Everything Wrong With the Family Guy pilot "Death Has a Shadow"

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Prime Time Animation sweeps month continues with a look at Seth MacFarlane putting the nuclear into the nuclear family. Here are all the sins from the Family Guy pilot "Death has a Shadow".
Next week, we continue the theme by going all the way to Colorado to find the sins.
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Random Gamers
Random Gamers Hace 2 días
So apparently I could be wrong peter was 20 when he was supposed to be 60 by the time the Show got to end of the show so...if peter was 20 when the show started how was peter a hippy at 30
Ice Bear
Ice Bear Hace 8 días
6:14 - 6:35 are u ok? ;-;
Jimmy M
Jimmy M Hace 8 días
In the Navy a group of guys would watch porn together. I was that one weirdo who didn't want to watch porn with a bunch of guys. It just seems like it should be a private thing. Of course privacy on a ship isn't exactly easy to come by, and we didn't have mobile devices in those days where you could watch it in your rack. I don't get why you would watch porn with other guys, what are you supposed to do? Cheer during the climaxes? Applaud? I have no desire to get myself worked up with no release. And in case anyone was wondering, this was before women on ships.
Eboni Love
Eboni Love Hace 11 días
I have to admit... the button rant got me
Moved channel
Moved channel Hace 11 días
The first one is actually pretty simple. The windows are low because that’s where the stairs are. They’re just higher up and you don’t see them in the scenes. Chris and Megs rooms are on the higher level.
JaJay Minx
JaJay Minx Hace 23 días
Jeremy reciting an eminem song is gold to me next to sighing 🤣 or maybe I'm just easily entertained
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix Hace 25 días
Why is this man so passionate about buttons?
Spectre rainbow
Spectre rainbow Hace un mes
I didn't even think he said laugh and cry I always thought he said death and cry I feel retarded
FXGamer17 Hace un mes
How about try make your own Tv show instead of calling them lazy
Asonze Great
Asonze Great Hace un mes
He had me when he raped loseyourself🤣🤣🤣🤣
Randolph K
Randolph K Hace un mes
Old school tube TVs had 4 screws on a metal plate used to attach the copper wire of a bunny ear antenna. The more you know.
Ultimate Piggy
Ultimate Piggy Hace un mes
When every comment is about the buttons, you know that's going to be brilliant. Then you see the buttons and all of a sudden, you make a comment about the buttons. I can't help myself.
BlackCatPlay46 Hace un mes
42 seasons lmao
Travis Ruston
Travis Ruston Hace un mes
But older TVs had screws which you twisted.
David Fleischman
David Fleischman Hace un mes
Peter is 42
David Fleischman
David Fleischman Hace un mes
Rachel Gardner! Angels of Death!
No I think you mean he's 7!! (Quote from season 3 Brian Does Hollywood!)
David Fleischman
David Fleischman Hace un mes
David Fleischman
David Fleischman Hace un mes
This isn’t the pilot. The pilot looked a lot different
Rachel Gardner! Angels of Death!
And its only 7-8mins long!!
XReactions OG
XReactions OG Hace un mes
I think he doesn’t know that this episode was made with only 50k
Pint sized Kiwi
Pint sized Kiwi Hace un mes
F and cry sounds right
Tetyana Zhuravska
Tetyana Zhuravska Hace un mes
Everything wrong with American dad Pilot
Lovelee Rose
Lovelee Rose Hace un mes
I’m an artist...yes it is that much harder to do five fingers...especially with animation. And sometimes it doesn’t fit character style if the hands are too realistic. BTW loooove your videos🤘🏽
Status Browser
Status Browser Hace un mes
Why the hell was this episode called “Death has a shadow” wtf that’s way too serious of a title for this kinda show this isn’t a drama and the title doesn’t even have anything to do with the episode
Jason Douglas
Jason Douglas Hace un mes
I love Peter's reaction to the blood of Christ. He looks so happy and excited that it's alcohol
Jason Douglas
Jason Douglas Hace un mes
These old Fam Guys episodes are now unwatchable. No wonder it got cancelled twice
Shadoe Lass
Shadoe Lass Hace un mes
stewie isnt saying effin?????
thomas roy
thomas roy Hace un mes
Hearing this guy rap lose yourself is something I didnt know I needed.
Margidda Hace un mes
a fart joke and he actually rolled with it instead of saying “haha farts for all the funnies!” Oh my god Jeremy. When the sudden change of heart?
The Sprawl
The Sprawl Hace un mes
CinemaSins's favourite band is...Fuck Buttons*! *An actual band, and they're quite good. No reason for this stupid joke comment at all, I just quite like Fuck Buttons and wanted an excuse to say so.
Dog Flamingo
Dog Flamingo Hace un mes
It amuses me that the video starts, by him just failing to understand what dormers are and that they are frequently in attic spaces. Has he not seen this over and over, while traveling down a road?
JusticeGraceful Hace 2 meses
What's wrong with lettuce on a tuna sandwich?
Diriector_Doc Hace 2 meses
Stewie was saying "Laugh and cry" all these years? I thought he was saying "Death and crime." Given Stewie's personality on s1, which line seems more likely?
Chela Lin
Chela Lin Hace 2 meses
3:45 ya missed a sin...the tv randomly in he middle of the living room is plugged into nothing...I always noticed that when I would watch the actual episode.
Prigu Hace 2 meses
Buttons. **Ding**
amir roberts
amir roberts Hace 2 meses
Yo at the fucking end I was cryingggggg 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
TheScarvedInsect Hace 2 meses
I GREATLY misheard the theme song's lyrics when I was younger... I used to think Stewie's part was 'theft and crime,' and I also used to think 'on which we used to rely' was 'well, here's the usual why.'
T Michael
T Michael Hace 2 meses
😬 clear buttons or dark buttons 🤣🤣🤣
Cammie Westbrook
Cammie Westbrook Hace 2 meses
4:33 I- did he really just.. rap to 8 mile ? I’m- LMFAOO
Kimberly Bartold
Kimberly Bartold Hace 2 meses
Holy crap the buttons rant is the best thig ever hahahahaha
Monster Consumer
Monster Consumer Hace 2 meses
Old family Guy sucks modern is way better
Dhark Layzar
Dhark Layzar Hace 2 meses
Fun fact: Buttons was the name my ex girlfriend gave me and now I hate it and I absolutely love CinemaSins (sorry TVSins) for explaining WHY buttons is a shitty thing!
Robert Falk
Robert Falk Hace 2 meses
The button part was probably the funniest thing you've done, and you gave Trump 1 billion sins, so that is a feat. What was setting my OCD off was that the buttons were never in the center of the shirt where buttons would go, because it connects the two parts of the shirt together, not off to one side.
FrozenFox Games6
FrozenFox Games6 Hace 2 meses
Why do you eventually start sounding like Decker Shado when you were getting mad at the buttons, am I the only one that thinks this?
Joseph Davis
Joseph Davis Hace 2 meses
Do... Do you not have lettuce on your tuna sandwiches?
Saturday Morning Nostalgia
Seriously didn’t sin the nose going over the glasses thing?
T20 Player
T20 Player Hace 2 meses
Wait he said laugh and cry i thought it was dance and cry
Team GoodMobsters
Team GoodMobsters Hace 2 meses
So just legs and no body at 5:16 where the rest if her at
jono walker
jono walker Hace 2 meses
Buttons hahahahahah
United States of America
56 cins... 56 CINS?! THIS DAMN SHOW DESERVES 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 CINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cassandra Noel
Cassandra Noel Hace 2 meses
I've never seen someone get so triggered about buttons lol
A UFO with WiFi coverage
The baby says “laugh” I. ALWAYS. THOUGHT. HE SAY. DEATH & cry. ....I need some time off.....need to rethink things
Ze Creeper
Ze Creeper Hace 3 meses
Did you forget a sin about peter’s eyes
Lawson One
Lawson One Hace 3 meses
5:56 That’s Fox-ist
professormohawk1 Hace 3 meses
I still don't get the 1 gun thing
Hand Soap
Hand Soap Hace 3 meses
Lois' parents pay for the house. That's all I can defend thogh
Marta Bronshvayg
Marta Bronshvayg Hace 3 meses
And then you realize that real ears are never above eyes
Robert Bullard
Robert Bullard Hace 3 meses
TV's used to have places to attach antennas. The 2 sets of screws were for UHF and VHF.
שחר א.
שחר א. Hace 3 meses
Alex Hace 3 meses
*you have chosen: death*
NovaTGN0 Hace 3 meses
The button thing was just pure cringe
Thirst Fast
Thirst Fast Hace 3 meses
"But this is some kind of crazy, money rain!"
Your Friendly Neighborhood Rat
Jessie Brader
Jessie Brader Hace 3 meses
Since *you* brought it up, when will you be sinning "the Orville"?
Jietro Raximoff
Jietro Raximoff Hace 3 meses
6:10 To partially quote Ferris Bueller(who ironically said another variation on the line in Family Guy episode "Yug Ylimaf" with "Brian" instead of "Cameron"): "Here's where Jeremy goes berserk!"
Gabemario Hace 3 meses
Oh so inconsistency in character designs is praise to Cuphead but a sin in Family Guy? Double standards, man.
Robert Williams
Robert Williams Hace 3 meses
You really nailed the buttons
Wicked The Mad Hatter
I cant take these things seriously knowing how much is explained late into the shows XD like peter affording the house because 1. They're renting it 2. 70% of the structure is apparently cockroaches (a joke when brian got sprayed by a skunk) 3. The house is falling apart to the point where a roof beam actually fell down and crushed/pinned meg to the floor. These things are funny but these sins are described as though they're from the view of someone randomly jumping into a show for no reason XD
Michael Star
Michael Star Hace 3 meses
5:16 Family Guy predicted the future
Wonderouz Jackson
Wonderouz Jackson Hace 3 meses
4:30 🤣🤣🤣🤣was not expecting that!
Becky Does Everything
And now I cannot unsee the inconsistent buttons. Thanks.
Nathan Bryant
Nathan Bryant Hace 3 meses
Wow who would have guessed that it was the buttons that finally broke him
Juan Camera
Juan Camera Hace 3 meses
Dude at least take ONE sin off. You're to biased
kami shin
kami shin Hace 3 meses
1:37 Well I don't know what you heard, but I hear death and cry
Cornelio Vijeliosu’
Oh boy, it was the beggining of the series, and macfarlane it was so young, now the series is very exagered good animated and humor so sick
just1desi Hace 3 meses
She was just changing her shirt lol
I am the Ultimate Nerdy Boy
Did nobody notice it said “SINSUNG” on the bottom?!?!
TheAbsorbant Hace 4 meses
Sorry for posting on a completely unrelated show, but... Do TV Sins of "Dexter"!
Mariomania Hace 4 meses
You forgot about the weird thing that Peter has with his eye. His eye is literally rolling over his nose! Probably just poor animating experience.
Cant Grammar
Cant Grammar Hace 4 meses
When I was younger I thought Stewie said heaven cry
Second-Hand Dan
Second-Hand Dan Hace 4 meses
We get it. You don't like Family Guy.
Mayim Moriah
Mayim Moriah Hace 4 meses
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