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Cam Newton is now a member of the @New England Patriots
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29 jun 2020






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Tarvario Johnson
Tarvario Johnson Hace 3 horas
Can’t believe you left us😭😭😭
Singing Sxphia
Singing Sxphia Hace un día
Yo I met this dude at a gas station it was rlly cool
Nando Red Malachovski
This is Von-Trai "Money V" Porter iPhone is Carollynn Porter's iPhone bought in August 2019 he came to see Carollynn Porter at 794 Mass Ave Boston Mass 02118 from in person with her finally touch his Mommy Carollynn Porter from 2014 the day they pulled me away from my Mommy Carollynn Porter when I never wanted to leave her I call her my Queen she will also be my Mommy even if no one meant her she is mine forever ever
Dolfo Jr
Dolfo Jr Hace 2 días
oh yea... there’s a storm coming.
Brian Bee
Brian Bee Hace 3 días
Part of me thinks the Broncos broke this guy. I could be wrong, I'm just saying.
Kaleb White
Kaleb White Hace 3 días
Yall got a squad great defense and a good line and receivers oh shi
Fe4r Hace 4 días
Rip hussle. Marathon forever!
Amare Knight
Amare Knight Hace 4 días
U are the reason for the panthers was the best team ever now the patriots will be but panthers 4L
will neal
will neal Hace 4 días
Cam bouta drop 40 on they head 😂
matthew dipilato
matthew dipilato Hace 4 días
Welcome to New England Cam!1 Can't wait to see you in a Patriots Uniform and lookin' fly at Gillette!!
Hunter Chipman
Hunter Chipman Hace 4 días
You can see it in his eyes he's on a mission this season.
Audio Tool
Audio Tool Hace 5 días
Welcome to New England!
Quick Easy Meals
Quick Easy Meals Hace 5 días
What is the plan for TD celebrations this year? I mean, you do plan to score - right? So you gotta plan a celebration maybe not for you but for your fans...so whats the 2020 End Zone celebration?
tr3hrdvoltz Hace 5 días
I’ve been a panthers fan all my life but since June I’ve been a patriots fan go cam!!
Alex Wilson
Alex Wilson Hace 5 días
Aye killa cam gon go back to 2
Martin Solomon
Martin Solomon Hace 5 días
We love you Cam Newton 😈🖤👑
YonnieTV Gaming
YonnieTV Gaming Hace 5 días
1ove💙-cam Newton 🤘
kyoko703 Hace 5 días
Mr. Beast brought me here. Hope to see you do more as you become more. :-)
Glockboy Byron
Glockboy Byron Hace 6 días
Cam still raw u a panther legend 🤟🏿🖤
Matt Chis
Matt Chis Hace 6 días
Welcome to New England cam
Dajour Hull
Dajour Hull Hace 6 días
I really felt this video. Jeesh🔥😤
Jonah Carvalho
Jonah Carvalho Hace 6 días
I am a bears fan but let’s see what you got Cam in New England
ghostnight 45
ghostnight 45 Hace 6 días
Welcome cam to Patriots nation also your my idol
Will Poster
Will Poster Hace 6 días
Welcome to the team cam
Dylan Granger
Dylan Granger Hace 6 días
when u draft cam on your fantasy team for starting qb. and always have
John Gesaman
John Gesaman Hace 6 días
Still Von Miller’s bitch
G Stans
G Stans Hace 7 días
Been through the same in the corporate field and have overcome it...keep going...marathon continues
john apple
john apple Hace 7 días
Who ever reads that comment, just play the song and think about Cam. I think 300 million views already in 4 weeks. When I hear the song, I think Cam Newton. How you like that.....
john apple
john apple Hace 7 días
Black Pink’s song should be your theme song. “How you like That”. “Take a look at Me, take a look at you”.
Aarav Hoskeri
Aarav Hoskeri Hace 7 días
Farewell Tom Brady hello Cam Newton
boss TURKLE Hace 7 días
He brought all that swag juice to NFL football
Roxy Valverde
Roxy Valverde Hace 7 días
You got this! Lets go!! Patriot Nation ALWAYS🏈🤘🏼
chaz pastor
chaz pastor Hace 8 días
Love you as a quarterback but just lose only against the Steelers lol that’s my team
Mark Dye
Mark Dye Hace 8 días
I think cam is under rated
Big Daddy Pound Cake
Imma say it. See you in the Superbowl Cam. We got football America GO OFF CAM. Without football I know a good man when I see one. Momma Cam you raised a real one 💯
adam bergqvist
adam bergqvist Hace 8 días
Damn if I had that rehab around the corner I would have make it to 😂 looks so fancy nice
zoobydogsdab 17
zoobydogsdab 17 Hace 8 días
I will always miss you cam
Swampfox Productions
We’re gonna miss you at Carolina Cam!
EastKeyTheBoss Hace 8 días
As a panthers fan this hurts
Emiliano Velazquez
Emiliano Velazquez Hace 8 días
WELCOME TO NEW ENGLAND!!! Best wishes for you and GO PATS!!!!
Ernestiyo Sapukan
Ernestiyo Sapukan Hace 9 días
Cam Newton still has to battle it out with the other 2 QBs. Looong wayyyy togo yet before Game Time.
Andru Fowler
Andru Fowler Hace 9 días
“I’m at yo neck”
Hitman Hace 9 días
No offense but you sound like your whining everyday
David Ball
David Ball Hace 9 días
Just when we thought that the Patriots were FINALLY going to suck!
Chillenkillen375 Hace 9 días
Wait bro they traded the best quarterback ever tf bro I just found out about this bra I'm so sorry bra I'm a Seattle fan but damn bro u kick are buts damn mush love tho and good luck
Yuliya Martsul
Yuliya Martsul Hace 9 días
You used to be my idol but now you are just a player I hate like Tom Brady 2 and I despised home with my life and looked up to you and loved you and now I wish you would leave the NFL
Dj Jay Jonah
Dj Jay Jonah Hace 10 días
We riding with you cam
Jade Alexandra
Jade Alexandra Hace 10 días
Good luck Cam. Get rid of that hair, it doesnt fit you
Carsyn Fimdley
Carsyn Fimdley Hace 10 días
I'm proud of cam I'm ready to watch him more than Brady
Sawyer Kridech
Sawyer Kridech Hace 10 días
Man it seems like Cam has gone through a midlife crisis since SB50
Robert Henderson
Robert Henderson Hace 10 días
Your still my Guy Cam Fan for Life go get what's yours. I'm ready for you to break records and get that money next season. 🏈🎯
Jesse Almaguer
Jesse Almaguer Hace 10 días
The new poeple who root for the Patriots next season aren't Patriots fans.....they're Cam Newton Fans. #GetItRight
Roderick Jenkins
Roderick Jenkins Hace 10 días
Go get that ring. 💍#QB1
Miguel Martinez
Miguel Martinez Hace 10 días
Hope you win a ring in New England
Whitespace Collective
Whitespace Collective Hace 10 días
"You been watching tape huh? That's cool, watch this."
Matthew Loftis
Matthew Loftis Hace 10 días
Would love a ring in ne
Timothy Cauley
Timothy Cauley Hace 10 días
You’re the greatest sport player to walk the earth
The Dorchaidhe
The Dorchaidhe Hace 11 días
As a lifelong Patriots and Tom Brady fan I want you to be forewarned is to what you're stepping into. You got to bring a level of Excellence that shows you can do something rather than collapse. You got to show Class 2. None of that fucking dabbing and bull crap you were doing on the field. That that's not reserved for arguably the best organization in football history. You want to do that shit you do that crap back in North Carolina or fucking Denver or Pittsburgh. You don't do that shit with the Patriots. Don't be that asshole that has to go acting like a clown and dance and dab and do all this stupid crap. Play the fucking game to win. You're a damn good quarterback but you're fucking Eagle in Fred jiloty is second to none. You got to put that shit aside and remember the footballs not about you it is about the fucking team. And that's been your biggest fucking problem as far as I'm concerned. Every fucking time I watch you on the field you're always trying to one-up everybody and talk a lot of shit or when they do a fucking dance move on the 1 yard line when they make a clutch player score a touchdown you're fucking right back at him. So you tip for Tat when it comes to dance move League. This the fucking NFL and you're the best organization over the last two decades. Grow the fuck up and I really hope we don't see that freaking schoolyard bull crap from.
LaLo YuP
LaLo YuP Hace 11 días
wish you the best of luck!
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