Everything Wrong With Ralph Breaks the Internet

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The first Wreck It Ralph was a fun surprise full of humor and heart. Ralph Breaks the Internet is... not that. It's a lot more like The Emoji movie. And full of sins.
Next week: Sins of two movies that have one word titles starting with D.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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Dennis Abides
Dennis Abides Hace un hora
Did you know that Spamley was voiced by dantdm?? Well know you do
BreadDHeadplayz FTW
BreadDHeadplayz FTW Hace 4 horas
Every thing wrong with this channle
Zephyr Hace 6 horas
Everytime someone says 'Pied Piper' all I can think of is BNHA vigilante AU that I read on AO3
SlyCooper949 Hace 6 horas
Everything Wrong With Ralph Breaks The Internet *I will shread this universe down to its last atom*
Pie Pierrot
Pie Pierrot Hace 6 horas
Honestly I'm shocked they had the Dark Web in a children's movie. I mean they called it something different, the DarkNet, but it's obvious what they were alluding to. The Dark Web is full of illegal shit, drugs, and people legit get kidnapped if they're dumb enough to go on the Dark Web and don't know what they're doing. I've even heard there's human experimentation on the Dark Web! Why the hell is this in a Disney movie?!
Saspren Crawford
Saspren Crawford Hace 6 horas
When you said “Chappell Show rip-off “ 😩 spot on!
dis Dedede did dis
dis Dedede did dis Hace 7 horas
Apparently, people who watch MatPat lose his mind over some glitchy bunny boi also watch a random guy complain about A video game/ Internet movie that is fictional.
Unsuitablepropro YT
Unsuitablepropro YT Hace 10 horas
Airiel did nothing to help save Ralph and they were being even more mean to Scottish people that’s racist
sh00ked Hace 12 horas
Vanellope is such an ass in this movie. What happened to the soft-hearted but strong person that was in the original movie? Same goes with Ralph, why is he such a baby in this movie?
Zetima Yela
Zetima Yela Hace 9 horas
He's male, that's why they made him so dumb in the movie
Phuong Tran
Phuong Tran Hace 12 horas
Stop swearing
thatcooldude234 vlogs
thatcooldude234 vlogs Hace 13 horas
Add a sin for ralph flosses
megamaz Hace 15 horas
11:26 he can make money off of hearts, and right there he has $381,000/27,001!
upgrade 9000
upgrade 9000 Hace 15 horas
People will pay 40k for a virtual car? (Laughs in tf2 unusuals)
Dark Arts
Dark Arts Hace 15 horas
Wasn't it tied to hef anxiety/emotion in the first movie though? She would glitch when she felt bad and couldn't control it.
Blue Blox
Blue Blox Hace 17 horas
Fuck you
Ashley James
Ashley James Hace 20 horas
ALSO ALSO ALSO!!! Can we please talk about how Vanellope was NOT ABLE TO LEAVE HER GAME in the first movie?!?! Just not an issue anymore, huh?
Ashley James
Ashley James Hace 20 horas
I agree with Jeremy about letting the bid expire EXCEPT if the $27,001 bid expires, the item goes to the next highest bidder, it doesn't go back up for bid. That kid who bid $275 would have gotten it.
Ashley James
Ashley James Hace 20 horas
You gave 10 sins for their seemingly stumbling upon the car within seconds of walking into the game, but then you see by the eBoy alert after they left the game that they'd been in there for 16 hours. Just sayin'!
lovethedancingflames Hace 21 un hora
What about the post-post-credit scene? Where they Rick Roll the audience?
Deku San
Deku San Hace un día
I love how Sonic is like the super genius in these movies. It makes it so much more believeable than it already is that Sonic is Iida *my conspiracy theory that is specified true because of their similarities
Conor Burke
Conor Burke Hace un día
Vanellope is a glitch how does she leave her gamein this movie? Add a sin
Caiden C
Caiden C Hace un día
At 11:30 you used so many words out of my vocabulary😂😂😂
Derek Howard
Derek Howard Hace un día
Raise your hand if you didn't know Skank was voiced by Gal Gadot till the end credits
Caticorn Cuteness
Caticorn Cuteness Hace un día
I like this movie but now i see it in a totally different way🤯🤣🤣
Hush Child
Hush Child Hace un día
Everything wrong with this movie Is everything
GoldDropper Hace un día
3:49 No, it wasnt Stan's evil twin. It was Gideon
Isaiah Cuellar
Isaiah Cuellar Hace un día
Are there different characters, for the same game but different versions of the same game
Cornelius RUSSELL
Cornelius RUSSELL Hace un día
Reckitt Ralph’s can be looked in a more deeper manner let me explain So the whole plot is that vanilla P loses her game wheel or whatever and she wants to get it back but they need the money to I am in one of the times that they attempt to get money they try to steal a car and a game called slaughter race. Ralph can be looked at as like a father vanilla P like a Daughter the scenario is like a father losing a daughter to the world Ralph’s insecurities and addiction to have a vanilla P around started making everything and bad and flip the world upside down. But just like in the real world eventually the father gets over it and he learns that his insecurities did not help her but in fact heard her and in the end the girl was left with her freedom and the parent is happy to just know that she is
Dagumeme Fujiwara
Dagumeme Fujiwara Hace un día
Wasnt vannellope unable to leave the game?
partsoap Hace un día
A sin for that sacreligious Ralph claiming to be Bob Ross.
partsoap Hace un día
A sin for that sacreligious Ralph claiming to be Bob Ross.
Anand R. Misir
Anand R. Misir Hace un día
I think this guy really hates movies
The Music Band
The Music Band Hace un día
Everything wrong with 2019 Aladdin, and I expect a heavy bombardment of sins. That movie was bloody awful and doesn't follow a "Single" thing from the original movie. Anyone who says that one is better than the disney film, can jump off a cliff. k thx.
The Music Band
The Music Band Hace un día
This is an awful movie.
Donutboy FANATIC
Donutboy FANATIC Hace un día
9:36 Exactly CinemaSins, That what I said during that part of the movie
No Stop
No Stop Hace un día
+1 sin for having the toddler playing the ipad in the car baby moana
MrGoryGlory Hace un día
You forgot the after AFTER credits scene, definitely go back and sin that one... or remove a sin, depends on how you feel afterwards lol
Lorenzo Rosso
Lorenzo Rosso Hace un día
Possessing her? Are you trying to out-woke yourselves?
Huni Bear
Huni Bear Hace un día
You forgot the after-after Credits. The hecking RICKROLL
Jasmine Johnson
Jasmine Johnson Hace un día
add another sin to Wreck it Ralph copying RickRoll
Thomas Abed
Thomas Abed Hace un día
And YOU get a sin for counting 10 times the amount you needed
Emily Wilson
Emily Wilson Hace un día
"She's from the other studio." SO ARE THE OTHER HALF OF YOU!!!!
Joker Todd
Joker Todd Hace un día
When they crashed into Pintrest they would see some Rule 34 and just be horrified.
STE Jambo
STE Jambo Hace un día
Plot Twist: While Ralph and Venellope are connected to the internet people try to play their games and they get unplugged, thus plunging Ralph and Venellope’s lives into depression and anarchy.
Chrispy Bacon
Chrispy Bacon Hace un día
Cassiopeia Melody
Cassiopeia Melody Hace un día
Add a sin because Spamley mispronounced Des Moines, Iowa. Seriously, its not that hard to pronounce.
Version 0.111
Version 0.111 Hace un día
15:10 "oh look, there's an Easter egg with a character from an old game." - - - explained.
bygone Stryder_993
bygone Stryder_993 Hace un día
I'd disagree with you. I think the princesses in Shrek was better. Especially the action scene...!!
unknown incognito
unknown incognito Hace un día
5:09 that little meme,ill remove a sin for that one *reverse ding*
capthavic Hace un día
Also if Sugar Rush wasn't making even $200/year then how was it profitable enough to justify keeping around? Is the arcade just a front for the mob?
capthavic Hace un día
Sure what Ralph did was really stupid but let's not forget it was because Venelope ditched him for selfish reasons without even a word after everything Ralph had done for her, which is really dickish. And then she claims she still wanted to be friends when that was clearly not the implication of throwing the medal away. But of course she gets off scott-free and still gets what she wants despite being a massive asshole in her own right.
phantom 237
phantom 237 Hace 2 días
3:33 that's quebert in the back
Oskar winters
Oskar winters Hace 2 días
AKA vanellope goes turbo!
Nicholas Zidel
Nicholas Zidel Hace 2 días
Nothing about the post post-credit scene which turned out to be the best Rick Roll I've ever seen? Or is that just on netflix?
Mr. Sharp
Mr. Sharp Hace 2 días
Where is the sin for making a Rick roll a full decade after being relevant
Melvin David
Melvin David Hace 2 días
the worst part in the movie is the ending
Alexis Leininger
Alexis Leininger Hace 2 días
Add a sin for "Who does Sonic know about the Internet?"
That Time When You died on minecraft
why isnt roblox in this movie
Kerbonzo Beenz
Kerbonzo Beenz Hace 2 días
its already bad enough
Joe and Patricia Millen
How does the racer have a remote if Felix and Callahan don't have a television?
Levi Han
Levi Han Hace 2 días
Can we talk about how in the first movie Ralph’s game had been going for 30 years. But in this movie Ralph said his game is 27 years old. Also in this movie it said it’s been 6 years since the last adventure (1st movie). So did 9 years just disappear?
DailyDragon Trainer
DailyDragon Trainer Hace 2 días
Vanellope: *tries to leave her game, entire kingdom and friends behind because of cool cars* Ralph: *tries to stop her* Vanellope: OMG YOU'RE SUCH A BAD FRIEND
Joshua Walker
Joshua Walker Hace 2 días
5:11 .... DLC
Jessica Thomas
Jessica Thomas Hace 2 días
oceanlevelsalty Hace 2 días
this movie was so boring that i fell asleep while watching it
Oskar winters
Oskar winters Hace 2 días
actually ebay does let u bid without info or a card number .....it's broken.
uno reverse card
uno reverse card Hace 2 días
Remove all sins for the Rick-roll at the end
Daily Geek
Daily Geek Hace 2 días
14:38 I honestly thought the virus-making man (forgot his name) was the Globgogabgalab...
Tall Skinny games
Tall Skinny games Hace 2 días
Add 50 sins for alll the this f**king product placement
Alexis Daylynn Tate
Alexis Daylynn Tate Hace 2 días
They probably did Root Beer bc it’s a kids movie
Asali a
Asali a Hace 2 días
Add a sin for Moana in the modern world with an iPad
RQ Productions1
RQ Productions1 Hace 2 días
What about the rickroll at the very end?
Amethyst Orchard
Amethyst Orchard Hace 2 días
this vid sums almost all why I dont watch Ralph breaks the internet, they trashed everything from the first movie.
Mr. Jy
Mr. Jy Hace 2 días
9:08 dang it, I did it... not really children friendly
Mr. Jy
Mr. Jy Hace 2 días
I just watched the wreck it Ralph cinema sins
Mookie Hace 2 días
3:33 hey its q#bert
robloxnewuser1111 - Roblox and more :p
you forgot the scene where we get wreck-rolled
Thor Lirot
Thor Lirot Hace 2 días
I was expecting 1 million sins for the fortnite Reference
Panthersclaw Hace 3 días
The little girl in the end credit scene is just baby/toddler Moana from the beginning of Moana. Not sure if that's an easter egg or not.
P Hace 3 días
Ralph doing the floss deserves a sin
Geniusjdog Sports
Geniusjdog Sports Hace 3 días
I died when he said lil pump lives here?
YoubTune Hace 3 días
Sorry but at 12:45 they said that they needed that wheel on time or they take away the game so they can’t just leave it and wait till the next one.
Larry Fine
Larry Fine Hace 3 días
Next video, everything wrong with shreck pounds your asshole.
Teddy Frunko
Teddy Frunko Hace 3 días
Sat and sun is a fricking weekend, no arcade, delete that sin
MariAnn Bresnahan
MariAnn Bresnahan Hace 3 días
How often does he say that’s racist My friend: hi Me: THAT’S RACIST
Super Killer165
Super Killer165 Hace 3 días
U forgot the fact that "Glitch" can't leave her game in the last movie, yet here we are.
Omega Owl
Omega Owl Hace 3 días
Intro: Everything Wrong With Ralph Breaks The Internet in 20 minutes or less Video: 21minutes long Me: WAIT...THAT'S ILLEGAL!
ChipperStreams Hace 3 días
You forgot to sin for: 1: vinellopie is a character that’s on THE FRIGGIN CABNIT ON THE GAME! You’d think someone is not gonna notice a main character not being present in the game? It’s like playing Mario bros but Luigi is missing. 2: they completely contradicted the importance of the dying outside of your game rule. 3: having a character that is from a completely different game be in a slaughter race (a ONLINE MUTIPLAYER GAME MAY I MIND YOU) without letting the actual game devs know. This counts as unregistered cross promotion! The creators of slaughter race would be sued by the makers of sugar rush for that!
Shiden Z
Shiden Z Hace 3 días
No sin for any mention or reference to fortnite? Horseshit
The Watcher
The Watcher Hace 3 días
Watching this right after i watched the movie
Quinn Higgins
Quinn Higgins Hace 3 días
Make a playlist of forgettable movies
King Cranberry
King Cranberry Hace 3 días
that ebay kid is the first eboy
KillaKvng 24
KillaKvng 24 Hace 3 días
Should’ve sinned that the captions called King Ralf, Ralfzilla instead of King Ralf
The Gacha Couple
The Gacha Couple Hace 3 días
Vaneleppe is a selfish bitch
Atom Unit
Atom Unit Hace 3 días
You basically roasted the entire movie
The Gacha Couple
The Gacha Couple Hace 3 días
They turned Ralph into an idiot
Kenyari Mabry
Kenyari Mabry Hace 3 días
I actually looked up "blow and go" on Google and went on images, and it was mostly just pictures of breathalyzers and hair dryers.
Hat05 Hace 3 días
Your not gonna mention that DanTDM was in this film...
joel paltzer
joel paltzer Hace 3 días
EBay doesn't ask for credit cards when you start bidding "DING"
Animathyst Hace 3 días
The bunny cat game is actually real i looked it up and they actually pop 😂
Grace Driscoll
Grace Driscoll Hace 3 días
6:52 i makes me made that he prenounced the s in des moines iowa (it’s pronounced de moine)
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