EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | Man City 3-3 Tottenham | Points shared in Premier League thriller! 

Man City
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City conceded a 90th-minute equaliser in a dramatic 3-3 draw with Tottenham.
It was a match that fairly fizzled and crackled from the off , swung one way then the other throughout with Son Heung-Min scoring at both ends inside the first nine minutes.
City then edged ahead through Phil Foden, but Giovani Lo Celso then equalised with 20 minutes top go.
Sub Jack Grealish looked to have won the points for the Blues on 81 minutes but Dejan Kulusevski had the last word on 90 minutes, making it 3-3 with a header that skimmed in off the underside of the crossbar.
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3 dic 2023






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@user-ll6dm3rb8p Hace 2 meses
Doku doesn't know yet. If Sonny runs next to me, there is no answer but to foul
@silverflames5860 Hace 2 meses
He could've easily cleared it.
Spurs is a different team now. They play really good football
@stanloona8518 Hace 2 meses
Son and the city 🥺
@amal754gamer6 Hace 2 meses
Not problem iam man city fan ilove Son is best player 😂❤❤❤😂❤❤thanks son ❤❤❤
@trungdungdang5363 Hace 2 meses
As a Liverpool fan but also thanks the two team for a great Super Sunday match. A top match with many goals, the same scenario as the Chelsea 4-4 Man City match. What a match 👍
@user-dz4vj2vc4z Hace 2 meses
What a Sonnnyyyyy
@sonderman8079 Hace 2 meses
What a game! These two teams are a credit to PL. City commentating also brilliant.
@janguangco8347 Hace 2 meses
damn son got back to back goals lol
@crgogo3357 Hace 2 meses
@thabomphuthi9739 Hace 2 meses
What a time to be alive. The ref really out-did himself on these one😂😂😂
@tomislav6437 Hace 2 meses
Son legend 🥳
@medoalgana9 Hace 2 meses
Man I feel like if the defense keep this bad form going we have no chance at the champions league… BUT I BELIEVE, I really trust in this team, also Stones' absence probably led to even more problems
It's about players being too explosive. They are not being wise in controlling the game. Only Bernado playing with maturity. Other attackers wants to attack even when it exposes our defense. No gundogan to keep things calm and command the right decision. De bruyne needs to get back.
@adamvfx4368 Hace 2 meses
@@babs_xplorerinspire1491 Exactly, defenders are not wary of a fast counter attack. That's why doku was left to defend
@garyhaskins7482 Hace 2 meses
It's the midfield pal the two purchased players are awful and couldn't get in the team they came from and three at the back what can I say 4-2-3-1 system works best but we need someone as good as rodri to partner him pep will sort this out in Jan .
@obikingsley5484 Hace 2 meses
We need stones to play more
@billpugh58 Hace 2 meses
Just get the rich owners to spend another billion, you can buy the EPL first place😂
@antidumbcomments Hace 2 meses
The fact that this was a 3:3 that could have been a 6:6 😂
@googleaccount4685 Hace 2 meses
That's why this game was too fun to watch.😂 After this, I'm not sure I can watch those 0:0, 0:1 games any more.
@rubymercado937 Hace 2 meses
Son gave city 1
@user-do3mg4op2p Hace 2 meses
Счет мог бы быть 6 3 или 6 1 ,это было бы справедливо и по игре
@awfan221 Hace 2 meses
6-6? Spurs had 4 great chances and scored on 3. City had 7 and scored on 3.
@antidumbcomments Hace 2 meses
@@awfan221 so 6:3
@dwqeqe103 Hace 2 meses
Son speed > Doku speed
@Jimboree7648Fa Hace 2 meses
Son in his 30’s. Doku in his 20’s 😂😂
@amal754gamer6 Hace 2 meses
Grealish speed ❤❤❤>>>>>>>> son and poor korea pleyers speed 😂😂😂
@evanr1784 Hace 2 meses
​@@amal754gamer6Doku is 10 times the player already that Grealish will ever be
@amal754gamer6 Hace 2 meses
@@evanr1784 yes bro doku >>>>>son
@NaNa-th1qc Hace 2 meses
​@@evanr178410 x? in your dream. yeah , he is a bit better with dribble but selfish player who even can't crossing and making decision. city playing ritme is ruining since he join
@TamerindOMGGaming Hace un mes
Son is so kind that he gave a goal to city true legend
@jaduzzang Hace 2 meses
Sonny has a grudge against Man city??? Why is he so crazy??
@joob86 Hace 2 meses
Has a grudge against City one minute. And then wants to help City the next minute. The man can’t make up his mind!
@nunnui3437 Hace 2 meses
@@joob86 he just wanted to prove that he actually doesn't have any hard feeling against to City with that OG which was his first in career
@Hex0087 Hace 2 meses
Wow that was his first OG?? Crazy! We can let it slide tho since he likes to score against City too hahaha @@nunnui3437
@user-oe5tz2qx8x Hace 2 meses
Champions league final loss to city
@Hiah.l Hace 2 meses
Sonny has a grudge against all big teams
What a beautiful match both teams are damn good ❤
@realistic_comment Hace 2 meses
Madrid's nightmare
@aepdaud Hace 2 meses
with spurs paying refs
@khursheedjahan3894 Hace 2 meses
​@@user-tn8uu2cu8g yes i am a muslim, but you shouldn't be posting comments like these on youtube section especially not on the channels of india. Because then people might start cus word conversations
@glantedavid9728 Hace 2 meses
If this was boxing, I would have asked for a rematch. What a scintillating performance from both teams.😂 😂😂
@Nekonip Hace 2 meses
Barawo❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ halan❤❤
@danartriatmojo Hace 2 meses
Foden goal build up and tactics is just mind bogling. all the opponents teams just made confused for the positioning
@hmgamingofficial Hace 2 meses
alvreaz movement in second goal great mental.. day by day he gaining more knowledge. oneday he will reach aguero or messi spot.
It was boring
@AlexPenna55 Hace 2 meses
Ederson has nightmares everytime he faces Tottenham.. our defence is horrible this season. We need Stones back as soon as possible
@olivermarcus3349 Hace 2 meses
Not only against Tottenham, he's not a good shot stopper, many mediocre keepers mid-table, even league one are much better than him. And Haaland appears to have taken a page from Raheem Sterling book
@joekristian674 Hace 2 meses
I agree with u bro Ederson's keeping is so bad, I put the blame on him
@olivermarcus3349 Hace 2 meses
@@joekristian674 He's exposed now
@MCFC-OK1219 Hace 2 meses
Stop putting the blame on anyone, the entire defence is kinda shaky (after they've been brilliant for years nonstop). Are you perfect everyday? Or any of the people you know?@@joekristian674
@cartoonistgaming Hace 2 meses
Honestly as a gamer because of Ederson I’m not picking Man city in FC24 too 😢
@GigaChad-ws7rh Hace 2 meses
“Don’t judge a goal by its side” - Heung-Min Son
More like Harry Maguire.
@guymanitoba3347 Hace 2 meses
@@nicolaslamendola8745 It's Lord Maguire
@nadjibmennouni975 Hace 2 meses
@@guymanitoba3347 It's Harry Magwaya 🗿
@mateomerchan2002 Hace 2 meses
Sounds like Harry Maguire 😂
@deadstar2 Hace 2 meses
@@nicolaslamendola8745 lol
@loop808 Hace 2 meses
We played better but the moment we hit the post twice i knew we were done hitting the post and missing opportunities always brings bad luck.. nevertheless our defense needs ro improve i cant believe we are conceding that much
@sociolocomtsac Hace 2 meses
I guess Son didn't want the game to be too easy, so he leveled it back himself.
@user-yu3sh9lg4o Hace 2 meses
lol og
@MyGerko Hace 2 meses
And the ref? Hahaha
He was in exquisite nick wasn’t he. Scoring on both sides, didn’t matter as long as he’s scoring
​@@user-tn8uu2cu8gAllohu Akbar Alhamdulilloh❤
@hanarum1234 Hace 2 meses
man city must bring sonny in the team.
@eriklakeland3857 Hace 2 meses
He would score 30 goals a season easily
@konthe678 Hace 2 meses
Not a good investment, too old and will cost too much for his age
@eugenepark Hace 2 meses
Son can't be bought if liverpool and kop couldn't buy him
@KIZZBATABOL Hace 2 meses
We don't need him
​@@eugeneparkLiverpool isn't all that perhaps if you were talking about Real Madrid
@Damedra4u Hace 2 meses
Great great match Son played the hero and the villain in the beginning This commentator is on fire 🔥
@kaydeeduminy4804 Hace 2 meses
What a game, intense and exciting
@liomost Hace 2 meses
Defense has been a huge problem this season.
@uzi254 Hace 2 meses
real problems in the defence
@julian-eu3xh Hace 2 meses
No, tactics are. Overcomfidence too
@Viewmoments1039 Hace 2 meses
problem is our team is not balanced. Too many offensive player in the lineup make team vulnerable defensively...
@turbife2175 Hace 2 meses
@amal754gamer6 Hace 2 meses
Thabks bro love you ❤❤😂😂
@turbife2175 Hace 19 días
@@amal754gamer6 love you too man 😂
@julian-eu3xh Hace 2 meses
Penalty on Foden by Udogie not whistled and last minute decision highly suspect. After their win over Liverpool thanks to a valid disallowed goal from Diaz, their draw against Arsenal where two of their players should have been sent off, and numerous other minors biaised decisions, now that game... Tottenham is really being helped this season. And it will be to the detriment of either Newcastle or Villa if the 5th place doesn't become synonym of Champions league.
@chizororo5154 Hace 2 meses
We need Ake, Dias, Akanje defense. Rodri and Stones in the mid. Kevin, Foden, Halland, Silva front
SELL..doku..fode anda alvarez
@Pumbear Hace 2 meses
Son MVP for both teams 👌
@brolineprince2759 Hace 2 meses
alvarez is underatted, involved in almost every city attack. that guy is a baller
@raflesiaprameswari Hace 2 meses
Thanks for amazing matched
@abdullahaanawaleh Hace 2 meses
Spurs vs City games are always interesting haha. Commentator made it extra exciting too.
@jamespark4268 Hace 2 meses
The City should just buy Sonny....
@user-yu3sh9lg4o Hace 2 meses
thats obvious fact. only sonny was last puzzle for completion.
@konthe678 Hace 2 meses
If we buy him how long would we keep the grand pa?
@eugenepark Hace 2 meses
Even liverpool couldn't buy Son
Alvares..foden..doku..please sell now
@kojyallo2093 Hace 2 meses
Gotta appreciate the commentary man
@Narodov1 Hace 2 meses
If Man City buried their clear cut chances, that last minute blunder by the ref wouldnt have mattered or happened. Man City deserved the 1 point
@Daniel-ro8tq Hace 2 meses
thanks for that Michael Owen
@olivermarcus3349 Hace 2 meses
Don't you think that Haaland has some Raheem Sterling in him, this season? With all the chances he wastes, he should've had at least 22-25 goals so far. Something is wrong with him
@tholo86 Hace 2 meses
Its not a blunder if its deliberate
@jurassicgoat5143 Hace 2 meses
we concede 3 goals! Are you missing the elephant in the room? Our defence is crumbling game by game. Last 5 games we’ve conceded 9 goals fk the referee decision .
@yan-fuliu509 Hace 2 meses
Look at the last two goals, Haaland's reaction keeps creating more chances.
@user-rd5rs4tg8t Hace 2 meses
Commentary was already Like 2 -1 before halaand missed the bottom corner😂😂😂
Haaland dropping deep and making play is so wholesome 😢 liverpool fan tho
@badalmolla2881 Hace 2 meses
Lo celso ❤️🇦🇷🔥
0-1 Son Heung-min (6 min) 1-1 Son Heung-min (9 min (OG)) 2-1 Phil Foden (31 min) 2-2 Giovani Lo Celso (69 min) 3-2 Jack Grealish (81 min) 3-3 Dejan Kulusevski (90 min)
@nonto_coco Hace 2 meses
when are we getting an inside city episode? it's been a while
@Brad_Pittstop Hace 2 meses
No KDB, no party
@MohamedHussien519 Hace 2 meses
The Spurs first goal was so avoidable
@blackheart9068 Hace 2 meses
How exactly? Getting a red card
@MohamedHussien519 Hace 2 meses
@@blackheart9068 ???
@W0LFW00D3 Hace 2 meses
​@@blackheart9068gvardiol is out of position
@lallala9891 Hace 2 meses
​@@blackheart9068doku could have charged better it's a mistake from doku
@lorenzoisUV Hace 2 meses
Not when Son is in the mix
@dranangrakhmad6286 Hace 2 meses
Where is the minute? No minute on the screen. Is that the game was continued after being stopped?
@Pkp2306 Hace 2 meses
Simon Hooper reffed the Liverpool vs Spurts DEBACLE as well. This man is a closet Spurts supporter and should be charged with match fixing and banned from the PGMOL list of refs. SHOCKING decision, especially as he waved it to 'play on' before he saw Grealish bursting towards goal and then whistled to bring it back for a foul on Haaland!! WTF!!! TOTAL FIX!!!
@KIZZBATABOL Hace 2 meses
True 100%
@danielperdanaam3 Hace 2 meses
@Pkp2306 Hace 2 meses
@@danielperdanaam3 I'm saying this because I'm an LFC supporter and this F..ker needs to be called out!! He's a criminal in my opinion. Robbed us and robbed you lot!! This has to stop and this guy needs to be gone from our game! Guess what - he is reffing our next match against Sheffield!!!! I'm betting he'll make sure we don't win it!! Sent two of our players off last time and both were dodgy calls!!
@tobeagoodboy Hace 2 meses
We all know City fears of Spurs coz of Sonny.... Everytime they came ethiad and Son sores.... ❤❤❤❤
@jskim8418 Hace 2 meses
Sonny knows how to give & take. More likely Take & Give in this case.. Let’s buy this guy
@mindyabizniz Hace 2 meses
made sense for the ref to walk away with the game ball, thoroughly deserved, he won the match after all
@jennifermelia1426 Hace 2 meses
What a game😮
@anonymous12260 Hace 2 meses
haaland losing confidence after his miss is just sad to see
@desmondnewton1170 Hace 2 meses
The fact that we still dont have treble documentary its criminal for the fans
@Theskillking2 Hace 2 meses
3:44 doku being good
Ate no momento eu não entendo porque foi parado aquele contra ataque do City.
@appleblack. Hace 2 meses
Football manipulation
Great commentary
@jrodubsie Hace 2 meses
This was an unreal game, but did anyone else get the vibe that the announcer was rooting for Man City?
@aradeinde Hace 2 meses
He works for man city.
@hdr23 Hace 2 meses
Man, it's a City channel 😀
@scienceevolves4417 Hace 2 meses
Awful, biased reporting indeed
@jrodubsie Hace 2 meses
@@aradeinde this would explain it. I only hear the US announcers on these games. Didn't realize the UK had "home game" announcers
Still love you, City. 💙 We may get a draw, but never let them win... We fight 'til the end.
@gaborligler6732 Hace 2 meses
City defense this season very poor 4 goals against Chelsea, 3 against Spurs if this continue they dont won any trophy
@mike7279 Hace 2 meses
Man City are a fantastic team … as a Newcastle fan I look to them as the gold standard
@CARibB34n.504 Hace 2 meses
Great classic match between these two teams 👏 👌 British classic
@oliverhughes610 Hace 2 meses
So nice to see a decision finally going against a Pep team.
@niyiodemakin6408 Hace 2 meses
Guess you were not alive last season to witness Rashford/Bruno goal or this same kind of blunder by the ref against Arsenal this season, we scored and called back a free kick…catch up
@CullingBlades Hace 2 meses
celebrating garbage refereeing, premier league in the mud 😂😂😂
@diegosmith2408 Hace 2 meses
This is gonna be a long season for City without mahrez on that wing
@refigee8752 Hace 2 meses
This was thoroughly entertaining, and so was the commentator. The ref decision was just bonkers😅
@fredsemuntu1533 Hace 14 días
Son shredded That young Doku fella
@kwanele_dev Hace 2 meses
That City second goal by Foden is exactly why I love City 💕💕❤❤
It was boring, nothing special
@tebogo743 Hace 2 meses
We should've buried the match in the first half by the number of clear cut chances missed, but that decision by the ref was appauling
@richardatakli5618 Hace 2 meses
Well play from both sides
@tanyiayukegba7163 Hace 2 meses
Its about time Man city had a taste of Simon Hooper 😅 Speaking as a Liverpool fan
@Chilhva Hace 2 meses
splendid commentary
@jonathansmyth4260 Hace 2 meses
Need DB back ASAP!
@jasimuddin_ias Hace 2 meses
Man of the Match .....The Referee
@user_habibi123 Hace 2 meses
6 points dropped in 3 just UNACCEPTABLE
sack pep
@@user-tn8uu2cu8g Muhammad the guy who married a 9 year old? 😂😂
@dtvu78 Hace 2 meses
People make mistakes.. The ref made a mistake no question about that.. Haaland made a mistake by missing an open goal but isnt being crucified like the ref. Think overall the ref had a good game. Move on i say
@user-sn3ch4mt4i Hace 2 meses
Son scored two goals in a matter of a single minute to delight each side of the two opposing teams. Son is indeed a rare gift on a night when Hallan copied Darwin in missing sure-goal chances in front of empty goal mouths! Perhaps the fortune has turned and from now each of the misses Darwin was burdened with will fall upon Erling.
@donmosco4285 Hace 2 meses
Pep should learn to put that Gvardol of a guy on bench cos he is not in form .Ake is a better one on one defender than him.i already said immediately i saw him on the lineup that this match is going to be tough for us and it happened.The earlier we stop conceding silly goals the better for us...if we don't do anything about this our defense now is going to affect in future especially in the Champions league.
@NOTODIVERSITY123 Hace 2 meses
Got some bad buys ..doku gvardiol..not good enough for city .
@user-of5cq7yo9p Hace 2 meses
Yea this is amazing
@gawags4709 Hace 2 meses
@8:36 Sort of surprised that challenge wasn't reviewed. It looks straight orange from where I sat but I probably didn't see what I saw. Anyways, I really appreciate seeing players take a nasty challenge like that and bunny up to keep on. I like that tough running and ain't going down for nut-tin attitude!
Have you ever watched football in your life? What is orange? Have you heard of advantage?
@gawags4709 Hace 2 meses
@@abcdefghijklmnop253 Q1. Yes. Q2. The secondary color between red and yellow. Also can be used to refer to a foul that's stronger than a yellow card but might not be a straight red card. So it's a pretty naughty foul. Q3. Yes. I am not very interested in discussing the weird advantage given, then not given part of that play because it is whatever the Hoopstirrer says it is. What did intrest me was the foul on Haaland, which was rather ugly in real-time and can't have looked any better to VAR. Seems like Royal got pretty lucky to not receive a straight red card but it's in the past now. Well except for that hitch in Haaland's giddy-up now.
@Stuck313 Hace 2 meses
That is insane
I don't understand at all, the referee blew the whistle because of the advantage rule when City clearly in possession of the ball ? Like SERIOUSLY ? This was such a clear mistake made by the officials
@user-yu3sh9lg4o Hace 2 meses
sadly it is a part of game but as a city fan, it is so not understandable yeah. the one who knows the why best is of course it is the referee. maybe he got misconcepted some of things in going of the match. but finally it surely were best result without blowing whestle. but many mistakes of referee is the parts of the match. spurs has got such unacceptable moments so many times from past matches so lost or draw by that many time as well. I dont want to believe the referee was bought by money or something. I dont want to believe english football league is so corrupted. anyway very good game. citys performance was fantastic as usual. sonny was so fast as usual.
@naturalmulundu8611 Hace 2 meses
The only explanations are that maybe from were the ref was standing, he had a brain freez or 2 conflicting thoughts between a quick start and an advantage, he probably thought the ball was still in motion before the start , but forgot it was an advantage instead of a quick start ....
@MyGerko Hace 2 meses
@@naturalmulundu8611then he should not be a profesional referee, period
@joshuaparsons9338 Hace 2 meses
Horrible defense from both sides Ederson could have prevented 2 out the 3 Spurs goals. Emerson and Davies are always lost and didnt know their positioning. Yves was holding onto the ball for too long City was not clinical in their finishing but otherwise it was a very great and entertaining game.
sonny !! the city serial killer !!
@enoch1087 Hace 2 meses
It reminds me the game city beat Arsenal at the Emirates (1-2) due to poor refereeing by Stuart Attwell. Now, city fans can finally taste that bitterness. However, I agree that it must be so heartbreaking for city fans especially for those who were there at the Stadium.
@saidigital2845 Hace 2 meses
Son😮😮😮 🙏🙏❤
@Fares3ixll Hace 2 meses
@lilsage5081 Hace 2 meses
When we draw with certain teams, I consider it a lose.
@asimsajjad4002 Hace 2 meses
Can any one tell which channel highlights are these?
@titan5914 Hace 2 meses
Никогда не видел судейства хуже, чем в этой игре
@Orillah Hace 2 meses
Im very sceptical about ref decision at the end especially, didnt watch the game so, can someone provide objective context?
@Sencess Hace 2 meses
They actually changed when the refferee blew his whisle in this upload, in reality it was about 1-2 seconds later
Had we score few of those missed chances and those few that hit the bar gone in,this game wouldhv being a totally different game
@DrFour-nl4sq Hace 2 meses
Spirit game for Alverez
@jeffreysim815 Hace 2 meses
Son’s OG.. Haaland didn’t seems to touch the ball? He was given ‘assist’
@The.Khans. Hace 2 meses
@Kollol_Bin_Nasir Hace 2 meses
What an attack
@BrianHSC Hace 2 meses
Ya know, generative AI can be far more accurate and unbiased than human referee. And it can make decisions in split second so there wouldn't even be VAR delay.
@AkoiLAkoi Hace 2 meses
Can't forget Mahrez come back last year
I genuinely don’t understand what made that ref blow his whistle on the grealish break away
@Nekonip Hace 2 meses
2:56 i can't believe it, Haaland can't believe it lol
You Only Play Twice