Explaining the Pandemic to my Past Self Part 2

Julie Nolke
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What would happen if I tried to explain what's happening now to the April 2020 version of myself?
Part 1 here: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-Ms7capx4Cb8.html


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4 jun 2020






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Julie Nolke
Julie Nolke Hace 28 días
If you like the video, please share! All revenue from this video will be donated to the Official George Floyd Memorial Fund and other various programs dedicated to assisting people of colour
FuranDuron Hace un día
Does that people of color include "White"?
Endre Garcia
Endre Garcia Hace un día
When are we getting a sequel??
Garrett Sakomizu
Garrett Sakomizu Hace un día
0:25 June version be like "Darling, you have no idea what's possible."
jimmie lin
jimmie lin Hace 2 días
When will you make part 3?
Iris Eberhard
Iris Eberhard Hace 4 días
Great video and message! 💜🤗 Thank you so much dear Julie! 🙏
Erykah Yoh
Erykah Yoh Hace 12 minutos
Can't think of a single thing that couldn't happen in 2020. I guess you'll be time traveling some more this year 😉
Zaryab khan BCLR
Zaryab khan BCLR Hace 42 minutos
Nothing surprises me anymore 😆😆
Tiax Anderson
Tiax Anderson Hace un hora
Julie from June has another thing coming when Julie from August comes along and accidentally asks "Wait, was this the first or second pandemic?" (referring to clickbait headlines with new G4 version of swine flu that has 'pandemic potential') "THE WHAT?"
Nancy Fanai
Nancy Fanai Hace un hora
Please do another one of these!
yookoala Hace 2 horas
From people in Hong Kong: nothing surprises us anymore.
Kezumi Hace 3 horas
Can't wait for part three!
Star Child
Star Child Hace 5 horas
Me in April: Surely 2020 can’t get any worse, can it? June: LET’S START A RIOT!
laurathenerd Hace 6 horas
InfiniBlox Hace 6 horas
december julie: ah , its just another city collapsing with fires
Todd McQuiston
Todd McQuiston Hace 6 horas
“We’re fucking doing murder hornets!” “Sit down!” Gold.
Alex Hace 7 horas
Aimee Loftus
Aimee Loftus Hace 8 horas
And now we’ve got swine flu resurfacing
Anurag Kaushish
Anurag Kaushish Hace 9 horas
December Julie: So have you done your rehearsals for 2021 yet?
ღBellaCupcakezღ Hace 9 horas
On December 31st 2019 (11;59 pm) : Everyone: *Happy New Year!* 2020- *aight lemme stop you right there-*
Amelie Campbell
Amelie Campbell Hace 9 horas
Please please do part 3
Lynn Arouna
Lynn Arouna Hace 11 horas
December Julie:I feel like it would be a good time for you to finally watch the Hunger Games
StrykerDelkar Hace 11 horas
I so so hope there won't be a third part...I mean it's entertaining and stuff, but we don't need WW3 right now...
alo2acs Hace 14 horas
Can't wait for Nolke from November
Lilet West
Lilet West Hace 15 horas
bad news:freedom of speech, not exist any more good news: freedom of speech, not exist any more (if u on right side)
Max Macena
Max Macena Hace 16 horas
Rindo de nervoso rsr
Jane Feng
Jane Feng Hace 16 horas
Hope there is part 3!
p e r c h a
p e r c h a Hace 16 horas
* julie from december :* "So you already watched The Walking Dead?"
Mobley House Video
Mobley House Video Hace 16 horas
Oh God - I came here hoping there would be a funny part 3, and realized part 2 was still only from less than a month ago. Well, might as well wait until they give life sentences to the hong kong protestors so you can include it in the fact the United States is now a leper colony isolated from travel to the entire world as it opens up. EDIT: Oh yeah...and Confederate Statues....and Russian Bounties on US Soldiers....and White Power retweets....
hector garcia
hector garcia Hace 17 horas
Who know how the title is in spanich but the video is in english? or is problably youtube translated. What ever...
emi loo
emi loo Hace 18 horas
Part 3 boutta start off like "May the odds be ever in your favor."
Lynn Arouna
Lynn Arouna Hace 11 horas
emi loo omg yes I made a similar comment lol
thegreenmanofnorwich Hace 19 horas
I'm both curious and afraid to know what Julie in August, October and December will say.
Gabriel 4520
Gabriel 4520 Hace 19 horas
I just saw "Dark" and I can't get out of my head that this will happen over and over again. The January Julie will be come the April Julie and go back to explain the January Julie. And that same Julie will become June Julie and go back to explain April Julie the same🤣 and so on...
Maciek123233 Hace 19 horas
I'm waiting for October Julie
Rod Redline27
Rod Redline27 Hace 19 horas
Waiting for more good news to see part 3
2005 Diva
2005 Diva Hace 20 horas
August Julie: So good news or bad news June Julie: Good news I guess AJ: Disney put the Hamilton movie on Disney + JJ: Well that’s cool I guess AJ: ........ JJ: And the other good news AJ: Oh no that’s it
Ismael Barba
Ismael Barba Hace 20 horas
Still waiting on part 3. Lol
Sienna Caçador
Sienna Caçador Hace 20 horas
I can’t wait for part three in in August or September
Andi Fu
Andi Fu Hace 21 un hora
Future Julie in 2020: Do you want bad news or worse news... lol, what does it mean for you as a good thing?
Daniel Metzger
Daniel Metzger Hace 21 un hora
Advice? Vote.
Jedijazz4 Hace 23 horas
Lol can't wait for Julie I'm August or something
Kriselle Hace un día
Ha! I laugh at the bread making phase. Lol. Relatable.
Matador Hace un día
Ahoj, udělal jsem české titulky, můžete mi dát lajk nebo nějakou odezvu kdo se koukal s titulkama? Díky moc 🤜🏼🤛🏻 🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿
Yiheng Zhou
Yiheng Zhou Hace un día
Future Julie: 🤷‍♀️ you better sit down for this cuz I don’t wanna miss your ‘I can’t believe this’ face when you fall Present Julie: 👁 👄 👁
alexia lecourt
alexia lecourt Hace un día
Hello from France I just watched your video is so fun thanks
Karan Kamboj
Karan Kamboj Hace un día
What if world war 3 boils up ?!
Marian Mationg
Marian Mationg Hace un día
We are officially screwed. The SWINE FLU is back
Brady Animates
Brady Animates Hace un día
August Julie: Do you want the bad news or the worse news?
asmileywanderer Hace un día
You have to do a part 3 with the new swine flu virus. 2020 is so NOT DONE screwing with us! Also please give a warm support to everyone associated with cardiovascular health as this year has seen a staggering increase in stroke and MI patients and as a healthcare professional my heart goes out to both patients and their families. Thanks again for your awesome sense of humour!
Golden Owl Productions
I saw a trailer for 2020 that killer asteroids are coming to earth and everyone must go to greenland....i swear to god
Liam Hace un día
Cannibal rats???
남현우 Hace un día
usually 'season2's on netflix sucks, but this video did very good job so funny :P
Nofretari Hace un día
Now it looks like we are heading into another world war
Hafidz Moech
Hafidz Moech Hace un día
july julie : there's another beauty community drama going on again
IndianTelephone Hace un día
"Shouldn't the police be involved?" "Oh they are doing everything"
Charles Richards
Charles Richards Hace un día
The way things are going, looking forward to part 3. I thought your videos were awesome!
Kevin Torres
Kevin Torres Hace un día
“Murder hornets.... that’s not a thing” that was a correct statement
cdhstarz Hace un día
I need about 2,020 more of these.
teentitans0789 Hace un día
Part 3? :)
jujuba Top
jujuba Top Hace un día
Kkkkkk OMG your video it's amazing
Gacha_ Sailor Moon
Gacha_ Sailor Moon Hace un día
Please keep on making these they are making my day so much better just seeing the past communicating with the future and how the future gonna explain to the past what's happening right now 😂😂😂
Vanessa G
Vanessa G Hace un día
I really enjoy this concept, as an invitation to reflect on what advice I'd give to a past self. It is just another way of asking myself "what have I learned from this?" Also, your comedy is on point.
Anna Smith
Anna Smith Hace un día
Add the new H1N1 to the never ending list of shit in 2020
One Piece Dingsda
One Piece Dingsda Hace un día
Aria Hace un día
April Julie is reading "Paradise Lost". Appropriate.
Wilder Chan
Wilder Chan Hace un día
Why the subtitule is in spanish? 🤔
Jdawg J
Jdawg J Hace un día
She’s going to have to do a part 3 with the new flu virus 😭
WIKIDECO Hace un día
Absolutamente genial👍😘
mokry dym
mokry dym Hace un día
It's a training, when the end of the world will come, ppl gonna be just like: "meh, get it over with..."
Maite Hace un día
Esta re bueno el video!!
Arthur Yurchenko
Arthur Yurchenko Hace un día
Why this gets so many views?
Sauce Morán
Sauce Morán Hace un día
3:09 -"shit hits the fan", literalmente La mierda golpea el ventilador, lo cual es una frase hermosa y grafica, no pueden traducir en su lugar: todo se esta yendo de control.....pierde mucho asi....
Luh; Hace 2 días
I don’t know why, but when I saw this video I remembered Eleonor from “The good place” (yes, again.)
sarascanaries Hace 2 días
You are really good at acting!! Are you an actress?
hang7590 Hace 2 días
I am looking for a 2019 Hong Kong version.
T Teller
T Teller Hace 2 días
I would love to see this as a series. This was great and made me smile.
Spenezzet Hace 2 días
Locusts and Sahara sand
uma música pra você
Amei que tem legenda em português! Amei mais ainda o conteúdo hehehe
Há Lyne Guimaraes
Há Lyne Guimaraes Hace 2 días
Kkkkkkkkkk ❤️ amei
김하경 Hace 2 días
오마이갓,,, 개그랑 교훈이 이렇게 잘 섞여있다니 너무 즐겁게 봤다
TheSkiingJeep Hace 2 días
This was neat until you started pushing political autism.
MasterToonGaming Hace 2 días
You should be a famous actor
Noor Pannu
Noor Pannu Hace 2 días
How can 9.4k people dislike the video? She's effin awesome! 😡
Sierra Jacks
Sierra Jacks Hace 2 días
Corona is hitting back here in europe
Pippa Moss Actress
Pippa Moss Actress Hace 2 días
Love your work Julie! Great work on the donation too. Appreciate it! x
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