Everything Wrong With Rocky IV In Some Minutes

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In celebration of the new film Creed, we decided to go looking for sins in arguably the most popular of all the Rocky movies: Rocky IV. Yep... sin-tastic.
Thursday: Sins of a movie that came out several years prior to this one.
Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins do YOU want to see recounted?
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24 nov 2015

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Ernie Nicholson
Ernie Nicholson Hace 10 horas
I'm no psychologist, but the person who made this video seems a "glass half empty" kinda guy/gal/other
Steven Watchorn
Steven Watchorn Hace 14 horas
8:54 Or if Aragorn, Frodo, and Gimli were walking by just as he was raising his hands in triumph. "Excuse us, pardon us, coming through..."
Steven Watchorn
Steven Watchorn Hace 14 horas
7:28 I would have liked the movie a whole lot more if the boxing version of Mr. Miyagi had showed him how to beat Drago by painting the cabin, cutting the wood, washing the horse buggy, etc...
Steven Watchorn
Steven Watchorn Hace 15 horas
1:46 The average is actually referring to the average force. The magnitude of the force varies throughout the punch, being smaller at the beginning and end, but larger in the middle. The "average" of 1850 pounds refers to the average between the smaller-magnitude start and finish and the larger-magnitude middle of the punch.
Demontz DEMONTZ Hace un día
Mate! Who cares about mistakes? All your mistakes theory should be on all movies ever made idiot! Tell me one perfect movie? & yea!?..IIT'S A FUCKEN MOVIE DICKHEAD! this movie was great at its time it come out! So don't trash it! Trash yourself Dick!, you trash all movies! So stick your mistake theory up your narcissist ass!🖕
atomiswave1971 Hace un día
Yeah well its a bit of fun. That robot though, still today there is no sign of any such thing.
Zuhair Khan
Zuhair Khan Hace un día
Nothing wrong with Rocky 4 Idiot
Shu Kurenai
Shu Kurenai Hace un día
Rocky 100 after many years he put his brain in a robot body to live forever he must box again so he goes to captain falcon to learn falcon punch
Tim Dahl
Tim Dahl Hace 2 días
-1000 sins for best montages ever. Ever.
j.d. Hogg
j.d. Hogg Hace 3 días
should have stopped at rocky three. they suck after that.
sausageslaps Hace 4 días
a lambo with corvette rims? anyone else see that?
Cristian Itsirc
Cristian Itsirc Hace 5 días
I park my bike in my bedroom. Guess i'm a n asshole...
Watuo will159
Watuo will159 Hace 5 días
what did he say that was racist I didn't hear him
Adam Farmer #JFT96
Adam Farmer #JFT96 Hace 7 días
Here were more minutes of montage than here was of sinning. Ding
A.Nonny Mouse
A.Nonny Mouse Hace 8 días
Now I can say I've seen at least some of a rocky movie.
Jay Tee
Jay Tee Hace 8 días
The Rocky movies are still the best, love Apollo 🥊🇺🇸
Sandy Aubertine
Sandy Aubertine Hace 8 días
Those weren't movie sins. This whole video is just some dude bitching about one of the greatest movies of all time.
Leo Armitage
Leo Armitage Hace 8 días
Don’t watch this these are the best films, perfection at its finest
Noel Cotelo
Noel Cotelo Hace 8 días
Lol you over analized the hell out of this one. I mean I agree with a lot you're saying but c'mon man. It's supposed to show rags to riches and the times lol.
Verm48 Hace 9 días
And he doesn't say nothing about apollo in the final speech,and he goes there to revenge. Logics
Dat Nigga King
Dat Nigga King Hace 9 días
Lollll Bruhhhh extra Funnie makes hella since they Wuld of been stopped Apollo vs Drago Fight In Real Life
Robbie M
Robbie M Hace 10 días
Rocky fans love the full montages :-)
tripp Hace 11 días
Yo this shit funny as hell dude
Ronald Clayton
Ronald Clayton Hace 12 días
Rocky 4 is the best it came out when I was about 5 and I grew up watching it,drago was a badass.
pat theman
pat theman Hace 13 días
yeah, that "couples ciggarettes" line???? That's weed, Jeremy. Pay attention. You're supposed to be pointing out mistakes, and yet you make more than show.
Cedar Flags
Cedar Flags Hace 14 días
Never thought of 11:57 being a thing
russkate88 Hace 14 días
This is funny. It would be awesome if you could do an "Everything Wrong With" for all the other Rocky Movies.
Sonic Boom
Sonic Boom Hace 14 días
1:50 Russia is (also was at that time) metric not imperial. No way they would use psi.
Patrick Pokorny
Patrick Pokorny Hace 15 días
Rocky 2 Rocky Rocky 4 Rocky 3 Balboa Rocky 5 2 is so underrated... mickey rock speech on the staircase one of the best acted scenes in all the Rocky’s bar none.
Simbach Vazo
Simbach Vazo Hace 15 días
Most of the cheers were UR RA (Russian Military Chant) and it only changed to ROCK YY at the end
Jonathan Aguirre
Jonathan Aguirre Hace 16 días
Sounds like a hater Rocky 4 is a great movie
Leonardo Gutierrez
Leonardo Gutierrez Hace 16 días
ChristCrusader Hace 17 días
You need to do "Over the Top"
daniel cubillos
daniel cubillos Hace 17 días
who gives a fuck after 30 years? they made money and we did enjoy the movies ;)
smilsmff Hace 17 días
Drago took cue from rockie, to shoot some steroids
Not Justin.Y's Clone
Not Justin.Y's Clone Hace 19 días
'' If he dies , he dies '' - Best Quote -
Buck Woodward
Buck Woodward Hace 19 días
How can you not remove a few sins for having James Brown in it?
Rich Twilling
Rich Twilling Hace 19 días
This kid knows nothing about boxing and number of characters on a license plate. Just not good.
fab fab
fab fab Hace 20 días
DanceySteve Hace 21 un día
0:19 Fore-Shadowin-boxing as the Russian glove explodes and topples, meaning Rocky wins.
GS Communications
GS Communications Hace 21 un día
That version of the film is slowed down, low-pitched, and bass-boosted. Right?
Michael Green
Michael Green Hace 21 un día
Stallone had the bright idea of telling Lundgren "Lets fight for real for 15 seconds". Stallone ended up in ICU with a swollen heart.
azma775 Hace 21 un día
Still my favorite movie of all time
Vincent S.
Vincent S. Hace 22 días
Why would a Philadelphia native even have a Pittsburgh Steelers poster anyway?
CYBER TROLL Hace 23 días
You forgot to mention that hugo boss made uniforms for the nazis.... And you didn't mention the fact that rocky ran up a 12,000ft mountain in like 30 seconds.
gloucester Mass
gloucester Mass Hace 23 días
9:03 those are Canadians. It was filmed in Vancouver.
Aaron Drewes
Aaron Drewes Hace 23 días
The most unbelievable part of this movie is a kid from Philly having a Steeler's Banner
Mr. Bevalaqua
Mr. Bevalaqua Hace 23 días
Everything wrong with America in one sentence: The infiltration of soy into the male diet.
Jordan Trey
Jordan Trey Hace 23 días
Of course there are mistakes as like other movies, but the soundtrack gives me chills everytime! Rocky IV would be the last one, an epic ending for a great series!
Genuwine6799G Hace 24 días
Every thing wrong with you is you talk to damn fast
Doug Hall
Doug Hall Hace 24 días
Rocky- "Even if it looks like a snake, don't worry. Don't worry cuz it won't bite ya" Narrator- "This is exactly what I told the girl who did NOT become my college girlfriend".......LMFAO!
TheSpaceOuts Hace 24 días
Just watched Cliffhanger from '93. Smh. Definitely worth a Cinemasins episode.
creativeperson Hace 25 días
Us rocky fans love the montages!
Bear Down!
Bear Down! Hace 25 días
Ain't shit wrong with this film. Just spared 15 minutes of your life you would never get back
Yahya Alhoss
Yahya Alhoss Hace 25 días
I hate cinemasins
Richard Hall
Richard Hall Hace 24 días
Yet here you are... lol
Kintler11 Hace 25 días
Fun fact: the first punch draco hit on rpcly sent stallone to the hospital irl.
F5xToRefresh Hace 25 días
9:10 you missed a sin. look at how the robot is dressed.
Bobby Whitney
Bobby Whitney Hace 25 días
Apollo did not need to die!! But I love the counterattack ad with Rocky owning 2 Lamborghinis, a mansion, and Paulie's f*ck-bot/ The BEST line on Cinema Sins ever!!
kovyiscool Hace 26 días
I don’t get it... I know it’s just for laughs but 90% of these aren’t even sins. It’s just this guy nit picking every scene. If you remove all of these sins you have maybe a 5 minute film.. Is Rocky IV just supposed to a remake of Rocky?
Elena Maltseva
Elena Maltseva Hace 27 días
There are many sins that are not in this video (not in specific order) : 1) KGB agents ride in a Mercedes car, but it should have been a Volga instead 2) The license plate is not correct. And the city of Krasnogurbinsk doesn’t exist. 3) When Drago is training, there are Soviet flags everywhere, but in reality, there would be none in a gym 4) Same for the flag on KGB agents’ car, there shouldn’t be one 5) When Drago is training, the equipement is in English 6) When Drago is showing his streght to the journalists in USA, the equipement has some MADE UP russian words on it 7) Drago isn’t even an actual Russian name 8) When the trainer is saying to Drago « they are cheering for him », he’s not speaking Russian, he’s just making some random weird sounds 9) Same for 99% of the lines that are in Russian, the’re either non-intelligible sounds or said with an obvious struggle to pronounce the words and a horrible accent 10) Soviet people would never boo any foreign athlete coming to compete in USSR 11) When we first see him, Drago is wearing a military uniform. The hell for? He’s a boxer! 12) Same for all the « Russians » at the stadium. Only military people came to see the match or what? 13) Drago’s entrance to fight Rocky all surrounded by smoke and cool lightning is ridiculous. This is not Hollywood, it’s a box match! Athletes in USSR didn’t put on a show before a competition. 14) When Rocky and Drago are fighting, we see the number of rounds with the inscription РАЗ above. This translates to « number of times », while it should have been РАУНД for « round » 15) There shouldn’t be any red stars above the stadium, russian stadiums weren’t decorated this way 16) where Rocky says « it’s better that 20 million killing each other, the « Russian » commentator translates it as « it’s better than 20 million dollars 17) Drago’s military uniform isn’t accurate (the stars and the shoulder marks don’t correlate) 18) The USSR national anthem is the 40s and 50s version. Not the 80s 19) I already said that soviet people would never boo a foreign athlete, but even if we imagine this situation possible because it’s a movie, well, booing is typically american. Russians whistle 20) When Rocky is booed, the commentators say they never saw so much hate at a boxing match, but Drago was booed even more when he was in the States 21) Drago’s strenght is measured in pounds instead of kilograms
Hurricanelive Hace 27 días
In bizarro opposite land he would fuck his sister and hit robots.
Michael Gregg
Michael Gregg Hace 28 días
Why the fuck is Rocky's kid a steelers fan, he is from Philly, shit wouldn't be allowed if it was my boy
George Corbul
George Corbul Hace 28 días
The Soviets did no such things to their athletes. Yes, training was tough (not necessarily always yeilded positive results though), and yes, there were cases of steroids and other drugs being administered, but what they show in this movie is some Captain -America- -Russia- Soviet shit *DING!*
George Corbul
George Corbul Hace 28 días
Drago is not ideologically accurate to be such a big star in the USSR *DING!*
George Corbul
George Corbul Hace 28 días
Drago is not a Russian family-name *DING!*
George Corbul
George Corbul Hace 28 días
No telepathic sex from Demolition Man outtake for Rockie's angry driving montage? *DING!*
George Corbul
George Corbul Hace 28 días
Gods damn it, it was Soviets, SOVIETS, not Russians! The Soviet Union wasn't just Russia, damn it! *DING!*
Nice to see that philly kid is a Steelers fan :)
Inebriated Spirit Productions
You know what's wrong with this film? Nothing!
infextious Hace un mes
You don't know the difference between a necklace and a bracelet/watch. This whole video is null and void.
T M Hace un mes
"Rocky ended the cold war. Minus 20 million sins." *ding*
Keith Kemper
Keith Kemper Hace un mes
There is no reason for this video it was a good movie
David Mosteller
David Mosteller Hace un mes
You missed a major sin. When Duke yells to Rocky "Throw the Damm towel!". Why didn't Duke just throw the towel? He was Apollo's manager and trainer, it was his responsibility anyway.
Keandre' Sutton
Keandre' Sutton Hace un mes
From philly but he has a Pittsburgh pennant on his wall smh 1 SIN
GeekCollector 43
GeekCollector 43 Hace un mes
No in the first one he was legally retarded
The Ace of Spades
The Ace of Spades Hace un mes
2:56 if you turn on captions at that time is says “you haven’t been raped for like five years”
pj fitz
pj fitz Hace un mes
You can stage as many carriage saves as you’d like: if you don’t have regular sparring partners, you are going to lose at boxing.
Art Vandelay
Art Vandelay Hace un mes
Sin #47 was addressed in the scene at Rocky's house, where Apollo says something like "they love you when you're in the ring but once you step out of the ring it's like you're ancient history" and another line about how no one is asking him for autographs. Apollo didn't have much friends or family. He had groupies who loved him when he was champ. When he was no longer champ he became nobody to them once again. His declining popularity was even addressed in II when he was reading his hate mail.
Art Vandelay
Art Vandelay Hace un mes
I take issue with any claims that Rocky has any responsibility for Apollo's death because of a stupid towel that wasn't thrown. Aren't we forgetting: -The scene at Rocky's house where Rocky tries to talk Apollo out of the fight in the first place. -The segment between Round 1 and Round 2 where Rocky tries convincing Apollo that Drago is the real deal and Apollo better concede now if he knows what's good for him. Apollo's death was caused by Apollo's hardheadedness. That's why Duke did not hold Rocky responsible. Duke was well aware of Apollo's hardheadedness for many years. In Rocky I when he tried to bring Apollo over to watch Rocky punch raw meat on TV, Apollo brushed him off and was like "yeah yeah I mean business too." In Rocky II when he tried convincing Apollo to let the pain from the first fight go, Apollo was like "Yeah whatever. Hey PR guy, start embarrassing Rocky." I'm sure Duke made a similar attempt as Rocky to talk Apollo out of the fight with Drago that was not shown in the movie, and was met with the same resistance as he had always been. If Duke was holding Rocky responsible, then he and even Paulie were equally responsible because all three of them should have rushed the ring to restrain Drago when he shoved the referee out of the way.
Ethan Griffiths
Ethan Griffiths Hace un mes
I think there are a few these can be taken out but, some are just parts of the film not things wrong with it. This sort of underdog film needs to lack some sense to be good
Lunatic Fringe
Lunatic Fringe Hace un mes
Dude, bite your tongue....
Phillip Lawton
Phillip Lawton Hace un mes
“Dumb ass reject from Skynet”🤣
Something else
Something else Hace un mes
Wtf are you talking about!? This is my favorite Rocky movie and Sylvester Stalone is one of the best directors I have ever seen!
jonokid87 Hace un mes
he's reaching with this one, try harder, Americunt ;)
Barry Yog Sothoth
Barry Yog Sothoth Hace un mes
There is nothing wrong with Rocky IV
Jabroni Camel
Jabroni Camel Hace un mes
the main man
the main man Hace un mes
Nothing is wrong with this movie. Nothing!
Uto Resa 519
Uto Resa 519 Hace un mes
It's not 2,150 pounds of force it's PSI.Drago is waaayyy more than 2× stronger than regular Boxers,he is superhuman.Fun fact a pressure of 2,045 PSI is enough to crack concrete
Winter Hace un mes
The soviet anthem at the end gave me chills
SuperWyatt95 Hace un mes
I hate this channel. It deserves 0 subscribers
Dan Robinson
Dan Robinson Hace un mes
NEVER diss a Rocky montage, man! Also the cliches in this film weren't exactly big cliches back in '85
Teodor Hristev
Teodor Hristev Hace un mes
The only thing you were right is the fight between apolo and rocky in the begging.The other things were cheap trashtalks from you
DaB Jesus
DaB Jesus Hace un mes
Nigga nothing is wrong with this movie it’s the best
Nathaniel Stith
Nathaniel Stith Hace un mes
You are one of the dumbest people alive rock 4 is amazing
Josh Hdz
Josh Hdz Hace un mes
Even with all these sins this movie is still the best
Captain Fook
Captain Fook Hace un mes
1:41 wtf kind of plate is "sothpaw" ? It's southpaw, asshole!!
SoulFoxie Hace un mes
"What kind of asshole parks their bike in their room?" *Awards Sin* I do ungrateful dick
THE1NONLY1 Hace un mes
7:38 - 7:54 is fucking hilarious.
big spheres
big spheres Hace un mes
The average pressure of the bunch referred to the average pressure over the area of the boxing glove, stupid fuck
Nick Mattio
Nick Mattio Hace un mes
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