Everything Wrong With Ride Along In 13 Minutes Or Less

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Man, this movie is not good. And they made another one! I guess if you like lazy comedy and lazy situational conflict... maybe. But Ride Along has sins out the ass, and we listed them, because we do our job, dammit.
Next week: Recent live-action BS and not-quite-so-recent weird drama about pills.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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11 jul 2019






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Xiphos Hace 20 días
Angela isn't wrapped in a blanket for no reason, nor due to the temperature. As you stated just minutes before, she's gone the entire movie without wearing pants. She's not wrapped in a blanket, she's covered for modesty.
41KyleSmith Hace un mes
Atlanta traffic on normal roads isn't bad at 3pm. Its 4-6pm and especially on 75/85.
H Ingels
H Ingels Hace un mes
Najoe Hyche
Najoe Hyche Hace un mes
1:29 why you care so much about a dishwasher
Mere Maldonado
Mere Maldonado Hace un mes
Do Everything wrong with Gone With The Wind
billy harris
billy harris Hace un mes
6:10 with boxers or briefs some have buttons or u could just flap your thing out soooooo thats a sin on you (1)
L.A Tv
L.A Tv Hace un mes
ITSVERNO Hace un mes
Attention Teachers And Students!
Jason Bembry
Jason Bembry Hace un mes
I don't know if I wanna laugh or punch this Cinema sins guy
Numa 2K
Numa 2K Hace un mes
Lethal Injection is a classic what drugs are you on!!
Edward Ake
Edward Ake Hace un mes
So what if Fishburne plays Morpheus in every movie? Denzel Washington plays Denzel Washington in every movie and people seem to think he's been shat on by never having been given an Oscar.
MzNaeture π
MzNaeture π Hace un mes
No traffic in Atlanta 🤔 not at all EVER 😂 foh
MzNaeture π
MzNaeture π Hace un mes
111 sins at 1111 on timer @ 11:20
6lue Already Dead
6lue Already Dead Hace un mes
3:11 😂🤣😭😭💀💀does anyone else find that hilariously ironic? especially since Ice Cube was accused of stealing material from Cypress Hill for one of the songs on the soundtrack to Friday🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂🤣😂🤣😭😭😭💀💀💀💯💯💯
XxTrouble_MakerxX Gachatuber
Anybody else notice the kkk in amerikkka at the beginning of the sins video
Charis MW
Charis MW Hace un mes
When you talk about the cars not being able to get out of the lot, my old job had that but it was even SMALLER! downtown Dallas parking sucks! You either had to go in backwards or spend 15 min going back-fourth a million times! That comment gave me ptsd of getting out of that lot! (I’m a shit driver FYI)
DGOfTheCentury Hace un mes
5:40 i knew this was going to happen and still laughed so hard that i could not breath. TBH i would like to see sins off for genuine laughter in comedy movies; whether its cliche or not, its all about the execution. You guys just gloss over it in most of these and dont give the movies any real credit.
harrythebarry Hace 2 meses
How does one like kevin heart?
harrythebarry Hace 2 meses
dude you cant drive for shit xd
Dakota Dain
Dakota Dain Hace 2 meses
This was a terrible movie.
keeganshigh Hace 2 meses
Loved ice cube in friday, but Jesus christ what a fucking joke he bacame.
Primož Sever
Primož Sever Hace 2 meses
3:37 what do you mean there's not enough room to turn these cars in there... Error 404; Driving skills not found?
Sebine LifeWind
Sebine LifeWind Hace 3 meses
Everything Wrong With Ride Along In 10 Seconds Or Less Kevin Hart is a racist shitbag that endorses "the knockout game"
Richard Sejour
Richard Sejour Hace 3 meses
Kevin Hart is not funny
AwfulMusik Hace 3 meses
Man this movie was so boring and not funny.
Tai Wilson
Tai Wilson Hace 3 meses
at least this one was funny, the 2nd one sucked
Deborah Marroquin
Deborah Marroquin Hace 3 meses
0:56 if I was that guy I wouldn’t flint either.. Iykyk 🤷‍♀️👌
Ian Meeks
Ian Meeks Hace 3 meses
I live in ATL, I'm wondering where the traffic is too, it could be 3 am, there is still traffic
Johnny Mckinley
Johnny Mckinley Hace 3 meses
EWW Torque c'mon man ice cube plays a motorcycle club leader
Jonathan Garrad
Jonathan Garrad Hace 3 meses
I think you missed a trick to not add 3 more sins somewhere along the line so that the final score is 126 like that silly code thing from earlier in the film.
T Mo T
T Mo T Hace 3 meses
Do more complicated jokes like the Dr. Dre joke. Got me thinking a whole 3 minutes about it. Or maybe I'm high.
Alex Robinson
Alex Robinson Hace 3 meses
Loving the "Beverly Hills Cop" reference at the end "Phil? I knew that was you." said Axel Foley drunkenly. In an attempt to distact an armed robbery. One of Eddie Murphy's greatest movies next to "Changing Places" & "Coming To America"
Very Epic Fortnite Gamer
Does anyone know how to unclog a toilet with poop in it?
Gabriel Mena
Gabriel Mena Hace 4 meses
“Punching!, Flopping!, Quipping!, Excitement?” 😂
Gabriel Mena
Gabriel Mena Hace 4 meses
When Jeremy said “excitement?” while zooming into Laurence Fishburn’s face I couldn’t help but laugh 😂
ctl6985 Hace 4 meses
62 degrees is really cold what are you talking about
OlympusTOP10s Hace 4 meses
at this point in my life i just watch cinemacins version of movies
Paivi Project
Paivi Project Hace 4 meses
Heh hee I think I need to see this all over again now 👍
Damn Commie
Damn Commie Hace 4 meses
*Only intellectuals understand the first sentences of this video*
Richard Comshaw
Richard Comshaw Hace 4 meses
Technically the blankets are for if someone goes into shock the correct sin is that the arnt given oxygen and comfort
Jason Juneau
Jason Juneau Hace 4 meses
21 Jump Street was my first featured extra role. "Infiltrate the dealers, find the supplier." "We get to be brothers?" (slams desk) "Infiltrate the dealers, find the supplier!" "But if we find the supplier first, we don't have to worry about the dealers." "God damn!" (slams desk again) "Infiltrate the dealers, find the supplier!!"
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