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We play hide and seek in Minecraft. In a big city. It took hours.
Check out Pippen's 200 hour Seattle timelapse video!
Shoutout to Build the Earth for making this amazing 1:1 map!
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31 jul 2020






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josephine saleem
josephine saleem Hace 7 minutos
123 456
123 456 Hace 20 minutos
CookieBreaker Hace 51 un minuto
What city is that
The adventureCats
The adventureCats Hace un hora
karl and chandler R BEST FREINDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BEASTY BOY Hace un hora
Bro i want play with u 1 time plz plz big fan
DRAGON SQUAD Hace 2 horas
2:41 Who’s that 👁👄👁
Xility YT
Xility YT Hace 2 horas
3:05 i would have personally said: PIKA TAILS - MORE LIKE PIKA FAILS
Help me reach 1k Subscribers please
σ η ℓ у м я в є α ѕ т ƒ α η ѕ ¢ α η ℓ ι к є
Help me get 500 Subscribers challenge
Litterally 99% of you guys wont see this but for those who see it,god bless you, stay safe and follow your dreams 😻 My dream is to make my family proud of me,ive been struggling to get there 💓
4RSH1 Hace 5 horas
10:42 hear the music in the backround
Trevor Ingram
Trevor Ingram Hace 6 horas
DK_Peppers Hace 6 horas
Video said building it in 24 hours and the guy just said 2.5 DAYS -.-
jo go
jo go Hace 7 horas
6:30 JoGoExpress.ca
Drag Jason
Drag Jason Hace 8 horas
Leap :it to us a lot of time to built this Mrbeast:destroys every single house Leap: :(
caltana Hace 8 horas
I love that chandler and karl were just doing their own thing
ramon_ mav
ramon_ mav Hace 8 horas
Does Chris moisturize?
Bobbi Jo
Bobbi Jo Hace 10 horas
Everyone: *hides*. Chandler and Karl: WELCOME TO STARBUCKS!!
FirstDanplayz Hace 10 horas
Please tell me you copied this world before you destroyed it
Barzin Khazian
Barzin Khazian Hace 10 horas
why is no one talking about 10:41?
Kaden Hamilton
Kaden Hamilton Hace 11 horas
what is ten smacker ones
XXTANCORRUPT Hace 11 horas
Jimmy: we have 60 people left! Guy in ground poking his head out: LMAOOOOOOO
DJ Salad
DJ Salad Hace 12 horas
“You’re not stuck, you’re Chris”
Aaikam Girdhar
Aaikam Girdhar Hace 13 horas
7:52 anyone notice Carl’s headphones
Sally Centeno Novoa
Sally Centeno Novoa Hace 13 horas
Me:Woah That Is a REALLY Good BUILD Squad: ok so you don't like us 😫😫😫 Me:No I said that is a good build!! Squad:ok good Me: phew they did not get me!😥😥
#GBTV Hace 14 horas
Chris after mr beast kills somebody:did that hurt? Mr beast:yes, that hurt Carl: YAAHHHH THATS WHAT HAPENS WHEN YOU GET FOUND!!!
sweetbear4713 Hace 14 horas
WE more like they
Yovani Romero
Yovani Romero Hace 14 horas
This video cool an all but I think it would of been better if they did not destroy everything
Gannon Thomas
Gannon Thomas Hace 15 horas
Turn off the name tags bro
AJ Wookiee
AJ Wookiee Hace 15 horas
Pika tails more like pika FAILS
Help me reach 1k Subscribers please
Who saw MrBeast in Recommended And Started Watching His Videos All the time
Payton Eileen
Payton Eileen Hace 16 horas
omg i love carl and chanler they are so funny
Kaden Vicencio
Kaden Vicencio Hace 16 horas
He had to have made a copy of the world
Reu Hace 16 horas
leep and pippen just witnessing his 2.5 days of work being demolished by chris lmao
Sloth InPocket
Sloth InPocket Hace 16 horas
Jimmy and Chris: WE ARE DESTRUCTION INCARNATE!! LEAVE NO SURVIVORS11!!1! *Chandler and Karl just vibing*
TeddyTB Hace 17 horas
5:06 i laughed my ass off
Golab Rafiee
Golab Rafiee Hace 17 horas
mr beast when a kid falls aww i fell bad i will give him 1000 dollers XD
Canebrake Hace 17 horas
You lost, here’s your 3.5K! I don’t think you know what losing means lol, which in this case is a great thing
xtalistrachanx Hace 17 horas
pls tell me you saved this.........or that was a waste of time ahah
CBD Hace 18 horas
7:45 sounds a lot like something pretty dark in the real world....
Toni Adepoju
Toni Adepoju Hace 18 horas
I hope you guys saved a backup
Family Account
Family Account Hace 18 horas
Chandler and Karl is living in twi braincells 🤣🤣🤣 "CPR" 🤣🤣🤣
Ninjakiller722 Hace 18 horas
3:50 you see somebody there sneeky
Raymond Miller
Raymond Miller Hace 19 horas
This is what the d day will look like
Sandy Lai
Sandy Lai Hace 19 horas
Pika tails? more like pika FAILS -Me, 2020
joaoaoj100 Hace 19 horas
Kinda stupid to do a hide and seek of the nametags show up through walls...
O Dog
O Dog Hace 19 horas
No one 7:53
Uncle Bridge
Uncle Bridge Hace 19 horas
4:48 Just chandler imitating george floyd
Henry Christley
Henry Christley Hace 20 horas
To think that a 40 mil subscriber channel began with two nerds named jimmy and chris
dd awsome
dd awsome Hace 20 horas
Netflix: are you still watching? Somebodies daughter: 3:33
Hugo Schindhelm
Hugo Schindhelm Hace 20 horas
Soooo they are flying and destroying towers seems like 2001
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Hace 20 horas
Really bro really 😡😡😡😡😡😡
Erik Tang
Erik Tang Hace 20 horas
the most efficient way to find everyone is just nuke the place and get it over with
ja ikheetmark ,
ja ikheetmark , Hace 20 horas
3:48 haha
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Hace 20 horas
I wish they told us that they saved those building to re assure me
M1ST Clan
M1ST Clan Hace 21 un hora
Do YoU liKe tHis MeAt acrOss yoUr faCe no homo
Madd Dogg
Madd Dogg Hace 21 un hora
7:21 I feel bad for this guy :(
Tara Hace 21 un hora
3:05 i really thought he was going to say “PikaTails? more like PikaFails”
0ndrik Tv
0ndrik Tv Hace 21 un hora
I like yours outros :D
Pasha Peshawa
Pasha Peshawa Hace 21 un hora
JenJen Tube
JenJen Tube Hace 21 un hora
All that hard work by building the whole map/City was all Destroyed....R.I.P Minecraft...I subscribed to Mr.Beast gaming and Mr.Beast
Omar Imtiaz
Omar Imtiaz Hace 22 horas
This reuploaded yes
Colten The Gamer
Colten The Gamer Hace 22 horas
Pls tell me they copied the world
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