Evolution of Darth Vader in Games (1992 - 2018)

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Darth Vader
Darth Vader Hace 10 meses
I look good in a video game
General kenobi
General kenobi Hace 2 meses
Hello there
joseph abdallah
joseph abdallah Hace 3 meses
Ummmmm you don't look like Lord Vader
Matt From The Last Guest
@Anakin Skywalker Yes you were once Darth Vader
Matt From The Last Guest
@Sls 6 can I be your apprentice
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Hace 4 meses
Does that count as me
Calib Cutler
Calib Cutler Hace 11 días
....title dude *see’s title* 1992 - 2018 *see’s video* 1992 2017
EnderboxEye Hace un mes
I have the 2005 game and It is Still fun to play
Sgt Fishcake
Sgt Fishcake Hace un mes
what about battlefront 1?
Guirafir Hace un mes
Darth vader was in star wars battlefront 2004 too but you cant play it. it was a bot.
Green Screen Man
Green Screen Man Hace un mes
Star Wars Battlefront 2 didn’t come out in 2006 it came out in like 2017
Guirafir Hace un mes
@Green Screen Man store.steampowered.com/app/6060/Star_Wars_Battlefront_2_Classic_2005/
Green Screen Man
Green Screen Man Hace un mes
Guirafir if that is true your wrong to the 1st version came out in 2006
Guirafir Hace un mes
Guirafir Hace un mes
Nope the first battlefront 2 by pandemic come out in 2005 and the EA version of battlefront 2 in 2017
Lucas games BR
Lucas games BR Hace 2 meses
5:40 boba fet.
GhostFace Hace 2 meses
the last game is 2017 but in the title its 1992 to 2018
Obiwan Kenobi
Obiwan Kenobi Hace 2 meses
flexxarnnn Hace 2 meses
*starts video* "Star Wars: The empire strikes back. Platform: NES *Shows Super star wars: the empire strikes back for the SNES* Me: ...... This is fine...
DjayCast Hace 2 meses
The first game is on SNES ...
Edward Finn
Edward Finn Hace 2 meses
Nobody *Star wars chess exist
B Channel
B Channel Hace 2 meses
Niceee!! :D 👍😅👏🐮
nutelak2223 Hace 2 meses
2:37 SWBF is from 2005
CybORg Hace 2 meses
0:02 This is NES in 1992? Seriously??
Jeffrey Jeffrey
Jeffrey Jeffrey Hace 2 meses
Whatchu think
The Watcher
The Watcher Hace 2 meses
Imagine Vader in Mortal Kombat, shit would be tight
Yang Xiao Long
Yang Xiao Long Hace 2 meses
You got the release dates wrong on some of the games
prokeikas 72
prokeikas 72 Hace 3 meses
0:00 that's a SNES.
Kitty :3
Kitty :3 Hace 3 meses
What's a Xone? 7:05.... +, at 2:33 that's not star wars battlefront II
The Real T
The Real T Hace 3 meses
Soulcaliber is ASS
Caleb in your Coffeemaker
Empire at War?
Beast Hunter
Beast Hunter Hace 3 meses
Has anyone seen Darth Vader with a squad of death troopers with him in Battlefront 2? Its terrifying.
Jay's Brick Co.
Jay's Brick Co. Hace 3 meses
Revenge of the Sith for GBA is just as good, if not better then Empire 1992
YOUREMOMGAY Hace 3 meses
Darth Vader: *Surrounded by 3 yodas* Darth Vader: *BITCH WHAT THE FU-*
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Hace 3 meses
Well There goes all my money on Star Wars costumes and toy light sabers and games
xRare Rekt
xRare Rekt Hace 3 meses
Starwars abd Darth Vader. They are very best
kastet pistolet
kastet pistolet Hace 3 meses
одни амереканцы тупые
The Mutt
The Mutt Hace 3 meses
1:26 Battlefront 3 looks promising.
nicbost717 Hace 3 meses
What about Dart Vader in SW EIII for ps2 and xbox?
Fat Film Reviews
Fat Film Reviews Hace 4 meses
Battlefront 2004? They had horrible heroes, but Vader was the imperial hero, I only turned them on a couple of times
SuperWAZZZZZZUP Hace 2 meses
Michael Myers You must be thinking of something else as the game only had Lord Vader, Count Dooku, Luke Skywalker and Mace Windu as the Heroes and Villains. This is gameplay of Bespin Platforms. esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-MZb8VutX6rg.html
Michael Myers
Michael Myers Hace 2 meses
SuperWAZZZZZZUP Yeah I’m sure. I bought it on Xbox one as soon as it came out and it has no bespin or Asajj Ventress and Kit Fisto
SuperWAZZZZZZUP Hace 2 meses
Michael Myers Are you sure? I have bought the digital version of Star Wars Battlefront 2004 on Xbox 360 (it works on Xbox One) and it’s on there. I also have the original Xbox and PS2 versions and it’s on there. Same thing with the PC version.
Michael Myers
Michael Myers Hace 2 meses
SuperWAZZZZZZUP I think that was for specific consoles because on Xbox one they don’t have it.
SuperWAZZZZZZUP Hace 2 meses
Michael Myers Yep. You had Bespin City and Bespin Platforms. Bespin Platforms was an aerial vehicle heavy level with 20 available at the start I believe? Though I could be wrong as I haven’t played it for a bit now. Basically for infantry, there was only one way and the droids had a huge advantage due to the fact that the Droideka’s had the fast firing dual wrist blasters and personal shields.
Patrick Wentzell
Patrick Wentzell Hace 4 meses
They got better over time however Battle Front has problems that is why it should be remade.
PołiMaars Hace 4 meses
Not the video game. Its thc
Adriel Asaph Parpaioli Cheque
Faltou o Darth Vader do jogo do revenge of the sith
pilkers2 Hace 5 meses
2018 my favourite
DARTH VADER Hace 6 meses
MY PRECIUS Hace 5 meses
Злой Волшебник
Force unleashed was on pc too
Anime & Gaming
Anime & Gaming Hace 3 meses
And on PS2, Wii and PSP
Harry Kaestner
Harry Kaestner Hace 6 meses
Achei o primeiro o melhor!!! Kkkk
Vlad Vilceanu
Vlad Vilceanu Hace 6 meses
In batlefront darth vader s voice and lirics are so weird!
Spaghettiman Hace 6 meses
Vader's voice in Battlefront 1 is so fucking bad. Holy shit.
Sls 6
Sls 6 Hace 6 meses
Gonzalo Toloza
Gonzalo Toloza Hace 6 meses
1:43 what kind of Tekken Star Wars is this? 😂😂😂
LagSlayer863 Hace 2 meses
NikTheZocker wait Ezio....as in the ASS-ASS-in?
Jeffrey Jeffrey
Jeffrey Jeffrey Hace 2 meses
@NikTheZocker what are you talking about bitch obviously its masters of of teras käsi
NikTheZocker Hace 3 meses
Soul Calibur IV It always has guest characters. IV - Vader, Yoda and Starkiller, V - Ezio, VI - Gerald from Witcher and I think the Robot from Nier Automata.
Gus the Tiger gamer
Gus the Tiger gamer Hace 6 meses
0:00 is that NES or SNES?
Jahrel Taylor
Jahrel Taylor Hace 4 meses
Concreteowl Hace 4 meses
It's super ESB on the SNES
Sergey Karpenko
Sergey Karpenko Hace 6 meses
In 2018 Dark Vader is dead.
Константин Корейво
NES? Maybe SNES???
John Needar Pacron Rotenberg
El Darth Vader de Batllefront II de 2017 se ve muy mediocre.
Stan Ford
Stan Ford Hace 6 meses
Angry birds?
kirillzip666 787
kirillzip666 787 Hace 6 meses
garry's mod?
колян крутой
Жаль что Lucas продался Disnei
Quiero Pie De limon
Quiero Pie De limon Hace 6 meses
Battlefront 2017 is the better version! I love play with vader in galactic asault
Michael McGrath
Michael McGrath Hace 3 meses
Um....No. Vader in Battlefront 2015 was an unstoppable beast
Michael McGrath
Michael McGrath Hace 3 meses
Quiero Pie De limon Um....No. Vader in Battlefront 2015 was an unstoppable beast
Quiero Pie De limon
Quiero Pie De limon Hace 5 meses
@mettle vader
mettle Hace 5 meses
best version of vader or battlefront?
Márk Major
Márk Major Hace 6 meses
And what about jedi knight mysteries of the sith?
gtawaisitilp Hace 6 meses
the force unleashed was added on ps 2 too
David Bloyd
David Bloyd Hace 6 meses
I want to see what games will look like with Vader from 2019 - 2050.
Barrel Link
Barrel Link Hace 6 meses
Mister vader vader mister elevator
Richard Giles
Richard Giles Hace 6 meses
*cough* Star Wars Monopoly on Windows 2000 *cough cough*
The Dank Side
The Dank Side Hace 4 meses
Richard Giles damn a tragic omission
BrayGit Productions
BrayGit Productions Hace 7 meses
2:09 The nostalgia is unreal!
Jason Hatt
Jason Hatt Hace 7 meses
1:10 Those Stormtroopers look more like The Last Jedi, and not much Return of the Jedi.
Xpidite207 Cebu pacific
Some of those games like the old ones r in my psp and some stole my psp but i got a new psp
João Victor Bombonato de Paula
4:13 STOP, XD He is already dead
Сергей Рябченко
Hi There
Hi There Hace 9 meses
Darth Vader shouldn't look like that. He should be pitch black that requires 40 hours of gameplay.
Cypher NX
Cypher NX Hace 9 meses
I remembered when I saw Force Unleash first time, it was like "wow, it's so real." And today's like: "meh"
ultra Blue Media
ultra Blue Media Hace 9 meses
I like star wars
Landen Chase
Landen Chase Hace 9 meses
Darth Vader is just so badass also u look awesome in video games
EZO Hace 9 meses
1:02 yoda gets totally sliced
Krzysztof Biel
Krzysztof Biel Hace 9 meses
Obi wan Kenobi robot xd
Enderman Sangriento
Enderman Sangriento Hace 9 meses
Шеогорат Hace 9 meses
0:49 XD
Black Metal
Black Metal Hace 9 meses
2006 and 2018 battlefront 2 version the best
Dragonsdogma ISDABEST
Its 2005 battlefront 2
II Jahr II
II Jahr II Hace 3 meses
@LordVader1094 I'm sure you never played the game
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Hace 3 meses
Bf2 is heaps of fun now, new content and fixed issues
DeftTheEpicGamer Hace 3 meses
BF2 is fun asf btw
DeftTheEpicGamer Hace 3 meses
Will Smith you cANT SAY THAT
RBB BEAR BEAR SAMA Hace 10 meses
There’s no 2018
ThatDerp CakeGuy
ThatDerp CakeGuy Hace 7 meses
Because there isn't supposed to be
MISSION PASSED Hace 10 meses
Loved the Super Star Wars trilogy on the snes back in the day
Alien4autopsy Cult
Alien4autopsy Cult Hace 10 meses
force unisht 1 2 the best
life.tazik.death Hace 10 meses
Rafael Brun
Rafael Brun Hace 7 meses
Ralrgertwuca Moreanu
Ralrgertwuca Moreanu Hace 10 meses
No Star Wars I don't know
ByGoPro ST70PRO Hace 7 meses
Ralrgertwuca Moreanu
Ralrgertwuca Moreanu Hace 10 meses
I love Star Wars
Владимир Карпов
Star Wars рулит..... :)
TheMorbidOtaku Hace 10 meses
1:34 I'm keeling over...
Beenz Hace 10 meses
He's been in more games.
kevin parcour
kevin parcour Hace 10 meses
*this is lord vader*
Rafiq Rendika
Rafiq Rendika Hace 10 meses
Am I the only one who scream OBI-WAN!
Fernando Sánchez
Fernando Sánchez Hace 10 meses
60 dislikes = rebel scum.
игрульки разные
Скубая леза пошла по звоздным войнам лего
Самир Аббасов
Сколько тебе лет?
* SaladAss*
* SaladAss* Hace 10 meses
I like star Wars battleftont 2. 2006 years
Audial Architect
Audial Architect Hace 10 meses
History of Obi-Wan Kenobi in Video Games, please?
DREAM SOFT Hace 10 meses
starwars chess looks like a fever dream
ItsNoahScott Hace 10 meses
Never understood why Darth Vader & Yoda was in Soulcaliber IV. But hey it was pretty cool.
Ghetto Z God
Ghetto Z God Hace 6 meses
Starkiller was too
Active bestway
Active bestway Hace 10 meses
Subscribe me
Shadowkey392 Hace 10 meses
There was a Star Wars chess game?! Awesome!
Rafael Brun
Rafael Brun Hace 7 meses
It was pretty bad.
Mohammed Amine
Mohammed Amine Hace 10 meses
star wars zombie
Lenni . K
Lenni . K Hace 10 meses
May the be with you
Restás Mario
Restás Mario Hace 10 meses
I love vader
JohnBillings Hace 10 meses
He'll love you too if you hate sand.
Andrew Grimoff
Andrew Grimoff Hace 10 meses
27 dislikers are jedi
Рейгар Таргариен
Star wars knights of the force?
Твой Подписчик
Я Шучю
Твой Подписчик
Those American Goonies !
Wajdaan Ali
Wajdaan Ali Hace 10 meses
Man I miss Star Wars battlefront 2
Dragon's Revenge
Dragon's Revenge Hace 4 meses
You guys know it was actually released in 2005 right?
Big Fattyboy
Big Fattyboy Hace 5 meses
@GayBoy Brandon he meant the 2005 battlefront
Danny AP
Danny AP Hace 7 meses
ThatDerp CakeGuy ya I realized
ThatDerp CakeGuy
ThatDerp CakeGuy Hace 7 meses
@Danny AP, I think he's talking about the version released in 2006
GayBoy Brandon
GayBoy Brandon Hace 10 meses
Wajdaan Ali I still play it 🙂
Lord like
Lord like Hace 10 meses
2004 ?
REQAX Hace 10 meses
Hello There
Michael McGrath
Michael McGrath Hace 3 meses
Oh don't worry he'll be alright
REQAX Hace 9 meses
@Darth Vader ı dont care B-)
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Hace 9 meses
obi wan kenobi oh not this shit again
Lego Batman 27
Lego Batman 27 Hace 9 meses
Not again, this profile of the comment before darth Vader commented, its everywhere
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Hace 9 meses
Oh god damn it
Vokena Hace 10 meses
2:09 - reminds me a Rogue one final scene :)
Vi I KinG
Vi I KinG Hace 6 meses
the end of rogue one is the prequel of the opening scene of the old one
Vi I KinG
Vi I KinG Hace 6 meses
yo this scene is from the old movie a new hope ...
Marvin HD
Marvin HD Hace 6 meses
REQAX Hace 9 meses
Hello there
ItsNoahScott Hace 10 meses
Dalek Caan OPEN FIRE!
501st Legion
501st Legion Hace 11 meses
Before 100.000 views club
Kix Hace 10 meses
501st Legion Aber...aber ich bin unschuldig Captain BITTE
501st Legion
501st Legion Hace 10 meses
Kix Hace 10 meses
Leon halt deine Schnauze xD
TheCoolGuy Awesome
TheCoolGuy Awesome Hace 10 meses
Puppy Pro 6 dame
TheBlackBelt Doggo
TheBlackBelt Doggo Hace 10 meses
You destroyed my base in Star Wars comm ander
Legofreak 000
Legofreak 000 Hace 11 meses
very cool
SOY LIMÓN Hace 11 meses
New sub
ThatGuyCalledTex Hace 11 meses
I liked the 2006 battlefront 2 version of him the best. His powers were best there IMO, but he was a bit OP.
Rick nite27
Rick nite27 Hace un mes
Its not from the 2006 its from de 2005
Dragonsdogma ISDABEST
@ThatGuyCalledTex 👏 for being dumb
Dragonsdogma ISDABEST
@Gerald PTY yeah not 2006
Dragonsdogma ISDABEST
2005 not 2006 It was battlefront 1 (my all time fav game) was 2004 one year later was battlefront 2 in 2005 but then after that 2015 was battlefront 2015 ea and dice reboot 2017 was the worst battlefront game battlefront 2 ea and dice 2017 sequel to the crappy reboot but with microtranactions 2018 swbf2ea has less microtransactions 2019 finally anakin and obiwan and count dooku have been added 2020 people ditch swbf2ea and go back to swbf1pandemic and swbf2 pandemic Me:back to 2004 one Everyone:2005 one Get it now
Michael Myers
Michael Myers Hace 2 meses
Batman The Dark Knight I think you can play him in clone wars mustfar
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