Everything Wrong With Rocky IV In Some Minutes

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In celebration of the new film Creed, we decided to go looking for sins in arguably the most popular of all the Rocky movies: Rocky IV. Yep... sin-tastic.
Thursday: Sins of a movie that came out several years prior to this one.
Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins do YOU want to see recounted?
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24 nov 2015

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Comentarios 5 432
@teammacellaro44 Hace 30 minutos
Shut up fruit get a day job
warlock415 Hace 2 horas
"Hit the one in the middle!" Great advice, Paulie.
Rocky Hace 22 horas
What about the obvious fake close-up shots of a toy Lamborghini driving over a fake brick texture that moves?
Video Games
Video Games Hace un día
He would not die from that
Guy Williams
Guy Williams Hace un día
Southpaws too many letters for license plate... Sin
Guy Williams
Guy Williams Hace un día
Bracelets aren't necklaces... Sin
joppadoni Hace 2 días
Unpatriotic .. How dare you be so Republican/Democrat. These events happened. I remember watching them when they were released.. O_o
Alan Glasgow
Alan Glasgow Hace 2 días
Also I just realized this. Why in the hell if Rocky and everyone else is from Philadelphia is there a Steelers banner in the kids room. It should've been the Eagles. Philly people are super loyal
Oliver Salih
Oliver Salih Hace 3 días
evryfhing wrong with your channel mudefucker
I YAM WHITE Hace 3 días
Everything wrong with Pennyaires jealous of BILLIONAIRE movie makers.
Andrew Clavin
Andrew Clavin Hace 4 días
Waste of your time...
Azri Wafiy
Azri Wafiy Hace 4 días
Travis Monroe
Travis Monroe Hace 5 días
You're a dumeass
armando martinez
armando martinez Hace 5 días
Russian Bot
Russian Bot Hace 5 días
These videos always trigger me. They always bash cool scenes for dumb reasons. All in fun I suppose, but still....
Joels_Creed141 Hace 6 días
Do the other rocky movies or the first creed movie before creed 2 comes out
Enzo Otto
Enzo Otto Hace 7 días
I think both Rocky and Drago where fighting in the loser keeps Brigitte Nielsen fight.
Malachy Smith
Malachy Smith Hace 7 días
THIS is stupid
Captain E'mon Kae Adul
Absolutely nuthin', dawg.
eazy14 Hace 7 días
This video is complete bullshit ! The scene where he remembers old days and Apollo is amazing and you call it stupid ? What the fuck is going on with you ?
R D Hace 9 días
Why does Rocky’s kid have a Steelers pennant if Rocky is forever associated with Philadelphia? Rocky would have burned that thing up.
Chris Lancaster
Chris Lancaster Hace 9 días
This is the best sins ever. 😆😆 “what kind of asshole parks his bike in his bedroom”
Warrior Cats123
Warrior Cats123 Hace 10 días
*N E R D*
Jindevilt V
Jindevilt V Hace 10 días
HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAULIE HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAULIE HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAULIE Say this in front of your bathroom mirror with a candle lit and the water running.
Wakka Dakka
Wakka Dakka Hace 10 días
One of the most propagandic movie of that time, they mixed up everything about ussr. But, it's still one of most funny and entertaining movie of that time. As a russian I love that movie!
P Somniferum
P Somniferum Hace 10 días
russian scientists measuring pressure by standard units.
Eseercam Hace 11 días
3:24 Illuminati Confirmed **Ding**
James B
James B Hace 11 días
Stopped watching after 50 seconds. Not one valid point.
Shawn Costello
Shawn Costello Hace 12 días
The commentator is a straight up communist, he’s just pissed the US won.
Keep it Real
Keep it Real Hace 12 días
Gladiator 1992 was a better movie
ash thomas
ash thomas Hace 12 días
11:51 - is that meant to be this movies version of Mikhail Gorbachev?!
John Q
John Q Hace 12 días
Why no sin removal for "Angry at Russian boxer who killed my friend driving montage" cliche?
Rene Merced
Rene Merced Hace 13 días
CinemaSins videos are the greatest sin
Big Mike
Big Mike Hace 14 días
Do hard target
charlesS Hace 14 días
Brion Bucklera
Brion Bucklera Hace 14 días
No elite level boxer like Apollo Creed would come out of retirement after five years to fight the most dangerous man in the sport without a couple of tune-up fights. There's been only a handful of boxers to come back after five year out to begin with.
Mathew Kevern
Mathew Kevern Hace 14 días
in rl drago hit him once and Stallones insurance said hed been "hit by a truck" when he was taken to hospital.
303 __
303 __ Hace 14 días
Any one notice how in EVERY FILM, its a white vs black, and every time a black wins? Even the new creed films are so. Now its of course America vs evil Russia, and of course america wins. At the end of Rocky 5, Rocky punches a black man. Only in America.
Sehmi Punjabi Thali
Sehmi Punjabi Thali Hace 14 días
Shut the fuck up u gaycunt its the best movie alive go die u stupid fuck
Adrenaline4P Hace 15 días
This video is hilarious Sins should've been removed for: "he's cut" No Easy Way Out montage reflecting on his deceased best friend
JAMES C Hace 15 días
Pauly as Jar Jar Binks
red eagle 29
red eagle 29 Hace 16 días
I like when Ivan loses he looks a Rocky like "I'm ganna kill this American or my son can kill creed in the spin of called creed yah"
SheAintMeTrey Hace 16 días
see now im all caught up before creed 2 I didnt need to watch the whole movie
Reliablethreat Hace 16 días
The Rocky movies are awesome!
Keehr Mitch
Keehr Mitch Hace 16 días
I know I'm late but rocky said apollo won the 3 fight in Creed so subtract 1 from the count
Jacob Vore
Jacob Vore Hace 17 días
You don’t understand sports
20alphabet Hace 17 días
Ads on commercials?
Steven Wilbanks
Steven Wilbanks Hace 17 días
You completely lost me at the license plate personalization. He can't get the entire word southpaw on it, because license plates can legally only have seven digits or letters. Geez
enjoy fun
enjoy fun Hace 17 días
Cut the crap
Francis Bottoni
Francis Bottoni Hace 17 días
Rocky - A+ Rocky 2 - A Rocky 3 - A- Rocky 4 - B+ Rocky 5 - B+ Rocky 6 - A- Creed - A
Francis Bottoni
Francis Bottoni Hace 17 días
Definitely a fun cool movie despite its flaws
it's only me
it's only me Hace 17 días
Really don't care what mistakes or what's wrong with the Rocky films .. still the best go to films of all time . Absolutely love the Rocky. The soundtracks are fantastic . Long live Rocky !!!
gibbo Hace 17 días
What's wrong with Rocky IV? Nothing. Except, maybe, the robot.
justice3988 Hace 17 días
The best rocky film hands down.
Will Ingold
Will Ingold Hace 17 días
Get bent, there ain't nothing wrong with this film
Imperialx Warlord
Imperialx Warlord Hace 17 días
What’s wrong with Rocky 4? Absolutely nothing.
ElectronicGigabyte Hace 18 días
I really liked the Rocky 1 to 3 movies. The Rocky 4 movie is just too over the top for me to like. Drago is set up to be an extremely powerful boxer. He punches Rocky over and over in the head. Both boxers throughout the fight punch each other very hard in the face over and over. No one could take this much physical punishment in a fight. It is just too unbelievable.
RedFade Hace 18 días
this was fucking funny but admit u loved it and Rocky 4 was great
James Walker
James Walker Hace 18 días
So Drago's hold grudges like a real psycho family... curious how good Creed 2 will actually be 🙏
BearsRepublic34 Hace 18 días
Awful video. 👎👎👎
Cartoon Face
Cartoon Face Hace 19 días
HEY DUDE Rocky 4 is the best Rocky movie ever ! & my favourite movie of all time ! Cant wait for Creed 2 the trailer looks amazing !!
TheN0odles Hace 19 días
Oh fuck off
Roger Medina
Roger Medina Hace 19 días
I just came here to thumbs down. Just like all these everything wrong videos.
Maddie Choco
Maddie Choco Hace 19 días
This guy is just too negative
Jeevan 2799
Jeevan 2799 Hace 19 días
Dumbass reject from skynet 😂😂😂
Pierre Carter
Pierre Carter Hace 19 días
Ok are 12:30 they used audio from Ricky Bobby. 🐵 💩🙈💩🙉💩🙊💩
Eugene Bridge
Eugene Bridge Hace 19 días
“Dumbass reject from Skynet” best line
Riley Bermke
Riley Bermke Hace 20 días
Why don't you just watch the movie instead of criticizing it
john thor
john thor Hace 20 días
Some minutes...lol 14 minutes later
Pototo Rolon
Pototo Rolon Hace 20 días
There's nothing wrong with this timeless work of art, you bunch of cocksuckers.
Michael Vin
Michael Vin Hace 20 días
The only thing wrong with Rocky 4 is the comic book levels of punches Rocky takes during that fight. He got hit so much that he would've been a corpse after the first round.
Jason Spirit
Jason Spirit Hace 20 días
Lol at all the dip shits who get butt hurt. THEN WHY ARE YOU WATCHING THESE VIDEOS?? hahahahaha
Nikola Poiukov
Nikola Poiukov Hace 20 días
i dont see why did i like it so much as a kid. its just one long propaganda video with shitty acting and fighting
Mike Lykan.
Mike Lykan. Hace 20 días
So the Count of Monty Fisto, what was it about? lmao
Charles Brown
Charles Brown Hace 20 días
You CANT be serious about sin 54. The maximum amount of characters a license plate allows is 7. How can you not know that?
AsSeenOnTV Hace 20 días
Rocky: A+ Rocky II: A- Rocky III: B Rocky: IV: B+ Rocky V: C- Rocky Balboa: A-
James Fralick
James Fralick Hace 20 días
This dude is crazy
Eman 1358
Eman 1358 Hace 20 días
Rocky Iv is the best
Gogu Hace 20 días
Bulshit. All that really matters is what the movie and Sly offered to millions of people worldwide: things that keep motivating and go straight to the heart. You will never change this and you will never be able to create the emotion Sly dit for all of us!
efren Sanchez
efren Sanchez Hace 20 días
I wanna see the movie already
Sergio Fernandez
Sergio Fernandez Hace 20 días
Fuck who ever is talking, and fuck who ever made this videos. You all are dumb pieces of shit. Fuck you all.
EROK X Hace 21 un día
Creed 2 and Rocky 4 brought us here
Angelo Rivers
Angelo Rivers Hace 21 un día
They should do a second creed where baby creed fights drago malfoy... Wait
akeem david
akeem david Hace 21 un día
Can't wait till you grow some balls and Do Creed..... before Creed II comes out lol
Andrew Cuthbertson
Andrew Cuthbertson Hace 21 un día
License plates only have seven digits. Therefore, SOTHPAW.
Andrew Cuthbertson
Andrew Cuthbertson Hace 21 un día
Pretty sure a Jalpa only counts as half a Lamborghini.
Andrew Cuthbertson
Andrew Cuthbertson Hace 21 un día
I’m just thrilled to see Drago return in Creed 2. I had this nasty feeling that the soviets would send him to a death camp for disgracing the motherland or something. I’m so glad to see he’s doing well. He was never a bad guy. He just wanted to fight, and he was being used as a propaganda tool.
The Gent
The Gent Hace 22 días
To criticize any of the Rocky films is completely un-American, unless we're talking about the fifth installment. That's acceptable.
IYC0370 Hace 22 días
Rocky was chopping trees down with his face 😂😂😂 This narrator is a legend lol
David Correa
David Correa Hace 22 días
9:30 "so much reach advantage he wouldn't get hit" bruh, they have the same height difference as Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier, and I seem to recall those as close fights where Jon Jones got hit quite a bit. Stick to movies, you clearly don't know fighting lol.
William Davies
William Davies Hace 23 días
Get a life , how can you criticise a rocky film .
lalluzkaki d
lalluzkaki d Hace 23 días
Triggerd americans
Scarlett Roger
Scarlett Roger Hace 26 días
Funny looking necklace.
russ collinson
russ collinson Hace 26 días
Whats wrong with this video? At 1.24 thats a bracelet not a necklace. As the name would suggest, its worn around the neck, not the wrist.
David Mosteller
David Mosteller Hace 27 días
Hey Jeremy, why no more Rocky reviews? You should at least do Rocky 3, maybe before the Creed 2 comes out
Areodactl Hace 27 días
Most of these sins didn't even make sense...
Hamid Khabbazan
Hamid Khabbazan Hace 27 días
what's the song at the very beginning?
Master Jay
Master Jay Hace 28 días
You just hating this is perfect where is your best movie you have made. your voice is like the one of s retarded robot.
rascalMatt17 Hace un mes
This is horrible... i'm at 24 seconds and have to stop watching already. Every kid in the 80's was always talking about a "RED DAWN" scenario..... Nuclear War was on EVERYONE'S MIND. So NO... the exploding gloves weren't over the top... if anything it was very fitting.
marcos haydar
marcos haydar Hace un mes
Get a job dude
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