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Trump defends calling Apple CEO Tim Cook “Tim Apple,” suspicions of a fake Melania resurface, and connections are made between the president and the massage parlor owner at the center of Robert Kraft’s prostitution ring scandal.
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11 mar 2019






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Comentarios 80
History Nerd
History Nerd Hace un mes
After this pandemic, Trump will be calling Covid-19 fake news. He already did - in one of his campaigns, he called it a "Democrat hoax".
Gar Sm
Gar Sm Hace un mes
At least he didn't call him Tim Pear.
Hans Otto Kroeger
Hans Otto Kroeger Hace un mes
Holding hands is not the only suspicious thing there: You should have a closer look at the video; What is most suspicious there, is that MELANIA is leading TRUMP!!!! And TRUMP allows being led!!!!
Tarot Bloom
Tarot Bloom Hace un mes
Trump should take it easy !
S k
S k Hace un mes
He never say unemployed. He will say no Jobs.
Lulu Zhang
Lulu Zhang Hace 2 meses
Look at Tim Cook’s body language... he didn’t want to be near Donald Trump.
Nick Walker
Nick Walker Hace 2 meses
Apple. The best $1400 Pocket Calculator that money can buy.
Divyansh Maheshwari
Divyansh Maheshwari Hace 2 meses
Trevor host Sundar Google
Ahh yes Stoinks
Ahh yes Stoinks Hace 2 meses
The office kevin: me also say tim apple when car no go when me president they see
Anuj Mathur
Anuj Mathur Hace 2 meses
hey speak on Modi also
Amiro Hace 2 meses
Coulda simply said he meant 'Team apple' but...
Mar Emzz
Mar Emzz Hace 2 meses
Shows how hateful u guys are. Always focus on negativity
柳岑焉 Hace 3 meses
mar perez
mar perez Hace 3 meses
We appreciate Tim Apple🤣🤣 This guy an idiot
i saac
i saac Hace 3 meses
Why wouldn't you say it's obvious people who live in the white House probably have body doubles 🤔... Seems obvious to me
Jacques Rivette
Jacques Rivette Hace 3 meses
How about Tim Apple!
Chico Belle
Chico Belle Hace 3 meses
Will someone start a fundraiser for that kelly ann i feel sorry for her husband i know when he looks at her he is drunk she needs a whole make over everywhere body and face
Lanny Yeomans
Lanny Yeomans Hace 3 meses
there goes mr big mouth again with his child voice tricks you talk about a fake you let this guy come to the us for a better life and listen to him knock real americans that what you get and get rich too? what we have here is a punk ass coward.
nawlulu Hace 3 meses
You leftists are are always negative views. Attacking the woman is not cool Trevor Noah ‼️ It’s not funny at all . 😈😈😤😤
Happy ツ
Happy ツ Hace 3 meses
The style of humor is dark humor it touches on politics and taboo stuff in a funny way. Also leftist are not the only ones having negative views. For example Fox during when (Obama was in office) criticize things about Michelle Obama from the way she dress to how she act. Melina (sorry if I misspelled her name) doesn't get criticized that's not fair at all. Plus geez take a joke he was not attacking her. In fact he never said anything bad about her in the video.
Tama Doucoure
Tama Doucoure Hace 3 meses
Even if your little child lies don’t trust him
Chima Amanambu
Chima Amanambu Hace 4 meses
Tim WHAT!?!?!?
Beverly Williams
Beverly Williams Hace 4 meses
She might look different, but that is not Melania.
LAGUNABOY Hace 4 meses
melanin is working for cindy!
Terri Seaton
Terri Seaton Hace 4 meses
That was NOT Melania Trump for four reasons. 1. The holding hands Trevor mentioned. 2. The boxy, no shape, off the rack coat. 3. Makeup not professionally applied. 4. Hair looked like a landscapers rake styled it. In conclusion, I hope the counterfeit gets a bonus for hand holding. Yuck!
Mark Herrington
Mark Herrington Hace 4 meses
Wow....just wow..
Alex Leynes
Alex Leynes Hace 4 meses
This guy has really no respect to President Trump. Despite all the errors and mistakes done by President Trump, at the end of the day, he still thr president of the United States, that needs to be respected no matter how you hate him or dislike him.. Think of it., you should thank President Trump for not doing anything for all your insults to him for the sake of gaining viewers. Well maybe Trevor is so pefect that all United States Politicians have no match for him, even the President. Because Trevor is from Africa? Is that his license for all of these mocking acts? I dont really understands.. and the producers of this show,,this should be called THE DAILY INSULT SHOW
MsSniper78 Hace 4 meses
Cindy handjobspa 😂😂😂😂
Glyn Bales
Glyn Bales Hace 4 meses
This guy should be shot. And I don't mean Trump
monziel sg
monziel sg Hace 4 meses
There could be another Tim Cook in the room.. hahaha he just tried to be specific.. but maybe there is another Tim who works in Apple.. hahahah
ADO -_- POD Hace 4 meses
themetal Hace 4 meses
I had a customer who actually believes that Donny Dumb Nuts is an actual successful businessman. This was a grown man with a job and family. Completely bamboozeled by this New York City con artist. Just do one internet search on Don the Con and it would be obvious to even the mentally challenged how much of a liar, a loser, a fake and a fraud this orange faced idiot clown is. He is the worst POTUS EVER and history will document it. He's Putin's puppet and beholding to the Saudis. Remember them? They gave us 9-11. Don't Boo, Vote Blue. No matter who.
Debasmita Saha
Debasmita Saha Hace 4 meses
Tim Apple, Jeff Amazon, Trevor Show
Zombie NurseRN
Zombie NurseRN Hace 4 meses
That's the first thing I noticed was that she is ACTUALLY holding his hand....hmmmm,, very mysterious indeed!
N I Q O L E Hace 5 meses
I thought Chump had THE BEST WORDS! Why would he care to save them?
Sir Fa
Sir Fa Hace 5 meses
I love your work, please dont forget about the trump of uk boris) his place is missing in your show)
Paul Ferrante
Paul Ferrante Hace 5 meses
DON'T say... "IMPEACH" say..."INJAIL" (well it saved one letter anyway) lol...
n. Islam
n. Islam Hace 6 meses
You shouldn't say Donald Ukraine.
Walter Ontiveros
Walter Ontiveros Hace 6 meses
And supporters still support him god help us
Homer Da Man
Homer Da Man Hace 6 meses
The Tim Apple thing is just silly and cannot believe it would be a news story. The one about craft and the woman is news. He f**ks up in so many ways we can choose a better mistake to focus on bigly.
SYBEL YAN Hace 6 meses
I mean don’t take me wrong but Trump really gives us a lot of laughters and I m feeling more partial towards him recently.
Fahima Bemberry
Fahima Bemberry Hace 6 meses
It's isn't Melanie. She holding his hand.
Jasmine Phillips
Jasmine Phillips Hace 7 meses
Everyone knows that they hire body doubles as the President and First Lady for security purposes...now whether or not that is the body double I have no idea and I frankly don’t care 🤷🏽‍♀️
luisllama16 Hace 7 meses
Trump is pulling a Kevin Malone... “why use big word when little word do trick”
DEPLORABLE #1 Hace 8 meses
50 million dollars raised in Trumps on line campaign fund less than 24 hours after Pelosi impeachment announcement ! SUCK on that DEMOCRATS !
K. R.
K. R. Hace 8 meses
Good Morning!
No no no that's a DUDE next to Trump ....Trevor. So what I heard is Trump is "bilingual"
Dennis Bouma
Dennis Bouma Hace 8 meses
Trevor is the biggest racist with a show.
RadRich Hace 8 meses
Good job, Trevor Black.
RadRich Hace 8 meses
Melania is yum.
colin moussette
colin moussette Hace 8 meses
"Tim apple" hhahaha
Athaporn MCorp Review
Hey 👋 leave tiger 🐅 Nike outta this.
Jude Flynn
Jude Flynn Hace 9 meses
Omg you demon rats are pathetic
juiceBoxer Hace 9 meses
Bill Microsoft.
Doctorshockstudios Hace 9 meses
Constantine Patarides
Do you remember what you predicted for 2016 election ? Predict now 2020 election.. You will have plenty of time to talk about President Trump.. You will love it
Ave Twist
Ave Twist Hace 9 meses
Why the hell Trump isn't impeached yet? Wtf are these Americans doing???
Kaia rot Tyler
Kaia rot Tyler Hace 9 meses
I wish
John Yepthomi
John Yepthomi Hace 9 meses
He could have easily saved himself by saying he meant "team Apple" which I thought could be that but he confirmed that he is really that dumb .lol
Kelty Miller
Kelty Miller Hace 9 meses
Talk about saving words and time... That picture is priceless! 😂
Harold Briggs
Harold Briggs Hace 9 meses
How they could use somebody looks like her I wouldn't know the difference she don't do anything for me at the anyway so we don't really see her in the public eye she's hiding from Isis cuz she don't know if Donald is telling the truth if she's actually got a green card
Hong Fei Bai
Hong Fei Bai Hace 9 meses
How is the news fake for reporting the truth? Trumpers are communists and support a dictatorial regime.
Adolfo Briceno
Adolfo Briceno Hace 9 meses
This is a great analysis of Peru's growth in the last decades. The IMF's is forecasting a growth for 2020 of 3.5% which is one of the highest in the region. In spite of their political problems the country keeps growing. Peruvians seem to more united than in any time in their history, believing in themselves more than people in any other Latin American country. There is a strong national identity that is unique to Peru and it can by seem when all Peruvian get together to cheer and support their national soccer team. Another strengths that this Andean Nation has is their ability to set long term goals, their believe in an open market economy and their commitment global trade in a times when other countries are becoming more isolated. The economic growth of Peru seems to be linked more the growth of the Asia Pacific Region rather than to the stagnant economies of countries like Argentina or even Brazil.
Christian Castro
Christian Castro Hace 9 meses
Donald Trump is an idiot.
Aisea Konrote
Aisea Konrote Hace 9 meses
Lol....Candy better be careful - she maybe the next Epstein ( committing suicide 😅😅😅😅)
Mike Cool
Mike Cool Hace 9 meses
This my friend sindy hand job spa ,🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
John Vo
John Vo Hace 9 meses
Ivy Hace 9 meses
I can believe that she'd have a body double. She clearly doesn't like him.
Sebas Montes
Sebas Montes Hace 9 meses
Why does the boyfriend of JLo looks like Bruce Willis doing black face
Carlo Badiola
Carlo Badiola Hace 9 meses
I can listen to him impersonating trump all day.
Minority Justice
Minority Justice Hace 9 meses
It special fake when trump was holding meilnna hand.
BobbyKing Hace 9 meses
I don't get the Kevin Bacon joke
Michael Hood
Michael Hood Hace 9 meses
Trump is a bad president who Insults anyone who has more Money than him that's what he says when he goes out at night About the forbidden question 👹👹👹 And i never saw him dont know That guy bump
Briana Nunley
Briana Nunley Hace 9 meses
I love u Trevor 💙
suzi perret
suzi perret Hace 9 meses
Ya, he’s a dumb ass, but an extremely dangerous dumb ass.
Nirvaya Hace 9 meses
he is saying Team Apple. Dont critisize him in every words.🤣
Tucker Bowen
Tucker Bowen Hace 10 meses
I'm just surprised that Trump would talk to a 45 year old woman
LORD VEGA Hace 10 meses
Here's what I believe to be a mystery solved!: Trump and no way write his own tweets... He has a host writer someone with a grasp of the English language. When he's on TV pouting like a child, he's incoherent and lethargic. As wrong as the tweets are, they do not reside in the mind of an Imbecile. Trump is the epitome of a handheld puppet.
Tony D
Tony D Hace 10 meses
this south african and the daily show s a joke, now he knows everything about the united states and i guess he can't make it in south africa until that lying Stewart brought him here
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