Everything GREAT About Jedi: Fallen Order!

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What? a reupload? I'm wanting to clean up the channel and make viewing sessions more enjoyable. I tried some multiparters twice but if you've seen my RDR2 video, you can see that the trend didn't stick. And hey Obi-Wan is coming out soon so what better time to get excited!

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26 abr 2022






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GamingWins Hace 3 meses
What? A reupload? Some people have expressed not loving muti part videos and I'm not a fan of them either. You've probably noticed I stopped doing them entirely. So I just wanted to clean up the channel a bit and make viewing sessions more enjoyable. Pizza everybody!
Diane Winchester
Diane Winchester Hace un mes
There is a way for humans to hack each other, it's called hypnotism.
TheVergile Hace un mes
cough cough, also youtube premium revenue, cough cough
Ryan Edwards
Ryan Edwards Hace un mes
If you want a game that makes you feel like you are lightsaber dueling. Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy really made you feel like a Jedi too. Assaulting Korriban in Academy and fighting Desann at the end of Outcast made you feel like a Jedi.
Ryan Edwards
Ryan Edwards Hace un mes
Droids...emotional issues? K2SO....then BD....now....NBD1 from "Obi-Wan Kenobi"....oh man....those little things are the Datas of a Galaxy far away....
Liam Sulli
Liam Sulli Hace un mes
You can get another pet on zeffo but to get it you need force push
Lucks4Fools Hace 3 meses
I remember seeing Vader and was like: “I’m so fucked” and when the fighting started it was like “Where the fuck is his HP bar!!!?”
Gabriel Henson
Gabriel Henson Hace un mes
@Nuka Scotia yeah i was just like "oh holy shit it's vader!" *swings once but gets easily blocked* "i don't think i can fight vader bro, is the door open? Oh it is, I'm getting the F U C K outa here!"
He’s Not Bad
He’s Not Bad Hace un mes
A health bar implies having a chance
Your Opinion Is Invalid
Honestly that was one of the best parts of the game because all you can do is run
EmanonGaming Hace un mes
Litloom 123
Litloom 123 Hace un mes
It was actually terrifying to see Vader in game damn man is so op he doesn’t have a health bar
aj lange
aj lange Hace 3 meses
they really made Darth Vader feel invincible, and im here for it
Shellshock The Lagiacrus
@Urticantspoon99 fun fact. You can also play kotor on your phone. You have to buy it for 10 bucks but that is also an option. I've been thinking about getting it tbh
CT Orrin
CT Orrin Hace un mes
Meanwhile the kenobi show, as we watch Vader get his as wooped
Lightfire398 Hace un mes
I won’t lie. I didn’t even try to fight him. I just went “nope” and proceeded to GTFO
Jud502 Hace un mes
Yeah! Your here for it!
Urticantspoon99 Hace un mes
@Mr. Wednesday zack was referring to the two games before Star Wars The Old Republic. Kotor(where you play as an amnesiac darth revan) and the unfinished but released Kotor2 where you play as Jedi Exile Meetra Surik, who the Jedi council had stripped the force from, and throughout the game you slowly regain force abilities. Both games use stat sheets and background dice rolls that you don’t see as the player to determine the damage of your abilities. They were Xbox exclusive though I’m sure you can find them on PC, and I know there is a mod for Kotor 2 which has the rest of the games content (mostly the mod finishes u finished side quests that give interesting rewards). SWTOR(the game you were talking about) is the mmorpg meant to be the sequel to both of those games, that flopped hard, but made somewhat of a come back with a new audience and DLC, some people who played KOTOR do play SWTOR but idk the statistical percentage.
King Booomer
King Booomer Hace 3 meses
The portrayal of Vader in the main media is how characters SHOULD be treated: with respect and with continuity to the lore. Vader is Sidious’s Lieutenant, and the Dark Lord of the Sith. Average padawans and jedi knights SHOULD NOT be winning against him and portraying Vader as an ethereal personification of the dark side is perfect in that era
Commander862 Hace 4 días
@Obi-Wan Kenobi I don't think Ahsoka could. While she is powerful, I think she isn't nearly as powerful as Vader. I think she is as powerful as Kenobi, at best, and the only reason that Kenobi would win is because of his fighting style. While Kenobi fights defensively and methodically (he frequently takes more passive fighting options so as to maintain his energy, waiting for his opponent to make a mistake or get tired), ahsoka chooses a style that is far more athletic and aggressive. In short, Kenobi could win because his fighting style is so defensive and maintains his energy. Ahsoka cannot win because her fighting style is aggressive and energy draining. Also, she is definately not as powerful in the force as Vader. Pretty much noone is.
Cass Hace 24 días
@Mjute Yes.
Mjute Hace 25 días
​@Cass 90% of the characters have plot armor
thecisco1939 Hace 28 días
@xLanzer Darth Vader wasn't in his prime yet there and his mindset was killing a pest even though Galen Marek isn't which took Vader by surprise. Ultimately Vader underestimated Galen and payed the consequences. In TFU 2 the stronger clone of Galen needed to surprise attack Vader to win as in the novelization of TFU 2 Vader was too powerful since Vader during for the stronger clone of Galen. At best normal Galen was Mace Windu level at prime maybe slightly above Mace Windu. Palpatine easily disposed of Galen and Vader at his prime was more powerful than Palpatine in the force in canon. Legends Vader isn't as powerful as he lost most of his potential and is only 80% of Palpatine's power at best but is still enough to be more powerful than Galen as said in the novelization. But Canon Vader nearly reached the full potential to the chosen one which means that canon Vader would absolutely demolish Galen. Btw Galen is in legends so he only defeated Legends Vader under special circumstances.
xLanzer Hace 28 días
@thecisco1939 ... But he did beat Darth Vader. Almost killed him (and killed him in the dark side ending)
Joe Bennett
Joe Bennett Hace 3 meses
Vader shows up Doesn't bring a health bar Holds back the ocean Refuses to elaborate further
William488 Hace 2 meses
Sigma grindset
Douxx 101
Douxx 101 Hace 3 meses
I love how when we see Vader, just like most of the other times we see a character that is currently too strong for the player, a ''wall'' starts to separate us to save us by preventing the fight (like with Trilla and the red energy wall), but when we expect it to keep us safe from him, he just slams that shit open to get to us.
storm_shadow-210 Hace un mes
That whole thing about Vader being weakened by losing limbs isn’t canon anymore. The suit he wears is made to be intentionally uncomfortable so Vader would be made to suffer as much as physically possible and in turn, resonate with the Dark Side as much as physically possible. It was all done to strengthen his connection to the Dark Side as much as possible.
DANIEL M. Hace un mes
@_RealUnderscore_ the suit AND his lost body mass, while still insanely powerful ( with the suit enhancing his physical strength to the near maximum ) his connection to the force was greatly reduced because of the midichlorians he lost when he became an amputee.
_RealUnderscore_ Hace 2 meses
@FlyingPenguin And it's crazy thinking Sidious nerfed him with the suit...
FlyingPenguin Hace 2 meses
@Arihant Jain Only a few can match his force power, and only a few can match his combat skills. Even fewer still that can do both. He’s just stupidly powerful.
Arihant Jain
Arihant Jain Hace 3 meses
this is probably the best way to handle the mythos of vader. a powerhouse who is matched in lightsaber combat and force strength by a mere handful across an entire galaxy. the fact that he just rips everything in his way to shreds with nary a thought is icing on top.
Bryan Lemmens
Bryan Lemmens Hace 3 meses
I noticed that when you look at Vaders entry in the codex it actually says "Running is the only hope for survival"
TheUberedREDSpy Hace un mes
@Bren Tenkage Added note: If spotted, do NOT open fire
Bren Tenkage
Bren Tenkage Hace un mes
Added note: Does not work in hallways
Jamie M
Jamie M Hace 2 meses
'hope' not guarantee, which is a great way of putting it.
supersasukemaniac Hace 3 meses
actually, according to Respawn, they kept EA as out of the loop as they could when making Jedi: Fallen Order.
Nathan Doran
Nathan Doran Hace un mes
Ben Napier ikr? I can’t tell if that’s the grand inquisitor or someone of the same species as him. I’m just happy to see more inquisitors.
Ben Napier
Ben Napier Hace 2 meses
Thank God that’s why the game was good 😂and it’s getting a sequel have any of you guys seen the trailer it was awesome
Nathan Doran
Nathan Doran Hace 2 meses
Jamie M
Jamie M Hace 2 meses
If so, it worked very well. Now if they can keep EA out of Mass Effect's development from now on........
Aggelikos 88
Aggelikos 88 Hace 2 meses
@Milosh Drown what? Explain
Shoopy Doopy
Shoopy Doopy Hace 3 meses
I love how the feeling of being an overpowered Jedi badass is ripped away from you once Vader comes into frame
duff Hace un mes
it throws you off your high horse at break neck speed lmao
giggityguy Hace 3 meses
One of the many things I like about this game is that Cal is a playable Ataru user without feeling ridiculous. It's such a distinctive style of saber combat that is really easy to make it feel floaty and magical, but his movements have weight and feel real.
My schnoz hurts
My schnoz hurts Hace 24 días
Fun fact: that move that wins says is smooth as hell? Is frowned upon by both the dark and light, jedi see it as dishonorable and deceitful, and the sith see it as unsportsmanlike and cowardly
JohnnyStyle300 Hace un mes
@Aaron Rayner Man I would love to have some curved saber Form II fighting
freakyfrog Music
freakyfrog Music Hace un mes
@Aaron Rayner that would be nice to see but to my knowledge Mace Windu was the only jedi to use vapaad as he was the one who created it. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
BroadKiwi Hace un mes
Man, imagine if in the second game, Cal starts practicing other forms, giving you the option to choose.
Crucible Hace un mes
I thought it was just a variation of Shii-Chi.
JAC 073
JAC 073 Hace 3 meses
The VA for Cal is actually a pretty well accomplished actor with a starring role in Shameless and he also played a main villain in Gotham on Fox for years. I could definitely see him showing up in a Disney plus series
That Ain't Falco
That Ain't Falco Hace 15 días
He also plays a joker stand in in Gotham
Arai See
Arai See Hace un mes
@Ben Kim Meanwhile in other franchise, Joker became Vampire, while Vampire became Batman.
Stoxxy Hace un mes
Also Malcolm in the Middle as Dewey's friend Chad
trulytobi Hace un mes
i knew the face looked familiar
Brayden Thornton
Brayden Thornton Hace un mes
Well, he didn't show up in Obi-Wan Kenobi. But apparently Jedi Survivor takes place during the same time as the Obi-Wan series, so maybe a reference or even a cameo perhaps??
Dey Hace 3 meses
"Enjoying things is so much better than hating on them." And this is why I watch channels like this one and CinemaWins, instead of CinemaSins and the like.
Lou Sassole
Lou Sassole Hace 15 días
I agree. There aren't too many videos less fun to watch than ones with Dartigan and his soulless, monotone whiny voice.
Just_Delta-25 Hace un mes
@Emmy JR eh I'm more willing to forgive wins because they are being positive and even if random stuff that doesn't make sense, it's usually still stuff that people can enjoy. But the sins channel is negative and when you're focusing on negative aspects of art/film, you have to make sure it's either something that's not enjoyable or something that's legitimately wrong.
Ironica Hace 2 meses
So true. I think honest trailer does a much better job at making fun of films than CinemaSins.
Ironica Hace 2 meses
@Tomáš Ševčík The issue is that it has been shown that his actual reviews and his videos are the same.
Tomáš Ševčík
Tomáš Ševčík Hace 2 meses
@Just_Delta-25 Well CinemaSins isnt a legit movie critic channel. The videos are made for fun and its really exaggerated.
Cloo Viewer
Cloo Viewer Hace 3 meses
I just realized something in the game: The giant creatures (the giant bird on Kasshhyhk and giant bat on Dathomir) you come across remind me of the Mortis gods seen in the Clone Wars, the Light daughter (which its beast form is a giant griffon/bird) and the dark Son (whose animal form is a bat/gargoyle).
panzerfalcon Hace un mes
same! I finally am watching the clone wars and i thought the exact same thing
Crucible Hace un mes
Yoooo you're right!!
Kentucky fried Clash
@Cloo Viewer that’s why I said Kashhky has a balance, thanks for being so chill
Cloo Viewer
Cloo Viewer Hace 2 meses
@Kentucky fried Clash not just darkness but death. Though there are always pockets of Darkside energy on many star wars planets like Degobah. Even on Kasshhyk, in the Shadow lands where it is dark and filled with a number of creatures that wanted to kill and/or eat Cal or any inhabitants.
Kentucky fried Clash
@Cloo Viewer brought* mobile sucks lmao
GH09159 Hace 3 meses
I love atrilla's reaction to vader entering the room. Her shaky breath that she's trying to stabilize tells us everything we need to know. She knows that she is fucked. Dead. Donezo. finito. she doesn't say a word, nor try to run, or fight, because she accepted her fate the moment she felt his presence in the force, and is trying to die with a little dignity
DisSuede Hace 2 meses
She is held in place. She literally can't move. Fear, sure, but that is not why she isn't moving.
Machado Hace 3 meses
Your reaction to Vader made me laugh SO hard, you literally said all the words that came to my mind while playing that sequence (and yes, most of them were curse words). It's, like you said, one of the best Vader scenes ever (tied with his hallway scene in Rogue One, but that's a whole different media field). Keep up the great work!
Sean McFadden
Sean McFadden Hace 3 meses
I agree that the AT-ST and AT-AT are mechs. They have limbs and are piloted. That's my definition.
Akray Bothorda
Akray Bothorda Hace 3 meses
@Bazbo Bibbins - *Diogenes has entered the chat
Celestael Hace 3 meses
@Bazbo Bibbins I understood that reference xD
Bazbo Bibbins
Bazbo Bibbins Hace 3 meses
AT-ST is a featherless biped and therefore a man.
Justin Nelson
Justin Nelson Hace 3 meses
When Tepal gets shot and sees Cal cowering, and uses that as strength to take out more clones and save Cal is my favorite part of the game.
soul reaper magnum
soul reaper magnum Hace 3 meses
@TwilitLloyd that's true, it's just that the comment in the video about cal using force slow for the first time made me realize that a lot of the times when a jedi pulls off something big it's because they "tapped in to the dark side" so it made me wonder if jaro did the same. also there really needs to be more instances of what you said, a jedi/force user tapping in to there emotions for a bust of power and it not be this big "keep doing that and you'll fall to the dark side" thing.
TwilitLloyd Hace 3 meses
@soul reaper magnum he certainly tapped into his emotions, but I don’t think it’s really the Dark side unless you either wallow in it or use it in self interest. Remember that you can’t feel compassion without passion.
soul reaper magnum
soul reaper magnum Hace 3 meses
reading it like that almost makes me want to ask: did jaro tap into the dark side, there?
Lance Gaming
Lance Gaming Hace 3 meses
20:17 I'm so glad you noticed the ungodly amount of salt, I laughed my ass off at this scene.
SeltrixBL Hace un mes
Jason Campbell
Jason Campbell Hace 3 meses
8:09 So it's safe to say that, like most first time players, it took him a while to defeat the first of these big frog things. Which is fair as it's placed early on in the game and the player isn't fully ready or equipped to deal with this type of enemy. Really does let you know what kind of game you're in for. And that the comparisons to Dark Souls are valid.
Litloom 123
Litloom 123 Hace un mes
Funny enough I did it first try to be honest if you learn it’s attack patterns and a lot of dodging you can beat that thing pretty easily
DudeMan2805 Hace un mes
@SkilletMan I cheesed the albino spider on kashykk by accidentally jumping in a puddle seconds before it’s charge attack
Joshua Watts
Joshua Watts Hace 3 meses
@SkilletMan I did that with the rabid jotaz at the venator crash.
SkilletMan Hace 3 meses
Funnily enough, I completely cheesed that stupid frog by abusing the AI limitations on arena space. Made it much easier, but not very honorable
Justin Cummings
Justin Cummings Hace 3 meses
26:25, this line immediately made me realize that even if Cal took up Malicos’s offer, it wouldn’t be any better. “You and Me.” Two there shall be, no more no less. A master and an apprentice. The Rule of Two.
Justin Cummings
Justin Cummings Hace 24 días
@My schnoz hurts possibly
My schnoz hurts
My schnoz hurts Hace 24 días
Having 2 Sith orders would be interesting, would cal be more like the ronin if malicos was killed?
Justin Cummings
Justin Cummings Hace un mes
@Joaquin Gamarra why thank you.
Joaquin Gamarra
Joaquin Gamarra Hace 2 meses
Holy fuck I love this comment
ZSU-23-4 Shilka
ZSU-23-4 Shilka Hace 3 meses
Fun fact: You know that door Prauf walks through before the initial Venator flashback? Well, if you press the button to open it 66 times without turning around, you can hear Darth Sidious ordering the execution of Order 66.
Insight Hace 24 días
@My schnoz hurts I mean I'm glad he's still in Star Wars cause he's fantastic
My schnoz hurts
My schnoz hurts Hace 24 días
@Insight can anyone? As long as they stay true star wars will always be good, we do not speak of the Disney ones
Insight Hace un mes
@ZSU-23-4 Shilka Of fucking course it's Sam Witwer! That man just can't get enough of Star Wars
ZSU-23-4 Shilka
ZSU-23-4 Shilka Hace 2 meses
@Jamie M I have that patience. Also, Sam Witwer voices Sidious in the game.
Jamie M
Jamie M Hace 2 meses
who had that kind of patience? or did the devs reveal this secret easter egg?
Kayvon Bashar
Kayvon Bashar Hace 3 meses
It’s so weird watching someone go to the planets in the “right” order. I’ve played all the way through 3 times and go to Dathomir first for the double lightsaber every single time
Jordan Read
Jordan Read Hace 2 meses
I actually like it how you have 3 ways to get the double bladed lightsaber upgrade. 1. Dathomir for those who want to challenge themselves in the early game by going to later level before the obvious "first proper level". 2. Bogano after going to Zeffo for the first time (as you need the force push ability). For those who like exploring over a challenge 3. Kashyyk for those who just want to go through the story. Clearly the levels from Bogano round 1 up to the Ninth Sister boss fight can be done with the single saber only. That includes the intimal part of Dathomir. As you can explore it before fighting the Ninth Sister. However there are places where having the double bladed saber makes it a lot easier. Such as when you have multiple stormtroopers shooting at you. Since you can reflect multiple shots instead of the one per "parry". So you get rewarded for either challenging yourself or for backtracking and exploring by having a better option for multiple enemies in the one space earlier than you would've otherwise.
Tyra Kristiansen
Tyra Kristiansen Hace 3 meses
We didn't get it until we got the crystals heh, it felt so much more powerful
agent00puffball Hace 3 meses
I got mine on Dathomir and learned literally today you can get it elsewhere.
Liam Fairhall
Liam Fairhall Hace 3 meses
I did the exact same thing but i think it made bogano way to easy
Joshua Watts
Joshua Watts Hace 3 meses
I always go it on Bogano. I literally didn't even know you could get it elsewhere!
Siddhant nair
Siddhant nair Hace 3 meses
When Vader showed up It came out of nowhere but honestly I felt just as scared as any jedi probably would have been while facing him... just felt defeated already like we can't do anything to win and that was pretty awesome
Parry Hace 2 meses
because you already know how he is defeated by episode 6, anything before that is a sure W by vader. and that's scary.
Nicholas Falconer
Nicholas Falconer Hace 3 meses
I was terrified when I first saw him, and it made the game feel so much more interesting. The link between the player and Cal was so much more immersive than most character and player links.
Shiftry Hace 3 meses
Yeah Cals respond to Vader telling him to surrender hade weight behind it. Cal was scared shitless there he knew he hade no chans to win that fight. And i may be wrong here but apart from that shadow story told earlier i dont think Cal hade even heard of Vader or how powerful he trully was.
Grotus Hace 3 meses
This game is a huge deal especially since this was allowed by EA. It might not make as much money as their microtransaction heavy always online multiplayer games, but it's one of the rare moments when something genuinely good was made by a AAA developer with minimal influence from the publisher. It's honestly one of the best video games of the past decade and I'd love to see a sequel so I can give Respawn more of my money.
Jamie M
Jamie M Hace 2 meses
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2..........coming soon.
Big Bird
Big Bird Hace 3 meses
Gotta retroactively add a win for Malikos, he actually does do the creepy ass laugh when you go back to talk to him. Also, absolutely love your videos man, keep it up and hope you're doing well.
Travis Cummings
Travis Cummings Hace 3 meses
Once again, since the Jedi have the Jedi Mind Trick, doesn't that technically count as "hacking humans"?
LeoHyuuga Hace 2 meses
I definitely thought about that, and Cal's "I would feel weird about hacking humans" line seemed to explain why there weren't any Jedi mind tricks in any cutscenes.
BlueDuck 569
BlueDuck 569 Hace 3 meses
When I watched my younger sibling doing parts of his play through, I came across him doing the fight against Trilla and saw he was having difficulty against her. When he finally beat her I heard Vader's breathing, I just look at him straight,and said "Well... you're fucked." He just shook his head because we just know how terrifying Vader actually is in Star Wars.
owen diaram
owen diaram Hace 3 meses
Another win you missed is that there's a (covoluted) way to avoid the three bounty hunters. If you pull it off, you skip that entire level and just get back to the ship absolutely fine... story continues as if you never got captured which I think is some good attention to detail
Alex Martinez
Alex Martinez Hace un mes
@owen diaram Sweet. I also know that they had dialogue that basically stated there would be bounty hunters hunting Cal while he was out doing whatever he did in the galaxy. Adding in stuff like that is just great.
owen diaram
owen diaram Hace un mes
@Alex Martinez No, you can do it all without console commands. I don't remember how exactly but there's some way you can get around one of the domes of the bounty hunter before you even start the fight
Alex Martinez
Alex Martinez Hace un mes
Is it through console commands or is it through actual gameplay, cause I’d love to try it out if it’s the latter. I play on Xbox for context.
Heishirosuke Hace 3 meses
“Can you imagine humans hacking other humans?” Allow me to introduce you to the Ghost in the Shell franchise.
Plantain Same
Plantain Same Hace un mes
@SentiNel090 My thought exactly when they said hacking humans I just went these are not the droids you are looking for
Diana Barnett
Diana Barnett Hace 2 meses
Mind tricks. The one Jedi use of the Force I've always been uneasy with.
Jamie M
Jamie M Hace 2 meses
@TealJosh Also, if you raise the lip of a step just a fraction of an inch; most people will trip. This was one trick used by engineers who built castle fortifications in Europe. Along with slanted and uneven steps, too.
Mark Hace 2 meses
Jedi can mind trick the weak-minded. Cal can hack other people.
TealJosh Hace 3 meses
@SentiNel090 Also, let me introduce human hacking, or in other words: Social Engineering. Simple example: You casually say to your partner or parents during breakfast - "I'm kinda craving for fast food". Then after long work/school -day - "Should we order takeout?". Statistically you are far more likely to get positive answer if you prime the idea earlier in the day.
Imaginary Corgi7
Imaginary Corgi7 Hace 3 meses
7:47 Yeah, this always bothered me too… I mean less than a foot behind him sits an elevated platform that may be slightly dryer than the puddle.
Imaginary Corgi7
Imaginary Corgi7 Hace 3 meses
@TheDisneyLover58 Swamp ass does not make it any easier to run. Although what do I know? One of the greatest Jedi masters put up with literal swamp ass for nearly 20 years.
TheDisneyLover58 Hace 3 meses
To be fair, after being hunted for most of your life wet pants mean nothing. They will dry as I run from people trying to kill me!
dhamon45 Hace 3 meses
Travis Willingham did such a good job as Master Jaro Topal. It took me a while to recognize the voice, whereas at other times I clock his voice immediately
The Greedy Wolf
The Greedy Wolf Hace 2 meses
Thats Travis Willingham?! To me it sounded like Troy Baker through an evil filter
Gamer_13_Online Hace 3 meses
Fucking awesome vid. The hype for FO2 is building. The whole Vader part just brought me back to when I played through it. So. Fucking. Awesome. Also I love this cast especially Merrin. My question how powerful would the child of Merrin and Cal be? Ooft. For a sequel i hope they add a bloody palace and proper decapitation/dismemberments.
Jamie M
Jamie M Hace 2 meses
@Wyatt Hyland Some games have an optional setting for gore and dismemberment. Maybe they could shoot for that? I don't know enough about game development to know how feasible that would even be, though.
Mister Bones
Mister Bones Hace 2 meses
@Wyatt Hyland well Force Unleashed 1&2 had dismemberments and decapitations and it was T
Gamer_13_Online Hace 3 meses
@Wyatt Hyland yeah. But its not like there needs to be blood gushing cause super hot things cautarise wounds. So have it be textured like charcoal... But yeah i suppose light up bats will have to do
Wyatt Hyland
Wyatt Hyland Hace 3 meses
As interesting as it would be if they did, I really doubt both Respawn and EA would change the sequal to be R rated when the first game was only pg-13 (I think? Not sure but I’m guessing that’s what it was)
Firestone Animation
I was also afraid when I saw that Vader lacked a bar. I was thinking "wait wtf-" Like we started off as nothing but a Bracca scrapper. Barely survived the two encounters against Second and managed to take down the Haxion Brood as well as taking down Ninth, reconnecting with the force and even completely destroying all the troopers and 2 AT-STs on Ilum. Then you take on The Fortress and take down Purge Troopers, heavies and literally everything they had in their arsenal. Then you take on Trilla and once you beat her, you feel powerful, like a true fighter. Then Vader comes in and be like "Yeah so I'm God."
Dillon Evans
Dillon Evans Hace 3 meses
I still love how in one of the most serious moments if the game, Greez is just making me bust a gut with his salt intake
Tom Dean
Tom Dean Hace 3 meses
31:21 Every time. Every damn time. Chills down my spine bro, god this game is so good.
Red spartan
Red spartan Hace 3 meses
I hope in the next game they improve on the battle grid it'd be fun to have AI battles
Evan Baker
Evan Baker Hace 3 meses
Honestly my biggest surprise of this game was that Cal lived at the very end, when Vader showed up I totally expected him to destroy the holocron and then Vader off him right then and there.
My schnoz hurts
My schnoz hurts Hace 24 días
@Jamie M no, but that stab would have critically injured cal, its likely they used several stims in his sleep to keep him stable. Vader never really tried(maybe against luke or obi wan, but he wasn't Vader against obi wan the first time)
Jamie M
Jamie M Hace 2 meses
Do you feel like Vader was really trying, though?
Robert Fancyman
Robert Fancyman Hace 3 meses
Best depiction of Vader in the entire franchise, bar none. And yes, that includes Rogue 1.
Plantain Same
Plantain Same Hace un mes
He went from I don't like sand it's coarse and rough and it gets everywhere to this Puberty hit Ani like a truck
joe claridy
joe claridy Hace 3 meses
I don't know Rogue One and Fallen Order are tied in my book.
Sebastian Aguilera Fernandez
The best depiction of him is on the empire strikes back
The Destroyer
The Destroyer Hace 3 meses
Kevin H. Pilgrim
Kevin H. Pilgrim Hace 3 meses
This game was the first time I was genuinely scared from him. Like actually yelling while I ran away, 🤣
Bluejay1388 Hace un mes
I love how respawn gave the clones a personality and makes them more human like the stormtroopers
itss mooney
itss mooney Hace 3 meses
Another great thing you forgot to mention is that Trilla was terrified of Vader, as the grand inquisitor said in rebels, ‘there are some things more frightening than death’.
Madelyn Pryor
Madelyn Pryor Hace 3 meses
Cal instinctively using Trakata, a many thousands year old technique, was absolutely badass.
Andrew Swartz
Andrew Swartz Hace 3 meses
I love how more and more media is creating the fear in the viewers that Vader commands in his universe. Also that entrance gives me chills every time I see it
Sircreepington9th Hace 3 meses
One of my favorite parts of this game is that you can go to Dathomir right after Bogano with no objective and just explore. Even better, you can get the double bladed lightsaber super early. Of course, the planet is very difficult to get through at this point, but it’s so rewarding.
Argisus Hace 3 meses
ngl the vader bit was great, just "oh well I can't fight...... RUN" kind of how most jedi felt dealing with vader XD
Digitaldevil69 Hace 3 meses
I love how differently Vader treats fighting against Kal or Cere. With Kal it's just brute force and almost zero effort, with Cere there's some technique and precision going on with his moves, and he swings the lightsaber much faster
rudi van aarde
rudi van aarde Hace 3 meses
Loved the optimism. Wish we had more in day to day live. Missing it more the older I get. That's why I love you videos. The positivity. Optimism. Thanks bro
Enlight_ Hace 3 meses
5:10 She’s stalling, not shooting to kill. She knows Trilla will have to prioritize not getting shot, hence she takes her time deflecting and evading each one while making sure not to arrogantly charge forward too fast to deflect the next one. The faster she approached the blaster bolts, the faster they approach her… relatively. She’s her pupil, so she probably knows Trilla won’t actually let herself get shot.
Enlight_ Hace 2 meses
@Jamie M idk tbh. Perhaps she’s conflicted…
Jamie M
Jamie M Hace 2 meses
Why didn't Trilla deflect the blaster bolts back at Cere, or at Cal's back, though?
Mr. Crabman
Mr. Crabman Hace 2 meses
4:10 is my favorite part in the whole game. Just how Trilla barely reacts aside from saying “Fascinating”. Gives me chills every time
Noah Linnik
Noah Linnik Hace 3 meses
My favorite part about this game was the combat... it was so satisfying and you really felt like a jedi wielding a lightsaber.
MajorLeagueZombie Hace 3 meses
when i first played this game, i rage quit about halfway because the level design and hard to progress missions sort of were too much for me. it's not the game's fault at all, it's my fault for being terrible at it. but now i see just how freaking awesome this game is through others. so thanks, internet.
Norbert Sattler
Norbert Sattler Hace 3 meses
23:11 My head-canon is that no power is inherently good or evil and that the dark-side and light-side comes from how they are used. Also many powers that the games split apart, would be the same kind of power applied in different ways in real life. For example force lift, pull, push and choke are all variations of the same principle: telekinesis. The difference between pushing, pulling and lifting is just the direction. And choke is selectively applying the telekinesis to just part of the body, rather than the whole. But even if you consider force-choke a seperate and dark-side power, there's still ways to apply it in a good way. Would it be dark-side to use the very same technique to constrict the stump of a severed limb to prevent the person from bleeding to death for example and thus save a life? Or on the flip side, even traditionally light-side powers can be used for evil. Imagine a prisoner being tortured within an inch of his life. Now they bring in a force-user to heal them up again, so they can continue to torture the prisoner for as long as they wish, without even leaving them with the release of death. Is that kind of healing light side? And why is literal mind-control even light-side to begin with? Taking control of another person's mind and body seems like the ultimate violation to me. *waves hand* "You want to give me all your life-savings, even if it means you and your family will starve to death"... yes, so very, very light side. But back to force-slow: I don't get why this was ever considered dark-side. Seems like there are more ways to apply this for non-lethal - i.e. light-side - solutions. And it's the opposite of the traditionally neutral force-speed. As for canon: In the movies they never talk about light and dark side abilities. Seems to me like the concept came first from games and people just took it too literal, instead of recognizing it as just the game-mechanics it really was to the point where it even found it's way into books.
Averagegingernut Hace 3 meses
I've recently in the last month or so played with game for the first time! I bought it on a whim as it was on sale. Easily the best game I've played in the last five years!
ZeldaMaster_9000 Hace 2 meses
31:44 love how Vader just casually waves his hand and fling Cere to the side. 32:02 also love how he only needed one hand to stop the GINORMOUS pillar. This game just shows how fricking powerful Darth Vader is.
KingGaara Hace 3 meses
As someone who has loved the HU for years I'm so glad to finally see them getting recognition I literally jumped out my seat when i heard it in game
Voltaic Fire
Voltaic Fire Hace 3 meses
Yes! Single player, honest, no awful greedy MTX, well written games are the best. The industry tried turning away from them because the ones they were making were filled with suffocating greedy MTX _(not that any MTX is acceptable,)_ that is what was choking the genre and not the fact that they were single player.
FAFNIR Hace 3 meses
That frog on the first planet. I’ve never been so pissed on one boss. So I’m glad we had the same reaction
Joseph Michaels (The Adventurous Joe)
i absolutely enjoyed this game, my fell in love with it just from the trailer for it, the music scores, the characters, all of it was just too damn perfect. my final judgement on it has and always will be a clear 10/10. can't wait for jedi survivor to come out next.
Alex Hunter
Alex Hunter Hace 3 meses
16:15, Gordy Haab sounded so familiar. Then I realised that Gordy Haab also composed the music for Ryan vs Dorkman 2, a famous Star Wars fan-film. That's awesome. He went from composing a fan film to an official Star Wars project. Good on him. Also worth noting that Ryan Wieber went on to work for LucasArts as a VFX Artist.
Daniel Pickering
Daniel Pickering Hace 3 meses
This was such a great game, I've just recently replayed it again as I've not long got a PS5 and with the game having an upgrade I wanted to 100% the trophies again, something that was much easier this time around as I knew what I was doing. So the thing about this game, is that this was a GOTY candidate IMO but it got railroaded by the game awards due to when it came out after the cut off day which was bogus IMO. Then when it could be included it was against Last of Us Part 2 and Ghost of Tsushima so it had no chance. There are a lot of great moments in this game, I love the characters and how they come together, Greez was hilarious and I liked how he changed over the game, BD was of course a game stealer, the cute little droid that goes along with the likes of Grogu and Baby Groot. I liked the relationship between Cal and BD. Vader's appearance at the end of the game was amazing, the fact that he just is impossible to beat, you get to the point when you are night invincible. When facing Trilla at the base, I was running circles around her and Vader basically just goes hold my beer, much like he did in Rogue One. Vader was a reminder on just because you are highly skilled doesn't mean you are unbeatable he's a reminder that you will never be the strongest and it was so awesome. I remember when I first saw it, I had goosebumps and was shivering as it was so awesome. It just shows how iconic the character is and why he will always be one of the greatest characters in history. As for some of the others I liked the chemistry between Cal and Merrin, it's unfortunate that she came in late to the crew but she found her way. I like how she is more like the down to earth character though she does have a funny moments especially when talking with Greez. I hope we get to explore her in the sequel. Overall this was a great game with many great moments, I loved the character of Cal and the other characters. I even liked many of the side characters, the only character I felt could have done with some development is the Ninth Sister, she barely does anything in the game and I would have liked to explore her a bit more, but overall this game was great and should have been given the opportunity to be GOTY
Shatterpoint Hace 3 meses
Pretty sure the Ninth Sister will come back in the sequel. The entry for her says something like “She’s gone for good now… Probably.” Definitely hinting at a return
Howler452 Hace 3 meses
"The saber should have cut off it's foot immediately" It's made of Disney mandates 😂
MADNESS Hace 3 meses
You know, it's kinda funny. Cal moves kinda like Andrew Garfield's spider-man. Wonder if they'd ever put Cal to live action....
iRTiMiD Hace 3 meses
Some nice headcanon I have: So in canon, Red lightsaber crystals aren't natural and are created by committing acts of evil to "bleed" a Jedi's crystal. Chances are if Malicos was stranded on Dathomir, they're still the same lightsaber crystals he had as a Jedi - just bled from all of his misdeeds.
Liam Fairhall
Liam Fairhall Hace un mes
@Taegan Evert because she doesn’t fit the requirements of a guardian jedi
Taegan Evert
Taegan Evert Hace un mes
@Liam Fairhall How did Rey ruin yellow lightsabers?
Liam Fairhall
Liam Fairhall Hace 3 meses
Same with any colour lightsabers though even green,blue or yellow but they ruined yellow when Rey got it
SilentFangirl Hace 3 meses
I can see that.
Toa Arcan
Toa Arcan Hace 2 meses
I love that they didn't go straight for the Imperial March with Vader. They brought it in when he ambushes you in the corridor, but they go with _Anakin's Dark Deeds_ at first, and that really suits the feeling Vader's appearance evokes.
Dmc Fan
Dmc Fan Hace 3 meses
Everytime I hear obi-wans message I get chills cause we all know right now he’s out there living alone as well by force to protect Luke
Nuchimon Hace 3 meses
I really loved you're take about bringing positive people into your life. I have struggled with that a lot and doing just that has been a huge help for me. That needs to be talked about more
Michael Leyden
Michael Leyden Hace 3 meses
This game was amazing! Probably my favorite star wars experience in years. I really hope we get a sequel.
Evanxbdlt Hace un mes
Jedi survivor babyy lets gooo
Jamie M
Jamie M Hace 2 meses
We are. :)
Mikey White
Mikey White Hace 3 meses
I gotta say, I feel like the saber combat being slow or fast depends on the era. Old Republic era has always felt more like faster and more brutal lightsaber fights, because the Jedi and Sith always fought against each other, but as time went on and there were less and less Sith and less fights they went more for the elegance side of things.
Ghostly52 Hace 3 meses
I love that the night sisters are believed to think the Jedi are the ones who attacked because Grevious had blue/green lightsabers
Jesse Stumpf
Jesse Stumpf Hace 3 meses
One of my favorite channels rn I love every video, I love how personal you make it also. You give words to How we all feel about these beloved games
volpe Hace 3 meses
Can i just say i love that they didn't Simply use the imperial march for when vader shows up instead they use Anakin's dark deeds which honestly i think is perfect as Vader's theme it's perfect
Crucible Hace un mes
I never noticed that but you're right. Imperial March wouldn't have fit either. It doesn't have the grandiose that is befitting of Vader's entrance
RollTheDiceStudios Hace 3 meses
When I first saw this, I thought GamingWins was starting to lose it's touch and was going to no longer come up with good videos. Then I realized that there was a guy who thought this game was so good that he could come up with a whole new video talking about how good it is when he already made two. GamingWins is an epic chad. That or I'm just a sucker for Jedi Fallen Order. Edit: Just realized I was the 69th comment. (I think) nice
Mauricio S
Mauricio S Hace un mes
That "where's his health bar" line was exactly how everyone felt and shows how much of a boss Vader is
Daniel McLean
Daniel McLean Hace 3 meses
The really ironic thing about the Vader bit, is that he probably would have destroyed the holocron anyway. (Reference: The comic where Jocasta Nu dies, and he destroys a similar list)
Zachary Wimer
Zachary Wimer Hace 3 meses
I'm so happy I found your channel. I absolutely love how you take the game sins formula and spin it to the positive as well as how genuine your commentary is. I'm going to go binge some more of your videos. Thank you.
mariemiel Hace 3 meses
I actually really love the photorealism of the voice actors. It helped me to recognise Cal's voice as actually belonging to Cameron Monaghan :D
Trope a Dope
Trope a Dope Hace 3 meses
Genuine question: how is force slow a 𝘴𝘪𝘵𝘩 ability? Like all it does is impede the motion of a target.
James Rorick
James Rorick Hace 3 meses
Just minutes into this and i want to replay the game. Such a masterpiece
RE4PER Hace 3 meses
I just recently played through this game again and it blew me away again. I just love everything about it.
Mabe Hace 3 meses
Honestly, I love your videos so much. Given the nature of your content being based around video games I think I'm not alone in saying that I'd be very interested in watching playthroughs where you play some games like this with commentary. Of course that's easier said than done but eitherway, great job. You have an Egyptian fan!
Ian Sadler
Ian Sadler Hace un mes
Played this game last year and easily went up to one of my all time favourites, also love the focus on Greez during that food scene lmao
MoonlitDragon100 Hace 2 meses
I love how they made Vader a god in the eyes of everyone else! Cere runs at him and just a light wave and she goes barrelling down to what almost killed her! Cal had no option but to run! if he did anything else he would have died! Vader is my favourite Sith because of his god like connection to the force and it makes you wonder what would have happened if he never lost to Kenobi!
Lewis Reed
Lewis Reed Hace 3 meses
I. Love. This. Game. I had been wanting a good story set in the star wars universe and we got it. The bonus was the combat was fluid and we finally got a game with lightsabers that didn't feel clunky to play. Going against vader was incredible, just the absolute fear he can instill in you was amazing as much as I love him as a villain all I wanted to do was run away when I heard the breathing
Samuel (The Pride of Africa) Robinson
The Malicos fight in this game was my favorite 1-on-1 by A LONG MILE. So much so that I added the recording of it to my ESvid page. This game had, hands down, the best saber combat in all of the SW games to date. And, I don't know exactly why...maybe because of the planet hopping in your personal ship...but it gave me some serious Knights of the Old Republic vibes the entirety of my playthrough. Also...I notice you didn't, but after I got Cere's saber, it only ever felt right from then on out to have Jaro's hilt and hers together to form the double edge. I didn't use any other combination. And I wouldn't be surprised if the creatives behind the game (and Disney proper) consider that saber combination/creation cannon for future games and media.
owen parris
owen parris Hace 3 meses
One of my favorite details is how you can see Illum on its way to becoming Starkiller Base! I love how they really connected all the eras in this game.
Shadow Critias
Shadow Critias Hace un mes
31:10 his reaction to Vader from this to 32:49 it's so priceless lmfao my favorite part was "Ha- I'm glad we're saf- WTF" lmfao
EbGame1995 Hace un mes
31:23 to 32:13 literally my reaction, i was so happy that i didn't have to fight him like a full on boss with no health bar, but was still scared at the fact he showed up at the end.
Shy Pony
Shy Pony Hace 3 meses
29:45 killed me with this XD love your videos, always, never stop being yourself even if your the only one to appreciate a good joke
Joe Rexhausen
Joe Rexhausen Hace 3 meses
My favorite part of this remains the hijacking of the AT-AT and blasting everything w/ great joy. I want more info on the sequel so much right now, thankfully w/ it being Star Wars month now there should be more coming soon at the celebration later this month. Having my favorite color for a lightsaber, which is orange, as a choice was so great.
california Hace 3 meses
this is possibly my favorite game ever, i just loved everything about it
Adam K
Adam K Hace 2 meses
I want to see more of the other characters helping in the game levels, all they ever did was sit and wait at the ship, even just having Merrin talking to us and lifting the platforms was fun.
MemeLord BatGroot'n'Yoda
14:23 Wish I had know going into this fight that I only needed to get them down to half. Thought I needed to turn down the difficulty
Olle Hace 2 meses
I am so excited for the sequel, this is one of my favorite games of all time
Fabián Rodríguez
Fabián Rodríguez Hace un mes
Just finished the game and when Vader appeared I thought "welp, I guess he just kills me and game over", I actually took my hands off and died the first time. Great game, absolutely loved it. And loved this vid too, first time I see your channel recommended!
truegamer boy
truegamer boy Hace 3 meses
I loved this game and completed twice I love the fact that when you do new game + you get more things than if you just did a normal new one and I am excited for jedi fallen order 2
godly gaming chair
godly gaming chair Hace un mes
Everyone’s reaction when they beat oggdo boggdo was similar to yours! Great content keep it up!
Gabe's Games
Gabe's Games Hace 3 meses
Vader is given all the respect and fear he deserves. Amazing game.
Xlr8rify Hace 3 meses
I loved this game so much I 100% it recently. Can’t wait for the sequel
InsideAssassin2 Hace 2 meses
What I really enjoy about Cal being mo capped is that it allows for us to possibly see him again in one of the TV shows on Disney+
Bully Maguire
Bully Maguire Hace 3 meses
28:22 I believe cal used a lost lightsaber form. One where the user turns on and off their lightsaber to gain advantages
Blonde Boi
Blonde Boi Hace 2 meses
I remember when I finished the 2nd sister fight after an hour and was like "FINALLY" and then Vader came in and the only thing I did, was cry. I had no stims and I was super low on health and I didn't know what to do and during the entire "fight" I was in such a panic just sweating and messing up controls and stuff just trying to survive.