favorite sound effecting mom clips😇

Peet Montzingo
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should i start the series back up again?!

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22 nov 2021






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Peet Montzingo
Peet Montzingo Hace 8 meses
should i start the series back up again?!
Bababooey  (Y3cho66T)
Bababooey (Y3cho66T) Hace 13 días
I don’t know what this is, but I want more of it. Please :)
Adam_Azreen05 Hace 17 días
🪷ᘿrin🪷 Hace un mes
I'm comment 500!
Mayra Gongora
Mayra Gongora Hace un mes
Que ladilla ese man jajjajaja
/ Shurberry \
/ Shurberry \ Hace un mes
Waffle Hace 2 meses
I absolutely love your mom's laugh at the end when she took your slide.
wmoranhuerta Hace un día
Hezekih Yorlan
Hezekih Yorlan Hace 12 días
@Moonlite Girl what?
المثنى Hace 20 días
بتقولي شرشبيل
Kyree williams
Kyree williams Hace 20 días
Had all that spit inside landed on her that laugh would have been a scream lmao
G i Jouh
G i Jouh Hace 4 días
She has such a great sense of humor. My mom would have buried me.
popnbean Hace un día
Sanri Ofi
Sanri Ofi Hace un día
" how do we kill this guy? " " we cant, he keeps using the power of Friendship. "
Maham Farooqui
Maham Farooqui Hace un día
This particular clip is hilarious.. you two.. son and mother made me fall off from my bed laughing so hard
TrapWRLD_TTV Hace 3 días
I wish my mom and I had laughs like this tbh.. You're lucky you have a good bond, cherish your mother and be there for her no matter what :)
ClosetDemon Hace un mes
This mother-son relationship is just amazing
Frances Rosado
Frances Rosado Hace un día
ЛИЯ Мейрманова
ЛИЯ Мейрманова
Tarya Hace 4 días
Tarya Hace 4 días
Apocryphus X
Apocryphus X Hace 5 días
The son is charming, the mom is adorable... their connection is so delightful... coming from someone like me that says alot!!!
The Krazy Kitten
The Krazy Kitten Hace 2 días
The entire video was so funny but the end had me dying 😂😂😂😂 now that's how you wanna be with your mom
Zhor Nadiry
Zhor Nadiry Hace un día
I already know this one but it still had me laughing at the fridge part
el pepe
el pepe Hace 3 días
the love of a son and a mother is incomparable 😍😍😍🥺🥺
PuzzLEGO Hace 7 meses
This is too wholesome I can’t-
TB_4zxc Hace 2 meses
Why was this comment in my notifications
TTD Animations!
TTD Animations! Hace 2 meses
What can you not do?
TB_4zxc Hace 2 meses
MerryFox39 Hace 4 días
С таким сыном жизнь не будет скучна!))
D. B.
D. B. Hace 11 horas
This was F'n hilarious! Love moms sense of humor. My mom would spazzed out!
Sorena L
Sorena L Hace 4 días
I freaking love you guys LOL, the relationship y'all have is wonderful!🤣
Ekta Sharma
Ekta Sharma Hace 4 días
Her laugh is just so precious 😇🥰
halatiny Hace 3 meses
When she wheezed after dropping the bread I love that part
Paul’s Random Content
Same bro
Thy_lord_tachanka_ Hace 8 días
Lonely Saturn
Lonely Saturn Hace 14 días
@30.LÊ NGUYỄN KHÁNH THY . shes clearly having fun, wtf do you mean
Thomas Dean
Thomas Dean Hace 18 días
When she wheezed After
Crystene Hace 25 días
@Baesic999 Bread 👍
Eva Mendoza
Eva Mendoza Hace 3 días
Me encanta verlos, son maravillosos y tienen una bonita relación madre e hijo, me hacen reír tanto q no puedo dejar de verlos, Dios me los Bendiga💖🥰!!!
Areispal Singh
Areispal Singh Hace 3 días
😂🤣the way u were riding wid ur mom .sitting at bank & making those noises was just awesome,super-cute
LEO OLANIYAN Hace 4 días
Dog didn't even move a muscle. Was probably like: "Damn! This noisy dude is at it again" 😆
Cj is the Dj
Cj is the Dj Hace 2 días
rswife777 Hace 3 días
I love how the dog is totally not phased.
Glamour N' Nail
Glamour N' Nail Hace 8 meses
I would have laughed so hard if I'd seen you two going the the street on the scooter. 🤣🤣🤣 It's funny enough on video but in person had to be amazing.
AcoChikito Hace 4 meses
💙 Estoy Muy triste por que hoy no tuve ningun Subscriptor 😢💔😭❗
Jesus Antonio Guerrero Cervantes
Busco trabajo
FgameCorp Hace 7 meses
Sounds like a 350z
Margarita Parra
Margarita Parra Hace 7 meses
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 fuunny
camila wu
camila wu Hace 7 meses
C Pinga4
C Pinga4 Hace 20 horas
This makes me want to try and learn the trombone just to mess with my mom
Daniel Richmond
Daniel Richmond Hace 5 días
The relationship you two have together is tear jerking
2 Da Bacon
2 Da Bacon Hace 4 días
Oh man I wish I have that sound effect every day too 😂🤣😂🤣
Delilah Rakowski
Delilah Rakowski Hace 4 días
She looks so annoyed, it reminds me of my mom after I do hugs, I do the hugs until she's annoyed with me. I love her and she loves it
IvyroseGullwhacker Hace 8 meses
She pretends to hate it but she's rolling laughing! I love her.
Tabeth Temba
Tabeth Temba Hace 26 días
GoGirls Edits
GoGirls Edits Hace 2 meses
Alfredo Reyes
Alfredo Reyes Hace 4 meses
@Meli Gimened www22²2 y
Abigail Alvarez
Abigail Alvarez Hace un día
Your mom is just adorable 💕
Jamie Adkins
Jamie Adkins Hace 3 días
The best one has to be when she walked in the room and then dropped the bread out of the fridge LOL
Dave Jackman
Dave Jackman Hace 3 días
Never before have I wanted a trombone more than I do right now.
Tinkerbell Hace 4 días
I laughed so hard. Your mom is so chill.
Bobby Kazekage
Bobby Kazekage Hace 8 meses
Your mom actually seems like the most chill and hilarious person bro her laugh keeps taking me out lmaooo
J Hace 3 meses
@Muhammed MV wdym?
Muhammed MV
Muhammed MV Hace 4 meses
@1ts3nt1tyXD every motger is like that dont blame🙏
luxridxXx Hace 7 meses
So same
1ts3nt1tyXD Hace 8 meses
I wish other moms would be like that to and their relationship with their child would be fine
Thomas Kling
Thomas Kling Hace un día
You guys spirit always brightens my day. Thanks
Dead By Daylight Mobile
Прекрасная семья.Здоровья и счастья вам.
Xetonic Hace 4 días
love how they take the live with funiness
Charmaine Lamb
Charmaine Lamb Hace 13 horas
So funny!! My mom would probably kill me lol I think the funniest is her driving the little scooter thing and he's just on back there tooting his horn 🎷 😂 ngl I would probably take the damn thing from my son and break it in half if he woke me up like that hahaha
Katy H
Katy H Hace 8 meses
It’s lucky for him she has an essentially very nearly bottomless well of humor & patience when it comes to his antics. 🤣 Nice playing BTW!
Luz mirian Giraldo
Luz mirian Giraldo Hace 8 meses
Jesus Manzanos
Jesus Manzanos Hace 8 meses
Laura Chessa
Laura Chessa Hace 8 meses
Papa Dragon
Papa Dragon Hace 8 meses
Yeah she's very close to the ground about this stuff
Louise 990990
Louise 990990 Hace 3 días
I have decided that the trombone is my second favourite brass instrument and the violin is my first - Peet your hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ivy Thornburg
Ivy Thornburg Hace un día
As a trombone player this makes me happy 😂
Bible Truth Speakers
This reminds me of Stewie when he was playing the trumpet and mocking fat people 😂😂😂😂😂
Creeper Jones651
Creeper Jones651 Hace 3 días
Lmao! This never gets old.
Sugata Talukdar
Sugata Talukdar Hace 8 meses
This video made my day. They are so adorable. They both are so lucky to have such beautiful mother-son relationship. ❤️
Jesus Antonio Guerrero Cervantes
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Facundo Sosa
Facundo Sosa Hace 8 meses
Oualid Abali
Oualid Abali Hace 8 meses
@Инна Лазареско h hh
Baku Hace 18 horas
Probably the most wholesome thing i’ve seen so far
💥Bakugou katsuki💥
I love this especially when he did dun dun dun on her😂
Shaquanna Reed
Shaquanna Reed Hace 2 días
And then she left him at the side of the road with a sign saying free giant 🤣🤣🤣🤣 ♡Love your videos♡Lol
Cinthia Zamudio
Cinthia Zamudio Hace 13 horas
This is literally so funny 😂
EmoShadowDragon14 Hace 8 meses
I really enjoy your relationship with your mom she's having a blast with you and you're incredible with the instrument you play I recognized all the sounds it was hilarious watching the video kudos to you and your mom ❤️❤️❤️
Jesus Antonio Guerrero Cervantes
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fanclub CGM48 เชียงใหม่🇹🇭
@Shantell Francis 🙂
the fnaf weirdo =_=
the fnaf weirdo =_= Hace un día
Her face when he does that 24-7 🤣🤣🤣
Rhayan Lee
Rhayan Lee Hace 4 días
Oh how i love their tandem. My heart melted.
Nafisa Amini
Nafisa Amini Hace 4 días
Man I'm so addicted to your shorts you're killing it
Ally Hace 23 horas
The end tho and when she dropped the bread or whatever it was 😂😂😂
DevilishPurple Hace 9 días
“Enough, enough enough!” _Starts playing friggin Star Wars and then have a low budget lightsaber fight_
Thomas Pfurtscheller
Still a better fight than the ones in the Sequels😂
SnowWolf Hace 6 días
@Caden Karle yes. Was waiting for this question.
Davaajav Mendbayar
Davaajav Mendbayar Hace 6 días
Km@Francisco Faria
Caden Karle
Caden Karle Hace 6 días
@SnowWolf trumpett??? u mean trombone right
SnowWolf Hace 6 días
Don't think a trombone is low budget🤣 (Previously said trumpet to see if anyone would notice. But now please tell me. Doesn't trombone originate from the word trumpet? "The word "trombone" derives from Italian tromba (trumpet) and -one (a suffix meaning "large"), so the name means "large trumpet". The trombone has a predominantly cylindrical bore like the trumpet, in contrast to the more conical brass instruments like the cornet, the euphonium, and the French horn." en.m.wikipedia.org › wiki Trombone - Wikipedia
Subbyboyluke Hace 3 días
The last one is the best🤣🤣🤣 i wish i had a mom like her💀 bro i wish i even have a mom-
Hamza bukhari
Hamza bukhari Hace 4 minutos
Youtube_teen Hace un día
I'm crying laughing rn😂😂😂
Tegan Brose
Tegan Brose Hace 4 días
It’s cool seeing someone play trombone and is technically famous.. I also play trombone which is what makes it cool!
Joseph A
Joseph A Hace 3 días
When your mom dropped the salad that was my funniest part
You hate it when I speak the truth
I love their relationship. It’s clear they have a close bond because she is laughing and he feels comfortable teasing her.
Jesus Antonio Guerrero Cervantes
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Furious_man774 Hace 8 meses
Non of y’all gonna mention the spongebob chase music?
Lucienne St Georges
Lucienne St Georges Hace 8 meses
Me to
Punnathorn Punnathorn
Dayanita Cortez
Dayanita Cortez Hace 3 días
Que chistosos estos vídeos 🙂 me alegran en día
Erica Hilario
Erica Hilario Hace un día
I love the last sound effect the most🤣
LYNN'S KITCHEN Hace 4 días
I love how the way you make your Mom happy
onebraincell Hace 4 días
This is actually something my brother would do 😭
Bri Lynn
Bri Lynn Hace un mes
I like how the dog was just on the floor by the bed like “this is normal” 😂
Renee Flores
Renee Flores Hace 9 días
Ik I saw it too lol
Danielle King
Danielle King Hace 13 días
@Angel Sanchez lmao I didn't notice it either !!!!
giulia lima
giulia lima Hace 26 días
@Angel Sanchez kkkkkkkkkkkkk
Vanessa Wharton
Vanessa Wharton Hace 26 días
I mistake it for a mat
Tia's Movie Reviews
Tia's Movie Reviews Hace 28 días
That was a dog? Hmmmm i thought it was a black towel on a white shirt
maureen avilia
maureen avilia Hace 3 días
OK am imagining the neighbours, then him riding on her mums chair🤣🤣🤣
Debbie Jensen
Debbie Jensen Hace 14 horas
Their bond is absolutely wonderful
#StarBlazer Playz
#StarBlazer Playz Hace 11 minutos
You’re poor mother is suffering bc of you. But it is still so funny 😂
Frf DC
Frf DC Hace un día
Lol got me 🤣🤣🤣 when she was chasing him
Erica Scott
Erica Scott Hace 8 meses
I love that she bought him his first trombone and didn’t realize the menace he would become.
Dan Tierney
Dan Tierney Hace 25 días
"No act of kindness goes unpunished". Hilarious!
Patricia Rivera
Patricia Rivera Hace 2 meses
Gracie playz
Gracie playz Hace 4 meses
@Shaneka Robinson Crazy right!
Kaki cicah kari
Kaki cicah kari Hace 5 meses
@Shaneka Robinson FACTS
Kara Hace 22 horas
She shouts then starts laughing 🤣🤣
Gunnard Black
Gunnard Black Hace un día
This is great!! Your moms a sweetheart
Koko 2elda3if
Koko 2elda3if Hace un día
Amazing tuba noises my favourite noises were definitely the race car sounds 🔥
Praying Tanaka
Praying Tanaka Hace 5 días
As a trombone player I greatly appreciate this whole video
Ken Flott
Ken Flott Hace 8 meses
Being a car guy, the best is her accelerating in her cart. Priceless!
IDE USAHA Hace 9 días
😂😂😂 Lucunya
Adrian 567man
Adrian 567man Hace 9 días
V-TEC KICK IN YO LOL more like that
IDE USAHA Hace un mes
PJplaysgamez Hace 3 meses
His kinda good with that tho
Paul G
Paul G Hace 3 meses
Hahaha...Yea Subaru Boyz
Jaime Patino
Jaime Patino Hace 5 horas
Moms has beautiful sense of humor yeah.
tinygreenpea Hace 9 horas
Omg I'm dying 😭 everything about this perfection
I want to do this to my mom 😭💀🤣
Eatingguy Hace 5 días
These videos are always entertaining and I love it ❤️🤩
Tristan Poindexter
Tristan Poindexter Hace 13 días
These clips are how I originally found you guys a while ago, please bring them back. They kill me 😂
Claudio Colmet
Claudio Colmet Hace 10 días
Claudio Colmet
Claudio Colmet Hace 10 días
Hong Kong Steve
Hong Kong Steve Hace 11 días
AK   Rebeka
AK Rebeka Hace 16 minutos
i was laughing so hard i love these
liza m.
liza m. Hace un día
the race car one got me wheezing 💀
Liz Jones
Liz Jones Hace 2 días
lojain almenshawy
lojain almenshawy Hace 2 días
You and your mother are really cute 😍 💕
Ri Binder
Ri Binder Hace 21 un día
Him: “Mom, I want to be in band” Her: “Alright, that doesn’t seem like a bad idea. What could go wrong?” The result:
Tanjibul Hace 18 días
I guess result :you are homeless 🙂
Dandre Robinson
Dandre Robinson Hace 18 días
This video so since were the
˚₊·Taisuka O. 𖤐
Ayo 666 likes..
Ольга Пайвина
@Ирина Тюрина это болезнь есть такая называется карлик
Ирина Тюрина
Нифига у него мама маленькая
This is so cute and funny!! 💕💕
ManMang0 Hace un día
She seems like a good laugh
What is't
What is't Hace 5 días
Очень позитивно 👍.
Criza Hace un día
That's my wake up alarm too 😁
JellyBear Edits
JellyBear Edits Hace 5 meses
Ok, how can you NOT like this video? It's too funny I can't even
さくさく Hace 5 meses
RAJEEV KUMAR Hace un día
I was wearing headphones and then when you made the curtain closing sound effect I got scared because I thought it was a bombing siren
JaybayJay Hace 4 días
When our mom worked out, we'd all run out with our hands in the air, "EARTHQUAKE!!!!"
Screany Hace 5 días
The green light sound is actually hard af to make on trombone.
Quang Manh Nguyen
Quang Manh Nguyen Hace 3 días
Imagine hearing a race car in front of your yard then it turns out to just be this guy with his thingy
Melissa Smith
Melissa Smith Hace 7 meses
I love how she is genuinely irritated by it but at the same time there are moments that you just make her laugh.... Perfect!!!! I think this just made my day!!!
Niszipiszi Hace 3 meses
Lala Nabila
Lala Nabila Hace 4 meses
Bwjwbjw ka j
Lidia Moreno
Lidia Moreno Hace 4 meses
Reginaldo Aparecido
Reginaldo Aparecido Hace 4 meses
Reginaldo Aparecido
Reginaldo Aparecido Hace 4 meses
Victor Betancourt
Victor Betancourt Hace 22 horas
The part when they were riding on the street together me make the perfect Honda Civic exhaust sound
新・ゆゆ Hace 3 días
Aria Porch
Aria Porch Hace 3 días
I love the fourth one it cracks me up every time
Jenny Garvey
Jenny Garvey Hace un día
mom: "DONT EVEN DO IT" *drops bread* DO DO DOoooOOOOooooOOOO
•worlds best mistake•
I love how she’s mad but than she starts having fun with it😂
•worlds best mistake•
@Olinda Vail POV: you pushed the wrong emojis
Olinda Vail
Olinda Vail Hace 20 horas
Hunfoxils WorldYT
Hunfoxils WorldYT Hace 2 días
The guy with the tromphet is like Linguini of Ratatouille
Azra Does Stuff
Azra Does Stuff Hace 3 días
The “Stawph” when she dropped the bread
Hampter Hace 4 días
I showed this to my dad... He is now getting army morning flashbacks.
Raul Ruiz
Raul Ruiz Hace un día
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