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See where we rank your favorite fast food salad! Because, if you’re going to eat a salad, it better be the best tasting salad you can find in a drive-thru! GMM #1475
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4 feb 2019






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Jessica Gula
Jessica Gula Hace un día
Everyone needs to go to el pollo loco and order a loco salad. They’re so good. Especially with their chicken on top
Cucumber Melon
Cucumber Melon Hace un día
It’s so sad watching gmm now... they don’t look enthusiastic as all and just look bored but they’ll keep doing it bc they’re getting paid a lot of money
Preston Ulibarri
Preston Ulibarri Hace 2 días
Where’s my New Mexico people at?
tater tot
tater tot Hace 2 días
What if you guys try to guess the best hash browns from these places???
SoRandomBethany Hace 3 días
I’m obsessed with the Wendy’s harvest salad!! The Apple dressing is the best!!
once of twice
once of twice Hace 3 días
2:35 am. Watching 2 dads eating grass lol I work at wendy so im a bit proud
SeaBassGames Hace 3 días
Rhett gave NM a shout out!
Giannis Moschopoulos
Representing Greek food with feta cheese!!(I'm surprised that Link likes it cause it has a unique flavor)
Daher Zaidan
Daher Zaidan Hace 4 días
so you made he cult official?
WEIRD without the R
WEIRD without the R Hace 4 días
These salad puns are great :0)
Ive not watched 1 episode of my hero academia
the mcdonalds salad is different now
FaZe MiniRug
FaZe MiniRug Hace 5 días
Why did you not try in,n,out
popcorn4me12 Hace 6 días
I understand keeping the dressing ranch to keep it even on the playing field but they needed to use the southwest dressing for the southwest salads
BrandonB311 Hace 7 días
Zaxbys is the best.
Johnny Hernandez
Johnny Hernandez Hace 7 días
you needed to add pollo loco salad
NOTa POTATO Hace 7 días
umm that totilla strip is called chicken foot in my country {NOT MADE WITH CHICKEN }
C Delany
C Delany Hace 8 días
Ads end at 1:50
Lil Printer Paper
Lil Printer Paper Hace 8 días
Chick fil a’s salads are amazing with Italian dressing
discord.gg/sTuWsPX Hace 8 días
chicken, bacon, bread, dressing and a little lettuce underneath. According to americans, thats a salad
Kay Schiller
Kay Schiller Hace 8 días
I love Rhett's reaction when Link says something cringy 😂
Noah VanDermark
Noah VanDermark Hace 8 días
You guys should of added Chick-fil-As cob salad
[redacted] watkins
[redacted] watkins Hace 9 días
8:20 This Is A Spinnidge
Cheddah Slammer
Cheddah Slammer Hace 9 días
Why did they pick average salads for certain fast food places, but rich salads from others. Burger King has an Apple Pecon Salad that is almost the same as the one from Mcdonalds.
Jared Carrick
Jared Carrick Hace 9 días
The better test would have been to see which salad liquefies your bowels the least.
Mighty Mouse
Mighty Mouse Hace 9 días
No chick fil a ... wtf... what r u PC? Figured
Kirby Curts
Kirby Curts Hace 10 días
I think you should do fruit pies
Brandon Harwell
Brandon Harwell Hace 10 días
"Have u seen a tortilla strip?" "No, i dont have that kind of cash." Me: "have u seen a chicken strip?"
InTheCrowd YT
InTheCrowd YT Hace 10 días
I want salad now, who else?
Randall Moore
Randall Moore Hace 12 días
I've watched this for years and have yet to see anything mythical
Marco Lopez13
Marco Lopez13 Hace 12 días
Notice he zooms on the tomato
FeelTheLack Hace 13 días
It annoys me when people don't like tomatoes.
PeanutSmash Hace 14 días
Never received my chalice nor the badges.... :/ Kinda sad
Christina East
Christina East Hace 15 días
Do you not rate them anymore because y’all got in trouble???
strange vision
strange vision Hace 15 días
are you guys just gobbling up brand deals or?
Nickthe Gazelle
Nickthe Gazelle Hace 19 días
Gonna have to check out his box😏
Noel Nichols
Noel Nichols Hace 20 días
Nice one
KAPP'N KRUNCH Hace 21 un día
Did GMM just start a cult?
Kadeen Dallas
Kadeen Dallas Hace 23 días
Is there not a chik fil a in California?
Hungry Ham
Hungry Ham Hace 24 días
You guys work so hard it’s motivating
turntupmoody Hace 26 días
Mc Donalds actually has 3 diff salads. The bacon chicken ranch is my favorite
Milkshake YT
Milkshake YT Hace 27 días
I wish I could join the Society but I don’t have money :(.
Mohammed Ahmed
Mohammed Ahmed Hace 29 días
And with that amount of dressing it is no longer considered "healthy."
Danya Awad
Danya Awad Hace 29 días
Can I have a salad *what kind of bread*
DaVinci Skate Co.
DaVinci Skate Co. Hace un mes
I watched this while eating Caesar salad
Ur average slav
Ur average slav Hace un mes
New intro looks sweet
RC Hace un mes
best store bought ice cream
Lucas Vidal
Lucas Vidal Hace un mes
I had no idea how rich the world of legume-related puns was!
ScarletNight Hace un mes
At what point does a salad become a chili or soup? Some of these have so much meat and beans its hardly fair to call it a salad anymore.
Are you guys starting a cult? Cause this is how you form a cult. And I want in.
Cherry Gaming
Cherry Gaming Hace un mes
I’m not surprised jack in the box won. I love their food. Their burgers are awesome. And even their other foods that aren’t burgers, coming from a burger place is awesome. I’ve said it many times, jacks is also a stoners paradise with all their wacky late night food. I love jack in the box.
Jackson V
Jackson V Hace un mes
Minno Durkin
Minno Durkin Hace un mes
Can’t believe you didn’t have Chick-fil-A salads in here wtf
Sarah Mannouch
Sarah Mannouch Hace un mes
mcd salads in the uk aint nothing like that- your lucky if you get 4 pieces of chicken!
yehwonn Hace un mes
what about the calories tho
funnybus3rd Hace un mes
c'mon guys, dont be sell outs
Master of Disguise
Master of Disguise Hace un mes
........and they finally sold out.
Butternutsquash Hace un mes
You guys should have tried Wendy's southwest salad
Teresa McMurrin
Teresa McMurrin Hace un mes
But does the chalice with the palace hold the brew that is true?
AlienWithABox Hace un mes
5:18 - 5:24 my dad and I whenever there's tomato on my plate
basketball guru
basketball guru Hace un mes
Do a blind ramen taste test
Belvarion Hace un mes
Wendy's Southwest Avocado salad would have been a better comparison and honestly probably would have gotten #1. I'm an avid salad eater and it's probably my favorite fast food salad. Also Subway makes a good salad too as an honorable mention!
Bailey Smith
Bailey Smith Hace un mes
honestly i would put wendys in 1st and mcdonalds in second but add the tortillas and make an ultimate southwest mix with fruit salad
Bailey Smith
Bailey Smith Hace un mes
these guys sharing the salads is a disaster. get two next time
megan johnson
megan johnson Hace un mes
Blair Rebecca
Blair Rebecca Hace un mes
"I love an inclusive salad"
taylor Hace un mes
Should've had the vegetarian dude in this one. He could've avoided the meat and eaten the rest.
Dustin Cole
Dustin Cole Hace un mes
I like when Rhett go “AHAHAHSHAHHAHAHAHAHAA” much funny
Jayz_Marley Hace un mes
Do y’all use this information to buy specific items at fast food chains lol
Michael Fox
Michael Fox Hace un mes
Yo guys im from Greece and here we make feta and its not like this in your salad ....
Camisha Brown
Camisha Brown Hace un mes
Houston...... we have a marinade situation lol
PixelBoshi Hace un mes
anyone know where i can get that shirt Link is wearing?? Someone come in clutch!
MilkyWay2001 Hace un mes
i love wendy's salads
Ahnsan23 Hace un mes
Video starts at 2:10
BadHiVal Hace un mes
A guy who doesn’t like certain foods should not be taste testing food.
Kind of disappointed you guys didnt get the Chick-fil-A chicken cob salad
Isabella Avery
Isabella Avery Hace un mes
Spicy Chicken Salad from Wendy's is amazing 😍😍
Justin Fox
Justin Fox Hace un mes
Just get them their own bowl. Like you guys cant afford another bowl?
King Shep
King Shep Hace un mes
I have joined the mythical society >:)
Nilly Phily
Nilly Phily Hace un mes
the patent pending salad tosser
Drakeziel Mathis
Drakeziel Mathis Hace un mes
Video starts at 2:25
Joshua Hace un mes
Did they just eat an apple salad with ranch dressing....
Mr12Relic Hace un mes
I just got an ad for the least-salad thing possible: A meatball pot pie from Banquet.
Eric Slutsky
Eric Slutsky Hace un mes
Someone messed up and got 2 of the salads switched. The McDonald's southwest chicken salad was the one that won with the tortilla strips (you even see them in the graphic at 5:07) at and the Jack in the Box southwest chicken salad was the one with all the corn that came in 3rd, you had them labeled backwards.
PC Reloaded
PC Reloaded Hace un mes
Anyone remember their older songs. i loved the OCD song.
Nakuzami Hace un mes
"The chicken did not wow me" Link says as I'm literally sitting here watching while eating a plain piece of Wendy's grilled chicken
AJ Gamer
AJ Gamer Hace un mes
I been watching you foods since 2010
Brandi H
Brandi H Hace un mes
I have to admit the Chicken salad at Arbys is soo much better than the turkey, but I'm also wondering why they even got the turkey one when they mostly got all the rest in chicken.
Pwediepie Hace un mes
The guy on the end in the snow is Callux
Joey Chew
Joey Chew Hace un mes
I like how it serious it gets XD
v i v i p o p
v i v i p o p Hace un mes
v i v i p o p
v i v i p o p Hace un mes
Irma lmao idk how to spell it but i think it’s Chick-Fa-La, google it
Irma Hace un mes
Chick fa la?
RealDeal550 Hace un mes
I work at Jack and everything inside the Salad is prepared individually
Jacob Godshall
Jacob Godshall Hace un mes
the puns though
Pikachu Jordan
Pikachu Jordan Hace un mes
{\_/} (*_*) (>🥗 Anybody want eaten saled by two grown men
Pikachu Jordan
Pikachu Jordan Hace un mes
The Maverick Mind
The Maverick Mind Hace un mes
Link : "I'm gonna have to come over, see your box!" Rhett : "HMMM."
Mariah Ayers
Mariah Ayers Hace un mes
Stop please I’m so hungry it’s 1am send help. And fries.
Kevin P
Kevin P Hace un mes
Normally I like these guys but I'm passionately against putting fruit in green salad. Especially fetching apples. Come on! That puts a salad dead last, and I love fruit.
TheRezignator Hace un mes
I haven't had a fast food salad in probably 20 years mostly because I only get fast food a few times a year at best but I remember McDonalds used to have a really good Chef's Salad. it used to come with like ham and turkey 'sticks' on top they were like a quarter inch by a quarter inch then like 3-4 inches long and actual slices of hard boiled eggs.
Tyoxy Hace un mes
Cool video!
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