Experiment Shredding Giant Octopus And Toys

The Crusher
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Today we put to our shredding machine a giant octopus and some very interesting toys. Enjoy our new satisfying shredding video.
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21 jun 2019






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Comentarios 9 449
The Crusher
The Crusher Hace 7 meses
*what we should shred next* ??
Sharla Miller
Sharla Miller Hace un día
Try a snow globe
Allie Hurt
Allie Hurt Hace un mes
A dead fish
Aniana Cathalina
Aniana Cathalina Hace 2 meses
@414 Crew 7ndjd
Your balls 🎱🎱
Echo The Silent Fox
Echo The Silent Fox Hace 2 meses
what about like slime or.stress balls?
Octane Is the fast boy
Me when I saw the pic 😯😀 me after😟😖🤢🤮
wiverson.r FF
wiverson.r FF Hace 11 horas
Fuck you
HighRoller Hace 12 horas
Omg the octopus bit was satisfying. Especially those sounds
Raid Raid no fake
Raid Raid no fake Hace 16 horas
Wtf rip
mrcakey bonnie
mrcakey bonnie Hace un día
Are you crazy your losing so much brain cells
Alexander Oberpriller
Like do you just waist money food and just random things and throw it all away. Cares about the environment much?
Alexander Oberpriller
Like Kinda a wast of food
cristobalw13 Hace un día
Im sub 2.000.000 LoOoOolll
Mayra pollyana Souza
Quem pede pra fazer isse vídeos pq as pessoas da africa estão prassisando n só como as da africa como a daqui e de todo lugar 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
Bloody Angel
Bloody Angel Hace un día
Shredder your hand
Wici Cz
Wici Cz Hace un día
Holy sh**
Chaos_Gaming YT
Chaos_Gaming YT Hace 2 días
We should shred the shredder nxt time
Sky Skylar Kawaii DESU
7:35 for the octopus
Sthefany Da Silva
Sthefany Da Silva Hace 2 días
Q disperdisio
tofikom Hace 2 días
Poor octopus
Billy You
Billy You Hace 2 días
Imagine putting a live one
Richard T
Richard T Hace 2 días
It might be dead but it was killed so you could do this .., What a waste of life.
공쥬아리 Hace 2 días
Wow!! my yonger sister likes it!!!
Hazim Abron
Hazim Abron Hace 2 días
stop wasting food for a content
young jane jene
young jane jene Hace 2 días
Блядь 😡🤬 с осьминогом жестоко, не смешно 🐙
None Sense
None Sense Hace 3 días
woody and buzz watching shreding toys RUN
None Sense
None Sense Hace 3 días
i know why u crush toys because you hate it !
ELTARO Hace 3 días
AnnaNootNoot Hace 3 días
I feel like the octopus was already dead idk it didn't move or anything
Yomikilla's TV
Yomikilla's TV Hace 3 días
One like equals a shield to protect you
Trystan Case
Trystan Case Hace 3 días
Ok he literally just wasted a life when he probably just wanted to go back to his family where ever he was
Mohammad Hassan Heidari
Mohammad Hassan Heidari
Bro y do humans eat animals, they deserve to live too, imagine in the next life animals eat humans and treat humans like animals
FlipAnimations Hace 3 días
Put a squirrel in next time
FlipAnimations Hace 3 días
Dude why??? It’s meant to be eaten...
Herimatako Hace 3 días
Achim Torok
Achim Torok Hace 3 días
You lot are sick amd disgusting for shredding that poor thing. Unlike the octopus, you guys should grow a backbone and just not shred certain things out of pure principle, an animal being one of them.
1:15 when ur alarm wont stop going off
انور سليم
انور سليم Hace 3 días
انته ما عندك اي احساس
Harriet Henderson
Harriet Henderson Hace 3 días
THATS CRULE In my opinion
Luchee Hace 3 días
Belle Delphine is raging
Britt v Raalte
Britt v Raalte Hace 3 días
Was die octopus al dood wan t anders vindt ik het echt zielig
WHY Hace 4 días
Omfg i was about to dislike cause i thought it was still alive lmao.
Makayla May
Makayla May Hace 4 días
poor octopus,im gonna cry
Samantha Kinnels
Samantha Kinnels Hace 4 días
I thot this was clickbate 💀
melisa mosley
melisa mosley Hace 4 días
why would you do that to a octopus I only like the ones with slime you are just killing the animals in water why that's wrong you need help
Erika Ortiz
Erika Ortiz Hace 4 días
How could you do that to a octopus
Kahstarowanen Sharrow
Animal cruelty
Layla Tate
Layla Tate Hace 4 días
How to get the last bit of toothpaste 😂🤣
Jovelyn Benhaggai
Jovelyn Benhaggai Hace 4 días
I love your VIDS
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha Hace 4 días
I don't mind you throwing a live Jewish there but please an octopus just died for this stupid of yours, hence disliking this shit.
Sa Bo
Sa Bo Hace 4 días
No hate but that was just waste of food and disrespectful
Ella Windstorm
Ella Windstorm Hace 4 días
Well that was... spooky
오루룽TV Hace 4 días
Please come to my giant octopus on ESvid
Akira Biles
Akira Biles Hace 4 días
Poor octapuss
jaycee _
jaycee _ Hace 4 días
shred a dog bone treat a huge one
Shania Dabs
Shania Dabs Hace 5 días
Me when my alarm goes off for school: 1:16
Cole's vlogs
Cole's vlogs Hace 5 días
Faizon Kahui
Faizon Kahui Hace 6 días
So satisfying
SportyManKayKay Hace 6 días
Waste of life and food
BILLY COSTA Hace 6 días
Eirman Ayub
Eirman Ayub Hace 7 días
Squidward has left the chat
Tien Nguyen
Tien Nguyen Hace 7 días
Later a kid sees this
Alex Lacayo
Alex Lacayo Hace 7 días
Like do envy one wanna hav sex with me
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