Everything Wrong With The Entire Harry Potter Franchise

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Yeah, so we took every Harry Potter sins video, strung them all together, renumbered the sin counter, and came up with a sin total for the whole darn franchise. We did that.

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13 nov 2021






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Z Paul2
Z Paul2 Hace 8 meses
One sin you forgot is, when the letter says Harry did the patronus charm in from of a muggle, the letter is reading itself out loud while floating in the room with three muggles, including the same one from before.
Danny Jorde
Danny Jorde Hace 4 días
The Ministry of Magic knows that the Durselys are aware of magic 🤦🏻🤦🏻
Phoenix Gaming
Phoenix Gaming Hace 4 meses
@Conor Murphy eh, its been a while.
Conor Murphy
Conor Murphy Hace 4 meses
@Phoenix Gaming that was the reason In deathly hallows. Not in order of the Phoenix. Here fudge and the minestry want Harry expelled from school and wizard society because he is telling people voldy is back and fudge doesn’t want to believe him and Dumbledore. So he gets Dumbledore thrown off the wizard council and tries to expel Harry. The minestry don’t even know they’re at war yet.
Phoenix Gaming
Phoenix Gaming Hace 4 meses
@Conor Murphy the real reason is because there's a war going on and they are moving him away for safety. hes not supposed to be using magic because - like how the nazgul arrive whenever the ring of lords is put on - the use of magic is detectable not only by the ministry of magic, but also by Voldemort and his minions. So the use of magic will pretty much cause the war to spill over into the muggle world, which is what they are trying to prevent. Hes basically being benched for the season because he's too valuable of a player.
cfcreative Hace 4 meses
I have never seen or read Harry Potter but I read the Bible and I somehow feel i haven't missed anything?
Just Your Local Bernana
"Harry, did you put your name in the Goblet of Fire?" Dumbledore asked calmly.
Dr. Bright
Dr. Bright Hace 21 un día
While casually strangling Harry
Dreaded Gamer 23
Dreaded Gamer 23 Hace 28 días
@ZorotheGallade Yeah, that's more accurate.
ZorotheGallade Hace 28 días
Dreaded Gamer 23
Dreaded Gamer 23 Hace un mes
@alan Well, this is Cinemasins, not BookSeriesAndCinemaSins
alan Hace un mes
I was disappointed it wasn't in the video
Thomas Shelby
Thomas Shelby Hace 4 meses
"This two-second clip of Robert Pattinson falling out of a tree was the only auditioning he needed for Twilight." Truer words have never been spoken.
SISI 1468
SISI 1468 Hace 8 días
Coyotix Hace 2 meses
I agree that the whole "being in slytherin makes you evil" thing is honestly really overused. Imagine how much cooler it would be to have, like.. a Ravenclaw villain. Peter Pettigrew is the only villain of a different House than Slytherin (being a Gryffindor), and he's a very minor character who exists just to serve Voldemort, die and scare the 8 year olds in the audience. He doesn't even do anything the whole time until Goblet of Fire, and then he's barely seen again! If you're a criminal and you take a hogwarts house test, here's hoping you don't get Slytherin because that shit has gone so overused.
lelon furr
lelon furr Hace 6 días
well harry is part slytherin
Xsqber1234 Hace 14 días
It is rumored that Barry crouch he was in ravenclaw because he is extremely intelligent
Alexis Hallo
Alexis Hallo Hace un mes
Though slytherin has one of the best heroes. People always forget Horace Slughorn. He helped evacuate all the students, he raised an army to fight the death eaters and led them into battle and fought voldemort personally. Dude has a legend
Alexis Hallo
Alexis Hallo Hace un mes
@Cookies thankfully that only happened in the movies. In the books they evacuated and many joined voldemorts side
Cookies Hace un mes
seriously, imagine youre a perfectly normal slytherin 7th year, even say you might be muggle born or half blood and they lock you up in the dungeons instead of letting you fight for your school after years of working hard to be someone youre proud to be and they go "lmao were prejudiced, go be evil somewhere else"
Project: START
Project: START Hace 4 meses
13:27 Actually, a wand is just a way to harness your magic power. You can make stuff like this happen when you become very emotional, but what happens is unpredictable. Like how he made the glass disappear for his cousin in the first movie.
Project: START
Project: START Hace un día
@MrVent No, that's in the books.
MrVent Hace un día
Now that just sounds like the "fans have to come up with in-universe explanations for plotholes" cliché.
Project: START
Project: START Hace 2 días
@XTea Well, said magic is unpredictable. You will never know what you are going to get but it is always unstable and a high likelihood of harming yourself. Only someone with great power and, more importantly, control is able to effectively utilize wandless magic and bring about desired results.
XTea Hace 2 días
so if a person whants they could just will magc with emotion why dont people try to use that more often like if a wiserd just used headphones and played really emotional music what about wiserds with anger issues
Project: START
Project: START Hace un mes
@BDizzle Interesting.
Samuli Tyyskä
Samuli Tyyskä Hace 9 meses
One thing that I find wrong about the movies is that Ron was downgraded to a cowardly, gluttonous and comedic sidekick, instead of the badass, loyal and witty friend that he is in the books.
sea shore rumble
sea shore rumble Hace 12 días
Ron was the McCoy to Harry's Kirk, with Hermione being Spock. Ron's friendship ultimately made Harry feel like he belonged and he has some great moments in the series, in spite of being the most flawed of the three. So yeah the movies did him dirty
Vera Zollinger
Vera Zollinger Hace 15 días
@Mukke 97 have you seen beaty and the beast?
adamski2704 Hace 20 días
@Shanchan harry was never a brat
The Media Monitor
The Media Monitor Hace un mes
@Sora Song Draco was a wanker towards the students in general so I can see why Harry hated Draco when he was younger. Draco became a better person over time and he and Harry are on better speaking terms towards the end of the series. In the films at least since idk how it was for them in the books.
S. J
S. J Hace 4 meses
1:17:55 in the books it’s mentioned that the ministry (which was taken over by death eaters) put a taboo on the name, which would locate anyone who used it since the order of the phoenix usually used his real name.
MrNight18 Hace 2 meses
I'm pretty sure everything is sinned due to general inconsistency as to what can and cannot be done. This is a satire video but almost all of these sins, while having longer explanations in the books, are still sin worthy. Like Dumbledore hired half the people who caused direct harm to Harry and also essentially crippled a generations education by doing so in the books and movies. 1st year, 4 year, 5 year and if you wanna get critical even 2nd year Lockhart is there.
2 ideots with a phone
@laniya no but they should be able to fit 520 pages into 2 movies
Andy Miller
Andy Miller Hace 3 meses
@Æbersold S I'm not.
Æbersold S
Æbersold S Hace 3 meses
@Andy Miller Why are you so negative 🤣
Andy Miller
Andy Miller Hace 3 meses
@laniya They made almost 20 hours in 8 movies from 7 books. They had plenty of time.
Citizen Sane
Citizen Sane Hace 4 meses
1:36:41 actually the “self sacrifice spell” was on everyone. When Harry sacrificed himself at the end, everyone in the whole school was actually protected. The book touched on this and in the book Harry explains it to Voldemort in their final confrontation, but the movie kinda skips over it and doesn’t address it at all.
Lacie Nightless
Lacie Nightless Hace 3 meses
@DC Vanguard The Luck potion is the one he won from Slughorn and he gave it to everyone that would answer the DA call before he went with Dumbledore to get the fake Horcrux locket in Half Blood Prince. There is no Luck potion in Deathly Hallows
DC Vanguard
DC Vanguard Hace 3 meses
@Monika He did yes, a drop or two of Felix Felicis potion to Dumbledore's Army members. But also, when Harry went to die in the forest, he did what his mother did for him; he sacrificed himself for the people of Hogwarts. So in the books, people were shouting and jeering at him and he cast a silencing charm on them but it didn't hold and they still managed to start shouting back at him so his magic didn't really work on them.
Monika Hace 3 meses
Didn't he give everybody a small drop of the filicitas-potion he received from Mad eye moody? The one that grants the user incredible luck?
George Hace 3 meses
Aash Martin
Aash Martin Hace 3 meses
They honestly really should have included the lesson where they learn how to do unspoken incantations. It's very confusing for people who didn't read the books Also, in the books they explain that the ministry (which is taken over by Voldemort) tracks people who say the word Voldemort. That's why they're saying "You know who" and shit still
Danny Jorde
Danny Jorde Hace 4 días
Even if we only talk about the books it's still a sin, because non-verbal spells are still very complicated to perform and even more in dangerous and stressful situations, that's why in the book the golden trio still had to say the spells out loud.
Bassy x Grelle
Bassy x Grelle Hace un mes
A lot of unexplained plot holes or just odd scenes in the movie are explained in the books. For example, in the 5th movie, Harry has to make his choice between sparing Bellatrix or taking revenge for Sirius. And in the books, he doesn't hesitate to take revenge. He immediately casts the spell that would cause the most pain, one that will let Bellatrix feel as much pain as he had. The Cruciatus curse (I'm 100% certain I spelt that wrong but whatever). He casts it multiple times actually. But you can't fit a lot of the exposition given in the books into the movies. A lot of it will be cut down due to time constraints. Another example is the families who came to visit during the Triwizard Tournament. The families of the champions were invited to come and see their children for a day, before the event started. Viktor's family came, Fleur's family came, Cedric's family came. The Weasley family came for Harry cause he didn't have any living relatives that were able to come see him. And the Buckbeak time travel shenanigans are also better explained. Instead of the trio stopping on top of the hill, they are underneath the invisibility cloak and are trying to get away as quickly as possible so they aren't spotted. Meanwhile, future Harry and Hermione are waiting in the treeline for the executioner and other people there to see Buckbeak so they can't blame Hagrid for letting him go, and then when the adults go back inside they quickly lure Buckbeak with some meat and run away with the hippogriff. A lot of things that make no sense in the movies rely on book knowledge to connect the dots. Another thing is that if you don't read the books, you will never know a lot of little details about the characters. Draco Malfoy is actually one of the smartest students in the school, just after Hermione. Hermione's front teeth were larger than average until a spell went haywire I think in their fourth year and Hermione let Madame Pomfrey continue to reshrink her teeth past their original length until they were at her desired size. Ron has a ghoul in the room above him which was used as a decoy for if death eaters were to come to their house (or it was a way to trick his family for a while so he could leave quickly I don't remember I haven't read Harry Potter in so long). Fleur was originally disliked by Molly Weasley, and she wanted her son Bill to marry Tonks instead. Neville could have also been the child of the prophecy, but Voldemort chose to go after the Potters on account of them being "stronger" in his eyes, and I think the fact that Harry was a Half-blood and Neville was a Pure-blood had something to do with it as well. Oh and another plot hole that is solved by reading the books is when the teachers all tell Lockhart to go into the Chamber of Secrets and defeat Slytherin's monster. They weren't telling him to go do it, they were just trying to get him away from their important meeting so they could actually come up with a plan to get Ginny Weasley back safe, or if it was too late bring back her body, and evacuate the students. Wow I didn't expect this comment to get so long-
Mr_Moof Hace un mes
Also the fact that they explain the fact that you can silently say spells and that’s why sometimes they just don’t say anything
Mimikyutube's alt account
You spelled Cruciatus right Also I remember some of these
· Booster ·
· Booster · Hace 7 meses
The fact that Voldemort's mother is portrayed as the "poor wife who's husband left her when she was pregnant" when she actually used a love potion on his father, raped and married him, felt bad, and then released the spell which resulted in him leaving her for obvious reasons.
TeeBaby Hace 2 meses
No she’s not. That’s the reason Tom cannot understand love. He a was born from a love potion not true love according to JK
cfcreative Hace 4 meses
I have never seen or read Harry Potter but I read the Bible and I somehow feel i haven't missed anything?
o0alessandro0o Hace 6 meses
@Liam Prince Wait, back up.... You are saying that De Mort was a psychopath because of the love potion? Is that actually canon? Because psychopaths are a dime a dozen IRL. Is that canon?
Best Virginia
Best Virginia Hace 6 meses
"who is husband?" Bruh, so many people on here that can cite complete passages from movies but don't know the proper English grammar 😂😂
Georgia Young
Georgia Young Hace un mes
14:52 1:03:37 I don’t think you should have sinned the change in Dumbledore actors at these time stamps, especially since the first one died between movies. You can’t really blame the change in appearance. A recasting was inevitable and nobody could’ve known he was going to die before the series ended. Additionally, it shouldn’t really matter to mention it in the story since it’s clear that the second actor is still Dumbledore.
James Hace 45 minutos
I have to agree too. Richard Harris was more closer to Dumbledore in books than Michael Gambon, which in books Dumbledore is more of a gentler type. But, I respect Mr. Gambon's own interpretation of Dumbledore, or maybe it's just the screenwriters and director's fault with these changes.
Hu Xiao
Hu Xiao Hace 18 días
yeah it was kinda insensitive tbh
Joshua York
Joshua York Hace 5 meses
This episode of CinemaSins taught me one incontrovertible and glorious truth: That JK Rowling did a PHENOMENAL job of explaining nearly everything the movie left questionable, and tied up nearly every loose end admirably. Literally 99% of the questions he has are answered by the books.
BlackEagle NrZero
BlackEagle NrZero Hace un mes
@wilbur foot Agree mostly, but for the Elderwand Point: It is not that easy. The Books clearly state that 1. it really makes the owner way way stronger than before and dumbledore let himself be disarmed intentionally, i think the books even say if the wand truely belongs to you and you are a "good wizard" it makes you almost unbeatable. 2. It, as far as i remember correctely, is statet, that exactely what you wrote happend over the course of time, it "traveled" from owner to owner. the thing with the multiple wand idea: I think that only works if there actually are multiple casters to be stronger. And i believe in some Q&A Rowling said, that the specific job of defence against the dark arts teacher was somehow cursed by Voldemort when he was denied to be it's teacher.(doesnt relly make sense though) All the other Points you made are spot on, imo. :)
Rebecca Hace 2 meses
@wilbur foot Harry's scars thar shape as that's the movement for the killing curse, so when he was hit w it the scar was left in the shape of the movement
MPROXX Hace 2 meses
@MrNight18 basilisk learned from the jurassic park ninja T-Rex
MrNight18 Hace 2 meses
Would add a few from the 1st 2 books - Book 1 - Why does the Ministry of Magic use a magic letter to inform Harry he is a wizard? Harry lives with his Muggle relatives none of which are wizards and he isn't contacted the same way Hermione is where her family gets a visit from a Ministry wizard. - Also, Hermione is hands down a Mary Sue in terms of her knowledge and her original character in the book is downright egotistical if you stop and think about it. She is a muggleborn who only recently learned she is 1) a wizard, 2) and entire world of magic exists and yet her demeanor in the books is to very loudly and matter of a fact-ly correcting everyone around her despite most if not all having been born and raised in the Magical World. -How did no one realize Professor Quirrell had Voldemort's head on the back of his head or that he regularly went into the Forbidden forest to feast on Unicorns? How and where did he, who is mostly described as pretty incompetent, get a troll and transport it into Hogwarts with no one knowing? -How and why is Harry accidentally killing his professor never looked into nor is there any follow-up on the incident when the entire school clearly knows? - Book 2 - How do harry and Ron make it into Hogwarts, Hermione regularly exerts the exposition that Hogwarts has a magical barrier and yet harry and Ron just drive in no problems using a car which was "magic'ed" up by Arthur Weasley. That barrier is vague as hell. -Lockhart getting and keeping his job. -How do any of the character's that "encounter" the basilisk ever actually encounter it? The books give us that it travels by a really vague plumbing system but we only have one entrance/exit. -Which leads us to a really massive plot hole why the fuck does harry need an invisibility cloak to sneak around in ANY of the books when a giant ass snake did does it with zero problems?
Citizen Sane
Citizen Sane Hace 4 meses
Funny thing is many of the answers to these sins are actually answered in the books. The movies just really gloss over a whole lot of stuff for time and…reasons… Even Ron mentioned it in the deathly hallows first movie when he asked Harry “doesn’t it make you mad that dumbledore wouldn’t tell you anything about destroying the horcruxes?” It infuriated every Harry Potter reader (especially in hindsight) that Harry had to learn and go through EVERYTHING the hard way. Building Moral fiber my ass. You would think after Prisoner of Azkaban when they had resolved the Sirius Black situation, or order of the Phoenix when Harry & dumbledore were vindicated, that SOMEONE would have sat Harry down and briefed him up on all the stuff he might need to know…especially dumbledore! Sadly, you would be mistaken…
Addie Johnston
Addie Johnston Hace 29 días
So true
swezze Hace 2 meses
@James Ross my hypocrite is quite natural, i just get bias easily but you are right for calling it out though, i guess its easy for you to be hypocritical in judgement towards something you dont like, im working on it but its still human nature.
James Ross
James Ross Hace 2 meses
@swezze "stop trying to be a critique over the most unimportant thing (fantasy)" Yet on the everything wrong with fantastic beasts you comment "I hate the casting American influence ruined a great franchise" Now that to me sounds like critiquing fantasy, something you tell others not to do... did you learn hypocrisy in all them entrepenure books you read or is it just natural to you?
vlad Hace 2 meses
but Dumbledore did leave a way for harry to destroy the horcruxes, the sword, except harry didn't get the sword from the minister, only at the lake afterwards. And that scene where Ron gets mad and asks the question, well it basically wouldn't exist and the movie would be 1 hour long, maybe even less.
Raxarri Hace 5 meses
Dumbledore didn’t leave him with an abusive family for nothing. It was greatly explained that voldemort used to believe Lily’s sacrificial protection continued on in her bloodline.
BlackEagle NrZero
BlackEagle NrZero Hace un mes
@zzzaxyl Yes, especially the "strong magic of love"
JSB Hace 2 meses
But Harry himself is in her bloodline. Shouldn't that make it self-sustaining?
zzzaxyl Hace 3 meses
@DC Vanguard you know, spelling it out like that really does show just what an absolute mess the rules of the magic system were lol
DC Vanguard
DC Vanguard Hace 3 meses
@zzzaxyl I agree, an unsatisfying ending in the books because we're almost meant to feel apathetic towards them, neither like nor dislike which is how Harry went about saying goodbye to the Dursley's in the book. Dumbledore wanted to ensure that the magical protection that Lily gave Harry would be maintained through the idea that somehow, Harry still calls the Dursley's place a home. If Harry moved with the Weasley's and cut all ties to Lily's bloodline, the magical protection might have worn off. Of course, that makes it a bit redundant when Voldemort was resurrected because we used Harry's blood for that; and according to the books, the same protection for Harry now runs in Voldemort?
zzzaxyl Hace 3 meses
I guess it only guards against physical threats? Because being abused and forced to live in a closet for like 12 years isn't going to leave you a happy and healthy person. Also, even the books did a really poor job of that because the Dursleys are basically irredeemabley cruel for no good reason, it's impossible to feel satisfied with the idea that lily loved these people so much that she protected them in death despite them appearing to only ever be awful people. Unless lily saw the future and knew that Harry would live with them in which case why not do something to prevent that? Not saying that the Dursleys were just comically terrible all of their lives but they were 100% of the time from what we the audience are shown.
Seamus Robison
Seamus Robison Hace 7 meses
What I love about malfoy and the apples is that Tom Felton kept sneaking them on set to the point where they sewed all his pockets shut
Dreaded Gamer 23
Dreaded Gamer 23 Hace 2 meses
Sooo many people for this, it's both impressive... and disappointing. r/woooosh
Beth Elt
Beth Elt Hace 5 meses
No, that's because he kept sneaking chocolate and sweets onto the set and they melted and ruined the robes so eventually all pockets were sewn shut
Diego Leal
Diego Leal Hace 6 meses
Yūki Hace 6 meses
@Rachael Yeaah it was
Rachael Hace 7 meses
I thought that was because of chocolate
FinnJi Hace 3 meses
Also... How did it make sense for dumbledore to avoid harry when the dark lord is literally on a personal quest to kill harry and it is well established that dumbledore is the only one the dark lord fears? So how does it make sense that harry would be safer if dumbledore ignored him?
Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal Hace un mes
Pretty much all this shit was spoken into a remembrall thus a prophecy “this is your way of life bs” Dumbledore knew even before Harry was born what would happen
A S Hace un mes
@Janvi Ruparel SKIP!
Janvi Ruparel
Janvi Ruparel Hace 2 meses
I think you have not read the book so let me explain you.... (just be ready to read a big Para).. so dumbledore knew that harry has a connection with voldemort (because harry was voldemort's horcrux) so as Voldemort got his body now Harry will be able to feel Voldemort more. The connection between them will now get stronger and at one point even Voldemort, who is such a powerful wizard, will realize the connection that harry and he shares (voldemort realized this connection when Nagini attacked Aurthur weasely in ministry). So Dumbledore knew that if he stays near Harry then voldemort will try to possess Harry and will try to take advantage of this connection.. Voldemort can never kill Dumbledore because Dumbledore is a very powerful wizard but voldemort will possess Harry's body and will try to blackmail Dumbledore by hurting Harry which Dumbledore never wanted.. so Dumbledore wanted to keep harry out of this.. he wanted Voldemort to think that harry is just a normal kid.. Harry means nothing to Dumbledore.. Dumbledore did this only to protect Harry.. he didn't want voldemort to possess Harry only to blackmail Dumbledore.. This was the reason..
Nodon_ Hace 3 meses
36:33 One of the many things in the Order Of The Phoenix books explain, that Harry and Arthur went the non-magic way because it was a more appropriate way to come to a court that happened because of underage magic. They could've used floo powder or anything, nothing stopped them exept some standard that Arthur came up with.
The Sciemathist
The Sciemathist Hace 2 meses
This being a way to make sure that Harry & Co. have a way of getting into the ministry without conventional magical means of transport, as the damned booth is never again mentioned in the series.
Wizzard757 Hace 4 días
54:30 the reason that Hermione is having issue with making the potions is because Snape is no longer teaching the class. He used to write down ingredients and instructions on the chalkboard instead of telling everyone to use the book. Harry finds his book and its basically like Snape is still teaching.
Jayper Productions
Jayper Productions Hace 2 meses
Protection Spells: The protection spells on the Burrow in the 7th movie was put on by the Order of the Phoenix and the Ministry of Magic. That's why Rufus Scrimigeour could just go in and apperate. That is also why Deatheaters easily got in the wedding because they took over the Ministry and knew what the protection charms were and how to get around them.
xBeanie1287x Hace 9 meses
Biggest sin of all: Never showing us our favorite Poltergeist, Peeves.
lovely lass
lovely lass Hace 13 días
@April C. you guys have
chris donovan
chris donovan Hace 16 días
I made the the amount 6.9k dev them leave peeves out was f up
M0nkeysAreC00l Hace 2 meses
Amy Claire
Amy Claire Hace 2 meses
omg yess
Super Vegito
Super Vegito Hace 4 meses
I’d like to add another sin. “Dumbledore said calmly” is what it says in the goblet of fire book. That was not calm. That was so not calm I’d like to rename a quiet place into the sound of silence.
Sabir Lucianno
Sabir Lucianno Hace 2 meses
lmao its a whole meme cuz of how he acted in the movie vs the books
Jardine W
Jardine W Hace 2 meses
@Andy Miller I'm amused more than anything. Anyways continue ur thing and act as if my account doesnt exist
Andy Miller
Andy Miller Hace 2 meses
@Jardine W If I do, what's it to you?
Jardine W
Jardine W Hace 2 meses
@Andy Miller U just have to come and counter everyone in the comments do u?
Sleeky Soaps
Sleeky Soaps Hace 3 meses
Ikr? I was so sad they took off the calm dumbledore personlity
AwayDino Hace 3 meses
I don’t agree with the “goodbye Dumbledore I hope you don’t look and sound completely different next time I see you” sin The man died… what were they supposed to do?
Danny Jorde
Danny Jorde Hace 4 días
Do you mean you agree with the rest of the "sins"?
Dreaded Gamer 23
Dreaded Gamer 23 Hace 2 meses
I agree with the sin only partially more than you do. It's still disorienting when we see one actor play one character in a movie, and then, in the sequels(and even prequels or semi-prequels(you know, like we saw in Half-Blood Prince)) the same character is played by a different actor. Also, @JSB, that genuinely made me laugh.
JSB Hace 2 meses
Necromancy, of course!
Ridwan Ali
Ridwan Ali Hace 2 meses
The books basically explain 60% of the magic rules you sinned in this like how wizards can do silent spells and learn them in the 5th and 6th books
Jayper Productions
Jayper Productions Hace 2 meses
Alright here is the wand thing explained: Wands chose wizards, when this happen they chose a master. The wand can perform magic with someone who isn't it's master but it has limitations like you can't attack a wands owner with their own wand. It really depends on the wood type. For example wands that are made with Acacia only obey their master. When another person defeats the wand's owner, the wand either changes it's allegiance to the person who defeated the owner or stays loyal to it's owner. Now saying spell words and not saying them depends on how well you know the spell. This was explained by Snape in the Half Blood Prince Book which is saying that spells that have you say the words are more so you memorize the words and the wand motion (Every spell requires you move your wand a certain way when casting it). When you don't say a spell word it's faster and more unpredictable. Now the thing where sometimes you don't have to use a wand is when you have mastered the spell, what it does, it's effects, and also how to use magic without a wand.
Jayper Productions
Jayper Productions Hace un mes
@BlackEagle NrZero Idk, I'm just explaining how wands work from my knowledge, and I don't know if JK Rowling ever said anything about this but I also think it is stupid.
BlackEagle NrZero
BlackEagle NrZero Hace un mes
Very true, although the only thing that didn't really explain itself to me is basically the "representative Wand Claim" (lol) that harry 'did to' Malfoy. I think the whole 'claim a wand if beaten' thing is a very cool idea, but it should't work if the wand isn't used by the 'claimer' or even in his proximity (i mean the elder wand didn't get disconnected from the hand of its 'true owner', another wand did, malfoy didn't even touch it once). How should it know that it's 'true owner' just got unarmed from a different wand at a completely different place.
Selena Ignjatovic
Selena Ignjatovic Hace 7 meses
After all the unnecessary details they've put into the movies, they could've easily spare 5 seconds to explain that saying Voldemort's name out loud is actually used as a tracker.
cfcreative Hace 4 meses
I have never seen or read Harry Potter but I read the Bible and I somehow feel i haven't missed anything?
Jackazz2ndGen Hace 5 meses
@Potatex A lot of people
At least there were no pointless moments they could've replaced with it. Like staring out a window. Maybe there's an extended edition.
t v
t v Hace 6 meses
oh man, Kingdom Hearts stole that
Jay Edgar
Jay Edgar Hace 24 días
No the time travel makes sense. All the things happen. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy. The existence of time travel causes the time travel. It’s the only part about the books I respect. The time travel actually makes sense to me. Yes it’s a paradox. But so is all time travel. This one is less of a paradox than others
Jayper Productions
Jayper Productions Hace 2 meses
Here's transportation explained: The reason they kept using everything but Portkeys and Floo Powder from the 4th-8th movie is because the Ministry controls the Floo Network, meaning that they will know where you went and where you came from. The Portkeys must be set up with authorization, if not it can mean a long time in Azkaban, and it's easy to catch people who set up Unauthorized Portkeys. People can't apperate when they are under the age of 17. Brooms are regulated like serial numbers and registration documents but they can't detect when they are used.
Vincent Ferreira
Vincent Ferreira Hace 2 meses
I know “THE BOOKS DON’T MATTER!!” but in the movie, they explain that somebody else did need the Room of Requirement. It basically said that Dumbledore needed to use the toilet and stumbled on the RoR and it was full of “Chamber Pots” as he put it lol.
Ravi Hace 3 meses
Something I've always wondered, is how come when they catch a criminal and send them to Azkaban, they don't just snap their wand in half? You know how much trouble it would've saved if the prison system just crippled them?
BlackEagle NrZero
BlackEagle NrZero Hace un mes
@Harrisonlk Sa always wondered about that actually. Should't there have been way more criminals who could turn into an animal, without the government knowing?
Dreaded Gamer 23
Dreaded Gamer 23 Hace 2 meses
@Harrisonlk Sa LeStrange escaped, as well, along with a couple of other Death Eaters. However, this was due to traitorous Dementors and an assault on Azkaban by death eaters. We don't get much on this besides seeing LeStrange escape in the fifth movie in a way that would free other Death Eaters, and the Dementors didn't rush towards the blown-up exit to catch anyone feeling happy enough to take advantage of the explosion, otherwise they would have caught LeStrange. My point is, you are correct about the special circumstances part, but incorrect about the amount of escapees.
Harrisonlk Sa
Harrisonlk Sa Hace 2 meses
Nobody ever escaped for real except two people and it was under very very very certain circumstances. For example Sirius is a animagous where he can turn into a dog and dementors can’t sense animals emotions as well as humans and Barry crouch jr just swapped places with his mom since the dementors are blind they sensed one dieing person entering and one leaving
Nobody Cares
Nobody Cares Hace 8 meses
"Their punishment for staying out late and hanging out with Hagrid is to hang out late with Hagrid" I still lose my shit at this
Sparkletta! Hace 7 meses
@M. Bison oh my gosh, you're right
M. Bison
M. Bison Hace 8 meses
Hagrid's punishment for unleashing spiders is to hang out with spiders?
George Pope
George Pope Hace 8 meses
Never seesn any ogff the movires, but Im still laughing art this one!
Joel Louzy
Joel Louzy Hace 2 meses
It was always super easy and barely an inconvenience that Harry forgot his God Father gave him a two way communication device they both totally forgot about. And then Harry was sad and kept part of the broken contraption in his sock to ex machina his escape from the Malfoy’s dungeon.
PopCookie Hace 4 meses
I gotta admit I loved that Sirius punched Lucious instead of casting a spell-
Rans 3ntertaiment
Rans 3ntertaiment Hace 2 meses
Harry Potter (2022) watch now HD Son unos de los mejores submovie.uno los mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente. hay nomas pa ra reirse un rato y no estar triste y estresado por la vida dura que se vive hoy.. Tu..belleza.viaja.al.universo.se.reune.con.estrella.........bufferingbufferingytyt
Melani Rodriguez
Melani Rodriguez Hace 2 meses
I was hoping to see the fact that in the prisoner of Azkaban, when Lupin is teaching Harry the patronus charm he's like oh you didn't get it the first time, don't worry, it's hard, I wasn't expecting you will.... Does it perfectly in the second try.
Jonathan Lasry
Jonathan Lasry Hace 9 meses
I can’t believe I actually spent almost 2 hours watching this… The worst part is that I don’t even regret it
The Lasso
The Lasso Hace 7 meses
Would that not be the best part?
Logan Hace 7 meses
@RoboticMarmot15 This shouldn't be called one of "their newer videos", it's a combination of videos from 2013-2015. The part about the first movie is one of the oldest videos on the channel (8th oldest).
martina Galea
martina Galea Hace 7 meses
Finnaly done
martina Galea
martina Galea Hace 7 meses
i'm still not done.................
martina Galea
martina Galea Hace 7 meses
lol same
Cameron Wiley
Cameron Wiley Hace 4 meses
Here are the Movie Chapters for those of us who want to skip around. Enjoy. 3:04 Chamber of Secrets 13:24 Prisoner of Azkaban 21:19 Goblet of Fire 33:16 Order of Phoenix 48:52 Half-Blood of Prince 1:05:50 Deathly of Hollows 1 1:24:35 Deathly of Hollows2
Sean Womack
Sean Womack Hace 5 meses
I absolutely love this channel. The narrator is hilarious beyond all human capabilities, and the points he makes, make a ton of sense. For example, Raya and the Last dragon. A beautiful movie, beautiful songs, and more a favorite of mine, a karate baby. However, the Disney franchise is known for making some things very unrealistic and it just makes it 1000x better. There were a bunch of points and comments made on this video that was very true and understandable. I especially love 26:59 because of the point he makes where Harry was staged being in the cup. More importantly, he makes it seem that You-Know-Who made this up, however it is revealed that he couldn't have made this his plan, as he lost his magic due to Lily's spell to protect Harry from the Death Curse.
Louis Wouters
Louis Wouters Hace 4 meses
25:08 I don't see this as a mistake, this is just Dumbledore being genius. He knows people will try to pass his age line so that they won't even think of the easiest solution of all. Not passing it at all and use an older student.
kyle ellis
kyle ellis Hace 17 horas
The first 4 books when view as a children's series, works really well. Books 5/6/7 are YA though and now we judge them with a more critical lens. But JK didn't improve her writing for the final 3 books and the flaws really show to an adult.
SerDrinksAlot/Acana Garrow
As a diehard fan of the books, this video makes me realize that the movies skipped so many crucial plot points. Like 80% of these sins are legitimate questions that someone who hasn't read the books might have while watching the movie and the movie does nothing to explain most of it or just blah blahs over it. How, according to the movie, does Harry learn about Hufflepuff's cup, for example? All of this makes me want a properly made remake of this series in the form of a TV show.
Jovet Hace 3 meses
@Sleeky Soaps Not once you take fluff into account. A lot more happened in the 4th book.
BubbatheScrub Hace 3 meses
@Sleeky Soaps Do you think adolescence is the end of childhood? Not in my country. It's certainly not a story directed at adults, so what else could it be?
Sleeky Soaps
Sleeky Soaps Hace 3 meses
@Jovet the fifth book was the largest book-
Sleeky Soaps
Sleeky Soaps Hace 3 meses
@BubbatheScrub childrens movie? Really?
Sara Mangiafico
Sara Mangiafico Hace 4 meses
@Mandygears okay☺️
Malavika Rajeev
Malavika Rajeev Hace 2 meses
As an Indian "Neville reaches deep down to his British roots and conquers India" cracked the shit outta me.
I Will give you Solace, I’m Will Solace 🇺🇦
4:38 Actually, in the first book it was explained. When they ran through the wall, a big crowd of Muggles would surround them so that others can’t see or notice them disappearing. _What looked like the oldest boy marched toward platforms nine and ten. Harry watched, careful not to blink in case he missed it - but _*_just as the boy reached the dividing barrier between the two platforms, a large crowd of tourists came swarming in front of him and by the time the last backpack had cleared away, the boy had vanished._* So that doesn’t count as a Sin.
Ben Hace un mes
@BlackEagle NrZero Veritaserum is difficult to brew ... hence why a Potions master like Snape is the one who the task is usually delegated to ... and is not used as an official interrogation method, so the Ministry do not keep a stock of it. Once again, inaccessible to our main characters.
Ben Hace un mes
@BlackEagle NrZero he used up all the liquid luck he had with both procuring the memory from Slughorn and giving it to the DA on the night of the Battle of the Astronomy Tower.
Ben Hace un mes
@BlackEagle NrZero 1) not a sin, because it's explained - in the books!!!! - that time-turners are a heavily regulated Ministry item, not to be used lightly, and essentially only to aid the studies of those who have taken on too many subjects than there is time for. They can't help our main characters because they're inaccessible ... until the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, of course, when they were all destroyed. They couldn't be used after that either ... because they no longer existed.
BlackEagle NrZero
BlackEagle NrZero Hace un mes
@Ben The Time-Turner never in any way again be used because "very bad things could happen, people die go insane or worse..." but using it to safe an animal (granted manly for sirius, but also safing even an magical beeing like a Hippogriff if it's that "risky") Not even going into the classic Time Travel Paradox here. Yes, in the books Harry used the Liquid Luck on the DA, but there would have been quiet a few more instances where it would have proven more than well. Vertaserum not beeing used more frequently, yes there are a few ways to get around but only if you know that it will be used on you and even than, without a wand you can only do so much and the ability to practice occlumancy on the level to withstand it surely doesn't apply to the majority of wizards.
Ben Hace un mes
@BlackEagle NrZero list one that also applies to the books - I'll hear you out.
AlsoWow Hace un mes
As a Harry Potter fan, I can not stand him saying that Lily cast a "Spell" on harry to save him, IT WAS HER SACRIFICING HERSELF THAT ENDED UP SAVING HIM
Merlin the Wizard
Merlin the Wizard Hace 5 meses
My sister loves Harry Potter, I was under the assumption that wands were almost pointless, I had no idea it had that many moments though, just the occasional "oh, the zoo's glass disappeared for no reason"
miippi Hace 9 meses
This ish is like a movie on itself. Soon we're gonna need "Everything wrong with Everything wrong with the entire Harry Potter franchise"
cfcreative Hace 4 meses
@miippi yes it is a free world you can read what you want that is right
miippi Hace 4 meses
@cfcreative each to their own I guess. I mean, i haven't read the Bible, and I know, I haven't missed anything I'd care about with that.
cfcreative Hace 4 meses
I have never seen or read Harry Potter but I read the Bible and I somehow feel i haven't missed anything?
Adnan Mir
Adnan Mir Hace 6 meses
This was epic man.... perfect reply to him
ROB THE WIZ Hace 8 meses
@Alondro77 slipped most of move 1
Mystique Hace 2 meses
Hi Cinema Sins, I just came across your channel today. Very entertaining and interesting I must add. I have been laughing ever since. To help answer one of your rhetorical questions @1:11:05, the death eaters knew where Harry Potter was (at the cafe) because he mentioned the name: Voldemort, which had a tracer to the location it was mentioned. That was also how they found them in the woods.
Elise van Trigt
Elise van Trigt Hace 5 meses
I like all of this! just that it's said on a very funny way. And it makes the movies and the story's so much more funny!
Johan Liebert
Johan Liebert Hace 2 meses
" this 2 second clip pf Robert Pattinson falling pff a tree is the only audition he needed for Twilight " to say gold is an understatement.
CazzSDMF Hace 2 meses
And now Batman will be shit for the foreseeable future.
Smol Clips
Smol Clips Hace 3 meses
It was told to us that ownership of all three hallows would make one the master of death. Harry having the choice to come back seems within the realm of "master of death"
QuarioQuario54321 Hace 9 meses
Imagine if they did this to the MCU. It would be measured in days.
Carlos Rengifo
Carlos Rengifo Hace 7 días
He did it buddy
Ceta Equine
Ceta Equine Hace un mes
@RoninJedi no its MCU lol
RoninJedi Hace un mes
You spelled DCU and almost all their movies wrong
Logan Craig
Logan Craig Hace un mes
I saw this comment and looked over at the related videos and see “everything wrong with the avengers franchise” 😂
Ceta Equine
Ceta Equine Hace un mes
The fact that The MCU started two days before I was born- (iron man: May 4th 2008) the commitment!!
Knowledge Hace 2 meses
My very favorite part of the entire series is when the guy without a nose killed the old man by saying abra cadabra
nolanc94 Hace un mes
Often when watching these videos there’s always a 5-10 sins that are just straight up wrong, or are explained later. I often try to pass over these as they’re expected, but in the 6th movie it’s hard to when I can point out something incorrect about roughly 25 sins. Did you actually watch the movie?
Diane Jessup
Diane Jessup Hace 5 meses
Love the movies but this is funny as hell and well done. Love this guy's voice!
Arjun Ramakanth
Arjun Ramakanth Hace un mes
16:09 that was my reaction every time I see that scene 19:34 you should have sinned how Peter leaves his clothes behind when transforming in this scene but in the rest of the series clothes transform along with animagi(is that the right plural?) If I’m missing something someone please correct me 20:09 in the books I think it says dumbledore sent it away, meaning Harry wouldn’t have access to it anymore. He also explains the dangers of the mirror and how people can get lost in it, so Harry would probably stay away from it, despite the times he acts like an idiot
ArtE Hace 7 meses
The fact that a lot of these sins can be explained with the books shows how hard it was for them to put the full story into the movie. Edit: I seem to have started a war in the replies.
Gabriel Sidloi
Gabriel Sidloi Hace 3 meses
@Mir4j4ne which sub sins the books? This video is purely an edited together compilation of the other videos he did on the other HP movies
Gabriel Sidloi
Gabriel Sidloi Hace 3 meses
@Dragonfly_City I can fucking drink to that
Gabriel Sidloi
Gabriel Sidloi Hace 3 meses
@Sasha Spenny then why are we even arguing in the first place
Muncha King
Muncha King Hace 4 meses
cfcreative Hace 4 meses
I have never seen or read Harry Potter but I read the Bible and I somehow feel i haven't missed anything?
Glen Mallory
Glen Mallory Hace 4 meses
I love that the students are told to put on their ear muffs so they will not hear the mandrakes, but the professor continues to instruct them without raising her voice to continue instructing them. Do these ear muffs magically have a band filter that allows only human voices to pass through them?
Schrodinger's Gay
Schrodinger's Gay Hace 9 días
Official NRL
Official NRL Hace 2 meses
I mean hell, there's ear pro that exists now that will knock down a gunshot, but doesn't touch regular speech. They're crazy expensive, but they do work. Wouldn't be surprised if a similar spell existed
Ashura Hace 2 meses
To be fair, in The Chamber of Secrets book, there's a part where Hagrid is getting rid of roosters and later we find out Ginny was the one who had been killing them.
The old account that I used to use
It took that long for the vanishing cabinet to work, because it got broken in a previous book when Fred and George, or maybe Lee jordan, stuffed a slytherin guy into it.
Noora Saralehto
Noora Saralehto Hace un mes
1:06:40 The wand is actually connected to the owner and it actually chooses the witch or wizard and not the other way around. Voldemort and Harry's wands are connected because of that reason
Tom Pike
Tom Pike Hace 7 meses
It is truly astonishing how many of the sins in this video are resolved with either narrative or exposition in the books. Using spells without saying the incantation, for example. Either the third or fourth book (I don't recall which) had a scene where the students were learning this skill. Using other wizards wands, too, is addressed in the books. It is possible but not ideal.
BlackEagle NrZero
BlackEagle NrZero Hace un mes
@Tom Pike Ah yes would look forward to this. Who wouldn't want to see a black lesbian Harry Potter, 'who don't need no old white man like dumbledore' hahahahaha
jay cee
jay cee Hace 3 meses
@cfcreative Yes, that whole "wipe out all life on earth with a flood, irrespective of whether the lifeform in question was evil or not" was quite light and cheery.
cfcreative Hace 4 meses
@Phoenix Gaming I have not seen a single HP movie..... I don't find the Bible dark at all
Phoenix Gaming
Phoenix Gaming Hace 4 meses
@cfcreative sure those were some dark and depressing times - especially towards the end of the series. But that also kinda draws some parallels to the text of the holy bible. Actually, the Bible has some pretty dark stuff in it.
Brandon White
Brandon White Hace 2 días
What I will never understand is in a world where there are truth potions and truth spells why Sirius ever went to prison when he could prove his innocence by offering to take such a potion. Or allow someone like Snape to look through his memories to double check them. Or why no one thought to use a time turner the night the potters were killed. So many plot holes.
BirbLover Hace un mes
You missed one: in order of the phoenix, it was mentioned that Mr weasely works in the ministry of magic so why did they have to take the subway there instead of going the way that Mr weasely usually goes and if Mr weasely takes the subway there anyways, shouldn't he know how to use the security thing by now?
Tim McLean
Tim McLean Hace 2 meses
OK…in general, I like the Cinema Sins videos. But so many of these “issues” were clearly explained if you had read the books. I’m still giving this a thumbs up. 😎
Bonnie Jane
Bonnie Jane Hace un mes
He’s watching the movie. Not the books. Totally different pieces of media. If I can only understand your movie by reading the books, you’re bad at your job
Shadowgod1000 Hace 4 meses
So I actually learned something interesting a while ago, the actor that was playing Lucius wanted to do a spell so he asked someone what a cool sounding spell would sound like and he was given that spell.
AddRad Hace 8 meses
I love that one of the most consistent sins he points out is how everyone reverts back to calling Voldemort “You-Know-Who” in the last two movies. All this because the movies never bothered to explain that they turned the saying of him name into a tracking beacon.
cfcreative Hace 4 meses
I have never seen or read Harry Potter but I read the Bible and I somehow feel i haven't missed anything?
Thomas Neal
Thomas Neal Hace 5 meses
@Mr. Bush "Tbh, if you have to study a course of screenwriting to find a movie better, then it is likely not a very good movie" ignorance is bliss, right? phht.
Christoph Stegert
Christoph Stegert Hace 6 meses
@JetPackDino I Like that
Syle Sharif
Syle Sharif Hace 7 meses
@Walter no bc not everyone is as intelligent as you are
Walter Hace 7 meses
Surely you can piece that together with the fact death eaters swarm Luna's dad's house when he says it?
Shadowgod1000 Hace 2 meses
Well the first time he did it he didn't know he was a wizard, the second movie I don't know if he actually used magic outside of the school and the third time it was forgiven this time however the head of the ministry has a specific vendetta against Harry for saying that the Voldemort is back.
slayuh Hace un mes
while i agree with most of the sins, some are obvious as to why it was done, for example dumbledore giving ron 50 points for “chess” and not bravery was bc not all the students knew what transpired and it was a coy way of giving props to a student without raising suspicion of voldemorts potential comeback
Niko Hace 2 meses
Watching this either shows how poorly the movie explains stuff or shows how stupid the guys and cinema sins are. Probably a mixture of both
Masquerader101 Hace 3 meses
It's crazy seeing how vulneremort Voldable actually was the whole time.
Vinnicius Thiago
Vinnicius Thiago Hace 9 meses
Also, in that magical clock the Weasley's have in their house we can see the word "Dentist", implying that Wizards know about the existence of said profession, but when Hermione has to explain what her parents do for a living in that small committee meeting with Slughorn, everybody seems surprised, as if they have never heard of that word before.
Connor Scott-McAliley
Wizard dentist.
jay cee
jay cee Hace 3 meses
@Vinnicius Thiago Have you not seen Snape's teeth?
Phạm Tuấn
Phạm Tuấn Hace 8 meses
@Vinnicius Thiago the problem with HPU is that it dont really have a consitent magic system. So literally every-single-magic in this universe will fall apart if you think about it for like more than a minute.
TheMythicWaffle Hace 3 meses
9:49 okay so, they probably found ginny wasn’t there at all so that’s how they knew ginny was the one taken
Stace Garratt
Stace Garratt Hace 5 meses
Also, isn't Moody the one who says their conversation is no longer private because his magical eye can see Harry through the door?, so Snape not seeing Harry eavesdropping in the corridor is realistic.
chloe Griffin
chloe Griffin Hace 5 meses
I understand there are only so many things you can put into a movie from a book. But maybe it would be kinda cool to consult with the fans of the book/series to see what works for them and what doesn't while trying to keep a cinematic effect. Obviously that would take way too much time and effort but the idea is still something to think about.
kyle ellis
kyle ellis Hace 17 horas
Or just hav the director be an actual fan of the product.
Flame Fit
Flame Fit Hace 3 meses
Fun fact Actor playing lucious was not supposed to say curse spell but he forgot the line and just said the only spell he could remember.
Gfan 2000
Gfan 2000 Hace 8 meses
“Neville reaches deep down to his British roots and conquers India” is hands-down one of the greatest sins ever dispensed by this channel.
lemonyship96 Hace 2 meses
Yeah but what about "voldemort is right"
Ben Levine
Ben Levine Hace 2 meses
"That's racist."
Brian Rogers
Brian Rogers Hace 2 meses
Pop ool op pop p
Brian Rogers
Brian Rogers Hace 2 meses
Brian Rogers
Brian Rogers Hace 2 meses
Герман Мак
Герман Мак Hace 4 meses
No matter how much "flaws" this franchise has,I like it.
Arno Schmidt
Arno Schmidt Hace 2 meses
Actually it wasn't Snape who caught Harry eavesdropping outside Dumbledore's office, it was Barty Crouch Jr. disguised as Mad-Eye Moddy, he did it using the magic eye.
WCTA Chicago Underground Sound
Some kinds of magic can only be used once, and others take a while to reset. Being the way the boot tosses you out, it might have been the least used majic at that time, so no wait. I'm not a potter fan, but sci-fi and fantasy stuff over all.
YackGoBus Hace un mes
There are a insane number of sins that can easily be explained away with little to no difficulty
Laura Klotz
Laura Klotz Hace 9 meses
Aw come on, you should totally have taken off a sin for Maggie Smith saying "I've always wanted to use that spell!" She's adorable.
jay cee
jay cee Hace 3 meses
@mentaya11 Oy...
mentaya11 Hace 8 meses
@Dingle She'd certainly be making a habit of doing that plot if she did that.
Dingle Hace 8 meses
If only they added a side story in which a young African American tries to spruce up until choir with slightly altered versions of popular songs. Maggie disapproves but eventually comes around.
Unknown_Persons Hace 8 meses
Just for her in general really
liv magaro
liv magaro Hace 8 meses
@Geno2733 that was amazing omg
M Hace 2 meses
I think waiting a year or so between books and movies made it easier for us to take in every installment while Harry Potter grew in it's world building. Wow this was my childhood to early adulthood. 11 to 21 for me. I read the first book in our school bus when I was in grade 6. The last book I read in our college library, the only book I didn't own. Oh how it felt like holding a new harry potter book. I miss pre bipolar
Darion Smalls
Darion Smalls Hace 20 días
I LOVE these videos a sin you got wrong is the point about prophecies. Admittedly they don't do a great job of spelling this out in the movies but the insinuation is that the prophecy is about both Harry and Voldemort. The idea is to transport the prophecy back to Voldemort for him to hear it. There's also a fair amount of subtext from the book that's hinted here that doesn't make sense if you haven't read the book. As an example a sin that I REALLY like is calling out that Neville is the one that finds the prophecy. Likely this was a comment on the fact that initially the prophecy (could) have applied to either Harry or Neville as they're both born on the same day and the same year. An interesting (what if) that would've been pretty cool to see in the movie is Neville picking it up and it working as you (correctly) pointed out the rules of prophecies don't seem at all clear. Well done and please keep making great content.
Shadowgod1000 Hace 2 meses
I mean to be fair, everyone thought Voldemort was gone in the first movie, the second movie wasn't really Voldemort, but the horcrux of his younger self, the third one didn't even involve him, and he wasn't back until the fourth movie, and he wasn't fully back until the end of the movie.
Razzle1964 Hace un día
I’m only persevering with this to find out at which point Hermione is deemed to be ‘hot’. Reminds me of a convo’ I had at lunch once when my mate (aged about 42, I’m guessing) says “at what point does one become a dirty old man”? To which the reply should always be ‘at the point you ask that question’.
PRavens39 Hace 9 meses
There’s a lot of stuff that the films miss from the books that’s actually really important. The main one in my head currently is in film 7 when they need Dobby’s help to apparate out of the Malfoy mansion. In the books, it’s explained that they’ve cast a spell to prevent apparating in and out of the house, but they don’t value house elves so Dobby can still do it. EDIT: Also that the Snatchers and Death Eaters have put a trace on the word Voldemort so they can find Order of the Phoenix members, seeing as they’re the only ones who are bold enough to use his name. That’s why they call him You Know Who in the films 7 and 8.
jay cee
jay cee Hace 3 meses
@Mikoto Probably nothing, as it doesn't specify not saying a partial name.
Mikoto Hace 8 meses
So what would have happened if someone called him “Voldy?” Or someone other incomplete variations or assign a nickname or code name?
Cee Smith
Cee Smith Hace 8 meses
And technically thats how they got caught by the snatchers. They accidentally said the name and they apparated into their protective enchantments
PRavens39 Hace 8 meses
@Garlic Icecream Voldemort didn’t tell anyone about his Horcruxes so the Snatchers wouldn’t have known to trace that word.
PRavens39 Hace 8 meses
There’s also the fact that in the films, the Room of Requirement isn’t properly explained. The books make it clear that the Room was also where the Mirror of Erised was in the first story but the films don’t pick up on that. Also, the room can change shape and purpose; one of the sins given is that the Room of Requirement looks different when it’s a place to hide stuff but that’s the exact point of it. In the books, Dumbledore says that he must have found it once when desperately looking for a bathroom as he found it then and never has since. Basically, the films are pretty dreadful the further into the series you go because they create so many plot holes and miss so many key details.
Mingusboodle Hace 4 meses
I've never seen a Harry Potter movie until two weeks ago. I watched them all in order. Then came here because I couldn't stand some of the weird stuff the directors overlooked.
Josh Z
Josh Z Hace 5 meses
This is a great video that highlights how bad the movies are written compared to the books. Most of what's complained about here both in plot and characterisation doesn't exist in the books.
Octolithic Hace 2 meses
It's funny knowing that some movies, all by themselves, have managed to get more sins than the entire Harry Potter franchise
Mike Tobias
Mike Tobias Hace 2 meses
The Eyes Wide Shut line really made me laugh. Well done 👏👏👏👏
The Vagabond
The Vagabond Hace 9 meses
This video feels like a timelapse of Cinemasins over the years. From the short and sweet nitpicks of the classics to the more detailed lighthearted jokes of the current. It's amazing so much has changed and yet they still remain true to being 'assholes'.
cfcreative Hace 4 meses
I have never seen or read Harry Potter but I read the Bible and I somehow feel i haven't missed anything?
inochifantasy Hace 8 meses
Still there are people who are on a crusade to "correct them" because they know sooo much about the books 😂
Valente de Jesús
Valente de Jesús Hace 8 meses
@Batman Beyond Have you ever seen an actual movie critic? This is obviously meant to be a number of nitpicky, sarcastic remarks about famous movies.
12 21
12 21 Hace 8 meses
@Booty Crusader that’s the joke. He is making satire of all the movie nerds nit picking critics. Not a single thinking person watching this believe this have anything at all to do with watching a movie critic.
Booty Crusader
Booty Crusader Hace 9 meses
@erdelf no, I understand that most of it is for comedy. However, there’s plenty of actual mistakes to rag on, and creating issues where none exist seems a bit cheap to me…
KardDoesPiano Hace 4 meses
Video really makes me wanna rewatch the whole series again and remember the good old days of childhood. Thank you video!
Peter Lemeer
Peter Lemeer Hace 2 meses
the deluminator takes lights from light sources, hence the deluminator. Pretty sure we saw Dumbledore use it in the first movie
DyslexicDoodlebob Hace 5 meses
"I like the flames Hermione makes" "me too!!" Ron: "And i took that personally.
Curlycross Hace 3 meses
1:24:57 Surprised no mention of the couple of frames of Dumbledore in the mirrot 1:25:03 Prob works similarly to the three shells in Demolition Man
Nick Reed
Nick Reed Hace 6 meses
A sin you missed, they cut out the part where Aunt Petunia tells what dementors are and the Dursleys actually understand Harry's world for once.
Jesper Walton
Jesper Walton Hace 9 días
@Ragnaros wow I love you
Sleeky Soaps
Sleeky Soaps Hace 13 días
lean man
lean man Hace 18 días
@Ragnaros its... not though
Sora Song
Sora Song Hace un mes
@Sleeky Soaps a letter*
Ragnaros Hace 2 meses
@TaikaJamppa Do you mean "An letter" is grammatically incorrect, instead of "AN letter is wrong"?
Tekkets_Please Hace 5 meses
For the majority of this video I was very upset that so many of the sins were for little hiccups in the movies that weren't given context or explained. Then I realized that the movies are just really shitty because they don't have all the details in the original books. Hooray, CinemaSins!
slay Hace 5 meses
The “Ron’s worst ‘fear’ ” thing was 100% ✨INAPPROPRIATE✨
Black Jack
Black Jack Hace 2 meses
13:30 All magic users can use magic without a wand but it is more chaotic and dangerous than doing magic with a wand.
random gaming
random gaming Hace 3 meses
The best line in this is handed to them on a Harry Plater so they can advance the Harry plotter
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Anne Heche Dead at 53
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