Fernando Tatís Jr SUSPENDED for 80 Games | 527

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11 ago 2022






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Comentarios 917
Somewhere in some universe Nick Castellanos is hitting a homerun as the announcement is made.
Sean Sperazza
trev: "i just... i just don't know how to process this, dude"
Ariel Suarez
Love hearing Trev’s POV on topics like this. Well done boys.
Halel Eliyah
I had ringworm when I was 15 and the prescription they put me on had me 10 for 11 in 3 games on pony with 8 homers after starting the year 0 for 15. Good stuff!!
Padres: We’re going all in this year!
Sean _
As a Padres fan, I’ll admit, I’ve noticed signs of immaturity from Tatis the past couple of years: The way he handles himself in interviews, the things he says, the body language after a strikeout, etc... I looked past all that, chalked it up to him being young and dumb. Thought he’d grow out of it, no biggie.
John Strawb
FT's never going to live down the claim of 'ringworm medication,' in any case. That's going to be joked about and, worse, mocked for decades. A guy with $341m headed his way was negligent over something he can easily discover by talking to the team doc? That's extremely hard to believe. Extremely.
trevor’s perspective on this as a former big leaguer is actually really amazing. for a nuanced, frustrating situation, his input is extremely good
Kate Harrington
Really great discussion, guys. Love you! I’m with Jimmy about math.
Chris Creguer
Trev has gotten really good at this. Loved hearing his take.
340 Million dollar contract, misses an entire year and 30 plus games next season for stupid decisions. I would be upset if I was a Padres fan.
Sam uel
Now this is dedication.
John Durrer
He went from being Jeter to being Arod over night
Cade Cavin
as a padres fan i am so frustrated and disappointed. as a fan base we could forgive the motorcycle accident but it’s becoming a pattern
What a devastating feeling that must be for Padres fans, he really let them down.
Ha Seong Kim is good enough to be the starting shortstop, the lineup is good enough without Fernando, it’s heart breaking as a fan, but there’s nothing I can do but root for the team we have
The funniest part was Trev doing 40x30 in his head and then giving Jomboy grief for breaking out the calculator to do it.
aola wili
Learned a lot about Joez McFly’s downtime during this one
James Weldon Hauser
BBD making great points as always
Trevor Jones
Was looking forward to your take on this... My two takeaways (1) 3/1,200 is 0.25% ...not a math pod. (2) felt horrible for Oregon LL as well, showed foul, called fair and couldn't overturn the fair/foul call.
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