Everything Wrong With Rocky IV In Some Minutes

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In celebration of the new film Creed, we decided to go looking for sins in arguably the most popular of all the Rocky movies: Rocky IV. Yep... sin-tastic.
Thursday: Sins of a movie that came out several years prior to this one.
Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins do YOU want to see recounted?
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24 nov 2015

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Comentarios 5 901
Rob Hansen
Rob Hansen Hace 12 horas
why does the kid have a Steelers pennant in his room when Rocky is supposed to be a Philly guy?
Ali Azima
Ali Azima Hace 12 horas
twoliveted Hace un día
There is nothing wrong with this movie. It is a perfect film. M
boxing Australia.
boxing Australia. Hace 2 días
Hater hater hater hater hater
Raw Sauce
Raw Sauce Hace 2 días
You dare not take 100 sins off the classic line
Jessie Slade
Jessie Slade Hace 2 días
Yo you're one funny mf😇😇😇
AlphaVin Hace 3 días
Anonymous Shadowzz
Anonymous Shadowzz Hace 3 días
I bet u would still make a shitty movie
Chris Duffy
Chris Duffy Hace 3 días
Bit rich digging up Rocky for trying to make money from song inclusion while you pick out pointless shit based on opinion to get yourself over the 10 minute mark.
Μιχαλης Χαριτος
Would you stfu , you literally sin stupid stuff
lavender town rocket commander
Rocky didn't want his son to watch him fall onto the mat dead in Christmas
Cole Storms
Cole Storms Hace 5 días
Why you have to be so mad its just game
Dan Kester
Dan Kester Hace 6 días
This is the most unrealistic movie for two reasons. 1) They created an AI robot as a gift to Pauly. 2) Two white men were fighting for the boxing heavyweight championship
Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson Hace 7 días
GI want a real boxing match the head kickboxing in it too and I’m gonna tell you a story about the parking in 1969 somebody get kicked in the head their brain get fractured her blood system started working in kickboxing get close down in 1970
Jai Fretwell
Jai Fretwell Hace 8 días
Where’s the video for the 5th movie
Black Assassin
Black Assassin Hace 8 días
Rocky IV is full of American propaganda. Also Drago is shown as some stereotypical russian maniac.
charlesdroidable Hace 9 días
Shouldnt Drago's punch be 839.14 kilos per 2.54 cm? That computer is capitalist contraband.
No Stock Android
No Stock Android Hace 9 días
Lol that Ricky Bobby voice over at the end
Waste Man
Waste Man Hace 9 días
Fuck this video, this was a great movie, u just hating for no reason
Jiggy McFiggleballs
Jiggy McFiggleballs Hace 10 días
Sorry but u can't go wrong with Rocky period
CharlieZuko Hace 10 días
Why is Rocky Jr a Steelers fan when Rocky himself is an icon of PHILADELPHIA...?
Dillin Coombs
Dillin Coombs Hace 10 días
d bag this is a good movie ...
isaac Goodman
isaac Goodman Hace 11 días
0:21 what?
Lewis Hhh
Lewis Hhh Hace 11 días
I hate you for this you cunt... dis like
Ricky Reynaldi
Ricky Reynaldi Hace 11 días
13:29 I think this outtake is awesome.
Boo Boo Jeffries
Boo Boo Jeffries Hace 11 días
Why would Apollo fight Drago? He must've known he wouldn't win.
Real Player
Real Player Hace 12 días
literally all this shit channel does is make dumb “sins” that are literally just narrating what’s happening or just making up a story for each shot
Chris Reyes
Chris Reyes Hace 12 días
watching this video makes me forget about what it’s about
SUPERMAN-MVP-52 Mark Rangel
STFU the shit u came up😂😂😂.u either a dumb fuck or just a hater
Luke Hernandez
Luke Hernandez Hace 13 días
You suck
Roux_504 Hace 13 días
Plenty of fights take place at the theatre at MSG and the ring is not surrounded by the audience
JFK35 517
JFK35 517 Hace 13 días
As a kid I always wondered how he scaled that insane mountain range and made it thousands of feet to the top in just snow boots and a jacket. No supplies, no nothin’. Because ......ROCKY
Steven T
Steven T Hace 14 días
You can’t judge an 80’s movie like you judge a movie from 2015. They’re not the same.
Kushface 3000
Kushface 3000 Hace 14 días
License plates only get 7 characters asshole
Jadon Fouts
Jadon Fouts Hace 14 días
This dudes a dick
MasterJunior93 Hace 14 días
7:18 so no sin removal for the greatest training montage composed by Vince DiCola?!?! Get the fuck out!!!
Jennifer Sumner
Jennifer Sumner Hace 14 días
listen this was very stupid of cinemasins for just being jerks and looking to find everything that makes it a movie and complaining about it
sjenx637 Hace 14 días
Hey Bruh it's Not an necklace It's an expensive Watch! C'mon Sin Counter! Get your sh.. together 🤣🤣
Gui Nunes
Gui Nunes Hace 14 días
Wait you said spoilers but the movie was made in 1990 something
Electrifai Hace 14 días
Nick Brown
Nick Brown Hace 15 días
Fuck your channel
Michael Trujillo
Michael Trujillo Hace 15 días
How dare you put so many sins on rocky 4 i must break you cinema sins
Adam Pressley
Adam Pressley Hace 15 días
I wasted 97 seconds of my life on this dumb shit
dbreiden83080 Hace 15 días
Rocky ended the Cold War.
Joe Permenter
Joe Permenter Hace 16 días
Rock IV is clearly the best movie Stallone ever made or will ever make.
Gregory Francis
Gregory Francis Hace 16 días
Phillip Ellis
Phillip Ellis Hace 16 días
Its a classic moveie ya fuckin creep
Loki Hace 16 días
You forgot the bad translation of Rocky's speach to Russian.
Lil Disinfecting Wipes
Everything wrong with this channel in 20 minuets
MrLiveEra Hace 17 días
How could you not remove 1000 sins for the soundtrack in this film?
bluebiggaming Hace 17 días
Everything wrong with CinemaSins in a few minutes pls do it
Adrian Ho
Adrian Ho Hace 17 días
It's my favorite Rocky movie
Markb Vasquex
Markb Vasquex Hace 18 días
look Apollo has boner inside ring.🤣🤣🤣🤣😋🤣
Reiji Minato
Reiji Minato Hace 18 días
Lol Paulie and his robot girlfriend
UrbanExplorer1000 Hace 18 días
another pointless video. im sure your life is so perfect and needs no criticism, right?
Jared Zeno
Jared Zeno Hace 18 días
"I must break you"
Rocky Balboa
Rocky Balboa Hace 18 días
You are pathetic
Lemiii Hace 19 días
The truth is actually different. Americans are ones who are on steroids.
Joseph Lauro
Joseph Lauro Hace 19 días
He said “necklace” when it was a bracelet. While making a video criticizing an amazing movie.... ironic
josephalton95 Hace 19 días
Boyyyyy this movie is perfect
Luigi Nastro
Luigi Nastro Hace 19 días
The thing that bothers me the most is that after the epic win against Drago, Rocky never mentions his best friend Apollo, murdered by the same guy he's just beaten. Instead he makes that pretty cheesy "if we can change, everybody can change; capitalism good, comunism bad" speech. It's sad they turned it into a jingoistic finale, when it should've been an emotional one.
Arush Srivastava
Arush Srivastava Hace 13 días
Yeah true
K.O. Edit
K.O. Edit Hace 19 días
You're dumb
The Funtime Gavin Channel
Not gonna lie i love cinema sins' videos but this seemed more harsh and critical than that one old math teacher every one hates. Come on not even one subtracted sin in the whole movie??
Andy Deleon
Andy Deleon Hace 20 días
Biggest problem with the movie is that Russians liked rocky at the end
HL Vlogs
HL Vlogs Hace 20 días
I love when you remove sins without saying anything
Demetria Brown
Demetria Brown Hace 20 días
First few sins were unnecessary
attieyag Hace 20 días
i agreed with 7 of these....
Uto Resa 519
Uto Resa 519 Hace 20 días
Terrible film.Great montage and comedy
Deeewiit Hace 20 días
4:01 Like father, like son
Jacob King
Jacob King Hace 20 días
Everything you say is fake talking about movie what are dumb you now why because you just want views just money right that's the main point by the video you just made you trying to copy or talkin realistic and try to be a hero to be in a new video and you can say whatever you want to say that is the point for making a lot of views just for money man
Percutial Xenon
Percutial Xenon Hace 21 un día
How did all the Russians understand rocky?
Alex Cabrioli
Alex Cabrioli Hace 21 un día
Alexandre Beaudry
Alexandre Beaudry Hace 21 un día
Polly is there to remind us that Rocky was living in an underdog world
Safwan Miah
Safwan Miah Hace 21 un día
Fuck cinema sins saying theres something wrong with rocky and creed
Gregorio Dontes
Gregorio Dontes Hace 21 un día
Change:Obama got inspired by rocky, good to know
FloydXboxing Jj
FloydXboxing Jj Hace 21 un día
"In real life he'd probably have so much reach advantage he wouldn't get hit once" that's one of the most ignorant statements I ever heard wtf U casual
Peter McDevitt
Peter McDevitt Hace 22 días
1:20 It's a bracelet
pug gameing
pug gameing Hace 22 días
TPG_ NaughtyD13
TPG_ NaughtyD13 Hace 23 días
This dude is nobody to judge this movie or niether any rocky movie
GYPSY OUTLAW Hace 23 días
Mannn you have nothing better else to huh LMFAO
Bruce David
Bruce David Hace 23 días
This is Fucking Stupid... Do Not Quit your day job!
benblexbenblex Hace 23 días
Dances with wolve reference. Impressive.
YOSHI X RIOT Hace 23 días
This is my favourite "everything wrong with" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
spacerazer Hace 23 días
The Americans you mention in 0905 are actually Canadians who looked like Russians. The fight scene was filmed at the Agra dome in Vancouver BC and the extras were Canadians.
poweredBYcheese Hace 23 días
In the Creed review he says he wished they didn't say the outcome of the third fight yet here he wishes they did.
godis talking
godis talking Hace 23 días
Top 10 reasons CinemaSins will go down 1. you clearly ripped off Angryvideogamenerd aka the guy who reviews videogames but only points on the negative things "HE" comes up with. steal any ideas lately? 2. Terminator 2,Rocky iv,Black Panther and god knows how many movies on your channel were watched by millions of people aka sold millions 3. Terminator 2,Rocky iv,Black Panther and god knows how many movies got high reviews on rottentomatoes,imdb and countless review sites by actual critics 4. Those movies you complain about and are salty over well those actors get paid brah. The pocket change you get from youtube is laughable. 5. Angryvideogamenerd was negative but some of his stuff is actually funny, your points make no sense like the fact rocky now has lambhorgini's in his 4th film. He's been in 3 movies and beat who knows how many people in the ring so of course he will have money by this point and what champ with money doesnt have fancy cars or big houses? you living in the stone age or what? 6. None of you're vids matter or have changed other people's views on ANY movie you review because people go back religiously to re-watch rocky iv,300 and every other movie you put down. 7. The fact you ask (beg?) others to send in thier negative points on films shows you ran out of ideas or realized the past 5 years spending thousands of hours analyzing videos just to make a 10-15 min negative video it suddenly dawn on you what a waste of human life and time. 8. you're view count is down for a reason. less and less people are watching you're vids. at first you picked horrible movies to review but then realized theres not that many bad movies and now pick the good ones,bad news is you're gonna get hate from people who loved those. its like bill maher who picked on comic fans/stan lee recently after lee passed. Stupidity at its finest. 9. you know damn well black panther had nothing wrong with it but for views and attention you made a video because you knew everyone was searching for anything that has to do with black panther at the time due to the record breaking sales it had. A Dog could have put the words "black panther" in a 1 sec clip and people would have watched it. you just did it again with creed. irony. 10. For a guy who hates movies i find it funny you keep posting movie clips and reviewing films as if you love them. I never understood the logic behind a moron who says "let me bring up bad things about a movie" yet watches thousands of hours of film. How can you watch movies but claim you hate them? This makes no sense. A person who hates movies doesnt watch movies. People will catch unto you're bs soon.
José Manuel Sánchez Gómez
I am most amused. Thank you. Please DO Alfred Hitchcok's 1927 The Ring.
Jackson Bowman
Jackson Bowman Hace 24 días
I like the ending
Cameron Braithwaite
Cameron Braithwaite Hace 24 días
This dude is just a pissed off russian
Francisco Blockbuster
Francisco Blockbuster Hace 24 días
For more on Rocky IV check out this podcast www.podomatic.com/podcasts/blockbusternostalgia/episodes/2018-10-29T13_43_25-07_00
David’s Weird
David’s Weird Hace 24 días
Don don don don dooodan oh wait wrong movie I’m creed I’m gonna fight the guys son that killed my dad
Ruth Warehime
Ruth Warehime Hace 24 días
Even though I'm a HUGE Rocky fan, this video made me LOL
Alethea Nicholson
Alethea Nicholson Hace 24 días
Rocky is not a bad movie
Alethea Nicholson
Alethea Nicholson Hace 24 días
boy what do you have against Rocky
Adam C
Adam C Hace 24 días
zooming in is a sin?
David Clairmont
David Clairmont Hace 24 días
That man said "I guess we missed the part were Rocky chopped down trees with his face just so he could withstand those punches." LMAO... Never understood why Rocky decided to always block with his face. Hilarious.
Ed Wavy
Ed Wavy Hace 24 días
Where the sin that Rocky’s son is home with three children by themselves
WoW YO Hace 24 días
workout just saying " no pain " 💀💀💀
sjenx637 Hace 24 días
The Sniper out for Drago 🤣🤣🤣🔫 #I'm dying
Ganster Cow
Ganster Cow Hace 24 días
U r a stupid idiot it’s a amazing movie
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