Everything Wrong With Happy Gilmore In 18 Holes Or Less

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With the US Open golf tournament upon us... "why not sin a golf movie?" we thought. And so we did. And it's Happy Gilmore, an early zany-era Adam Sandler movie that is stupid and funny and sinful as hell.

Thursday: Sins of an a really terrible animated sequel.

Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?

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14 jun 2021






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Comentarios 2 662
C Perkins
C Perkins Hace un año
Man. CinemaSins is definitely a golfer. This was 75% golf sins, 25% movie sins.
Axel Foley
Axel Foley Hace 8 días
@screeching ducks ....that stars Billy Madison and Apollo Creed, lol. Not meant to be taken seriously.
Joe Bob
Joe Bob Hace un mes
"Time in golf!"
Divoky95 Hace un mes
Roll credits
In Plain Sight
In Plain Sight Hace un mes
@Danielle Thomas much smaller channels have many writers,narrators,editors etc It might’ve started small but I guarantee you they have at least a dozen people now. Why do you think these channels get worse as time goes on?
Jeff Heyer
Jeff Heyer Hace un año
Still think Ben Stiller is the funniest random character in this movie.
Joshua Lester
Joshua Lester Hace 21 un día
@Josué Garro he has random funny cameos in Tenacious Ds Pick Of Destiny and Orange County too. He plays a funnier cameo than lead man.
Restore Technique
Restore Technique Hace 23 días
Good news everybody, we've got 3 more hours of arts and crafts time
Eastcoast Grandison
Eastcoast Grandison Hace 2 meses
Mr. Mutou
Mr. Mutou Hace un año
You sure you didn't mean Bob Barker? Lmao them hands was legendary😂
Slim Brady
Slim Brady Hace un año
@Josué Garro Yea but I'm not just talking about Ben Stiller having cameos in general, I mean he makes a cameo as the character he plays in Happy Gilmore in Hubie Halloween. He works at an insane asylum in the movie.
DD Form 214
DD Form 214 Hace un año
One of my favorite exchanges from this movie: "They wouldn't let me play on the pro tour anymore." "I'm sorry, because you're black?" "Hell no! Damn alligator bit my hand off!" "OH MY GOD!!!"
Branden Maddigan
Branden Maddigan Hace 3 meses
Just how he said “HELL NAW “ lmao
A. D.
A. D. Hace 4 meses
“You’re pretty sick, Chubbs.”
Jimmy Plenderleith
Jimmy Plenderleith Hace 5 meses
At Chubbs funeral - "Grizzly Adams did have a beard"
K T Hace 6 meses
"I got one a that bastards eyes" haha. Carries it with him. Best Sandler movie
skins4thewin Hace 6 meses
I remember watching this back in the day with my Grandmother who happened to be a HUGE Bob Barker fan, & I've never seen her laugh as hard as she did during that fight scene lol. One of the great memories I have with my Grandma, God rest her soul.
Andrew Taylor
Andrew Taylor Hace 5 meses
grammas really are treasures!
Phobos Hace 9 meses
Anyone who’s spent serious time playing golf knows how ridiculous this movie is But yet we all love it nonetheless
Lexi Atel
Lexi Atel Hace 9 días
It's basically a parody of the sport 🤣
Mike Pastor. K
Mike Pastor. K Hace un mes
The same amount that Waterboy' was to football.
Thomas D1980
Thomas D1980 Hace un año
I heard Christopher Mcdonald loved playing Shooter McGavin because not only did they hired a golf pro to teach him (free of charge to him), but since the movie came out he pretty much never had to pay for a game of golf
Tony H
Tony H Hace un año
@libradawg9 yeah and there's his reoccurring role in Law And Order. Any big star on that show is always the worst. It really just comes down to the fact that he's a cool guy. No matter the role, his coolness just comes through. I wish there were more like him. Actors who just love to act are a dying breed.
libradawg9 Hace un año
@Tony H What about his role in the show Psych? I was hoping he would be this total dick but all he really did was bust Shawn and Gus for being Shawn and Gus. Good thing he was cheating on his wife, lol.
More Movies
More Movies Hace un año
Makes sense!
David Reynolds
David Reynolds Hace un año
@Ethan Livemere GOOSE MCKENZIE NO!!
Kratoscallofduty Hace un año
He basically plays the same character now on "Mr. Iglesias".
Jesse Chisholm
Jesse Chisholm Hace un año
This video is the equivalent of the guy that sees a magician and says "That wasn't really magic."
studio732jrl2 Hace 24 días
The biggest sin here is Cinema Sins, who (like most of the time) does not even grasp the most important plot point... Even in a comedy movie, made for kids to be able to watch. Happy's fault is not that he can't putt. It's that whenever Happy makes a mistake or gets upset, he flips out and melts down- which is WHY putting consistently jams him up. Literally every negative action Happy commits is as a result from this. Chubbs literally comes out and SAYS it, "you can't putt ANGRY!", yet Cinema Sins is too busy inventing sins and then self contradicting them- without noticing- to not notice this.
John B
John B Hace 5 meses
As a life long golfer, the one thing I always notice is how actually good Happy's swing is. Aside from the running start, everything else is fundamentally sound.
Jason Passaro
Jason Passaro Hace un año
I always thought it was really badass when Happy says to one of the other golfers "The pathetic thing is you have been golfing your whole life"...
supersasukemaniac Hace un año
the year this move came out, Pro Golfer Ian Poulter actually started running up to drive the ball, and actually did get decent results from it.
studio732jrl2 Hace 24 días
@kyle stoddart Looks like he deleted his comment 😂
Brian Buckley
Brian Buckley Hace 2 meses
kyle stoddart
kyle stoddart Hace 8 meses
It is illegal to run up to ball before shooting. Why lie bro? Im pretty sure he didn't. Comment made me laugh out loud.
Paul Mercer
Paul Mercer Hace un año
Pretty sure he didnt.
Brady S
Brady S Hace un año
"The price is wrong, bitch" continues to be my favorite quote whenever I'm watching the show
ZGlove Hace un mes
@TheBoomhahaha The show they are referring to is Happy Gilmore.
YoylecakeOfficial Hace un mes
@TheBoomhahaha the garfield show
TheBoomhahaha Hace un mes
What show?
ZGlove Hace 2 meses
@phillychick Your opinion is your own and you should not feel bad.
YoylecakeOfficial Hace 2 meses
"You eat pieces of shit for breakfast?"
Kb Hace un año
“You hit that guy” “He shouldn’t have been standing there” 😂😂😂
Alvex Ok
Alvex Ok Hace 6 meses
Yeah 😂😂
B D Hace 11 meses
Happy has PTSD from losing his father at a young age. He has trouble with rage and reenacts the trauma through his love of hockey. Finding out his grandmother was going to lose her home instigated Happy's fear of loss and induced a panic episode where Happy dissociated and essentially had a giant cope-dream where he can save her through his father whom he lost . Theres hints throughout the movie that it's not in our reality and is meant to be from the non-real perspective of Happy's dissociated identity as his father. The first hint is the camera glass being broken. To show, we are not viewing from the actual perspective, but through the broken identity formed when his father died. There's even the archetypal angel black gentlemanly spirit figure that mysteriously mentors the protagonist. Within the movie is also The Holy Trinity. The Union of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost being represented by Adam's grandmother. Adam Sandler is a genius and will always be misunderstood because he doesn't have the same arrogance other genius storytellers have. He doesn't expose what he hides beneath the veil. Life is a series of increasingly deeper symbols. I'm high but I'm accurate.
The Frugal Videogamer
There's an old saying regarding the whole Frankenstein thing. "Knowledge is knowing that Frankenstein is not The Monster. Wisdom is knowing that Frankenstein *is* the monster."
The Frugal Videogamer
@Bart Scanland Nah, that's knowledge - Wisdom is knowing it's *also* pronounced "Froderick".
Bart Scanland
Bart Scanland Hace 4 meses
Real wisdom is knowing that it is pronounced Frahn-ken-steen.
Earl Lee Ruhf
Earl Lee Ruhf Hace 6 meses
@DoubleITman i read the book at fifteen and knew Victor was a horrible man.
Oishii Kudasai
Oishii Kudasai Hace 8 meses
@AhstTraotee : D. That is hilarious and perfect.
AhstTraotee Hace 8 meses
@Oishii Kudasai And charisma is being able to sell that tomato-based fruit salad.
Baloo Uriza
Baloo Uriza Hace un año
8:50 That was the actual Golf Channel logo at the time of the movie, and the Golf Channel had just both recently launched and was (and is still now) owned by Universal. Odds are the Golf Channel didn't actually brand their cameras.
illMac Hace un año
I love that this was written by a real golfer. The critiques are just so visceral.
illMac Hace 23 días
@studio732jrl2 LOL
studio732jrl2 Hace 24 días
@D'angelo JacobHymenShits In the interest of fairness, golfers aren't real athletes either.
studio732jrl2 Hace 24 días
The biggest sin here is Cinema Sins, who (like most of the time) does not even grasp the most important plot point... Even in a comedy movie, made for kids to be able to watch. Happy's fault is not that he can't putt. It's that whenever Happy makes a mistake or gets upset, he flips out and melts down- which is WHY putting consistently jams him up. Literally every negative action Happy commits is as a result from this, yet Cinema Sins is too busy inventing sins and then self contradicting them- without noticing- to not notice this.
Dan Schratz
Dan Schratz Hace un año
@Proteinasaurus Rex Rawr imma dawnasawr Really? I play golf and I'm pretty sure at least most of the things he said were correct.
Lil Pakistani
Lil Pakistani Hace 10 meses
Sin this video every time he refers to tournaments as “tourneys”, also sin it every time he complains about the grass, another sin for casually dropping he has connections to pros, and another just for how triggered he was the whole time. Total sin count: 450 yards
Boston Blue Collar Stiff
"My fingers hurt" "What was that?" "My fingers hurt" "Well now your back is gonna hurt because you just pulled landscaping duty,anybody ele's fingers hurt?"
GreenHornet1379 Hace un año
Didn't think so
Joshua Lester
Joshua Lester Hace un año
What a tremendous looking trophy.
Alex Reilly
Alex Reilly Hace un año
That bit well reminds me of the sergeant guy from malcolm in the midle getting that other job with all those retirees and giving em shit
Cody Minner
Cody Minner Hace 5 meses
It's funny that the "Happy Gilmore" swing actually does add distance to your drive. You lose a lot of accuracy (who ever hits the fairway anyhow), but 10+ yards is a commen gain doing it. Multiple golf youtubers have proved it, while trying to disprove it.
D Camp
D Camp Hace un año
During the final round, Happy is wearing an orange shirt and gray pants. On the drive he hooks into the woods right before he talks to grandma and then finds his happy place, he's wearing a gray shirt and orange pants. It's always driven me crazy.
None Hace un año
25 years later, that Bob Barker scene is still absolutely hilarious.
Leo B
Leo B Hace 4 meses
@Mister T everything in comedy has been done it's how you execute those tropes that makes it funny and the bob barker fight is hilarious, the way he keeps repeating those left jabs
None Hace 5 meses
@Mister T Yes, his one and only accomplishment in life...
Mister T
Mister T Hace 5 meses
@None apart from the fact he is.
None Hace 5 meses
@Mister T Calling Bob Barker "the old person" just exposes your ignorance.
Cool Hand Luke
Cool Hand Luke Hace un año
The anecdote about Chubbs losing his hand should have gotten a sin off.
Everlena Oliver
Everlena Oliver Hace 10 horas
The fight with Bob Barker is the most iconic scene, and I love it.
Noah Hace 4 meses
It’s actually been proven that the running start does actually increase distance although it is rather hard to hit the ball like that
TheJoGeLu Hace un año
A running start actually does help with driving the ball further. However the downside is basically no accuracy which is why pros don't do it, obviously. Source: Sportscience episode I watched in Highschool
craigore2011 Hace un año
In summary, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Happy Gilmore. It is a classic masterpiece above any and all criticism.
studio732jrl2 Hace 24 días
The biggest sin here is Cinema Sins, who (like most of the time) does not even grasp the most important plot point... Even in a comedy movie, made for kids to be able to watch. Happy's fault is not that he can't putt. It's that whenever Happy makes a mistake or gets upset, he flips out and melts down- which is WHY putting consistently jams him up. Literally every negative action Happy commits is as a result from this, yet Cinema Sins is too busy inventing sins and then self contradicting them- without noticing- to not notice this.
Jane Smith
Jane Smith Hace un mes
Well said, truly a classic.
Cato Black
Cato Black Hace 3 meses
I’d add 10 sins just for the fact that they somehow started auctioning his grandma’s pretty much the same day as the last day and had an auction crew out there setting it up. As a guy who worked in auctions we wouldn’t start setup until ALL paperwork was settled.
Steven Schiro
Steven Schiro Hace 5 meses
everything about this movie is perfect. Bob Barker actually credited this with getting the new generation into the price is right also, i love all the lee trevino cameos
Palace Of Wisdom
Palace Of Wisdom Hace un año
The point of the mini golf was to get Happy to stop putting angry, which Chubbs articulates in the clip shown in this video!
POGveteran AR
POGveteran AR Hace un año
Happy Gilmore and 90’s Adam Sandler are pure gold
Liam Klein
Liam Klein Hace un año
I’m sensing a LOT of salt about their accuracy to Golf, I’m guessing CinemaSins is a secret major golf fan
candysday543 Hace un año
배경미 Hace un año
Not secret at all. He's made it pretty clear. Which is a sin within itself
Kory Mulanax
Kory Mulanax Hace un año
They do sinweek at Topgolf
Dog Off the Leash
Dog Off the Leash Hace un año
@Can0spam so you're fine with getting a drone through a hole by piloting it, or shooting the golf ball into a bucket through a shotgun counting?
Zack Hace un año
@Timmy M Bruh he just making fun of the movie. Relax.
Gizbo Hace un año
Always thought it was weird how the opening shot of the green there shows the beetle already having crashed into the tower although it doesnt happen until later on.
Hayila Malfoy
Hayila Malfoy Hace un año
13:33 this is always going to be one of my favorite scenes in cinematic history😂
Kev Masengale
Kev Masengale Hace 5 meses
That Bob Barker fight is one of the greatest scenes in cinema history!
Skullzyy Hace 2 meses
Literally everyone who has learned golf from an older man has had the “its all in the hips” hug
MSA 454
MSA 454 Hace 2 meses
How could you miss one of, if not the biggest sin in the movie. The VW bug in under the TV tower on day one of the tournament when he's not even hit by it until the next day or day after that.
Randos Welcome Podcast Channel
This was a good call. I have already watched this one five times simply because happy Gilmore is so rewatchable.
Orum S.
Orum S. Hace 2 meses
I’d like to find more information on that “happy place” scene with Julie. It does look like he just copped a feel and it’s fucked up if that’s the case.
G Sici
G Sici Hace un año
This is your best content in a while. Very accurate and funny. More videos ie this one, please
Really Now
Really Now Hace un año
Sure this is not a perfect movie but it is one with a fair share of laugh out loud funny scenes. "The price is wrong, bitch!"
TheClintonMichael Hace un año
@G-Unit1111 especially since Stiller’s role was uncredited. For shame CinemaSins!
I Gave Lia HIV
I Gave Lia HIV Hace un año
You will go to sleep or I will put you to sleep
Shaun Young
Shaun Young Hace un año
It's not perfect, but damn it makes me disappointed with what Adam Sandler has done since then.
Bigpimping 1999
Bigpimping 1999 Hace un año
It’s pretty perfect for a Sandler comedy !
G-Unit1111 Hace un año
No sins off for Ben Stiller as the crazy nursing home resident? That was one of the funniest parts in that movie.
Thomas Miller
Thomas Miller Hace un mes
I have hit a happy shot that I just happened to hit perfectly, and surely got an extra 100 yards further than I’ve ever hit a ball. Granted it’s probably like 1 out of 500 tries you’ll hit it perfect but it is awesome. Probably break some drivers too lol
albinobluesheep Hace 3 meses
"I'm removing 5 sins for this masterpiece" flawless logic. 100% onboard
A. Playa
A. Playa Hace un año
I gotta be honest here, as many times as I've seen this movie it's the first time I've ever seen the opening sequence. Usually I catch it when he's at the team tryouts 😂
Nick Coleman
Nick Coleman Hace un año
I don't think that anyone anticipated Shooter McGavin would become this memorable after all these years. Christopher McDonald really brought that character to life.
Alex Reilly
Alex Reilly Hace un año
Yea it's weird, Happy Gilmore may be the first thing I ever saw him in, then when I saw him in Hackers 2, I was like woah wtf
Brian Kornau
Brian Kornau Hace un año
How could you not sin the fact that at the beginning of the last tournament the Volkswagen was already under the tower before the scene were happy gets hit. Those two scenes are my biggest pet peave.
Ironic Ugandan
Ironic Ugandan Hace un año
I LOVE happy Gilmore but I will be the first to admit it's a product of it's time more then a good movie.
Jack Towers
Jack Towers Hace 11 meses
I’ll admit the one sin about removing the heckler is accurate
Minigun Jay
Minigun Jay Hace 3 días
Something else you may have missed is, the Volkswagen that hit the tower was rear engine so it’s odd that the front exploded
Troy Martin
Troy Martin Hace un año
Not gonna lie, if there were no sins removed for the Bob Barker fight and the "you eat pieces of shit for breakfast?" Line, I was prepared to riot.
JNL JNL Hace un año
@Couch what scene is that line from?
Couch Hace un año
"The price is wrong, bitch!"
Sonny Fox
Sonny Fox Hace un año
Why don’t I go eat some hay, I make things out of clay and lay by the bay what do you say
libradawg9 Hace un año
NO! Shooter sure knows how to make a comeback.
The Happy Gilmour technique has been proven to actually helped hit the ball further.
Silvos Hace 8 meses
How was there no sin for the way she yells "Happy look out!"? It's easily the most unbelievable part of the movie.
Holy Hace 11 meses
There are long drive competitions in golf and they actually do that two step approach that happy does. Saw some guy smash a ball over a lake it was kinda cool
Matt Allred
Matt Allred Hace 5 meses
It is virtually impossible for us to play the first two holes without dropping a happy Gilmore reference
B4RL Hace un año
There's no winning scenario in that Bob Barker fight. You're either the guy who got beat up by an old man, or the guy who beat up an old man.
Oishii Kudasai
Oishii Kudasai Hace 11 meses
Like game of thrones with daario vs jorah.
VonBlade Hace un año
Pedro Rodriguez has entered the chat.
Ashton Merritt
Ashton Merritt Hace un año
Frankly, I understand why people Jeremy's age might lose respect for happy getting his ass kicked, but I'd also see it as a reason to rediefy bob barker
Markmagician2 Hace un año
He was trained by Chuck Norris so....
Bryan Liguori
Bryan Liguori Hace un año
Same as with a woman, or a kid I guess
BelviGER Hace un año
4:00 I did train with a polo player once on the driving range. Our trainer decided not to change his long game because that would be a loosing battle, and instead concentrated on his medium and short game Dude was one of the few people with a handicap as shit as mine who was able to outdrive me
Nirakolov Hace un año
When it comes to late 90s comedies... I think one of the best and most underlooked is Nothing to Lose
Gary Elder
Gary Elder Hace 5 meses
Fun fact: Larry Nelson fought in Vietnam, came home, picked up a golf club for the first time and became a professional golfer. So Happy Gilmore being a good golfer the first time he picked up a club is not a far fetched as it sounds.
TaylorGang Hace 5 meses
Pro golfers have actually shown the running start is a way to hit further. The issue is that it’s hard to repeat and be consistently accurate.
Eyoresmadness Hace un año
Bob Barker actually gave up a much larger part in a different movie for this short scene because he got to kick his ass.
William Bowles
William Bowles Hace un año
Initially, that sounds like a bad deal, but honestly? I'd give up a movie deal for the chance to beat up Adam Sandler, too.
Tru Keesey
Tru Keesey Hace un año
He didn't kick his ass he slugged his face.
rtpoe Hace un año
Who in their right mind would pass up a chance to beat the crap out of Adam Sandler?
Christian Hafer
Christian Hafer Hace 10 meses
Christopher Macdonald was phenomenal in this movie. What an underrated character actor. I've love him for years.
Jeffrey Tackett
Jeffrey Tackett Hace 11 meses
Calling time in poker is the equivalent of calling a clock on yourself, which gives you 60 seconds to act without your hand being mucked. Golf tournaments generally have a 40 second clock. Calling time is essentially pointing out, as courtesy, that you intend to use it. In some cases, it can buy you additional time, as well.
IYB “Bug-Z” Siegel
I laughed so hard when he hit the clown with putter that I fell off couch and couldn’t breathe as a kid!
Austin Allison
Austin Allison Hace un año
Happy Gilmore is and will always be the best golf movie ever.
26magicman26 Hace un año
"You eat pieces of shit for breakfast?" "...n-NO" Still makes me laugh every time xD
Thebig 3
Thebig 3 Hace un año
Why’d he have an unsure look when he said no to eating shit for breakfast
K. Green
K. Green Hace un año
@Jon Sanders I was just thinking the same thing ( we ain’t going no where but got suits and cases
UnseenGamer646 Hace un año
I won't even lie, this is the best comeback to the worst insult ever.
More Movies
More Movies Hace un año
Jon Sanders
Jon Sanders Hace un año
How did he not mention KANYE for that line?
Mikey Buchholz
Mikey Buchholz Hace un año
I'm bummed that there was no mention of the "and you can count... on me, waiting for you in the parking lot" line. Always loved that.
Noodle Guy
Noodle Guy Hace 6 meses
Yall really earned my respect for taking sins off for the Bob Barker fight 😂😂😂😂
Just wanting to make people smile.
I love this movie it’s really funny and it’s a classic.
Von Brewskie
Von Brewskie Hace un año
That was always a laugh in our group. "What the hell was Chubbs *doing* as Happy Walked up?"
paul harper
paul harper Hace un año
I love this movie, many quotable lines and the fight with Bob barker is just the pinnacle of awesome
Vince Dykmans
Vince Dykmans Hace un año
Great review. But to be honest it’s hard to argue with a truely genius movie. Watching an episode of the Twilight Zone backwards would make more sense but there is a deeper meaning to this movie (not sure what it is though…!?)
Jeremy Umpleby
Jeremy Umpleby Hace un año
I never understood why Shooter bought Happy's grandma's home. If he wanted Happy off the tour, he could have let him buy the home. That was the WHOLE REASON Happy was on the tour. Grandma has her house, Happy doesn't have a reason to play. All that scene did was motivate Happy to stay on the tour. The opposite of what Shooter wanted.
DaChicago3 Hace un año
Regardless of all the sins its still one of my favorite movies ⛳
King James
King James Hace 5 meses
My Family and I love watching Adam Sandler movies and Happy Gilmore is one of them.
Zack DesRoches
Zack DesRoches Hace 11 meses
CinemaSins gets 1 sin for sinning this movie. It’s clearly a perfect film😂
Victor Escobar
Victor Escobar Hace un año
I have no idea what to think about Cinema Sins knowing so much about golf and him sounding soooo jealous of Happy Gilmore.
TheCreepypro Hace un año
by far one of Sandler's funniest movies even with all the shenanigans
Dargonhuman Hace un año
I'm not a Sandler fan, but even I have to admit the line delivery of "You eat pieces of shit for breakfast?!" "...No!" were perfectly hilarious. The way Sandler kind of breaks in the middle fits the scene so well but also feels like a blooper that was left in, and that ambiguity makes Macdonald's voice crack even better, as I can imagine both actors desperately holding in their laughter until two seconds after the director called "Cut!"
AvaPlayz Alot
AvaPlayz Alot Hace un año
10:32 as someone from Buffalo, this is indeed 100% accurate
Mikle 2
Mikle 2 Hace un año
Anyone notice how at 14:37 even before the tournament starts, the Volkswagen Beetle that Donald runs Happy over with already appears crashed into the spectator tower - then a few minutes later it is in the hands of the maniacal Donald who proceeds to run Happy over with and crashes the vehicle into the tower with the car ending up in the exact same position *Add 1 sin*
Ruthless On-Site
Ruthless On-Site Hace 3 meses
6:33 at that moment you sinned the movie for happy assaulting man Infront of dozens of witnesses and still winning the tournament because of how unrealistic that is. I think you stand corrected today knowing how Will won an award after the slap😂 which the whole world saw😂😂
Badger99 Hace 9 meses
"I know dipshit, you just did it 5 times in a row. I'm not giving you my money" What a line 😂😂☠
Cat Guy
Cat Guy Hace un año
"I'll sin it, but I'll allow it." Someone doesn't understand the meaning of "I'll allow it."
studio732jrl2 Hace 24 días
@Jesus Ochoa You are the reason why homeschooling and inbreeding are generally frowned upon in this Country.
studio732jrl2 Hace 24 días
The biggest sin here is Cinema Sins, who (like most of the time) does not even grasp the most important plot point... Even in a comedy movie, made for kids to be able to watch. Happy's fault is not that he can't putt. It's that whenever Happy makes a mistake or gets upset, he flips out and melts down- which is WHY putting consistently jams him up. Literally every negative action Happy commits is as a result from this. Chubbs literally comes out and SAYS it, "you can't putt ANGRY!", yet Cinema Sins is too busy inventing sins and then self contradicting them- without noticing- to not notice this.
Jesus Ochoa
Jesus Ochoa Hace un año
Selah 1 John 5:4 For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith./Inspiration+As Christians, we are the ones who can be called born of God. We are children of God meaning that we have been begotten by Him; we are born of Him. This means that we have overcome the world! Victory is certain for us - in life and in death. No work of the enemy can ever prevail over our lives and we can have confidence about this because we know that we are born of God. /Prayer+ Dear God, I rejoice because I know that I am your child. Thank you, Lord, that victory is certain in my life as a result of being your child. No weapon of this world fashioned against me will ever prosper. Thank you, Father, that I can walk tall because I know that you are with me. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.
George Pope
George Pope Hace un año
It's fine. He's not saying it should necessarily be removed from the movie, at least not on gis say-so, but it certainly warrants a sin.
DeVaughn Salter
DeVaughn Salter Hace un año
GeneralSchrimpf Hace un año
I golfed in High School, did a front-9 game with some friends. Took about 4 hours total. I can say, with full clarity, that golfing is harder than sex, and NEITHER are that hard to figure out.
Heisenberg Hace 5 meses
As of March 2022, Bob Barker is not only alive and kicking but doing it at 98 years old!! WAY TO GO, BOB!!
David Daniel
David Daniel Hace 10 meses
Also the beetle car was already crashed into the scaffolding at the start before it crashed into it at the end.
Jay Nick
Jay Nick Hace un año
LMAO! I LOVE that they removed a sin for that “pieces of shit for breakfast” moment. You just gotta.
bakedwithrealchez Hace un año
I was hoping you would remove a sin for the "piece's of s*** for breakfast" joke and was so glad you did.
eyespy3001 Hace un año
It deserves 50 sins off. It’s comedic gold and has become a classic bit. Hell, even Kanye West referenced it in one of his earlier tracks
DOS_SkywalkR Hace un año
Wow, Carl Weathers looks almost the same as in The Mandalorian 25 years later 😅
Debo3423 Hace un año
Definitely missed the sin for the Volkswagen having hit the tower as they get ready to start the last round and Happy hasn't been hit by it yet.
BradDaMan Hace 5 meses
For a professional golfer, 400 yards is a very reasonable drive. The world record golf drive is currently over 500 and it is reasonable that 400 is accommodated on a course.
Michael Berthelsen
Michael Berthelsen Hace un año
I actually tried the running technique on a driving range at age 15. Damn hard to hit the ball, but I drove 350 yards (as a teenager), haha. It actually works, WHEN you hit the ball. Doesn't happen THAT often (maybe more for a hockey player), though.😅
studio732jrl2 Hace 24 días
You should have stopped your comment after the word "ball". That way, people may have been able to take you even remotely serious. Pro Golfers average 280- 300 yards. So I'm sure some random goof was driving 350, as a fifteen year old. "Doesn't happen THAT often"? Who are you trying to convince here, pal? Everybody else or yourself? It DIDN'T happen. So put your helmet back on, give mommy the phone back and go finish your coloring book.
Brandon Styles
Brandon Styles Hace un año
Should've taken off a sin for Ben Stiller's hilarious one-liner, "You can trouble me for a warm glass of SHUT THE HELL UP!"
paul harper
paul harper Hace un año
@jongon productions, I've actually paraphrased that line numerous times with my kids "you will go to bed now, or I will put you to bed"
Sonny Fox
Sonny Fox Hace un año
Anybody else’s fingers hurt
JonGon Productions
JonGon Productions Hace un año
For me it's the line "Now u will go to sleep, or I will put u to sleep." I'm sure that line was definitely the inspiration for how my dad put me and my brother to bed
Ashley Tuchin
Ashley Tuchin Hace un año
My friend and I always use that quote. 😂
FixHERuper Hace un año
Dub_Donor Hace 5 meses
Love the movie love the sin counter! Win win win.
Justin Olsen
Justin Olsen Hace un año
Loved all the references to famous golfers/ things that have happened!
Mr. Cloud
Mr. Cloud Hace un año
16:00 You should take off some sins for her yelling “HAPPY LOOK OUT!!!!” Best acting in the movie.
Daniel Gilbert
Daniel Gilbert Hace un año
Happy's dad isn't playing hockey when he gets hit with the puck, they're watching a hockey game together which is why he's holding the camera.
dominican5683 Hace un año
"You could trouble me for a warm glass of Shut The Hell Up. Now you will go to sleep or I will put you to sleep. Check the name tag you're in my world now, grandma" - me and my mom still recite this to each other randomly lol
shrapnel77 Hace 3 meses
I love the throat slash he does to Happy's grandmother through the window.
Jeremiah Bullfrog
Jeremiah Bullfrog Hace 3 meses
awwwww :)
Cierra Townsend
Cierra Townsend Hace 8 meses
It sounds like you and your mom have a good rapport.
paolo thorpe
paolo thorpe Hace 10 meses
@Blu Scout • 31 Yr ago nah
Blu Scout • 31 Yr ago
@paolo thorpe yo you simpin?
canag0d Hace 5 meses
Lol as a golfer this movie drives me crazy with just how wrong it gets golf. Still I love this movie :)
Cheryl Mailloux
Cheryl Mailloux Hace un año
Idk anything really about golf and frankly I don't care to I just love the movie it's definitely a happy and upbeat movie and Adam sandler is so hilarious, it's a real heart warming movie and wtf don't like those type of movies? Of coarse I love cinemasins as well your videos are great and highly informative so.... Thank You 👍😉👾
Andy-Wan Kenobi
Andy-Wan Kenobi Hace un mes
14:40 I can’t believe how you forgot to mention how the car that crashes into the tower in a later scene is already there
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