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Join me on my escape from the police in my newest film in Saalbach!
Snow, big jumps, angry police, helicopters and big airs. You'll see it all!

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Big thanks to Saalbach Hinterglemm and Red Bull for making this project happen!
Such a crazy time filming and producing this video. Can't wait to be riding in the summer in Saalbach. Want some infos? Check them here:

Also big thanks to Bernhard Niederseer, Florian Hasenauer, Michi Rudolf, Elias Schwärzler, Alex Meliss, Hannes Berger, Roland Hofer for helping!

Executive Producer:
Bernhard Niederseer

Co Producer:

Video filmed by:
Alex Meliss

Drone shot by:
Michi Rudolf
R View Productions

2nd Camera/Behind the Scenes camera:
Elias Schwärzler

Hannes Berger

Paraglide pilot:
Fly'n Soul - Florian Hasenauer

Head Shaper:
Shape Syndicate - Roland Hofer

Video edited by:
Fabio Wibmer

Colour grading and Sound design:
Red Bull Media House

►Want to know what protection, bikes, parts and camera equipment I use? Here is a list of all things bit.ly/1QwCvpc

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Instagram: instagram.com/wibmerfabio (@wibmerfabio)
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Also thanks to everyone of you guys. 1 Million subscribers is crazy.



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23 abr 2018






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Fabio Wibmer
Fabio Wibmer Hace 4 años
It's here! Fabiolous Escape 2! Craziest project I've done so far! Thanks Saalbach and Red Bull for making it happen! Let me know which scene you liked the most! :D
shihabudheen pt
shihabudheen pt Hace 4 meses
Hi π
Hi π Hace 5 meses
What is the company of cycle
MattplaysMC Hace 7 meses
LIMAO ZINN Hace 10 meses
Fui o último a responder aqui!
LIMAO ZINN Hace 10 meses
Fui o último a responder esse comentário
happy Hace un año
He has more control over his bike than me over my life
Shiro Hace un mes
@Clemens _ another one
edog Hace un mes
Lucu banget buat yang lain...
edog Hace un mes
Dia memiliki lebih banyak kendali atas sepedanya daripada saya atas hidup saya
Patrick Miller
Patrick Miller Hace un mes
I know and all those ramps are conveniently placed too
mosesmd Hace un mes
Nhung Hace 5 meses
Still gets me smiling after three years since watching for the first time. 👍 Appreciate so much this amazing production.
Value Of Adventure
Value Of Adventure Hace 8 meses
Mind blowing that Fabio did all this in snow! I would have lost traction in no time, even with spiked tires. I have watched it so many times to admire what must have gone in to this video.
ruma yakar
ruma yakar Hace 8 meses
Its crazy: how many people come back to this everyday..this video is amazing
NeoDarkness Hace 3 meses
Kane Sikhakhane
Kane Sikhakhane Hace 8 meses
Cause we gotta see ,can't help it anymore🤣
Ranjit Rampher
Ranjit Rampher Hace 8 meses
Fond memories
Sarmin Sweety
Sarmin Sweety Hace 8 meses
I watched 66 times this video again and again from last 2 months
Sarmin Sweety
Sarmin Sweety Hace 8 meses
Also this is very funny
Bobby Tucker
Bobby Tucker Hace 4 meses
I have to say, Fabio, This is my first time watching any of your videos and I am very impressed! I'm going to subscribe to your channel, leave a thumbs up, and a tap on the bell. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your works (fun), lol. This video was well planned out and rehearsed and I've enjoyed every minute of excitement, one heck of a rush for this 72 y/o dude. Thanks for sharing. BTW, I liked all of the scenes, my favorite was when you yanked the lady's bra and used it for a 'carabiner', that was so funny.
Fishinallday Hace un año
My mans riding like there’s a respawn.
Heljo Jose
Heljo Jose Hace 3 días
edileusa oliveira
edileusa oliveira Hace un mes
Melody Bird
Melody Bird Hace un mes
startklahr Hace un mes
Exactly what I thought and felt but couldn’t put in to words.
Alex Ngeru
Alex Ngeru Hace un mes
Dirk Boersma
Dirk Boersma Hace 21 un día
Super cool, many fun creative situations for the storyline, and then some: adding the skier at the end is incredible coordination. I love this entire clip, it is super well done. 10 minutes of superb entertainment.
MTB bois
MTB bois Hace 8 meses
Its honesly so amazing that he can do all of this stuff. Keep going!🤙
Hossain’s Family
Hossain’s Family Hace 6 meses
I love the edits he does and his moves are very Impressive man
Zeno Lopes
Zeno Lopes Hace 22 días
This vid low key made my child hood I come back to this every now n then😭
Fabio Wibmer
Fabio Wibmer Hace 4 años
Wow! 1 Million Klicks in 2 days is absolutely mindblowing. Thanks to everyone for the amazing feedback. Glad you all enjoyed Fabiolous Escape 2 :D Behind the scenes edit will follow next week.
Jart Evertse
Jart Evertse Hace 21 un día
@Johannes Hirschbüchler p
Jart Evertse
Jart Evertse Hace 21 un día
@Johannes Hirschbüchler 😙😂😂😂
Nugii Nursultan
Nugii Nursultan Hace un mes
Please music name🙏
Nugii Nursultan
Nugii Nursultan Hace un mes
Please music name 🙏
Juice Hace 8 meses
humor combined with skill and adrenaline can forge such an amazing video. Great job, Fabio!
Crossing Andes YRGM
Crossing Andes YRGM Hace 7 meses
Nunca me canso de ver Fabio Wibmer’videos , para despertar cool 😎☕️ 🤜🔥🤛
edog Hace un mes
Gak pernah bosen nonton video Fabio Wibmer, bangunnya keren
Alex Hace 6 meses
Never seen anything like it, You are great stuntmen I hope they reward you with an Oscar for the courage and imagination in building the extraordinarily nice and at the limit of the possible plot. Really congratulations to the whole team
Bluesonly Hace un mes
I am doing this every morning dude, nothing special……and then i wake up!! You are just incredible
aamgdp Hace 2 años
2 years later, still feels like a freaking bond film. Especially that parachute.
Jorge Matos
Jorge Matos Hace 22 días
En por Las pñm
Major Pwner
Major Pwner Hace un mes
True, very reminiscent of the skiing scene in The World is Not Enough. A good thing imo...
Valentina Plamenova
Valentina Plamenova Hace un año
Cool girl
Cool girl Hace un año
Cristian mlg 22 👺👙
Jose hilton fla🔴
Jose hilton fla🔴 Hace 4 meses
Muito bom demais,baile e um show
Randy's Hangout
Randy's Hangout Hace 7 meses
The "police skiers" show a lot of talent too. It takes talent to pull-off goofy antics like that on skis.
Bryan VanLoo
Bryan VanLoo Hace un mes
Love it! A great one to show my students! subscribed and thanks so much!
Pain Paul
Pain Paul Hace 8 meses
Du spectacle fou sur des pistes bien préparées pour l'amusement de rêveurs. Au moins ça ne fait de mal à personne comparé aux courses de motos.
Descrypted Hace 2 años
Those police have great teleporting skills
Fasil! Hace 12 días
Генадий Янычар
За телепорт спасибо инженеру, а опытный медик всегда имеет 100% уберзаряд
coconut splyz
coconut splyz Hace 16 días
The Amritpur vloggers
GTA police
Vladimir Šmál
Vladimir Šmál Hace un mes
#Miyo# Hace 3 meses
Imagine having this as your ad for a skiing resort 😂
Chamlen P. Ponglaham
You're the one whom I can say as the best rider ever but also take care mate
MrPolarBear Hace 25 días
This is why i just LOVE mountain biking
Squinchy Hace 4 meses
This beauty is almost 4 years old... time flies
querly Hace 4 años
Aaaaalter, was für ne Arbeit bis zum fertigen Video..😱 BIG RESPECT!!
Mr.asik. Yt
Mr.asik. Yt Hace 8 meses
Adell9991 Hace 9 meses
Hai bro haha
Zhyar Gamming
Zhyar Gamming Hace 9 meses
@Jacob 😮😯😯
Full Send
Full Send Hace 10 meses
full senddd"!!!!
Evel Convivial
Evel Convivial Hace 5 meses
It’s amazing what Fabio can do with an 80s ladies bicycle frame in 2018.
very beautiful scenery, and very perfect appearance.
The Motor Duck
The Motor Duck Hace 5 meses
Way too smooth 🤩
Naweek™ Hace 6 meses
wow youre tricks are so amazing imagine ill be like you
Abhishek Sharma
Abhishek Sharma Hace un año
"This is how my grandfather described their way of going to school.. "
Meziani belkacem
Meziani belkacem Hace 6 meses
Carol Thompson
Carol Thompson Hace 6 meses
Yeah' right but they had to go uphill....both ways!
Dinusha Jayawardena
Dinusha Jayawardena Hace 7 meses
Best comment ever 😁
Seema Yadav
Seema Yadav Hace 3 meses
I notice that fabio is escaping and the corps are just shouting 😂
TheNapkinAK Hace 7 meses
Showing this to my parents *AFTER* getting a nice mountain bike.
oski_DH Hace un mes
3:27 pamiętajcie drodzy rowerzyści...w dzwony nie skaczemy
Mark Philip Yago
Mark Philip Yago Hace un mes
I can't believe it how fast he goes
Yash Mishra
Yash Mishra Hace un año
The recording is better than a movie😂
anurag misra
anurag misra Hace un año
So many likes🙄
0MVP 0Trophy wali RakhiOP
Not really
Avi Agarwal
Avi Agarwal Hace un año
Yash mishra you look like Hrithik Roshan
SAJAL AGARWAL Hace 7 meses
hatts off to the energy and hardwork required to make this video
Enes Uğur
Enes Uğur Hace 19 días
It was a amazing video to watch,I am looking forward to see desert version! 😆
Jasper Amos
Jasper Amos Hace 6 meses
My fav vid so far, keep it up man, THESE ARE MY DREAMS
Prince Rajput
Prince Rajput Hace un mes
4+ yrs and Still feels like yesterday.
Gorez33 Hace 4 años
Verdammt kranker Scheiss🤤 ein echtes Meisterwerk was du hier abgeliefert hast. Dicksten Respekt!!!
Wordiest Zebra28
Wordiest Zebra28 Hace 4 años
Gorez33 men a follow you
Yolo :)
Yolo :) Hace 8 meses
I was gonna say there’s no way he did that first try then the first blooper I see is him almost landing on his neck… at least he did it tho😂🤷‍♂️
KS Gaming
KS Gaming Hace 6 meses
I can't do those stunts in aa game, he's doin it in real life 😂 Good work 🔥
Mike Jenks
Mike Jenks Hace 8 meses
such a cool vid thanks for the bang ups to make this vid possible brother loved it......
Salahuddin Bauer
Salahuddin Bauer Hace 6 meses
Dieser Moment wenn man sich das Video zum 5ten mal anguckt 😂 Elias ist eh beste 😂🙏🏾
Felix Welt
Felix Welt Hace 4 años
Unglaublich Gut! Meinen größten Respekt für die Arbeit.
Syxturtle Hace 4 años
Wie heißt das lied bei 4:24 das im auto
Nicola Jordi
Nicola Jordi Hace 4 años
Moin felix
arocs fan
arocs fan Hace 4 años
Das.stümt respeckt
paul silzer
paul silzer Hace 4 años
Felix´s Welt
Johanzle Weizar
Johanzle Weizar Hace 16 días
Fabio, du hasts geschafft! Nicht nur dass du ein unglaublich gutes Video gemacht hast sondern auch dass ich im Hochsommer bock auf schifahren bekomme. Respekt!👍
Axemuth Hace 7 meses
Such astounding places, i hope one day i could be like you riding around the world!
Not sebi!!
Not sebi!! Hace 6 meses
It's his home country xD so Austria (:
#Miyo# Hace 3 meses
"Red Bull gives you wings" 😂
Hemanta Brahma
Hemanta Brahma Hace 6 días
You are beyond my imagination, amazing.
Emil L
Emil L Hace 4 años
Das Video kann man sich auch 100 Mal reinziehen 🤘 Sau geil gemacht Fabio! SICK
sopi sardi
sopi sardi Hace 3 años
Emil XC MTB .. nhhjhiuikiiooo
A Weird HedgeHogBoy
the most amazing video ive ever seen on youtubehopfully there 1 time be a fabiolous escape 3
Nextro Gaming FF
Nextro Gaming FF Hace un mes
You are God of bicycle riding❤️❤️
Danish Yasin
Danish Yasin Hace un mes
Can't express in words. No words. Respect from me. Mind-blowing. Fantastic. Fantabulous. Amazing. Awesome.
Muz•kgz• TV
Muz•kgz• TV Hace 7 meses
Очень круто получилось 👍 огонь 🔥😁
Skills With Phil
Skills With Phil Hace 4 años
Easily the "coolest" video of 2018! Bravo Fabio that was absolutely fantastic. Reminded me of a JP Auclair ski video.
oyun kanalı
oyun kanalı Hace 4 meses
@M4 lifestyle 2
Munawar Miya
Munawar Miya Hace 5 meses
@Fabio Wibmer yes❤️❤️
Charlie Etherington
Charlie Etherington Hace 6 meses
Ha, yeah
Pradeep Kumar
Pradeep Kumar Hace 7 meses
Love that cycle and his location 😍😍😍
Надежда. Nadzieja. 999
Это даже смотреть страшно, сердце замирает. Потрясающе 👍😍 Будто Fabio и велосипед это одно целое
Павел Артвмонов
Это так и есть
Aniket Wandhare
Aniket Wandhare Hace 8 meses
Just amazing hero in my life ❤️❤️
Tristan Kangur
Tristan Kangur Hace 14 días
yeah, camera man did a great job running that fast
Patrick Star
Patrick Star Hace 3 años
This man broke a collar bone for this video respect
dann what is this behaviour
he might also have broken quiet a few world records
Brassicol L'intouchable
So Close
Brassicol L'intouchable
So close
vanilla gorilla
vanilla gorilla Hace 7 meses
Mans going faster than a tie fighter
Emil Nielsen
Emil Nielsen Hace 8 meses
1:08 Does anyone know what slope this is? I'm going to saalbach in February 2021 and I need to try that one.
Fun fact : I have seen his ESvid channel after watching shorts 😂😂😁
Isaac Tuberoso
Isaac Tuberoso Hace 3 meses
When the police have teleportation skills on a never ending mountain You have got to have sweet bike and bra skills
Simon Cycle
Simon Cycle Hace 4 años
Yo Fabio das ist das krasseste, abgefahrenste und aller beste MTB Video das ich je gesehen habe! Da haben sich die vielen Stürze und dein Schlüsselbeinbruch wenigstens gelohnt! Ich denke du bist wahrscheinlich noch nie so an deinem Limit gefahren!? Vielen Dank und ganz großen Respekt!
Cars For Sale uk
Cars For Sale uk Hace 2 años
Simon Cycle its awesome really fabulous video
Juan Ramon Cañas Rodriguez
sandeep sidhu
sandeep sidhu Hace 4 años
Simon Cycle through j
Rafaela Souza
Rafaela Souza Hace 4 años
ou legal
schroschbrot Hace un mes
1:38 the most illegal thing here is, that the fork is clamped too high
suroj Hace 3 meses
Well done bro Never give up❤
moin Hace 7 meses
виталий пицентий
Отлично катает парень, класс 👍👏
Ayush Agrawal
Ayush Agrawal Hace 3 años
You know things are gonna be real when someone puts on a red bull helmet.
Ibe Ibe
Ibe Ibe Hace 3 años
EL EXPERTO Hace 3 años
Rohan Hace 6 meses
Huge respect for the ice 😂😂😂
ITZ ME SN Hace un mes
What a skills 💥🔥🔥
starcluster Hace 6 meses
sadly the hardest part was doing this when there was snow there ):
{R-D} GAMRE Hace 7 meses
After watching this vedio I also want to do this stunt with my bike 🤟🤟🤣🤣🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟
Meli Hace 4 años
James Bond does it in Sölden, Fabio Wibmer does it in Saalbach!!!! Krasses Projekt Junge und Hut ab dass du es durchgezogen hast! War mir ne Ehre ein Teil davon gewesen zu sein
Synx Gaming
Synx Gaming Hace 4 años
Alex Meliss bat not using bike
•Duck• Hace 7 meses
i love how he takes people out but my favorite it when he straight up snatches the girls bra as a way to get out 🤣
SLO-E-G Hace 7 meses
7:11 That was. A Chad move ...BRAVO
I wish I could have that cycle
DPMPTSP Kab Purworejo
craziest project... amazing, I love it
LeNS Productions
LeNS Productions Hace 4 años
Das beste was du bisher gebracht hast! Grössten Respekt an dich und natürlich auch den ganzen Helfern des Riesenprojekts!👍 So ein video rauszubringen wäre auch mal unser Ziel🤘😉 „Keep it Going!“
Freddy Tovar
Freddy Tovar Hace 4 años
LeNS Productions master
Leverbike D
Leverbike D Hace 4 años
LeNS Productions so ein Video ist wirklich nicht zu unterschätzen, wirklich klasse!
Hans B.
Hans B. Hace 6 meses
That took quite some effort to put together ☺️☺️☺️
LMB9888 Hace 2 meses
One of the best videos on the internet.
Shagvaliev Damir (The Official Channel of YouTube)
Спасибо братан за отличный ролик!)Хоть вы и не любите русских но мы очень вас любим
Benjámin Kertész
Benjámin Kertész Hace 4 meses
OMG this video was SOO EPIC!!
joe.h.174 Hace 4 años
Extrem heftiges Video, ein echtes Meisterwerk.😍 Und Glückwunsch zu den 1 Mio. Abos, ich feier dich und deine Videos extrem und da bin ich warscheinlich nicht der Einzigste oder? 😉👍
Finn Plass
Finn Plass Hace 4 años
Frido Hace 4 años
Des heißt der einzige
joe.h.174 Hace 4 años
Meerjungfraumann why?
Ldull Hace 4 años
LivePro schau es halt zuerst an bevor du schreibst
Jannis. hsq
Jannis. hsq Hace 4 años
Brighton W
Brighton W Hace 4 meses
Honestly he gotta ride in Red Bull rampage 😂… there’s no backtrack bro
Jesse J
Jesse J Hace 6 meses
Dude you insane I could never do the last part
Trinidad Alcala
Trinidad Alcala Hace 2 meses
He has the cleanest drifts
Yuvraj Hace 4 meses
Hats off to camera man 😎🔥
Elias Johansson
Elias Johansson Hace 4 años
The doubble backflip was the most rad!!! Cant wait to see what's coming up next!!!! Maybe some tandem bike thing?
Guru X gaming
Guru X gaming Hace 2 años
Tserendolgor S
Tserendolgor S Hace 2 años
High Leod
High Leod Hace 8 meses
La mise en scène la plus BEAUF que je n'ai jamais vue
DARIS Sadovic
DARIS Sadovic Hace 5 meses
the suspention is soo smooth
Marius Catalin Ghionoiu
the stunt at 5:45 is sick!
Quoc Thai Nguyen
Quoc Thai Nguyen Hace un mes
Love to see such stunts
Eskil #27
Eskil #27 Hace 4 años
This is the freaking best edit i've ever seen in my whole life!!! You're sick man! I've supported you since you had 40 or 50K subbs! xD
King Master
King Master Hace 4 años
Eskil #27 shtick
Oliver Oliver
Oliver Oliver Hace 4 años
me 2
IgorD Hace 4 años
I've spent 30 minutes watching it the first time. Couldn't help but replay every trick three times
CAN Control
CAN Control Hace 4 años
Eskil #27 keep your shirt on.
R.I.P - I am watching this masterpiece in 2022.😆
andy b
andy b Hace 4 meses
This puts James Bond films to shame! Well done.
teo mtz
teo mtz Hace 5 meses
Pero Que chulos paisajes!!!
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