FIFA 23 Create a Club Career Mode! GOLDBRIDGE Episode 2

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FIFA 23 Career mode and Goldbridge takes over United Stand FC in NEW create a club Career mode! WATCH The Full Episodes on TWITCH here www.twitch.tv/goldbridgetv Get your Sneak Energy starter pack and use code SNEAKBRIDGE HERE sneakenergy.com/products/star... or browse all their products here sneakenergy.com Please use code SNEAKBRIDGE on the cartpage to support my channel


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28 sep 2022






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Matthew Sherack
Matthew Sherack Hace 2 meses
Just waiting until Mark admits he didn’t start in the Championship because he’s afraid of facing Burnley again
Xander Lithgo
Xander Lithgo Hace un mes
Krys Hace un mes
spoiler burnley get promoted
Abdul Vallo
Abdul Vallo Hace un mes
Spoiler He will after one season
trident Hace 2 meses
@Ooga Booga yea
trident Hace 2 meses
@beastbeast11 lol
97 YNWA 97
97 YNWA 97 Hace 2 meses
Mark you have ‘Competitive master switch’ turned on which means certain settings like through balls can’t be turned to ‘assisted’ and is currently on ‘semi’ which is probably why the through balls are weird. You should also turn player based difficulty on.
Zohair Ali Hashmi
Zohair Ali Hashmi Hace un mes
SaneBlox Hace un mes
Simone Ferrione
Simone Ferrione Hace un mes
97 YNWA 97
97 YNWA 97 Hace un mes
@Dhawal Bajirao sometimes he reads the comments sometimes he doesn’t.
Dhawal Bajirao
Dhawal Bajirao Hace un mes
@97 YNWA 97 There are 3 episodes after this... I didn't find anything that mark has read this or implemented it.. This comment is really useful for him.. as he is performing very badly.. I hardly see him use tactics from ESvid comments except for this episode.. Just notice this.. which I have been noticing from very long..
Jack Handsley
Jack Handsley Hace 2 meses
Only mark could get the cal the dragon regen 😂
trident Hace 2 meses
Yea yep
Ram Prasad
Ram Prasad Hace 2 meses
MoDesigns Hace 2 meses
You have competitive master switch on in the controller settings area, that limits the through ball assistance to semi, so turn that off and then you can also turn on assisted through balls, and also you can turn on assisted jockeying which would help with defending if thats a problem.
Dilpreet Singh
Dilpreet Singh Hace 2 meses
dgmaffi Hace 2 meses
Mark blaming his own incompetence on the game never gets old.
M H K Hace un mes
@United this year is better than most years but the game feels a lot more realistic with the dribbling and passing
swissguard Hace un mes
Goldbridge is crap but the game really is broken
Jim Hace un mes
@T E child
Snowy Hace un mes
@United sure well thought he was good 🙄
trident Hace 2 meses
Yea yep 😊
Cohen Hace 2 meses
Can’t wait to see championship gameplay next season Mark
Joanne Bechelli
Joanne Bechelli Hace 2 meses
I love how when he is winning all is calm but when he is losing he blames the game then he wins one game thinks he won the league 😂
Muhammed Ashraf Noorbhai
Mark could get relegated and face Burnley again 💀😭
F1 Playlist
F1 Playlist Hace un mes
Don't think it's even possible to keep the job if you get relegated anyway!
Ram Prasad
Ram Prasad Hace 2 meses
Burnley will get promoted
David Aina
David Aina Hace 2 meses
GOLDIE, how about you create Speed and add him to your team... Give him 99 pace, let's spice things up 😅
Blazer Hace un mes
99 speed, and then 60 for every other stat😂
Dan O'Neill
Dan O'Neill Hace 2 meses
16:00 possibly the greatest attempt at defending I think I've ever seen on FIFA
that boi
that boi Hace 2 meses
This Fifa 23 TUS FC Goldbrige doesn't look or feel as the old Goldbrige...how I miss that old legend.😭
Jude tulloch
Jude tulloch Hace 2 meses
Legendbridge this man is incredible so funny 🤣 the reaction of the game against Aston Villa the last goal made me laugh so much and I actually celebrate with him such a fifa moment incredible mark ❤
Lyall Williams
Lyall Williams Hace 27 días
Peltier’s goal was legit goosebumps he literally tore Thunderdome’s roof right off with that goal.
Darren Dickinson
Darren Dickinson Hace 2 meses
Forests stadium should come in the game a bit later on like Leeds’ did and Brentford’s did
Steve Borrero
Steve Borrero Hace un mes
City ground should have been available on release date
Steve Borrero
Steve Borrero Hace un mes
What happened to city ground
Darren Dickinson
Darren Dickinson Hace 2 meses
@Dylan Flaherty Ik I’m just as annoyed as the next man
Dylan Flaherty
Dylan Flaherty Hace 2 meses
It’s embarrassing that it’s not in it on release tho.
ConnahGinge Hace 2 meses
It's not front post glitch when it's goldbridge scoring 😅😅
Dre Hace 2 meses
Mark through the struggles legends will be born
Twiistaaaa Hace un mes
I am really enjoying this game so far, feels really satisfying, and not just blowing teams away making it more enjoyable. But I agree, the through pass with triangle feels very weird, can’t work out why.
Luyolo Jele
Luyolo Jele Hace 2 meses
16:00 Isak moving like Hatem Ben Arfa v Bolton in 2012😂🔥
Coolness Hace 2 meses
Brilliant analogy 😅
Luke heywood
Luke heywood Hace un mes
I did same thing and replaced Bournemouth. I do find defending hard. I have got in young players. But u should buy hlozek and develope in to striker. Over 6 foot tall and strong and just a good striker. Or even attacking mid depending on your formation and he is only 19 starts 77 overall
Gavin Connolly
Gavin Connolly Hace 2 meses
Hi Mark,I would highly recommend Kephren Thuram for midfield squad depth. He is 19 and 6 foot 4. Also Amadou Onana from Everton is very good. 20 and 6 foot 5
Reid Boutte
Reid Boutte Hace un mes
Switching to slow build up will have your fullbacks deeper for easier build up play from the back, I recommend it
Adrian Hace 2 meses
That Peltier’s goal is just like Ronaldo’s banger against Tottenham
HEHE_Number3 Hace un mes
Massive 3 points against Villa I hope we can keep up the good form. And I would keep Mbamba in the starting XI he plays so well for his young age and with his pace we look decent at the back. I would keep mortenson as a sub because he may be 84 rated he plays like Harry maguire. My starting XI is GK: Newton RB: Kenny CB: Mbamba CB: Hunt LB: Willy Wood CDM: Partridge CM: Peltier CAM: Almada LW: Zaha ST: Goldbridge RW: Dale
Benji Hace un mes
Try turning off analogue sprint off in settings you'll defend better make sure you save the setting aswell
hexx_ Hace un mes
if you want a new keeper i would recommend lafont, he is the gk for nantes in the french league, hes 80 rated with a bit of potential and only around 30m
Zecalveeno Official
Paltier is the new Luka Modrić🔥🔥
Rohan Umpleby
Rohan Umpleby Hace un mes
" Bloody Hate loosing " Yet carries on Playing 😂💀I love this guy
Khalanga Hace 2 meses
Mark collecting L’s like dragon balls
YounesTheSpot Hace 2 meses
You should definitely get Bennacer from AC Milan, he is really good on fifa
Xavier Serrano
Xavier Serrano Hace 2 meses
Mark use the power shot mechanic ! L1 + R1 while shooting Also outside the foot shots and passes while holding L2 !
Chris Senn II
Chris Senn II Hace 2 meses
Hot take Pulsic’s pace and pass on fifa is wild and is a pretty good signing for the money
triple M
triple M Hace 2 meses
EA are gonna have to start sponsoring Mark soon or they'll run out of business 😂
Uhm Hace 2 meses
Bro this is a ace series will watch them all mate also you for England 💙❤️
Khalanga Hace 2 meses
Lol that 4th goal for Newcastle was funny AF
Dylan Derbyshire
Dylan Derbyshire Hace un mes
I would love to se u as a actual manager take the England job it would be a great change
Rednaut00 Hace 2 meses
hold R1 when out of possession to start a second man press with the player who has the transparent arrow above their head so you don't have to do all the work pressing.
Kevin Back
Kevin Back Hace 2 meses
Shoutout to Elanga who you could buy or maybe a loan. Young, probably doesn’t cost a lot and could be a good asset for you! Hope it helps and keep up the good work Mark!
Too old for this shte
Thank You for letting me know I shouldn't be buying this game. It's gotten more bug than any previous one at this stage. Given this was their final one, they should have gone with a bang. But they are going out with a whimper. And the word you were looking for is - addiction.😛
Baty86 Hace 2 meses
I'd recommend looking around for youth players in Spain. and don't get destroyed by Burnley like you did for the past few years.
PhoenixReturns Hace 2 meses
If Goldbridge leans any further when he's shooting he's gonna end up in the goal himself 😂
Glenn Oates
Glenn Oates Hace 2 meses
Octavian Popescu is a great young player that develops really well
Dylan Chism
Dylan Chism Hace un mes
your videos always cheer me up man thank you!
Hisense Tv
Hisense Tv Hace un mes
Mark I think you gotta use R3 to move the keeper before you get roasted by the AI near post goals
Moomin Ninja
Moomin Ninja Hace 2 meses
Go on Peltier TUFC up n running the start of something like the old days if you know you know 💯💯
antonio 19
antonio 19 Hace 2 meses
Go for Neres from Benfica i think hes a right winger young quick and can get developed hes currently at 79 rated I am saying that cause he plays himself very well abd your right forward seems a bit clunky
Frank Lerch
Frank Lerch Hace 2 meses
goldbridge ball: always pass in your own 16-yard box but never in the opponentˋs box 😂
Elvin De Jesus
Elvin De Jesus Hace 2 meses
Mark with all due respect I feel as if you’re blaming everything on the game. I feel as if they made legendary harder and your squad is very far off quality wise. The keepers stats are the issue not shot error.
young jb
young jb Hace 2 meses
That goal keeper 🤣🤣🤣
Nilay Mehta
Nilay Mehta Hace 2 meses
Mark change your tactics put more players in the box play a high line by increasing the depth
Eduard Hace un mes
Finally he won a game. Love the series btw
Oli Clark
Oli Clark Hace 2 meses
I would like to see a 541 formation hope you see this mark
Steven Macdonald
Steven Macdonald Hace 2 meses
If it doesn't exist on the game already, EA never put the winners of the Championship play-offs stadium/ground into the game, until season 2, as that team are always favourites for relegation.
32siuoLA Hace 2 meses
as a wise man once said: you'll never beat Mckenna
RetroReactive Hace 2 meses
nicola zalewski develops really fast and doesnt cost much
Keiran Moore
Keiran Moore Hace 2 meses
Does anyone find that their players stamina runs out too quickly
Olisa Bosah
Olisa Bosah Hace 2 meses
New FIFA same old Goldbridge 😂
Ryan Cunningham
Ryan Cunningham Hace un mes
I don’t know if it works the same or on career like it does on ultimate team but fast build up isn’t that good your better off being on balanced but with direct passing or long ball
Ernie F
Ernie F Hace un mes
Change Kent position to RW then you got him and zaha on the wings
Tipu FitzHerbert
Tipu FitzHerbert Hace 2 meses
mark you should look at signing marc guehi. he has great potential and i know you've already signed a palace player but you look like your defence needs some pace.
Reel Tork
Reel Tork Hace un mes
If you concede front post its glitch.. if you score near post its good goal
Young keeper
Young keeper Hace 2 meses
Sulemana for lm he has a high potential
Tyler Hace un mes
Mark will break 07-08 Derby's record at this pace
Keo23 Hace 2 meses
He a should get Boyle he’s very cheap and has a lot of pace good finish on him as wll
Seif Hossam
Seif Hossam Hace 2 meses
Try Cabrais he’s old but a great player
Dre Hace 2 meses
Mark you should get Sulemana great Pacey wide player!
Davy G
Davy G Hace 2 meses
Players with the surname Henderson - "...and I took that personally."
Daniel Hodgson
Daniel Hodgson Hace 2 meses
Get Bella kotchap from Southampton he’s amazing!!
unknown Hace 2 meses
Use 4-1-2-1-2 wide with fast build up and play your best player as false 9
Gonzo M. Fahri
Gonzo M. Fahri Hace un mes
"he looks like chrismd with a goatee" killed me
Matthew Hace 2 meses
Focus on clean sheets and defence then attack.
c: Hace 2 meses
goatspeed and goatbridge are literally the ant and dec of football.
Cowboy Devil
Cowboy Devil Hace 2 meses
Imagine being a football fan in the TUS FC universe… you watch a major premiere league club every week which has a manager and their marquee player look exactly the same and even have the same name… people must be loosing their minds…
Too old for this shte
EA's way of making the game difficult is to make your game suffer.
akib2542 Hace 2 meses
Mark.. you have to go 442!!! That's how the original TUS FC played and that's the only way this team will succeed!!!
ajmol abedin
ajmol abedin Hace 2 meses
Newcastle United have Leicester City's England midfielder James Maddison, 25, and his Belgium international team-mate Youri Tielemans, 25, in their sights for 2023
barth northeast
barth northeast Hace 2 meses
Mark needs to start again because his settings are all over the place
rjr Hace 2 meses
Wait. How can goldbridge be stood on the touchline and also playing up front? Is it not supposed to be the same person?
Joseph Kearney
Joseph Kearney Hace un mes
Put everything on manual in the settings see what happens
Don Corleone
Don Corleone Hace 2 meses
we should all flood Englands socials with "Goldbridge for England"
Taylor Moulding
Taylor Moulding Hace 2 meses
Mark needs to do a combined sidemen ESvid all starts team
NellyTV Hace un mes
You heard the man, get him Harry Pinero!
rohanius gutius
rohanius gutius Hace un mes
Vrancxx is a great signing and hes very cheap
Stoetzer Amoah
Stoetzer Amoah Hace un mes
“This is a scam” and he continues playing 😂😂😂😂😂
Chello Hace 2 meses
Is that chicharito up front for N.forest
Mr curly wurly
Mr curly wurly Hace 2 meses
The sad thing is that even with new tech, more money than ever, really big budget, so many people bought the game and EA can't be bothered to fix the front post glitch ECT the game is still buggy and shakey, but we all still buy it every year cuz EA broke up menalty
Pronewbie Hace 2 meses
Can't wait to see him in the championship
Aaron JG
Aaron JG Hace un mes
Get moreno from Atlanta 5 star skills feels super silky cheap
Jacob B
Jacob B Hace 2 meses
Get moder from Brighton very good cm and promising
alsunpilsut Hace un mes
The fact that it doesn't even hit they guy's head is such a joke 🤣🤣🤣!
Aden Hace 2 meses
Should of started in the championship again, wanted to see burnley.
Harry Nolan
Harry Nolan Hace 2 meses
Also as a Leeds supporter Joffy is a striker
Corey Livesey
Corey Livesey Hace 16 días
5:42 had me crying
Nilay Mehta
Nilay Mehta Hace 2 meses
Mark apply player developments on the young players
Reese Shade
Reese Shade Hace 2 meses
You gotta pick up Sućic from RB Salzburg, should be able to snag him for 6.5 and he’s class
Juked Hace 2 meses
Anyone notice that all the players lost all sharpness when he went to make subs, I also have this bug and it’s game breaking but nobody has seemed to spot it yet
trident Hace 2 meses
Great video thanks
kev0 L A D
kev0 L A D Hace 2 meses
Keep playing the young CB, he will be mid 70s by crimbo
beastbeast11 Hace 2 meses
Everyone in the comments remember the name mbamba for future episodes
Charlie Hace un mes
Is it a pisstake that he has Partridge in his team? 😂
Yolo Yolo
Yolo Yolo Hace un mes
Mate switch to a 3-5-2 counter attacking formation.
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