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See where we rank your favorite fast food salad! Because, if you’re going to eat a salad, it better be the best tasting salad you can find in a drive-thru! GMM #1475
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4 feb 2019

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Comentarios 5 565
Jeremiah Grogan
Jeremiah Grogan Hace 2 horas
They sound like EA
Athleticbeans Hace 15 horas
No chic Fil a?
MeganVideoBlog Hace 20 horas
I’m irrationally upset they didn’t test the Zaxby’s salad (aka #zalad) because it’s my favorite fast food grab so I somehow feel personally insulted
Sentanyl3 Hace 20 horas
"Look at that red onion. I like a good red onion." -Link, 2019
Evan Rivers
Evan Rivers Hace un día
Not a Chalice... That's a Stein
Emma Sophia Coleman
Emma Sophia Coleman Hace un día
are you guys starting a cult?
Alex Hall
Alex Hall Hace un día
Links shirt is amazing. I want one.
Landon Austin
Landon Austin Hace un día
You guys are lucky Jack in the Box is my favorite restaurant but there arent any near me anymore
Ty Hoffman
Ty Hoffman Hace un día
Dude it the Wendy’s one comes with croutons!!!!
Cheddar Free
Cheddar Free Hace un día
advanced crouton technology
Potato 37
Potato 37 Hace un día
Advanced krutan technology
Miles Albritton
Miles Albritton Hace un día
That’s not a chalice
Aaron Schofield
Aaron Schofield Hace 2 días
To bad zaxbys isnt in california. Zax salads are the best fast food salads.
MeganVideoBlog Hace 20 horas
Aaron Schofield yes!!!
Jordon Larsen
Jordon Larsen Hace 2 días
Without these videos, my insomnia would defeat me.
Monika Sosnowski
Monika Sosnowski Hace 2 días
Have you guys done a "Will it Sausage" video? I want to know what things can and cannot be sausaged.
MFK bladeZz
MFK bladeZz Hace 2 días
Did link say I might have to come and check out your box ? 13:08
Sar. Ah
Sar. Ah Hace 2 días
I feel so connected because I’m eating a kale and quinoa salad paired lemon dressing
Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM
Oh man grilled turkey salad, damn that looks so good. All of them salads, look delicious to me.
bbnguyen92 Hace 3 días
Sick shirt Rhett!
JennzOrs Hace 3 días
I can't believe Rhett ate that piece of chicken after Link bit it. They're usually so crazy about sharing
Joann Saldana
Joann Saldana Hace 3 días
I hate a salad with to much lettuce.i know that sounds weird butttt.....lol
Lance Lee
Lance Lee Hace 3 días
ive tasted the jack in the box one bro its freaking good(fried chicken salad)
MrJacob882 Hace 3 días
A running experiment idea: Don't clean the studio for a period of time and asses the situation. I just noticed plenty of things hit the floor and you aren't allowed to skimp on the food related videos just for the sake of the experiment.
DownTownCop Hace 4 días
jah coins for sale contact me if u wanna buy at 911
Gavin Burnes
Gavin Burnes Hace 4 días
“I love an inclusive salad” 😂😂
Emma Hace 4 días
Rhett tasting to see if the cheese is blue, because he knows that Link will dislike it, is real friendship :D
Gabriel A Rivera
Gabriel A Rivera Hace 4 días
I'm eating a wendys salad while watching this and it's better than the rest
Jady Bargon
Jady Bargon Hace 5 días
3:07 is when they start for those who want to skip ahead
Steven Eckhoff
Steven Eckhoff Hace 5 días
Okay okay where is the ChickFilA salad??
deelite19 Hace 5 días
"It's cranberry time in salad land" - Charles Lincoln Neal III, 2019
Sean Miller
Sean Miller Hace 5 días
I'm gonna come check out ya box
Sophia Leah
Sophia Leah Hace 5 días
How subway was never on the list,I will never know..
supergeek 1606
supergeek 1606 Hace 5 días
One question. Who goes to a fast food restaurant and gets a *salad*
PoesRaven1984 Hace 5 días
Just had to point out, that is red leaf lettuce, not radicchio.
METALMAN4Wii Hace 6 días
What's a Salad?
GameMonkies Hace 6 días
Arby's has the meats not the salads and who ever prepared the salads didn't do it right the lettuce itself was too big
Juliette Franks
Juliette Franks Hace 6 días
Video starts at 1:50
Zachary Barber
Zachary Barber Hace 6 días
"Have you ever seen a tortilla strip?" "No I don't have that kind of cash." 😂
khmerchef Hace 6 días
Sitting thru the whole episode wondering why Chik fil A was excluded. But then realized that they chose chicken salads from burger joints (and Arby's)
Cassie Lyons
Cassie Lyons Hace 6 días
Zaxbys has the best salad!
Birjek 7452
Birjek 7452 Hace 6 días
They're stoned out of their minds 😂
Enigma bis
Enigma bis Hace 6 días
Wait that was callum, ksis friend at the end of the video lol
Hunter B
Hunter B Hace 6 días
That moment when you haven’t watched the new season of good mythical morning yet and you are shocked by an unknown intro..
Nebuloid1 Hace 7 días
Ok where's Rhetts shirt from !?
monicasm Hace 7 días
Of course Burger King’s is the worst, they made it with “Burger King Foot Lettuce”
No Akomplice
No Akomplice Hace 7 días
Rhett and Link can’t stand each other.
N8ive49er Hace 7 días
aayyyeeee shout out to MV!!! That's where I grew up! hahahaha
Jesus Mallen
Jesus Mallen Hace 7 días
Kfc salad is actually good, you guys should try it
Rocket Murphy
Rocket Murphy Hace 7 días
None because it’s salad
Fries101Reviews Hace 7 días
what about chick-fil-a 's Salad
Janessa Street
Janessa Street Hace 7 días
It's not a grilled turkey salad for Arby's. Arbys doesnt have a grill. We have the crispy chicken and ROASTED turkey salad.
Andy Saunders
Andy Saunders Hace 7 días
I work at Jack in the box and I eat that salad all the time and I Must agree, it's a good salad
Matthew Lewis
Matthew Lewis Hace 7 días
I love this form or rating the food soooo much more than the others! Please keep this form of rating. The guessing where it is from and each giving them different ratings was all over the place.
Chicken wings
Chicken wings Hace 7 días
I work at Mc Donald’s lol I get the side salad and put the ranch dressing on it it’s actually really good
Nowww I know y'all from the Carolinas! Zaxbys got the best fastfood salads!
T0WL1E 0B3Y Hace 8 días
My favorite series 🥳🥳
Ethan Best
Ethan Best Hace 8 días
Madelynn Booth
Madelynn Booth Hace 8 días
I’m super glad they didn’t get Taco Bell salad cause that stuff is downright disgusting the lettuce is soggy and greasy
The Truth
The Truth Hace 8 días
Should've invite that vegetarian guy on this episode instead of the deep fried episode
Luiz Gustavo Arantes
It's fun how you guys still seem to worry about not exchanging saliva. C'mon guys you've already exchanged lots of fluids, just get on with your stuff. PS: Rhett is usually the most worried one, just get over it. Love you guys though
destiny rose
destiny rose Hace 8 días
I'm mad that they choose the turkey Arby's salad instead of the chicken when all the others had chicken. -_- I feel offended because I work at one.
Ben Barnett
Ben Barnett Hace 8 días
“Oh snap it’s cranberry time in salad land” -Link
JB503 Hace 8 días
Now I want a Big Mac or some Chick-fil-A
Sad DuDe
Sad DuDe Hace 8 días
Sad DuDe
Sad DuDe Hace 8 días
I have not watched this in about a year im so dumb missed u guys
Winterfishh Hace 8 días
Arbys sells a chicken salad, why would they use the Turkey one? It would have probably been a lot higher up otherwise.
Norah Wertz
Norah Wertz Hace 8 días
How is it snowing in South Carolina? Why don’t I get any snow? Most confusing thing in the video.
Ninja Wolf003
Ninja Wolf003 Hace 8 días
Kenneth Perkins
Kenneth Perkins Hace 8 días
Will it pop tart
Voracity Hace 8 días
When Wendy's had the Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad that was my favorite, now it's Chik-Fil-A's Southwest Chicken Salad
Windowmaker Hace 9 días
Ad stops at 13:43. Thank me later.
Evan Kettler
Evan Kettler Hace 9 días
wardrobe whoopsie!!
Emma Siegfried
Emma Siegfried Hace 9 días
Jazmin Chavez
Jazmin Chavez Hace 9 días
I actually work at a Jack in the Box I’m kinda proud 😂😂😂 at least my job isn’t that much of a disappointment 😂😂😂
califragmentlemon Hace 9 días
This would have been great to bring back Max (minus the chicken) for the salad ranking!
califragmentlemon Hace 9 días
8:00 “what are those Cajun fingers on top ” “tortilla fingers”... those are the “Asian crouton noodles” they typically have those on “Chinese chicken salads”!
bchowomega Hace 9 días
@rhett where’s that green l/s shirt from? Looks badass, want to get one.
c00lmanable Hace 9 días
Link like mcdonalds the best
Dustin Dach
Dustin Dach Hace 9 días
Never had a salad. Never will. 🥗🗑
MalarkeyMan Hace 9 días
“I love an inclusive salad”
MalarkeyMan Hace 9 días
4:08 Best line of 2019
deep south
deep south Hace 9 días
Be a voice for helpless babies being slaughtered by Abortion! Over 700,000 a year! Stop this Evil practice for Profit !!
MC Cartoonz
MC Cartoonz Hace 9 días
Getting a salad at Arbys is like getting a steak from a ice cream shop
Zachariah Hood
Zachariah Hood Hace 9 días
The fast food places usually don't trust their employees with knives, so that's why the chicken breasts are barely cut with a blunt blade, or not cut at all.
Elicia Seward
Elicia Seward Hace 9 días
link: uh what have you done!!!
DrWhoRocks333 Hace 9 días
To be fair, that Club Salad from Burger King now uses a mixture of lettuce, including mostly romaine. It's now much better than the all-iceburg version you tested.
Drcool52 Hace 9 días
I love the food tasting episodes
Leah Holmes
Leah Holmes Hace 9 días
Y'all should have had a chickfila salad. Actually the best
The_man_who_speaks_in_hands Gaster
Im glad that they have a way we can support them now youtube isnt being great to its people
Marcus Ly
Marcus Ly Hace 9 días
Out.. of ideas?
Hannah Acevedo
Hannah Acevedo Hace 10 días
I haven’t watched these guys in like 2 years or so and I’m just like wow they still do some things the same like the intro and Link always saying morrrrrnnnninggggg. Brings back memories like when I used to keep up with these guys every week
Darkwolfpocco Hace 10 días
And I can't even get the #1 in my state. Fook.
Whole Food Plant-Based Man
Taco Bell is the best one.
TatoTimez Hace 10 días
Their coming for twitch’s weave with this mythical society thing
k xena
k xena Hace 10 días
but what about Chick-fil-A???
Cole_gate_total Hace 10 días
I'm watching this in the morning and I feel refreshed
James Font
James Font Hace 10 días
13:07 "I'll have to come check out your box"
James Font
James Font Hace 10 días
I don't think I've ever ordered a salad from a fast food place 🤔😬
lordhelmet66 Hace 10 días
Well the McDonald’s salad is the best in my opinion but only cause when i get it I get the southwest chicken salad and it comes with a really good sauce and Frito type things and a lime wedge
savannah wolff
savannah wolff Hace 10 días
11:05 i think there just eating
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