Everything Wrong With Rocky IV In Some Minutes

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In celebration of the new film Creed, we decided to go looking for sins in arguably the most popular of all the Rocky movies: Rocky IV. Yep... sin-tastic.
Thursday: Sins of a movie that came out several years prior to this one.
Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins do YOU want to see recounted?
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24 nov 2015






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Shawn Maydole
Shawn Maydole Hace 2 horas
U called a watch a necklace. In the training montage it shows rocky using an axe to chap down a tree.
Nuclear Nadal
Nuclear Nadal Hace 4 horas
2:50 that Zoooooom Scene was Hilarious !
Zahir Junejo
Zahir Junejo Hace 16 horas
You could have atleast removed a point for the cool 80s track.
Nolan Nickoson
Nolan Nickoson Hace 18 horas
Fuck u!!!!! Rocky is the shit!!!!!!
Tyler Markiano
Tyler Markiano Hace 20 horas
I thought Paulie said "that's my car" because he wanted a car and that's what he gets, not "that's my girl".
Aaron Bradley
Aaron Bradley Hace un día
When my brother who's been dead for it'll be 15 years in May yes he died very young but like I said I'm 41 not like picture anymore anyway when we Cinema sin this ourselves one day when we were stoned Theodore used to line rocky ends the Cold War when we were Cinema sending it ourselves. We were much funnier than you and that is the truth, even though you've made me laugh my ass off a few times most of your stuff is just so below par or annoying. There's a couple of great ones like 300 and other movies like the 300 p r e / sequel
Aaron Bradley
Aaron Bradley Hace un día
Look I really like Rocky 4. But I know that there was so much ridiculous over-the-top stuff in it that I'm going to watch this and not eviscerate you verbally. So hopefully you pick out stuff that is actually funny that they were trying to be serious about and take a sin off here and there
Minan Van De Haterd
Minan Van De Haterd Hace 2 días
dumbass reject from skynet...... ;))))))
Jay Obrien
Jay Obrien Hace 2 días
They make a fake 30 for 30 of this that you must see
Ricky Barnes
Ricky Barnes Hace 2 días
Ding* cinemasins guy calls a watch a necklace.
OmegaPyron Hace 2 días
Ivan Drago hits with 10x the force of an average elite boxer, and over 5x than the record: connectsavannah.com/savannah/the-true-force-of-a-boxers-punch/Content?oid=2133328
The Architect 1
The Architect 1 Hace 2 días
Why is Rock cleaning the Lambo in boxing boots...🤔?
DoDPooLRO Hace 2 días
This video is irelevant bc Rocky is perfect
Jovani Cruz
Jovani Cruz Hace 3 días
Drago s punch out! Classic dude!
Ruben Gutierrez
Ruben Gutierrez Hace 3 días
Hey dip shit, It's a fucking movie!
Rob Sadwick
Rob Sadwick Hace 3 días
1. That wasn't a necklace he gave Adrian it was a watch 2. The bike was in the bedroom because it was a Christmas present and as noted, he left for Russia on Christmas Day. 3. Rocky was considered a Heavy Weight and he was the Heavy Weight Champion so he wasn't fighting up 2 weight classes. ...just sayin'.
jack frost
jack frost Hace 3 días
saying someones voice sounds like draculas cousin is racist? wow do you a vag?
Smash Marxism
Smash Marxism Hace 4 días
Did you just say that a lifelong heavyweight was fighting above his weight class? Sin.
Mike McGomer
Mike McGomer Hace 4 días
When Drago punches the bag look at his face he makes, this actually draws power from the punch or so a guy in Ali's autobio told me.
Alex Beldon
Alex Beldon Hace 5 días
I’m the type of asshole who parks his bike in his room becuase im a cyclist 😂😂
Suyez Lee
Suyez Lee Hace 5 días
Most unrealistic movie ever.
jaymkuhl Hace 5 días
Rocky 4 is by far the worst. At least Rocky 5 was decent.
[redacted] [redacted]
-100 sins USSR anthem
Ryan Thomas
Ryan Thomas Hace 5 días
My son has his bike in his room... 🚲:(
Brave Corbilla
Brave Corbilla Hace 6 días
I love all rocky but the rocky 5 is kinda bad
Rabbit's Cryptos
Rabbit's Cryptos Hace 6 días
Fuvk this shit....Rocky 4 is awezome!!!
Miki Phantom
Miki Phantom Hace 7 días
Watching a Silvester Stallone film and then complaining about the lack of realism. Hm.
KaShStAyFlY Hace 7 días
Sylvester Stallone looks like Lyle Alzado in this movie
U are d biggest nerd.. Pointing out mistakes at someone's creation which has entertained the world for almost 3 decades now.. Bloody fool
SMERSH Hace 9 días
Stallone is a middleweight
Purple Cosell
Purple Cosell Hace 9 días
These jokes are so over reaching and horrible. The only sins are the bad jokes and 3 million people who had to hear this waste of bandwith.
noah bennett
noah bennett Hace 9 días
12:23 why dose drago look so much like joe weller
Michael Green
Michael Green Hace 9 días
3:13 The fight hasn't even started and Drago is covered in sweat.
brandon bentley
brandon bentley Hace 10 días
The commentator of this definately not alive during the cold war and doesn't see the point of the film...
brandon bentley
brandon bentley Hace 10 días
This film literally helped US and Russian relations...
Leonardo Bonilla
Leonardo Bonilla Hace 10 días
He homos played venom
Werty52 !
Werty52 ! Hace 10 días
5:08 thats literally a joke about how rocky can’t spell
Steven B. Kashala
Steven B. Kashala Hace 12 días
Oh please nothing is wrong with Rocky 4
Eman 1358
Eman 1358 Hace 12 días
Rocky 4 is the best
Jase Brumfield
Jase Brumfield Hace 13 días
This is the best rocky
Freedom Hace 13 días
Thats you're opinions not mine. Crap vid just being honest.
pennywise it
pennywise it Hace 13 días
He has 2 Lambo and a robot because he’s rich
syke_l3tdown Hace 13 días
Rocky's Manson looks like the one from 2 fast 2 furious
Mike John
Mike John Hace 13 días
Who else hates this channel
JkSily Hace 14 días
Only thing wrong: Apollo died
The Slerpup22
The Slerpup22 Hace 14 días
Rocky no blocky
Predatorsxx Hace 14 días
Also you said “a bunch of American extras pretending to be Russians” to be fair these are Canadian extras the end scene was filmed in the PNE Agridome in Vancouver. Look it up there’s a video on ESvid. Type in “Rocky 4 Vancouver”
biggcvisuals Hace 16 días
Rocky V and CREED my favs💪💪👑
Ivan Bagnasco
Ivan Bagnasco Hace 17 días
You must have a hard time watching movies bro... By the way.. i'm still waitng for Rocky VI and VII. I love them.
Daniel Velazquez
Daniel Velazquez Hace 17 días
The fight could have possibly be taken at 7-9 pm in Russia which means it could have taken place at 3 or 4 am in the U.S
Game breaker
Game breaker Hace 19 días
“Everything wrong with this channel”
ANDREW KNIGHT Hace 19 días
I want to see a montage of all of SYLVESTER STALLONE's movies set to the song NO EASY WAY OUT .
Mike Ockitch
Mike Ockitch Hace 21 un día
and all this time i thought it was Reagan who ended the cold war and crushed the commie scumbags, turns out it was stalone!
The Egg
The Egg Hace 22 días
I guess this guy didn't get the memo "*movie*"
Straw Hat Jimmy
Straw Hat Jimmy Hace 23 días
There was nothing wrong with rocky 4 shut your mouth
Malachy Smith
Malachy Smith Hace 24 días
Nothing WRONG with this movie (*except your cheesy wimpy narration)
RPLawns Hace 24 días
The crowd changing over was a bit over the top, but lets just leave it at you never played sports and have no idea how sports work.
LazyFatSlime Hace 25 días
People in this comment section can’t take a joke lmao.
Manuel lll
Manuel lll Hace 25 días
Imagine trying to watch a movie with this guy.
Samurai Gamer
Samurai Gamer Hace 25 días
I swear to god if they do this for creed I’ll lose it
Rithik Tito
Rithik Tito Hace 26 días
Please brother..don't destroy the movie...whatever I love rocky......
Josh Diaz
Josh Diaz Hace 28 días
I do not agree with non of this sins this narrator has brain damage
Josh Diaz
Josh Diaz Hace 28 días
This channel is shit how the fuck is this a sin at 0:16
LazyFatSlime Hace 25 días
Do u not get jokes?
Nathaniel Gutschenritter
Dont u fuck montages u asshole losers lol. Come on, u all born outta the 80's shitbags. Cinemasins neg 1 billion gor being dbags.
Martin Bonilla
Martin Bonilla Hace 28 días
True Rocky fans will absolutely enjoy this video. This movie although entertaining was so ridiculous, There's no comparison to the original one or Rocky 2
Tony Brant
Tony Brant Hace 29 días
I don't see anything wrong with Rocky IV one of the best films in my view
Jayven Terrell
Jayven Terrell Hace un mes
U should do Rocky V too
Kaden Fox
Kaden Fox Hace un mes
This was a great movie
Nick  Sketch
Nick Sketch Hace un mes
Best Rocky Fight: Rocky II --- Rocky Vs. Creed Rematch Best Rocky Quote: "..it ain't about how hard you hit, it's about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving foward.. how much you can take, and keep moving foward. That's how 'winning' is done.." - Rocky Balboa Best Rocky Montage: Rocky IV --- Rocky Trains in Russia Best Rocky Villain: Clubber Lang
Taskin reza manam
Taskin reza manam Hace un mes
Are you intoxicated
Unsal Gokdag
Unsal Gokdag Hace un mes
@CinemaSins In the cart lifting scene, The trainer sits on top of the wheels WHICH ADDS NO WEIGHT! 8:45 You missed that.
Avery Budrys
Avery Budrys Hace un mes
How about everything wrong with u!!! ROCKY IS A GOD 🥰❤️
Quetzocoatl22 Hace un mes
What kind of asshole from Philadelphia lets his kid root for the STEELERS?! (6:10)
Ken Peyao
Ken Peyao Hace un mes
Before I even start this video, this was a great movie. At least disrespect creed not Rocky series man.
Sun Tzu
Sun Tzu Hace un mes
This movie was so shit, I'm amazed they cut it down to only 115 sins, they should have added a sin for every time Rocky took a punch to the face.
Alex Wragg
Alex Wragg Hace un mes
None of these are mistakes apart form the newspapers, the film was amazing and you don't need to pick out sins that make sense and aren't even wrong anyway
michael brown
michael brown Hace un mes
I'd like to see Drago take a punch from the Big Show
Sarah Kuuspalu
Sarah Kuuspalu Hace un mes
Because fuck Russia 🤣🤣
Alfie Woodhouse
Alfie Woodhouse Hace un mes
There's nothing wrong with Rocky IV
Tuomari007 Hace un mes
Every rocky movie are the best movie in the world
SagatIsTheChamp Hace un mes
This video was lame. Rocky 4 was good
RAVI SINGH Hace un mes
Thanks for sharing. Watch full creed II here: goo.gl/pc8V8B
Mr. Browning
Mr. Browning Hace un mes
Besides the pointing out of only a dozen people at supposedly one of boxing's greatest ever HW champions funeral! & Then with 6 of those being paid pall bearers . Was kindly funny. It's just there are two things that ya just can't touch or meme in America & that's Anything Rocky & all things Chuck fucking Norris!!! So fuck off!! lol
Sin Sanity
Sin Sanity Hace un mes
1:22- Did you just say an expensive necklace as he put a watch on her wrist?! Nice job, fuck up.
KiLLaArmie Yopimp
KiLLaArmie Yopimp Hace un mes
The soundtrack didn't need this movie
Vee Core
Vee Core Hace un mes
Clown this movie was awesome 👌 ABSOLUTELY NO REASON FOR THIS VIDEO
Frank P
Frank P Hace un mes
No kid should be put in a movie unless he can act. They cant find any in Hollywood? At least make them watch Anton Yelchin once.
Sam Monte
Sam Monte Hace un mes
4 Power ballads, Extreme Russian Stereotyping and 3 Montages! The 1980s!
How to properly clean your metal computer
this dude has hundreds of problems with every movie!
How to properly clean your metal computer
dude the whole thing about rocky was that he could take a FUCK ton of punches and still move forward
How you can say such SJW bullshit throughout your videos overall, yet call things "idealistic" in ANY video is lame, Cinema Sins Guy.
Russell Mania
Russell Mania Hace un mes
This review is less a "whats wrong" and more a "pointing out what happens in the movie"
Stew Pidass
Stew Pidass Hace un mes
Dude. Rocky didn't go to Russia on Christmas - d!ck....
DRAGONOV_ Gr Hace un mes
The Choping of the wood is an exercise to train your jab and revere but you actually take a bar and put some weight on the top from one side and you push but Rockie didn't have a bar so he adapted some of your "sins" are actually stupid and not well thought
SeanTheMan1 Hace un mes
Rocky IV is my favourite movie of all time and the first Rocky movie I’ve seen when I was a kid.
Carrie Snider
Carrie Snider Hace un mes
6:09 Steelers?! Rocky is from Philly, his kid should have his bed taken away, traitor.
Jungletraveler00 00
It was an exhibition fight that's why the audience was like it was
Patrick Eatmon
Patrick Eatmon Hace un mes
What's wrong with somebody telling us, what's wrong with a fictional movie?
Jonni Gotti
Jonni Gotti Hace un mes
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