Everything Wrong With Zack Snyder's Justice League In 43 Minutes Or Less

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The whole enchilada... complete with a new total sin count for both parts combined!

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1 oct 2021






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CinemaSins Hace 10 meses
Full outtakes package here: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-x_CP_a1u87s.html
Spinning Back Kick
Spinning Back Kick Hace 6 días
@Rick Watson And punched a girl.. LOL
Montel Dublin
Montel Dublin Hace 3 meses
I can't laugh. Are you just looking for photos like this? How come?
lee x
lee x Hace 4 meses
43 minutes wow (never knew you did any this long)
Stephen Marshall
Stephen Marshall Hace 6 meses
@Steven Robbins Not even close...
Steven Robbins
Steven Robbins Hace 6 meses
Damn. 334 sins. Gotta be a new record.
BUT TRU Hace 10 meses
This is meal worthy brb
Symbol Hunterz
Symbol Hunterz Hace 18 días
Lmfao ur joking right?
Aaron Hanamean
Aaron Hanamean Hace un mes
Just made a pizza just to pop this in the tv 😂
Emilio Erazo
Emilio Erazo Hace un mes
Plaid Assassin
Plaid Assassin Hace un mes
He'll be back soon, I'm sure of it
Alejandro Loera
Alejandro Loera Hace 2 meses
I'm thinking the same thing rn
Ty Fletcher
Ty Fletcher Hace 8 meses
I like that flash had to shatter the door to save the girl. One of the best parts of the movie was how they conveyed how destructive moving at flash-level speeds would actually be. You couldn't open a door at that speed, you'd rip it into pieces.
BlackEagle NrZero
BlackEagle NrZero Hace un mes
@Ty Fletcher actually we do know. Right before he even started running to turn back time, he let all the debree that flew towards him phase through him.
Valy Sheev
Valy Sheev Hace un mes
Speed force makes this point null also...just no bro just no
Bethany Chatman
Bethany Chatman Hace 2 meses
​@MAGZ-77 at this point in the story we don't even know if he knows her or not. Because the movie didn't show or tell us, do for all we know in this story he just thinks she's hot. So slowly brushing her hair back while he's supposed to be saving her life is creepy as hell.
Raul Casarez
Raul Casarez Hace 3 meses
@MAGZ-77 except he literally has never met her and has zero connection w her so yeah it’s not earned like with Spider-Man and his girl. Also adds in to the creep factor when you realize how touchy he’s being with a girl he’s never met instead of just saving her as quickly as possible.
Ologun Ayodeji Ayodele
@Ty Fletcher yes because the previous cut was trying to condense a 4 hour shit into 2 hours and still tried to make the movie better. The supposed 2017 version saved Darkseid for a far better movie to come and even gave the hope of SteppenWolf returning. Goddamit, ZSJL was/is an awful movie.
Elnegro813 Hace 10 meses
I was hoping you’d have a sin on here about how Steppenwolf got ass-naked when talking to molten Darkseid for some reason.
Sabir Lucianno
Sabir Lucianno Hace 3 meses
@S G sorry but that's not incest... Its consanguinity...
Sam Coll
Sam Coll Hace 3 meses
@Little Dicholas yes but Darkseid is far more powerful
April Walker
April Walker Hace 3 meses
@Saltcor it’s a sign of respect
Venerexate Hace 4 meses
@Doo Luv yeah, like the whole thing about steppenwolf not looking real.
Tohtori T
Tohtori T Hace 5 meses
My favorite scene has to be when Flash turned back time, because the music that started to play was not only best in the hole film, but also fitted to that scene perfectly
Leandtjen LNDTJN
Leandtjen LNDTJN Hace 3 meses
@Everyone has an opinion lol
Everyone has an opinion
@Leandtjen LNDTJN I don't even remember writing this, nor have any idea what I may have been trying to say. It's super vague. Weird.
Leandtjen LNDTJN
Leandtjen LNDTJN Hace 3 meses
@Everyone has an opinion what?
Everyone has an opinion
One of the ways you can tell the director is a male
E Kennedy
E Kennedy Hace 4 meses
Everyone has an opinion
I love the way Batman and WW disappeared and left The Flash behind awkwardly, but in reality Batman was hidden around the corner and WW was still there, just invisible, once she remembered that was a thing she could do - probably staring at Batman's hiding place
MaestroVX Hace 10 meses
Technically, since this video is more than 40 mins long, it can be considered a full length feature film
Sal Reyes
Sal Reyes Hace 18 días
@Hock_Smash not it's not
Ray FRillie
Ray FRillie Hace 28 días
@Hock_Smash No sir, this movie is so much better than the original. Josstice was such a cringe film. and was much more bright and shiny to compare of the theme. Snyder cut may be 4 hours long, but that is 4 hours of the original vision and that vision is fantastic. i love this movie. The comparisons side by side is literally night and day
Mr McDonald
Mr McDonald Hace 3 meses
Maybe he should do a "sins about the actual sins vid" lol
Benjamin Ramirez
Benjamin Ramirez Hace 6 meses
Everything wrong with everything wrong with zack snyders justice league in 43 minutes or less in 50 minutes or less.
Puroo Roy
Puroo Roy Hace 7 meses
@Hock_Smash and Th3Birdman's video on this is better than this cut.
Pairidoxe Hace 10 meses
I feel like the lantern core would forcefully take all the boxes and it would have been better protected
BlackSuave44 Hace 6 meses
Yeah, but it’s much more fun to leave the boxes on a planet like Earth, the REAL center of the universe…that way everyone can keep an eye on on the boxes, from afar.
Mweene Mudaala
Mweene Mudaala Hace 7 meses
It would have, easily. They'd actually know what to do with that shite.
Candace Parker
Candace Parker Hace 7 meses
I wasn't going to watch the long-cut of JL, but after this I know I can enjoy it by remembering what you said about each section as I go through it and laughing my butt off. Thank you.
Kam Kalambay
Kam Kalambay Hace 7 meses
It's one of the best Comic Book movies
spacemarine633 Hace 8 meses
I think the biggest sin in the entire movie is the fact that WW's heels survived her jump at 11:21
GhostDrummer Hace 8 meses
21:05 I’m glad you mentioned this. It’s the biggest sin for me. In the Whedon cut (2017), anytime Aquaman needs to communicate under water, he has to be inside an air bubble. In Aquaman (2018), he is taught at a young age how to communicate telepathically. So then why wasn’t it corrected in the Snyder cut? I didn’t watch Aquaman until after I watched the Snyder cut; but as soon as he was taught how to communicate telepathically, anytime he did so afterwards made me question it even more.
Ricky Robinson
Ricky Robinson Hace 4 meses
@GhostDrummer ZS never reshot JL. This is the original
GhostDrummer Hace 6 meses
@barry 234 You aren’t understanding. It was made after the first JL. In the Aquaman movie, he is taught as a child to communicate under water telepathically. So ZS should have reconned that when he reshot his JL, because according to the Aquaman movie, he already knew how to communicate under watch without the air bubble.
barry 234
barry 234 Hace 6 meses
Dude aquaman movies takes place after snyde cut jl
robotrix Hace 7 meses
You don't think Snyder actually watched any of the other movies, do you?
moon key
moon key Hace 8 meses
only royal atlantians can breathe air, so maybe they wanted to talk in private?
Jefferson Metzen
Jefferson Metzen Hace 10 meses
I want to point out that despite the "defenses" and guards the Amazonians, and Atlantians put in place for their motherboxes the humans bury it a hole strategy seems to of worked the best because he got the other two quick as fuck and had a hard time getting the humans.
brandon miller
brandon miller Hace 13 días
The way I thought of it is that men were the only mortal race protecting the box. If the Amazons or Atlanteans buried theirs, chances are lots of people would have an idea as to where it was buried and could be spider-lobotomized. But for humans, it was entirely lost to time and the passing of hundreds of generations. Would’ve worked great if the field of archeology never came along.
Jordan Sharpe
Jordan Sharpe Hace 8 meses
@Jefferson Metzen the hole didn't do better , the mother box just didn't call out like the rest
Jordan Sharpe
Jordan Sharpe Hace 8 meses
@Montesama314 dude the island is camouflaged. The thing is that Stephen wolf was called to the place by the mother box
Pandorum0610 Hace 9 meses
Burying it and forgetting it was the best strategy.
Scarecrow316 Hace 9 meses
would also be the fact that the Amazonians and Atlantians kept it in the same spot and the Humans moved it to parts unknown
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme Hace 5 meses
They call it the Snyder Cut. But at 4 hours long, it’s clear that Snyder didn’t cut anything. He just *PADDED.* 😂
Jack Mccutcheon
Jack Mccutcheon Hace un mes
@Cheesus Christ btw bro incase you forgot justice league is fucking awful
Cheesus Christ
Cheesus Christ Hace 2 meses
@Francis Siu ohhhh, so you guys are kids, that explains it
Francis Siu
Francis Siu Hace 2 meses
@Cheesus Christ Movie was shite regardless.
Francis Siu
Francis Siu Hace 2 meses
@Cheesus Christ Movie was shite regardless.
rckblzr12 Hace 9 meses
A month later and not one person has picked up that the 43 minute length of this video is a subtle reference to the 4:3 aspect ratio of the movie. Coincidence? I think not!
Sound Potato
Sound Potato Hace 6 meses
You did😁👍
duff Hace 3 meses
i actually really liked this version and think it’s much better than the original. is it a great movie? no but it’s interesting to see and i’m happy we got it
37:46 could have added another sin there. Flash, batman AND cyborg are moving at the exact same speed. Either the batmobile and cybord can reach light speed or flash just slowed down there for his pals
junior alimansi
junior alimansi Hace 7 meses
Running with a 100 Mph is still pretty fast dont you think
Coolguyyy Hace 10 meses
Jeremy is like “they won’t be satisfied with a two parter, so I will make it a full video”
GTA5Player1 Hace 3 meses
Who's Jeremy?
UncleMikeNJ Hace 7 meses
How else to properly parody the worst movie ever made? ZSJL was being told to skip lunch because the greatest dinner ever made is coming your way, and then getting served nothing but four hours of cold soup and salad without dressing, while the Arrowverse next door is still talking about their five-course Crisis On Infinite Earths in which Ruby Rose did better acting as a Gotham Bat than Ben Affleck has ever done as anyone.
Niceandfly Hace 10 meses
More like I need them views from this because my channel is dying lol
kingamer123 Hace 10 meses
@Big Smoce I never said the videos are bad, I just find it pretty sleazy that they posted the two separate videos first, then posted them together in one video the very next week as well. That reeks of trying to milk views and you have to admit that. The videos themselves are great and I happily watched them, but doing greedy things like that instead of doing one or the other is a content creator sin.
kingamer123 Hace 10 meses
Sure buddy
1mattjrz1 Hace 9 meses
You forgot to mention how in the world did those heals survive that drop in 11:23! In the next scene, you see them perfectly fine!
Dylan Hughes
Dylan Hughes Hace 7 días
It always does my head in; the variance in power levels between the iterations of the same super hero. Flash has been shown to be nearly omnipotent in some iterations and barely competent comic relief in others. This movie chooses to adjust the slider up and down multiple times during this 4hr+ run time. He nearly loses a bunch of hostages cause he is slow and shit in one scene.. then he's running back in time?!? Snyder needs to pick a lane..
Cool Cucumber
Cool Cucumber Hace 9 meses
Jeremy: Sins the Synder Cut Die-hard Snyder fans: *So, you have chosen...death*
Matt Britton
Matt Britton Hace un mes
At first I was digging this video, but then he implied this was a "terrible movie" when talking about that Asian scientist and I couldn't disagree more, this movie slapped even with its flaws.
Mazra Hace 3 meses
@Yashraj Gaikwad The shift-key is not something you press every time you start a new word.
XOwave ॐ
XOwave ॐ Hace 5 meses
Cool Cucumber
Cool Cucumber Hace 8 meses
@Yashraj Gaikwad *Godzilla had a stroke trying to read this*
Yashraj Gaikwad
Yashraj Gaikwad Hace 8 meses
Poor Bois As Sensitive Hearts That Did Not Digest A Funny Videos.. Just Because Papa snyder Made It
Giran 0
Giran 0 Hace 8 meses
I liked it, i hope it gets a sequel
Varun R Vel
Varun R Vel Hace 6 meses
WB: We dont do that here
STEEL RAIN Hace 10 meses
I just like the fact they still have that scene where the Flash was running past Superman and Superman's eye tracked him. And look on the Flash's face was one of WTF!!!!
Sabir Lucianno
Sabir Lucianno Hace 3 meses
@Brandon Smith yet you are here lol
Sabir Lucianno
Sabir Lucianno Hace 3 meses
No it was actually a really good scene. Almost as good as the one in Smallville when Clark is racing the flash and then flash turns around and starts running backwards at the same pace like "yeah you fast but I'm faster." Lol loved it.
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith Hace 4 meses
DC sucks. Marvel sucks
@Frosty the Snowman facts
Frosty the Snowman
Frosty the Snowman Hace 5 meses
That was the only cool thing in the entire movie. But I'll admit, it was bad fucking ass. Something I would have more expected to come from Homelander in the Boys
Daniel Ramsey
Daniel Ramsey Hace 4 meses
16:33 was exactly my thoughts on Stepphenwolf’s new design! Sure, his armor is crazy looking, but his design is not any better since he’s a Big Stupid CGI monster.
Venerexate Hace 4 meses
@Summer Tyme “weren’t real to the audience at all.” There was a scene where steppenwolf steps on a stick, the stick moves up and then back down, and then he walks through a puddle and mud is kicked up. You just probably never noticed that the stick and the ripples were cgi because they looked so real. Stop criticizing the hard work the under credited vfx artists on this.
Venerexate Hace 4 meses
@Summer Tyme how though? It doesn’t have to be perfect photoreal visual effects made from overworked artists, it just has to be good enough for you to not subconsciously think “why am I looking at cgi?”
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme Hace 4 meses
Both he and DarkSeid are buried by the CG. They are not real to the audience - at all.
Almar AZL9S
Almar AZL9S Hace 3 meses
Enjoyed this greatly. I missed how much this channel made me laugh hard.
nightMARE Hace 6 meses
my dad said let’s watch the zack snyder cut together after i already established i disliked the movie and i couldn’t sit through 45 minutes without being bored out of my mind, props to you for watching the whole thing.
IBMK Nederland
IBMK Nederland Hace 3 meses
15:50 at that speed opening glass door would shatter it, so it does not matter that he goes finger first. It just makes it visually ' cooler ' .
Jolly Goodbeard
Jolly Goodbeard Hace 9 meses
I liked this cut better than the original it just made it better… now it’s time for everything wrong with Cinema Sins
Glenford Green
Glenford Green Hace 4 meses
The best thing about justice league was this video explaining why it sucked so badly. Loved your video new subscriber.
Ivri Vino
Ivri Vino Hace 6 meses
I know it's hard to do a four hour film like this, but he messed up on a couple of things. Lois was already on the scene at Superman's resurrection because she went there every day and was leaving when she saw him explode through the roof. She didn't come from out of nowhere. Also, the blast covering the Earth was a part of the future vision, it didn't actually happen when they resurrected superman. It was part of Cyborg seeing the Unity synchronize and destroy Earth.
Johnny Ahn
Johnny Ahn Hace 4 meses
@arun r lol yeah he's trying so hard its sad xd
arun r
arun r Hace 6 meses
@Summer Tyme Holy fuck its the ultimate Marvel Fanboy again
Ivri Vino
Ivri Vino Hace 6 meses
@Summer Tyme The part that Cinemasins and I am talking about is the part when they dip the Motherbox in the cube to reanimate Superman and Cyborg sees a vision of the future. That's earlier in the film. And Cinemasins thought that when the wave covered the Earth, that was a part of the reanimation of Superman which could have endangered the Earth. When what was being shown was Cyborg seeing the Unity synchronize. That didn't actually happen yet. The part where Superman was incinerated was when Flash was late to push Cyborg into the Motherbox because he got shot. So he had to run faster than time to save everyone. You're talking about a different part of the film that came later. That actually happened and was reversed.
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme Hace 6 meses
Whether it happened or not is debatable. The film even shows Superman being incinerated by the MotherBoxes - then Flash reverses time with cartoon antics. Then there is the end of film epilogue sequence where Darkseid wins - and is called a dream sequence. I’m saying this is just bad filmmaking it’s not CinemaSins fault. I am watching,the future, no, a dream sequence, no, someone somehow seeing the future thru - what mechanism? We don’t know. You don’t know. You didn’t explain it. You can’t explain it. Bad filmmaking.
M C Hace 3 meses
I laughed far too loudly and for far too long at 6:49 for my own good. Even more so because it followed Evil Does Not Sleep. You sir, are genius level awesome. I tip my hat sir.
rick v
rick v Hace 10 meses
4 hour movie, over 40 minutes of sins... still less taxing on the sin counter than Fate of the Furious
Crypton16 Hace un mes
That's still the funniest moment in all of Cinemasins when the sin counter broke. I was dying!
XOwave ॐ
XOwave ॐ Hace 5 meses
I gave this guy a view I feel robbed if he made any money
Mr Glum
Mr Glum Hace 5 meses
My friends told me that the synder cut was so good, watched and told them it was like comparing stepping in dog crap in your living room to finding the dog crap in the living room either way its still shit....
The Ren
The Ren Hace 4 meses
Best comment. I was looking for a way to articulate this shit. Thank you for your words of wisdom 🙏🏽
shane Baxter!
shane Baxter! Hace un mes
A lot better than other version. Had its problems though. Would nice to watch next one, because had potential with Darkseid, Martian and Joker playing bigger parts. Quality as usual thanks pal.
Joshua Kleidon
Joshua Kleidon Hace 8 meses
I honestly wish that cinemasins would do a video on any Monty python film. That would be great.
Jared N
Jared N Hace 6 meses
Watching a 4 hour movie is tough enough, looking for the worst things in a 4 hour movie sounds excruciating
Amethyst Savage
Amethyst Savage Hace 10 meses
This may be the longest sin video in CinemaSins history, but it still won’t convince me the theatrical version was better
ctl6985 Hace 2 meses
@X8xTYSONx8X I greatly disagree but I'm happy that you enjoyed the movie
Jack Mrsich
Jack Mrsich Hace 3 meses
@UncleMikeNJ I agree 💯 percent!
UncleMikeNJ Hace 3 meses
In the immortal words of Wesley Snipes, "Then you're a chump!" There are two types of bad movies: Superhero movies directed by Zack Snyder, and movies that are just ordinarily bad.
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme Hace 9 meses
It’s called the idiot plot. Identified by the great film critic Pauline Kael. It’s when the story would be over if the characters would stop being stupid. DarkSeid has a space Armada but fails to use it. He jumps out of space ship in his undies and gets stabbed. Once he gets hurt….his whole army runs away never to return. 😂 He leaves his god level teleporters behind. Suddenly they can’t teleport. They fall into sleep mode because they have narcolepsy and don’t take well to stress. 😂 He found the anti life equation here, but ‘forget it’, never did anything with it, and went back to looking for it for thousands of years everywhere but where he found it. His starships made it back to Apokilips - but we are supposed to pretend they - the ships, his crew, his entire civilization also forgot every relevant detail. And now to defend the film we are told there’s a multiverse - so this means the multiverse conquering warlord is now excused for being *Lost in Space.* [I guess because a 7 year old kid is confused by multiverse so why not a 100 thousand year old God that “Satan Worships” 🙄. The attempts to defend this idiot plot only further reveals how stupid the whole thing is.
Seb Buddell
Seb Buddell Hace 9 meses
Anyone notice how when victor scored the touch down, he actually put his other hand down out of bounds before he put the ball down?
Wiczus Hace 4 meses
Two times longer of a movie, four times as many sins. Amazing
m91 trooper films
m91 trooper films Hace 5 meses
14:13 I got this guys So technically in a grand power scale of cosmic deities in the DC universe (nonono Multiverse) I think Darkseid ranks somewhere around four or five maybe seven and the Greek gods Zeus included barely even scratch like 50 I mean sure the movies are different from the comics but from what most of what we see in Zack Snyder's Justice League it's more comic accurate than joss whedon's so for all we know Zack Snyder could be even following comic book darkseid whom in the comics the physical Darkseid we know isn't even the true Darkseid as every Darkseid we've ever seen in movies comic books or video games or whatever have all just been physical extensions of the same Darkseid who lives outside of reality itself And he's not limited to one single universe he exists outside of all alternate timelines and he can invade whichever universe he wants to Existing as a pure conscious form of energy Or even not even made of anything at all just straight up ascended beyond the very concept of material Sure the Justice League could defeat darkseid's physical form as many times as they want but that's what makes him such a threat is he will always come back you cannot kill him he is by actual definition a god Compared to Greek gods who actually can die And no I'm not ridiculing you for not knowing this because you're CinemaSins not comic book sins Just being a pal and helping you out
EverettBurger Hace 10 meses
Bruce buys a Bank for Clark. But, won't get a competent lawyer for Barry's dad.
BananaEclipse Hace 2 meses
Well you see, that makes sense, which DCEU is religiously against.
Tareca Hubbard-holt
Tareca Hubbard-holt Hace 9 meses
Buwahahahahah! That was funny AF! Mostly because it was true. I actually liked most of "The Snyder Cut" more than the first one (except the music, especially "Everybody Knows" in the beginning), and if this one was released before the 1st one, Marvel would have had a run for their money. I did have almost all the critiques you had for the 6 hour cut. Thank God I watched it at home, and could stop for bathroom breaks. 🙄 It was more fleshed out than the 1st, and had what was missed. You're too too funny. I salute you.
The Ren
The Ren Hace 4 meses
"Marvel would have had a run for their money"... We're talking Infinity War Marvel here? Or Fant4stic associated with Marvel, here?
Ketreena Williams
Ketreena Williams Hace 9 meses
I think this is the hardest I laughed at a cinema sin in a while.....and I laugh at nearly all of them.😂
Sebastian Fritz
Sebastian Fritz Hace 3 meses
Makes me smile on the occasions that Jeramy makes references to comics you wouldn’t expect. Because yes, the lanterns ARE pretty fucking powerful and the one in this movie went out like a chump. Kinda bugged me.
Caleb Roberts
Caleb Roberts Hace 6 meses
This guy takes all the movies I love and destroys them and I freaking Love it.
Ike Simerson
Ike Simerson Hace un mes
Feeling a whole lot of yikes knowing what Ezra Miller and Amber Heard have done. Extra sins
Frosty the Snowman
Frosty the Snowman Hace 5 meses
2:38 that was the most genuine line & laugh I've ever heard 😂 may this timestamp remember me, for this is where I died laughing.
Kitty Cat Cat
Kitty Cat Cat Hace 3 meses
Not to mention the fact flashes girl was parked 10 feet from the corner... There was no way she built enough speed to have that car flip through the air... Even getting hit....
TheMemeGamer Hace 3 meses
Don’t care what anybody says, I love this movie.
Andrea Syens
Andrea Syens Hace 5 meses
I rewatch this post every time I have a terrible day. I laugh so hard, maybe my most favorite Sins’ video.
jeremy fridley
jeremy fridley Hace 9 meses
You calling them "Discount Avengers" triggers me so hard....it's how I know you're good at what you do. LOL
hlumzaemagodla Hace 6 meses
Can someone please explain the sin that's taken off when Jeremy sees the blue in Batman's suit?
UncleMikeNJ Hace 3 meses
Cinema Sins Guy takes 42 minutes to explain what I can explain in 10 seconds: Zack Snyder is a goon who should never, EVER have been allowed to direct a superhero movie other than Watchmen. CSG takes 42 minutes to explain that in excruciating detail -- and I'm okay with that, because anything that explains it to the cement-headed Snyder fanboys is good. It doesn't make Joss Whedon a good person. It does make him a better filmmaker.
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme Hace 2 meses
Watchman - the graphic novel, went totally over Snyder’s head. His film, which Alan Moore hated, merely mutilated it.
Riser Sin
Riser Sin Hace 10 meses
There were two amazing parademons though. One of them Batman was fighting during that rescue op when Steppenwolf was 1v1ing WonderWoman. Like legit we ignore it because it's a parademon, but he was the man. And I feel the one who shot the Flash was his brother, pulling extra weight now that his brother fell in the previous battle. . . .Okay yeah I'm a little crazy.
Someone 234
Someone 234 Hace 6 meses
TBF that parademon hitting the Flash is like hitting a fan
Jeswin Hace 9 meses
even Snyder hadn't thought of that.
Joshua Wilson
Joshua Wilson Hace 10 meses
The moment the people start singing over Aquaman, I realized this movie was going to be weird and hilariously tone blind. I laughed at out when she smelled his sweater. Then my mom and I got creeped out by Barry pausing to save Iris to caress her face and stare at her.
Kanika Garal
Kanika Garal Hace 6 meses
@HUMAN blind cultist really?? Thats all u could come up with
Kanika Garal
Kanika Garal Hace 8 meses
@pappagiorgio let it be these people have to find something in everything. Snyder did such good job that this movie is all people talking about. We loved it so let them argue. Dotn bother.
Outcast Motion
Outcast Motion Hace 9 meses
@pappagiorgio like how? I believe the dialogue was perfectly fine. Could’ve modified it a little, but it works
pappagiorgio Hace 9 meses
@Outcast Motion I think the dialog should have been different, keep the cinematography,the flash back and all that. Just change the dialog around a bit. That's just my opinion
I hate myself
I hate myself Hace 6 meses
“Apes together strong manbat says” had me dying 😂
FishtownRec Hace 8 meses
I have two MASSIVE QUESTIONS: 1) Don’t you need your OWN motherbox to summon a “Boom-Tube” AND 2) How are parademons subjects of Steppenwolf if they’re actually subjects of Darkseid and usually controlled by someone like “Granny”. It was never said he was given this army for conquest.
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme Hace 8 meses
“We just make stuff up from one scene to the next. Maybe take drugs then watch and you won’t notice” - Chris Terrio
lost baby forever
lost baby forever Hace 8 meses
Man the script you wrote for this video is most comical than ever anyone could write in a real movie😍lol I laughed so hard my head is aching❤️
No One Of Consequence
No One Of Consequence Hace 10 meses
I like the part where Wonder Woman drops twelve stories into the underground caverns below the ancient shrine with her handmade torch, while wearing normal, human-made strappy high-fashion shoes, and doesn't break a heel. But Flash could not have checked the Yankees score, because there are no Yankees in the DC universe. It makes me sad. But there are also no Red Sox, and that makes me happy.
UncleMikeNJ Hace 3 meses
@No One Of Consequence One guy is Superman, another is the Flash. "Having the time" is relative.
UncleMikeNJ Hace 3 meses
@liv magaro And some were even filmed in Newark, which finally has another city's crime problem to look down upon, besides Detroit. Detroit, however, is still more screwed than Gotham.
UncleMikeNJ Hace 3 meses
@KRY MauL If Colin Farrell can make a convincing Penguin, James Gandolfini could have.
No One Of Consequence
@uosdwiSrdewoH I hate that for him. I really do. But I'm one of those weirdos from the southwest corner of New England who grew up on New York TV stations instead of getting my first exposure to baseball from Boston television, so I'm a Yankee fan, and the Yankees hate the Red Sox. I don't hate the Sox, per se, but when the play the Yanks, I roor hard for the Yanks. (I also wear my Yankee hat when I visit Boston, and I catch all kinds of shit for it, but I'm also bigger than Affleck, so most BoSox fans are smart enough not to fuck around, lest they find out. They talk shit, but they know what lines not to cross.) I respect the Sox. I love Boston. I'm descending from patriot rebels in New England, so in a way, I kind of wish I'd grown up on the Sox instead, because it alienates me from other New Englanders, who ironically are called Yankees outside of the baseball realm. I'll admit this. The year that the Sox won the World Series after a century-long dry spell, they beat the Yanks for the AL title. They earned it. The Yankees did not play like champions and the Sox did, so I rooted for the Sox to take the Series. Affleck and I would agree on that much. But I am dyed in the wool pinstripes. Go Yankees.
uosdwiSrdewoH Hace 5 meses
Ben Affleck would be very upset to hear you speak of the Red Sox in such a way.
Nick Eliacin
Nick Eliacin Hace 2 meses
I’d agree with you on the flash not recognizing Bruce Wayne sin, but I recently found out that my girlfriend did not know who Jeff bezos or Elon musk was….it was as confusing for me as that sin
Grace Henderson
Grace Henderson Hace 9 meses
BEST VIDEO YET!! I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS TOO MUCH. this one had me DYING!! Ofc they all do but man, you just get better and better
Artist Zeo
Artist Zeo Hace 2 meses
1:50 Superman screamed so loud, even Amber heard... I'll show myself out now.
Logan Spires
Logan Spires Hace 4 meses
10:50 it's a irrigation system. They are always huge like that
הצופה Hace 7 meses
Anyone else curious where did Flash get such an expensive suit ???
Andrew Riser
Andrew Riser Hace 3 meses
I love how the first time this movie was covered, it was a serious look at stupidity and errors, and then this one is just him making fun of the movie. I'm not complaining though, its entertaining
iLearnCode Hace 6 meses
“Is the box going back to sleep?” “No. Evil doesnt sleep” *30 min later “This box has slept for 6000 years”
TheRedGameboy Hace 4 meses
You forgot to sin The Flash getting sniped by a disoriented parademon, just to force a chance to see Flash show two of his special abilities.
Leo Hace 10 meses
Jeremy actually lost his damn mind at the end.
Kush Patel
Kush Patel Hace 5 meses
@aurmaan nahvi 😂😂😂
aurmaan nahvi
aurmaan nahvi Hace 5 meses
@Kush Patel my guy got pressed by a youtube channel bro its not that deep
Kush Patel
Kush Patel Hace 8 meses
@PlayItOnIpad good thing not a lot of people watch his videos anymore haha this don’t even got 1 mil Ok but it took a whole ass month to get there it won’t reach 1.5M
PlayItOnIpad Hace 8 meses
@Kush Patel he did ZSJL dirty, man.
MultiBreezyb Hace 10 meses
I have tried to watch this movie 4 times each time i watch I always wake up 8hrs later feeling fresh for work. Lol
The Ren
The Ren Hace 4 meses
Dude omg....it's like the more I scroll down the better to comments get about this shit show.
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme Hace 10 meses
Kal El, no!
Mannen the Mythe
Mannen the Mythe Hace 9 meses
This movie was so underwhelming for its runtime. They could have done so much more and they failed at almost everything. I hate that its higher rated on imdb than some of the best movies ever made.
The Speed Force
The Speed Force Hace 9 meses
10:00 I think that had to something to do with Artemis (the original user of that arrow) being the Greek goddess of the moon, maybe that’s why they waited till nighttime.
shadow_of_ Origin
shadow_of_ Origin Hace 8 meses
Finally someone said something about ezra Miller taking over the flash from grant
Sancheezzzy Hace 10 meses
This man really released a part 1 & part 2 just to put them together into one video lmaoo
Mehmzay Hace 6 meses
@Carson Hunt yeah he reviewed the movie old earlier and completely glossed over a character with mental illness who was a huge part of the movie and definitely committed at least 1 sin lmao
Mehmzay Hace 6 meses
@Julius Preloznik everything thats anything is always dying according to people. This is an eternal set of unchanging words that are usually untrue.
Mehmzay Hace 6 meses
I was seriously giving him credit before reading this comment that he did what most don't and just released a single video. Come to find out he not only double shilled like most but actually tripple shilled.
CRINGE KILLER Hace 7 meses
Fist of Dante Media dc sucks kid Only dc dies
Zay! Hace 8 meses
@Coastfog Lmao
ian legg
ian legg Hace 7 meses
The I am legend and Megatron thing got me 😂😂😂
Kathryn Howard
Kathryn Howard Hace 7 meses
15:26 If I'd been taking a drink, there would've been an epic spit take. That surprised the hell outta me.
Bram Ten haken
Bram Ten haken Hace 3 meses
I love that they basically show that this movie is not nearly as good as everyone keeps saying.
Ms Arugula-Ragu
Ms Arugula-Ragu Hace 9 meses
I'm gonna have that "Superman needs the sun" song stuck in my head for the foreseeable future...Thank you.
Stephen LeGresley
Stephen LeGresley Hace 10 meses
I would spend the rest of my life wearing a t-shirt that says "Justice League is the Citizen Kane of Superhero movies." If Bruce had just said "Martha" to Clark and then the film cut to black and came back with them all sitting in a diner eating shawarma.
Stephen LeGresley
Stephen LeGresley Hace 10 meses
@GumbyLooknMF I've never seen a comment describe itself before.
GumbyLooknMF Hace 10 meses
Dude thought this was original and clever lmao
Seulgi🖤 Hace 5 meses
Ever since the green lantern movie with Ryan Reynolds, DC has really been. Butchering the names of the Lantern Corps. When, Lantern is powerful af.
Matt Phoenïx
Matt Phoenïx Hace 9 meses
I was wondering why it took Bats so long too…then again perhaps he knew he might never have another chance to retrieve data from it, could be a cool scene shown later
Ringmake Hace 5 meses
Even though there are some things wrong with it we can all agree that this was better than the original
pkmcburroughs Hace 5 meses
Definitely better than the original, but that's the best thing I can say about it, because--my God--what a SLOG it is sometimes. And I find Snyder's habit of making EVERY SINGLE MOMENT a climactic, world-shattering moment a bit tiresome after the millionth time. If Superman walked into the bathroom to take a dump, Snyder would hire John Williams to compose the musical score.
har Hace 5 meses
Great film
Yeah K
Yeah K Hace 9 meses
I don't like how we collectively stopped making fun of the mcguffin being called 'Mother Box'.
Elite Drew
Elite Drew Hace 10 meses
“The movie refuses to end” honestly… that was how I was feeling by that point lmao 🤣
Tarang Nair
Tarang Nair Hace 4 meses
@Kanika Garal I doubt anyone enjoyed that shitty music which played every fucking time Wonder Woman appeared to fight steppenwolf or even just randomly showed up
Tarang Nair
Tarang Nair Hace 4 meses
@Rango pistacho There were millions of ways to cut the movie down and make the pacing better. Cut out the slow-motion, make better character interactions, get rid of the dream sequence in the end, etc.
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme Hace 4 meses
@Rango pistacho "it would leave too many questions un answered then answered" Bah the opposite is the case. The padded ending exists only to create questions and bait for a sequel, not answer them. Martain Manhunter. Joker. DarkSeid returning. Or just a Dream? $300 million for 'answers' to these Fake Questions. - Zack I don't know why people defend Snyder's movies by saying things they know are not true.
HUMAN Hace 6 meses
Kish patel That movie sucked
AlexanderThe Great
AlexanderThe Great Hace 8 meses
@Kanika Garal It's not about enjoying it or not I enjoyed everything that wasn't slo-mo AND music video's, and I was wanting Darkseid to arrive but obviously that wasn't happening and the movie was "ending" yet kept going on. It's like damn you're ending..... end lol
TRIDENT Hace 9 meses
I was kinda conflicted when I saw the title and the caption cuz I loved ZSJL , but 10 mins in.....and I'm like THIS VIDEO'S GOLD😂👌
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme Hace 3 meses
Screen Rant on Snyderverse: Clark: “Well, what was I supposed to do? Just let them die?" Jonathan Kent: "Maybe." With great power comes…. *Snyder gonna Snyder.* 😂
Scott Doubleyou
Scott Doubleyou Hace 7 meses
I don't need to watch a 43 minute video to know what's wrong with this film. I can tell you in one sentence. Ready? It was allowed to be funded, filmed, and released to the public.
John Striker
John Striker Hace 9 meses
Still, an amazingly IMPROVED version!
999SickBoy666 Hace 5 meses
I mean... It's relatively better than the theatrical release, yes - relatively because it takes almost twice the runtime to narrate the same basic story. But the theatrical release was an abysmal, terrible movie and when it is all said and done, this version is just more stuff on top of a broken movie, and most of that stuff isn't good anyway. So, yeah, "amazingly IMPROVED" in what, on average, it isn't as terrible as the other one but... it still isn't even remotely close to "good" in any discernible way.
Levontè Hace 6 meses
11:21 surprised the sin wasn’t for her dropping down and her heels 👠 being intact
Blazeww4207 Hace 5 meses
15:50 The car crash scene. So did anyone notice that physics shoulda just slammed her into the steering wheel and window as it flipped.... The angles are all wrong. Strangest car accident ever. Fan theory. She did hit them and died but Barry went back in time and changed her trajectory. (without us seeing it.)
A B B I T T Hace 3 meses
You know your movie is bad when cinema sins makes a 40 minuet long video on how bad your movie is
Yarryyy Hace 8 meses
23:02 idk why but this makes me laugh so much 😭😂
CinemaSins Hace 10 meses
For everyone thinking we pulled a fast one here... (sigh) back in the day we tried to do a super long video on "Transformers: Mark Wahlberg Is In It And One Dude Carries The Texas Statutes On Age Of Consent In His Pocket"... And the full video kept getting blocked or encountering various ESvid pitfalls. So we split it up into two parts. People thought that was funny. So did we. Later we tried to upload the whole thing again, and still had issues, even though both parts were fine on their own. I do think we eventually got the whole thing up. But my point is... we did NOT know the full combined video would clear before we launched the Part 1 video. But it cleared over the weekend. So then we launched Part 2 because we already did the work... and then we decided to put this full thing out on a Saturday to cause as little ripple as possible. Apologies to anyone annoyed by it. Cheers! :)
Kamil Mallari
Kamil Mallari Hace 5 meses
Verschal Hace 6 meses
a six parter would have been baller
Steel Bear
Steel Bear Hace 8 meses
You've been pulling fast ones for many years now. If you had any talent - you stopped using it.
s Hace 9 meses
400000h later that ok me kill me please kill me
FreshlySqueezed GamerJuice
This is the lamest excuse for reuploading I've ever heard.
Green Man
Green Man Hace 3 meses
I give one sin for every scene that shows Amber Turd!
Cameron Thompson
Cameron Thompson Hace 4 meses
I feel like this video should get a sin for knowing that the green lanterns are a really powerful group, but not knowing how much stronger darkseid is than a single lantern
Kush Patel
Kush Patel Hace 4 meses
19:28 that’s all that needs to be said about what this channel has become since it started
MrSheev Hace 8 meses
Honestly, I might catch some heat for this, but I hated the Snyder Cut just as much as the original, perhaps even more given how hyped up it is. This video is great and perfectly encapsulates all the flaws of that shitty movie. Snyder cut was a massive let-down and Zack Snyder is a heavily overrated director, dude's way too full of himself for his, and our, own good.
John MacLeod
John MacLeod Hace 3 meses
Snyder needs to accept that he is a terrible, terrible writer and focus on directing
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme Hace 8 meses
@zhengyingli : Because he has a cult following that empathizes with his failures and need to blame others for them.
zhengyingli Hace 8 meses
I don't see how Zack Snyder is overrated considering his movies are either divisive or outright panned.
Igorowan Hace 10 meses
Wouldn't it have made more sense if Bruce tried to ressurect Superman with Cyborg and Flash's help while unbeknownst to the others? Diana and Arthur know the consequences and I feel they should've tried a little harder to talk them out of it. The whole "we need to work together this time" doesn't make sense in either cut, but seeing Wonder Woman and Aquaman lash out against Mr. Fraction-of-a-chance would've been a great moment of character building.
Jordan Sharpe
Jordan Sharpe Hace 5 meses
@Godisalwaysthereforus dude batman in tis universe was killing people. Clearly the same rules don't apply here.
@Kanika Garal They did not need Supes. They needed flash and cyborg lol
@Jordan Sharpe Thats exactly what Batman does though. In the comics he literally made a plan to kill every Justice league member behind their backs. In the young justice series, he lies to his team multiple times.
Атлас {[1]}
Атлас {[1]} Hace 6 meses
@Jordan Sharpe -fair enough
Jordan Sharpe
Jordan Sharpe Hace 6 meses
@Атлас {[1]} No , especially since batman formed the team . It might've made sense if batman joined the team he didn't like , but bruce made the team itself so it wouldn't make sense to betray them
Lightly Smoked Avocado
Hearing your laugh is the only reasoning required to justify the "Thanos did nothing wrong" argument
SAN SAN in May 9th
SAN SAN in May 9th Hace 5 meses
I'm surprised you are not counting Wondie theme every time she's on action
Miche'al Dixon
Miche'al Dixon Hace 4 meses
As you point out most the cities in this movie tend to "look" like Chicago, But in the real world "Metropolis" and "Gotham" do exist. Metropolis is a suburb of Harlem in Manhattan and Gotham is a Rich fancy Suburb in northern New Jersey right across the bay from one another. The real sin would be DC reversed the way they really are.
Anne Heche Dead at 53
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Anne Heche Dead at 53
Vistas 3 715 444