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Trump defends calling Apple CEO Tim Cook “Tim Apple,” suspicions of a fake Melania resurface, and connections are made between the president and the massage parlor owner at the center of Robert Kraft’s prostitution ring scandal.
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12 mar 2019






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Walter Smart
Walter Smart Hace 5 horas
Cindy Yankem knows Trump and has had her picture taken with half the GOP congress!
Marvel Antonio
Marvel Antonio Hace 8 horas
Trevor Noah ad before Trevor Noah video. Clever girl....
Mister Perez
Mister Perez Hace 11 horas
Mentally Absent Grandpa Asshat
john clhugyugihjbvgbkj
Why even say his last name?
Jon Jacoby
Jon Jacoby Hace 15 horas
The Fake First Lady? Of course a stunt double for risky sex? Good thinking.
Mermaid We
Mermaid We Hace 18 horas
The paper used in the trump inditements is threatening the ecosystem
Voice of Reason
Voice of Reason Hace un día
And the commenters are acting like this is their news source ha ha
Voice of Reason
Voice of Reason Hace un día
remember that this show is a comedy show. dont get your news from this one lol
Sujeyli Hernandez
Sujeyli Hernandez Hace un día
You are ugly
Omar Morales Luna
Omar Morales Luna Hace un día
Trump saving time and words reminds me of Kevin from The Office trying to save time by cutting down his already simplistic and childish way of speaking to the point nobody understood him.
Baht Hace un día
You can't talk about saving time and words when you give rambling two hour speeches.
Tango Bango
Tango Bango Hace 2 días
But...But...Dump said he called him “Tim Apple” on purpose? AND...I believe everything that DUMPITY DUMP says!
takudzwa mazwienduna
I'm not a fan of the Donald, but to be fair, I know a lot of people who refer to someone with places or institutions linked to them. I even save some of my contacts as Juan Vodacom referring to Juan who works at Vodacom or Tatenda Economics referring to Tatenda the guy I remember from economics class in varsity. It's unlikely that Trump meant that as a real name but a reference that helps him remember him and it stuck. Even my weed guys are called Gerry AK47, Duwayne Cheese, Dumisani Skunk and Nelson Durban Poison😂, so I can relate to Trump in this case.
Buzz Garrison
Buzz Garrison Hace 2 días
His way of calling him a fruit.
Mark Stanley
Mark Stanley Hace 2 días
The fake news media does this all the time. They doesn't say Ben Carson,they say Dr Carson...
Deanna Dunbar
Deanna Dunbar Hace 2 días
Why do I keep seeing my face .why are you following me everywhere I go .stalker,and you a frad.keep me out of your social B's .can't stand social media. Don't ever put a chip on my phone again Ibm Watson.
Yves Delage
Yves Delage Hace 2 días
Joe Biden got tongue tied over the weekend when he was unable to properly deliver a very simple line about his decision to run for president. (Donald Trump tweet, 6:14 am, march 18th 2019) And, of course, Trump never gets tongue tied. He simply screws up the words. Tim Apple or Marillyn Lockheed. And then lies about it. Get used to it. Another low IQ individual
AVBlaster Hace 2 días
Pretty bad the percentage of this idiots followers that can't tell the difference between a stand up gig and news. And this is popular shit. Pat yourself on the back for the state of humanity and quit blaming everyone else.
AVBlaster Hace 2 días
So is this guy a comedian or an intellectual?? Pretty shitty job at both. He should get an education.
AVBlaster Hace 2 días
Oh yeah he is an entertainer. A fake for profit.
Adrian Dane Kenny
Adrian Dane Kenny Hace 3 días
he lost to his predecessor. john. stewart. right? stewart was his sirname.
Adrian Dane Kenny
Adrian Dane Kenny Hace 3 días
so trevor noah. lost
Isatou Lowe
Isatou Lowe Hace 3 días
Trump is really greeting confused in his brain and it's greeting worst for every single day in his life god is the greatest and god is not sleeping at all you can lie to everyone but you cannot lie to God do good get good good bad things in your life you will never feel comfortable or happiness this is God rules I really feel sorry for trump with all your billion of dollars you are not comfortable with your own life God bless you Ameen
Sick of all this winning
Trump wants to save time and words....hahaha hundreds of Executive Hours and thousands of tweets...lazy inarticulate loser
Big Earl
Big Earl Hace 3 días
Yo, so you like to divide, how has that worked in Africa? Don't you get tired of getting crumbs of Liberal and socialists white folks. You know you are only being tolerated, don't you know white people are afraid to tell you how you only complain, act like victims, and have lost any semblance of character. White folks don't laugh with you, they lough at you, but you still don't get it, do you.
Rock Island
Rock Island Hace 3 días
Scum bag, don't make fun of people who actually contribute economically, socially, scientifically, and create jobs. You being stupid and playing your worthless race card will one day run out of the tax payers money and then you get your cup out and beg, rather then steal new.
Bigdog427 Hace 3 días
You from South Africa, stay there with your murders, aids, destruction of your economy and make fun of your own ass hole people who destroy and never contribute. My our socialist scum see you for what your are!
Inga Nodie
Inga Nodie Hace 3 días
Leader of hillbillies
Paul Hace un día
I guess More than Half of America are us Hillbillies !Trump 2020 so suck it ya socialist scumbag
Peaches Hace 3 días
Melania must have been promised something pretty awesome to hold the orange thing its hand.
Ryo Manga
Ryo Manga Hace 3 días
Trump should have said that he meant "Thank you TEAM Apple"
Amisha malik
Amisha malik Hace un día
That's actually so smart
100,000 subscribers without one video
Haha how funny... God, you people really want to make one of the best presidents look bad.
Peaches Hace 3 días
The orange thing does that all by itself. We just laugh at it.
JaveriaSohails Hace 3 días
Oh god he couldn’t make more of a fool of himself if he tried 😂 😂
Trump could have said he meant Team Apple
arthur taylor
arthur taylor Hace 3 días
Is this guy don lemons brother?
Paul Hace un día
Just another black ho mo
DankNSpank Hace 4 días
So...can I call Trump "Donald ClosetWhiteNationalist"?
Hace 4 días
The Daily show kid with his 2 cents flight bags filled with lead bars would make a great entrance into a tank full of sharks being eaten alive. Trump sitting on the side line eating popcorn. With faggot & husband Michelle out of office they have no audience to pick on.
sameera yasar
sameera yasar Hace 4 días
Donald compulsive liar😂😂
Frankg Estrada
Frankg Estrada Hace 4 días
I been at. Cindy's hand job spa!
Frankg Estrada
Frankg Estrada Hace 4 días
Funny that this is not FAKE..........
Chris Ducat
Chris Ducat Hace 4 días
This is why 2016 was such a shitshow. BOTH Hillary AND Trump were PATHOLOGICAL LIARS. They just lied about random shit that nobody gives a fuck about...which means god only knows what big things they lie about. For Hillary, it was the "helicopter fire" when she was touring the world as First Lady in the mid-1990s. This is very pathological stuff...and we shouldn't elect people who just lie about random shit that nobody would care about otherwise...it shows they have severely impaired judgement.
d.u.g. Drilly
d.u.g. Drilly Hace 4 días
i love Trump's tweets. he is so much more detailed in his tweeting than he is in his words.
Cyro-Nydd Hace 4 días
To be fair, 45 doesn't seem like the guy who would go *to* a massage parlor. It's far more likely he'd order delivery.
David Suttles Jr.
David Suttles Jr. Hace 4 días
I haven't seen Melania hold his hand in a while so not sure of this one.
Tsukiyo Hace 4 días
Jeff Amazon, Mark Facebook, Elon Tesla xD. Trevor should be Trevor Daily Show
Raging Red
Raging Red Hace 4 días
Trump used to (maybe still does) rape Epstein's child slaves all the time. This isn't touched by anyone since Bill Clinton is also chums with Epstein. Since he's the last Dem to sweep the South, Dem HQ wants to keep him around to woo them again. It's a damn shame.
Andy 281
Andy 281 Hace 4 días
The Daily show is being looked into with his faults lies, its about time.
Xolani Ndaba
Xolani Ndaba Hace 4 días
Lmao... Save time and words... Lol... Lmao...
Mark Beaudry
Mark Beaudry Hace 4 días
Trump is narcissistic so his obsessive mind might actually work that way.
Onabanjo SimileOluwa
The I'll be fine sounds so Nigerian😂😂
Janine Dixon
Janine Dixon Hace 5 días
Not real news but that woman in the video is not Melania.
Shakkar Zimmerman
Shakkar Zimmerman Hace 5 días
That's brainwashed and she some love corruption year's must be good in her state
Farrah TROUSSELET Hace 5 días
swanepoel dewet
swanepoel dewet Hace 5 días
Trevor so funny I hope President Trump wins 2020 because if he does not your show will only be 2 minutes long ,the intro song and outro song included LOL, U will be out off work lol
Paul H. Kircher III
Paul H. Kircher III Hace 5 días
It's just bad boys being bad ya heards me on the loudspeaker.
Grayson Bennett
Grayson Bennett Hace 5 días
Any one heard of the "Paul is dead" thing?
Tragoudistros.MPH Hace 5 días
Fake Melania let's Trump hold her hand.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Hace 5 días
Trump also referred to Marilyn Hewson as Marilyn Lockheed. I wonder he knows that Elon’s last name isn’t Tesla, Mark’s last name isn’t Facebook, and Bill’s last name isn’t Microsoft.
Lorna Nunez
Lorna Nunez Hace 5 días
The Orangemen is the scum of the Earth. And all the Slime balls are lined up slamming their way to him. Hookers prostitute p*** star conspiracy criminal activity judge jewelry Sean Hannity. Lock them up.
Lorna Nunez
Lorna Nunez Hace 5 días
So he's saving the letters of the alphabet when he signed his signature. Great idea dummy.
Lovi Bailey
Lovi Bailey Hace 6 días
Hey... you are a rude piece of crap talking to your president like that.
quaqmireful Hace 6 días
Tim Apple. Tim is surely unsure whether Trump is thanking him or being condescending!
Phoenix Blue
Phoenix Blue Hace 6 días
Trump literally has early stage dementia, and the slurred speech--Alzheimer's? Apparently, he was once very well spoken, with a quite large vocab., and wit. Now, IDK WTF he is or is trying to say, he's lost touch w/reality, and cannot sound anything more than moronic.
madyjules Hace 6 días
Brilliant Trevor... ! You’ve just suggested the framework for a new, hilarious game: Six Degrees of Corruption: The Presidential Edition
Mduduzi Mtshali
Mduduzi Mtshali Hace 6 días
He could have just said on that tweet, 'I said Team Apple'
धनंजय गजानन परुळेकर
I am back and ready to bash trump presidency again tonight - Late night democratic puppets
Ex Essex
Ex Essex Hace 6 días
0:35 "You've really put a big investment in our country." Trump speaks English like members of my beginners English class.
Shawn Barrett
Shawn Barrett Hace 6 días
basically communists were rebels they promised a lot of populist things to people and then there were exact same corrupted as previous regime.. hungry tigers and people thirsty for power wants money and privileges and conviced the masses into submission under false pretenses government $ cares lets realize politicians salary is twice the sale official of the security guard of water and power guy who works extra shift. so what these people creabout? to be worshipped and admired obviously.. that is our average president unless they came from wealthier families and a little kinky. but so these people care about power and suffer narcissism. many not so bright but know where to say and what to say in robotic ways they studied and got up the social climbing ladder enough. not genuine a little bit. With president Trump the advantage is that he is original and did not grow up kissing anyone ass for a living.. well not sure relations with his father but i cant imagine his dad was super tyrannical. esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-BE9kOlBRHok.html esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-kM4hnEuYlW8.html Basically priorities for an average poiccan $250K solar? expenses paid and one in white house for a bit peopel clapping and they being amsted and that is about it and that all those other peopel thing they they must be smart. so there is a prelude on government always is about looking polished say the “right” thing at the right time no matter if it is genuine just sound policies. and then peopel always are made happy with money. s all president promises we look after u and pay u.. so it is totally communists. then the gorvermnet only benefits from military really main budget in the US. and all corrupted politician get ties to oil and gas companies or other industries they on board of directors excerisisng political powers. it si basically tea parties to show up 3 times a year at a board of director meeting and get paid 50K per year. if there is a club of board of directors liek on 20 companies basically it is like going for coffee 60 times a year with pleasant peopel friend and get self paid 1mln easy . teh purpose is to not really think at these meeting but to agree with trusted friends.. these trusted friends maybe someone not very bright engineer at major oil an gas company that made horrible drilling decision in indonesia. basically peopel are operating on autipolit. it is really a blessing we get a fresh air of eye look at things nd question a little like donald trump. and that w get bad actors obviously such as the super sexy cricket players run for p residents.. and what is the main “talent “ there again operate military.. basically we are feeding the ego.. ours indi andy also and also collectively. remember collective is irreversible individual m a i be?? t a i esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo--tdkC9VeEik.html what is showing in this video obviously is against any common sense liek any war and how a pakistan supports and also US support both end of the military conflicts cause of certain “poly tidal benefits and obviously financial form selling weapons .. so what are the big words on wrks saves and expect of human rights. let also not war ship president judges or anyone of sorts how are they not same people. t is liek there eis one door or may doors without signs at the en of the journey or doe snot matter what they sighs are.. bit so is the skin and the bodies.. prisons are places to not steer peopel in right decoration or places of abuse. just liek in life what we need to creat is direct educational uplifting experience here and what we do here to each other is hardships. look at rosie the landlord se really things she is hungry tiger the victim and some ig deal landlord and that she is the one with emergency situation. so how many peopel we have around who suds like victims look liek victims shout loud complains dn blame. and what is really happening. nd so they send these signals of supposedly they suffering nd treated unjustly nd it is all fake sounds.. and thy shout that everyone else lies and cheats and slanders them too. just look at rosie closely is she a bully or a victim? what about he ego.. and what is wrong with al the epoepl who think they are so important.. money wise obviously their dyck is not big enough they jesus of business.. but power wise when they get to it they abuse it with their limited intellectual capacities in variety of ways are they to be trusted. and what is they inside of the brain expansions. what si the capacity in that brain that make them do say and decide about certain things.. why do we need god. and why do we need a judge and why? not? why now? because ethos is the very core of communs type of thing that someone one kind smart great guy - normally adictaors to look after all sick and poor and that mean mostly evything thinks to self this ne disctaor looks after ME. and very day peopel go around thinking that and start to urn on each other to take advantage. they answer o that one god who looks after them and to they family who also looks after them but mostly god because they look after themselves the ost.. so we get all the epos go around saying i chose any time god over my husband or church over my husband of kids and that is bs.. because ewhould they chose to give up all material possessions - ask them ? they free out hire whole bunch of layers and start fighting with their husbands right away forget church. church doe snot want or ask them to give up their material possessions unless it is a to donate to church t do what ? buy more art build another facility and hire some slaves who be all day saying hater u order bat uychka? it is abs
Shawn Barrett
Shawn Barrett Hace 6 días
Shawn Barrett
Shawn Barrett Hace 6 días
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-DNWdefFd65o.html a lot of people in prison looked liek thsi - he proxy was put on high doze and had allergic reaction or just allergic reaction not a lot of features? that were healing?? a lot? one is enAgh? do they experiment on peopel in prisons hairs falling Aut measure their pressure several taims a day etc duhi? see duh n box hin du? hint u? stan mosc the guy was joking a husband said he put gos under his wife car so she told female judge the judge seemed concerned it was clear he guy was joking and pretending. yet the judge took this seriously.. it is ridiculous to bring the typeof issue to court? it is different kind of mental games that often needs a warning esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-JgJCLPqy7og.html esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-oKbC3DBqXQc.html
Shawn Barrett
Shawn Barrett Hace 6 días
basically what is going on with all pipeline and there get to be some kind of sense in all of this and it has to be un biased. Instead of string all the wars and creating monster unions which is basically horrible communist entireties where peopel just smoking mariguna and degrading cause they know way to fire them and so for many peel it is stagnant and convenient and so they " think they green" all they greed is the paycheck and they smoke self to death doing jobs they hate and then having two boyfriends simultaneously they live with and "love" relations. or maybe it is a family f=with many ids and down syndrom. So basically if ellen wants to attribute 10K to those type of families is fine. But peopel simply not educated. and as a society this women with kid with down syndrome I am actually wondering was he a result of a medical error and accident ?? did she know the kid had all the health problems and she decided to have him any ways?? It is fine if she can have a private sponsor. but why we help this one specific woman, when we have so many homeless peopel or people in syria who suffered from war their family members and kids who were otherwise in perfect mental and physical shape getting killed, because of US wanting to make sure people in the US are wealthy and can donte 10K to some retarded kid who needed heart surgery and continue to create this ray image of a contrite?? over so many dead bodies pretending they fight for other freedom in Middle East or venesualla ? Just liek Joe Biden and his entire cabinet - first thing was woudl they do - start a few wars?? Beacause we then can say we prosperous and rich and we share wealth helping reatrded kid who is US citizen? honestly this wealth is not coming from the sources that are honest and if wealth is created by actually creating lack of competition starving other chantries and creating wars.. who supposedly are bad actors? it is the US government announcing that there are bad actors.. did they look in the mirror?? I honestly do not thin that Donald trump coming from real estate even realizes the stern of corruption and the flies on the spiritual cow he is. Make america great again. Especially the he gets intordced to Oil nd Gas. nd the il and gas company have little control Outside of their own horrible corporate policies. Government collects a lot of royalties and taxes from these corporations. government makes money from selling weapons not not necessary even oil and gas even that too. from trading pharma from organ harvesting. and it is indiiadal corrupted players who figured Aut how they can make some money .. like stealing from illil immigrant here and there a little bit of gold. to sell at gold by weight as addiction to income etc. that how it starts. it is small peopel individual greed an then increasing and stupidity of it. and being able to see being that is is not just about immdeutae family and being an elite. a security guard wo has a ob of watch dod is else with his 100K salary and year long vacation smoking marhuana every day goin to amble because of non stop laughing ehe? maruhun overdose or MLS. is he shaking why cause of over dose or MLS. etc. basically how is thsi not te end of the wrl. In capitalist society we have super stagnant socialist system. Even the carts. It is a communist regime in there with judges being stalin. police stealing and corrupted sherifs, and they make direct threats that people are naive. Why do we say we are not liking socialist system because we are pushing into communists territory, which court and judges being the main witches or sorcerer. If that is white hunt that we get to hunt those witness does wearing their black robes only they lost their hats?? making money of real estate fraud.. so many of them .. lawyers ..
Shawn Barrett
Shawn Barrett Hace 6 días
basically, gas is super cheap and the cleanest source to produce electricity. It is used mostly to cover the variable spikes of the demand for electricity.. like high heat for Air conditioning, and then heating as well. The gas is being stored in huge natural underground reservoirs after it is being produced. but when gas is deliberately produced and t plan its storage is one situation. Another situation when the ild is produced but there is gas production. as well it is call associated gas. Many times the gas is not captured when it is associated and especially when it is cheap. it is not worth it to build pipelines to capture that gas, and instead they gas what they call it being flared. that creates major problem for environment bviouldy some gas escapes. and some just burns. and what can be done with that gas instead is to produce super cheap electricity and that has not been done massively. which need to happen more often. oil and gas what US is trying to do now is to sell that cheap gas in liquified form to Europe, where there is great demand for oil and gas. US gas is so cheap actually cheaper than Russian gas domestically. But the problem is transportation and liquefaction process that makes the gas more expensive but the time it gets to Europe. But US wants to market its gas and make money especially after all the cuts in budget and overspending.. It needs to see natural resources and the energy is heavily politicized. OPEC and such organization that exist for oil - is liek a monopoly they agree how much oil is to be produced and then it helps to regulate the price of oil. Because ether eis always that one producer that can compete and sell oil for cheaper, bit cantries do not want to do that. Because that exhaust their resources and they also themselves want a better price for their oil. On the gas side there eis not such organization as OPEC. So gas market is not regulated at all. But then peopel get to create something like OPEC on gas side? Because all it results is wars' dn trying to suppress whatever countries or control pipelines and land access from Russia nd Cantries which are in teh most of war deemed unreliable which can help certain Cantries to benefit from selling the oil. Basically. there is not such thing as being green. it is all about optimization and same I alway think of an example like a knife is nessesry in house hold, but with knife there is possible to kill a person a murder. so if gas green - yes it is. but not when it was being lated into atmosphere and not gathered to produce electricity for cheap. Point is also utilities in California are super expensive why? because there eis shortage of fuel fossil supply to produce electricity. Because also teh ilene capacity is very limited and the prices are inflated around California specifically because peopel over compensate saying they are green. Peopel just against "knifes" aka pipeline. when they maybe nessesry. As you can see when there eis no storage the price of gas produced becomes negative instead of buying gas at store pruucers willing to pay money so the storage takes their gas for free. etc. another rbsseration is that even though US is a "capitalist system" with so many unions on its body such communist union as "post office" utilities water and power, police, public schools mediocre. it is all becaimeing way to socialist nd regulated. With over populations jobs becoming so comparatives people try to get rid of each other. In court I saw the most ridiculous court cases, when peopel trying to get someone fired because they were late form lunch break by 10 min scanning badge. etc. Basically Shawn brother working as a security guard for water and power union.is able to support 2 mexican little boyfriends. aka domestic partnership with 2 brothers. works as security guard smokes marihuana hates his job obviously cause he basically sit there easa dog in small booth. and does not want to go to work. but cant get fired since he is apart of the union. and also he can get paid over 100K per year working extra shifts even more. Other eis so many things that are going on Autsibe od green. Bu the way to harness solar energy it is also a bs. The solar needs to accumulate in some kind of storage batteries. Any batteries I cant marring they can be green. And so how much storage is possible and how expensive it is? And also do we want to pay that utility that cost so much monet. Just as with electric cars. when electricity is so expensive why?? because where there is demand hub like lot of people but there is not a supply of super cheap gas and there is no pipeline capacity people are being severely over charged for utilities. and we create master "important unions" liek water and power" nd mass incarceration because there is such unfriendly crazy prices simply breed poverty so easily. who can afford 600 dollar utility bill on bedroom small house? that is 7.2K per year just water electricity and gas is only 30 dollars per month?? also why not furnace some houses directly linked to electricity? also who makes money is those private refineries. the green is that we do optimization of supplies. Another point is that Mexico needs gas. It was previously exporting they gar or oil to the US. and there is now a shortage of fossil fuel in Mexico and it can become an importer. But does US was to build pipeline to supply mexico? because mexico doe snot offer best price? and they are no europe?
Shawn Barrett
Shawn Barrett Hace 6 días
in russia they say pravo ohranitelnye they do not sa law enforcement it say protection of law or being legal esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-rSRwxGCZJKs.html esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-j-6hvxMsABY.html esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-6afdMFPaGH4.html trump tries to prevent entry? the immigrants who were let in before he started is a different situation esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-6k6jwa-Orw4.html esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-rSRwxGCZJKs.html esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-obSGHsh41dk.html esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-VAXQhF8b90Q.html esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-nQQc-_fESiU.html esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-cUKmlZlJUX0.html watch diplomat ukrally in magazine voshod esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-7VO2Dje_Nzs.html it isnt an apple it is t e m p e r a N C E t u r e they korean eat baby mice new born while it is screaming nd they take live mice and put it into flame and eat it while it still s c re a ms esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-4Y1VL9wFfNw.html esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-GxdgCPtanow.html esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-GxdgCPtanow.html esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-fIqXIEVz9e0.html esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-COlIZouKbS4.html esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-7r47mMDG-Gc.html esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-3Iw2VipUMys.html www.hartenergy.com/exclusives/moving-gas-mexico-waha-its-going-be-ugly-30046 seekingalpha.com/news/3391899-texas-waha-nat-gas-prices-plunge-60-percent-following-pipeline-force-majeures marcellusdrilling.com/2018/11/permian-gas-at-waha-hub-briefly-trades-at-0-implications-for-m-u/ rbnenergy.com/la-freeway-socal-storage-constraints-sideswipe-permian-gas-prices rbnenergy.com/whatever-it-takes-whistler-pipeline-project-goes-the-extra-mile-to-link-permian-and-gulf-coast-markets rbnenergy.com/trouble-every-day-possible-fixes-to-the-permians-gas-takeaway-constraints rbnenergy.com/waha-rollercoaster-permian-natural-gas-prices-ride-constraint-driven-volatility rbnenergy.com/waha-rollercoaster-permian-natural-gas-prices-ride-constraint-driven-volatility WTI esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-4kwkLQ-yW3U.html esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-pzmO6RWy1v8.html esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-OQuceU3x2Ww.html what happens if ISIS controls oil and gas reserves?? what happens when US tx controls oil and gas reserves. what ISIS going to do? ISIS= rebels
Brigitte Jowanka
Brigitte Jowanka Hace 6 días
Tammie Johnson
Tammie Johnson Hace 6 días
Unbelievable hypocrisy ✊🏿
James Murray
James Murray Hace 6 días
Trump, Kraft, Epstein, etc...fund the girls brought over and the spas. Bet.
Marc Andersen
Marc Andersen Hace 6 días
My friend Cindy Handjob. LOL
Nasser Bastanmehr
Nasser Bastanmehr Hace 6 días
He is a fool so SAD. And he is our President. What the fuck HAPPENED.
Wanda Cordero
Wanda Cordero Hace 6 días
Lisa Etinger
Lisa Etinger Hace 6 días
Hey Trevor, you are more stupid than you look
Cab Terrot
Cab Terrot Hace 6 días
Gosh, Zippy is soooo confused. That's you, Noah.
Jeff Tatus
Jeff Tatus Hace 6 días
Trump is suffering from early stage dementia. The GOP will overlook just about any of Trump's lie/behavior... it's sad, really sad, I mean... really, really sad. His mind cannot finish a complete thought anymore.
Sandra Browning
Sandra Browning Hace 6 días
Don't' be duped. Melania has had an agenda for decades ever-after . She leads him by the hand, money and honey. From one marker to the next. It's meta-spherical. She's studied being a systems user, manifesting mature soul ideals while he is manifesting young soul ideals and studied nothing but his pecker. Mature Soul Melania=idealism with no debt, let the sun shine, you cant catch me, hit the dirt wherever and survive. While young Soul Donald=lifetime spring-breakers that make trash and gain debt.{naïve sliders}
john carioscia
john carioscia Hace 6 días
I hope Kraft steps on Trevor like the cockroach Moulanyan he is!
Sarah McCoy
Sarah McCoy Hace 6 días
Melania body double? Holy cow. No, that would be Sarah Sanders.
Cod Man
Cod Man Hace 6 días
Do ye ever shut up OMG your sad people what's wrong with ye
S D Hace 6 días
Is this guy stoned? His eyes are really red.
Faith Bowman
Faith Bowman Hace 6 días
"I wanted A-rod for myself"
Helena Erardag
Helena Erardag Hace 6 días
Lorry Ann
Lorry Ann Hace 6 días
Lol, "Cindy Handjobspa"
rand43 Hace 6 días
Wow, compounding lies; you're on a roll Trump lol
Leon V
Leon V Hace 7 días
She does have a body double the real one ran away long time ago.
Sumora Hace 7 días
Hey, you are getting better at this. Funny, really funny!
Alan Vervaeke
Alan Vervaeke Hace 7 días
He did it once before with the woman from Lockheed
Air Force Times
Air Force Times Hace 7 días
Almost all media in the US are making fun of the honorable President.
Mr Macarony
Mr Macarony Hace 7 días
I see Trump and his Sons share everything,including a Pimp.😂
Tom F Linden
Tom F Linden Hace 7 días
`... first I met Tim Apple in Pleasure, a beautifull, hot village near this beautifull town belgium ...`
Superdougy Dougy
Superdougy Dougy Hace 7 días
Trev you are not nice.
ShariSez1 Hace 7 días
Because we all know that the Orange Boil is a whore that will do anything for money.
isaac anthony
isaac anthony Hace 7 días
Donald Trump is a traitor, and should spend the rest of his miserable life in Guantanamo bay. Instead, Republicans let him get away with betraying the citizens of the United States. If Jesus Christ came to America, he would be ashamed of these con artists and demagogues!
isaac anthony
isaac anthony Hace 7 días
Donald Trump is a pawn of SATAN! Good lord in heaven help these people to see the truth about this immoral tool of the devil! God is good, Trump will go to hell and so will all of those who defend this FALSE PROPHET!
reorg Hace 7 días
Fuck off back to South Africa.....you stupid cunt..... apologies, cunts are useful ....you're just a puppet for the clintons
amanda miller
amanda miller Hace 7 días
Trumps “hob-nobbing” with human traffickers
Talaris Watts-El
Talaris Watts-El Hace 7 días
Trevor, Thank you!!! I was thinking the exact same thing! How is Trump somehow involved in every scandal!?
Lynne A.
Lynne A. Hace 7 días
He knows the best words ! Trump insanity
Kim Pinske
Kim Pinske Hace 7 días
Time to promote peace.
Velicya Rembert
Velicya Rembert Hace 7 días
Melania has to be fake...we all know trump dont like to hold her hand🤷🏾‍♀️
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I like him now that he rips on JUSSIE!
Juan Zamora
Juan Zamora Hace 7 días
This sounds like she was trump's recommendation to the Patriots owner.
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