Exclusive | Porsha's Fiance Dennis alleged love for Animal P***, Gambling, Nose Candy, & More!

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16 may 2019

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Charmaine Blake
Charmaine Blake Hace 21 un día
Now everyone is reporting on the Porscha News....They are one week too late. We got the scoop right here already.
Justmiss jamey
Justmiss jamey Hace 20 días
I dont even know whom these real housewives people are....I pay for cable and interwebs but haven't watched TV in a year or more. Lol
ItzMee_ Kisha
ItzMee_ Kisha Hace 21 un día
Because know body believe Tasha.. LOL! So we have to wait until everybody is talking about it
Janine Ewing
Janine Ewing Hace 22 horas
Ok I got lost how die he start Queen Virgin Remy????
AeVerna Whitten
AeVerna Whitten Hace un día
Don't hate
lord havmercy
lord havmercy Hace un día
The difference between men and women is that we dont complain about the millions of issue you females have, we accept them.......
Cynthia Johnson
Cynthia Johnson Hace un día
One word DAYUMN
Maxine Carter
Maxine Carter Hace 2 días
I thought Toya was a part of that weave line! Because I want to say her and Reginae all posted about the brand around the hair infinity days but I could be wrong.
Tina Obi
Tina Obi Hace 2 días
why do you keep saying nigeria stomach. it is really irritating . so please stop
Trish Jackson
Trish Jackson Hace 4 días
He a Leo ♌️ not surprised at all
Leleboom Hace 4 días
Are you speaking of watching animals doing it wit other animals or Beastiality. The 1st is funny but gets old quick, the 2nd is wrong if not a crime should be. That's Animal Rape only the human consented , now I'm not with PETA or a Vegan I eat my meat, but I don't eat it before it's cooked. And do the FDA check for this kind of abuse or any organization for that matter. I don't want Tough Rump Roast cause the cow was scared because of all sodomy. Don't care tenderize the meat another way.
Reibecca Stringer
Reibecca Stringer Hace 5 días
Tracey Mixon
Tracey Mixon Hace 5 días
Omg!! You are to funny!!🤣🤣🤣🤣
Praise 777 Always
Praise 777 Always Hace 6 días
She got what she wanted!!!👶🏾👶🏾👶🏾
lovey dovey
lovey dovey Hace 6 días
The very first thing I thought when I saw them together is how can't Porsha see that he's gay?'
C'Mon Man
C'Mon Man Hace 7 días
O X Hace 9 días
Damn... hard to concentrate. Lookin good.
Keba Kenyatta
Keba Kenyatta Hace 9 días
I just want to know where did you get that bra? 🤷🏽‍♀️
Jamie Cook
Jamie Cook Hace 9 días
Got damn Tasha u got that deep tea
Lara O'neal
Lara O'neal Hace 9 días
Beastilality now too. Ppl have no morals whatsoever or boundaries. This stresses me out just listening to all this nonsense. Thank God it’s not me. I’ve been celibate over 10 years.
Katnip T
Katnip T Hace 9 días
Porsha betta get smart and background check these men straight off the rip! She can even afford to pay a professional, if she wants to. Dig thru his past well BEFORE you spread eagle-even if you're filthy rich. The best predictor of someone's behavioral characteristics is their past behavior!
DyDy xoxo
DyDy xoxo Hace 10 días
That’s a lot 🤦🏿‍♀️🥵😨
Matt W
Matt W Hace 10 días
Future got dat stick game...dat stick talk 😩💦
Sweet Sunshine
Sweet Sunshine Hace 10 días
Got damn her underarms are black as hell and crusty looking😲😵😨🤢
Deanne Upshaw
Deanne Upshaw Hace 10 días
Porsha has breast implants..
L S Hace 11 días
I just have a question...does lioness of Judah have any of their own stories or is every story riding off of your name?
TiffLove Hace 11 días
How did he take her name off the hair company? Loop holes? I know that if there is 50/50 ownership in GA, they ask if someone sells portion, they'll need to get your approval. Oh well.
My 325Xi
My 325Xi Hace 11 días
So is this why the show porsha having a babe isnt on anymore been two weeks hasn't been on.
TiMalice2009 Hace 11 días
Who is going to pay for a streaming svce by this Guy?
“Now I’m not gonna say a name but here’s his picture!”🤣😆
Kecis Jones
Kecis Jones Hace 11 días
Thank you 😊 God bless you
Student at Law Bascombe
I just unsubscribe your demonic lying sad face
Bridgette Jones
Bridgette Jones Hace 13 días
Ooooh Porsche, have you f***** up again damn! I was rooting for you ..
Rosie Brock
Rosie Brock Hace 13 días
Who cares about a time line! Y'all care about who someone is sexing...really!
ashleigh morgan
ashleigh morgan Hace 13 días
Cordell is def gay
Vox Nihili
Vox Nihili Hace 13 días
What a scumbag.
Ashley Reese # asplashofmom
Looking good! Jucee stuff!! I think porsha know.
Elijah Soares
Elijah Soares Hace 14 días
Well I’m off to Donivas my ears hurt
Elijah Soares
Elijah Soares Hace 14 días
ccspooner Hace 14 días
It’s sad how many of y’all women in these comments are excitingly watching this!!! I don’t know these folks and don’t know what’s facts but what I do know is women LOVE hearing about another’s woman’s relationship being in turmoil.
sue ella
sue ella Hace 14 días
Lesson... Get contracts get witnesses when u start a business... even if it’s your boo 😒
sue ella
sue ella Hace 14 días
👀 Stay with me!!! 🤭🤯😂😂
Kendra Irvin
Kendra Irvin Hace 14 días
Oh no @1:43
Eve Lia
Eve Lia Hace 14 días
“ he even invested in picking up his stomach so he can penetrate her and everything like that, who knows if she even like it” I DIED
AwlBlack Erthing
AwlBlack Erthing Hace 14 días
So ugly when black people initiate and celebrate the downfall of black people.
Barter & Cash
Barter & Cash Hace 14 días
unWnewithTashaK = Beautiful complexion.
Tonja Latham
Tonja Latham Hace 15 días
Porscha literally just wants someone to take care of her. 🤮🤮
Nilayia Mcgirt
Nilayia Mcgirt Hace 15 días
Jeannette Tate
Jeannette Tate Hace 15 días
How y'all up here getting all this☕ and talking about her being loud when I'm drinking I'm loud jus like this jus say she littttttt love her energy
Nilayia Mcgirt
Nilayia Mcgirt Hace 15 días
Congratulations, with your blessing the new edition.
BARBIE DOLL Hace 15 días
Sis I'mma need to know where u get that amazing bra it's sitting up perfect
Smitty Sacks
Smitty Sacks Hace 15 días
I’m still waiting on the wrong he did. Sounds like a business man that knows how to hustle to me, not a bad guy!!
Chrissy H
Chrissy H Hace 15 días
I just hope Porsha doesn't have to start over if this relationship does not work.
Cookie Evans
Cookie Evans Hace 15 días
All I can say is WOW and if this is all true it is GOING TO BE A MESS
Dacia Hernandez
Dacia Hernandez Hace 15 días
I think she should of gave Ricky Smiley a chance. I think he really liked her ,but she wasn't interested.
Wisemen Wisemen
Wisemen Wisemen Hace 15 días
This dude is my hero!😀😀😀
Chelsa Snider
Chelsa Snider Hace 15 días
OMG I could not keep up!!!! This is what I get for being nosy and trying to get info on other people's live. This is too much time wasted on other people's affairs. let me go back to minding my business.
admirable image
admirable image Hace 11 días
Zaire Weeks
Zaire Weeks Hace 15 días
I thought he sold Hot Dogs🏃... Bop
Lady B
Lady B Hace 15 días
I’m so confused 🥴🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️😂👍🏽
Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith Hace 15 días
I just can't trust Dennis lazy eye meant lies 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷
A'Riel The Great
A'Riel The Great Hace 15 días
24:47 🤣🤣🤣🤣
judy belin
judy belin Hace 15 días
Porsha move too fast, I never like him the look on his face doesn't look sincere.
Nadine G. Overton
Nadine G. Overton Hace 15 días
I said it ...I used to love Porsha, but she acted way too thirsty, and her head swelled way to big and fast. So when you think you are moving above, your water runs way low. Thank you Tasha. Bet she really looking dumb now. I hate that it happened. but it is what it is.
Carla Fowler like and subscribe please
You such a hater
Smartchick Hace 16 días
What a sick uck.
Mia Lui
Mia Lui Hace 16 días
😂 🤣😂😅 I’m subscribing bc u are hilarious and hit the tea and coffee
Jaylene Juarez
Jaylene Juarez Hace 14 días
Shaw Pay
Shaw Pay Hace 16 días
Woman!!!! What bra is that????
Paige Imone
Paige Imone Hace 16 días
I wanna hear the TEA Sooo Badly... But she keep fuckn SCREAMING!!!!!! THE ANNOYANCE OF IT ALL!!!¡!!!
Leena Stark
Leena Stark Hace 16 días
What the hell is wrong with all these beautiful successful women gettin w/ these *LOSERS* ??? SMDH.
Taylor Stern
Taylor Stern Hace 16 días
Maybe karma for what Porsha did to Kandy. Porsha is an opportunist so hey she got what she deserved.
Taylor Stern
Taylor Stern Hace 16 días
Why is ANYONE SURPRISED. They were pregnant, engaged & married in less than it took for the pizza delivery guy to show up tonight.
Burberry black
Burberry black Hace 16 días
When I saw him I was like Porsha, you going down the wrong road,wrong road ...
Raymond Fowlkes
Raymond Fowlkes Hace 16 días
You are sooo fine miss!
Ms. Casey Madison
Ms. Casey Madison Hace 16 días
The guy she was with is from Houston....his name is Damon...
Yvette Louis
Yvette Louis Hace 16 días
Complicatedly Simple
Complicatedly Simple Hace 16 días
Is it possible that he really loves her and that she really loves him?
Joyce Corwell
Joyce Corwell Hace 17 días
The commercials are very annoying
Natalia Douglas
Natalia Douglas Hace 17 días
Lord I have 2 boys please don’t let my son’s do women like this I know Dennis mother is shamed cause she goes so hard for her son
Robbie Scheppert
Robbie Scheppert Hace 17 días
I like Dennis, he"s a hard working man. will they stay together? All anyone can do is pray for them. He's got a past just like she does! People back off let them work their problems out, this is all new NEW relationship, family and new house!!! I'm praying for them !!
Magikk Gilmore
Magikk Gilmore Hace 17 días
All them damn S’s!!!!!!! Haha!😂😂😂
Onyxx Monopoly
Onyxx Monopoly Hace 17 días
Is it me or does Shanice look like Aaliyah at some angels? (Random)
The Colemans
The Colemans Hace 17 días
Soo many commercials 🤣🤣
Shana Cohen
Shana Cohen Hace 17 días
Dana Muller
Dana Muller Hace 17 días
Love this lady. She keeps it real!!!!
Aqua Juicee
Aqua Juicee Hace 17 días
When she turned around and said right teddy I was 💀🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭
Nicole Goodwin
Nicole Goodwin Hace 17 días
Jazzmyn Aldridge
Jazzmyn Aldridge Hace 17 días
Kandi was right! I'm glad she didn't get caught up in that mess by not saying too much but she was really trying to warn Porsha and Porsha was so offended at the time and took it as Kandi being messy. Now look at his shady a** being exposed and these are facts. He is so shady!
LocQueen Hace 18 días
How is this "regular" looking blk man getting these above average blk woman? STOP DATEING DOWN BLK WOMAN!
LocQueen Hace 18 días
How is this "regular" looking blk man getting these above average blk woman? STOP DATEING DOWN BLK WOMAN!
Paulette Liggett
Paulette Liggett Hace 18 días
Omg! TashaK has given the whole unhanded story on Dennis from A to Z, whew! I knew he is shady SMDH 🤔🤔🤔? Porsha better wake up and smell the ☕☕☕& thank God above for getting out of this Dennis mess when she did. Glad you kept your house & $$$ and get her name off every thing related to Dennis. I pray Porsha sees this video & get those cameras out your house & get your Attorney's to protect you & the baby's future. Whew TashaK put it out there 👏👏👏
Christa Wright
Christa Wright Hace 18 días
This whole thing sounds like a bunch of BS! All that hollering gave me a headache!
Ms G
Ms G Hace un día
Tasha is spilling a lot of info however, the yelling is to much maybe this is her thing but I am confused as to how is it we are unwinding from all this yelling omg ! Yelling ! Yelling ! I like her info but the damn yelling ! My head hurts Tasha K bring it down damn !🤯😳😫😫😫💆‍♀️
stephanie drayton
stephanie drayton Hace 18 días
Dammmmm!! Like that??? Shady is right...Kandi tried to tell her...
MIMIX015 Hace 18 días
love your energy! subscribed!!! ✨
Demarius Wilks
Demarius Wilks Hace 18 días
I love you Tasha K 😍😍😍😍 Your the best!
Kendra Pass
Kendra Pass Hace 18 días
So what! If she like it I love it! Who give a damn????
Cortney Olds
Cortney Olds Hace 18 días
That was a loooooot
Angeeluh Hace 18 días
Porsha just saw those dollar signs and he saw a chance to maximize his brand so they both used each other pretty much
Y C Hace 18 días
The more of your videos I watch I'm wondering why I never came across your channel before. I only heard of you when all the BS was going on. Smh But I'm here now and unsubscribed from another "sipping" channel cause I see where the real is. SUBSCRIBED and I'm copping that wine subscription
TimGreer Hace 18 días
Modern-day Donnell Rawlings look a like.
QUENESS YOMy Hace 19 días
Felicia Scott
Felicia Scott Hace 19 días
who nhano
who nhano Hace 19 días
how do we even know all of this...cant trust nobody..everyone just selling out their friends
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