Fergie - L.A.LOVE (la la) ft. YG (Official Music Video)

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10 nov 2014






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Moto Moto
Moto Moto Hace 12 horas
I can’t unhear this song
Autumn2raw Loves
Autumn2raw Loves Hace 16 horas
Mariana Ramirez
Mariana Ramirez Hace 6 horas
Snigdhha Mishra
Snigdhha Mishra Hace 22 horas
Errbody say la la la la la!! Say what? Errbody say la la la la la Why does this sound so much like BTS- FIRE???
Jay Thomas
Jay Thomas Hace 2 días
Fergie iz extra HOTT
dude im baaaked
dude im baaaked Hace 2 días
Qioff Jr
Qioff Jr Hace 2 días
I always thought this song was made by someone black
Danila Souza
Danila Souza Hace 2 días
Martynov Vyacheslav
Martynov Vyacheslav Hace 2 días
Я 7 реклам разных товаров насчитал. Кто больше?
Muzaffar Shairaz
Muzaffar Shairaz Hace 2 días
la la la la fergie India
Lucas Hancock
Lucas Hancock Hace 3 días
I literally only know this song because of Rucka Ali.
Alejandro Avila
Alejandro Avila Hace 3 días
Uh, tell 'em where I'm from Finger on the pump, make the sixth straight jump from SoCal Hollywood to the slums Chronic smoke get burnt by the California sun On the west side, east coast where you at? Just got to New York like a net on a jet To London, to Brazil, to Quebec Like the whole damn world took effect to Ferg Tell 'em Laid back, slow down Better represent when we come to your town So lay back, slow down Whatchu represent when we come to your town, say Get in with the business, I'ma be there in a minute I just booked a Paris ticket, thinking Russia need a visit I'ma run it to the limit, and be on my way to Venice L.A. Got the people saying (la la la la la) Brooklyn saying (la la la la la) Hacienda saying (la la la la la) Vegas saying (la la la la la) Rio saying (la la la la la) Tokyo saying (la la la la la) Down under saying (la la la la la) Miami saying (la la la la la) Jamaica Every city, every state, every country you know All around the globe Every city, every state, every country you know This is how it goes Uh, tell 'em where I'm at From the plaques to the (uh uh) everything fat Got Mustard on a track, my girls all stack When I roll down the window, let me know where you're Atlanta, north south cack a lack Texas grill, Cadillacs through Miami then back To London, Jamaica, then France The whole damn world took effect to Ferg Tell 'em Laid back, slow down Better represent when we come to your town So lay back, slow down Whatchu represent when we come to your town Get in with the business When I come from Kansas City Hit Manila till it's Christmas, out to India I'll visit Puerto Rico is exquisite, bring my people back to Venice L.A. Got the people saying (la la la la la) Moscow saying (la la la la la) España (la la la la la) Kingston saying (la la la la la) San Diego saying (la la la la la) Chi town saying (la la la la la) Germany saying (la la la la la) La Puente saying (la la la la la) Ibiza W-E-S-T S-I-D-E Where you from? I'm from west side California baby Brought her and fucked in our back yard, the milli' it ain't hard My mama be like "YG you so brazy" Have you ever seen a gangsta gangsta make a billion dollars Dre did it, he from L.A so pop yo' collar The LAPD be all over me Tryin' to ban me from my own bity But for no reason the cops just killed that Home of the Rodney King riots this shit been wild I hit the club and party like I scored a touchdown I pop a bottle and all the models wanna fuck now We jammin' on Piquot, bustin' hoes over on Sunset I could take you to Venice Beach and watch the sun set Or I could take you to the Blippers game Court seat, floor side, eatin' on Roscoe's chicken wings L.A got the people saying (la la la la la) Amsterdam saying (la la la la la) Frisco saying (la la la la la) Switzerland saying (la la la la la) Sao Paulo saying (la la la la la) Jo'burg saying (la la la la la) Mexico saying (la la la la la) Stockholm saying (la la la la la) Jamaica (la la la la la) You on that Cali shit (la la la la la) Puff it, feel whatever (la la la la la) You like to like it (la la la la la) We legalizing it (la la la la la) Yes you can join us now (la la la la la) We like to love it yeah (la la la la la) We like to love it (la la la la la) We like to love it
Ana Luiza
Ana Luiza Hace 4 días
i have ebo la la la
Eevi Hace 6 días
Basic old musically song😂
Eevi Hace 6 días
It's just a tik tok now
Roby Schiavone
Roby Schiavone Hace 6 días
N 1
jaelyn Hace 7 días
this song was my religion in 5th grade
Gulzar Karnawal
Gulzar Karnawal Hace 8 días
End song
Saddam khanAbtak.540 Saddam khanAbtak. 540
Cool la-la 😍 ha I was so happy because he mation my name am Amsaddam say ha
Dean Tucker
Dean Tucker Hace 8 días
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shady jay
shady jay Hace 8 días
Still here October 2019
P&dro Almeida
P&dro Almeida Hace 8 días
Lone Koketso
Lone Koketso Hace 9 días
I cant believe this song is 5 years old. Wow. Time flies.
Thounaojam Ratna Singh
Eunbi Lee 이은비
Eunbi Lee 이은비 Hace 9 días
Brazil sing Bora negadaaaa
Sam Hace 9 días
SU SU Hace 10 días
The end tho 🤣🤣
Perry Anderson
Perry Anderson Hace 10 días
london bridge is better
Valmir ex gay
Valmir ex gay Hace 11 días
Нариман Ибадулаев
Раздольное ЛА-ЛА-ЛА-ЛА-ЛА
Lucas Rabelo
Lucas Rabelo Hace 12 días
Drug Addict
Drug Addict Hace 12 días
1000 subs without any video!
99% comments about the ebola song 1% random comments
O Melhor de Tudo
O Melhor de Tudo Hace 14 días
Amazing 09/30/2019
K Swizzle Official
K Swizzle Official Hace 14 días
She's was first before JLO i love fergi
FLY1NG DUTCHM4N YT Hace 14 días
Wat een kut comment sectie, btw ik zei la la la speciaal voor jou ook al ben ik niet Amsterdams maar wel Nederlands.
Linus Liljekvist
Linus Liljekvist Hace 14 días
Brandon Williams
Brandon Williams Hace 14 días
I have ebo la la la la la
TheHypeElevator Hace 14 días
She look like the GTA V mascot girl change my mind
mohamed alén
mohamed alén Hace 14 días
Stephanoe Wilks
Stephanoe Wilks Hace 15 días
Trapa Jay King of the Ring
Really love this song
amarnadh Last
amarnadh Last Hace 16 días
My city say la la la ....... Say wha....😎😎😎😎😎
Love Light
Love Light Hace 17 días
Wait I just realised she was a Black eyed pea!
Zen gaming 345
Zen gaming 345 Hace 17 días
STL10 Chick
STL10 Chick Hace 17 días
What does the this song have to do with Tornado sirens. Lol 😂😂😂😂😂
Oh yeah yeah • 12 years ago
Obama has ebo lalala
Zaid AlNasserOfficial
Zaid AlNasserOfficial Hace 17 días
Man geographic classes get changed !
Infinite Gamer13
Infinite Gamer13 Hace 18 días
Remember the old music vid
Sienna Garcia
Sienna Garcia Hace 18 días
Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj has left the chat
Margaret Kelly
Margaret Kelly Hace 18 días
anyone remember when she sexualised the national anthem?
Even Jareid
Even Jareid Hace 18 días
No ways she included Joburg
Paula V.
Paula V. Hace 18 días
Is that Chloe Decker from Lucifer lol
Mathilde A
Mathilde A Hace 18 días
Lena situations team
Goldie Waldman
Goldie Waldman Hace 19 días
Anyone else remember the Iron Man shot in Randy’s Doughnuts doughnut?
Gwen Pool
Gwen Pool Hace 19 días
bellaacx Hace 19 días
1:37 I suddenly realize 5 years later that fergie looks like jojo siwa💀
Zac Nkashama
Zac Nkashama Hace 19 días
なきや Hace 20 días
Me clicking on this song after ebola.. :))
freddy marin marriaga
freddy marin marriaga Hace 20 días
Fergie is the woman most beautiful in the world
YumanoidPontifex Hace 20 días
i wouldn't even know this existed if it wasn't for rucka. and i wouldn't be missing much.
James Bishop
James Bishop Hace 21 un día
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