Everything Wrong With Venom In 16 Minutes Or Less

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Venom made a TON of money. And it has lots of fans and lots of haters. We just watched it for sins, and found plenty.
Next week: scary sins and rom-com sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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7 feb 2019

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Comentarios 7 080
TheIronDruid77 Hace un hora
TheBirdMan strikes again
Matheus H. Nery De Carvalho
How dare you guys to forget Venom Dog or Venom Kiss?
Darien Darkhouse
Darien Darkhouse Hace 2 horas
Jeremy? What happened? Why are your sins so contradictory and explained by the movie that you watch? Why do you sin things that are explained later, which you sin again for explaining things? C'mon man.
Alex TH95
Alex TH95 Hace 3 horas
Damn you are really trying so hard with this video aren't you Jeremy ? Half of this "sins" are not even criticisms of the movie. I miss the old cinemasins where he would focus on actual faults of the movie
AFugy Hace 4 horas
I watch the sins before the movie and I thought he wasn't getting the movie a fair shake. I was wrong, Sins was being nice.
Evelyn May
Evelyn May Hace 10 horas
Loved the Eddie from the Brock!! LMFAO!!!!
PandoraGrey Hace 11 horas
I’m also pretty sure at the beginning when the little girl wanted to ask her question, she never actually got to ask it.
Patmando Hace 13 horas
she heard the receptionist over the phone and that is why she went to the place eddie had not worked at for 6 months
Patmando Hace 13 horas
the woman in malasia was not malasian so the sypiote wouldnt speak malay, the symbyote speaks the hosts language as it has access to all the memory of the host
Patmando Hace 13 horas
the title screens set up the mood for the movie STOP SINNING THEM
Keenlion3 Hace 15 horas
You cannot be more antagonistic. In a good way I mean
Andrew Roy
Andrew Roy Hace 15 horas
Malaysianese? 1 sin to you.
A KH FAN Hace 16 horas
"Driot" lol
Zack Kuhlman
Zack Kuhlman Hace 18 horas
Do Lucky Number Slevin (2006)
World Paradox
World Paradox Hace 18 horas
Do Lucky Number Slevin (2006)
Heyitsjesus57 Hace 19 horas
THIS Venom is so much better than Spiderman 3's Venom
Nee-Iko Sakura
Nee-Iko Sakura Hace 21 un hora
9:51 I’m pretty sure English is one of the main languages in Malaysia.....
Hunter  Moore
Hunter Moore Hace 23 horas
This idiot called riot "driot" fucken dumbass
J Gordon
J Gordon Hace 23 horas
Eh I'll still watch and enjoy the movie, sometimes I feel like everyone takes cinema sins too seriously
Alex-On-Line Hace un día
His name was Riot not Driot 😂😂😂😂
Gamer Boy82
Gamer Boy82 Hace un día
I have a theory that whenever he said how does vemon know English, well he knows everything about Eddie since he's in his mind so I'd imagine he would be able to first of all know what language he speaks and learn it
Apple Pye
Apple Pye Hace un día
I don't care how many flaws it has, it's a fucking masterpiece.
DoveLady Hace un día
i thought for sure one of the sins would be on drake not answering the little girl's question after that virtue signaling masterpiece of a speech
Ginger Ninja
Ginger Ninja Hace un día
*CinemaSins Grammar Sins* You can’t have “zero idea” or “zero chance” because zero is a number. Just like you can’t have “15 idea” or “27 chance”. The phrase is “no idea” or “no chance”. You’re welcome.
Anthony Hines
Anthony Hines Hace un día
All u do is completely ruin good movies or games
Dawson Glenn
Dawson Glenn Hace un día
Wow I used to like this guy but he’s kind of a dick. Just complains over and over.
Spicy Hace un día
Omg yes you finally made this video
Awesomedawhg150 Cool caht 051
Everything wrong with t-series lmao
Mine Forcers
Mine Forcers Hace un día
val savvy
val savvy Hace un día
How did he not comment that her hair didnt change once the entire movie...
Robert Calhoun
Robert Calhoun Hace un día
Loved this movie
Chay Cantrell
Chay Cantrell Hace un día
He said Driot, it's Riot! Not Driot what the heck? 10 sins given to this channel
Was finally able to watch this-sort of-on my fifth attempt.
C Money
C Money Hace un día
Clickbait. This video is 16:12
godbluffvdgg Hace 2 días
So sick of the overpopulation/global warming lies...It's disgusting that every Main stream movie, tv show, media rag etc are espousing the carbon credit bullshit...Our populations are dying; not expanding The birth rate has dropped up to 400% in some countries and at least 200% in the class one countries..
Weston Brown
Weston Brown Hace 2 días
14:52 he also filmed end games cameo already
DTavs Exe
DTavs Exe Hace 2 días
Sexy boner-inducing She-Venom -10000 sins
Cats Rule
Cats Rule Hace 2 días
Anyone else see the part where that chick is in the middle of the woods then at the lab in a second?
venom 2018
venom 2018 Hace 2 días
How dare you venom 2018 was awesome
Schokomars Hace 2 días
you dont even give reasonable sins anymore... just complaining about bs... you´re vids were way better a few years ago! cant wait for eww cinemasins: venom!!!!
KebabMixer 2.0
KebabMixer 2.0 Hace 2 días
Venom kiss part should get a “Somebody will make porn out of this.”
REDDER Hace 2 días
You didn’t even mention lady venom! I was looking forward to that lol
Ang Li
Ang Li Hace 2 días
So no one is gonna talk about she - venom?
Bout Tree Fiddy
Bout Tree Fiddy Hace 2 días
Youre going to make some enemies with this one
AntdezTV Hace 2 días
yea that seems about right for potrero hill traffic
Joonas Sariola
Joonas Sariola Hace 2 días
2:03 Damn that's A-grade popping 😄
Discover Lexi
Discover Lexi Hace 2 días
Idc what people say this movie was great. I was laughing my ass off the entire time
GamingWithCameron Hace 2 días
yoo r aye pupu hed
MaidenHellXO Hace 2 días
My husband pointed out to me that in the first scene with anne to when they went on a date her clothes were completely different.
KIRIT TAWARI Hace 2 días
Asshole these aren't any mistakes , these are just the things u don't like
SneakyTW Hace 2 días
80% of these weren’t even movie sins. Though I agree the other 20% make sense
cherry zhang
cherry zhang Hace 2 días
you gotta watch the anime parasyte
Patrick H
Patrick H Hace 2 días
"Guy counts how long the studio logos are because he has nothing better to do" cliche
Turtle Andrade
Turtle Andrade Hace 2 días
Idk how I missed the fact that sense Eddie was fired for “forgery” him righting the paper would make the whole thing discardable
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Hace 2 días
Some of this Movie was like a *TURD IN THE WIND!!!!*
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Hace 2 días
CrawfordGaming Hace 2 días
One sin is this video
San Hace 3 días
9:50 just wanna point out... It's Malay, not Malaysianese
GxtCxrried Hace 3 días
Who watches films on disc anymore 😂
Eddie Lopez
Eddie Lopez Hace 3 días
welp everyone is pissed off that you just sinned stan lee
アテナ2003麻宮 Hace 3 días
Is it just me but the voice sounds like that of Rags the game commentator?
mdp MIKE
mdp MIKE Hace 3 días
I dislike this movie
ccc7676 Hace 3 días
Your Hitch video shows you true colors... 👎
malenotyalc Hace 3 días
131 sins is not enough.
Harold Buford
Harold Buford Hace 3 días
What I don’t get is how venom doesn’t shred his clothes and ruin them. Venom doesn’t wear his clothes when he is venom. Then when he turns back into Brock he is wearing clothes that are not torn tattered or ripped. How does that work?
Night Shade
Night Shade Hace 3 días
``Theres gonna be carnage``-Kleatus Cassady
The Lost and Forgotten
"Like a turd in the wind." I know it's a major internet cliche to say it at this point, but _man_ that is pure cancer.
Xulf Hace 3 días
Why even watch the movies when you’ve got CinemaSins?
Shawn Lucas
Shawn Lucas Hace 3 días
Thank you; 13:47 .
Jaxon Miller
Jaxon Miller Hace 3 días
this is one of the stupidest people i have ever had the experience of get to wast my time on
Sam Davis
Sam Davis Hace 3 días
Wait what how’s the pussy moment not got a Sin off 🖕🏻 your shit
Ashley Palmisano
Ashley Palmisano Hace 3 días
Also the English thing and the thing where he sees Venom’s reflection are meant to get across that symbiotes implant themselves into their body AND mind, so they can make them hear and see whatever they want to make them hear and see, and also that the symbiotes have unabridged access to the host’s mind, including everything they know.
Ashley Palmisano
Ashley Palmisano Hace 3 días
I’d like the argue that Princess Diaries San Francisco’s more than Venom.
SnowblindOtter Hace 3 días
Yeah, Venom was a _fun_ movie. Doesn't make it a _good_ movie. But it was fun.
Ashley Palmisano
Ashley Palmisano Hace 3 días
Eddie... isn’t an antihero. He is a soft hero with no powers. The symbiote starts off just short of a villain with a lot of powers. When you put them together, Eddie’s compassion and the symbiotes strength and skewed/absent morality and you get an antihero. Venom as a collective between the Eddie and his symbiote are Venom, who is the actual antihero.
Savage Time
Savage Time Hace 3 días
Owen Purves
Owen Purves Hace 3 días
8:20 nice
Quint Hace 3 días
A sjw video labeling eddie brock an sjw *ting*
Derrick Miller
Derrick Miller Hace 3 días
Is that all you like to do is bitch and complain its just a movie
Darth Reaper
Darth Reaper Hace 3 días
I find it hilarious that the Life Foundation in real life is an STI/STD charity foundation that focuses on HIV/AIDs so now I'm curious to know if Venom did that on purpose or not considering it gets so much hate.
Andrew P. Stewart
Andrew P. Stewart Hace 3 días
Trailer: *in badass voice* We...are VENOM. Movie: We...are...Venom...?
Kiss The Abyss Music
Venom was boring af
Emma R
Emma R Hace 3 días
I love this movie.
Ellen Hawker
Ellen Hawker Hace 3 días
When I get out of here and I will, There’s going to be double skip
HPtunes Hace 3 días
u forgot tiddy venom
Mirage Uchiha
Mirage Uchiha Hace 3 días
@15:45 You really shoulda had The Avengers standing there instead. Woulda been perfect. xD
Chandrakanta Patil
Chandrakanta Patil Hace 3 días
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Chandrakanta Patil
Chandrakanta Patil Hace 3 días
Would you fornicate with a chimpanzee for $146,660?
Mateo Ceballos Querol
you forgot the usual "HAHAHAHA they thought they were getting a sequel" sin at 15:24
Mateo Ceballos Querol
+Dontrelle Butler damn it, why does he say it in the good movies but not this...not fair
Dontrelle Butler
Dontrelle Butler Hace 3 días
there is going to be a part 2
Vanessa C
Vanessa C Hace 3 días
Venom is my fucking baby best movie but I still watched this
Genuine Reptile
Genuine Reptile Hace 4 días
It's taken me a while to fully describe my feelings toward this film... I did not enjoy the plot of this movie, the action scenes were sort of the same Marvel bs, but I would definitely watch a sequel. I love the interaction between Eddie and the Symbiote, their chemistry and dialogue was absolutely the best thing about this movie.
simon jones
simon jones Hace 4 días
Tom Hardy does crap film, shocker 500 sins
someguyperson6 Hace 4 días
Also, how does Venom talk with those fucking teeth? He never uses his mouth to form words either...
storm formoe
storm formoe Hace 4 días
Should of been a Netflix series unfortunately marvel doesnt have the balls to do shit like that they just have sjw punisher and a compelling daredevil I mean I'm just saying Marvel didnt even do venom good he was a sticky spiderman that autistically screeched and got blown up by spiderman in the 3rd installment never touching venom again lmao should of revamped it when they had a chance into a dark gritty style on netflix but cant even do that anymore smh
Kole Nowacki
Kole Nowacki Hace 4 días
13:56 why did you say Driot???
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Hace 4 días
Also remove a sin about the how does Venom know English they go to your thoughts and learn your knowledge and with super beings there powers
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Hace 4 días
Should've had the intro play Venom by Eminem when the Venom come up
SkyFlower Hace 4 días
You forgot about when he jumped on the motorcycle and he didn’t even need to start it let alone put a key in it.
Wolf Dog Grey
Wolf Dog Grey Hace 4 días
About the part where he said to Venom in reflection Eddie said "Because you're a parasite",they (Anne,Annes Boyfriend,Eddie) said parasite in multiple scenes And now you're telling me that Venom is triggered because Eddie said "parasite" to Venom in person?What the F**k man +1 sin
Gejamugam Latsoomanam
Malaysianese???? Man americans fail at general knowledge The language spoken in malaysia is malay and english
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