Everything Wrong With Monsters vs. Aliens

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Wow. This is a movie that came and went and is almost forgotten to time. But Monsters vs. Aliens DOES ultimately have sins. So we counted them. It's what we do.
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Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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14 mar 2019

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Comentarios 6 070
Ender_ 303
Ender_ 303 Hace 7 horas
Finally someone agrees with shooting the eye
Elizabeth Phantom Wagner
2:56-3:10 it's honestly funny and kinda cute how giggly he is at that Yes I realize he's probably older then me, married and has kids. I'm just saying
Failable Hace un día
There should have been a count on when they say “sorry” tbh
Alexis Leininger
Alexis Leininger Hace un día
Add a sin for the title It should be called monsters and mutants not aliens 👽 there mutants here!!!!!!!!' Also I can't unsee that tongue 👅 from the other aliens and what? Last edit for real That paddleball ball should've actually broke the forth wall
João Miguel Azoia
João Miguel Azoia Hace un día
remember when dreamworks did great movies like the prince of egypt? yeah....
Nevo Krien
Nevo Krien Hace un día
U start counting at 0 u jack ass
CarlosFH04_GamesYT Hace 2 días
You should do everything wrong with monster house
Haydn Christoph
Haydn Christoph Hace 2 días
2:55 Broke me. Nothing else to it.
Adriane Miller
Adriane Miller Hace 2 días
i still think the craziest thing is that susan wouldn't have even got hit by that meteor if she didn't run. if she stood there and just gawked at it, she would've been fine.
Soultail McCloud
Soultail McCloud Hace 2 días
For your information, movie, the SCP Foundation is actually NOT connected to the government in any way. Also, there are about 4999 SCPs, not five.
Soultail McCloud
Soultail McCloud Hace 2 días
Also, is should not be 00005, it would actually be 005.
Ruby Yates
Ruby Yates Hace 2 días
am comics
am comics Hace 3 días
20th sin, why, CinemaSins, did you have to sin it, if you liked it?
Kaity Klutz
Kaity Klutz Hace 3 días
Great opening joke
Matty Cross
Matty Cross Hace 3 días
Jesús Malverde
Jesús Malverde Hace 3 días
They needa make a second megamind movie and a second monsters v aliens movie, all the movies Pixar and dreamworks are putting out nowadays have dropped in quality like Disney channel in 2018. Remember when Disney channel was actually good in the 2000’s
Marcus Cook
Marcus Cook Hace 3 días
At the 11:44 mark you should have put Susan doesn't eat her fiance immediately.
Robert Oakes
Robert Oakes Hace 4 días
Do everything wrong with Chronicle!
_gridlock_ Hace 5 días
Nicolas Cage?
Lil Lord Akira 97
Lil Lord Akira 97 Hace 5 días
4:10 In a situation like this, I wonder how the MIB would've handled this problem.
Animefairytail 22203
f#cking Jerry.
Bendy Hace 6 días
00:47 did Hewlett Packard PAY for this!?
SpinosaurusStudios Hace 6 días
2:05 Uh no, dude. Beowulf came out in *2007* and that was HD realistic, so sin off for being wrong, but re-add a sin to show they were lazy at the time and used it for marketing.
You came here From a comment
[LIT] BoomGamer37
[LIT] BoomGamer37 Hace 7 días
Immediately disliked, how dare you say that!!
My Cat Socks
My Cat Socks Hace 7 días
3:02 Thank me later.
Tjsk.V Hace 8 días
4:40 we see her wear a giant jumpsuit which means they had to see her nude while changing her clothes sin count:107
TailzP Hace 8 días
I can't believe you didn't use Giant Woman from Steven Universe
Kenny Hace 8 días
3:05 I bust a nut but you can’t judge me!!
Lawrence Mercurio
Lawrence Mercurio Hace 8 días
7, 8, 899 really trying to impress a girl
Jason Jungreis
Jason Jungreis Hace 8 días
6:34 that despicable pun was actually hilarious.
Damien Hace 9 días
Susan thicc.
Aren Smith
Aren Smith Hace 9 días
2:56 to 3:11 😂
Rocskatu Hace 10 días
This might be literally one of the worst movies of the century
Daniel Beaney
Daniel Beaney Hace 10 días
4:02 can we just talk about the woman who tackles an old(ish) lady through a set of closed doors? I know crowds stampede but still seems a tad harsh
KMAN the Atlantean
KMAN the Atlantean Hace 10 días
Gk to 2:57
Maxx B
Maxx B Hace 11 días
Cinema Sins. The reasons you close all the doors during a self destruct sequence is to increase the compression, which makes the explosions more powerful. Watch a video where gunpowder is burnt in the open as opposed to in a confined space, like a bullet or firework. Or burning gasoline in air as opposed to inside an engine.
The Statue
The Statue Hace 11 días
polite critique
polite critique Hace 11 días
Batman's awake at 5am
The Diamond King The Diamond King
The robot looks like something from halo
silver wolf
silver wolf Hace 11 días
And animatronics like Freddy
De'ante Johnson
De'ante Johnson Hace 11 días
Ten years this movie came out, TEN YEARS!!!!!
Adofo Hace 12 días
Anyone else how much humans in this movie look like caricatures?
B R Hace 4 días
Garfield Is Dead
Garfield Is Dead Hace 12 días
Realm Defender
Realm Defender Hace 12 días
it ticks me off when they run straight instead of running to the side so that they wouldn't get crushed. I dunno why but it does.... A LOT.
Miguel Osejo
Miguel Osejo Hace 12 días
Y'know you kinda seem to Target kids movies because kids movies are dumb because kids are dumb so the only reason any of these movies have any sins isn't the directors fault is of they make an actual good movie the kids would trow a fit whatever add one hundred sins
Arthur Langaigne
Arthur Langaigne Hace 13 días
You should sin John Wick next
WILLIAM WELLS Hace 13 días
If there’s an asteroid coming towards you, you run to it, not away. If you go towards it, you don’t get hit!
Nathan Jarboe
Nathan Jarboe Hace 14 días
6:48 also he’s got an arrow through the heart tattoo just above his ass.
YouTube C.I.A
YouTube C.I.A Hace 14 días
And yet no one realize that the villain looks like Megamind from the movie Megamind
Thomas Hace 15 días
Tempered by the fires of Hell, his iron will remained steadfast through the passage that preys upon the underrated channels. For alone he was the Hell Walker, the Unchained Predator, who sought retribution in all quarters, dark and light, fire and ice, in the beginning and the end, and he hunted the slaves of ESvid with barbarous cruelty; for he passed through the divide as none but demon had before.
Amalgathor Deibos Neman Menace
That's why you need the discount SCP Foundation! Full of monsters that everyone's seen with no use of amnestetics, or proper containment procedures. Hell, not even any Class Ds! Someone call Doctor Bright! Both organizations: [Redacted]
Anna Fowdy
Anna Fowdy Hace 15 días
3:00 I listened to the commentary, Reese didn't make that noise, another woman did.
StRafe E
StRafe E Hace 16 días
2:55. My question is why would she run TO THE METEOR LANDING SPOT
Lonely Animation
Lonely Animation Hace 17 días
Dumb Work 😂
Sellem On Rerock
Sellem On Rerock Hace 17 días
Concerning the meteorite; The protagonist went to the Prometheus School of Running away from things, and either cheated her way to graduation or failed miserably and got expelled
Hunter Daniels
Hunter Daniels Hace 17 días
Am I the only person that actually asked this shit when I was a kid and these movies all shit tastic when it comes to pogic Jesus
Stef Grosse
Stef Grosse Hace 18 días
Insectosaurus=bae he's cute
lxced Hace 18 días
aliens are real.
Greg Ottorry
Greg Ottorry Hace 18 días
XanDer McFLY
XanDer McFLY Hace 19 días
6:30 Hardest Punchline in human history
Kpop Gamer
Kpop Gamer Hace 19 días
You should at least take off sins for the epic humor
RezZ SKIEzzz
RezZ SKIEzzz Hace 19 días
When your lifting weight that has a density less than that of water. *Cha cha real smooth*
Lil Parkinsons
Lil Parkinsons Hace 20 días
Should have sinned how they thought 7 people could hide behind a fucking *umbrella*
Grim Lukas
Grim Lukas Hace 20 días
Don't forget highschool students 2:00
M.B.A :p
M.B.A :p Hace 20 días
3:02 😂😂😂
XxMewah ChanxX
XxMewah ChanxX Hace 21 un día
2:59 me: Oof Me 3 secs later: HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA
Kaylie Estes
Kaylie Estes Hace 21 un día
13:46 whatever made her big killed all the pigmentation in her hair and short of dying it there's nothing you can do to get it back
Mimikyu_Gacha Hace 21 un día
If the time is longer then u thought just edit it to change it like if agree
SnowPulse Hace 22 días
That kid needs a jet pack or something
angeldance5 Hace 22 días
Pick Flick!
Kazuto Fang
Kazuto Fang Hace 23 días
Weathemen, newspaper carriers, vampires, and Amazon employees who work the morning shift
Joshua Schneider
Joshua Schneider Hace 23 días
I think I may be able to tell why this movie was never heard from again. It’s a horrible concept. I would much rather have seen a movie about modern day teens becoming monster hunters.
I is depression
I is depression Hace 24 días
3:02 was my fav pary
CrawfordGaming Hace 24 días
NGL I was shit scared of galaxar
Thicc Yoshi
Thicc Yoshi Hace 24 días
He gave a sin because the Dreamworks fisher-kid had more balloons? You padding the sin-count bro? I think you’re padding the sin-count.
Lagt Karpa Koi
Lagt Karpa Koi Hace 24 días
i didn't realized how bad this movie was...
Fluff DaLuff
Fluff DaLuff Hace 25 días
General's Nose
Psyduck Hace 25 días
I want her hair
Aiden Walker
Aiden Walker Hace 25 días
“I want it, I got it”
coolguy 66
coolguy 66 Hace 26 días
7:30 you got a better idea nerd
Kaye Lewis
Kaye Lewis Hace 26 días
You missed a sin: Why were the bridesmaids in their dresses at 5 am?
malgold88 Hace 26 días
What rank is Monger? He has what appears to be officer insignia but clearly has enlisted insignia.
Puffin 777
Puffin 777 Hace 26 días
I'm not sure Antarctica is "Earth's asshole"; It's pretty clean, white and unpolluted. Perhaps America or China instead?
Dumb Atheist
Dumb Atheist Hace 27 días
i bet it was physically hard for you to make this
Emmett Battle
Emmett Battle Hace 27 días
sometimes i think about this movie and i cant tell if it really happened or not. even watching this video three times and seeing the dvd in that walmart clearance bin thing a billion times, i still cant believe it was real. pretty sure my mom made me go with my brother to see it in theaters. seeing/hearing all the amazing actors who gave their voices to this movie just makes it all worse.
Katie Has Life
Katie Has Life Hace 27 días
Damn this movie is so bad- but it was my childhood
Pro ginger115
Pro ginger115 Hace 27 días
Omg my belly hurts after "DID YOU PULL OUT IN TIME?" laughed so hard
GTX LK Hace 27 días
Anyone actually search up a cuolaca
kcuF dniM
kcuF dniM Hace 27 días
16:05 That is just terrifying...
Lord Karasu
Lord Karasu Hace 28 días
6:42-really? We just gonna ignore it has shields at 6:36?
Statalyzer Hace 28 días
Maybe they started with 00000 instead of 00001.
g boy gaming and vlogs
1 sin for cinema sins, because there’s 5 monsters
Brady McCullough
Brady McCullough Hace 28 días
not a single fart joke
20 Sides
20 Sides Hace 28 días
Mark Zuckerberg most be really proud staring in the movie as the green lizard
Felix Auger
Felix Auger Hace 28 días
I always wake up at 5 am, even maybe 4 am sometime.
Tlitoo Hace 29 días
1:58 *glances at the clock* guess that makes me a vampire. It's 5:10 am for me watching this ._.
Casey Jones6 Clips
Casey Jones6 Clips Hace 29 días
3:02 lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Haven Starflight
Haven Starflight Hace 29 días
I used to call this movie bob vs. aliens. Don't ask me why. I really don't know. I guess I just liked bob. Bob is great.
Tyler Tono
Tyler Tono Hace 29 días
this movie is so ugly!
Colton g
Colton g Hace 29 días
The opening sin of this video is great
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