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EXO's the 5th album repackage "LOVE SHOT" is out!
Listen and download on iTunes & Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music smarturl.it/EXO_LOVESHOT
01 Love Shot
02 Tempo
03 트라우마 (Trauma)
04 Wait
05 Sign
06 닿은 순간 (Ooh La La La)
07 Gravity
08 가끔 (With You)
09 24/7
10 후폭풍 (Bad Dream)
11 Damage
12 여기 있을게 (Smile On My Face)
13 오아시스 (Oasis)
14 宣告 (Love Shot)
15 节奏 (Tempo)
EXO Official
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/ weareoneexo
/ weareone.exo
/ weareoneexo
#EXO #엑소 #LoveShot #러브샷 #LOVESHOT
EXO 엑소 'Love Shot' MV ℗ SM Entertainment


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12 dic 2018






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@rimasenpai4512 Hace 4 años
My brother: what a stupid song My brother the next day : it's the love shot NANANANANANANAN
@shaimaaabbas189 Hace 4 años
Rima EXO oh my god he’s like my brother hhhhh
@ristaputu0327 Hace 4 años
@LodoBelikiki Hace 4 años
@choiria3470 Hace 4 años
@bubble5454 Hace 4 años
My god if that's not my brother
@ayayayeol Hace 2 días
I will always say that South Korea is very lucky to have exceptional talents like EXO
@Lena-uy7pz Hace 17 horas
@sinfullysarcastic Hace 18 días
SM better thank EXO for giving their first 600 million video
@hinataab7117 Hace 6 días
@proudexol90 Hace 6 días
@angelaG_004 Hace 8 días
Let’s make EXO the first SM artists to hit 1 billion views!!!
@FaridaCaem Hace 8 días
Yeahh,,, then go streaming
@angelaG_004 Hace 8 días
@@FaridaCaem I am
@zs8468 Hace 5 días
Str3am monster & cream soda too
@NS6711 Hace 5 días
Almost at 600M!
@ouada366 Hace 5 días
@@zs8468 what's wrong with exo-l why cream soda like that we used to hit 23m in the first week now we can't even make 7m in one week
@bxfff8253 Hace 2 días
Suho's outfit here is awesome... Who Agrees? 👇
@samiashamsEXO-L Hace 2 días
@bxfff8253 Hace 2 días
@@samiashamsEXO-L where are u from eri?
@samiashamsEXO-L Hace 2 días
@@bxfff8253 Bangladesh...what about u???
@samiashamsEXO-L Hace 2 días
@@bxfff8253 Bangladesh.....what about u???
@senurirashmika5229 Hace 2 horas
Me too❤
@Auroraloeyndy Hace 5 días
let's give SM the first 600M views from exo
@user-uy3nb6ki8j Hace 4 años
Imagine if love shot had an actual promotion, this is will be a new Korean anthem-like growl. they had 3 days music shows but many idols covering this until today EXO deserve better TT
@user-xx6do2bi9v Hace 4 años
lmao speaking of, just an hour ago astro covered love shot
@frz2719 Hace 4 años
Agree, love shot is a master piece
@izannina Hace 4 años
@user-xx6do2bi9v Hace 4 años
update as of 08/26/19 rookie everglow covered
@poluxy Hace 43 minutos
This makes me go FERAL
@user-ji1uj2sl2p Hace un mes
2024에 엑소 보면서 보내니 넘 좋쿤
@moukiking-es7om Hace un mes
@nergiztahirli4258 Hace un mes
@@moukiking-es7om kkioik410ü8gn54vptguu
@nikivaikiky Hace un mes
Yes sir
@yjwnzz Hace un mes
@exolshot Hace 7 días
A song that has not lost its impact even after 5 years. Congratulations Exo
@proudexol90 Hace 6 días
@Shahd_kyungsoo Hace 8 días
The emperors of K-pop: the one and only EXO
@annosa2725 Hace 8 días
Literally the best MV in k-pop history saranghe
@imm84 Hace 7 días
Happy Valentines Day exol, dont forget to vote exo on TTA finals current ranking #3 WE NEED YOUR HELP EXOL
@chanyeoliepark3389 Hace 4 años
support chen with positive comments and EXO stream EXO and chen please
yes please
@files4karina Hace 2 años
chen is in exo, obv i stream chen :-D
@user-zz7kc1cr2z Hace 2 años
@graysuit144 Hace 2 años
Don't write 's3rim' it's freezes mv
@Abbycg352 Hace 13 días
I remember how the internet went crazy when this song dropped. One of the best kpop songs in history! Let’s make it reach 600 million views!!
@jhessye3266 Hace 8 días
@zs8468 Hace 7 días
Let’s make it 1billion also
@Abbycg352 Hace 13 días
I just realized how close we are to reaching 600 million. Let’s go EXOL!!!!
@afrenchexo-l1418 Hace 7 días
We need more exol streaming it
@miumiutan2188 Hace 10 días
10점 만점에 10점 줄게
@exo10anniversary5 Hace 4 días
@poluxy Hace 3 días
Ou yeah
@proudexol90 Hace 9 horas
Me too❤❤
@manasvi6239 Hace 13 horas
Less than 300 k views before SM has their first kpop mv to reach 600 million views thanks to EXO
@sylviango8946 Hace 11 días
Come EXO-L, let’s get it to 600M but I still think they should’ve passed a Billion views by now.
@azulafuego9709 Hace 4 años
i usually don't like too much "k-pop" but, thisss.....
@samiashamsEXO-L Hace 3 años
How about now??yet a kpop lover??any grp u stan???
@rashisingh1843 Hace 3 años
That's exo for ya
@sayedrouf6744 Hace 3 años
@asiftanzir9104 Hace 3 años
Me too
@ashxoxoerii Hace 3 años
Listen to EXO , you'll turn into a kpop fan just like I did😎
@micaelaiconic1379 Hace 18 días
Exo should be getting 1 billion views their music is TIMELESS!!!
I think that Monster already should has 700m but only has 400m, please more support to this iconic mv, woow monster was a big era of EXO, don't forget it.
@mahimab015 Hace 12 días
Lets stream this song harder and make it 600 million before valentine's day.!!!❤
@loeyniz Hace 2 días
'Going crazy' on Spotify needs less than 20k to reach 20M
@teamexoexist Hace 7 días
Happy Valentine's Day Loves
@azradenizsivri4691 Hace 5 años
TEMPO 100M LOVE SHOT 100M we can do ittttt fightinggg !!
Exo we are one
@anindyadi Hace 5 años
@nazimasultana5964 Hace 5 años
Yes we can.... Fighting...
@lismkz783 Hace 5 años
Fighting ♡
@thundertoast2032 Hace 5 años
@lol26857 Hace 7 días
Happy Valentines Day, EXO!!!❤️ We love you! 😘
@rayanaloufi7214 Hace 5 días
jensetter here to support the best bg out there. fighting exo-ls
@loeyniz Hace 5 días
Thanks for your support..we're stre_ming solo too Let's get our goals together♡
@zs8468 Hace 9 días
First SM song to reach 600m
@aranxafloresmusic Hace 13 días
One of the best songs IN KPOP History
@Cynm521 Hace 7 días
Happy Valentine’s Day EXO-L! ❤️ It would be so hilarious and iconic if we got “Love Shot” to 600M views on the day of love! We can do it!
@matoara8710 Hace 4 años
Legend says- People come, people go. You and I are standing here. We are one.
@maeying9362 Hace 3 años
I'm still standing with them
@sephm3 Hace 3 años
@@maeying9362 you're not alone :))
@2697JT Hace 3 años
I really miss when Suho said "we are one" :(
@aruna997 Hace 3 años
We are one
@malikakhusnia Hace 3 años
EXO Chanyeol Baekhyun DO Kai Sehun Xiumin Lay Suho Chen
@angelbyun6247 Hace 8 días
It been exactly 10yrs i became a fan of exo I'm really proud of being exol we are one exo Saranghaja! Let's support exo forever! 💌
@ninaexo-ls2452 Hace 8 días
We are one❤
@klevisina-hl8jt Hace 11 días
Bro even if exo isn't my favourite boy group this song takes my first place. For me it needs to take 1b views! Exo are on top.There are the best singers in the univers
@exo9forever Hace 6 días
Give listen to their other songs too..they have more banger songs like this.. Obsession Kokobop Call me baby Monster Tempo El dorado
@klevisina-hl8jt Hace 6 días
yes bro i now. they are world domation.
@Niniblink-lp4jf Hace un día
I'm blink but I'll support you by streaming.
@hyunlight8881 Hace un día
Thank you !
@exo9forever Hace 23 horas
Thanks for coming...I'll visit solo too
@Lynavue Hace 21 un día
The most professional and classic kpop mv of all time. This is a true masterpiece to say.
Less than 1M for 600M. Do it today EXO-Ls(14-02-2024)
@Joy-gl7cn Hace 5 años
@exo-lforever4964 Hace 5 años
exo_ zkdlin_ yesss
@weareexo9010 Hace 5 años
She will give us Chen solo album
@haodongma5885 Hace 5 años
yes SM should give it!
But we don't have dance practice for love shot until now :)
@Joy-gl7cn Hace 2 años
@@chyntiamaycelline9106 thanks for reminding me this comment :) we don't need to wonder its sm we're talking about 🤷🏻
@Twinklingstar06 Hace un mes
It's 2024 but still here to listen this masterpiece.ExoL let's make it 600 million for our boys, Saranghaja. Anyone listening it in 2024??
@Lena-uy7pz Hace un mes
@Queen_22408 Hace un mes
Yes, Let's stream.
@AdrieleBuker-ud5hz Hace 23 días
Sw cjegoyttoqv
@jkookk-rh1wp Hace un mes
This song will never get old
@user-zd3ll4mm1d Hace 21 un día
@SAISHYAMPP. Hace 21 un día
@Jenfairytale Hace 13 horas
705k Jensetter are here to support our sweet exols
@exo9forever Hace 13 horas
Thanks sweetheart..we're supporting jennie too♡
Chen's Polaris album is really very amazing. Give it a try as filler if you haven't heard it yet. You will be amazed by his rock style .
@exo9forever Hace 14 horas
I start my day with Polaris
@@exo9forever Those who have heard it once, it has already become their everyday jam 🥰. And those haven't listened, they are really missing a great thing .
@mannytiny Hace 3 días
Atiny here.. 600m is coming. Wow ❤
@camilauliana8759 Hace 3 días
Thank you❤
@deadjunji4015 Hace 5 años
Ugh im living for the comments I've been listening to kpop for so long but I haven't seen any fandom be this nice to a kpop idols relationship before tysm Exo-ls and Blinks for supporting their relationship with so much respect we're a family now (':
@elleb2266 Hace 5 años
Sehunny- ikr I was shocked how the knetz approved of the relationship news, it shows that they have matured 😊😊😊😊
@riefahaja9274 Hace 5 años
We're just going to accept it. We're not going to let our boys feel the pain anymore. We're grown up n learned from the past how selfish we were. They deserved any sweetness in this life..
@deadjunji4015 Hace 5 años
@@riefahaja9274 Thank you, and well said I really hope the best for them
@riefahaja9274 Hace 5 años
@@deadjunji4015 no matter what happens in future we'll support protect be there for them cos we're true blood EXO L.
@botaynakadim1724 Hace 5 años
We were so rude against Baekhyun we hurt him in the past I wish he could feel that we were too young and selfish, our boys used to tell us don’t waste money by buying albums, chanyeol prepare some photo cards to exols so they don’t buy them and waste more money, kai used to tell us to leave our life happily and he is full of love because of us. They have give us a lot alot of love, love that can no one expect but we give them hate once we learn about their relationships I decided to support our boys till the end and love them and love everyone makes them happy, I can’t wait for Baekhyun because i wanna support him a lot an love him so much with the lucky girl of his choice Let’s spread love. Exols growing up now.
@BlackAngel. Hace 2 días
*EXO* The one and only kings of Kpop industry!! Let's celebrate 600m views!!!
@Jaya-yt4nx Hace 4 días
Can't wait to see this masterpiece hitting 600M
@user-mq1pj1on8n Hace 6 días
yall we got 400 milliom more till they become the first sm artist to hit 1 billion (and the third kpop group to hit 1 billion!) lets do this!!!!
@exo9forever Hace 6 días
Let's get it soon
@Indian_EXOL Hace 11 días
Legendary song in kpop history 🔥
@Jaya-yt4nx Hace 7 días
Happy Valentine's day EXO❤
@imaninaf.6061 Hace 4 años
"People come people go" - Do Kyungsoo 2018
@pikakoo8253 Hace 4 años
Too soon😕
@potatoepie7853 Hace 4 años
@@pikakoo8253 ya i agree
@user-ol6fq8fj7e Hace 3 años
@user-ol6fq8fj7e Hace 3 años
@user-ol6fq8fj7e Hace 3 años
@willow_theDinosaur Hace 11 días
@Squishy1L Hace 8 días
EXOs are the Emperors of Kpop 👑
@exo9forever Hace 20 horas
'Coming over' is close to 10M.. please give a listen to it too
@qz7528 Hace 5 días
always find baekhyun's entrance super super attractive🥵
@janvil8772 Hace un día
First SM MV to reach 600M views.
@fqiryryu Hace 5 años
A Blink supporting Exo to 100 mil!
@exex2819 Hace 5 años
thank you
@btsloveshot3297 Hace 5 años
thank you bby!!
@ivanate2029 Hace 5 años
Thank you:)))
@silver3374 Hace 5 años
Thank you ,I love black pink too
btsXblackpink addicted thank uu!!
@andi6177 Hace 14 días
This song is exactly how I feel when I'm high
@joslydmenocal Hace 10 días
And to think that this was one of the songs I heard when I was getting to know the K-pop industry (I LOVE THIS SONG AND I WILL NEVER GET TIRED OF LISTENING TO IT)❤
@EriyaPhixo Hace 11 días
One of my fav exo's song
@AungAung-xr4kp Hace 11 días
Only 1.3M for 600M let's make history for Kings EXO fighting EXO.L
@mumami3880 Hace 20 horas
Time to make Love Shot hit 600 million. Let's go!!
@mindfulart2640 Hace 4 años
Ain't nobody told Kai that red suit is illegal? *heart attack*
@mintpastry-1394 Hace 4 años
I am not een a stan and i got attacked i searched for that dude in red and finally came to know it was kai
Kai be bias wrecking us all yo.
@theasmoak6614 Hace 4 años
Well stream the "obsession" mv. He will literally kill you there
@mindfulart2640 Hace 4 años
@@theasmoak6614 I did watch it yesterday. No the red suit is smtg else. That half top shirt was cute tho. Chanyeolie is still my fav. But All Exo members are awesome. Kai is hard not to love.
@user-kg1kk7sc8q Hace un mes
무조건 엑소붐은 다시 온다 엑소 평생 엑소해줘
I'm always here but not because of the 600m, because i love this song, please fandom more support to all EXO's videos.. Support to all the musicals platforms ..
@exo9forever Hace 7 días
Happy Valentine day
@bella11110 Hace 2 meses
The most iconic iconicest song in kpop
@Bunnyaeri22 Hace 10 días
@FaridaCaem Hace 7 días
Yeahh come on
SM: What are you doing here? Me: I want to audition SM: As an artist? Me: No, as *EXO's floor* SM: Get out
@bunnysunny3359 Hace 5 años
Hahaha!! I'm familiar with this language :D
@aurel2862 Hace 5 años
@Chloe-uf6zp Hace 5 años
Francoise Viete bring me along sis you’re so funny 😂
@jassann6076 Hace 5 años
Literally me! 😂
@chenxiumin3316 Hace 5 años
@rachelledante3840 Hace 18 días
Still EXO in 2024🎉
@manahanselatan Hace 7 días
@darryl450 Hace 2 meses
Exo kings of kpop Icons and legends Let's get to 600 million
@exo9forever Hace 7 días
love shot - cream soda - the way to love myself - light of my life - love shot
@anitaorphanita8326 Hace 4 años
In this house we love and support Chen!
@Itsmee127 Hace 3 años
Hey are you Indian
@grethelgabor6341 Hace 2 años
@joannaa5626 Hace 2 años
@trangexo3879 Hace 2 años
@exo9forever Hace un día
People come and people go You and i are standing here Gradually getting addicted to this muted emotion
@nizeri85 Hace 5 días
Exos got two V in their group Outstanding vocal Amazing Visual
@eucira.k6271 Hace 5 días
Icons, Idols,history was made ... No actuaally history was createdn thank you for creating history
No one can match exo .... They are built different...❤️❤️❤️
@kaisoo5509 Hace 18 horas
Let's get 600M for our Legendary Love Shot
@Baraa9200 Hace 5 años
i can't believe , it is the love shot , na na na. :-) EXO_Ls Vote for Exo On Soompi awards
@exolreal3 Hace 5 años
@amelamel6587 Hace 5 años
@angieerathore836 Hace 5 años
How to vote?
@asexol2293 Hace 5 años
Hi unni we wener #EXO - for ever
@ward50100 Hace 5 años
أوني انا عربيه ومتابع قناتك وبايسي دي او كمان
@exolarab9067 Hace 2 meses
The song is close to 600M Let's intensify our strength Come on
@enhypenis7 Hace 2 meses
No matter it's 2023 or 2018 we'll be always obsessed with LOVE SHOT
@ayayayeol Hace 2 días
We need exo world tour please!!
Remember to give to Lay and Lauv your support with Run Back To You (23-02)
@vlovesohsehun Hace 2 días
De hechoooo
@hpzha Hace 5 días
First SM mv that hit 600M vi3w on ESvid
@berxingexo7559 Hace 3 años
@llilnisa1586 Hace 3 años
300 milyona doğru
@nimetinbabas5853 Hace 3 años
Tam gaz devam 300Mn olacak bu şarkı
@berxingexo7559 Hace 3 años
@@nimetinbabas5853 İnşaalllahh Obsession'ı da 100 Mn yapsak bi iyi olurdu
@nimetinbabas5853 Hace 3 años
@mworano3293 Hace 3 años
@@rahimeesen8340 aynen çok kaliteli bir grup kendi şarkılarını kendileri yapıyorlar ve grubu liderleri topladı herkez çok yetenekli
my only fav song made by sm entertainment seriously i love it and fav exo song.
@kikigfreal Hace un mes
D.O line "people come, people go" is something else
@kaibt123kumir5 Hace 7 días
600 million coming soon
@durimadamayanti Hace un mes
never tired of this masterpiece, iconic, legend.
@Jenfairytale Hace 5 días
230k Jensetter here to support our exols>3 My fav song♾️
@ozoraamaris4076 Hace 4 años
Even my non kpop friends listen to this legendary song. It's the love shot
@k___7374 Hace 3 años
@avelczennies4699 Hace 3 años
I always turn this song, and then the other day my brother ask me the name of the song
@@auliamiftahulrazaq2268 ดดอีพท้เพพ่เพ
@ximelu2036 Hace 12 días
Está canción es de esas que jamás envejece, quedará para la posteridad como un clásico.
@eriasayee643 Hace un mes
Hoping for another amazing comeback like this.
@cloud-zb8lm Hace un mes
@proudexol90 Hace un mes
Yeah I wish in 2025 there will be all the members and on December they will have another masterpiece like this.Praying.
@bxfff8253 Hace 19 días
Me too
@xiaohan1474 Hace 3 días
Legendary red suit era
@Imanswer Hace un mes
엑소는 전설이구나
@LikeDiamond-tt5ky Hace 19 horas
It's the love shot in 2024
@nainghtooaung4773 Hace 5 años
Do you all know that Love shot 1st win is their 109th win
@rocketraccoon9261 Hace 5 años
@errayaww Hace 5 años
And now its a 2nd win for Love Shot making it their 110th time win
@eriexo. Hace 5 años
NaingHtoo Aung Love shot just got her 2 win ❤️❤️❤️❤️
@zzbhawna Hace 5 años
@@eriexo. really
@annosa2725 Hace 15 días
they are irreplaceable & a legend saranghe
@hunniesanr Hace un mes
Suddenly missing EXO, so here I am ❤
@loeyniz Hace 5 días
people come and people go You and i still standing there Gradually getting addicted to this muted emotion
@Jaya-yt4nx Hace un mes
Love shot deserves to have 1 billion