Fat Joe, Cardi B, Anuel AA - YES (Official Video) ft. Dre

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Official Music Video by Fat Joe, Cardi B, Anuel AA performing "YES" © 2019 RNG / EMPIRE
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7 oct 2019






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iivi queen
iivi queen Hace 8 horas
Me eeencantaaa 💣
Alvarez Hector
Alvarez Hector Hace 9 horas
Hector Lavoe
MAST3R Hace 13 horas
Ala din thumbnail zici ca-i Cabral
See me No more
See me No more Hace 14 horas
Bullsh** always skip this shiti song 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Inconsolable James
Inconsolable James Hace 15 horas
Wow hmmm u hot u are my idols big up am proud of u
tom stoviak
tom stoviak Hace 18 horas
I know this sounds old Kaitlyn but your generation has to get out there and vote in the same numbers that you did for Obama but didn’t for Hillary I know it will not change things overnight but all of the policies that Obama put into place to try and make things better were all removed by the giant orange clown and the movement that I am witnessing right now over Floyd’s sadistic murder which has become global I have to say as a man in his 60s I actually think the time may have finally arrived for real change but you have to get out the vote it is imperative everything we can hope to change will die with another four years of Trump the worst president in the history of our country be strong be motivated keep protesting keep your voices loud but you have to vote you can’t do it any other way unless you vote. He told you in his 2016 campaign hey black people what do you have to lose and of course to anyone with half a brain you knew what was coming but even then I didn’t think it could get this bad the country is at a crossroads and Americans cannot tolerate this kind of white supremacy any longer it has to change but it has to change without the violence that Martin Luther King showed the way decades ago get out and vote but also demand from the Democratic candidates that they include African Americans on the ticket and I think there’s a real shot things will finally change take care and be safe- vote like you did for Obama and we will get rid of this white supremacist piece of crap idiotic narcissistic wannabe TV star. Obama will be there again to advise Biden and help navigate through what is definitely the best opportunity for real change to address the race inequality in this country. There are so many of us that want to see the change we are the majority push forward be strong I join the protests myself and will continue to do so we can change this and stop the pain the horror and the tears. We are the majority that wants and needs to see an end of this centuries old status quo keep the faith and we can all move forward to a better country.
Adaya Quilloin
Adaya Quilloin Hace 20 horas
I am a big fan
Adaya Quilloin
Adaya Quilloin Hace 20 horas
Go girl
Adaya Quilloin
Adaya Quilloin Hace 20 horas
Louvres Summit
Louvres Summit Hace 2 días
I'm pretty Lou
Reza Amanollahi
Reza Amanollahi Hace 2 días
Fuck this. This is not music. Total bullshit. Just a bunch of shaking asses. so what? Nothing happens in the music part. Just a repeating trap beat
Phukit Hace 2 días
Thumbnail look like an audition for America’s got talent
bernardo javier
bernardo javier Hace 8 horas
Nicolas Cardenas
Nicolas Cardenas Hace 2 días
Anuel estuviste de locos
•Killadior •
•Killadior • Hace 2 días
1:45 your welcome
•Killadior •
•Killadior • Hace 2 días
Came for cardi😁
Simulation Gamer
Simulation Gamer Hace 2 días
What happend to all the subscribes Fat Joe use to have. 1.2M,now it's 6.7k
Blonyene Howe
Blonyene Howe Hace 2 días
I know he didn’t snatch that line from City girls.
Fabe Ocegueda
Fabe Ocegueda Hace 3 días
Fat Joe, mothafuckin Crack! Been in the game since 93, 2020 still goin strong. Respect OG 🤜🏽
Xander T Saint
Xander T Saint Hace 4 días
Obese Joe Cow Joe Anuel aa is never gonna get laid
Xander T Saint
Xander T Saint Hace 4 días
The correct term is Dimensionally challenged Joe
Iris G
Iris G Hace 4 días
Este fue el único día que vi tantos culos juntos
Kaitlyn Corona
Kaitlyn Corona Hace 4 días
When fat joe said “everything is back to normal... everything is back to normal 😌” I ain’t feel that @2020
Smmm Dddd
Smmm Dddd Hace 5 días
Visuals scream 2002
Yoslan Martinez
Yoslan Martinez Hace 5 días
This song is the jam
francis avila
francis avila Hace 5 días
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edwardenrique garcia
Lo Único que me Gusto Fue Aguanile de Hector Lavoe!!! Un Grande
Roaa Muhammad Bin’s hn
Blue Girl like boy 🥰💙😍
Kennedy Tekri
Kennedy Tekri Hace 5 días
Everything is back to normal for fat joe
Daniela Pena
Daniela Pena Hace 5 días
Hey q
Raquel Estrada
Raquel Estrada Hace 6 días
Alvaro Andrada
Alvaro Andrada Hace 6 días
Fat joe y cardi B tienen la misma cara en la miniatura 😂😅
Escarleth Condori
Escarleth Condori Hace 6 días
lalen Hace 7 días
Brianna Edwards
Brianna Edwards Hace 7 días
Alex Niedo
Alex Niedo Hace 7 días
One of the REALEST,you fly bird!
Alex Niedo
Alex Niedo Hace 7 días
Christian Barrios
Christian Barrios Hace 8 días
Diabloo señorita
andrea toffifee
andrea toffifee Hace 8 días
so im here for cardi, her part is good, she cool, but two reason why this video is cool is cardi and the big ass girls. Idk man but these two guys they aint cool, they cant even pose a nice one, like some handmoves were lit in the 90s, cardi atleast knows how to be fire in a music video, they just standing there doing aint shit
Prasanga Perera
Prasanga Perera Hace 8 días
Bloody Quaker I kill for using the N-word!!!!!
Yetro Kaceres
Yetro Kaceres Hace 8 días
Dre ?
Malo M
Malo M Hace 8 días
I lowkey want to smash cardi b🤤💯
Fear Of Dylan
Fear Of Dylan Hace 9 días
Fat joe never made a come back ...😂
Jessica Malave
Jessica Malave Hace 9 días
Fat Joe straight pussy ✌
GAB8407 Hace 10 días
Who is that woman signing that one line in the background?
dark charub 13
dark charub 13 Hace 8 días
That's not a lady
Elijah Demeritte
Elijah Demeritte Hace 10 días
anuel killed this shii
Ivette Gaston
Ivette Gaston Hace 10 días
anuel is a known rat from puerto rico and if you hang with a rat that makes you one as well
Mayra Alferez
Mayra Alferez Hace 10 días
Latino gang 🤙🏽
Juan olivencia
Juan olivencia Hace 10 días
Dam my big bro keep up the work and God bless you and your familia
Diecast LP640
Diecast LP640 Hace 11 días
Low key this is kinda wack...
MR & MR Dance Fitness
MR & MR Dance Fitness Hace 12 días
fuckin 🔥 so sad I'm late to the party.
Hanlet herman Martinez peña
Hace 7 meses
جودي Hace 13 días
I find this song disrespectful to hector Lavoe
Mancus Hace 13 días
If one day I play any song of Anuel by myself, I promise I will shot myself in the brain. Go commit suicide or stop pretending you are an artist. PLEASE.
Brandon Stevens
Brandon Stevens Hace 13 días
Another fire beat with trash lyrics. R.I.P
Athan Burnett
Athan Burnett Hace 13 días
I know songs usually have a meaning behind them but what is this supposed to be about? Please tell me cuz he was just speaking in Spanish, cardi was saying random words and the music was so loud and everything was just so mashed together i got a headache
Roberto Rojas
Roberto Rojas Hace 13 días
nadie: yo: eso vistee
MAYSHIA SMITH Hace 13 días
they should have just nae med this ass up face down
Gabriel Valdes-Ramos
Gabriel Valdes-Ramos Hace 13 días
They got the Caribbean trio
Victhaly mael Ortiz fon
Lata lata
Reny Mora
Reny Mora Hace 13 días
Donde están la que no tienen Nalga y critican a La Card 💅
Garrett Thompson
Garrett Thompson Hace 14 días
This song is soooooo underrated. 💯
Matthew Samuels
Matthew Samuels Hace 14 días
I love cardi in other music artists songs cause her music parts are always 🔥
Тот Самый Тип
bit like in nfs underground and i like it
Alex Rivera
Alex Rivera Hace 14 días
Cuando se descompuso fat joe, desde la vieja escuela y sales con esas basuras de la cardi y el jotoanuel 🤢🤮 se perdió la buena música. La familia está en la canción más maiz, esa si estaba pura familia, puro pesado.
Briggitt Mejia
Briggitt Mejia Hace 14 días
Ni siquiera me ha gustado esto
Mo3 Hace 14 días
Crack been that nigga... Since D.I.T.C. Days
papu 2891
papu 2891 Hace 15 días
Se cagaron en la cancion del gran Hector Lavoe
Josuha Perez Martin
Josuha Perez Martin Hace 15 días
like si te gustaba la canción hasta que anuel empezó a "cantar"
Yunior Hinds
Yunior Hinds Hace 15 días
La tora,brrrrrr
750 volts
750 volts Hace 15 días
Vaca culia cantay con puros jiles
Joseph Vau
Joseph Vau Hace 15 días
Like the song but where else is your face supposed to go when your ass is up?
ares Royett
ares Royett Hace 15 días
Esa no es cardi b
Pedro Pablo Arriagada Solis de Ovando
Que wea te paso joe
Liz Barros E.
Liz Barros E. Hace 15 días
que rico
sebastian alberto serrano espinal
Nadie Absolutamente nadie : Yo cantando en inglés sin saber que significa :'v
JGjhcgchmjx Jjhh
JGjhcgchmjx Jjhh Hace 16 días
Y’all took the beat from the best salsa 💃 song
Hanlet herman Martinez peña
Hace 7 meses
COMO HACERLO Hace 16 días
Like si piensas que el que está de sobra en la canción es @anuel
Ferb Robinson
Ferb Robinson Hace 17 días
*This goes hard af*
gmo delira
gmo delira Hace 17 días
ocupa mas views wtf
Camilo -kun
Camilo -kun Hace 17 días
Fat Joe, Cardi B & Anuel AA - Yes [Official Video] ft. Dre
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