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See where we rank your favorite fast food salad! Because, if you’re going to eat a salad, it better be the best tasting salad you can find in a drive-thru! GMM #1475
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4 feb 2019

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Comentarios 4 723
Wolfrich Hace 9 horas
On the apple salad is with walnuts insted of croutons
Xiomara Montero
Xiomara Montero Hace 3 días
Where did link get that shirt it's awesome !😍
John Thomas
John Thomas Hace 3 días
Lettuce talk about it
Fatsackafat Hace 5 días
Wendy's Spicy Chicken Caesar Salad
Alternate title: Link tries to avoid tomatoes for 12 minutes straight.
madeniran is the Best
Wendy’s “should” have the best salad If you boast about it, you have to keep your word
HawkDemon __
HawkDemon __ Hace 9 días
OK - They seriously need NEW forks/spoons/whatever EACH ROUND!!!! gross ...........
Madison Geisinger
Madison Geisinger Hace 10 días
You feta get better
C.J. Hill
C.J. Hill Hace 15 días
I always liked the BK salads with the grilled chicken it's really filling obviously they don't I'm surprised they had it deaf last.
Jarrod Walker
Jarrod Walker Hace 16 días
Mythical Society or Freemasonry???
Sharaiah Eddy
Sharaiah Eddy Hace 18 días
I’ve worked fast food before and whole pieces of chicken means it’s fresh so you want whole pieces in your salad.
banana Hace 20 días
Rhett looks tastier than any of those salads
Shane Black
Shane Black Hace 21 un día
9:40 "Let me see if this is feta or bleu cheese, because I know you don't like bleu." Rhett being a bro. 🖤🖤
iamnoman85 Hace 21 un día
Pretty sure a chalice has a stem... I think that would technically be classified as a tankard?
Banana Hace 22 días
You guys should have an eating asmr channel
Abraham Wences
Abraham Wences Hace 23 días
Wtf you guys put on your hairs
Abraham Wences
Abraham Wences Hace 23 días
I'm addicted to these videos
Joe Thomas
Joe Thomas Hace 23 días
Lettuce talk about it
BoBu Hace 24 días
I prefer just iceberg ):
The-Anh Pham
The-Anh Pham Hace 26 días
1:50 actual video
Branea Reed
Branea Reed Hace 27 días
Y'al, McDonald's might be actually kinda good...
kismas bash
kismas bash Hace 27 días
Why don’t y’all put the bowl in the middle 😑 it irritated me
Jack D. Ripper
Jack D. Ripper Hace 29 días
George Lucas’ favourite episode of GMM
Element EL
Element EL Hace un mes
If you're ordering a salad at a drive thru I feel you should reevaluate your life.
Jacky Ngo
Jacky Ngo Hace un mes
They said tortilla strip 😂😂 even though it's fried noodles
Agent Zero 3432
Agent Zero 3432 Hace un mes
I think I'm going with Wendy's
Timothy Johnson
Timothy Johnson Hace un mes
Chick Fil A's salads SLAP
S Z Hace un mes
"Advanced crouton technology"
StAcEy SiSsOn
StAcEy SiSsOn Hace un mes
My favorite to watch on ESvid! Love you guys. 💚
John Barg
John Barg Hace un mes
I always described getting salad from a fast food place like getting a hug from a prostitute... But you know what, sometimes it's what you need
Alex & Annie
Alex & Annie Hace un mes
Finally they eat something healthy 😂👏🏻
LUCI Hace un mes
The salad at fast-food restaurants is usually more calories then the typical fast food. E.g a large slice of cheesecake chocolate Oreo with caramel cheesecake is 1300 calories, but a bowl of cheesecake's chicken salad is 1900 calories.....
Patski Garcia
Patski Garcia Hace un mes
"Advance crouton technology"☠
Brittany Harden
Brittany Harden Hace un mes
Is anyone else botherd by his pockets???
It's Just Moxie
It's Just Moxie Hace un mes
and i just can't look, it's kale-ing me i'm taking a bowl
redgroupclan Hace un mes
>Has eaten spiders, blood, intestines, and all sorts of vomit-inducing "food" >Won't eat tomatoes
Samantha Pacific
Samantha Pacific Hace un mes
Rhett and like should rank the best fast food sweet tea!
kalex888 Hace un mes
Dude with the glasses is Andrew Ridgely
Artemio Rodriguez
Artemio Rodriguez Hace un mes
"I love an inclusive salad" haha that got me
Anthony Lara
Anthony Lara Hace un mes
I’m fairly new to this channel, but it’s really becoming my favorite. I can watch these two all day.
Adrian Sosa
Adrian Sosa Hace un mes
Imagine a universe where Rhett and link never become friends !:(
Jaki Bartoschek
Jaki Bartoschek Hace un mes
Who else used to have the mythical newsletter. Yo those were the days
Cdrive Hace un mes
These must be home made, I’ve never eaten a salad with a whole patty 😂
Mandi Williams
Mandi Williams Hace un mes
So the mcdonalds salad should have had tortilla strips but i didn't see any. Also it looked lik ranch but the southwest salad is supposed to have southwest dressing.(its a spicy ranch) the chicken should have had a cilantro lime glaze. There is also a bocon ranch salad.
Mr Movies
Mr Movies Hace un mes
Replace “Were gonna Turnip the Beet” it should be “Lettuce Turnip the Beet”
Carl Bailey-Wood
Carl Bailey-Wood Hace un mes
Are these guys Scientologists??
Rylan Cheshire
Rylan Cheshire Hace un mes
What about Chick-fil-a?
Taylor Jordan
Taylor Jordan Hace 2 meses
I’m super hurt that they didn’t do Chickfila!
Analicious Hace 2 meses
sara greenwood
sara greenwood Hace 2 meses
8:19 “this is a spinach..........”
Christian Martin
Christian Martin Hace 2 meses
McDonalds Southwest salad with the fried chicken is bomb
James Dearham
James Dearham Hace 2 meses
that is not a chalice it's a stein
JonO387 Hace 2 meses
That thing from Wendy's isn't a salad. A bowl that contains apples and cranberries is a fruit cup.
Alaa Osama
Alaa Osama Hace 2 meses
If you want to go straight up to the vid 1:50
mpav sweet
mpav sweet Hace 2 meses
Was there no totilla strips in the mcdonalds one? Should have.
Syd Sully
Syd Sully Hace 2 meses
What’s up with the cuts on the underside of links arms?
Reginia Acevedo
Reginia Acevedo Hace 2 meses
Should’ve tried whataburger!
blisstonia Hace 2 meses
Advanced crouton technology
Adam Sakabani
Adam Sakabani Hace 2 meses
Martha’s Vineyard love that AC3 reference
Abby Liu
Abby Liu Hace 2 meses
I'm gonna?? look at your box. ???
Njubish Hace 2 meses
Video starts at 02:00
Kareem Nassar
Kareem Nassar Hace 2 meses
They should make a asmr challenge who can make the best asmr
Kareem Nassar
Kareem Nassar Hace 2 meses
That’s a good idea how’s that Rhett
irianny guzman
irianny guzman Hace 2 meses
Jcck in the box keeps winning these food taste tests haha
Mc Quacker
Mc Quacker Hace 3 meses
bro jacks got the best everything
Dawn Shelley
Dawn Shelley Hace 3 meses
I was pretty curious about this video. I eat Wendy's salad a lot and if anyone asks me is that salad healthy my reply is "well it's a salad isn't it?"
Cameron Brown
Cameron Brown Hace 3 meses
As someone who worked at Burger King I can confirm that if someone orders a salad we go into the freezer and get it and give it to you. In a normal 12 hour day we got 2 maybe 3 salads.
Saeedat A
Saeedat A Hace 3 meses
Why wasn’t chick fil a here
Nakia Jones
Nakia Jones Hace 3 meses
Why not have individual bowls. I love your show but, two grown men sharing 1 bowl..🤔
Peachy Life Yeah
Peachy Life Yeah Hace 3 meses
Y'all need platers to sample food. Put the plater in between Rhett and Link. Sharing is caring. Lol#❄👹
Misha Valecha
Misha Valecha Hace 3 meses
Nils Sjöberg
Nils Sjöberg Hace 3 meses
lol I love your T-shirt .it says Love and Happiness
Colin Munro
Colin Munro Hace 3 meses
If I got a salad with uncut chicken I wouldn’t be happy.
Ehh Uhh
Ehh Uhh Hace 3 meses
I’ve literally never heard anybody say “let’s go to Buger King”
Preston Rector
Preston Rector Hace 3 meses
zaxby's salads are very good
boof meow
boof meow Hace 3 meses
Should of done Taco Bell salad
SawGunner 505
SawGunner 505 Hace 3 meses
New Mexico in the house
Bex F
Bex F Hace 3 meses
Only these two can make a video of just eating salad interesting...
Chuck Yanacheak
Chuck Yanacheak Hace 3 meses
McDonald's Southwest should be number 1
Keisha Woods
Keisha Woods Hace 3 meses
Since when did Charles jr aka Hardee’s have salad???😂👀
ApeX Smoke
ApeX Smoke Hace 3 meses
*McDonald's* *Salad* Rhett: The quality of the lettuce is better
Will Hill
Will Hill Hace 3 meses
I love how rhett transitioned to closing after link says hes gunna taste jacks box😂😂😂😂
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