price of the cookbook 👀$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Mic mic bungee
Mic mic bungee Hace 23 días
The to-do-list sounds like a good idea.
Legouy101 Jhon?
Legouy101 Jhon? Hace 23 días
Make hunger games food ex: turkey and the cookies and tea her mom makes
Kiana Cuesta
Kiana Cuesta Hace 23 días
I love him so much lol
BlockHead301 Hace 23 días
Dude I actually love blue cheese
Germanshepardmama56 Hace 23 días
Introvert Airways
Introvert Airways Hace 23 días
Where’s the damn B roll
Axel Lessio
Axel Lessio Hace 24 días
Josh: "At 10 pm you just want to go to bed, let's be honest..." Me watching this video at 10:28pm "Yes dad, sorry for sleeping late".
roots Hace 24 días
Burken Hace 25 días
Blue cheese i swear im addicted to Bluecheese
tardigrade Hace 26 días
My God, how pretentious.
Namrah Sajid
Namrah Sajid Hace 26 días
Jay Morano
Jay Morano Hace 26 días
Dude...coffee....Cheerios....skip breakfast most of the time....yes! Though I do 2 cups of pour over, black every day and almost never get coffee out.
Brandon Pegram
Brandon Pegram Hace 27 días
here for the 888 shoutout
Lone Journey
Lone Journey Hace 27 días
Great video on a great person! Also my name is Joshua too lol
Sean Redican
Sean Redican Hace 27 días
I liked josh a lot after watching this
Fiore Casiriaghi
Fiore Casiriaghi Hace 27 días
Hell yeah 😍I’m team Cheerios it’s amazing 🤩 and obviously frosties flakes 🦊 and I also like honeynut Chex cereal 🥣 anddddddd graham cereal
Toby Flenderson
Toby Flenderson Hace 27 días
The standard for who gets on this show has gone very downhill
Raptus Hace 27 días
holy shit this editing is awful
Porkipilj Hace 28 días
Why am i screaming that there isnt any effects when he is talking
Iguy Hace 28 días
Fun fact, avocado toast is around 500 calories.
Jennifer Harris
Jennifer Harris Hace 28 días
Wait....blue cheese rather than kale?? And I'm deeply disappointed that you'd choose N&O over Whataburger 😏.
nargi Hace 29 días
there is no piece of equipment called a “sous vide”.
patoto putata
patoto putata Hace 29 días
other youtubers: meditates every morning joshua: bathroom
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Hace 29 días
i love how he’s in love with what he does.. and he can be himself while doing it.. his goofy personality is the best and the reason i keep coming back
Madison Eats
Madison Eats Hace un mes
I'm just Reach
I'm just Reach Hace un mes
Where's the b roll I'm really disappointed ಠ︵ಠ
Olivia Ramsey
Olivia Ramsey Hace un mes
But which tequila?!
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Hace 29 días
Whole Milk??? You animal!!!! 😅😆
Michael Pisher
Michael Pisher Hace un mes
Josh is Papa. Papa is truth.
Kyzerii Hace un mes
E. L. Whalen
E. L. Whalen Hace un mes
No shade, but I’m a barista and I cannot handle the single shot latte 😂😂😂 Dude you set it up to be like a quad americano just black extra scorching and then you come at me with a SINGLE SHOT iced latte. Don’t talk to me about caffeine, bro, that shit is weeeaaaak.
Lowbvll Hace un mes
Eat some water beetles
Lowbvll Hace un mes
I’m going to work at 10pm lol that’s my morning
Izura Heman
Izura Heman Hace un mes
hes such a gen z. I feel like I feel like hes my soulmate 😂
Langdon Sibley
Langdon Sibley Hace un mes
He doesn’t like being called chef tho
Lucas Bajema
Lucas Bajema Hace un mes
You lost 100 pounds when you were 16?! I’m almost 16 and I’m barely 100. Also props to you man!
Jakob Schwalm
Jakob Schwalm Hace un mes
I love you for avoiding blue cheese. Finally I found someone who understands me.
BigMamaDave X
BigMamaDave X Hace un mes
Hat's off to the editor. Excellent work!👍😂😹
Zach Eun
Zach Eun Hace un mes
Never knew Daniel Radcliffe was overweight during his teenage years
andrew Hace un mes
5:22 uncle roger wya
Minimiggie Gamer
Minimiggie Gamer Hace un mes
I would purposely fly over to America (I'm in south africa) just to give him frosted flakes
S A Hace un mes
Whole Milk??? You animal!!!! 😅😆
James Hace un mes
If the cookbook ain’t called “A Weissman once said” imma get super triggered
Renzo Hace un mes
The secret with them thic²⁸ buns
nate bot
nate bot Hace un mes
someone tell me why he sounds like David dobrik 😂
avnish pandey
avnish pandey Hace un mes
0:12 most disgusting thing people do🤮🤮
v Hace un mes
Ive cooked a bunch of his recipes from his channel and just omg so good
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Hace un mes
Meat cannons Joshua still eating Frosted Flakes
planetarium relation
love u josh
Nicholas Zelfine
Nicholas Zelfine Hace un mes
888 Legendary spot! Live right around the corner from there!
No Cilantro Life
No Cilantro Life Hace un mes
Blue cheese sauce kinda slaps tho
misuyy fong
misuyy fong Hace un mes
What is your favorite coffee brand Josh?
Chenie_mim Hace un mes
Let's watch this shall we? 😏
misuyy fong
misuyy fong Hace un mes
His personal trainer looks like buff Seth Rogen
Nika's Words
Nika's Words Hace un mes
Soooo this guy expects me to buy a cookbook from someone who eats sugary cereals but no fruit? Sorry dude but you didn’t do yourself a favor with this one 🙈
Gray Girl on the Water
Omg 888! 😂 When I moved to Austin I just happened to move to the apartment complex behind it and just ate there because it was close and cheap and delicious. Then I learned it was a big deal for locals and now I take every visitor there lol
Shannon Teale
Shannon Teale Hace un mes
canon that josh and tony the tiger are bff
Anna Cox
Anna Cox Hace un mes
“The grind never ends 💯”😂😂
Luffy D. Monkey
Luffy D. Monkey Hace un mes
Wonder if Coach Greg is gonna react to this 🤔
The Jersey Comic
The Jersey Comic Hace un mes
lmao joshua wisemen community below
Haq Amar
Haq Amar Hace un mes
Yoo, this dude is only 24? I have been watching him for awhile, I thought he is close to 30 or something, I need to go reevaluate my life yet again...
SunsetFlare Hace un mes
Do you know what else you should eat in a day? B-ROLL.
erika hernandez
erika hernandez Hace un mes
The Capricorn energy lol
Mike Thomson
Mike Thomson Hace un mes
Ardentmomo Hace un mes
Meat cannons Joshua still eating Frosted Flakes
Michael Schirtzer
Michael Schirtzer Hace un mes
Josh: once 10 pm comes around you wanna go to bed you know what I mean? Me watching this video at 5 am: totally
fissch Hace un mes
His personal trainer looks like buff Seth Rogen
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