Everything GREAT About Incredibles 2!

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Incredibles 2! Most people loved it, a handful hated it. Let's see if there are any wins! Here's everything right with Incredibles 2!
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17 mar 2019






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CinemaWins Hace un mes
10:58 Annnnnd now this becomes the most important comment to pin. Julia and I are together, I see Jude every single day. I meant that I WATCH him once a week. Julia is home 2 days with him and my mother-in-law takes him 2 days. I usually have him on Mondays or Fridays. I was trying to put a positive spin on watching my son, thus, "I GET to be with him..." I see now that the wording would totally lead you to believe Julia and I are divorced. We aren't! Happier than ever! Sorry for the confusion!
Jason King
Jason King Hace 3 días
Good, because I'm sure I can speak for all of us when I say hearing you talk about Jude and Julia warms all our hearts
Loud Hace 20 días
Supporting what people do for a living is one thing folks but getting scarcely invested in a strangers personal life unless they expressly talk about it is a little weird (to my ASD brain)
Bryce Miller
Bryce Miller Hace 20 días
CinemaWins Bahahaha this is hilarious
glactaglitch infinite
glactaglitch infinite Hace 20 días
its okay people make mistakes and for that you deserve family win
Duke Hace 28 días
Honestly don't give a fuck
Bailey Boesinger
Bailey Boesinger Hace 19 horas
12:41 this is the best edit ever
Carolina Boudon
Carolina Boudon Hace un día
You should do “everything great about treasures planet”
the creeper peeper
the creeper peeper Hace un día
"Momentum, a function of mass and velocity, is conserved between portals. In layman's terms: speedy thing goes in, speedy thing comes out." I swear just you referencing portal makes me happy
KarateEmil Hace 2 días
What ever I do, I cannot get over the hair movement in this movie.
ShutUpMichael Hace 3 días
cinemawins: brad bird has mastered animated action into the spider-verse: hold my beer
Armada 2045
Armada 2045 Hace 3 días
I loved this movie. The action scenes and the animation was amazing. I’m just upset about that they wasted Screenslaver and didn’t see all his untapped potential.
Miguel Lopez
Miguel Lopez Hace 3 días
Man Void Girl was so cool. I hope we get to see more of her in the 3rd film
TR CODY Hace 3 días
You should totally do everything great about the greatest showman!!
Emma Marini
Emma Marini Hace 4 días
Do "everything great about shark tale"
Prime Box
Prime Box Hace 4 días
just eddy
just eddy Hace 4 días
elasta spidey
Richard Atheist
Richard Atheist Hace 5 días
Okay, I personally think Bob was angry with Helen because she was getting praised for stopping the train while he got sued and started the ban on supers.
Jacob Roller
Jacob Roller Hace 5 días
14 years later till we can find out what movie they went and saw
L3murL0rd Hace 5 días
My only Complaint in this Movie is Jack Jacks Eye Lasers are a Different Color
Amber dolphin1210
Amber dolphin1210 Hace 6 días
I can't be hypnotized. Trust me.
Houston G33
Houston G33 Hace 6 días
Even though this has nothing to do with incredibles. Am I the only one that loved barnyard
Hizenhawer Hace 6 días
I like how only Mr Incredible jumped at Deavors entrance. Beacouse you know, he went throu that allready. :P
ultimate boba fett
ultimate boba fett Hace 6 días
So Bob eats sound and poops lightning
Travis Silvers
Travis Silvers Hace 7 días
notice how his cinema wins counter is always higher than cinema sins counter. Like if you noticed like i did. Comment if you don't care like most people i talk to. Lol
Deadman Dave
Deadman Dave Hace 7 días
To me when Bob is tired ,he looks like Gordon Ramsey
2025James B416
2025James B416 Hace 7 días
Why not just count the entire movie as one big super win?
9 fan 4 life
9 fan 4 life Hace 7 días
I think that the Incredibles isn't really anything special. I believe that it's one if the more forgettable films.
9 fan 4 life
9 fan 4 life Hace 7 días
Fight me, bitches. I think the Incredibles isn't really that good and that it isn't even an understatement.
Larry The Lawnchair
Larry The Lawnchair Hace 8 días
Don't you mean Jack Jack the movie
Gallifreyanqueen Hace 8 días
The background character reactions are incredible as well. At 5:14, when Helen rides past 2 guys on her motorbike, one of the guys throws his arms up in a 'what the hell?' kinda way.
King Crazy
King Crazy Hace 8 días
Then again Peter is a 15 year old kid who's hasn't even had powers for 6 months While she has had her powers before violet was born and she's about 15 so Helen had her powers for about 20 years
Archie Tinker-Ives
Archie Tinker-Ives Hace 8 días
I think that the cake is a lie
Libsify Writer
Libsify Writer Hace 8 días
When secret life of pets 2 comes out can u do the first one and the second one please?!???!!
Fiona Fazbear
Fiona Fazbear Hace 9 días
6:48 sorry my friend said you have a cute laugh
Gabriel Frias
Gabriel Frias Hace 9 días
There was nothing "great" about this movie. It was good as far as movies go. But we were all disappointed. The bar was set to high with the first.
Cheshire Waltz
Cheshire Waltz Hace 10 días
I took Bob being upset that Elastigril was superheroing not as sexism but just pride, innocent envy and think about it; technically HE is the reason the supers went underground, not totally, but the incident with the suicidal man was the straw that broke the camel's back. Now here is a chance to make right what happened, to be the one who took supers out of the spotlight yes, but to also be the one to put them back in and... it goes to his wife. Who he is happy for! But he wanted to be the one to fix his own problem I think.
Matt Holderman
Matt Holderman Hace 10 días
Please do "Atlantis The Lost Empire," it doesn't get nearly enough credit!!!
Master Bidoof
Master Bidoof Hace 10 días
Please tell me that picture was Now You See Me!!
Marcus Hace 10 días
I have no evidence at all but Void feels like an LGBTQ character too me.
Addison Baker
Addison Baker Hace 10 días
One of the things I just thoight was nice is that all the adults get a train save- Bob: Golden Days flashback Helen: Her big train save in II Frozone: Underminer scene wirh the ice slide Cool!
Son0fHobs Hace 11 días
This channel is such a nice contrast to the overwhelming cynicism on the internet. Love it!
69 is Very good
69 is Very good Hace 11 días
Sassy Boi Squid Boi
Sassy Boi Squid Boi Hace 11 días
When the little girl held up the sign, at first I thought that the Screenslaver had somehow hypnotized her into writting, but I quickly thought otherwise. But, honestly, she could have written it (with that theory in place) and not have realized what it said?
Sean Buzon
Sean Buzon Hace 12 días
Please do the hidden world
That Guy In Green
That Guy In Green Hace 12 días
The funniest thing out of this film came from cinemasin’s joke of “mr incredibly sexist”
That Guy In Green
That Guy In Green Hace 12 días
Easily my favourite joke is “MATH IS MATH”
4WingsofSandIsle Hace 13 días
So I'm very late to the party but I had to comment this. I always level up Aerith. She's an amazing healer and I refuse to be so emotionally detached when her big scene happens. She's the cornerstone of my party for the entire first disc.
Jillianne Dunn
Jillianne Dunn Hace 13 días
Everything Great About Real Steel
ANDREW DAVIS Hace 13 días
pause at 9:15
Lucas Snowball_Cathug
Lucas Snowball_Cathug Hace 13 días
After a few scenes in with the Deavor’s I thought she was the ultimate villain, with him being innocent, so while you say they set it up for him to be the villian but thought it was obvious it was her, and then while Helen was still fighting the fake one, before he actually ‘forgets’ it, I thought he was a puppet, it didn’t hide things very deeply. But I loved the movie, and while I’d usually just watch these right away, I had to see this movie for myself before finally watching your video on it, and now I have, and both were as great as I expected
Maggie Everman
Maggie Everman Hace 14 días
First movie came out before I was born. I'm about to go to high school. Yeesh
Sam Holmes
Sam Holmes Hace 15 días
I just wish that Dash's powers were used more throughout the film, like when he can run on water etc. IMO he was underused
Mike anonymous
Mike anonymous Hace 15 días
My ONLY complaint or problem with the film was that they changed how... (say it with me folks) "Tony Rydinger"... looked from the first film. I understand things can change with time, but I would have prefer a design of the character that was not updated seeing as they Brough back a number of older designed characters for this film within only minor updates.
R Nickerson
R Nickerson Hace 15 días
Michael Giacchino IS always a win
bloodred255 Hace 15 días
-500 wins to this video for mentioning the Bechdel test.
Raul Dulca
Raul Dulca Hace 15 días
Can you do a ega video with back to the future, I really like and enjoy your work :))
Ryan Tiemann
Ryan Tiemann Hace 15 días
I wanna say Brad Bird is always a win
tis12nv Hace 16 días
Yooo. Thank u .I watch your show because u point out details that I've seen aswell that other miss/take for granted...... frozone being awesome saving ppl with the snow, but still showing his hand cramping. Great details
*Elastigirl is thicc* Win counter: 160
James Shields
James Shields Hace 16 días
Something I've been thinking about a lot since I saw Edna in Incredibles 2 is that perhaps her hatred of capes might be a little more personal than I had thought. After all, its made pretty clear in the first movie that SHE designed a massive chunk of the designs of the super heroes, so there is a good chance that a few of their cape related deaths might have weighed heavily on her conscience. Perhaps she feels personally responsible for what happened to them? After all, she remembers the exact name, time, and cause of the death for each of the accidents, almost as if she's been repeating them to herself to make sure she never forgets. Maybe it explains why she gets so passionately angry at the prospect of capes, because she's terrified she might cause someone else to die.
Hun Lim
Hun Lim Hace 16 días
Did you just call CinemaSins the most cynical among us? Cuz you'd be right.
Ashly May
Ashly May Hace 17 días
I just wish Dash had a bigger part to play in the movie. I loved him in the first one and it just feels like the didn't pay as much attention to him in this one.
douby day
douby day Hace 17 días
can you do a review on Storks? because the movie is so underrated and it needs more re-cognition
Erek Lazar
Erek Lazar Hace 17 días
i2 was a long time coming, and it was worth the wait IMO. You touched on this a little, saying the first was Bob's film, and this was Helen's film - Well, if you push that point forward, there's at least another 3 or 4 films they can make, focusing on the remaining characters Violet, Dash, Jack-Jack and even Frozone possibly as a spin-off later on. I'm thinking probably Dash's film next - He's pretty settled into his role, knows when something is important (like the crowd-control perimeter thing) yet is still bright-eyed and cheaky enough to find the fun in anything. He also understands his sister's mood better than Bob and heck, has probably been trying to get her to come out of that shell she had in the first film for a long time - He's so happy she got out of that funk, he doesn't even tease her as much any more! Maybe they'll focus on Dash AND Violet in the next film, bundling them together, not treating each as just as important as Helen or Bob... Maybe that'd feel less cash-grabby? Violet and Void should DEFINTELY team up, their fight was awesome and what can I say other than Portal-guns FTW! Seriously, we need more Void please! Violet's arc with Tony and fitting-in in general with supers and real life stuff could be quite interesting, she was even my favourite character in the first film, just might be too obvious story-wise. You could explore whether or not to tell Tony who she really is, though I suppose that trope has already been done over and over... Honestly no idea where her story is going next. The 'new supers' introduced and hinted at draw us into the story and give more angles for future films in the franchise to explore, even if it does start to feel like X-men or Teen Titans - I recognized a re-skinned "Mas-e-Menos" from Teen Titans and can't help wondering if it was deliberate homage or not... (if you want to look them up, watch original Teen Titans but stop short of Teen Titans GO 'cos that was such a shitty disappointment.) I already said Void was awesome - not just her powers, but her personality is also a win for me. Honestly both films do a good job of progressing an arc for every member of the family, so whoever the next one 'focusses' on should be just as good anyway. I also like that zero time passes in-universe between first and second film - Do you think they'll do the same again next time, or intoduce a time-skip of some duration or other? Can Pixar count to three? We know Valve can't ;)
Chalkie Gacha
Chalkie Gacha Hace 17 días
“i eat Thunder and CRAP lightning!” I didnt notice that in the movie xD
Sans Ventura
Sans Ventura Hace 17 días
10:44 Huh... you stride that line of liberal and ESvid conservative so well No one can peg down your political leanings Which helps your audience keep attached without feeling hurt, marginalized or ostracized because you Shane their own political leanings Very cool of you considering your... less positive counterpart, initials CS, is a lot less considerate towards his fanbase You one of my favorite ESvidrs!
David Reyes
David Reyes Hace 17 días
Spider-man is better
Adam Thai
Adam Thai Hace 17 días
I swear they made elastigirl so much more thiccc in the second movie, or she unstretched and couldn’t remember how thicc she made her self
Carson Miller
Carson Miller Hace 17 días
Not one comment about the score during the helicopter chase?
A Game Destroyer
A Game Destroyer Hace 18 días
Cinema sins is better
Killermike XP
Killermike XP Hace 18 días
Please make a video on Kung fu panda 3
Strange Scripts
Strange Scripts Hace 18 días
12:24 This is especially true for kids today. We've gone beyond candy, everyone.
ultra Beyblade Squad
ultra Beyblade Squad Hace 18 días
I never noticed a113. Only spotted one the one at the end of the movie but how could you not miss it's in big bold letters
Strange Scripts
Strange Scripts Hace 18 días
Am I the only one who didn't think Winston was the villain? It just seemed obvious to me that it was Evelyn from the beginning.
WhyLashley Hace 18 días
Deadpool 2: best sequel Incredibles: hold my root beer because beer isn’t pg
Zaid Zaid
Zaid Zaid Hace 18 días
Lol I like the root beer part
Engin MM
Engin MM Hace 19 días
Me: single fathers exist you know
Harley Hace 19 días
Jacob Pryer
Jacob Pryer Hace 19 días
when my family watched it, the shadiness of Evelyn made us call her out to be the villain. We were right. It was a lil obvious
Amelia Hall
Amelia Hall Hace 19 días
I just love how positive you are, it genuinely makes my day better every time I watch a video, which is hard considering I’m a pessimistic asshole. Thanks!
MrExtra Hace 19 días
You know, I WANTED to come in here and tell you why I don't like this channel in a witty and biting way, but there's nothing there. It's just... empty. I CAN say that this feels like a shameless rip off designed to capitalize on the popularity of CinemaSins but fails to understand the real appeal of the source material. But, you know, that much is obvious. This video struck me as being like when your Mormon cousin comes over for lunch and starts proselytizing on his way out the door. It's stupid, uninteresting, and you pointing out all the details makes it look like you're reaching for anything at all good to say about it. Incredibles 2 was a middling movie. Not good, not bad, but a lot of the rave/rant reviews are wrapped up in the nostalgia of the original. Kinda like your channel. It wouldn't have made more than a blip if it weren't for the source material.
CinemaWins Hace 18 días
That's fair. I rarely format because I hate that ESvid double spaces my paragraphs. I can't fix it and it drives me nuts. But you're not wrong. I never set out to be funny. If it happens occasionally, it happens. I actually had a line in my first response to you about how I assume you see Sins as a comedy channel, which a lot of people do. However, at this point, there are a lot of people who are tired of the joke and believe they're doing real harm. I don't buy into that completely, but they definitely blur the lines between satire and sincere criticism. That's neither here nor there. This is my fault. I've never made a trailer for the channel, never explained what I'm doing unless it's to someone like you. It's true that I end up caught between comedy and a real review. But honestly...it's working for me...? People like it? So I keep doing it. I think the delineation between my jokes and actual commentary are pretty clear, but I'm sure it's not for everyone. To say what I'm doing here, it's evolved, well, more like shifted. I started out as a straight parody and tried to cheat and embellish the way Sins often does as a deliberate antithesis to them. I've pivoted to a basic concept (that I need to spell out in a trailer someday.) That is: Every movie is someone's favorite, even Battlefield Earth, I want to put the blinders on and figure out why. That's my basic premise. I started out doing only hated or underrated films, but people asked for films they loved. I did one, it performed well, etc... I still try to mix it up, but my best performing videos will always be box office hits. Doesn't mean I won't do Equilibrium or Fantastic Mr. Fox or Sunshine... I won't make much money but I enjoy exposing those movies to my fairly large audience. At this point, I don't feel like I'm at any kind of crossroads. I no longer care the Sins even exists really. I don't know how to say this without sounding like a pompous ass, but I don't really need them to exist anymore. Not to lump you into the vitriol I used to/occasionally still get, but comments like yours have become once a month(ish) at this point. When Deadpool went viral it was multiple comments an hour for weeks, maybe even months. But those people don't watch me now, and the occasional "hater" for a lack of better verbiage, is converted 80% of the time. Meaning, 8/10 comments I get from someone with your basic starting point usually say something to effect of, "I thought you were a ripoff but you are actually really different and I like it." Something like that. What I'm getting at in all that is that our audience cross over is pretty small at this point. Which means I do exist without them to a large portion of my audience. And I'd be happy to do this with my current audience for the foreseeable future. But it's still growing anyway. What you see as a muddled mix is just my video style now. The format is a glorified list, let's be honest. I think I understand what you mean by a "comedy format" but at this point that may be just your confirmation bias as someone accustomed to Sins content? (That's all said with falsetto inflection because I'm not really sure.) But my #1 priority will always be celebrating the movie. And in the last year, my references to other things and "non" wins have dwindled in number because the vast majority of my fans seem to enjoy a genuine celebration that largely ignores the problems. Even if I briefly go over things I disliked in the end. Also, come on, the majority of Sins jokes are puns. I used to laugh, but the hatred that comes across in some videos (satirical though they'd claim it to be) sours the moments of levity for me. I'm not saying you shouldn't love and laugh at Sins. 1.5m people/day agree with you. It's just no longer my cup of tea. Apologies this is stupid long. And don't count how many times I said "at this point."
MrExtra Hace 18 días
+CinemaWins Ouch. Nicely done-- and I mean that. That was a good retort. I don't agree with it, but it was a good retort. Didn't expect the response. Could use some formatting but... I kid. You were angry. I get that. I think you misunderstood my 'empty' comment though. I did want to hate your content. I just couldn't find much to grab on to. It was never about the movie, even with the sins channel it's not about the movie. I agree with many of your comments about the animation and cinematography. You took a deep, insightful look into the movie as it was produced and rightly saw that it was made with a high attention to detail and non-verbal story telling. The biggest reason I made the 'empty' comment is because it failed to make me laugh. It got a few chuckles, but that was mostly from the clips themselves rather than your commentary. It feels like you've dropped yourself halfway between a review and a 'sins' video and as a result you've left me unsure of how to frame the experience. CinemaSins doubles down on the absurdity and thus succeeds. You're muddling around at a crossroads. CinemaSins is a comedy show with some commentary on film making and society. What I see here is something with the format of a comedy and the tone of a review. And not enough of either to decide what it wants to be. Would Incredibls 2 be considered a better movie if it wasn't being compared to the original? Yes. Would CinemaWins? I don't know. It doesn't feel like you've nailed down what you're trying to do here.
CinemaWins Hace 18 días
People with your opinion used to bother me when I first started. I mistakenly took it all to heart even though it never occurred to me at the time that anyone could possibly care about a format so much. But now I know that, not only do people like you not understand CinemaSins at all, which makes it impossible for you to understand my channel, you also have no clue what it takes to make videos or a successful channel. "Reaching for anything at all good to say" is literally the point. Just as "reaching for anything at all bad to say" is the point of Sins. I just happen to not have to lie like them. But then you revealed your true issue. You don't like the movie. I saw the original only a few years ago so nostalgia wouldn't play a part. Also, I'm in my mid-30s so it wouldn't be a childhood movie anyway. But go ahead and name another channel that's achieved my level of success and longetivity as a "shameless ripoff." You Sins fanboys always surprise me. As if you think Sins came up with the end all be all format to talk about movies. It's so...strange that you care this much. What's your goal here? To try to make me feel bad? It's cool if you don't like my content, but don't pretend like you believe formats are tantamount to content. You format purists are a special breed. Be sure to let every Let's Play-er know they owe it all to...oh right, no one cares who was first. (I'll be honest, I do enjoy how you tied your disdain for the movie into your disdain for me with that source material line. Although it's flawed because both Incredibles 2 and my channel would have performed better without the source materials. Still, you almost seem like you're probably not a complete dummy. Just so wrapped up in Sins you can't see the forest for the trees.) Consider this me proselytizing on the way out the door. I only bother responding because I have to believe people can see how silly they were being. You'd think calling it empty would sting, but you're outnumbered on that one. Same with stupid (but you know that) and uninteresting. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but maybe try a video for a movie you do like? I don't know, I don't need to convert everyone, so do what you will. My guess is that you only watched a few minutes anyway. I'll keep grasping at my blip of a channel until you come around.
Thank The Moon
Thank The Moon Hace 19 días
I can't say this is Helen's movie, because it's really not. Sure she accepts the role of superhero when it's presented; but she doesn't grow as a character. She ends as she started, having not grown into a new person on the journey. The same can't be said for Bob, who grows as a parent. His job took him away from his kids in the past and now that it doesn't, he has to grow into the dad role all over again. He makes mistakes that are his fault, Helen makes mistakes that are out of her control.
Big Oofer Blogs
Big Oofer Blogs Hace 19 días
4:11 Jack-Jack replay cam
Roberto Cortez
Roberto Cortez Hace 19 días
Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium
Joey Vancleve
Joey Vancleve Hace 19 días
Yes this film was the second best animated film of 2018 the first goes to isle of dogs .............. (Spider verse sucks)
teatus no one
teatus no one Hace 19 días
reinboots dont protect you from the monsters it attracts them
rohit wayne
rohit wayne Hace 20 días
For sure it was john wick wass
rohit wayne
rohit wayne Hace 17 días
+darkecofreak23 but was going to happen but at it place into the spider verse happend my theory
darkecofreak23 Hace 17 días
rohit wayne Has he not done EGA John Wick?
Shadz Gamez
Shadz Gamez Hace 20 días
5 A113s. 113. 1+1+3=5
JOSH CHIMICH Hace 20 días
Funny, I actually predicted that she was the villain as soon as I saw her, and that the brother wasn’t involved. My mother looked at me in awe as soon as the ‘’reveal’’ happened and asked me, how the hell did you know? My answer: her design. She just looked too rough around the edges in a film where literally everyone looks either perfect or goofy.
yeetingboy Hace 20 días
*ok so i thought deavor was the bad guy but i was close yknow*
KAIsibs Does Gaming
KAIsibs Does Gaming Hace 20 días
14:34 Aerith from FINAL FANTASY VII?
Brad Harlander
Brad Harlander Hace 20 días
Elastigirl clicked the motorcycles shift lever into first even tho it’s an electric motorcycle and they don’t have gears
redassassin 52
redassassin 52 Hace 20 días
I would only call this movie a cash grab if there wasn’t as much detail. Almost anyone who watched the first movie wanted a sequel to see how the underminer panned our. It’s a great series and I’ll watch all the future installments as long as they pay attention to detail like they did in the first two.
StormyD186 Hace 20 días
12:40 PORTAL QOUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nicole Hace 20 días
"she knows *their* capable"
Demi God
Demi God Hace 20 días
Are we not gonna have a THICC counter for this movie ?
OWEN Vazquez
OWEN Vazquez Hace 20 días
160: This movie and its predecessor are the best cinema iterations of the Fantastic Four.
Legends of SuperFlarrow
Please do American assassin, I loved it so much
project ekko
project ekko Hace 20 días
slow it down to max at 9:15 her eyes tho
REDandBLUEandORANGE Hace 20 días
It felt like mr incredible got nerfed a lot
PlayWith Domination
PlayWith Domination Hace 21 un día
13:04 They kinda look like the two annoying siblings from HTTYD
Ali F
Ali F Hace 21 un día
9:16 NOT the Best time to pause
Ender’s Channel
Ender’s Channel Hace 21 un día
They need to have some kind of short where Frozone is the main character and he is fighting the underminer
Saber Knight
Saber Knight Hace 21 un día
I do like how 15:57 he’s talking about how this movie is not a cash grab while there’s a clip of Underminer is robbing the bank and Mr. Incredible’s surroundings being inundated with cash.
Hi People
Hi People Hace 21 un día
You should have taken one off for Evelin, even though her name is a little clever she is way to obviously the villain
The official Jude Corp YouTube Channel
I'm not a parent, but I am my baby cousins favorite. Even before her grandma and her own parents. But the way to get a toddler to take off their rain boots is wait until their asleep then you slip them off slowly. Worked for me.
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