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EXO - Love Shot [2018 SBS Gayo Daejeon Music Festival]

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28 dic 2018






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Comentarios 6 016
Lyka Quilang
Lyka Quilang Hace un hora
SEHUN: YEAH~ 😍😍😍 ♥
Lyka Quilang
Lyka Quilang Hace un hora
,.baby kyungsoo's voice were so live ♥
Purple Friends
Purple Friends Hace 6 horas
thIs Is thE rEAl ExO sOng. thEy Own ThIS eRA
Anastasia Hace 6 horas
What a song in the Intro?
BTS and J-Hope
BTS and J-Hope Hace 8 horas
aww itu abs nyaa😝
xXLiniaxX Hace 10 horas
Why’s kai such a tease? I was about to grab that rose out of his mouth
nknskywlkrr sith
nknskywlkrr sith Hace 11 horas
Kai is doing a sololololo moves
Baby Jane Salinas
Baby Jane Salinas Hace 16 horas
Oh my Suho's voice
Gladys Joy Solana
Gladys Joy Solana Hace 16 horas
Kai Jongin
Kai Jongin Hace 20 horas
The charisma of Kim jongin (Kai) is spreading guys hehehe EXols
Kai Jongin
Kai Jongin Hace 20 horas
Naku po Kim jongin (Kai) it's getting spread your charisma all over Universe...
Kai Jongin
Kai Jongin Hace 20 horas
Kai is on another level OMG
Kai Jongin
Kai Jongin Hace 20 horas
I came back here cause of Kim jongin as always
Kai Jongin
Kai Jongin Hace 20 horas
Hey guys anyone here...
honey grace Papa
honey grace Papa Hace 23 horas
King of Kpop- Exo Queen of Kpop- SNSD 😍☺ forever always
honey grace Papa
honey grace Papa Hace 23 horas
And super handsome / sexy in dancing
honey grace Papa
honey grace Papa Hace 23 horas
Exo kai and sehun so hot hot Love shot ☺😍
Siti Nurshamimi
Siti Nurshamimi Hace un día
daddy myeon
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger Hace un día
their vocals are no joke
Rita Wati
Rita Wati Hace un día
Kai omg
Do Sarah
Do Sarah Hace un día
Me to world : you think you see the best ??? Huh ! Well I'm sorry...you haven't seen the whole 😀. Wait til Sm is not toxic anymore 😂😂😂.
michelle menor
michelle menor Hace un día
Omg ang sexy pla nitong si kai pag sumayaw, intro plang nya solve na heheh now q lang kc pinapanuod mga vids ng exo great
Kai Jongin
Kai Jongin Hace 20 horas
Kai is extremely good.. Try to stream Yung ibang songs nila. Like Monster, Tempo, Growl, Lotto super ganda
Bintang Aryananda
Bintang Aryananda Hace un día
Xu kid TV
Xu kid TV Hace un día
Neni Mulyani
Neni Mulyani Hace un día
Ohhhhh kaii 😍
QueenHope Nics
QueenHope Nics Hace un día
I'am an army but. What the fvck! They are all hot and their vocals are damn good😍 btw my auntie stan exo 😊💕
Susa 21
Susa 21 Hace un día
Listen to smile on my face , miracles in december and universe . You will love their vocals
rpluto - insxnity
rpluto - insxnity Hace un día
Oh god
Bunny Kim
Bunny Kim Hace un día
Best boy group ever!!! Their charisma on stage is daebak!!!
Lyra Lao
Lyra Lao Hace un día
grabe na gyud 💓💓💓💓💓💓😍😍😍😍😍
ᄋᄋ Hace un día
Kai!!!!!!!!!!! He is just mesmerizing
Kyra P4
Kyra P4 Hace un día
Ahem.. Excuse me Kai...
exol Styles
exol Styles Hace un día
Those fanchants & fan screams are everything.
Yesno Noyes
Yesno Noyes Hace un día
At first i thought Kai wear a BRA lol😂😂
Paquita Salsabila
Paquita Salsabila Hace un día
sehun kai 😭😭😭😙
EXOنجمة السماء
عاشت المملكة الاكسوال واكسو عشق لاينتهي الملوك هم الافضل في العالم
EXOنجمة السماء
..فخامه الملوك..
Cesar Arabejo
Cesar Arabejo Hace 2 días
Fran Kim
Fran Kim Hace 2 días
Geh Damaceno
Geh Damaceno Hace 2 días
Hi everyone, who can subscribe to my channel, thank you in advance.
kim Khs
kim Khs Hace 2 días
I liked Kai since the first album. I'm so lucky my choice is not bad. Now people started liking😉😉😉
Hannah Sison
Hannah Sison Hace 2 días
Kai is super hot AaaaaAaaAa😍
tyea aleena
tyea aleena Hace 2 días
Kai love u 😙
winda lalisa
winda lalisa Hace 2 días
kai is very very hot
Joey Mondi
Joey Mondi Hace 2 días
I feel pregnant
Celia florendo
Celia florendo Hace 2 días
This guy is HOT 🥵
Jossel Catolos
Jossel Catolos Hace 2 días
They are all talented,handsome,and so hot🔥🔥 Supporting A.R.M.Y here.......I hope fanwar will end because all kpop artists deserve to be respect♥️
isabella Ramdha
isabella Ramdha Hace 2 días
Aurat Kai:')
Jesica Galvan
Jesica Galvan Hace 2 días
so amazing
mew- pronnutcha
mew- pronnutcha Hace 2 días
I was die because of kai💕😍😝
satriani ani
satriani ani Hace 2 días
kai iloveu 😍
zineb oulahi
zineb oulahi Hace 2 días
My kings are the best as I always know them😭😭😭 no exo no life
Davida Adomako
Davida Adomako Hace 2 días
Kai 👑🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Roseline Biaboudila
Roseline Biaboudila Hace 2 días
DO you want to kill me or what!!!!!!! ❤️❤️😳😳🤪🤕
Zhu Yi
Zhu Yi Hace 3 días
Is it Kai at first? if it is, why is he wearing bra?
Zhu Yi
Zhu Yi Hace 2 días
+Jenny Fonda oh😂
Jenny Fonda
Jenny Fonda Hace 2 días
It's a gun holster....
Nath my problem
Nath my problem Hace 3 días
Precious Gwyneth
Precious Gwyneth Hace 3 días
Сауле Сауле
Kai best dancer
Im So Fancy
Im So Fancy Hace 3 días
khim sarcos
khim sarcos Hace 3 días
al cp
al cp Hace 3 días
KIM JONGIN is the best dancer in Kpop. EXO KINGS OF KPOP! ❤️
Melody Sagun
Melody Sagun Hace 3 días
I love you Kai
janne suzann
janne suzann Hace 3 días
2:33 so manly ❤
Kira Isabel Lee
Kira Isabel Lee Hace 3 días
Oh my Kai. Super hot 😍😍😍
Ninja Imnida
Ninja Imnida Hace 3 días
Yawaaaa ka Kaiiii🔥
nishal chettri
nishal chettri Hace 3 días
This is called powerful performance 👍💯
renxuxi Hace 3 días
Sehun's "yeah" at 4:00 *_A BIG OOF_*
Aidai Kokumova
Aidai Kokumova Hace 3 días
All comments is about Kai
Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung Hace 3 días
OOF Kai I see you *Insert lenny face*
shiza saeed
shiza saeed Hace 3 días
Wtf .. this is fucking too hot to handle .. after watching this performance i would definetely say i am no longer ARMY .. BTS group is like a kid infront of them .. these guys are too much hot nd professional . Specialy KAI almost killed me .
ᄋᄋ Hace 3 días
Kai single handedly beats all others
Nicole Yah
Nicole Yah Hace 3 días
KIM JONGIN is ONE of the best dancers in Kpop and the most sensual for that matter. He never fails to make me tremble specially with those piercing eyes. 🔥🔥🔥🔥 this is one helluva performance, EXO!!!
ᄋᄋ Hace 3 días
gene 123
gene 123 Hace 3 días
my boy is on another level,we know that🐻🔥
ᄋᄋ Hace 3 días
Our nini
binibining deliang
binibining deliang Hace 4 días
Jennie Kim is dead😂
Purple Rose
Purple Rose Hace 2 días
Stop commenting about Jennie, this is Exo's performance and they ain't a thing anyway.
Jihyun Kim
Jihyun Kim Hace 4 días
팔백만 십 이만 사월 십칠일 오후 아홉시
Issa Gonzales
Issa Gonzales Hace 4 días
Is there Jennie's reaction to this?
Purple Rose
Purple Rose Hace 2 días
Who cares, they ain't together anyway.
Shamim Izhar Khan
Shamim Izhar Khan Hace 4 días
johnren gumanit
johnren gumanit Hace 4 días
KAI is charming
rebecca smith
rebecca smith Hace 4 días
These guys should be the face of Kpop in the West. Just saying
Purple Rose
Purple Rose Hace 2 días
Well, I'm fine with how things are. I would rather have my favorite group be really famous in Asia instead of just being a trend in America and be forgotten fast.
Anne Fuentes
Anne Fuentes Hace 4 días
I came only for Kai 💕💓💕❤💕💓💕 I always checking my Instagram account... if you live again... watching you live, happy seeing you there... 😍😍😍 pray hope today... or other day... even it takes long time, I'm still wait...I'm not tired waiting. 😊
Loey Wife
Loey Wife Hace 4 días
I still can't move on from this performance. Kai just KILL everyone with his sexiest and hottest moves . Ok' i'm fine
Lois Dayday
Lois Dayday Hace 4 días
xiumin is freeeeaaaakiiinnnggg hooooottt
The kFC
The kFC Hace 4 días
Justine Louise Baricar
lovelyjoy mercado
lovelyjoy mercado Hace 4 días
shit kai your so hot😍
exquisitepam Hace 4 días
1 Deona
1 Deona Hace 4 días
لا امل من هذا اداء ابدل اكسوال🍓🍒
Teenage girl
Teenage girl Hace 4 días
at first I thought Kai was wearing a bra😂
Irene C
Irene C Hace 4 días
Not an exo-l but damn! Kai just wrecked me
Amee Kim
Amee Kim Hace 4 días
Watching this is a daily routine now😂❤❤
Addie Torres
Addie Torres Hace 4 días
My good looking and talented boys 😍
ตาม อาลม
Arul Johnson
Arul Johnson Hace 5 días
SM, y'all burning Kai's shirts?
Purple Rose
Purple Rose Hace 2 días
Even if they do, I ain't complaining. The funny thing is, the stylists first wanted Kai to wear a shirt under the gun holster but then decided to just have him not wear one. A good decision, if you ask me.
SaumenChie 0103
SaumenChie 0103 Hace 5 días
asdfghjkl!!!!! okay, i wasn't the type who is into abs but... 😱😍 ps. look at that sweat 😐😐
Dhelsi Ezy
Dhelsi Ezy Hace 5 días
Edy Surono Nindy
Edy Surono Nindy Hace 5 días
Wowww amazing kai
👑 EXO KINGS 👑 Hace 5 días
exo 🤤❤
aryaf alotaibi
aryaf alotaibi Hace 5 días
Purple Rose
Purple Rose Hace 2 días
Did you look into the mirror again? Poor decisions have consequences, keep that in mind.
JZ iamBLINK Hace 5 días
Kai is SK charismatic
mad rice
mad rice Hace 5 días
I'm a fan of many groups and I haven't really listened to that much EXO BUT,,,, they have to have the greatest vocals in the Kpop industry... They are so amazing!!!
prt vxz
prt vxz Hace 5 días
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