Everything Wrong With the Family Guy pilot "Death Has a Shadow"

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Prime Time Animation sweeps month continues with a look at Seth MacFarlane putting the nuclear into the nuclear family. Here are all the sins from the Family Guy pilot "Death has a Shadow".
Next week, we continue the theme by going all the way to Colorado to find the sins.
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John Abelardo
John Abelardo Hace 22 horas
What's the future tense of stink?
Bobal27 Hace 3 días
3:49 Good to know I’m not the only one who remembers having to tape over the holes (or break off tabs on stuff we wanted kept.)
Scared Crow
Scared Crow Hace 3 días
HAHAHAHAHA. Dis shit funny
polite critique
polite critique Hace 3 días
Big nosed Christ killers cursed enemies of Jesus paedos in jewlywood
tom quigley
tom quigley Hace 4 días
Herbert the pervert is the most offensive character ever to air on any program. Because of him I find the program unwatchable and deserving of being cancelled.
Capped miner 369
Capped miner 369 Hace 5 días
Can you sin more family guy episodes
Dark Hood Chief
Dark Hood Chief Hace 5 días
This episode is brought to you by: *SINSUNG*
MeepersXD Hace 6 días
RickTheFlame Hace 6 días
We just gonna ignore the lose yourself reference
ricardo cuevas
ricardo cuevas Hace 6 días
I I like how they don't even talk about the dangerous items on the belt
Hayd 615
Hayd 615 Hace 6 días
I foyght he said heaven cry
Bc Rockandroll
Bc Rockandroll Hace 7 días
The Eminem skit was perfect lol
Anarchistc Hero
Anarchistc Hero Hace 7 días
God damn I don't think I've laughed harder at someone's substantial growing rage at some inane thing. That was freaking amazing good lord
Kayla LaGrossa
Kayla LaGrossa Hace 7 días
Your button breakdown at the end there was groundbreaking
Oh Thatz DQ
Oh Thatz DQ Hace 7 días
You Forgot When Peter Glasses 👓 Overlays Over His Nose 👃
Tristan Wolf Gustavsen
They could afford the house because they sued the condom company that was responsible for Chris, or meg don’t ‘member, and btw, they only had a $350000 budget for the pilot because fox didn’t think that the show would actually become successful, and that’s why Seth McFarlane did so many of the voices like Peter, Quagmire, Brian, Stewie, Carter pewterschmidt, God, Jesus, Gay Brian, Seamus, Tom Tucker, Dr. Hartman and others. -2-5 sins for the errors made to the invisible driver, the house, the money for the house, etc... *Facts*
Crash's Underwear
Crash's Underwear Hace 8 días
That button montage had me in stitches. (:
Michael DeRosa
Michael DeRosa Hace 8 días
1:38 everybody thought that. He enunciates clearer in newer seasons. They even made a reference to it in one episode. And in the DVD commentary. And I even think you know this.
KingHenryVR4 Hace 8 días
Stewie does say "effin cry" during the intro in one of the early episodes
Andrew Canese
Andrew Canese Hace 8 días
TheFiresloth Hace 9 días
A "war of the buttons" reference ? That's pretty niche...
PjSparkle18 Hace 9 días
i stopped watching that show, contained too many songs
laila amell
laila amell Hace 9 días
Only 56 sins how
Jangler333 Hace 9 días
Seth MacFarlane. Still waiting for something that is a not a Simpsons, Star Trek TNG , Blazing Saddles or a fabric softener ripoff.
Retro 1700
Retro 1700 Hace 9 días
6:15 - 6:36 He has lost his mind over Lois’ buttons
Michael Bishop
Michael Bishop Hace 9 días
.... TV’s not plugged in.
K. Otto Phillips
K. Otto Phillips Hace 9 días
The animation in the first couple of seasons was really hard to watch. They got off model, the continuity sucked, just all-around bad drawings.
Rachel D_bts
Rachel D_bts Hace 10 días
jonathan dykes
jonathan dykes Hace 10 días
Jeremy sins something he likes cliche
Jason Douglas
Jason Douglas Hace 10 días
How old is 30 year old Peter when he first gets gas???? I'm guessing 30
Wolvie Hace 12 días
Let's all send message's so they will do mixed buttons on the shirt's as well, it will drive Jeremy nut's for sure. Sin counter will go "BOOM" :).
Ruggedbeast2471 Hace 12 días
celtic3650 Hace 12 días
not fan of buttons ?? lol too funny lol
Avery W
Avery W Hace 12 días
Button consistency 😂😂 this was the angriest I’ve ever heard him 😂😂
Dan Nigro
Dan Nigro Hace 13 días
I don’t get the one gun joke.
Jordan Dean
Jordan Dean Hace 14 días
Yay this on my birthday
C6evolution2008 Hace 14 días
Thank GOD I’m not the only one who use to think Stewie said “effin cry” 😂😂😂
I FEEL NoThiNg! Hace 14 días
A shot in the dark Family Guy episode TVsins!
Orion Cornelius
Orion Cornelius Hace 14 días
As somebody who never closes cabinet doors I feel like Jeremy just spiritually smacked me with a rolled up newspaper :(
Jack _of_alltrades
Jack _of_alltrades Hace 14 días
once he pointed out the ear thing i couldnt unsee the cheek piercings
Mike Haugen
Mike Haugen Hace 14 días
Who else misses the days of when you could make fun of both Democrats and Republicans?
FreshBunny😍 Hace 15 días
TV sins!? How have I never known?
ionicafardefrica Hace 15 días
The windows are lower because that's where the stairs might be. You know, like windows for the staircase? The tv has buttons because the tv's in the 90's had them -you used them to fine tune the rgb, contrast and so on to set the defaults. Meg sits that way because she's a weirdo and likes to sniff carpet. Come on man, use your damn brain...
NekoChanSenpai Hace 15 días
Hey. Don't shame me for my perfectly acceptable choice to put lettuce in my tuna sandwich.
Spooder- Man
Spooder- Man Hace 16 días
Sinsung *ding*
daniel campbell
daniel campbell Hace 16 días
How did you not count a sin for the TV not being plugged in?
Edgar 1007
Edgar 1007 Hace 16 días
REMINDER: Don't play "Buttons" by The Pussycat Dolls in front of Jeremy
Shadow_Warr10r8 Hace 16 días
Wait a second. This isn’t death has a shadow..
Techni Myoko
Techni Myoko Hace 16 días
I was starting to get annoyed at all the poor-animation-quality complaints, but you were just building to that hilarious freakout at the end. Worth it.
Cassie Mitchell
Cassie Mitchell Hace 17 días
Jesus I've never laughed so damn hard at one of your videos. Your voice getting progressively more dark and angry and teeth-clenched just made me laugh so fucking hard
Auna Kate Hale
Auna Kate Hale Hace 17 días
Buttons buttons buttons 😂😂😂😂😂😂 that killed me
Ham Fan44
Ham Fan44 Hace 17 días
sin 9,999 for you pointing out that you do what seth does and we have 4 fingers and 1 thumb not 5 fingers. learn to count and im hitting that dislike cos all your work is a video of items only "you" dont get or dislike
artistwithouttalent Hace 17 días
4:44 Fun Fact: Eat a Knob is the alternate British title of Jeremy's yet-to-be released Shakespearotica.
ForeverFornever37 Hace 18 días
I laughed at that button rant for so long best thing ever 😭😭😭
Thomas Hace 18 días
Yep Family Guy and Simpson's not much better than each other. Can't wait for the Simpson Scientology play and the Family Guy Snake and Chicken Handler musical.
ForeverFornever37 Hace 18 días
Tyson Rosemeyer
Tyson Rosemeyer Hace 18 días
i thought it was effin crime not laugh and cry
Super 11bigT
Super 11bigT Hace 18 días
6:13 39-56 sins so quick
Ubermorph1000 Hace 18 días
Imagine if he did a TV sin of the Clone Wars
Fukui Hisoka
Fukui Hisoka Hace 18 días
6:15 - 6:42 for buttons.
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