Fast Food Employees Rate Each Other's Chicken Sandwiches

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We had former Chick-fil-A, Popeyes, KFC, Wendy's, and McDonalds employees pick their favorite chicken sandwich.
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14 nov 2019






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զմεεη ϯίƒƒαηյ
It’s the Wendy’s girl for me
Zia RDS Hace 2 horas
BuzzFeed was dramatic as hell changing the Wendy's Girl music like that 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nicko Squad
Nicko Squad Hace 2 horas
Mariam Ali
Mariam Ali Hace 2 horas
Nobody: Wendy's girl:MaYBe thiS SanDwich Is CurseD
Piper Payne
Piper Payne Hace 2 horas
chick-fil-a is the bomb. hands down. don’t care what y’all say
ER0DE_ Hace 3 horas
Wendy’s girl got to get out of here she said Chick-fil-A was a 1
Yes lid
Yes lid Hace 3 horas
It's not just chicken, it's a chicken burger lol
Yes lid
Yes lid Hace 3 horas
Ronneh pickahren
Yes lid
Yes lid Hace 3 horas
Do you know who i am?
Yes lid
Yes lid Hace 3 horas
come on then?!!?!?
Yes lid
Yes lid Hace 3 horas
why what are you gna do?
Yes lid
Yes lid Hace 3 horas
dont say that
Phatyeet420 Hace 4 horas
Restaurant: makes a chicken sandwich. Wendy’s girl: do you have chosen death
WetDiaperMilk 69
WetDiaperMilk 69 Hace 5 horas
Bruh Wendy's girl talks smack but her burger looks like 💩💩
Prettymuch mayaa
Prettymuch mayaa Hace 7 horas
That Wendy's girl kinda getting on my nerves ngl .
AlmightyK Hace 7 horas
Did she really have to go off on the kfc tho?
King Mac
King Mac Hace 7 horas
Dude Wendy's is mad this girl is representing their brand in this video
nishkarsh goel
nishkarsh goel Hace 7 horas
Arent Wendys Employees supposed to be happy like the logo😂😂😂
rytiski Hace 8 horas
Wendy's girl don't know a chicken sandwich from a hole in the ground! UPDATE: I take that back! LOL!
Lilmightyghost YT
Lilmightyghost YT Hace 8 horas
Bro that Wendy employee is so negative
Edrick Hernandez
Edrick Hernandez Hace 11 horas
Never put that. Wendy's girl in a video again
Louanna Chambers
Louanna Chambers Hace 11 horas
The Wendy’s girl has annoyed me I have got to about 4 minutes I had to change video cos that girl was annoying me so much like if you agree the Wendy’s girl ruined the video and was unfair with rating
Zugwai Dennis
Zugwai Dennis Hace 12 horas
Wow Popeyes won in the fries video too 👏👏👏
TokenSZ Hace 12 horas
Wendys employee: not seasoned,to thin,bun too dry. when they pull out her sandwich it be looking like squashed road kill in between a cheap bun
Hell O
Hell O Hace 14 horas
i’m never eating in wendy’s if all their employees are like that b
Sweet ashoney
Sweet ashoney Hace 14 horas
Wendy's chicken is that type that will insult you while smiling
BananaDerp1 Hace 15 horas
I bet wendys girl had positive comments about wendys sandwich Edit: also why did it play different music for wendys girl, prob cause they know the insult is gonna be negative
Šhadowš Hace 16 horas
Wendy’s girl has dishonorable taste
Nolen Tabor
Nolen Tabor Hace 16 horas
That Wendy’s girl is so annoying and you can tell she thinks she’s all that
Elijah Pridemore
Elijah Pridemore Hace 16 horas
Nah she kinda like a Karen
VerSyph Hace 17 horas
Wendy’s girl:needs some seasoning a lil tip make a formula if the supercalafragilistic pothagaria thrym she acting like she Gordon ramsy
Melly Carson
Melly Carson Hace 17 horas
Lmao, where does miss Wendy’s get that attitude? Like damn it’s a chicken sandwich...
rins hoe
rins hoe Hace 17 horas
okay but i love the popeyes guy he is adorable
Curren Wiggins
Curren Wiggins Hace 18 horas
Soon Wendy’s girls is gonna be like, “there’s chicken in this it’s obviously bad” 😂🤣
Graham Harvey
Graham Harvey Hace 18 horas
Bro u know she’s getting paid by Wendy’s to be saying chick fil a isn’t good
JMoney Hace 19 horas
The wendys girl is not telling the truth she only liked the wendy ones
Aldo Ohlmaier
Aldo Ohlmaier Hace 20 horas
The Wendy’s girl acts like she’s a professional chef
Suhani Kaur
Suhani Kaur Hace 21 un hora
The Wendy's girl has more salt than all of those burgers combined.
JAYLON NES Hace 22 horas
That Wendy’s girl is something elseeee😒🤣
bieburzz Hace un día
This Wendy's girl is so annoying. Not surprised that she doesn't work at Wendy's anymore, I guess even them couldn't handle her.
Breplayz Hace un día
Wendys girl has to go CHICK FILA IS NOT A 1 UR CRAZYYYYY
king blueberry
king blueberry Hace un día
I don't like the Wendy's girl
Naruto Fan
Naruto Fan Hace un día
We knew Popeyes would win. Folks wasn't fighting over nun.
ii FxithCherry ii
ii FxithCherry ii Hace un día
*Them complimenting each others except Wendy's* My mom : *ah this food not good for u home made very very much better* ! idk why that has broken grammar but yes
Armin Dizdarevic
Armin Dizdarevic Hace un día
the wendys girl talkin shi bout the other sandwiches but then the wendys one pulled up and look like a flip flop
Super Sam
Super Sam Hace un día
The Wendy’s girl is the person who had no friends in middle school
Qun quN
Qun quN Hace un día
That wendy s girl is curseeeed
Alex ?
Alex ? Hace un día
I mean mc donalds is good idk why the wendys girl would say that. I love cheese burgers
Thanos Alx
Thanos Alx Hace un día
Yo give that Wendy's girl a private chef, she more strict than my fricking parents
Ddingthechamp Hace un día
If the Beanie Guy replaced the Wendy's employee, jeez we in huge trouble
Hector2Icy YT
Hector2Icy YT Hace un día
The Wendy's sandwich look thin and flat
Hector2Icy YT
Hector2Icy YT Hace un día
Bro she has always has to say something like that bro get a Burger King employee kick that Wendy's girl out
Hector2Icy YT
Hector2Icy YT Hace un día
Bro if this Wendy's girl dont get here wendy's a** outa here she acting like she the boss
Hector2Icy YT
Hector2Icy YT Hace un día
Bruh the Wendy's girl is here too she was in the fries one too
Cherry_DekuYT UvU
Cherry_DekuYT UvU Hace un día
This Wendy's girl is too judgy and she is something else bruh
Shraddha Gohel
Shraddha Gohel Hace un día
Every comment by Wendy's is negative....y'all great at getting someone's self esteem down...
Taya Wilson
Taya Wilson Hace un día
Popeyes got the best chicken sandwich😍😍😍💕💕💕😘😘😝😝😝
FaZe_ yomama
FaZe_ yomama Hace un día
U know that Wendy's on Twitter is queen of roasts she works in Twitter team.
Obstanmarty Hace un día
Shut up Wendy's girl All u do is roast people
Shiv Bhakta
Shiv Bhakta Hace un día
Luna stay hating like dam
Molly’s Magnificent World
the wendy’s girl is PICKY
syclone Hace un día
i recognized one of the employee from the burger episode of 'making it big'
Priscillia Lepcha
Priscillia Lepcha Hace un día
1:56 she's annoying 🙃
Broken Vargas
Broken Vargas Hace un día
di- did she give a one to the chic-fil-a sandwich???... :(
Nicole Choong
Nicole Choong Hace un día
Is the Wendy’s girl Gordon Ramsey’s Long lost daughter
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