EXO 엑소 'Obsession' (X-EXO Ver.) @EXO THE STAGE

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😇Watch the EXO Ver. here: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-UpooeC0vFHs.html
Listen and download on your favorite platform: smarturl.it/EXO_OBSESSION
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#EXO #엑소 #Obsession
EXO 엑소 'Obsession' (X-EXO Ver.) @EXO THE STAGE ℗ SM Entertainment


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1 dic 2019






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Iris smith
Iris smith Hace 2 horas
Nona Op
Nona Op Hace 3 horas
aimie huda
aimie huda Hace 16 horas
Became exo-L after listening to baek singing my love then the rest is history
Stefani margaret
Stefani margaret Hace 20 horas
Chanyeol rap is everything 😍
saro na
saro na Hace un día
Nebula Blue
Nebula Blue Hace un día
Woaaahh SM vocalists are no fucking joke we Stan
Hiya Clare
Hiya Clare Hace 2 días
Plzzzzz vote for them🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 www.topmusicuniverseawards.com/2019/03/top-music-universe-awards-19.html?m=1
Jiana Hace 3 días
jongin's outfit was inspire by rohan kishibe and that's a fact.
Childish Flamingo
Childish Flamingo Hace 3 días
Who come for Chanyeol rap??😂😂 1:13
•Ya_ EXO-L•
•Ya_ EXO-L• Hace 3 días
Chris Grande
Chris Grande Hace 3 días
Then : crop tops are for girls Now : crop tops are for Kai
Ugyen Dorji
Ugyen Dorji Hace 3 días
I love it
Ate Jika
Ate Jika Hace 4 días
*Is that a goddamn JoJo's reference??*
Polita polita
Polita polita Hace 4 días
Como siempre Kai me matas
Saherh KhoshKalamian
Exol😎😘im from iran
Nasywa Raudhah
Nasywa Raudhah Hace 5 días
Guys, imagine Kyungsoo, Minseok, and Yixing in this comeback. Just imagine.
ElpeloperdidodeD.O Hace 5 días
i need to see the D.O's expressions here:-(
ElpeloperdidodeD.O Hace 5 días
may 20/5/2020 obsession 84.9m, please more str\*ms!!!💪💪💪100m before of July!!!
DigitalBB Hace 5 días
jesus this camera work is amazing
don't mess up my tempo
this comeback was the best when it comes to stages... both exo and x-exo stages are perfect
Byun amartiaputri7
Byun amartiaputri7 Hace 5 días
Barb Hace 5 días
3:14 you're welcome kai girlies
Nanana Ra
Nanana Ra Hace 5 días
Chen :')
Dano76 Hace 6 días
I’m new here. Whats the difference between X-EXO version and the EXO Version. Is it the EXO version will change when they get back from the army or?
Salsa Agnia
Salsa Agnia Hace 6 días
I miss you my boys:(
Camila Lencina
Camila Lencina Hace 6 días
Chanyeol Rap ☆☆☆
cam zi
cam zi Hace 6 días
I really like chanyeol's part👌😔
EXOL FOREVER Hace 6 días
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-nHbZ-91IiaA.html اكسوالز مين يعرف ذي الاغنية حقت الي مثلت مع بيك؟؟
yoongiscookie Hace 7 días
Guys with pink and white hair caught my attention 👀 possibly my biases when i become an exo-l
Mark Mananap
Mark Mananap Hace 7 días
Mariah Fausta
Mariah Fausta Hace 7 días
Lindos maravilhosos!!!😍😍😍 Só não gosto desses tops que colocam o meu amado Kai usar, é muito estranho.
Garris Hales
Garris Hales Hace 8 días
all these daddies, yet Chen is the one with a kid
Garris Hales
Garris Hales Hace 8 días
i’m literally still freaking out about this whole thing...but if i’m being honest, i came back just to see kai in his crop top🤷🏼‍♀️
βlueφ Høñeyξ
βlueφ Høñeyξ Hace 6 días
it seems you are a man of culture...
Francine Mo
Francine Mo Hace 8 días
I'm beginning to understand why Sehun doesn't wear tight pants, he's got big Dick problems.
βlueφ Høñeyξ
βlueφ Høñeyξ Hace 6 días
@Francine Mo oh ok. Strange thing to comment. Which MV was it? Still not judging if you did stare.. just thought it was a bit random. I mean they are in tight clothes so. Yeah.
Francine Mo
Francine Mo Hace 6 días
@βlueφ Høñeyξ lol, the camera pan down to his crotch in a different video and I thought it was just a shadow but in this video I'm still seeing the bulge. So I'm not staring I'm just confirming.☺️
βlueφ Høñeyξ
βlueφ Høñeyξ Hace 6 días
WOAH- I didn't think anyone would say that explicit. But did you really look at his groin so much to notice that? I don't judge but did you?
Ayei G
Ayei G Hace 8 días
So this a result of Overdose and Kokobop? At Overdose era, they were getting overdosed by it but they tried to overcome it. At Kokobop era, the MV looks like hallucinations if you're under drugs. Now Obsession, they're obsessed by it. Just theory tho
gege gege
gege gege Hace 9 días
Exol : I will married Chen Chen : I don't think so
ma bay
ma bay Hace 9 días
suho yaa ... :''' love you
Shaneen Ahmed
Shaneen Ahmed Hace 10 días
i came here after junmyeon enlisted, this was truly so iconic and I cant wait for everyone to be back!! exo saranghaja
Melissa Cantos
Melissa Cantos Hace 10 días
For the haters of EXO, lemme sing this for you, "shut up and go away!" Anyhow, I'm a new fan of these amazing lads. 💕
gelaaay unnie
gelaaay unnie Hace 11 días
am i welcome? I am a new exo-l. please be nice to me. 💗 I regret that i didn't stan them in this past year.
gelaaay unnie
gelaaay unnie Hace 4 días
thank youuuuuu.
saghar arjolo
saghar arjolo Hace 6 días
Of course:) They call new fans BABY-L :) I remember smiling widely whenever they called me that😂...now it's been almost a year since I joined the fandom and still everyone are so nice,sweet and welcoming
김태민 Hace 11 días
수호형 군대 잘다녀오세요'!
shilean shinobi
shilean shinobi Hace 11 días
i just notice chen white eyelashes and im dead bye
alzahraa mohamed
alzahraa mohamed Hace 11 días
Chanyeol's rap is amazing
احمد بركاوي
احمد بركاوي Hace 11 días
I love you EXO
Mingi’s Englishi
Mingi’s Englishi Hace 11 días
I think I might stan, can someone help with names, the guy in the crop top caught all my attention.
freda allen
freda allen Hace 10 días
His name is Kai... his is the main dancer...should should watch a guide to EXO, you won’t regret it and I am also a new fan
HE Jung
HE Jung Hace 12 días
시발 변백현.... 존나사랑해..... 변백현시바루ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ 갸조하ㅜㅠㅠㅜㅜ 존나섹시해
Syhnaz 1928
Syhnaz 1928 Hace 12 días
mar syahid syahid
mar syahid syahid Hace 13 días
Bagus exo
Rominadaniela Kalbermatter
엑소 사랑해 엑소
ARMY CUTE 7 Hace 14 días
سوهو كانه مصاص دماء بتمنى يمص دمي ههههه😂💔
ARMY CUTE 7 Hace 14 días
رسمت كاي بهاذا الزي يجنن
ARMY CUTE 7 Hace 14 días
ARMY CUTE 7 Hace 14 días
يبوو 😭🔥🔥🔥
나는이 노래가 매우 좋고 내 편견이 매우 귀엽다 나는 그것을 좋아한다 나는 언젠가 콜롬비아에서 왔음을 알기를 바란다. 그러나 나는 한국어로 쓰는 법을 알고있다.
pitaecantropus Hace 14 días
parah keren parah
Kim Jongdae
Kim Jongdae Hace 16 días
Kim Jongdae
Kim Jongdae Hace 16 días
Kim Jongdae
Kim Jongdae Hace 16 días
Kim Jongdae
Kim Jongdae Hace 16 días
Kim Jongdae
Kim Jongdae Hace 16 días
Kim Jongdae
Kim Jongdae Hace 16 días
Ketty Artilugia
Ketty Artilugia Hace 16 días
EXO en verdad es el Rey del KPOP !
Rosé M
Rosé M Hace 16 días
No one : Suho : i will ruin your bias list
Baku Mobile
Baku Mobile Hace 16 días
Bayılıyom yaaaa
mustapha khelifi
mustapha khelifi Hace 16 días
mustapha khelifi
mustapha khelifi Hace 16 días
هل هناك عربي
꺄햫 Hace 16 días
ㅅㅂ 한국인 없나..
Soulless Creature
Soulless Creature Hace 16 días
Kai and suho im shook
Ruby Ruby
Ruby Ruby Hace 16 días
Joonie GotJams
Joonie GotJams Hace 16 días
Omg doesn't kai look uncomfortable
EXOsPotato ᄉAM
EXOsPotato ᄉAM Hace 17 días
Me missing EXO and X-EXO separately like they are different people lol
izzz gaming
izzz gaming Hace 18 días
됴도르 Hace 18 días
노래에서 디오의 공백이 느껴진다..
Laurianne Thezo
Laurianne Thezo Hace 18 días
Fan:kai u look bad in that crop top they are for girls Kai:I dont think so Chen:shut up and go away
mirian cruz
mirian cruz Hace 19 días
Karen Lizeth Tenorio Miranda
bora kang
bora kang Hace 20 días
bote gyi
bote gyi Hace 20 días
The best 💖💖💖💖👍👍👍👍
Ggsero Vgdsc
Ggsero Vgdsc Hace 21 un día
Oh Sehun
Ggsero Vgdsc
Ggsero Vgdsc Hace 21 un día
Oh Sehun
Ggsero Vgdsc
Ggsero Vgdsc Hace 21 un día
Oh Sehun
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